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MflH 1 8 1963 

Columbia fKntoersittp 

Directory of Officers 
and Students 

1920- 1921 

Columbia Untoersrttp 

in tfje Cttp of ^eto $ovk 

Directory of Officers 
and Students 


A. Administrative Offices 

School and Office 






President's Office 

213 L 



Secretary's Office 

213 L 



Provost's Office 

204 L 


9-12 :30 

Admissions Office 

321 u 



Registrar's Office 

315 u 



Bursar's Office 

312 u 



Extension Teaching 

301 u 



Dean of College 

208 Hm 




Dean of Engineering 

401 E 



Dean of Graduate Faculties 

323 u 



Dean of Law School 

404 K 




Director, School of Business 

301 u 



Director, School of Journalism 

205 J 



Director, School of Architecture 

405 A 



Director, Summer Session 

211 L 



Appointments Office 

316 U 



Superintendent's Office 

no L 



Athletic Association 

203 East 



King's Crown Office 

201 East 



Department of Public Information 

309 East 



Residence Bureau 

305 P 



C. U. Press 

}02 L 



University Bookstore 






Dean's Office 





Provost's Office 

134 B 




Bursar's Office 




Registrar's Office 

i34 B 




Secretary's Office 




General Reception Office 




Secretary of Residence Halls 




Director of House and Commons 

404 SH 




Dean's Office 

105 T 



Director, School of Education 

107 T 



Director, School of Practical Arts 

107 T 



Secretary's Office 

106 T 



Provost's Office 

106 T 



Controller's Office 

122 Macy 




104 T 




102 T 



Welfare Director 

108 T 



Bureau Educational Service 

114 T 




Bureau Publications 

234 Macy 



Religious Organizations 

in T 


Horace Mann School 

107 HMS 



Horace Mann H. S. 

312 HMS 



Horace Mann Boys School 

West 246 


Lincoln School 

646 Park A v 





Dean's Office 




Associate Dean's Office 












Dean's Office 






Executive Office 

437 W 59 


* Also open Thursday evenings from 7 :30 to 9 :30 P. M. 
** At other hours, day or night, call Miss Daniell, Morningside 45S5. 


B. Executive Officers of Departments 








Biological Chem. 



Cancer Research 

Chemical Engineering 


Civil Engineering 


Diseases of Children 



Electrical Engineering 

Engineering Drafting 

English & Comp. Lit. 


Geology & Mineralogy 

Germanic Languages 

Greek & Latin 




Law — Private 

Law — Public 


Mechanical Engineering 

Military Science 

Mining, Metallurgy 



Obstetrics & Gynecology 




Physical Education 



Practical Arts 

Practice of Medicine 


Romance Languages 

Semitic Languages 

Slavonic Languages 

Social Science 



O. S. Morgan 
G. S. Huntington 
F. Boas 
W. A. Boring 
H. Jacoby 
Hans Zinsser 
W. J. Gies 
R. A. Harper 
J. C. Egbert 
F. C. Wood 

D. D. Jackson 
H. C. Sherman 

E. B. Lovell 
J. C. Egbert 
L. E. Holt 

E. R. A. Seligman 
Paul Monroe 
W. I. Slichter 

R. E. Mayer 
A. H. Thorndike 
D. W. Johnson 
C. P. Berkey 
R. H. Fife 
N. G. McCrea 
W. A. Dunning 
A. V. W. Jackson 
J. W. Cunliffe 
H. F. Stone 
H. L. McBain 
T. S. Fiske 

C. E. Lucke 
Major Edwards 
A. L. Walker 

D. G. Mason 

F. Tilney 

W. E. Studdiford 
J. W. Jobling 
C. C. Lieb 
J. J. Coss 
T. D. Wood 

G. B. Pegram 
F. H. Pike 

M. A. Bigelow 
W. T. Longcope 
R. S. Woodworth 
J. L. Gerig 
R. J. H. Gottheil 
J. D. Prince 
F. H. Giddings 
F. B. St. John 

E. B. Wilson 


511 S 
P & S 
706 J 
404 A 

404 East 
P & S 

P & s 
503 s 

joi U 
C R L 
305 Hv 
509 Hv 

405 E 
301 U 
P & S 

512 K 
107 T 
502 E 
401 E 
613 P 
404 S 
303 S 

513 P 

711 p 

608 K 
401 P 
201 J 

404 K 

511 K 
206 Hm 

502 E 
212 Hm 

512 M 
703 J 
P & S 
P & S 
P & S 

P & s 

211 L 

T C 
406 F 
P & S 
107 T 
P & S 
413 s 
506 P 

405 P 

406 P 

503 K 
P & S 
608 S 

Daily at 11 
By appointment 
Tu 11-12 
M Tu Th F 10-12 
Tu Th 9-10 .30 
By appointment 
By appointment 
Tu 3-4 

M-F 9-5 S 9-2 
Daily 10-12 
M F S io-ii 
M T W F S 11-12 
Th 2-3 S io-ii 
M_F 9-s S 9-2 
By appointment 
M W 2-3 
Tu W Th 9-12 
Tu Th F n-12 
Daily 9-10 & 12-12 130 
M W 3 
Tu Th 1 1-12 
Tu S 10-12 

M W io-ii TuTh 4:30-6* 
M 3-3 130 Tu 2 130 
M W F 12 130 
M 3 

M Tu 10-12 
M 11 Tu Th 9 W F 12 
Tu Th 3-4 
M W 12 and 3 :3o 
Daily 9-5 
Daily 9-4 
M W 1-2 
M Tu 12-12 :3o 
By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 
Daily 11-12 
Daily 9-10 130 and 3-4 
M F 11-12 
By appointment 
M F 10-11 
By appointment 
M 10 W 11 Th 4 
M W F 11-12 and 2-3 
By appointment 
M W 2-3 
M 2:30 F5 
By appointment 
Tu W Th 2-4 

Spring Session: Tu., F., 10—11; W., 4:30—6; Th., 3— A. 


Miscellaneous Addresses 




American Association for Inter- 
national Conciliation 
Pan American Division 

Carnegie Endowment for Inter- 
national Peace 

Clerk of the Trustees 

College Entrance Examination Board 

College of Pharmacy 

College of Physicians and Surgeons 

Columbia House 

Columbia University Club 

Crocker Research Laboratory 

Dental School 

Institute of International Education 

Maison Francaise 


Vanderbilt Clinic 

407 W. 117 
404 W. 116 

407 W. 117 

63 Wall 

431 W. 117 

115 W. 68 

437 W. 59 

419 W. 117 

4 W. 43 

1 145 Amsterdam Av. 

437 W. 59 

419 W. 1 17 

41 1 W. 1 17 

63 Wall 

Amsterdam Av. and 60 

Morningside 7583 
Cathedral 7643 

Morningside 8644 
Hanover 7791 

Columbus 117 
Columbus 95 1 1 
Morningside 8973 
Vanderbilt 900 
Morningside 82 11 
Columbus 9516 
Morningside 7419 
Morningside 2445 
Hanover 356 
Columbus 95 1 1 





Sloane Hospital for Women 

St. Luke's 

Amsterdam Av. and 131 Morningside 63 

Madison Av. and 70 Rhinelander 9460 

Ninth Av. and 59 Columbus 2340 

Amsterdam Av. and 59 Columbus 9150 

Amsterdam Av. and 113 Morningside 9100 


Drew Theological 
General Theological 
Union Theological 

Madison, N. J. 
75 Ninth ave. 
Broadway and 120 

Madison 116 
Chelsea 641 
Morningside 305 


Lincoln School 
Horace Mann School 
Horace Mann Boys School 
Spcyer School 

646 Park ave. 

551 W. 120 

246th, near Broadway 

94 Lawrence 

Plaza 2433 
Morningside 4585 
Kingsbridge 477 
Morningside 9735 


Alpha Chi Rho 
Alpha Delta Phi 
Alpha Phi Delta 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Beta Sigma Rho 

357 W. 119 

633 W. 115 

614 W. 113 

830 and 831 Hartley Hall 

625 W. 113 

32 W. 113 

Morningside 8819 
Cathedral 7139 
Morningside 1400 
Cathedral 7379 




Beta Theta Pi 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Delta Phi 
Delta Psi 
Delta Tau Delta 
Delta Upsilon 
Kappa Nu 

Omicron Alpha Tau 
Phi Beta Delta 
Phi Delta Theta 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Phi Kappa Sigma 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Pi Lambda Phi 
Psi Upsilon 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Sigma Chi 
Sigma Nu 
Tau Delta Phi 
Tau Epsilon Phi 
Theta Delta Chi 
Theta Xi 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Zeta Psi 


429 W. 117 

608 W. 113 

612 W. 116 

434 Riverside Drive 

534 W. 114 

558 W. 113 

369 W. 117 

62 E. 91 

131 W. 13 

565 W. 113 

538 W. 114 
529 W. 113 
536 W. 114 
548 W. 114 

627 W. 115 

531 W. 113 
322 W. 108 

415 Riverside Drive 
540 W. 113 
365 W. 117 

618 W. 113 

619 W. 113 
612 W. 114 

532 W. 114 
546 W. 114 


Morningside 5599 
Cathedral 7579 
Morningside 4842 
Morningside 9197 
Cathedral 7075 
Cathedral 6187 

Lenox 9160 
Chelsea 4212 
Cathedral 7549 

Cathedral 7519 
Cathedral 7232 
Cathedral 7772 
Morningside 8078 

Morningside 729 
Cathedral 7339 

Cathedral 7505 
Cathedral 7251 
Morningside 6308 
Cathedral 7268 
Cathedral 7785 
Cathedral 6203 
Cathedral 7715 
Cathedral 9819 

Directory of Officers 

Information is presented in the following order: Name (f = married), title, 
department, school (e.g. Extension, Teachers, Horace Mann), office, office hours, 
residence and residence telephone. 

Abbreviations are used as follows : 


— Avery. 


— Household Arts. 


= Mines. 


= Assistant. 


= Gymnasium. 


= Philosophy. 


= Associate. 


= Hamilton. 


= College of Phar- 


= Barnard. 

= Crocker Re- 
search Labora- 


= Horace Mann 

= Horace Mann 

Boys School. 



= Professor. 

= College of Physi- 
cians and Sur- 



= Engineering. 
= East Hall. 
= Earl Hall. 
= Extension 






= Hospital. 
= Havemeyer. 
= Instructor. 
= Journalism. 






= Schermerhorn. 
= Students Hall. 
= Teachers. 
= Thompson. 
= Teacher. 


= Fayerweather. 


— Library. 


= University Hall. 


— General Theo- 


= Lecturer. 


= Union Theologi- 

logical Semi- 


= The Lincoln 

cal Seminary. 




= VanderbiltClinic 

The street addresses 

De Witt Clinton 
John Jay 
Seth Low 

of the Residence Halls are 
509 W. 121 
607 W. 116 
39 Claremont 
2940 Broadway 
1 1 24 Amsterdam ave. 
29 Claremont 
1 1 16 Amsterdam ave. 
35 Claremont 
106 Morningside Drive 
21 Claremont 
1230 Amsterdam ave. 

follows : 























Abbott, Allan. t Asst Prof English. 
320 T. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Abbott, Helen P. Director John Jay 
Hall. Res 29 Claremont Av. 
Morningside 5372 

Abbott, Nathan. t Nash Prof Law. 
K. Res Katonah, N. Y. Katonah 

Abney, John William. Accounting. 
Ext. Res 915 West End Av. 
Academy 4968 

Abrahamson, Emanuel M. Asst Chem- 
istry. 421 Hv. Res 1038 Union 
St, Bklyn. Prospect 6286 

Achilles, Paul S.t Psychology, Ext. 
105 W. 40. Res 260 Convent Av. 
Audubon 6157 


Adams, Nicholson B.t Instr French. 
331 T. Res 509 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 7800 

Adams, Phineas H. M.D.t Instr 
Medicine. Res 129 E 74. Rhine- 
lander 524 

Adler, Felix.t Prof Social and Po- 
litical Ethics. Res 152 W 77. 
Schuyler 7216. Absent on leave 
Winter Session 

Agger, Eugene E.f Assoc Prof Eco- 
nomics. 713 Hm. Res Birchwood, 
Tenafly, N J. Englewood 880-M 

Agramonte, Emilio Jr.f Lect Span- 
ish. 410 M. Res 438 W 116. 
Cathedral 7550 

Aiken, Lelia E. Spanish, Ext. Res 
419 W 118. Morningside 6946 

Alberti, Eva A. (Mme) Lect Physical 
Education. 553 Th. Res 11 14 Car- 
negie Hall. Circle 1350. 

Aldrich, George M.f Banking, Ext. 
c/o N. Y. State Banking Dept. 61 

Allen, George M.t Instr Graphics. 
406 A. Res 521 W 123. Morning- 
side 5550 

Alsop, Gulielma F. M.D. College 
Physician Barnard. 201 S.H. Res 
no V/ Washington PI 

Alston, Florence E. Office of the 
University Physician E.H. Res 
Latham House, Lenox Av and 38. 
Murray Hill 2177 

Ames, Thaddeus H. M.D.f Instr Neur- 
ology. Res 375 Park Av. Plaza 

Anderson, Gilbert C. M.D. Instr 
Pharmacology. 254 W 82 

Anderton, Walter P.t Instr Medicine. 
31 E 72. Res 929 Park Av. Lenox 

Andison, John Gordon. French, Ext. 
Res De Witt Clinton Hall. Morn- 
ingside 5372 

Andreevski, Ivan S.t Slavonic, Ext. 
405 P. Res 425 W 114. Cathedral 

Andrews, Benjamin R.t Asst Prof 
Household Arts. Grace Dodge 119. 
Res Edgewater, N J. Cliffside 

Andrews, Frederick S. Instr Music. 
5 T. Res 408 W 20. Watkins 

Anthony, Cora A. Manager Lunch 
Room L.S. Res 509 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 7800 

Anthony, Kate S. Tr Household Arts. 
506 H.M.S. Res 202 W 78. Schuy- 
ler 5547 

Anthony, O. W.t Mathematics, Ext. 
Res Plandome, L I. Manhasset 

Arendt, Morton. t Asst Prof Electri- 
cal Engineering. 304 E. Res 560 
W 165 

Arnadottir, Holmfridur. Danish-Nor- 
wegian, Icelandic, Ext. Res 101 W 
117. Morningside 7565 

Arnett, Alexander M.t Instr History. 
708 Hm. Res 414 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 9393 

Arnold, Harriet C. (Mrs). English, 
Ext. Res 519 W 121 

Amy, Henry V.t Prof Chemistry, 
Phar. Res 135 Watchung Av, Mont- 
clair, N J. Montclair 437-M 

Aronson, Louis S.t Instr Neurology. 
Res 1 39 1 Madison Av. Lenox 198 

Asserson, M. Alice M.D. Asst Phy- 
sician. 161 Th. Res 611 W no. 
Cathedral 7070 

Atkins, Richard T. M.D.t Instr 
Laryngology and Otology. 126 E 
39. Res 120 E 34. Vanderbilt 7878 

Atkinson, C. Isabelle. Nurse Physical 
Education. 157 Th. Res 430 W 
119. Morningside 3350 

Atkinson, Ruth V. Asst Physical Edu- 
cation. 453 Th. Res 501 W 120. 
Morningside 4585 

Atwood, Albert W.t Assoc Journalism. 
607 J. Res 272 Nassau St. Prince- 
ton, N J. Princeton 762-R 

Auchincloss, Hugh M.D.t Assoc Surg- 
ery. 800 Park Av. Res ia$ E 72. 
Lenox 5 


Ayres, Harry M.t Assoc Prof English. 
606 P. Res Westport, Conn. West- 
port 86 

Babcock, James W., M.D.t Instr 
Laryngology and Otology. 53 W 56. 
Res 61 E 86. Lenox 3165 

Babenroth, A. Charles. t English, Ext. 
Res Palisade, N J 

Bach, Mathew G. Instr German. T. 
Res Livingston Hall 

Bacon, Georgia F. Tr English, H.M.S. 
Res 404 W 115. Cathedral 7940 

Bacourt, Pierre de.t Asst Prof French. 
606 J. Res 103 W 84 

Baekeland, Leo H.t Hon Prof Chemi- 
cal Engineering. Res "Snug Har- 
bor", Harmony Park, Yonkers. 
Yonkers 3436 

Bagley, William C.t Prof Education. 
235 Macy. Res Pleasantville. Pleas- 
antville 28 

Bagster-Collins, E. W.t Assoc Prof 
German. 231 T. Res Montrose 

Bailey, Charles H. M.D.t Assoc 
Pathology. P & S. Res 23 Kraft 
Av, Bronxville. Bronxville 289-J 

Bailey, H. S. Advanced Dentistry, 
Ext. Res 58 W 47. Bryant 872 

Baines, Nancy D. (Mrs). Office of the 
Registrar. 315 U. Res 415 W 118. 
Morningside 51 1 

Baker, Elizabeth F. (Mrs). Instr Eco- 
nomics. 308 B. Res 102 Greenwich 
Av. Chelsea 835 

Baker, Emma R. Instr Household 
Arts. Director Dining Department, 
Whittier Hall. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Baker, Franklin T.t Prof English 
Language and Literature. 323 T. 
Res Park Hill, Yonkers. Yonkers 

Baker, Helen B. Tr English H.M.S. 
Res 195 Claremont Av. Morning- 
side 5100 

Baker, K. Lanneau.f Business, Ext. 
52 Wall. Res 917 Summit Av, Jer- 
sey City, N J. Hanover 6426 

Baker, S. Josephine, M.D. Lect Nurs- 
ing and Health. Res 33 W 96. 
Riverside 1934 * 

Baker, Samuel N.f Tr French. H.M. 
B.S. Res 2 W 67. Columbus 3493 

Balderston, Lydia Ray. Instr House- 
hold Arts. Grace Dodge 56. Res 
509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Baldt, Laura I. Instr Household Arts. 
310 Grace Dodge. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Baldwin, Charles S.t Prof. Rhetoric 
and English Composition. 140 B. 
Res 520 W 114. Cathedral 7180 

Baldwin, Elizabeth G. Librarian. 313 
T. Res 405 W 123. Morningside 

Ballard, Anna W. Asst Prof French. 
331 Macy. Res 120 W 103 

Ballard, Charles W. Assoc Prof Phar- 
macognosy. Phar. Res 335 Sena- 
tor St, Bklyn. Shore Road 2048-W 

Baltz, Frank P.t Business, Ext. 505 
J. Res 371 W 119. Morningside 

Bancel, Henry A. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. 71 E 77. Res 166 E 67. 
Rhinelander 347 

Bancroft, Frederic W. M.D.t Instr 
Surgery. 100 E 66. Res 998 Madi- 
son Av. Rhinelander 2566 

Bandler, Clarence G. M.D.t Assoc 
Urology. 8 E 48. Res 219 W 81. 
Vanderbilt 8459 

Barber, Edgar M.t Business, Ext. 641 
Washington St. Res 633 W 152. 
Audubon 14 18. 

Barber, Mary I. Instr Household Arts. 
214 Grace Dodge. Res 434 W 120. 
Morningside 8440. 

Bark, Arthur W. Advanced Dentistry, 
Ext. 779 Madison Av. Rhinelander 


Barnard, Edith. Asst Secondary Edu- 
cation. 227 T. Res 434 W 120. 
Morningside 8440 

Barnes, Emily A. Tr Grade VI L.S. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Barnes, H. R. Optometry, Ext. 729 
Manhattan Av, Bklyn. Res 577 
Leonard St, Bklyn. Greenpoint 1419 

Barnouw, A. J.f Queen Wilhelmina. 
Lect. Res De Witt Clinton Hall. 
Morningside 6480 


Barrington, Marjory. Office of the 
Registrar. 315 U. Res 3089 Broad- 
way. Morningside 9740 

Barrows, Anna. Lect Household Arts. 
T. Res Fryeburg, Me. 

Bartlett, Frederic H. M.D.t Assoc 
Diseases of Children. Res 19 E 
j2. Rhinelander 4263 

Barto, Harriet T. Instr Household 
Arts. 415 Grace Dodge. Res 501 
W 120. Morningside 4585 

Bastedo, Walter A. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Medicine. 57 W 58. Res 
123 E 62. Plaza 3597 

Batchelder, Evelyn. Tr Grade II H. 
M.S. Res 430 W 119. Morning- 
side 3350 

Batchelder, Mildred I. Tr Grade II 
H.M.S. Res 419 W 118. Morning- 
side 6946 

Bauer, Arthur J.t Asst Secy Phar. 
197 Columbus Av. Res 520 W 114. 
Cathedral 7180 

Bauman, Louis M.D.t Assoc Medi- 
cine. Presbyterian Hospital. Res 
265 Central Park West. Schuyler 

Beal, Edna J. Nurse John Jay Hall. 
Morningside 5372 

Beans, Hal T.f Assoc 'Prof Chemis- 
try- 507 Hv. Res Cumbermede 
Rd, Palisade, N J. Cliffside 159 

Beatley, Ralph. Tr Mathematics, H. 
M.B.S. Res Hartley Hall 

Beaumont, Willian W. Asst Music 
T. Tr Music H.M.S. Absent on 
leave, Winter Session 

Beaver, David J. Asst Chemistry. 
506 Hv. Res 352 W 117. Morn- 
ingside 1360 

Beck, Dorothea M. Instr Physical 
Education. 353 Th. Res 62 Har- 
rison St, East Orange, N J. Or- 
ange 3874-R 

Beck, Jean B. Anthropology, Ext. 706 
J. Res University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Beckett, C. A.f Assoc Mechanical En- 
gineering. 507 E. Res 610 Hancock 
St, Bklyn. Bush 2768 

Beers, Louise R. Bryson Library. 312 
T. Res 12 Walnut Rd. Larchmont. 
Larchmont 284-M 

Beiser, H. Everett D.D.S. Instr 
Operative Dentistry. 250 W 74. 
Res 1030 Prospect Av, Plainfield, 
N J. Columbus 8407 

Bell, H. F.t Business, Ext. 55 Lib- 
erty St. Rector 2600 

Bell, Lucy M. Home Study Office. 
301 U. Res 3047 Hull Av. 

Bell, Marion (Mrs). Asst Household 
Arts. 56 Grace Dodge. Res 509 W 
121. Morningside 7800 

Bender, William F. M.D.t Instr 
Physiology. Res 25 Ft. Washing- 
ton Av. Audubon 6996 

Benham, Rhoda W. Asst Botany. 312 
B. Res Furnald Hall 

Bennett, Edna Henry (Mrs. V. L.) 
Lect Zoology. 409 B. Res 802 
Broadway. Stuyvesant 11 17 

Bennett, Virginia C. Tr Physical Edu- 
cation, L.S. Res 509 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 7800 

Berg, Henry W. M.D. Assoc Diseases 
of Children. Res 10 E 73. Rhine- 
lander 1087 

Bergamini, Herbert M. M.D.t Instr 
Surgery. 125 E 57. Res 465 Park 
St, Upper Montclair, N J. Mont- 
clair 4262 

Berger , Godfrey F.f Banking, Ext. 
Res 953 Anderson Av 

Berger, Jane C. Dean's Office Teach- 
ers. 105 T. Res 1230 Amsterdam 
Av. Morningside 4585 

Berkey, Charles P.t Prof Geology. 
303 S. Res Palisade, N J. Cliff- 
side 63- J 

Bernholz, Marie. Physical Education 
Office, B. 209 S.H. Res 1966 Uni- 
versity Av. Fordham 2623 

Bernstein, Meyer. Mathematics, Exi. 
Res 267-A Lewis Av, Bklyn. De- 
catur 3635-W 

Betz, Gottlieb A. Instr German. 405 
Hni. Res Livingston Hall 

Bewer, Julius A. Prof Union Theo- 
logical Seminary. 403 U.T.S. Res 
606 W 122. Morningside 305 


Beyer, Albin H.t Assoc Prof Civil 
Engineering. 408 E. Res 55 Leg- 
gett Av, Woodhaven, L I. Rich- 
mond Hill 2602 
Bickell, Ralph T.f Instr Accounting. 
505 J. Res 1928 University Av. 
Fordham 2426 
Bidwell, Alfred M. M.D. Instr Surg- 
ery. Res 1 Madison Av, Jersey City, 
N J 
Bieler, Helene. Lect Romance Lan- 
guages. 112 B. Res 514 W 122. 
Morningside 3632 
Bigelow, Gertrude I. Tr Grade I-II 
H.M.S. Res 434 W 120. Morning- 
side 4880 
Bigelow, Maurice A.f Prof Biology 
and Director School of Practical 
Arts. 107 T. Res Croton on Hud- 
son. Peekskill 404 F 5 
Bigongiari, Dino. Asst Prof Italian. 

505 P. 
Bigongiari, Gino. Italian, Ext. 505 P. 
Res 2 Willow St, Bklyn. Worth 
Bingham, Seth.f Instr Music. 703 
J. Res 50 Morningside Av. Morn- 
ingside 3447 
Birch, B. Louise. Tr. Junior-Primary 
H.M.S 455 Th. Res 305 W 45- 
Longacre 3760 
Bird, J. Malcolm. t Mathematics, Ext. 
Res Glenside Av, Scotch Plains, 
N J. Barclay 8060 
Bishop, Fanny Aurill. Dean's Office, 
Barnard. Res 630 W 135. Morn- 
ingside 5060 
Bishop, F. Warner M.D.t Instr Medi- 
cine. Res 680 West End Av. River- 
side 3139 
Blackwell, Hugh B. M.D. Instr Clini- 
cal Laryngology and Otology. Res 
148 W 58. Circle 3804 
Blair, Vevia. Tr Mathematics H.M.S. 

Res 430 W 119. Morningside 3350 
Blake, William H. Tr English H.M. 

B.S. Res Livingston Hall 
Blakeslee, George A.f M.D. Instr 
Neurology. Res 150 W 104. River- 
side 50 

Blanchard, Bessie M. English Ext. 
Res 3079 Fulton St, Bklyn 

Blanchard, Ralph H. Asst Prof In- 
surance. 506 J. Res 268 Madison 
Av. Murray Hill 7 161 

Bliss, Grace V. Curator and Secre- 
tary of Fine Arts. 431 Macy. Res 
411 W 114. Cathedral 9897 

Bliss, Susan H. (Mrs). Sec Res Bu- 
reau . 305 P. Res 106 Morningside 
Dr. Morningside 8905 

Blitz, Anne Dudley. Lect Household 
Arts. in Grace Dodge. Res 414 
W 121. Morningside 9393 

Boas, Belle. Tr Fine Arts. 500 H.M. 
S. Res 512 W 123. Morningside 

Boas, Ernst P. M.D.f Instr Physiol- 
ogy. 740 West End Av. . Riverside 


Boas, Franz. Prof Anthropology. 706 
J. Res 230 Franklin Av. Grant- 
wood N J. Cliffside 60 

Boese. William H. M.D.t Asst Uni- 
versity Medical Officer. E.H. Res 
531 W 143. Audubon 844 

Bogert, Marston T.f Prof Organic 
Chemistry. 408 Hv. Res 422 W 
154. Audubon 3603 

Bohn, Elizabeth H. Lect Household 
Arts. 214 Grace Dodge. Res 50 
Orange St, Bklyn. Main 2209-W 

Bolduan, Charles F. M.D.t Lect Hy- 
giene and Preventive Medicine. Res 
Washington D C 

Bonbright, James C. Instr Finance. 
506 J. Res 606 W 122. Morning- 
side 4719 

Bonser, Frederick G.t Prof Educa- 
tion. 202 T. Res Leonia, N J. 
Leonia 662 

Boots, Ralph S.t Instr Government. 
711 Hv. Res Tompkins Hall. Morn- 
ingside 6320 

Boring, William A.t Prof Design and 
Director School Architecture. 404 
A. Res 500 W 121. Morningside 

Buvaird, David M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Medicine. Res 32 E 64. 
Plaza 7143 


Bowen, Robert H. Instr Zoology. 604 
S. Res 330 Summit Av, Mt Ver- 
non. Mt Vernon 3035-W 

Bowers, Wesley C. M.D.t Instr 
Laryngology and Otology. Res 27 
W 49. Circle 4091 

Bowman, E. M. Instr French. 308 
Hm. Res Livingston Hall 

Bowman, J. Floyd M.D.t Instr Clin- 
ical Laryngology and Otology. 220 
Broadway. Res 40 Union Av, Irv- 
ington, N J. Waverly 1475 

Bowman, Le Roy E.t Instr Social 
Science. 503 K. Res 2635 Sedg- 
wick Av. Fordham 1265 

Box, Harold K. Advanced Dentistry, 
Ext. Res 229 College St, Toronto, 

Boyd, William B. M.D.t Instr Medi- 
cine. Res 121 E 78. Rhinelander 

Brace, David K.t Asst Physical Edu- 
cation. Gym. Res 435 W 123. 
Morningside 585 

Bradbury, Samuel M.D.t Instr Med- 
icine. 116 E 63. Res 802 Lexing- 
ton Av. Plaza 8862 

Bradish, Ethelwyn C. Tr Fine Arts, 
L.S. Res 48 Hilltop Av, New Ro- 
chelle. New Rochelle 608-W 

Brainard, Jessie F. Librarian H.M.B.S. 
Res Dormitory of H.M.B.S. Kings- 
bridge 686 

Brainin, Clement S.t Astronomy, Ext. 
404 East. Res 31 Astor St, Newark. 
N J. Waverly 3 

Branham, Lucy. History, Ext. Res 
50 Barrow St 

Braun, Wilhelm A.t Assoc Prof Ger- 
manic Languages and Literatures. 
113 B. Res 99 Claremont Av. 
Morningside 4102 

Breckenridge, William E.t Assoc 
Mathematics. 212 T. Res 21 Syca- 
more Av, Mt Vernon. Mt Vernon 

Breed, Ethel A. Appointments Office. 
316 U. Res 435 W 119. Morning- 
ride 8200 

Brennecke, Ernest. English, Ext. 710 
J. Res 168 W 100. Riverside 670 

Brewster, Dorothy. Lect English. 710 
J. Res 618 W 114. Cathedral 3932 

Brewster, William T.t Prof English 
and Provost. 135 B. Res Harts- 
dale. White Plains 2145 

Briggs, Elizabeth. Tr History H.M.S. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Briggs, Thomas H.t Prof Education. 
229 T. Res 533 W 124. Morn- 
ingside 5288 

Brill, Nathan E. M.D.t Prof Clinical 
Medicine. Res 48 W 76. Schuyler 

Britton, Nathaniel L.t Director New 
York Botanical Gardens. Res 2965 
Decatur Av. Fordham 1200 

Briwa, Kathryn E. Instr Chemistry. 
700 Hv. Res 415 W 118. Morn- 
ingside 5 1 1 

Broadhurst, Jean. Asst Prof Biology. 
420 T. Res Edgewater, N J. Cliff- 
side 228-J. Absent on leave Spring 

Brooks, Frank E.t Tr French, H.M. 
B.S. Res 600 W 114. Cathedral 
7297. Absent on leave 1920-21 

Brooks, Marie K. (Mrs F. E.) Tr 
French. H.M.S. Res 600 W 114. 
Cathedral 7297 

Brown, Grace L. Instr Lower Pri- 
mary Education. 112 T. Res 414 
W 121. Morningside 9393 

Brown, Roscoe C.E.t Prof Journal- 
ism. 608 J. Res 164 Hicks St, 
Bklyn. Main 3253-W 

Bruce, George H.t Tr Science, H.M. 
B.S. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Bruce, Mary Lee. Portuguese, Ext. 
Res 172 Case St, Elmhurst 

Brumm, Lester F. Instr Accounting. 
505 J. Res 521 W 112. Cathedral 

Bryan, Alfred C. Banking, Ext. Res 
416 Clermont Av, Bklyn 

Bryant, Norman K.t Stenography and 
Typewriting, Ext. 509 J. Res 524 
W 184. Wadsworth 3656 

Kudu's, Mary II. Office of the Sec- 
rotary. 416 L. Res 412 W 115 


Buell, Charles K. Advanced Dentist- 
ry, Ext. Res 131 Allen St, Buffalo, 
N Y 

Bullard, Berthe S. (Mrs). Tr French, 
L.S. Res 601 W 190. Wadsworth 

Bullock, Frederick D. M.D.t Assoc 
Cancer Research. Res 550 W 190. 
Wadsworth 3046 

Burgess, Elizabeth. Lect Nursing and 
Health. T. Res State Dept Edu- 
cation, Albany, N Y 

Burgess, John W.t Emer Prof Politi- 
cal Science and Constitutional Law. 
Res Athenwood, Rhode Island Av, 
Newport, R I. Newport 2358 

Burke, Agnes. Instr Lower-Primary 
Education. no T. Res 435 W 
123. Morningside 585 

Burnap, Sidney R. M.D.t Assoc Dean 
Medical School and Instr Surgery. 
P. & S. Res 4643 Waldo Av, Riv- 
erdale-on-Hudson. Columbus 3892 

Burne, Dorothy. Asst History. 338 
Milbank. Res 44 E 80. Lenox 623 

Burnside, Charles H.t Assoc Prof 
Mechanics. 507 F. Res Morsemere, 
N J. Morsemere 524-R 

Burr, Constance F. Office of H.M. 
H.S. 312 H.M.S. Res 415 W 118. 
Morningside 511 

Burr, William H.t Emer Prof Civil 
Engineering. 120 Broadway. Res 
New Canaan, Conn. Rector 4198 

Burrell, John Angus. English, Ext. 
710 J. Res 27 Barrow St. Spring 

Burrill, Edgar W.t Curator Dramatic 
Museum. 307 P. Res 620 W 116. 
Morningside 3596 

Burriss, E. E. Tr Latin, H.M.B.S. 
Res 14 Highland Av, Yonkers 

Burton-Opitz, Russell M.D.t Assoc 
Prof Physiology. P. & S. Res 
Palisade, N J 

Busby, Archibald H. M.D. Instr Sur- 
gery. Res 132 E 61. Plaza 987 

Bush, Wendell T.t Assoc Prof Phil- 
osophy. 704 P. Res 1 W 64. Co- 
lumbus 8500. Absent on leave Win- 
ter Session 

Butler, Charles T. M.D.f Instr Sur- 
gery. 19 E 65. Res 122 E 76. 
Rhinelander 5672 

Butler, Nicholas Murray.t President 
of the University. 213 L. Res 60 
Morningside Dr. Morningside 4839 

Byard, Dever Smith. M.D.f Instr 
Clinical Diseases of Children. Res 
11 E 68. Rhinelander 9303 

Byers, John R. B. Lect Banking. 506 
F. Res 530 W 136. Morningside 

Byrne, Isabelle. Supt and Supt of 
Nurses Sloane Hosp. Amsterdam 
Av and 59. Columbus 9150 

Byrnes, Thomas W.t Lect Account- 
ing. 52 Wall. Res 644 Riverside 
Dr. Audubon 9100 

Byron, Edward. Instr Physics. 505 
F. Res Livingston Hall 

Caldwell, Otis W.t Prof Education. 

T. Director, L.S. Res 47 Rockland 

Av, Yonkers. Yonkers 690 
Caldwell, Wallace E.t Instr History. 

704 Hm. Res Philipse Manor, North 

Tarrytown. Tarrytown 299-M 
Caldwell, William E. M.D.t Assoc 

Prof Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Res 58 W 55. Circle 480 
Calkins, Gary N.t Prof Protozoology. 

609 S. Res 39 Walworth Av, Scars- 
dale. White Plians 2374 
Callcott, Frank.t Spanish, Ext. 301 

U. Res 123 Vermilyea Av. Wads- 
worth 2184 
Camac, Charles N. B. M.D.f Asst 

Prof Clinical Medicine. 76 E 56. 

Res 128 E 60. Plaza 456 
Cammack, Margaret L. Instr Gen 

Chemistry. 415 T. Res Whittier 

Hall. Morningside 4585 
Camp, Emma J. Librarian's Office. 

202 L. Res 537 W 123 
Campbell, George L. Office of the 

Registrar. 315 U. Res 284 E 199. 

Fordham 1291 
Campbell, H. Brua. Lect Finance and 

Business Law. 37 Wall. Res 210 

W 44. Bryant 5860 



Campbell, Ruth P. (Mrs). Tr Fine 
Arts. H.M.S. Res 560 W 192. 
Wadsworth 2647 

Campbell, William.t Prof Metallurgy. 
502 M. Res 160 W 95. Riverside 

Canfield, George F.t Prof Law. K. 
Res 122 E 61 

Cannon, Abernethy B. M.D.t Instr 
Dermatology. 8 W 77. Res 165 W 
83. Schuyler 5590 

Carey, Cornelia L. Asst Botany. 312 
A. Res Furnald Hall 

Carling, Martha V. Office of the 
University Physician. E.H. Res 
99 Claremont Av. Morningside 4102 

Carll, Lydia Adele. Instr English. 
Res 106 Morningside Dr. Morning- 
side 8905 

Carlucci, Gaston A. M.D.t Instr An- 
atomy and Asst Surgery. 169 W 85. 
Res 302 18, Bklyn. Schuyler 3618 

Carman, Harry J.f Instr History. 708 
Hm. Res 414 W 121. Morningside 

Carman, Kenneth V. Instr Industrial 
Arts. 29 Macy. Res 547 W 123. 
Morningside 5280 

Carney, Mabel. Asst Prof Rural Edu- 
cation. 317 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Carnwright, Euphemia. Stenography, 
Ext. Res 39 Claremont Av 

Carothers, Florence Edith. Psychol- 
ogy, Ext. 413 S. Res 1 1 54 49, Bklyn 

Carp, Louis M.D. Instr Surgery. 27 
E 81. Res 124 W 117. Morning- 
side 8218 

Carpenter, Clifford D.t Asst Prof 
Chemistry. 610 Hv. Res 114 Morn- 
ingside Dr. Morningside 320 

Carpenter, William H.t Villard Prof 
Germanic Philology, Provost and 
Acting Libr. 201 L. Res 417 W 
117. Morningside 8863 

Carr, Matthew L. M.D.t Instr Laryn- 
gology and Otology. 616 Madison 
Av. Res 73 W 68. Columbus 2926 

Carroll, Elizabeth. Director's Office, 
P. A. 107 T. Res 124 W 91. Riv- 
erside 4247. 

Carter, Herbert S. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Medicine. Presbyterian Hosp. Res 
66 W 55. Circle 15 

Casamajor, Louis M.D. Prof Neurol- 
ogy. P & S. Res 56 E 87. Lenox 

Case, Adelaide T. Instr Religious 
Education. 351 Th. Res 309 W 
91. Riverside 4148 

Cave, Henry W. M.D. Instr Surgery. 
51 E 50. Res 30 E 60. Plaza 9900 

Cavin, Walter H. Asst Chemistry. 
Hv. Res 358 W 116 

Center, Stella Stewart. Secretarial 
Correspondence, Ext. Absent on 
leave Winter Session 

Chaddock, Robert E.t Assoc Prof 
Statistics. 501 K. Res De Witt 
Clinton Hall. Morningside 6480. 
Absent on leave Spring Session 

Chadwick, H. K.t Asst to the Di- 
rector of Admissions. 321 U. Res 
3156 Hull Av. Olinville 2021 

Chambers, Porter F. M.D.t Prof 
Clinical Gynecology. Res 18 E 94. 
Lenox 9395 

Chandler, Charles F.t Mitchill Prof 
Emer Chemistry. 81 Fulton St. 
Res 51 E 54. Plaza 1108 

Chandler, Henry A. E.t Assoc Prof 
Economics. Res 9 Park St, Nor- 
walk, Conn. Absent on leave 

Charlsen, Edna H. (Mrs). English, 
Ext. 711 J. Res 555 W 173. 
Wadsworth 2183 

Chase, Oscar J. Jr. D.D.S. Asst Prof 
Operative Dentistry. 17 E 38. Res 
924 West End Av. Academy 3206 

Chassell, Clara F. Psychologist. H. 
M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Chen, Y. M. Business, Ext. 406 P. 
Res 433 W 124. Morningside 7910 

Chester, Ruth M. Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 415 W 115 

Checkering, Henry T. M.D. Instr Med- 
icine. 131 E 60. Plaza 6770 

Christianson, Erica. Instr Household 
Arts Education. 114 Grace Dodge. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 


Chylinski, Stanley Z. Asst Electrical 
Engineering. 503 E. Res 629 W 
115. Morningside 2260 

Clark, Donald L.t Lect English. 710 
J. Res 40 Barrow St 

Clark, Helen. Asst Chemistry. 408 
B. Res 69 St James PI Bklyn. 
Prospect 8015-W 

Clark, John B. Prof Political Econ- 
omy. 407 W 117. Res 465 West 
End Av. Schuyler 3397. Absent on 
leave 1920-21 

Clark, John R.f Tr Mathematics. L.S. 
Res 27 Pelton St, Yonkers 

Clark, Randolph Foster.t Engineering, 
Ext. Res 194 Christie Hts, Leonia, 
N J. Leonia 532-R 

Clark, Thatcher.t French, Ext. Res 
35 Claremont Av. Morningside 5372 

Clarke, William C. M.D. Assoc Prof 
Surgery. Res Tenafly, N J. Engle- 
wood 873-M 

Class, F. Morris M.D. Assoc Medi- 
cine. 24 W 45. Res 118 E 31. 
Vanderbilt 3548 

Clement, Berthe E. (Mme) . Tr French 
H.M.S. Res 520 W 114. Cathedral 

Cleveland, Mather M.D.t Instr Sur- 
gery. Presbyterian Hosp. Res 
Spuyten Duyvil. Kingsbridge 242 

Clifford, Rev. Fr. Cornelius. Non Res 
Lect Philosophy. 702 P. Res St 
Mary's, Whippany, N J. Whippany 

Cloney, Thomas F. D.D.S. Instr Op- 
erative Dentistry. 17 E 38. Res 
159 W 77. Murray Hill 3524 

Coad, Oral S.t Instr English. 606 
Hm. Res 541 W 123. Morningside 

Coakley, Cornelius G. M.D.t Prof 
Laryngology and Otology. Res 53 
W 56. Plaza 1 109 

Cobb, James L. M.D.t Instr Anatomy. 
Res 616 Nostrand Av, Bklyn. La- 
fayette 6819 

Coblentz, Virgil. t Emer Prof Chem- 
istry. 5 Beekman St. Res Deal 
Beach, N J. Deal 2151 

Cocks, Carol W. Alumni Federation. 
311 East. Res 470 W 159. Wads- 
worth 663 i-W 

Coe, George A. Prof Union Theol 
Seminary. 409 U.T.S. Res 606 W 
122. Morningside 4719 

Coffin, Rebecca. Tr Grade IV. L.S. 
646 Park Av. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Cohn, Adolphe.t Prof Romance Lan- 
guages and Literatures. Retired, 
Care Morgan, Harjes & Co, 14 Place 
Vendome, Paris, France 

Zohn, Philip. Botany, Ext. Res 1162 
West Farms Rd 

Cokell, W. B. Business, Ext. 485 
Fifth Av. Murray Hill 8500 

Colby, Gertrude K. Instr Physical 
Education. 553 Th. Res 435 W 
119. Morningside 8200 

Cole, Frank N. Prof Mathematics. 
406 East 

Coleman, Cynthia E. Office of Physi- 
cal Education. 158 Th. Res 202 
W 74. Columbus 3948 

Coleman, Satis N. (Mrs). Asst Mu- 
sic, L.S. Res 601 Madison Av. 
Plaza 5834 

Coles, Henry L.t Lect Chemical En- 
gineering. 10 1 Hv. Res 79 Haven 
Av. Wads worth 4210 

Coll, Arthur P. M.D.t Instr Laryn- 
gology and Otology. Res 153 Lex- 
ington Av. Madison Sq 107 

Collins, Francis A.t Editor Teachers 
College Publications. 129 Macy. 
Res 605 W 141. Audubon 2960 

Colloton, Cecile. Asst to Educational 
Psychologist. L.S. Res 541 W 123. 
Morningside 9640 

Colman, Anna. Instr Household Arts. 
214 Grace Dodge. Res 885 Park 
Av. Rhinelander 5912 

Colony, Roy J.f Instr Geology. 301 
S. Res Armour Villa Park, Bronx- 
ville. Bronxville 215-M 

Colp, Ralph. t Instr Surgery. Res 
425 West End Av. Schuyler 1943 

Colsey, Lloyd C. Instr Physical Edu- 
cation. Gym. Res Nyack. Nyack 



Combs, Willis B.t Agriculture, Ext. 
204 Franklin. Res 4386 Liberty Av. 
Woodhaven, L I. Lisp 5744 

Condry, Margaret G. Tr Grade V. 
H.M.S. Res 419 W 119. Morning- 
side 7700 

Contreras, Carlos. Instr French. 305 
Hm. Res 500 W 122. Morningside 

Cook, Donald H.f Asst Food Chem- 
istry. 515 Hv. Res 270 Ft Wash- 
ington Av. Wadsworth 4260 

Cook, Elizabeth C. Asst Prof English. 
322 T. Res 501 W 120. Morning- 
side 4585 

Cook, Walter W.t Prof Law. 406 K. 
Res Winthrop PI, Englewood, N J. 
Englewood 964 

Cooley, Anna M. Assoc Prof House- 
hold Arts. 115 H.A. Res 202 W 
79. Schuyler 9510 

Cooley, William F.t Instr Philosophy. 
614 Hm. Res 207 Dyckman St. 
Wadsworth 2230 

Coombs, Helen C. Instr Physiology. 
P & S. Res 65 Elliott Av, Yonkers. 
Yonkers 536-J 

Cooper, Charles Phillips.t Assoc Prof 
Journalism. 501 J. Res 476 E 18, 
Flatbush, Bklyn. Flatbush 2564 

Cooper, Katharine M. Instr Physical 
Education. B. Res 435 W 119. 
Morningside 8200 

Corbett, Harvey W.t Assoc Architec- 
ture. Res 140 Montague St, Bklyn. 
Main 4580 

Cornell, Grace. Asst Prof Fine Arts. 
431 Macy. Res 33 Alsop St, Jamaica. 
Jamaica 1617-J 

Cornwall, Leon H. M.D.t Instr Neu- 
rology. Res 55 E 76. Rhinelander 

Corry, Robert T. M.D.t Instr Anat- 
omy. Res 3703 Willett Av. Olin- 
ville 252 

Corscaden, James A. M.D.f Assoc 
Surgery. 50 E 63. Res 53 Under- 
wood Rd, Forest Hills, L I. Boule- 
vard 6170 

Coryell, Horace N.t Instr Geology. 
101 S. Res 15 W 108. Academy 

Cosgrove, Helen W. Tr English, H 
M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Cosmus, T. Ct Purchasing Agent. 
308 U. Res 40 W 9. Stuyvesant 

Coss, John J. Asst Prof Philosophy 
and Director Summer Session. 211 
L. Res Livingston Hall 

Costikyan, Berthe M. (Mrs). Tr 
French, H.M.S. Absent on leave 

Coutant, Mary W. (Mrs). Instr Bot- 
any. 318 B. Res Furnald Hall 

Cowl, Margaret Z. (Mrs George). In- 
str Music. 118 T. Res 454 River- 
side Dr. Morningside 9080 

Cox, George J.t Instr Fine Arts. 431 
Macy. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Crampton, Henry E.t Prof Zoology. 
Res 2880 Broadway. Absent on 
leave Winter Session 

Crandon, Laura B. Tr German and 
Spanish. H.M.S. Res 435 W 119- 
Morningside 8200 

Creasey, Hannah More. Speech Im- 
provement, Ext. Res 2540 Boule- 
vard, Jersey City. Bergen 5187 

Crissey, Helen. Office of H.M.Elem. 
S. Res 600 W 114. Cathedral 7160 

Crittenden, Eugene. Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 414 W I2i. Morningside 9393 

Crosby, Maurice H. Tr of Mathe- 
matics. H.M.B.S. Res Tompkins 
Hall. Morningside 6320 

Cross, A. Jay.t Optometry, Ext. 8 
W 40. Res 4241 Broadway. Wads- 
worth 8900 

Cross, Arthur N. Technician — Ad- 
vanced Dentistry, Ext. P & S. Res 
21 Adams St, Mt Vernon. Mt Ver- 
non 1195-M 

Cueto, Juan. Spanish, Ext. 419 W 
117. Morningside 7419 

Cummings, Eloise. Director Religious 
and Social Work. S.H. Res 11 W 
10. Watkins 6458 


Cunliffe, John W.f Prof English and 
Director School Journalism. 201 J. 
Res Delafield House, Riverdale Av, 
Riverchale, N Y. Kingsbridge 1^38 

Cunningham, William F. M.D. Instr 
Surgery. 116 E 63. Res 56 E 87. 
Lenox 537 

Currier, Annie F. Office of the Reg- 
istrar. 315 U. Res 420 W 118. 
Morningside 3477 

Currier, Richard D.f Law, Ext. Res 
42 Myrtle Av, Montclair, N J. Mul- 
berry 989 

Curry, Louise C. Asst Music. T. Res 
Englewood, N J. Englewood 874 

Curry, Walter A. Instr Electrical En- 
gineering. 207 E. Res 201 W 98 

Curtis, Carlton C.t Assoc Prof Bot- 
any. 506 S. Res 195 Claremont 
Av. Morningside 5100 

Curtis, Everett N. Law, Ext. Res 
100 Morningside Dr. Morningside 

Curtis, Mary W. Office of Foods and 
Cookery. 211 Grace Dodge. Res 
457 W 123. Morningside 3640 

Curtis, Maynie R. Assoc Cancer Re- 
search. C.R.L. Res 371 W 117. 
Morningside 2025-W 

Curtis, Nell C. Tr Grade III L.S. 
646 Park Av. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Cushing, Max P. History, Ext. Res 
419 W 118. Morningside 6946 

Cussler, Edward M.D.t Instr Medi- 
cine. 103 E 75. Res 121 E 48. 
Lenox 1841 

Cutler, Condict W. Jr. M.D. Instr 
Surgery. Res 135 W 76. Schuyler 

Danchakoff, Vera M.D. (Mrs). Asst 
Prof Anatomy. P. & S. Res 644 W 
173. Wadsworth 4140 

Daniell, Lucetta. Social Director. T. 
Res Whittier Hall. Morningside 

Danielson, Charles S.t Bursar. 310 
U. Res 93 Bruce Av ; Yonkers. 
Yonkers 318 

Darrach, William M.D.t Assoc Prof 
Surgery and Dean Medical School. 
P. &S. Res 128 E 60. Columbus 1 9 18 

Daschbach, Marie G. Instr Music. 
605 Grace Dodge. Res 400 Carnegie 
Hall. Circle 1350 

Davenport, C. V.t Business, Ext. 239 
W 39. Res 8 St Nicholas Ter. 
Bryant 4900 

Davidson, Leonard T. M.D. Asst Med- 
icine. Res Presbyterian Hospital 

Davies, Milton J.t Asst Director Ex- 
tension Teaching. 304 U. Res De 
Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 1999 

Davies, Stanley P.t Sociology, Ext. 
105 E. 22. Res 5000 Broadway. 
Wadsworth 3410 

Davis, Bergen. Prof Physics. 408 F. 
Res 27 W 74. Columbus 5666 

Davis, Carrie H. Reference Asst Gen- 
eral Library. Res 210 Madison Av. 

Davis, Edgar H. Instr English. 611 
Hm. Res 600 W 116. Morning- 
side 8065 

Davis, Estelle H. (Mrs). Instr Eng- 
lish. 109 B. Res 189 Claremont 
Av. Morningside 4478 

Davis, Eva M. Tr Primary Grades, 
L.S. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Davis, Harriet Kelley (Mrs). Lect 
Household Arts. 214 T. Res Great 
Neck, L I. Great Neck 328 

Davis, Mary Agnes. Stewardess Foods 
and Cookery. 204 Grace Dodge. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Davis, Moses. Chemistry Ext. Res 
66 E 116 

Dawson, John C.t French, Ext. Res 
504 W 112. Cathedral 81 16 

Day, Ellen. Tr Primary H.M.S. Res 
502 W 122. Morningside 6920 

Day, Grace A. Asst Prof Elementary 
Education. T. Res 400 W 118. 
Morningside 4769 

Day, Isabelle (Mrs). Spanish, Ext. 
Commercial High School, Bklyn 

Dean, Arthur D.t Prof Education. 
218 T. Res Faculty Club. Morn- 
ingside 4585 



Dean, Bashford M.D.t Prof Verte- 
brate Zoology. Res Riverdale-on- 
Hudson. Kingsbridge 326. Absent 
on leave Winter Session 

Dean, George. Asst Physics. 607 F. 
Res 169 W 228. Marble 711 

Dearborn, Emma Belle. Stenography 
and Typewriting, Ext. 509 J. Res 
357 W 115. Cathedral 6140 

Delatour, Beeckman J. M.D. Asst 
Medicine. 107 E 39. Res 375 Park 
Av. Murray Hill 5507 

Dement, Lucia W. Instr Fine Arts 
Education. 505 Grace Dodge. Res 
501 W 120. Morningside 4585 

Denig, Rudolf C. M.D.t Prof Clini- 
cal Ophthalmology. 56 E 58. Plaza 

Despres, J. A. Physics, Ext. Res 101 
W 80 

Detraz, M. Julia. Tr Grade III. H. 
M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Dewey, A. Gordon. Instr Government. 
715 Hm. Res Livingston Hall 

Dewey, Frederick Archibald.! Busi- 
ness, Ext. 14 Wall. Res 70 W 
11. Chelsea 3407 

Dewey, John.f Prof Philosophy. Ab- 
sent on leave 1920-21 

Dibble, Roy F. Instr English. 606 
Hm. Res Livingston Hall 

Dick, Henry K. Lect English. 618 
Hm. Res Hartley Hall 

Dickey, Carl.t Assoc Journalism. 501 
J. Res 60 27 St, Elmhurst, L I. 
Newtown 3000 

Dickinson, Elizabeth V. Asst Speech. 
213 T. Res 501 W 120. Morning- 
side 4585 

Dickinson, John W. D.D.S.t Instr 
Prosthetic Dentistry. 542 Fifth Av. 
Res Colonial Ridge, Port Chester. 
Vanderbilt 1545 

Diekman, George C.t Prof Pharmacy. 
Phar. Res 555 E 23, Bklyn. Mans- 
field 219 

Dietrick, Laurabelle S. (Mrs). Eng- 
lish, Ext. 710 J. Res Furnald Hall 

Diller, Helen Elizabeth. Instr English. 
322 T. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 
Dineen, Paul A. M.D. Instr 'Surgery. 

352 W 28. Chelsea 7182 
Dines, Alta E. Asst Nursing and 
Health. 106 Grace Dodge. Res 106 
Morningside Dr. Morningside 8905 
Dinsmoor, William B.t Lect Architec- 
ture. Avery Lib. Res De Witt 
Clinton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Dittler, Herbert.t Music, Ext. 703 

J. Res 231 Lexington Av. Vander- 
bilt 7338 

Dodd, David L. Lect Insurance and 
Transportation. Res 538 W 114. 
Cathedral 7519 

Dodge, Ernest R. Tr German, H.M. 
B.S. Res 524 W 123. Morningside 

Dodge, Richard E.t Emer Prof Ge- 
ography. Res Storrs, Conn 

Doig, C. Elisabeth. Tr Grade IV-V. 
H.M.S. Res 527 W 121. Morning- 
side 5271 

Dondo, Mathurin M.f Instr French. 
305 Hm. Res 526 W 122. Morn- 
ingside 6742 

Doty, Eleanor. Instr Physical Educa- 
tion. B. Res 434 W 120. Morn- 
ingside 8440 

Doty, Katharine S. Sec Barnard Col- 
lege. Res 567 W 113. Cathedral 

Douglas, Jesse. Instr Mathematics. 
409 Hm. Res Tompkins Hall 

Dow, Arthur W.t Prof Fine Arts. 
431 T. Res 501 W 120. Morning- 
side 4585 

Dowd, Charles N. M.D.t Prof Clini- 
cal Surgery. Res 138 W 58. Circle 

Downes, William A. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Surgery. 424 Park Av. Res 
430 Park Av. Plaza 8294 

Draper, George M.D.t Assoc Medi- 
cine. Res 164 E 63. Plaza 229 

Draper, William K. M.D.t Prof Clini- 
cal Medicine. Res 121 E 36. Mur- 
ray Hill 1931 



Duguit, Leon.f Lect Julius Beer 
Foundation. Res 411 W 117. Morn- 
ingside 2445 

Duncan, C. S.t Business, Ext. 10 E 
39. Vanderbilt 7778 

Duncan, Daniel B.t English, Ext. 
711 J. Res 411 W 115. Morning- 
side 7820 

Dunham, R. C. Economics, Ext. Na- 
tional City Co, 55 Wall St 

Dunn, Fannie W. Instr Rural Educa- 
tion. 317 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Dunning, Henry S. M.D.t Prof Oral 
Surgery. 66 Madison Av. Res 210 
W 98. Riverside 9835 

Dunning, William A. Lieber Prof 
History and Political Philosophy. 
Res 65 W 45. Bryant 1700 

Dunning, William B. D.D.S.t Prof 
Operative Dentistry. 180 W 59. 
Res 138 E 80. Rhinelander 6461 

Durham, Herbert A. M.D.t Instr Or- 
thopedic Surgery. 616 Madison Av. 
Res Second St, Bayside, L I. Bay- 
side 844-R 

Durkin, Douglas. English, Ext. Res 
106 W. 80. Schuyler 3653 

Dutcher, Frederick Harris.t Instr 
Mechanical Engineering. 605 E. 
Res 329 Park Av, Newark, N J 

Dwenger, George H. Registrar, Ext. 
L.I.C.H. Res 573 Second St, Bklyn. 
South 4793 

Dwight, Kirby M.D.t Instr Surgery. 
Res 1045 Madison Av. Lenox 5382 

Dwyer, James G. M.D.t Assoc Bac- 
teriology. 40 E 41. Res 121 E 47. 
Murray Hill 5932 

Earle, Edward M.t Lect History. 710 
Hm. Res 311 W 24. Chelsea 5760 

Eaton, Anne T. Libr L.S. Res 147 
W 72. Columbus 6289 

Eaton, Walter Prichard.t Assoc Jour- 
nalism. Res Sheffield, Mass 
Eddy, Walter H.t Assoc Prof Physio- 
logical Chemistry. 518 Grace Dodge. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 
Edman, Irwin. Instr Philosophy. Ab- 
sent on leave 1920-21 

Edwards, Major Allen R.t Prof Mili- 
tary Science and Tactics. 212 Hm. 
Res 253 W 42. Bryant 7845 

Edwards, George W. Lect Banking. 
503 J. Res 520 W 124. Morning- 
side 8830 

Egbert, James Ct Director Extension 
Teaching, School of Business, School 
of Dentistry, Prof Latin. 301 U. 
Res 425 W 146. Audubon 3152 

Eggstein, Andrew A. M.D.t Assoc 
Pathology. 49 W 72. Res 2530 
Grand Concourse and Boulevard. 
Fordham 2573 

Eglee, Edward P. M.D.t Instr Medi- 
cine. Res 105 E 53. Plaza 9449 

Eisele, John H. Engineering, Ext. 43 
W 27. Res 669 Jefferson PI. 

Eliot, Clara. Asst Economics. 308 
Milbank. Res 441 W 28. Chelsea 

Eliot, Ellsworth, Jr. M.D.t Prof Clin- 
ical Surgery. Res 34 E 67. Rhine- 
lander 4857 

Elliott, Edward S. M.D. Asst Prof 
Physical Education. Gym. Res 
Livingston Hall 

Elliott, George R. M.D. Asst Prof 
Clinical Orthopedic Surgery. Res 
40 E 41. Murray Hill 6950 

Elwyn, Adolph M.D.t Asst Prof Ana- 
tomy. P. & S. Res 24 Park PI, 
Floral Park, L I. Floral Park 165-J 

Elwyn, Herman M.D. Instr Anatomy 
and Medicine. 160 W 85. Res 92 
St Nicholas Av. Cathedral 7217 

Emerson, Haven M.D.-j- Lect Nursing 
and Health. T. Res 120 E 62. 
Plaza 1424 

Endicott, E. T. B. (Mrs). English, 
Ext. Res 404 W 115. Cathedral 

Engelhardt, Nickolaus L.t Assoc Prof 
Education. 219-A T. Res 531 W 
124. Morningside 5288 

English, James Henry. French, Ext. 
Res 205 W 109. Academy 2070 

Erb, Frank C. Supervisor Shelf Dept 
Library. 105 L. Res 520 W 123. 

Erb, Frederic W. Supervisor Loan 
Dept Library. Res 520 W 123 



Erdman, Seward M.D.t Instr Sur- 
gery. Res 134 E 64. Rhinelander 

Erskine, John.t Prof English. 612 
Hm. Res De Witt Clinton Hall. 
Morningside 6480 

Evans, Archibald P. M.D.t Instr Neu- 
rology. 571 Park Av. Plaza 2735 

Evans, Austin P.t Asst Prof His- 
tory. 718 Hm. Res Montrose. 
Peekskill 805-J2 

Evans, Clara T. (Mrs). Avery Li- 
brary. Res 417 W 121 

Evans, Evan M. M.D.t Prof Clinical 
Medicine. Res 550 Park Av. Plaza 

Evans, Mary. Instr Household Arts. 
310 Grace Dodge. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Evans, Ralph L. Lect Chemistry. 401 
Hv. Res 215 Audubon Av. Wads- 
worth 260 

Evenden, Edward S.f Asst Prof Edu- 
cation. 219-A T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Everett, Guerra. Spanish, Ext. Res 
Hartley Hall 

Eyster, John Bates.t German, Ext. 
Res 62 Cornell Av, Yonkers. Yon- 
kers 6219 

Fackenthal, Frank D. Secretary of 
the University. 213 L. Res 930 St 
Marks Av, Bklyn, and 407 W 117. 
Lafayette 3898 

Fahs, Sophia Lyon (Mrs). Religious 
Education, Ext. Res Morsemere, 
N J 

Faig, Magdalene. Dean's Office Col- 
lege. 208 Hm. Res 31 15 Broadway. 
Morningside 3943 

Fairchild, Edith E. Dean's Office Law. 
404 K. Res 325 Riverdale Av, Yon- 

Fairchild, Hoxie N.t Instr English. 
Res 622 W 141 

Fales, Harold A.t Asst Prof Chem- 
istry. 512 Hv. Res 38 Post Av. 
Wadsworth 3200 

Fales, Jane. Asst Prof Household 
Arts. 308 H.A. Res 622 W 113. 
Cathedral 9880 

Fales, Roy G. Tr Industrial Arts. L.S. 
Res 61 Edgar St, E Orange, N J 

Falkenhausen, Margaret. Sec L.S. 
Res 2565 Grand Concourse. Ford- 
ham 4037 

Famulener, Lemuel W. M.D.t Assoc 
Serology. St Luke's Hosp. Res 
385 Ft Washington Av. Wadsworth 

Fanelli, Rocco. Chemistry, Ext. Res 
6 Otsego Av, New Rochelle, N Y. 
New Rochelle 2761 

Fansler, Dean S.t Asst Prof English. 
608 Hm. Res 79 East Av, Norwalk, 
Conn. Norwalk 1989 

Farnham, C. Evangeline. Spanish, Ext. 
Res 439 W 123. Morningside 3983 

Farnley, George. Steward Faculty 

Farnsworth, Charles H.t Assoc Prof 
School Music. 4 T. Res 70 Morn- 
ingside Dr. Morningside 1100 

Farnum, Waldo B. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. St Luke's Hospital 

Farr, Richard S. M.D. Instr Ortho- 
pedic Surgery. Res 420 E 59. Plaza 

Farrell, Benjamin P. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Orthopedic Surgery. Res 104 E 40. 
Murray Hill 1638 

Farrell, Elizabeth E. Lect Education- 
al Psychology. T. Res 265 Henry 
St. Orchard 8200 

Farrell, Mary J. Supervisor Seminar 
Lib. T. Res 214 W 92. Riverside 

Farrington, Kathryn. Sec Bureau of 
Publications. 234 Macy. Res 449 
Third St, Bklyn. South 7776 

Farwell, Herman W.t Asst Prof 
Physics. Res 130 Woodbridge PI, 
Leonia, N J. Leonia 708-R 

Fay, B. French, Ext. 500-A P. Res 
177 Congress St, Bklyn. Henry 533 

Feinberg, Alfred. t Instr Medical Il- 
lustrating. P & S. Res 1528 Char- 
lotte St. Intervale 2660 

Felberbaum, David M.D.t Asst Medi- 
cine. 58 W 58. Res 744 E 175. 
Tremont 2773 



Feraru, Lcon.f French, Ext. 308 Hm. 
Res Livingston Hall 

Ferguson, William M.D.t Instr Clini- 
cal Laryngology and Otology. 40 
E 41. Res Beechmont, New Ro- 
chelle. New Rochelle 2414 

Fife, Robert H.t Gebhard Prof Ger- 
manic Languages and Literatures. 
513 P. Res 12 E 85. Lenox 9454 

Finan, Lelia M. Instr Physical Edu- 
cation. 207 B. Res 611 W 127. 
Morningside 5690 

Finch, James Kip.t Assoc Prof Civil 
Engineering. 409 E. Res 126 
Claremont Av. Morningside 6640 

Findlay, Hugh. Agriculture, Ext. 512 
S. Res Tompkins Hall. Morning- 
side 6320 

Finley, Charles W.t Tr Biology and 
General Science. L.S. Res 130 
Lefferts Rd, Yonkers. Yonkers 

Firor, Elsie M. Office School of Busi- 
ness. 508 J. Res 207 W 107. 
Academy 109 

Fisher, Katharine A. Instr Household 
Arts. in Grace Dodge. Res 501 
W 120. Morningside 4585 

Fisher, Lizette A. Asst English, c/o 
J. H. Rhoads, 800 Lincoln Bldg, 
Philadelphia, Pa 

Fiske, Thomas S. Prof Mathematics. 
206 Hm. Res 508 W 114. Cathe- 
dral 7650 

Fite, W. Benjamin. t Prof Mathe- 
matics. 201 Hm. Res 411 W 114. 
Cathedral 7150 

Flanagan, Albert E.t Assoc Design. 
Res 430 W 122. Morningside 5463 

Fletcher, Donald P. Architecture, Ext. 
Res 4691 Beaufort St, Richmond 
Hill. Richmond Hill 175-M 

Fletcher, Jefferson B.t Prof Com- 
parative Literature. 612 P. Res 
H2 E 22. Gramercy 1027 

Flint, Elsie M. Tr Science. L.S. Res 
Whittier Hall 

Florence, E. Civil Engineering, Ext. 
Res Hartley Hall 

Folsom, Ralph P. M.D. Instr Psy- 
chiatry. Manhattan Hosp, Ward's 

Fones, Alfred C. D.D.S.t Prof Pre- 
ventive Dentistry. 10 Washington 
Av, Bridgeport, Conn. Res The 
Stratford Hotel, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Barnum 630 

Foote, Major William E. Asst Prof 
Military Science and Tactics. 211 
Hm. Res 50 E 86. Lenox 4107 

Fordyce, John A. M.D.t Prof Derm- 
atology. Res 8 W 77. Schuyler 

Fornell, Carl H. M.D. Instr Surgery. 
104 E 40. Res 44 St James Ter, 
Yonkers. Mt Vernon 2963-J 

Fortier, Marie T. (Mme). Tr French. 
H.M.S. Res 1 1 15 Amsterdam Av. 
Cathedral 7970 

Fosbroke, H. E. W.t Dean General 
Theological Seminary. Res 1 Chel- 
sea Sq. Chelsea 8197 

Fox, Dixon Ryan.t Asst Prof His- 
tory. 602 K. Res Hartsdale. White 
Plains 300-R 

Fox, Edward B. Jr. Asst Registrar. 
315 U. Res 2567 Sedgwick Av. 
Fordham 2887 

France, H. C.t English, Ext. 40 E 
40. Res 544 W 113. Cathedral 

Francis, Charlotte A. Instr Chemis- 
try. 405 T. Res 417 W 118 

Frank, Lawrence K.t Business, Ext. 
465 W 23. Res 50 King St. Spring 


Frasier, George W.t Asst Educational 
Administration. 219-A T. Res 523 
W 121. Morningside 5271 

Freas, Thomas B.t Assoc Prof Chem- 
istry. 700 Hv. Res Leonia, N J. 
Leonia 528-R 

Freeland, Daisy T. Tr Grade III. H. 
M.S. Res 400 W 118. Morning- 
side 4769 

Freeman, Alpheus M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. Res 967 Lexington Av. Rhine- 
lander 4813 

Freeman, Janet. Janeway Library. 
Presbyterian Hospital 



French, Constance. Office of the Sec- 
retary. 213 L. Res 606 W 116. 
Morningside 6704 

French, Corinna D. Asst Nursing and 
Health. 109 Grace Dodge. Res 
507 W 121. Morningside 5010 

Fretwell, Elbert K.t Asst Prof Edu- 
cation. 229 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Freudenfall, Benjamin M.D.t Instr 
Clinical Laryngology and Otology. 
Res 21 E 48. Murray Hill 2890 

Frieden, Alexander. Asst Chemistry. 
Res 546 W 113 

Friedson, Morris M.D.t Instr Dis- 
eases of Children. Res 103 E 10. 
Orchard 7085 

Friess, Horace L. Instr Philosophy. 

615 Hm. Res 972 Woodycrest Av. 
Jerome 3066 

Frissell, Lewis F. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Medicine. Res 113 E 56. 
Plaza 3688 

Frost, Helen. Instr Physical Educa- 
tion. 451 Th. Res 501 W 120. 
Morningside 4585 

Frothingham, Richard M.D.t. Asst 
Prof Laryngology and Otology. Res 

616 Madison Av. Plaza 1470 
Fuller, Duncan M. M.D. Instr Sur- 
gery. Presyterian Hosp. Res 129 
W 78. Schuyler 2106 

Fuller, Harold de W.t Assoc Jour- 
nalism. 406 J. Res 8 E Eighth. 
Beekman 9065 

Gabler, James D.t Typography, Ext. 
Res 80 Lafayette St. Franklin 4520 

Galajikian, Alexander S.f Instr Phys- 
ics. 204 F. Res 431 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 3388 

Gallaudet, Bern B. M.D.f Asst Prof 
Anatomy. Res 105 E 19. Gramercy 


Galloway, Jesse J.t Instr Palaeontol- 
ogy. 101 S. Res De Witt Clinton 
Hall. Morningside 6480 

Galston, Arthur. Business, Ext. 24 
Broad St. Rector 500 

Gamble, Guy C. Asst Educational Ad- 
ministration. 219A T. Res Hartley 

Gambrill, J. Montgomery.t Asst Prof 
History. 416 T. Res 548 Riverside 
Dr. Morningside 5790 
Garcia-Arias, Rodolfo. Business, Ext. 

62 Cedar St. John 5600 
Gardner, Mabel C. Asst Religious Ed- 
ucation. 351 Th. Res 537 W 121. 
Morningside 5120 
Garrett, Henry E. Asst Psychology. 

409 S. Res 414 W 121 
Garrison, Charlotte G. Instr Lower 
Primary Education T. and Tr Grade 
I. H.M.S. 112 T. Res 4 35 W 123. 
Morningside 585 
Gates, Arthur I.t Asst Prof Educa- 
tion. 337 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 
Gates, Georgina S. (Mrs). Asst Psy- 
chology. 418 B. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 
Gazley, John G. Asst History. 704 
Hm. Res 97 Mamaroneck Av, White 
Plains, N Y. White Plains 1058-M 
George, A. French, Ext. Res 100 St 

Nicholas Av. University 6893 
Gerig, John L.t Assoc Prof Celtic. 
506 P. Res 421 W 114. Cathedral 
1 020 1. Absent on leave Spring Ses- 
Gerow, Charles D.t Tr History, H.M. 
B.S. Res Riverdale Av. Kings- 
bridge 924 
Gershoy, Alexander. Asst Botany. 513 

S. Res 1408 Franklin Av 
Gethmann, Julia. Sec Religious Or- 
ganizations, in T. Res Whittier 
Getz, Forry R. Advanced Dentistry, 

Ext. Res 560 Fifth Av 
Geyelin, H. Rawle M.D.t Assoc Med- 
icine. Res 235 E 62. Plaza 4569 
Gibney, Eugene C. Lect Physical Ed- 
ucation. Res 500 Park Av. Schuy- 
ler 5580 
Giddings, Franklin H.t Prof Sociol- 
ogy and History of Civilization. 504 
K. Res 314 W 103. Riverside 8125 
Giddings, L. Margaret. Registrar's 
Office. B. Res 314 W ioj. River- 
side 8125 



Gies, William J.t Prof Biological 

Chemistry. Res 609 W 115 
Giffen, William A. D.D.S. Advanced 
Dentistry, Ext. Res Washington 
Arcade, Detroit, Mich 
Gifford, Ralph W.t Prof Law. 410 
K. Res 23 Ridgeview Av, White 
Plains. White Plains 1180. Absent 
on leave Spring Session 
Gil, Enrique. Law, Ext. Aldao, Cam- 
pos & Gil, 1 Wall St. Rector 4048 
Gildersleeve, Virginia C. Dean of 
Barnard College and Prof English. 
B. Res De Witt Clinton Hall 
Gillett, Henry W. D.D.S.f Prof Theory 
and Practice of Dentistry. 140 W 
57. Circle 11 18 
Gillmore, Mary B. Tr History. H. 

M.S. Absent on leave 1920-21. 
Ginsburg, Isidor. History, Ext. Res 

523 W 123. Morningside 9224 
Githens, Alfred. Lect Household Arts. 
Res 52 Vanderbilt A v. Vanderb. 4120 
Glafke, William H. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. 47 E 57. Res 616 W 116. 
Morningside 6704 
Glass, Meta. Lect Greek and Latin. 

301 U. Res Furnald Hall 
Gleason, Edna G. Asst Household 
Arts. H.M.S. Res 106 Morningside 
Dr. Morningside 8905 
Glenn, Earl R.t Tr Chemistry and 
General Science. L.S. Res 118 Sara- 
toga Av, Yonkers. Rhinelander 178 
Glenn, Garrard. t Assoc Prof Law. 26 
Exchange PL Res 57 E 92. Han- 
over 2633. Absent on leave 1920-21 
Glueck, Bernard M.D.t Assoc Neu- 
rology. Res 264 W 72. Columbus 61 15 
Goddard, Pliny E.t Lect Anthropol- 
ogy. American Museum Natural 
History. Res 335 Moore Av, Le- 
onia, N J. Leonia 726-J 
Goetze, Frederick A.t Treasurer and 
Comptroller. 63 Wall. Res 455 W 
141. Hanover 356 
Goldberger, Henry H.t Lect Educa- 
tional Sociology. 322 T. Res 535 
W 151. Audubon 1391 

Goldberger, I. H.f Oral Hygiene, Ext. 
Res 2562 Grand Concourse. Ford- 
ham 25 
Good, Fred F.t Instr Physical Science. 

409 T. Res Edgewater, N J 
Goodale, Grace H. Instr Classical 
Philology. 331 B. Res 510 W 123. 
Morningside 9030 
Goodhart, S. Philip M.D.f Asst Prof 
Neurology. 133 W 72. Res 325 
West End Av. Columbus 2918 
Goodman, Abraham L. M.D. Instr 
Clinical Diseases of Children. Res 
136 W 87. Schuyler 7613 
Goodrich, Annie W. Asst Prof Nurs- 
ing and Health. 106 H.A. Res 509 
W 121. Morningside 7800 
Goodsell, Willystine. Asst Prof Edu- 
cation. 321 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 
Goodwin, George M. M.D.f Instr 
Medicine. Res 125 E 57. Plaza 1676 
Goodwin, Louise W. English, Ext. 

Res Furnald Hall 
Goodwin, Ralph T. Chemistry, Ext. 

Res Hartley Hall 
Gotshall, Helen. Asst General Chem- 
istry. T. Res Whittier Hall 
Gottheil, Richard J. H.t Prof Rab- 
binical Literature and Semitic Lan- 
guages. Absent on leave 1920-21 
Gough, Frank A.f Instr Orthodontia. 
184 Joralemon St. Res 59 Living- 
ston St, Bklyn. Main 2474-J 
Grace, Roderick V. M.D. Instr Sur- 
gery. 19 E 65. Res 49 E 78. 
Rhinelander 6766 
Grady, James T.t Dept Public Infor- 
mation. 311 East. Res 100 Morn- 
ingside Dr. Morningside 6272 
Granet, Adolph M.D.t Instr Medicine. 
P. & S. Res 62 E 91. Lenox 9160 
Grant, Amelia H. Asst Nursing and 
Health. 106 Grace Dodge. Res 656 
W 162. Wadsworth 6701 
Grant, Edward J.t Registrar. 316 U. 

Res 34 Post Av 
Graper, Elmer D.t Instr Government. 
714 Hm. Res 421 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 6769 


Gravelle, F. Walter M.D.t Instr Ana- 
tomy. Res 265 W 81. Schuyler 

Greeley, Harold D. Business, Ext. 25 
W 43. Murray Hill 3631-2 

Green, Anna. Asst Household Arts. 
Res 526 W 113- Cathedral 9307 

Greenberg, Louis M.D.f Instr Clinical 
Laryngology and Otology. Res 51 12 
13 Av, Bklyn. Blythebourne 3948 

Greenburg, Alexander. Physics, Ext. 
Res 3256 Decatur Av 

Greene, Russell T. Jr.f Business, Ext. 
155 W 65. Res 54 Highwood Av, 
Ridgewood, N J. Columbus 2932 

Greenhalgh, Jean L. Librarian's Of- 
fice. 202 L. Res 112 W 120 

Greenland, Cyril W.t Instr Mineral- 
ogy. 307 S. Res 430 W 118. Morn- 
ingside 3880 

Gregory, John C. Architecture, Ext. 
Res 38 W 66. Columbus 3173 

Gregory, Louise H. Asst Prof Zoo- 
logy. 402-A B. Res 90 Morningside 
Dr. Morningside 7930 

Gregory, William K.f Assoc Prof 
Vertebrate Palaeontology. American 
Museum Natural History. Res 149 
W 81. Schuyler 9469 

Grimes, Anna (Mrs). Asst General 
Chemistry. T. Res 420 W 121. 
Morningside 4660 

Grose, Margaret B. English, Ext. Res 
70 Morningside Dr 

Gross, Solomon Sidney D.D.S.f Ad- 
vanced Dentistry, Ext. 25 Fifth Av. 
Res 219 W 11. Stuyvesant 4187 

Grout, Gerald H. M.D.f Instr Oph- 
thalmology. 57 W 52. Circle 3870 

Gucker, Colba F. Tr Physical Educa- 
tion. L.S. Res Livingston Hall 

Guggenheim, Robert M. German, Ext. 
Res 23 E 88 

Gulick, L. H.f Government, Ext 261 
Broadway. Res 22 West End Av, 
Englewood, N J. Englewood 1489 

Gunn, Lilian M. (Mrs). Instr House- 
hold Arts. 214 H.A. Res 407 W 
123. Morningside 6225-M 

Gunther, Emma H. Asst Prof House- 
hold Arts, in Grace Dodge. Res 
509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Gunther, Erna. Asst Anthropology. 
704 J. Res 198 DeKalb Av, Bklyn. 
Prospect 3235 

Guthrie, William D.t Ruggles Prof 
Constitutional Law. 44 Wall. Res 
28 Park Av. Murray Hill 2544 

Gutmann, James. Philosophy, Ext. 
Res 252 W 85. Schuyler 6452 

Gwynn, Fielding D.D.S.f Dentistry, 
Ext. P. & S. Res 40 W 64. Co- 
lumbus 95 1 1 

Hagemeyer, Frank H.t Sec Admis- 
sions. 106 T. Res 2969 Briggs Av. 
Fordham 718 

Haig, Robert M.t Assoc Prof Busi- 
ness Organization. 504 J. Res 741 
Ft Washington Av. Wadsworth 

Hale, Henry E. M.D.t Assoc Medi- 
cine. Res 64 W 50. Circle 406 

Hale, Robert L.t Instr Economics. 
513 Hm. Res 178 E 70. Rhine- 
lander 1240 

Hall, Everett J.f Asst Prof Assaying. 
602 M. Res 19 Vista Av, Elizabeth, 
N J. Elizabeth 2355 

Hall, Fairfax M.D.f Instr Medicine. 
16 Beauchamp PI, New Rochelle, 
N Y. New Rochelle 2256 

Hall, Maude M. Instr English. 322 
T. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Hall, Walter Henry.f Prof Choral 
and Church Music. Res De Witt 
Clinton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Hallam, James B. M.D. Asst Anatomy. 
Res 500 Audubon Av. Wadsworth 

Haller, Helen Hermine. Sec Resi- 
dence Halls. Res Brooks Hall. 
Morningside 7508 

Haller, William.f Asst Prof English. 
137 B. Res 152 Crescent Av, Leonia 
N J. Leonia 727-R 

Halliday, Ernest M.t English, Ext. 
Res 1058 E 2i, Bklyn. Midwood 



Halsted, Florence M. Tr English. 
H.M.S. Res 758 West End Av. 
Riverside 8018 

Halsted, Harbeck M.D.t Instr Ob- 
stetrics and Gynecology. Res 221 
W 57. Circle 928 

Hamilton, B. Wallace M.D.t Instr 
Diseases of Children. Res 52 E 66. 
Rhinelander 3780 

Hamilton, Charles E. M.D. Instr Med- 
icine. 1 140 Dean St, Bklyn. Res 
82—82, Bklyn. Shore Rd 770 

Hamlin, Alfred D. F.f Prof History 
of Architecture. 503 A. Res 105 
Morningside Av. Morningside 7418 

Hamlin, Talbot Faulkner.f • Architec- 
ture, Ext. 503 A. Res 68 W 107. 
Academy 1624 

Hammett, Louis P.f Instr Chemistry. 
612 Hv. Res 875 W 181. Wads- 
worth 9300 

Hanavan, Mrs. William. Photoplay, 
Ext. Res 434 W 120. Morningside 

Haney, Anna S. (Mrs). Tr Grade IV 
Open Air HMS. Res 646 West End 
Av. Riverside 100 15 

Hanford, John M. M.Dt Instr Sur- 
gery 50 E 63. Res 55 E 65. Plaza 

Hansen, Waldemar. Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 270 Ft Washington Av 

Harby, Ralph D. D.D.S.t Instr Pros- 
thetic Dentistry. 184 Joralemon St, 
Bklyn. Res 248- A Bklyn Av, Bklyn. 
Lafayette 915 

Harned, William E.t Stenography and 
Typewriting, Ext. 509 J. Res 875 
W 181. Wadsworth 9300 

Harper, Robert A.t Torrey Prof Bot- 
any. 503 S. Res 411 W 114. Ca- 
thedral 7150 

Harriman, Charles A.t Asst Prof 
Architecture. 501 A. Res 417 W 
114. Cathedral 7160 

Harrington, Thomas H. Asst Prof 
Drawing. 603 E. Res Scarsdale. 
Scarsdale 220 

Harris, Julian E. French, Ext. Res 
21 Claremont Av 

Harrison, Gail. Tr Grade I. l.S. 
Res 501 W 120. Morningside 4585 

Harrow, Benjamin. t Assoc Biological 
Chemistry. P. & S. Res 120 Ha- 
ven Av. Wadsworth 4024 

Hart, T. Stuart M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Medicine. Presbyterian 

Hosp. Res 160 W 59- Circle 4934 

Harvitt, Helene. Instr French. T. 
Absent on leave 1920-21 

Haserot, Francis S. Lect Economics. 
506 J. Res Livingston Hall 

Haskell, Juliana S. (Mrs H. S.). Lect 
Germanic Languages and Literatures. 
B. 301 P. Res 156 Saratoga Av, 
Yonkers. Yonkers 5941 

Hastings, Albert B. M.D.t Instr Phys- 
iology. P. & S. Res 10 Sherman 
Av. Wadsworth 2038 

Hatch, Roy W.t Lect History T. and 
Tr History and Civics. H.M.S. Res 
220 Mt Hope Av, Hastings. Hast- 
ings 892 

Hatley, Charles C. Instr Physics. 607 
F. Res Tompkins Hall 

Hawkes, Forbes M.D.t Instr Surgery. 
Res 124 E 65. Rhinelander 242 

Hawkes, Herbert E.t Dean Columbia 
College and Prof Mathematics. 208 
Hm. Res 415 W 117. Morning- 
side 7667 

Hawkins, Aubrey L. Research Asst 
English. 604 P. Res Livingston 

Hawkins, W. Hall. M.D.t Instr An- 
atomy. 252 W 73. Columbus 5485 

Hawks, Everett M.t Instr Surgery. 
11 E 48. Res 580 St. Nicholas Av. 
Audubon 1172 

Hayden, Philip M. Asst Secretary. 
213 L. Res 430 W 119. Morning- 
side 3350 

Hayes, Carlton J. H.t Prof History. 
603 K. Res 508 W 114. Cathedral 

Hayner, Lucy Julia. Asst Physics. 
513 F. Res Furnald Hall 

Haynes, Royal S. M.D.t Assoc Dis- 
eases of Children. Res 140 W 58. 
Circle 4344 



Hayt, Edward K. Asst Registrar. 
Asst Bursar P. & S. Retired. Res 
Patterson, N Y 

Hazen, Charles D.f Prof History. Ab- 
sent on leave 1920-21 

Hazen, Tracy E. Asst Prof Botany. 
320 B. Res Livingston Hall 

Heck, Edson B. M.D. Instr Medicine. 
49 E 53. Res 129 W 78. Schuyler 

Heckman, Albert W. Instr Fine Arts. 
431 Macy. Res 534 W 114. Cathe- 
dral 7075 

Heft, Hattie L. Instr Physiological 
Chemistry. 403 Grace Dodge. Res 
509 W 121. Morningside 4585 

Hehre, Frederick W. Asst Prof Elec- 
trical Engineering. 207 E. Res 105 
Manhattan Av. Academy 2574 

Heins, John P. Instr Fine Arts. 243 
Macy. Res 49 E 88. Lenox 2016 

Hennes, Marie. Tr Grade V-VI. H. 
M.S. Res 430 W 119. Morningside 

Henry, Mellinger E. English, Ext. 
301 M. Res Ridgefield, N J. Mont- 
gomery 3216 

Hepburn, Amy L. Dept Libr Scher- 
merhorn. 301 S. Res 1 Prospect 
Ter, East Orange, N J. East Orange 

Hepburn, Dollie B. Supervisor Acces- 
sions Dept Libr. 102 L. Res 1 
Prospect Ter, East Orange, N J. 
East Orange 1906-W 

Herod, Dorothy F. Dean's Office En- 
gineering. 401 E. Res 126 Clare- 
mont Av. Morningside 2392 

Herr, Annette T. (Mrs). Instr House- 
hold Arts Education. 113 Grace 
Dodge. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 
Herr, L. A. Tr Industrial Arts. L.S. 
Res 417 W 120. Morningside 5282 

Herreshoff, Anna F. Clerk on Ad- 
missions. 106 T. Res 253 W 256 
Herrick, William W. M.D.t Asst 
Prof Medicine. P. & S. Res 49 E 
53. Plaza 1560 
Herring, Albert C. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. St Luke's Hospital 

Heuser, Frederick W. J.t Asst Prot 
Germanic Languages and Litera- 
tures. 404 Hm. Res 526 W 150. 
Audubon 506 i-W 
Heusinkveld, Arthur H. Research Asst 
English. 601 P. Res 417 W 121. 
Morningside 6886 
Hibbard, John V. M.D. Instr Urol- 
ogy. 242 Westchester Av, Port Ches- 
ter. Port Chester 755 
Hibbs, Russell A. M.D.f Prof Ortho- 
pedic Surgery. 130 E 36. Murray 
Hill 4783 
Hicks, Frederick C.t Law Libr. K. 
Res 530 W 123. Morningside 6672 
Hier, Carol Lorenz (Mrs F. P.). 

Dean's Office, Barnard. 214 W 11 
Hildreth, Warren W. M.D.t Assoc 
Obstetrics and Gynecology. 162 E 
71. Rhinelander 1062 
Hill, Jessica M. Instr English. 323 
T. 790 Riverside Dr. Audubon 5400 
Hill, Miner C. M.D. Asst Diseases 
Children. 103 E 75. Rhinelander 3098 
Hill, Patty S. Assoc Prof Kinder- 
garten Education. 112 T. Res 790 
Riverside Dr. Audubon 5400 
Hillegas, Milo B.t Prof Education. 
203 T. Res 106 Morningside Dr. 
Morningside 8905 
Hinman, Thomas P. D.D.S.f Ad- 
vanced Dentistry, Ext. Fourth Na- 
tional Bank Bldg, Atlanta, Ga 
Hirst, Gertrude M. Asst Prof Classi- 
cal Philology. 212 B. Res Furnald 
Hirth, Friedrich. Dean Lung Prof 
Chinese. Retired. Res Clemens Str 
30, Munich, Germany 
Hitchcock, Alice M. (Mrs). Libr 
School of Journalism. Res 415 W 
118. Morningside 511 
Hixson, Arthur W.t Assoc Prof Chem- 
ical Engineering. 308 Hv. Res Le- 
onia, N J. Leonia 970 
Hobson, Asher.t Assoc Prof Econo- 
mic Agriculture. 510 S. Res De 
Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 


Hodgman, Gertrude. Asst Nursing and 
Health. T. Res 420 W 119. Morn- 
ingside 6720 

Holden, Ward A. M.D Prof Clinical 
Opthalmology. 8 E 54. Plaza 5600 

Hollander, Franklin. Asst Chemistry. 
404 Hv. Res 113 S Fourth St, 
Bklyn. Greenpoint 4090-M 

Holler, Homer D.f Instr Physics. 
206 F. Res 15 Brook Ter, Leonia, 
N J 

Hollingworth, Harry L.f Assoc Prof 
Psychology. 420 B. Res 417 W 
118. Morningside 3375- Absent 
on leave Spring Session 

Hollingworth, Leta S. (Mrs H. L.). 
Asst Prof Education. 336 Macy. 
Res 417 W 118. Morningside 3375 

Mollis, Austin W. M.D.f Prof Clini- 
cal Medicine. Res 40 W 71. Co- 
lumbus 4384 

Holm, George T.t Instr Physical Ed- 
ucation. T and Tr Physical Train- 
ing. H.M.S. Res 36 Hudson Av, 
Edgewater, N J 

Holmes, Margaret H. Tr Special 
Class. H.M.S. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Hoist, John H.f Asst Educational Ad- 
ministration. 219-A T. Res 56 W 
105. Academy 2042 

Holt, L. Emmett M.D.t Carpentier 
Prof Diseases of Children. Res 14 
W 55. Circle 55 

Holz, Margaret B. Tr German and 
Spanish. L.S. Res 2787 Broadway 

Holzhauer, Charles W.t Sec College 
Pharmacy. 783 Broad St, Newark, 
N J. Res 53 Spruce St, Newark, 
N J. Market 8250 

Holzwasser, Florrie. Lect Geology. 
214 B. Res 259 W 93. Riverside 

Honeywell, Hannah E. Instr Chem- 
istry. 415 T. Res 424 VV 119. 
Morningside 3350 

Hooker, Ransom S. M.D.t Assoc Sur- 
gery. 175 E 71. Rhinelander 575 

Hoover, Merle M.t English, Ext. 711 
J. Res 449 W 123. Morningside 

Hopkins, J. Gardner M.D.t Assoc 
Roentgenology. Res 40 E 83. Len- 
ox 7964 

Horner, J. T.t Business, Ext. 505 J. 
Res 432 W 124 

Horton, Walter Marshall.t Philoso- 
phy, Ext. Res 528 W 123. Morn- 
ingside 7532 

Hostmann, Jeannot.t Assoc Prof 
Chemistry. Phar. Res 1208 Hudson 
St, Hoboken, N J 

Hotchkiss, Caroline W. Tr English. 
H.M.S. Res 502 W 113. Cathedral 

Hotchkiss, Lucius W. M.D.t Prof 
Clinical Surgery. 11 E 48. Res 59 
W 48. Murray Hill 7361 

Hough, Basset W. Music, Ext. 703 
J. Res 419 W 118. Morningside 

House, Florence E. Asst Industrial 
Arts. 119 Macy. Res 160 Clarc- 
mont Av. Morningside 6280 

Hovey, Horace M. Mathematics, Ext. 
DeWitt Clinton H. S. Res 2025 
Broadway. Columbus 9875 

Howard, Charles A.t Business, Ext. 
71 Broadway. Res Port Washing- 
ton. Port Washington 447 

Howard, Clare M. Asst Prof Eng- 
lish. 138 B. Res 600 W 115. 
Morningside 7540 

Howard, Rev. James M.t Religious 
Education, Ext. Res 75 South St. 
Morristown, N J. Morristown 1776 

Howe, Henry M.t Emer Prof Metal- 
lurgy. Res Bedford Hills, N Y. 
Mt Kisco 161 

Howe, Hubert S. M.D.t Assoc Neur- 
ology. Res 901 Lexington Av. 
Rhinelander 432 

Howson, Roger.t Asst Libr. 102 L. 
Res 23 Beekman PI. Plaza 7430 

Hoyt, Homer. Business, Ext. 195 
Broadway. Res 15 Hawthorne PI. 
Montclair, N J 

Hubbard, Grace A. Assoc Prof Eng- 
lish. B. Absent on leave 1920-2: 

Huber, Francis, M.D.t Prof Clinical 
Medicine. Res 209 E 17. Stuyve- 
sant 2504 


Huber, Leslie V. Architecture, Ext. 
Res 75 Chester Av, Bklyn 

Hudson, Lillian A. Instr Nursing 
and Health. 106 Grace Dodge. Res 
509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Huettner, Alfred F. Zoology, Ext. 
602 S. W. Fort Lee, N J 

Hughes, Anna V. D.M.D. Oral Hy- 
giene, Ext. 437 W 59. Res 419 W 
119. Morningside 7700. 

Hughes, C. Carl. Business, Ext. 509 
J. Res Palisade, N J 

Hughes, H. H. English, Ext. 306 P. 
Res Hartley Hall 

Hughes, Sally P. Lect Zoology. 403 
B. Res 507 W 121 

Hull, Helen R. Lect English. 301 
U. Res 322 W 106. Academy* 5054 

Humphries, Robert E. M.D.t Instr 
Orthopedic Surgery. 104 E 40. 
Res 81 Harrison St, East Orange, 
N J. Orange 1781 

Hunt, Charles W.f Vice-Prin. H.M.S. 
and Instr Elementary Education. 
T. Res 531 W 124. Morningside 

Hunt, Edward Livingston M.D.t Asst 
Prof Clinical Neurology. Res 41 
E 63. Plaza 2639 

Hunt, Mary Leland. Research Asst 
English. 613 P. Res Tallmans, 
N Y 

Hunting, Rev. Harold B.t Religious 
Education, Ext. 349 Madison Av. 
Res West Englewood, N J. Vander- 
bilt 1200 

Huntington, George S. M.D.t Prof 
Anatomy. P&S. Res 163 E 63. 
Plaza 7223 

Hurd, Ralph A. M.D. Instr Pharmac- 
ology. P&S. Res 42 W 77. Schuy- 
ler 3438 

Husa, William J. Research Asst Food 
Chemistry. 508 Hv. Res 417 VV 
118. Morningside 3375 

Hutchinson, Emilie J. Asst Prof Eco- 
nomics. 308 B. Res 520 E 77. 
Rhinelander 4737 

Huttman, Maude A. Asst Prof His- 
tory. 337 B. Res 308 W 73. Co- 
lumbus j 305 

Hyams, Joseph A. M.D. Instr Urology. 
Res 120 W 122 

Hyatt, Thaddeus P.f Oral Hygiene, 
Ext. Res 576 Fifth Av 

Hyman, Harold T. M.D.t Instr Phar- 
macology. ^40 West End Av. Res 
23 W 96. Riverside 6599 

Imbert, Louis. t Instr Spanish. 508 
Hm. Res 527 W 124. Morning- 
side 2394 

Imboden, Harry M. M.D.t Instr Surg- 
ery. 480 Park Av. Res 211 Lang- 
don Av, Mt Vernon. Mt Vernon 

Imperatori, Charles J. M.D.t Instr 
Laryngology and Otology. 17 E 38. 
Res Shore Acres, Mamaroneck. 
Mamaroneck 950 

Inman, Samuel G.t International 
Law, Ext. 25 Madison Av. Res 
Leonia, N J. Leonia 801-M 

Itami, Shigemitsu M. D. Asst Cancer 
Research. C.R.L. Res Livingston 

Jackson, A. V. Williams.t Prof Indo- 
Iranian Languages. 401 P. Res 
668 Riverside Dr. Audubon 4677 

Jackson, Daniel D.t Prof Chemical 
Engineering. 305 Hv. Res 930 
President St, Bklyn. Sterling 4259 

Jackson, Frederick J. Foakes.t Charles 
A. Briggs Graduate Prof Christian 
Institutions. U.T.S. Res Dana PI, 
Englewood, N J. Englewood 262 

Jacoby, Harold/f Rutherfurd Prof 
Astronomy. 404 East. Res DeWitt 
Clinton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Jaeger, Charles H. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Orthopedic Surgery. P&S. Res 471 
Park Av. Plaza 2187 

Jagle, Elizabeth C. M.D. Instr Neur- 
ology. Res 148 W 76. Schuyler 

James, Henry M.D.-j- Instr Medi- 
cine. Bellevue llosp. Res 36 E 
70. Rhinelander 717 

Jameson, Harriet C. (Mrs.) Director 
oj House and Commons. 404 S.ll. 
Res Barnard College 



Janvrin, Edmund R. P. M.D. Assoc 
Medicine. Res 515 Park Av. Plaza 

Jenison, Nancy. M.D. Instr Medicine 
149 E 40. Murray Hill 8634 

Jessup, D. Stuart Dodge. M.D.t Instr 
Clinical Pathology. 601 W 113 
Cathedral 7236 

Jessup, Everett C. M.D.t Asst Medi- 
cine. Res Roslyn, L I. Roslyn 

Jette, Eric R. Chemistry, Ext. Res 
431 W 121. Morningside 3388 

Jobling, James W. M.D.t Prof Path- 
ology. P&S. Res 454 Ft Washing- 
ton Av. Wadsworth 9220 

Johann, Norma E. Asst Chemistry. 
505 Hv. Res 3774 Park Av. Tre- 
mont 5759 

Johnson, Douglas W.t Prof Physi- 
ography. 404 S. Res De Witt Clin- 
ton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Johnson, Franklin W.t Assoc Prof 
Education. 227 T. Res 60 Edge- 
cliff Ter, Yonkers. Yonkers 5198 

Johnson, H. Herbert, Jr. Asst Zoology. 
610 S. Res Morris Hall 

Johnson, Henry.t Prof History. 416 
T. Res Ridge Rd, Yonkers. Yonk- 
ers 3706 

Johnson, Leila P. Lect Household 
Arts. 56 Grace Dodge. Res 2083 
Fifth Av. 

Johnson, Lucile. Chemistry, Ext. Res 
416 W 118 

Johnson, Susan. Lect Nursing and 
Health. 106 H.A. Res 461 W 22. 
Chelsea 3880 

Johnson, William C. M.D. Assoc 
Pathology. P&S. Res 25 Tulip St, 
Summit, N J. Summit 930 

Johnstone, Ursula K. Filing, Ext. 
Res 256 Sterling PI, Bklyn. Pros- 
pect 6686 

Jolliffe, R. Norman. t Instr Music. 
Res 604 W 112. Cathedral 8897 

Jones, Adam Leroy.t Director Uni- 
versity Admissions and Assoc Prof 
Philosophy. 321 U. Res 71 South 
Mountain Av, Montclair, N J. 
Montclair 648-J 

Jones, Harold E. Psychology, Ext. 
Res City Children's Hospital, Ran- 
dall's Island, N Y. Harlem 6764 

Kahn, Max. Assoc Biological Chem- 
istry. 140 W 69. Res 395 Ft Wash- 
ington Av. Wadsworth 2921 

Kalenderian, Vahan H. Slavonic, Ext. 
Res Hartley Hall 

Kalligan, Thomas J.t Tr Mathe- 
matics. H.M.B.S. Res 601 W 179. 
Wadsworth 9518-J 

Kammerer, Frederick M.D.t Prof 
Clinical Surgery. 51 E 66. Rhine- 
lander 66 

Kandel, Isaac L.t Assoc Education. 
314 T. Res 405 W 118. Morning- 
side 1051 

Kane, Henry Seney. Asst Geology. 
301 S. Res 469 47, Bklyn. Sunset 

Kantor, John L. M.D.t Asst Medi- 
cine. Res 44 W 96. Riverside 

Karshan, Maxwell.f Instr Biological 
Chemistry. 10 Liberty Av, Bklyn. 
Glenmore 258 

Kasner, Edward. Prof Mathematics. 
309 B. Res 22 W 119. Harlem 

Kaufmann, Jacob. M.D. Prof Clinical 
Medicine. Res 52 E 58. Plaza 231 

Kayganovich, John. Slavonic, Ext. 
Res 443 W 22. Chelsea 6008 

Kean, George.t Chief Clerk Office of 
the Registrar. 321 U. Res 777 
Lincoln PI, Bklyn 

Keating, John J. H. M.D.t Instr 
Medicine. Res 905 West End Av. 
Academy 3046 

Keeler, B. C. Mathematics, Ext. Res 
86 W 183 

Keelor, Katherine L. Tr Grade II. 
L.S. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Kegerreis, Roy. Asst Cancer Research. 
Res 310 W 88. Schuyler 5725 

Keller, Eleanor. Asst Prof Chemistry. 
435 B. Res 433 W 117. Morning- 
side 3284 

2 4 


Keller, Frederick R. Instr Electri- 
cal Engineering. Res Box 234, 
Lancaster, Pa. Absent on leave 

Keller, George J. Tr Fine Arts. 
H.M.S. Res 415 Riverside Dr. 
Cathedral 7050 

Kelley, Catherine R. M.D. Assoc 
Medicine. Res 411 West End Av. 
Schuyler 2432 

Kelley, Truman L.f Asst Prof Edu- 
cation. Absent on leave 1920-21 

Kemp, Ellwood W." Asst Grad Man- 
ager Athletic Assoc. East. Res 
3100 Broadway. Morningside 6960 

Kemp, James F.t Prof Geology. 403 
S. Res 640 Riverside Dr. Audubon 

Kendall, James. t Assoc Prof Chem- 
istry. 608 Hv. Res 431 River- 
side Dr. Morningside 3390 

Kendrick, Benjamin B.t Asst Prof 
History. 706 Hm. Res 205 Puritan 
Av, Forest Hills, L I. Boulevard 

Kennedy, Edward T.f Tnstr Physical 
Education. Gym. Res Tompkins 
Hall. Morningside 6320 

Kenyon, Josephine H. M.D. (Mrs). 
Lect Hygiene. T. 109 Grace Dodge. 
Res 57 W 58. Plaza 2450 

Keppel, Frederick P.-j- International 
Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France 

Kern, Edward F.t Asst Prof Metal- 
lurgy. 403 M. Res De Witt Clin- 
ton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Kernan, John D., Jr. M.D.t Instr 
Laryngology and Otology and Anat- 
omy. 156 E 79. Res West Nyack 

Kerner, A. Mildred. Secretary's Office 
B. Res Chester. Chester 62-F-3 

Kerwin, J. G. Asst Public Law. 715 
Hm. Res Livingston Hall 

Kessel, Leo M.D.t Assoc Medicine. 
11 W 55. Res 15 W 55- Circle 

Kester, Roy B. Assoc Prof Account- 
ing- 505 J- Res 457 W 123. Morn- 
side 3640 

Keyes, Clinton W.t Instr Greek and 
Latin. 510 Hm. Res 10 Manhat- 
tan Av. Riverside 4845 

Keyes, Harold B. M.D.t Asst Uni- 
versity Medical Director. E.H, 
Res 603 W in. Cathedral 6478 

Keyser, Cassius J.f Adrain Prof 
Mathematics. 401 East. Res 440 
Riverside Dr. Morningside 6694 

Kiehl, Samuel J. Instr Chemistry. 
616 Hv. Res 533 W 124. Morn- 
ingside 5288 

Kilpatrick, William H.t Prof Educa- 
tion. 314 T. Res 106 Morning- 
side Dr. Morningside 8905 

King, Marie G. Asst Recorder Dept 
Physical Education. 165 Th. Res 
220 Wadsworth Av. Wadsworth 

King, M. S. Arithmetic, Ext. H.S. 
of Commerce. 155 W 65 

Kingsley, Rolfe. M.D.t Instr Urology. 
64 W 50. Res Great Neck, L I. 
Circle 406 

Kinney, Charles M. Tr Music. L.S 
Res 26 Jones St. Rhinelander 178 

Kirchwey, Clara B. Tr Science. H, 
M.S. Res 195 Claremont Av. Morn- 
ingside 5100 

Kirchwey, George W.f Kent Prof 
Law. Retired. 105 E 22. Chelsea 

Kirchwey, Mary F. Tr Grade VI-VII 
H.M.S. Res 195 Claremont Av 
Morningside 5100 

Kirkpatrick, James D.f English, Ext. 
Res 35 Cliff Av, Yonkers 

Kirkpatrick, T. Bruce. Asst Physi- 
cal Education. Gym. Res Living- 
ston Hall 

Kline, Benjamin S. M.D.t Assoc 
Pathology. Montefiore Hosp. Res 
Hartman PI, Crcstwood. Tuckahoe 

Klyver, Faye II. Asst Religious Edu- 
cation. 351 Th. Res 510 W 124. 
Morningside 880 

Knapp, Arnold M.D.t Prof Ophthal- 
mology. 10 E 54. Plaza 47$ \ 



Knapp, Charles.t Prof Classical Phil- 
ology. 331 B. Res 1737 Sedgwick 
Av. Tremont 4261 
Knapp, Charles W. M.D.t Assoc 
Medicine. Res 43 Maple Av, Green- 
wich, Conn 
Kneeland, Jessie. Asst Libr. L.S. 
Res 901 Lexington Av. Rhinelander 
Knobel, Amalie. Asst Grammar 
Grades. H.M.S. Res 160 Clare- 
mont Av. Morningside 6280 
Knowlton, Daniel C.t Tr History and 
Civics. L.S. Res 97 N Mountain 
Av, Montclair, N J. Montclair 
Knox, Raymond C.t Chaplain of the 
University. E.H. Res 413 W 117. 
Morningside 6759 
Kobler, E. Willis. M.D. Instr Laryn- 
gology and Otology. Res 171 W 
81. Schuyler 9950 
Koenig, Herbert A. Grad Tr Kings 
Crown. East. Res 429 W 117. 
Morningside 5599 
Koopman, S. Bernard.! Business, Ext. 
505 J. Res 934 Ogden Av. Jerome 
Koral, Israel. Asst Physics. 607 F. 

Res 161 Vernon Av, Bklyn 
Koukol, A. B.t Slavonic, Ext. Res 

436 W 23. Chelsea 6094. 
Koyl, George S. Architecture, Ext. 

405 A. Res 54 East 59 
Kraeling, Emil G. H. Lect Semitic 
Languages. 405 P. Res 132 Henry 
St. Main 1436 
Kramer, Martha. Asst Food Chemis- 
try. 510 Hv. Res Furnald Hall. 
Krapp, George P.t Prof English. 611 
P. Res 351 W 114. Cathedral 6050 
Krasnow, Frances. Asst Biological 

Chemistry. 177 Jamaica Av, Bklyn 
Krefeld, William J. Instr Civil En- 
gineering. 308 E. Res 74 W 102. 
Riverside 8495 
Krenning, Edna A. English Ext. 
Res 400 W 118. Morningside 4769 
Kriehn, George. Fine Arts, Ext. Res 
38 W 93. Riverside 6561 

Kubinyi, Victor de. Hungarian, Ext 

Res 2056 Davidson Av 
Kullgren, Evan F.f Religious Educa- 
tion, Ext. Res 199 Bond St, Hart- 
ford, Conn 
Kunz, Charles E. J.t Office of the 
Registrar. 315 U. Res 172 Man- 
hattan St 
Kuttner, Ann G. Asst Bacteriology. 
P&S. Res 567 W 113. Columbus 
Ladd-Franklin, Christine (Mrs. Fabian 
Franklin). Lect Psychology. 513 S. 
Res 617 W 113. Cathedral 3886 
Lake, Fannie (Mrs.) History Library. 

604 K. Res Tenafly, N J 
Lamb, Albert R. M.D.f Assoc Medi- 
cine. 800 Park Av. Res 171 E 
71. Rhinelander 9479 
Lambert, Adrian V. S. M.D.f Assoc 
Prof Surgery. Res 168 E 71. Rhine- 
lander 2108 
Lambert, Charles I. M.D.t Lect Hy- 
giene. Res White Plains. White 
Plains 2000 
Lambert, Samuel W. M.D.t Dean 
Emer Medical Faculty. Res 130 E 
35. Madison Square 810 
La Mer, Victor K.t Research Asst 
Food Chemistry. 612 Hv. Res 
Palisades Park, N J. Leonia 541 
Lamprecht, Sterling P. Instr Phil- 
osophy. 705 P. Res Livingston 
Lamson, Kenneth W.t Instr Mathe- 
matics. 209 B. Res 81 Northern 
Av. Wadsworth 9922 
Lancefield, Donald E.t Asst Zoology. 

610 S. Res 90 Edgecombe Av 
Landt, Gustave E. Asst Chemistry. 

Res Livingston Hall 
Langford, Grace. Instr Physics. 232 
B. Res 70 Morningside Dr. Morn- 
ingside 1 1 00 
Langreich, William Paul. Business, 
Ext. 52 E 19. Res 506 W 136. 
Stuyvesant 6250 
Larkin, John H. M.D.f Asst Prof 
Pathology. 498 W 130. Morning- 
side 2424 



La Rochelle, Philippe de.t French, 

Ext. 301 U. Res 420 W 119. 

Morningside 6720 
Larson, Bird. Asst Prof Physical 

Education. 209 S.H. Res 230 W 

105. Academy 2979 
La Salle, Jessie. Religious Educa- 
tion, Ext. Res 514 W 122. Morn- 
ingside 3632 
Latham, Azubah J. Asst Prof Oral 

English. 213 T. Res 537 W 121. 

Morningside 5120 
Latham, Helen. Instr Music. T and 

Tr. Music. H.M.S. Res 537 W 

121. Morningside 5120 
Latham, Minor W. Instr English. 

210 B. Res 140 Claremont Av. 

Morningside 5400 
Lauber, Joseph. t Instr Architecture. 

405 A. Res 280 E 162. Melrose 

Lawrance, Elliot W. M.D.t Instr 

Orthopedic Surgery. 200 W 56. 

Circle 3517 
Lawrence, Lillie M. Tr Latin. H.M. 

S. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Lawrence, William W. Prof English. 

605 P. Res 618 W 114. Cathedral 

6451. Absent on leave Spring Ses- 
Layton, Roy F. Asst Physics. 614 

F. Res 669 Dawson. Melrose 1 1 1 
Leavenworth, Isabel F. (Mrs). Lect 

Philosophy. 37 B. Res Rye. Rye 

Lear, Carl A. O. Chemistry, Ext. 

Res 98 Morningside Av 
Le Due, Alma de L. Instr French. 

127 B. Res Furnald Hall 
Lee, Emma D. Libr Applied Science 

Libraries. 301 E. Res 90 Greene 

Av, Bklyn. Prospect 2834-M 
Lee, Frederic S. M.D.t Dalton Prof 

Physiology. P&S. Absent on leave 


Lehnerts, Edward M.t Lect Geog- 
raphy. 417 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Leigh, Robert D.t Lect Government. 
715 Hm. Res 44 Morningside Dr. 
Cathedral 7520 

Lemcke, Herbert F. Business, Ext. 
Res 14 Van Nest PI 

Leopold, Jerome S. M.D. Asst Clini- 
cal Diseases of Children. Res 701 
Madison Av. Plaza 1342 

Leshure, John. M.D.t Instr Laryng- 
ology and Otology. Res 423 Con- 
vent Av. Audubon 1168 

Lester, Charles W. M.D.t Instr Surg- 
ery. 138 W 58. Res 38 Living- 
ston St, Bklyn. Main 3561-J 

Levine, Morris H. M.D. Instr Surg- 
ery. 132 W 87. Res 9 E 107. 
Harlem 525 

Levy, David S. Asst Journalism. 
405 J. Res 315 W 92. 

Lewis, Mary R. Asst Open-Air 
Grades. H.M.S. Res 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av. Morningside 4585 

Lewis, Raymond W. M.D. Asst Surg- 
ery. 344 W 72 

Lewis, Robert M.D.f Prof Clinical 
Laryngology and Otology. 344 W 
72. Res 48 W 40. Vanderbilt 2374 

Libby, Mary V. Dean's Office Barn- 
ard. Res in W 11 

Libman, Emanuel M.D. Prof Clinical 
Medicine. Mount Sinai Hospital. 
Res 180 E 64. Lenox 4010 

Lieb, Charles C. . M.D.t Asst Prof 
Pharmacology. 637 W 59. Res 58 
Central Park West. Columbus 2887 

Liggett, N. W. (Mrs). Bursar Barn- 
ard College. Res 205 W 89. River- 
side 3542 

Lilly, William. t Business, Ext. 37 
Wall. Hanover 9280 

Lindholm, Edla Marie. Asst House- 
hold Arts. T. Res 270 Penning- 
ton Av, Passaic, N J 

Lindsay, Samuel M.t Prof Social 
Legislation. 607 K. Res 501 W 
120. Morningside 4585 

Ling, S. M. Asst Mining and Metal 
lurgy. 401 M. Res Hartley Hall 

Lintz, Joseph. M.D. Asst Medicine 
150 W 87. Schuyler jOjj 



Littlefield, Rev. Milton S.f Religious 

Education, Ext. Res 1 Madison 

Av. Gramercy 1024 
Llewellyn, Karl Nickerson. Law, Ext 

National City Bank 
Lockhart, Alton I.f Tr Science. H. 

M.S. Res 16 Beverly PI, Edge- 
water, N J. Cliffside 403-J 
Lockwood, George R. M.D.f Prof 

Clinical Medicine. Res 18 E 52. 

Plaza 1882 
Lockwood, Preston. Asst Journalism. 

608 J. Res 545 W in. Cathedral 

Lodge, Gonzalez. t Prof Latin and 

Greek. 228 T. Res 500 W 121. 

Morningside 4590 
Loewi, Karl J. M.D.t Instr Anatomy. 

108 W 75. Res 900 Riverside Dr. 

Columbus 6284 
Logan, Amy L. Asst to Principal. 

H.M.S. Res 44 Morningside Dr. 

Morningside 7520 
Loiseaux, Louis A.f Assoc Prof 

French, in B. Res Katonah, N Y. 

Katonah 239-R 
Long, Shirley V. English, Ext. Res 

605 W 113. Cathedral 8235 
Long, William Bayard M.D. Assoc 

Roentgenology. 300 West End Av. 

Res Hotel Bretton Hall. Schuyler 

Longcope, Warfield T. M.D.t Bard 

Prof Practice of Medicine. 4 r E 

70. Res 174 E 79. Rhinelander 

Loomis, Louise R. Lect History. 338 

B. Res 400 W 118 
Loomis, Roger S.t English, Ext. 421 

W 23 
Lord, Herbert G.t Prof Philosophy. 

615 Hm. Res 623 W 113. Cathedral 

Lord, Kenneth. f Assoc Journalism. 

N. Y. Herald, 280 Broadway. Res 

425 Washington Av, Bklyn 
Loughney, Raymond A. Business, 

Ext. 707 Broadway. Res 309 W 

103. Spring 8521 

Lovell, Earl B.t Prof Civil Engineer- 
ing. 405 E. Res 67 Myrtle Av. 
Montclair, N J. Montclair 298-W 

Lowie, Robert H. Anthropology, Ext. 
705 J. Res 450 St Nicholas Av. 
Morningside 3860 

Lowther, Florence De L. (Mrs). 
Instr Zoology. 415 B. Res Furnald 

Lucke, Charles E.f Prof Mechanical 
Engineering. 608 E. Res 544 W 
142. Audubon 543 

Luhan, Josephine. M.D. (Mrs) Oral 
Hygiene Ext. P&S. Res 114 E 84. 
Lenox 1893 

Luquer, Lea Mcl.t Assoc Prof Min- 
eralogy. 306 S. Res Mt Kisco. 
Mt Kisco 96 

Lyle, Henry H. M. M.D.t Prof Clin- 
ical Surgery. Res 117 E 56. Plaza 

Lynch, John B. M.D.t Instr Oph- 
thalmology. 140 W 74. Columbus 

Lynch, John J. Office CU Press. 302 
L. Res 784 President St, Bklyn. 
South 6696 

Lyon, Hastings. Asst Prof Finance. 
37 Wall. Res 430 W 119. Han- 
over 9280 

Lyon, John H. H. Asst Prof Eng- 
lish. Res Millburn, N J. Millburn 

McAlpin, Kenneth R. M.D. Instr 
Medicine. Res 49 E 78. Rhine- 
lander 6766 

McBain, Howard L.t Eaton Prof 
Municipal Science and Administra- 
tion. 513 K. Res 448 Riverside 
Dr. Morningside 2967 

McCall, J. Oppie.f Advanced Dentist- 
ry, Ext. Res 437 Franklin St, Buf- 
falo, N Y 

McCall, William A.t Asst Prof Edu- 
cation. 300 T. Res 506 W 122. 
Morningside 902 

McCarthy, Joseph F.t Asst Prof 
Urology. 40 E 41. Res 601 W 115. 
Morningside 705 



McCastline, Janet R. (Mrs). Recorder 
Dept of Physical Education. 161 
Th. Res De Witt Clinton Hall. 
Morningside 6480 

McCastline, William H. M.D.t Uni- 
versity Medical Officer. E.H. Res 
De Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 

McCauley, Clarice Vallette (Mrs). 
English, Ext. Res 306 Haven Av. 
Wadsworth 843 1 

McClees, Helen. Greek and Latin, 
Ext. 711 P. Res 419 W 119. 

McCluskey, Harry C.t Business, Ext. 
55 Liberty St. Res 78 Elwood St. 
Wadsworth 249 

McCracken, William.t Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 106 Morningside Dr. Morning- 
side 8905 

McCrea, Nelson G. Anthon Prof. 
Latin Language and Literature. 709 
P. Res 430 W 119. Morningside 

McCrea, Roswell C.t Prof Economics. 
508 J. Res 101 Rockland Av, Yonk- 
ers. Yonkers 2149 

McCready, John Dudley. Assoc Sec 
C.U.C.A. Res 600 W 122. 

McCreery, John A. M.D.t Instr Surg- 
ery. 55 E 55. Res 133 E 56. 
Plaza 7330 

Macdonald, Marie. Alumni Federa- 
tion. 311 East. Res 28 Pine- 
hurst Av. Wadsworth 9816 

Macdonald, Zillah K. Typewriting 
and Stenography, Ext. 509 J. Res 
181 Claremont Av. Morningside 

McFarlane, Charles T.t Prof Geog- 
raphy and Comptroller. 122 Macy. 
Res 500 W 121. Morningside 4585 

McGiffert, Arthur C.t President Union 
Theological Seminary. 3041 Broad- 
way. Res 80 Claremont Av. Morn- 
ingside 305 

McGill, Eliza. Director's Office Journal- 
ism. 205 J. Res 423 W 117. Morn- 
ingside 1 7 17 

McGowan, Ellen B. (Mrs). Instr 
Household Arts. 404 Grace Dodge. 
Res 430 W 118. Morningside 3880 

McGregor, James H. Asst Prof 
Zoology. 605 S. Res Livingston 

MacGuire, Constantine J., Jr. M.D.t 
Instr Surgery. 120 E 60. Plaza 

Mcintosh, A. Berdena. Tr English. 
H.M.B.S. Res 509 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 7800 

Mackay, Donald Sage.t Asst Phil- 
osophy. 615 Hm. Res 17 E 82. 

MacKee, George M. M.D. Asst Prof 
Dermatology. Res 170 W 59. Circle 

McKee, Ralph H.t Prof Chemical 
Engineering. 305 Hv. Res 854 W 
180. Wadsworth 2275 

McKendree, Charles A. M.D.t Assoc 
Neurology. 616 Madison Av. Res 
103 E 84. Lenox 5960 

Mackenzie, George M. M.D.t Instr 
Medicine. 41 E 70 and Presby- 
terian Hosp. Res 220 E 62. Plaza 

McKinsey, J. O. Business, Ext. c/o 
Frazer & Torbet, 50 Broad St 

McKone, Frank E.t Aeronautic En- 
gineering, Ext. Res 29 W 39. 
Vanderbilt 11 77. 

McLane, Fannie M. Asst English. 
711 J. Res 360 W 121 

McLean, Capt. Felix R. Asst Prof 
Military Science and Tactics. 211 
Hm. Res 3 Rutherford PI 

McLean, Stafford M.D.t Asst Dis- 
eases of Children. Res 17 E 71. 
Rhinelander 176 

MacLeod, Florence L. Research Asst 
Food Chemistry. 509 Hv. Res 177 
Emerson PI, Bklyn. Prospect 3395-J 

MacLeod, Grace. Instr Household 
Arts. 415 Grace Dodge. Res 177 
Emerson PI, Bklyn. Prospect 3395-J 

Macmahon, Arthur W. Instr Govern- 
ment. 712 Hm. Res 70 Morning- 
side Dr. Morningside 1100 

McMurry, Frank M.f Prof Element- 
ary Education. 202 T. Res 9 Hill- 
side Dr, Yonkers. Yonkers 309-W 



MacNaugher, Joseph W. Chemistry, 
Ext. 115 Broadway. Res 27 W 
44. Vanderbilt 1700 

Macomber, Bertha. Comptroller's Of- 
fice Teachers. 122 Macy. Res 403 
W 115. Cathedral 10096 

McWhorter, John E. M.D.t Assoc 
Surgery. P&S. Res Tenafly, N J 
Columbus 9511 

Macy, Cornelia P. Recorder. 421 L. 
Res 430 W 119. Morningside 3350 

Mahoney, H. F. Asst Physical Edu- 
cation. Gym. Res Livingston Hall 

Mallory, V. S.t Mathematics, Ext. 
215 Hm. Res 820 Van Buren PI. 
North Bergen, N J. Union 5433 

Maltby, Margaret E. Assoc Prof 
Physics. 240 B. Res 400 W 118. 
Morningside 4769 

Manne, Alexander. M.D. Asst Medi- 
cine. Res 461 Bedford Av, Bklyn 
Williamsburg 4079 

Manning, Clarence A. Lect Slavonic 
Languages. 406 P. Res 144 E 74. 
Rhinelander 9428 

Manning, Gustave R. M.D.t Instr 
Diseases of Children. Res 400 West 
End Av. Schuyler 2430 

Marceau, Henri Gabriel. Architec- 
ture, Ext. 109 L. Res 510 W 124. 
Morningside 880 

March, Maud. Instr Physical Educa- 
tion. 165 Th. Res 600 W 114. 
Cathedral 7160 

Marcial-Dorado, Carolina. Assoc Ro- 
mance Languages and Literatures. 
112 B. Res 604 W 115. Chelsea 

Marks, Henry E. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. 49 E 53. Res 112 W 58. 
Circle 5073 

Marshall, Josephine A. Instr House- 
hold Arts Education. 113 H.A. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Martin, Alfred H.t Asst Psychology. 
514 S. Res 1288 Amsterdam Av. 

Martin, Charles J.t Asst Prof Fine 
Arts. 431 Macy. Res 31 Bennett Av. 
Wadsworth 9090 

Martin, Harry W.t Tr History. H. 

M.B.S. Res 108 Buckingham Road, 

Yonkers. Yonkers 6238-M 
Martin, Walton. M.D. Assoc Prof, 

Surgery. 151 E 63. Rhinelander 

Marvin, C. L.f Business, Ext. 52 

Wall. Hanover 6426 
Mason, Appleton A.t Asst Physical 

Education. Gym. Res 2545 Valen- 
tine Av. Fordham 1801 
Mason, Daniel Gregory.! Assoc Prof 

Music. 703 J. Res 207 W 55. 

Circle 636. Absent on leave Spring 

Mason, Howard H. M.D.t Instr 

Diseases of Children. 156 E 74. 

Rhinelander 4600 
Mason, Mary. Asst English. L.S. 

Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 
Mathews, Frank S. M.D.t Asst Prof 

Clinical Surgery. Res 62 W 50. 

Circle 2776 
Matthews, Brander.t Prof Dramatic 

Literature. 604 P. Res 337 W 87. 

Schuyler 3815 
May, William R. M.D. Asst Diseases 

of Children. 8 E 66. Res 49 W 

53. Circle 3351 
Mayer, Ralph E.t Assoc Prof Engi- 
neering Drafting. 401 E. Res 151 

Prospect Av, Mt Vernon. Mt Ver- 
non 1254 
Maynard, Edwin P. Jr. M.D. Asst 

Medicine. Presbyterian Hosp. 

Rhinelander 7300 
Mead, Gilbert W.t Instr English. 

610 Hm. Res Westport, Conn. 

Westport 348 
Meadowcroft, Mabel M. (Mrs.) Tr 

Grade I. H.M.S. Res 419 W 119. 

Morningside 7700 
Mearns, Hughes. t Tr English. L.S. 

Res 852 Undercliff Av. Edgewater, 

N J. Cliffside 123-M 
Medairy, Edith. Asst Geology. 308 

S. Res 509 W 124. Morningside 

Medary, Theodora M. Multigraph 

Dept. 101 L. Res 500 W 122. 

Morningside 4630 



Medina, Harold R.t Assoc Law. 409 
K. Res 90 Morningside Dr. John 

Meister, Morris. Instr Physical 

Science. 413 T. Res 558 Bedford 
Av, Bklyn 

Meleney, Henry E. M. D.t Instr 
Pathology. Absent on leave 1920-21 

Melvin, A. Gordon. Asst English T. 
320 T. Res Livingston Hall 

Menut, Albert D. B.t Instr French. 
311 Hm. Res 160 Claremont Av, 
Morningside 6280 

Meras, Albert A.t Asst Prof French. 
309 H.M.S. Res 136 W 91. River- 
side 3949 

Merner, Carl J.t Instr Physical Edu- 
cation. Gym. Res 664 W 161. 
Audubon 9600 

Merrill, Sara. English, Ext. Res 447 
West End Av. Schuyler 4378 

Merritt, Arthur H. M.D.t Prof Oral 
Pathology. Res Farmingdale. Farm- 
ingdale 15-R 

Merritt, Mabel Witte (Mrs). Law, 
Ext. Res Farmingdale, L I 

Meyer, Anna E. H. Registrar, Barn- 
ard College. 134 B. Res 15 Cedar 
PI, Yonkers 

Meylan, George L. M.D.t Prof Phy- 
sical Education. Gym. Res 468 W 
141. Audubon 5764 

Michaelis, Alfred M.D.t Instr Lar- 
yngology and Otology. 5 W 91. 
Riverside 413 1 

Miles, Dudley H.t English, Ext. Res 
70 Morningside Dr. Morningside 
1 100 

Miller, Charles.t Stenography and 
Typewriting, Ext. 609 J. 611 W 

Miller, Chilton Paul. Bursar's Office. 
Res 3089 Broadway. Morningside 

Miller, Donald H.t Asst Mathematics. 
215 Hm. Res Mohegan Lake. Peeks- 
kill 571 

Miller, Edgar G., Jr. Assoc Biological 
Chemistry. P&S. Res 112 W 58. 
Circle 5073 

Miller, Frederick. Asst Supt Build- 
ings and Grounds. 437 W 59. Res 
240 Webster Av, New Rochelle 

Miller, Hymen R. M.D.t Instr Bac- 
teriology and Asst Medicine. Res 
808 West End Av. Riverside 249S 

Miller, James A. M.D.t Prof Clinical 
Medicine. 379 Park Av. Res 375 
Park Av. Plaza 6881 

Miller, Martha H. Secretary's Office. 
B. Res 540 W 189. Wadsworth 

Miller, Nina R. Instr Accounting. 
505 J. Res 509 W 122. Morning- 
side 4670 

Miller, Ralph F.t Libr Columbia Col- 
lege. 301 Hm. Res Kew Gardens, 
L I. Richmond Hill 4833 

Miller, Samuel Osgood. Asst Prof 
Drawing. West Nyack. Absent on 
leave 1920-21 

Mills, Frederick C.t Asst Prof Busi- 
ness Organization. 503 P. Res 117 
Featherbed Lane. Tremont 4681 

Mills, Nathaniel. M.D.t Instr Ortho- 
pedic Surgery. 616 Madison Av. 
Res 18 Archer Av, Mt Vernon, N 
Y. Mt Vernon 2785 

Milwitzky, William. French, Ext. Res 
53 Avon St, Newark, N J 

Miner, Pauline H. Asst Tr Grade I. 
L.S. Res 118 E 18 

Mitchell, Henry Bedinger. Prof 

Mathematics. 304 Hm. Res 80 
Washington Square. Spring 6340 

Mix, Grace E. Instr Lower Primary 
Education. 112 T. Res 106 Morn- 
ingside Drive. Morningside 8905 

Monroe, Day. Instr Household Arts. 
214 Grace Dodge. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Monroe, Paul.f Director School of 
Education and Prof History of Edu- 
cation. 107 T. Res 44 Prospect Dr, 
Yonkers. Yonkers 807 

Montague, William l\t Prof Phil- 
osophy. Res 2880 Broadway. Ca- 
thedral 73.17. Absent on leave 
Winter Session 



Montgomery, Robert H.f Prof Ac- 
counting. 505 J. 525 West End Av 

Moody, Rev. Paul Dwight.f Relig- 
ious Education, Ext. 921 Madison 
Av. Res 310 E 67. Rhinelander 6841 

Mook, Charles Ct Instr Geology. 
216 B. Res Metuchen, N J. Me- 
tuchen 169-J 

Moon, Parker T. Instr History. 710 
Hm. Res Hartley Hall 

Moore, Annie E. Asst Prof Elemen- 
tary Education. 202 T. Res 414 
W 121. Morningside 9393 

Moore, Dean H. Tr Mathematics. 
H.M.B.S. Res H.M.B.S., 252 St. 
Kingsbridge 686 

Moore, Frank Gardner.! Prof Latin. 
504 Hm. Res De Witt Clinton Hall. 
Morningside 6480 

Moore, Henry L.t Prof Political 
Economy. 501 K. Res Cornwall, 
N Y. Cathedral 7060 

Moore, John Bassett.t Hamilton Fish 
Prof International Law and Diplo- 
macy. 305 L. Res 267 W 73. Co- 
lumbus 8366 

Moore, Kathryn J. Office of Exten- 
sion Teaching. 317 U. Res 411 W 
114. Cathedral 7150. 

Moore, Lawrence. Mathematics, Ext. 
Res 39 Claremont Av 

Moore, Maurice T. Economics, Ext. 
Cravath & Henderson, 52 William 
St. Hanover 6080 

Moore, Texa L. Tr Grade VI. H.M. 
S. Res 501 W 120. Morningside 4585 

Moore, Underhill.f Prof Law. 406 
K. Res Winthrop PI, Englewood, 
N J. Englewood 299-W 

Moran, Horace. 

Morecroft, J. Harold.t Assoc Prof 
Electrical Engineering. 505 E. 
Res Palisade, N J. Cliffside 399-M 

Morgan, David P. Jr.f Asst Chem- 
istry. 602 Hv. Res 421 W 114. 
Cathedral 10374 

Morgan, J. L. R.t Prof Physical 
Chemistry. 411 Hv. Res 628 W 
114. Cathedral 7840 

Morgan, Jerome J.f Asst Prof Chem- 
ical Engineering. 308 Hv. Res 67 
Salter PI, Maplewood, N J. South 
Orange 1139-J 

Morgan, O. S.t Prof Agriculture. 
511 S. Res 400 Convent Av. Au- 
dubon 3948 

Morgan, Thomas H.f Prof Experi- 
mental Zoology. Res 409 W 117. 
Absent on leave 1920-21 

Morgan, Willam E.t Instr Chem- 
istry. 402 Hv. Res 3143 Broad- 
way. Morningside 123 

Morrell, Jacque Cyrus. Asst Chem- 
istry. 313 Hv. Res 500 W 124. 
Morningside 1325 

Morris, Dudley H. M.D.f Asst Surg- 
ery. Res 50 E 63 

Morris, M. J. R. Asst Mining and 
Metallurgy. 503 M. Res 33 Adrian 

Morse, Leighton B.t Physics, Ext. 
303 F. Res 206 Christie Heights, 
Leonia, N J 

Moschcowitz, Alexis V. M.D.f Prof 
Clinical Surgery. Res 925 Madi- 
son Av. Rhinelander 925 

Mosher, W. E. Government, Ext. 
261 Broadway. Bureau Municipal 
Research. Res 147 Upper Mountain 
Av, Montclair, N J. Barclay 5860 

Moss, Helen J. Practical Arts Read- 
ing Room. 102 Grace Dodge. Res 
^57 W 123. Morningside 3640 

Moss, Lincoln D.t Asst Prof Me- 
chanical Engineering. 508 E. Res 
248 W 131 

Mossman, Lois C. (Mrs.) Instr Prac- 
tical Arts Education. 220 T. Res 131 
Palisade Av, Leonia, N J 

Mudge, Isadore G. Reference Libra- 
rian. Res 420 W 118. Morning- 
side 3477 

Mudgc, James B.f Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 2 Gordon PI, New Brighton, S I 

Mueller, J. Howard. M.D. Asst Prof 
Bacteriology. P&S. Res 474 W 158. 
Audubon 6047 

Muhlfeld, Marie. Research Asst Food 
Chemistry. 509 Hv. Res 960 Grand 
Concourse. Melrose 4797 



Mulholland, John. Tr Industrial Arts. 
H.M.B.S Res 306 W 109. Acad- 
emy 4087 

Muller, Charles J. Asst Mineralogy. 
106 S. Res 1040 Clay Av. Jerome 

Muller, Henri F.t Asst Prof French. 
116 B. Res 51 W 106 

Mullin, Glen H.f English, Ext. 710 
J. 503 W 124. 

Mullins, George W.t Asst Prof 
Mathematics. 209 B. Res De Witt 
Clinton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Munn, Glenn G. Banking, Ext. Chase 
National Bank 

Munro, Henry F.t Lect International 
Law. 611 K. Res 420 W 118. 
Morningside 3477 

Munro, Thomas. Lect Philosophy. 
615 Hm. Res 711 W 178. Wads- 
worth 304 

Munroe, Henry S.f Emer Prof Min- 
ing. Res Litchfield, Conn. Litch- 
field 211 

Murphy, Gardner, Psychology, Ext. 
Res Morris Hall 

Murray, Foster. M.D.t Instr Medi- 
cine. Res 951 President St, Bklyn. 
Sterling 597 

Murray, S. Butler, Jr.t Lect Roman 
Archaeology. 512 Hm. Res Nassau 
Inn, Princeton, N J. Princeton 1 1 

Muzzey, David S.f Prof History. 
336 B. Res 492 Van Cortlandt 
Park Av, Yonkers. Yonkers 597 

Nabenhauer, Fred P. Asst Chemistry. 
405 Hv. Res 601 Richmond Rd, 

Nagle, William J. Tr Latin. H.M. 
B.S. Hartley Hall 

Naylor, Nellie. Chemistry, Ext. Res 
430 W 118 

Needham, Catherine. English, Ext. 
Res 605 W 115. Morningside 3673 

Neer, Imogene. Asst English. 140 B. 
Res 245 Broadway,' Paterson, N J. 
Paterson 670 

Neergaard, Arthur E. M.D. Assoc 
Medicine. 800 Park Av. Res 944 
Park Av. Rhinelander 20 

Neff, Emery E. Instr English. 618 
Hm. Res 11 20 Amsterdam Av. 

Neitz, John D.t Special Tutor. H.M, 
B.S. Res 527 W 124. Morning- 
side 2394 

Nelson, C. Alexander.! Asst Librarian. 
Retired. Res 218 Tecumseh Av, 
Mt Vernon. Mt Vernon 3899-R 

Nelson, Christine W. (Mrs.) Instr 
Household Arts. 311 Grace Dodge, 
Res 556 W 191. Wadsworth 8626 

Nelson, John M.t Assoc Prof Or- 
ganic Chemistry. 409 Hv. Res De 
Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 6480 

Nestler, Edwin J.f Advanced Den- 
tistry, Ext. P&S. Res 140 Clare- 
mont Av. Morningside 5400 

Neubauer, C. M.f Business, Ext. Ir- 
ving National Bank. Res 2848 De- 
catur Av. Fordham 167 1 

Neuhaus, Herman. Business, Ext. 
Res 281 Edgecombe Av. Audubon 


Neuhof, Harold M.D.t Instr Surg- 
ery. 1000 Park Av. Res 333 Cen- 
tral Park West. Riverside 3521 

New, Sarah P. Office Geology Dept. 
S. Res Ft. Lee, N J. Ft Lee 257 

Newcomb, Hope. Provost's Office, 
Barnard. Res 411 W 115. Cathe- 
dral 7820 

Newell, Martha Taylor. Institute of 
Arts & Sciences. Res 531 W 124. 
Morningside 6009 

Newton, Arthur T. Stenography, Ext. 
Res 572-A Pavonia Av, Jersey City, 
N J 

Nichols, Jeannette P. (Mrs.) History, 
Ext. Res 439 W 123. Morning- 
side 6988 

Norrie, Van Home M.D. Prof Clin- 
ical Medicine. 92 Park Av. Mur- 
ray Hill 2519 

Norris, Henry Lee. Supt Buildings 
and Grounds. no L. Res Living- 
ston Hall 

Northrup, Belle. Instr Fine Arts. 
507 Grace Dodge. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 



Norton, Nathaniel R. M.D.f Instr 
Diseases of Children. 1 1 1 E 78. 
Rhinelander 9513 

Nubling, Frederick.t Dormitory Man- 
ager. Hartley Hall. Res 218 W 

Nutting, Mary Adelaide. Prof Nurs- 
ing. 109 Grace Dodge. Res 501 
W 120. Absent on leave Spring 

Oastler, Frank R. M.D.f Prof Clin- 
ical Gynecology. 170 W 59. Circle 

Obregon, Toribio Esquivel. Business, 
Ext. 21 Park Row. Res 233 Park 
Place, Bklyn. Prospect 7603 

O'Byrne, M. A. Irish, Ext. Res 668 
Riverside Dr. Audubon 3420 

Odell, George C. D. Prof English. 
604 Hm. Res 44 W 44. Vander- 
bilt 647 

Oetteking, Bruno. Anthropology, Ext 
Museum American Indian. Audu- 
bon 8648 

Ogburn, William F.t Prof Sociology. 
512 K. Res De Witt Clinton Hall. 
Morningside 6480 

Ogilvie, Ida H. Assoc Prof Geology. 
214 B. Res 490 Riverside Dr. 
Morningside 5259 

O'Hair, Fred L.f Banking, Ext. Na- 
tional City Bank 

Olinger, Henri C.t French, Ext. Res 
181 Claremont Av. Morningside 

Olney, H. M.f Banking, Ext. c/o 
Empire Trust Co, 120 Broadway 

Oncken, William.t German, Ext. 
Res 24 Cornell Av, Yonkers. Yon- 
kers 6328 

Onis, Federico de.t Prof Spanish 
Literature. 504 P. 

Opdycke, John B. English, Ext. Res 
139 W 72 

Oppenheimer, Bernard S. M.D.f Asst 
Prof Clinical Medicine. 1 W 70. 
Columbus 51 19 

Orchard, John E. Instr Economic 
Geography. 403 J. Res 90 Morn- 
ingside Dr. Morningside 7930 

Orr, Ethel M. Tr Grade IV. H.M. 
S. Res 501 W 120. Morningside 

Orton, Forrest H. Advanced Den- 
tistry, Ext. 921 Lowry Bldg, St Paul, 

Osborn, Henry F.f Research Prof 
Zoology. American Museum of 
Natural History. Res 998 Fifth Av. 
Lenox 7700 

Osgood, Charles M.D. Instr Laryng- 
ology and Otology. 58 Central Park 
West. Columbus 7134 

Osgood, Joseph O. Business, Ext. 
Res 125 Jackson Av, Plainfield N 
J. Plainfield 233-M 

Osnato, Michael. M.D.f Assoc Neur- 
ology. 22 W 70. Columbus 8238 

Ostrander, Gretchen. Tr Junior Prim- 
ary, no T. Res Whittier Hall 

Ottenberg, Reuben M.D. Instr Bac- 
teriology. Res 15 W 89. River- 
side 8595 

Outhwaite, Leonard.f Business, Ext. 
410 E. Res 142 E 40. Murray 
Hill 4028 

Outwin, Edson L.f Business, Ext. 
Res 42 Hansbury Av, Newark, N J. 
Waverly 6247 

Pace, Anderson. f Business, Ext. Res 
439 Washington Av, Montclair, N J. 
Montclair 1285-M 

Pace, Homer S.f Prof Commercial 
Pharmacy. 30 Church St. Cort- 
landt 1465 

Paddock, Royce M.D. Asst Medicine. 
Res 149 W 72. Columbus 3277 

Panuska, Frank C.f Lect Drawing 
and Design. 505 Grace Dodge. Res 
321 E 77 

Pappenheimer, Alwin M. M.D.f Assoc 
Prof Pathology. P&S. Res Harts- 
dale, N Y. White Plains 1524 

Pardee, Irving H. M.D.f Instr Neur- 
ology. 74 W 48. Res 141 E 71. 
Rhinelander 2834 

Parisotti, Luigi.f Music, Ext. Res 
Tompkins Hall. Morningside 6320 

Parker, Clifford S.f Instr French. 
310 Hm. Res 151 1 Silver St. West- 
chester 147 



Parker, Douglas B.f Advanced Den- 
tistry, Ext. 154 Clinton St, Bklyn. 
Main 6712 

Parker, Frederic, Jr. Assoc Bacteri- 
ology. Res no E 60. Plaza 5124 

Parkhurst, Helen H. Instr Philos- 
ophy. 36 B. Res 220 Waverly PI. 
Watkins 5606 

Parkinson, Thomas I.t Prof Legis- 
lation. 510 K. Res 25 Claremont 
Av. Morningside 4834 

Parr, Harry L.t Asst Prof Mechani- 
cal Engineering. 606 E. Res 35 
Gilbert PI, Yonkers, N Y. Yonkers 

Parsons, William Barclay, Jr. M.D.t 
Instr Anatomy and Surgery. 19 
E 65. Res 208 E 72. Rhinelander 

Patrick, Sara L. Instr Industrial Arts, 

119 Macy. Res 160 Claremont Av. 

Morningside 6280 
Patterson, Frances Taylor. (Mrs. Row- 
land). Photoplay, Ext. Res 434 W 

120. Morningside 8440 
Patterson, Frank A.t Assoc Prof 

English. 301 U. Res Morsemere, 

N J. Morsemere 627 
Patterson, Henry S. M.D.t Asst Prof 

Clinical Medicine. Res 130 E 62. 

Plaza 1 26 1 
Payne, Robert F.t Tr Science and 

Director Scouting. H.M.B.S. Res 

366 Wadsworth Av. Wadsworth 

Peabody, Mary G. Tr Grade VI. H. 

M.S. Res 400 W 118. Morningside 

Peacock, Mary H. Instr Household 

Arts. 214 Grace Dodge. Res 450 

Riverside Dr. Morningside 3838 
Pearson, Henry Carr.t Principal H. 

M.S. Res 501 W 120. Morningside 

Peck, Charles H. M.D.t Prof Clinical 

Surgery. 30 W 50. Circle 150 
Peck, Florence E. Registrar Teachers 

College. 1 04 T. Res 501 \V 120. 

Morningside 4585 
Peek, R. L. Physics, Ext. Res 627 W 

115. f Morningside 729 

Peele, Robert. Prof Mining. 405 M. 
Res 490 West End Av. Schuyler 

Peeso, Frederic A. M.D.f Prof Den- 
tistry. 542 Fifth Av. Vanderbilt 

Pegram, George B.t Prof Physics and 
Dean Applied Science. 401 E and 
406 F. Res Riverdale-on-Hudson. 
Kingsbridge 376 

Perrier, J. L. French, Ext. Res 
352 W 115 

Perry, Edward D.t Jay Prof Greek. 
708 P. Res 542 W 114. Cathedral 

Person, H. S.t Business, Ext. Res 
29 W 39. Vanderbilt 4600 

Peterson, A. Everett.t Government, 
Ext. Res 42 W Fordham Rd. 
Fordham 2550 

Peterson, August.t Asst Physical 
Education. Gym. Res 459 W 123. 
Morningside 1703 

Peterson, Houston. Asst Philosophy. 
715 Hm. Res Hartley Hall 

Peterson, Irma Coxley (Mrs). Tr 
Fine Arts. H.M.S. Absent on 
leave 1920-21 

Pfeiffer, George A. Instr Mathe- 
matics. 410 Hm. Res 56 Ander- 
son Av, Palisade, N J. Cliffside 

Phair, E. G. Stenographer Dept 
Mechanical Engineering. 608 E. 
Res 2578 Briggs Av. Fordham 155 

Phelps, Alice E. Tr Grade II-III 
Open-Air H.M.S. Res 537 W 121. 
Morningside 5120 

Phillips, Mary Alice. Tr Mathematics. 
H.M.S. Res 420 W 118. Morn- 
ingside 3477 

Picard, Maurice. Lect Philosophy. 37 
B. Res 296 Rycrson St, Bklyn. 
Prospect 9668 

Pickhardt, Otto C. M.D.t Instr Anat- 
omy. i<) E 65. Res 325 West End 
Av. Columbus 831 
Piderit, Fred \Y.-j- Bookkeeping, Ext. 
N.Y. State Banking Dept, 61 Broad 
u ay 



Pike, Frank H.f Assoc Prof Physi- 
ology. P&S. Res Faculty Club 

Pitkin, Walter B.f Assoc Prof Phil- 
osophy. 404 J. Res Dover, N J 

Place, Olive E. Tr Latin H.M.S. Res 
132 W Palisade Av, Englewood, 
N J. Englewood 785-W 

Poffenberger, Albert T. Jr.f Asst 
Prof Psychology. 409 S. Res 405 
W 118. Morningside 1051 

Pomeroy, Cyrus H. Bursar T.f 102 
T. Res 430 W 119. Morningside 

Pomeroy, Rev. Ralph B. Assoc Re- 
ligion. Res 175 Ninth Av. Chel- 
sea 7188 

Pool, Eugene H. M.D.t Assoc Prof 
Surgery. 107 E 60. Plaza 2828 

Pooler, Louis G. Asst Physics. 603 
F Res Livingston Hall 

Poor, Charles Lane.t Prof Celestial 
Mechanics. 410 F. Res 35 E 69. 
Rhinelander 4018 

Porter, Caroline J. Asst Welfare 
Director. 108 T. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Potter, Philip C. M.D. Instr Surgery. 
140 W 58. Res 4 W 43. Vander- 
bilt 900 

Powell, Honora E. Bursar's Office. 
315 U. Res 3089 Broadway. Morn- 
ingside 9740 

Powell, Thomas R.t Prof Constitu- 
tional Law. 511 K. Res 567 W 
113. Cathedral 7882 

Pratt, Edward L. M.D.f Instr Lar- 
yngology and Otology. 53 W 56. 
Res 123 E 84. Plaza 1109 

Pratt, Ernest R. I. Instr Physics. 
603 F. Res 200 Claremont Av. 
Morningside 211 

Pratt, Isabelle L. Recorder T. 114 
T. Res 249 W 104. Academy 1150 

Pratt, Marion R. Executive Secretary 
H.M.S. Res 249 W 104. Academy 

Preece, Jean. Asst Physical Educa- 
tion. 555 Th. Res 135 W 10 

Prenez, Blanche. Lect French. 112 
B. and Maison Francaise. Res 9 
W 97. Riverside 8968 

Prescott, Harriet B. Supervisor Cata- 
logue Dept Library. 205 L. Res 36 
Gramercy Park. Gramercy 2389 

Previtali, Giuseppe M.D.t Asst Dis- 
eases of Children. 127 W 57. 
Plaza 2010 

Prevot, Maurice. t Assoc Architecture. 
603 A. Res 26 W 95 

Prime, Frederick M.D.f Asst Prof 
Cancer Research. 1145 Amsterdam 
Av. Res 131 E 66. Rhinelander 

Primmer, S. S. Supt's Office. no 
L. Res 425 W 118. Morningside 

Prince, John Dyneley.t Prof Slavonic 
Languages. 406 P. Res Sterling- 
ton. Ramapo Hills 404-W 

Profhtt, Charles G. Sec Alumni Fed- 
eration. 311 East. Res Livingston 

Prudden, T. Mitchell M.D. Emer Prof 
Pathology. Res 160 W 59 

Puckett, Hugh W.t Lect Germanic 
Languages and Literatures. 114 B. 
Res 108 High St, Leonia, N J. 
Leonia 754-J 

Pupin, Michael I. Prof Electro-Me- 
chanics. 206 P. Res 1 W 72. Co- 
lumbus 96 

Putnam, Mrs. George Haven. Assoc 
History. 336 B. Res 335 W 86. 
Schuyler 5942 

Pyle, Edwin M.D.f Instr Surgery. 
Res 46 E 64. Plaza 4664 

Quackenbos, John D.f Emer Prof 
Rhetoric. Res 37 W 73. Columbus 

Quimby, Shirley L.f Instr Physics. 
305 F. Res 101 W 109. Academy 

Ouinche, Othon.f Tr French. L.S. 
Res 12 Hammond St, Jamaica, L I. 
Jamaica 2404-R 

Randall, John Herman Jr. Instr Phil- 
osophy. 614 Hm. Res 19 E 126. 
Harlem 3330 

Randel, Lillian B. Secretary, H.M. 
B.S. Res 126 E 83. Lenox 7480 



Randolph, E. D.t Assoc Education. 
235 Macy. Res 509 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 7800 

Rankin, Mary E. Instr Lower Prim- 
ary Education. T. Tr Junior Prim- 
ary. H.M.S. Res 501 W 120. 
Morningside 4585 

Rankin, W. W. Jr.t Instr Mathe- 
matics. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Rautenstrauch, Walter.t Prof Me- 
chanical Engineering. Res Palisade, 
N J. , Cliffside 764. Absent on 
leave Winter Session 

Raymond, Edward H. Jr.t Prof Oral 
Pathology. Res 542 Fifth Av 

Raymond, Robert M.f Prof Mining. 
407 M. Res 360 Riverside Dr. 
Academy 954 

Raynor, Nina F. Tr Latin. H.M.S. 
Res 530 W 122. Morningside 6840 

Readio, Roger. Asst Physical Educa- 
tion. H.M.B.S. Res Horace Mann 
Dormitory, Riverdale, N Y. Kings- 
bridge 686 

Reardon, William I. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. 375 Park Av. Plaza 8810 

Redfield, Henry S.t Nash Prof Law. 
Retired. Res 39 Claremont Av. 
Morningside 8595 

Reed, J. H. Jr. Advanced Dentistry, 
Ext. 33 W 42. Vanderbilt 4331 

Reeves, Grace G. Tr Household Arts. 
H.M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Reeves, W. H. Business, Ext. Res 
400 W 118. Morningside 4769 

Reiley, Katharine C. Asst Prof Greek 
and Latin. 301 U. Res 435 W 
119. Morningside 8200 

Reilly, Mary C. Office History Dept. 
602 K. Res 427 E 158 

Reimer, Marie. Assoc Prof Chem- 
istry. 440 B. Res Sherman Square 
Hotel. Columbus 8400 

Reisner, Edward 11.1" Asst Prof Edu- 
cation. 326 T. Res 487 Van Cort- 
landt Av, Yonkers, N Y. Yonkers 

Remy, A. F. J.t Assoc Prof Ger- 
manic Philology. 509 P. Res 19 
W 95. Riverside 662 

Reuben, Mark S. M.D. Asst Diseases 
of Children. 316 W 94- Riverside 

Reynolds, Rollo G.f Asst Educational 
Administration. T. Res 509 W 
121. Morningside 7800 

Rice, Mabel A. Asst Biology. 420 
T. Res 512 W 122. Morningside 

Rice, Grace P. (Mrs. W. M.) Instr 
Chemistry. 408 B. 

Richards, Herbert M.f Prof Botany. 
316 B. Res 411 W 114. Cathedral 
7150. Absent on leave Spring Ses- 

Richards, Marion E. (Mrs. H. M.) 
Lect Botany. 317 B. Res 411 W 
114. Cathedral 7150 

Richardson, Edith C. Chief Clerk. 
107 T. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 

Richardson, Henry B. M.D.t Instr 
Medicine. 440 West End Av. Res 
430 W 116. Cathedral 103 11 

Richmond, Ethel. Bryson Library. 
310 T. Res 457 W 123. Morning- 
side 3640 

Riddick, M. Alice. Tr Fine Arts. 
L.S. Res Whittier Hall 

Riddle, Jesse H.t Lect Banking. Res 
549 W 113. Cathedral 7890 

Riehl, Florence E. Dept of Mining. 
Res 151 Sylvan Av, Leonia, N J. 
Leonia 553-W 

Riley, Henry A. M.D.t Assoc Neur- 
ology. 22 E 63. Res 850 Park Av. 
Rhinelander 4039 

Ritt, Joseph F. Instr Mathematics. 
410 Hm. Res 1446 59 Bklyn. Blyth- 
bourne 3616 

Robbins, Ida E. Tr Grade IV. H.M. 
S. Res' 435 W 119. Morningside 

Robert, Alfred L.t Libf P&S. Res 
212 Ditmars Av, Astoria, L 1 

Robert, Marie L. (Mme). Tr French 

H.M.S. Res 1 105 Amsterdam Av. 
Cathedral 10300 



Roberts, Samuel H. Optometry, Ext. 
609 F. 1250 73, Bklyn. South 6612 

Robertson, Harold E. Asst Chem- 
istry. 512 Hv. Res 510 W 124. 
Morningside 880 

Robinson, Ethel M. Instr Lower 
Primary Education. T. Tr Junior 
Primary. H.M.S. Res 131 E 15. 
Stuyvesant 88 

Robinson, Leland Rex. Business, Ext. 
Res 89 Carnegie Av, East Orange, 
N J. Orange 3257-R 

Robinson, Mabel L. English, Ext. 
Res 322 W 106. Academy 5054 

Robson, Emilie G. Instr Nursing and 
Health. 106 Grace Dodge. Res 
132 E 45. Murray Hill 8700 

Rockwell, Bertha L. Libr B. Res 
322 E 197. Fordham 1370 

Rockwell, William Walker.t Assoc 
Prof Church History, U.T.S. Res 
606 W 122. Morningside 6227-W 

Rodkey, R. G. Banking, Ext. Chase 
National Bank 

Roessler, Erwin W.t German, Ext 
Res 418 Central Park West. River- 
side 4164 

Rogers, Kenneth. Tr English. H.M 
B.S. Res 511 W 113 

Rogers, Lindsay.t Lect Public Law. 
611 K. Res 34 W 44. Vanderbilt 

Rogers, Oscar H. M.D.f Lect Life 
Insurance Examination. 346 Broad- 
way. Res 264 Palisade Av, Yonkers, 
N Y. Yonkers 376 

Rogers, Ralph E.t Assoc Journalism. 
405 J. Res 475 Monterey Av, Pel- 
ham. Pelham 1708 

Rohdenburg, George L. M.D.t Assoc 
Cancer Research. Res 905 West 
End Av. Academy 323 

Rohrbach, John F. D.t Business, 
Ext. 233 Broadway. Res 7 Tre- 
mont PI, Orange, N J. Orange 

Romer, Alfred S. Zoology, Ext. 602 
S. Res 422 W 20 

Rose, Mary Schwartz (Mrs. Anton 
R.). Assoc Prof Household Arts. 
415 Grace Dodge. Res Hudson 
and Undercliff Av, Edgewater, N J. 

Rosen, Isadore M.D. Instr Dermat- 
ology. 330 Park Av. Plaza 6244 

Ross, Frank A. Instr Sociology. 503 
K. Res Livingston Hall 

Roth, Suzanne. Tr French. L.S. 
Res 336 E 67. Rhinelander 5587 

Roys, Margaret. Serials. 205 L. Res 
505 W 123 

Ruger, Henry A.f Asst Prof Edu- 
cational Psychology. 338 T. Res 
De Witt Clinton Hall. Morning- 
side 6480 

Rugg, Earle U.t Asst History of 
Education. 321 T. Res 510 W 123. 
Morningside 9030 

Rugg, Harold O.t Assoc Prof. Edu- 
cation. T. Res 59 Edgecliff Ter, 
Park Hill, Yonkers. Yonkers 5482 

Ruggles, Reba. Bureau Educational 
Service. 114 T. Res 419 W 119. 
Morningside 7700 

Rukeyser, Merryle S. Assoc Journal- 
ism. 607 J. Res 63 Hamilton Ter. 
Audubon 7954 

Rupp, Marie L. Library. H.M.S. 
Res 168 W 94- Riverside 6666 

Rusby, Henry H. M.D.f Prof Ma- 
teria Medica and Dean of College 
of Pharmacy. 115 W 68. Res 776 
De Graw Av, Newark, N J. Branch 
Brook 4652. Absent on leave 1920- 

Russell, James E.t Barnard Prof 
Education and Dean. T. 105 T. 
Res 500 W 121. Morningside 4585 

Russman, Albin. Business, Ext. 79 
Wall. Res 165 E 87. Hanover 

Ruyl, James P. D.D.S.t Prof Pros- 
thetic Dentistry. 40 E 41. Res 18 
Ashford St, Bklyn. Glenmore 436 

Rybner, Cornelius. t Prof Music. Re- 
tired. Res 316 W 94. Riverside 

Sachs, Julius.t Emer Prof Educa- 
tion. Res 225 W 86. Schuyler 



Sailer, Thos. H. P.f Assoc Religious 
Education. Res Walnut St, Engle- 
wood, N J. Englewood mo 

St. John, Fordyce B. M.D.t Assoc 
Prof Surgery. 19 E 65. Res 44 
E 72. Rhinelander 4379 

St. Lawrence, William P. M.D. Instr 
Clinical Diseases of Children. Res 
112 E y6. Rhinelander 995. 

Salmon, Marjorie R. Bursar's Office 
Barnard. Res 612 W 115. 

Salmon, Thomas W. M.D. Assoc Prof 
Psychiatry. 50 Union Sq. Stuyv. 5966 

Sandels, Margaret R. Asst House- 
hold Arts. 415 T. Res 434 W 120. 
Morningside 8440 

Sanders, Rev. Frank K.t Religious 
Education, Ext. 25 Madison Av. 
Res 400 W 118. Morningside 4769 

Sanders, Theodore M. M.D. Asst 
Medicine. Res 425 West End Av. 
Schuyler 1943 

Sands, Irving J. M.D.t Instr Neur- 
ology. Bellevue Hospital. 312 Hop- 
kinson Av, Bklyn. Madison Sq 8800 

Sanford, Vera. Special Teacher High 
School. L.S. Res 106 Morning- 
side Dr. Morningside 8905 

Sanger, Bertram J. M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. 285 Central Park West. Res 
855 West End Av. Riverside 3040 

Saunders, T. Laurance M.D.t Asst 
Prof Laryngology and Otology. 120 
E 61. Plaza 9076 

Saunders, Wilbour E.t Tr English 
and Latin. H.M.B.S. Res 260 
Washington Av, Bklyn 

Saville, Marshall H.t Loubat Prof 
American Archaeology. Museum of 
the American Indian. Res 3681 
Broadway. Audubon 3817 

Scarborough, Dorothy. Lect English. 
710 J. 542 W 113. Cathedral 7427 

Scattergood, Claude E.t Business, 
Ext. 75 Fulton St. Res 644 River- 
side Dr. Beekman 823 

Schamberg, M. I.t Advanced Den- 
tistry, Ext. 550 Park Av. Res 53 
W 69. Plaza 5803 

Schinnerer, Otto P. Lect German. 
405 Hm. Res 208 W 122. Morn- 
ingside 4867 

Schmehl, Lawrence H. Law Library. 
Res 1270 Hughes Av 

Schneider, Herbert W. Instr Phil- 
osophy. 705 P. Res Tompkins 

Schoenberg, Mark J. M.D.t Instr 
Ophthalmology. 103 E 81. Lenox 

Scholz, Frederick William. t Busi- 
ness, Ext. Res 34 Oakdene Av, 
Teaneck, N J. Hackensack 2723-M 

Schorling, Raleigh. t Tr Mathematics 
and Prin High School. L.S. Res 
1 Rollins PI, Yonkers. Yonkers 

Schulman, Max M.D. Assoc Medi- 
cine. 1845 Seventh Av. Cathedral 

Schulze, Henry H. L.t Asst Prof 
Germanic Languages and Liter- 
atures. 407 Hm. Res 43 Ridge 
Dr, Yonkers. Yonkers 5472 

Schumann, Charles H. Jr. Lect Draw- 
ing. 603 E. Res 580 W 165. In- 
tervale 482 

Schuyler, Robert L.t Assoc Prof 
History. 718 Hm. Res 860 River- 
side Dr. Audubon 2766. Absent 
on leave Spring Session 

Schwarze, Carl A. Asst Botany. 513 
S. Res 8610-85 Rd, Woodhaven. 
L I. Richmond Hill 4173 

Schwedersky, G. H. Physics, Ext. Res 
612 W 116. Morningside 4842 

Schweppe, Emma. Tr Grade V. L.S. 
Res 457 W 123. Morningside 3640 

Scott, Ernest L.t Asst Prof Physi- 
ology. P&S. Res Bogota, N J 

Scott, Henry A.t Instr Physical Edu- 
cation. Gym. Res 3089 Broadway. 
Morningside 9740 

Scott, Louise. Tr Fine Arts. H.M.S. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Scott, Ruth J. Asst Household Arts. 
312 Grace Dodge. Res Lowell I bill 

Scripture, May Kirk (Mrs). Lect 
Speech. 213 T. Res 20 Fifth Av. 
Stuyvesant 7922 



Seager, Henry R.t Prof Political 
Economy. 514 K. Res 40 W 59- 
Plaza 630 

Sears, Laurence M. Assoc Secretary, 
C.U.C.A. E.H. Res 600 W 122 

Seitz, Robert W. English, Ext. 711 
J. Res 3089 Broadway. Morning- 
side 9740 

Seligman, Edwin R. A.t McVickar 
Prof Political Economy. 512 K. 
Res 324 W 86. Schuyler 9168 

Severance, Robert N. M.D. Instr 
Urology. 616 Madison Av. Res 
Hotel Bristol. Plaza 1470 

Severinghaus, Frances Orr. (Mrs. W. 
L.). Asst Physics. 230 B. Res 
106 Morningside Dr. Morningside 

Severinghaus, Willard L.f Asst Prof 
Physics. 206 F. Res 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr. Morningside 8905 

Shafer, Mary S. Tr Physical Train- 
ing. H.M.S. Res 509 W 121. 
Morningside 7800 

Shaine, Marks S. M.D.t Asst Medi- 
cine. 1873 Seventh Av. Cathedral 

Shapleigh, Bertha E. Instr Household 
Arts. 214 H.A. Res Teachers Col- 
lege Country Club, Ossining. Ossin- 
ing 175 

Sharp, J. Clayton D.D.S. Asst Prof 
Dental Histology and Embryology. 
437 W 59- Res 436 Ninth St, 
Bklyn. South 10 

Sharpe, Norman M.D. Instr Neur- 
ology. 107 E 39. Res 315 W 97. 
Riverside 2493 

Shaw, Amy Irene. Asst English. 
322 T. Res 537 W 123. Morn- 
ingside 6835 

Shaw-Thomson, William. Business, 
Ext. Res 144 E 54. Bryant 4900 

Shear, T. Leslie.t Assoc Greek Arch- 
aeology. 401 A. Res 211 N Broad- 
way, Yonkers. Yonkers 3640-W 

Shears, Lambert A. German, Ext. 
405 Hm. Res 301 W 107. Acad- 
emy 1730 

Shenton, Herbert N.f Instr Sociology. 
503 K. Res Livingston Hall 

Shepherd, Grace M. Asst Normal 
School Education. 235 Macy. Res 
509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Shepherd, William R.t Prof His- 
tory. 612 K. Res 468 Riverside 
Dr. Morningside 541 

Sheppard, Alice E. Asst Zoology. 
617 S. Res 140 Claremont Av. 

Sherman, Henry C.t Prof Food 
Chemistry. 509 Hv. Res 16 Shel- 
don PI, Hastings. Hastings 735 

Shotwell, James T.t Prof History. 
Absent on leave 1920-21 

Sibley, H. Norman. General Sec Earl 
Hall. Res Livingston Hall 

Siceloff, Lewis P.t Asst Prof Mathe- 
matics. 506 Hm. Res 421 W 114. 
Cathedral 7583 

Silver, Lewis M. M.D.t Asst Dis- 
eases of Children. 103 W 72. Co- 
lumbus 286 

Simkhovitch, Vladimir G.t Prof Eco- 
nomic History. Res 27 Barrow St. 
Spring 9833. Absent 011 leave 1920- 

Simmons, Ralph T.f Banking, Ext. 
State Banking Dept, 61 Broadway 

Simpson, Walter B.t Registrar Col- 
lege of Pharmacy. Res 44 Mor- 
ton PI, East Orange, N J. Co- 
lumbus 117 

Sittenheld, Maurice J. M.D. Assoc 
Pathology. 73 E 90. Lenox 837 

Skeats, Wilfred S.t Chief Clerk, 
Treasurer's Office. Res 531 Scot- 
land Rd, Orange, N J. Oranga 

Sleffel, Charles C.t Asst Prof Me- 
chanical Engineering. Res 201 W 
100. Absent on leave 1920-21 

Slichter, Walter I.t Prof Electrical 
Engineering. 502 E. Res 450 
Riverside Dr. Morningside 3978 

Sloan, Lawrence H.-j- Banking, Ext. 
National City Bank 

Sloan, Mary J. Office of the Uni- 
versity Physician. Res 417 W 120. 
Morningside 5282 

Sloane, William M.t Seth Low Prof 
History. Retired. Res Princeton, 
N J. Princeton 292 



Slosson, Edwin E.t Assoc Journalism. 
607 J. Res 530 W 123. Morning- 
side 369 
Smith, Ada J. (Mrs). Lect House- 
hold Arts. 302 Grace Dodge. Res 
106 Morningside Dr. Morningside 
Smith, Alan de F. M.D.f Instr Surg- 
ery. 175 E 71. Res 666 Lexing- 
ton Av. Plaza 145 1 
Smith, Alexander.! Prof Chemistry. 

Absent on leave 1920-21 
Smith, Charles F.t Instr Scouting. 
452 Th. Res 67 Evelyn PI, Rose- 
bank. Tompkinsville 179-W 
Smith, Charles H. M.D.t Assoc Dis- 
eases of Children. 66 W 55. Res 
295 Central Park West. Circle 
Smith, David Eugene.t Prof Mathe- 
matics. 212 T. Res 501 W 120. 
Morningside 4585 
Smith, Ella L. Office of the Secre- 
tary. Res 146 W 126 
Smith, J. Russell.t Prof Economic 
Geography. 403 J. Res 511 W 112 
Smith, L. Brewster. Economics, Ext. 

High School of Commerce 
Smith, Lucia H. Asst Chemistry. B. 
Res 587 Riverside Dr. Morningside 
Smith, Martin de F. M.D. Instr 
Medicine. 43 E 25. Madison Sq 
Smith, Milton M. Tr English. H.M. 

B.S. Res Livingston Hall 
Smith, Munroe.t Prof Roman Law 
and Comparative Jurisprudence. 402 
K. Res 515 Madison Av. Plaza 
Smith, Thayer Adams M.D. Instr 
Anatomy and Medicine. 32 E 64. 
Res 151 E 81. Lenox 7081 
Smith, Young B.t Prof Law. 408 
K. Res 411 W 114. Cathedral 
Snedden, David.f Prof Education. 
217 T. Res 48 Prospect Dr, Yonk- 
ers. Yonkers 1823 
Snell, Foster D. Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 3315 Broadway 

Snider, Guy Edward. t Business, Ext. 
506 J. Res 401 Marlborough Rd, 
Yonkers, N Y. Yonkers 1130-W 
Snyder, R. Garfield M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Medicine. 375 Park Av. 
Plaza 8810 
Soho, Aristo M.f Greek, Ext. Res 503 

W 122. Morningside 2540 
Southall, James P. C.f Assoc Prof 
Physics. 508 F. Res 106 Morning- 
side Dr. Morningside 8905 
Southard, Lydia. Instr Household 
Arts T. Res YVhittier Hall. Morn- 
ingside 4585 
Spahr, Walter E.t Instr Economics. 
515 Hm. Res 526 W 211. Wads- 
worth 2602 
Spence, Malcolm C. Chemistry, Ext. 
Res 659 W 183. Wadsworth 334 
Spence, P. W. Physics, Ext. 607 F. 
Res 98 Morningside Av. Morning- 
side 790 
Spiers, A. Guy H.f Assoc Prof 

French. 306 Hm. 
Spitzer, Edward E. Banking, Ext. 
Heidelbach, Ickelheimer and Co., 49 
Wall St 
Spohn, Adelaide. Research Asst Food 
Chemistry. 515 Hv. Res Furnald 
Spohr, Wilhelmina. Asst Prof House- 
hold Arts Education. 114 Grace 
Dodge. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 
Springer, Allan P. French, Ext. Res 

618 W 136. Morningside 5170 
Spurgeon, Caroline F. E. Visiting 
Prof English Literature. 117 B. 
Res De Witt Clinton Hall. Morn- 
ingside 6480 
Squier, J. Bentley M. D.t Prof Ur- 
ology. 49 E 49. Plaza 81 17 
Squires, B. M. Lect Economics. 512 

K. Res Livingston Hall 
Stackpole, Caroline E. Instr Biology. 
420 T. Res 523 W 121. Morning- 
side 5271 
Stahl, Mildred F. (Mrs. E. E.). Oral 
Hygiene, Ext. Res 60 Mahlstedt PI, 
New Rochelle. New Rochelle 4567 



Stanton, Edgar W. Business, Ext. 
Res Western Union, 195 Broadway 

Starr, M. Allen M.D.t Emer Prof 
Neurology. 5 W 54- Circle 2197 

Starrett, Mildred. Avery Library. Res 
527 W 121 

Steeves, Harrison R.t Assoc Prof 
English. Res Westport, Conn. Ab- 
sent on leave Winter Session 

Stempel, Waldemar M.t Research 
Asst Physics. 403 F. Res 234 
Underhill Av, Bklyn 

Stephens, Gaston McF. Asst Business. 
504 J. Res 537 W 121. Morning- 
side 701 

Stern, Adolph M.D.f Instr Neurology. 
40 W 84. Schuyler 4347 

Stetson, Rufus E. M.D.t Asst Dis 
seases of Children. 113 E 62 
Plaza 8590 

Stevens, Albert M. M.D.t Instr Dis 
eases of Children. 103 W 84 
Schuyler 6485 

Stevens, Franklin A. M.D. Inst 
Medicine. 134 W 82. Res 118 W 
69. Columbus 8775 

Stevens, Romiett. Asst Prof Second- 
ary Education. 227 T. Res 130 
Claremont Av. Morningside 291 

Stewart, Gertrude D. (Mrs. C. A.) 
Office Economics Dept. 508 K. Res 
81 Morningside Av East. Morning- 
side 7290 

Stewart, Isabel M. Asst Prof Nursing 
and Health. 109 Grace Dodge. 
Res 49 Claremont Av. Morning- 
side 7070 

Stillman, Paul R.t Oral Hygiene, 
Ext. 52 Vanderbilt Av. Res 69 
Meadow Lane, New Rochelle. Van- 
derbilt 6292 

Stimson, Philip M. M.D.t Asst Phy- 
sician. T. Dept Physical Educa- 
tion. 152 Th. Res 25 Claremont 
Av. Morningside 5027 

Stockder, Archibald H. Instr Busi- 
ness Organization. 504 J. Res Liv- 
ingston Hall 

Stone, Clarence G.t Instr Physics. 
205 F. Res 304 S First Av, Mt 
Vernon. Mt Vernon 1255 

Stone, Cornelia H. Instr Household 
Arts. 214 H.A. Res 450 Riverside 

Stone, Harlan F.t Kent Prof Law 
and Dean Law School. 404 K. 
Res 435 Riverside Dr. Morningside 

Stookey, Byron M.D. Instr Neurology. 
471 Park Av. Plaza 8466 

Stout, Arthur P. M.D.t Assoc Surg- 
ery. Res 150 E 72. Rhinelander 

Stowell, Edgar S.f Instr Music. T. 
502 H.M.S. Res Briarcliff Manor. 
Briarcliff 53 

Stowell, Rev. Jay S.f Religious Edu- 
cation, Ext. 25 Madison Av. Res 
Lynbrook, L I. Madison Sq 9890 

Strachstein, Abraham M.D. Instr 
Urology. 17 E. 38. Res 1 North- 
ern Av. Wadsworth 9140 

Strayer, George D.t Prof Educational 
Administration. 219 T. Res W 
246, Riverdale, N Y. Kingsbridge 
6-R. Absent on leave Spring Ses- 

Strong, Archibald Mel. M.D.t Assoc 
Medicine. Res 1920 Loring PI. 
Fordham 2703 

Strong, Earl D. Asst Economics. 
514 K. Res 8 Kraft Av, Bronx- 
ville. Bronxville 1468-R 

Strong, Everett F. Tr Modern Lan- 
guages. H.M.B.S. Res Horace 
Mann Dormitory. Kingsbridge 686 

Strong, Leonell Ct Asst Zoology. S. 
Res Cold Spring Harbor, L I 

Strong, Oliver S. Assoc Prof Neurol- 
ogy and Instr Anatomy. P. & S. 
Res Livingston Hall 

Strother, Mildred. Asst Director Fur- 
nald Hall. Res Furnald Hall 

Stuart, Florence. Tr Physical Train- 
ing. H.M.S. 453 Th. Res 137 
Crescent Av, Plainfield, N J 

Studdiford, William E. M.D.t Prof 
Obstetrics and Gynecology. 124 E 
36. Murray Hill 1760 

4 2 


Stull, DeForest.t Economic Geogra- 
phy and Geology, Ext. 403 J. 
Res 151 W 228. Marble 777 

Sturtevant, Ethel. Instr English. 136 
B. Res 620 W 116. Morningside 

Suffern, Arthur E.t Instr Economics. 
514 Hm. Res 191 Claremont Av. 
Morningside 4595 

Sullivan, Lola. Business Library. 406 
J. Res 218 Park PI, Bklyn. Pros- 
pect 6134 

Swan, Thomas H. Asst Chemistry. 
511 Hv. Res Hartley Hall 

Swann, Harvey Julian. t French, Ext. 
Res 57 Gates Av, Bklyn 

Swenson, J. A.t Mathematics, Ext. 
Res 204 Park Av, Leonia, N J. Ca- 
thedral 8292 

Swerig, Mabel B. Reference Asst Gen- 
eral Library. Res 421 W 114 

Swinney, John B. Business, Ext. c/o 
Winchester Co, New Haven, Conn 

Taggart, Arthur F.f Prof Ore Dress- 
ing. 408 M. Res 165 Westwood 
Rd, New Haven, Conn. Liberty 

Taintor, Sarah Augusta. Secretarial 
Correspondence, Ext. Res 70 Morn- 
ingside Av. Morningside 1100 

Tannahill, Sallie B. Instr Fine Arts. 
431 Macy. Res 121 Washington PI 

Tappan, Vivian. Asst Zoology. 409 B. 
Res Furnald Hall 

Tassin, Algernon DeV.t Asst Prof 
English. 611 Hm. Res 144 E 17 

Taylor, Fidelia. Office Extension 
Teaching. 301 U. Res 203 W 120. 
Morningside 7499 

Taylor, G. Herbert M.D.f Instr Or- 
thopedic Surgery. 156 W 80. Res 
Maplewood, N J. Schuyler 3695 

Taylor, Howard C. M.D.f Prof Clini- 
cal Gynecology. 32 W 50. Circle 

Taylor, Kenneth M.D.t Instr Medi- 
cine. 116 E 53. Res 510 E 58. 
Plaza 2630 

Taylor, Ralph E. M.D. Instr Ana- 
tomy. 40 E 41. Res 20 E 35. 
Murray Hill 6950 

Taylor, Rupert. Lect English. 301 U. 
Res Livingston Hall 

Taylor, T. Clinton.! Instr Chemistry. 
420 Hv. Res 104 S 15 Av, Mt 
Vernon. Mt Vernon 351-J 

Teague, Oscar M.D. Assoc Bacterio- 
logy. P. & S. Res 251 W 73. 

Temple, Alan H. Asst Journalism 
405 J Res 3915 Broadway. Wads- 
worth 5260 

Tenney, Alvan A.t Asst Prof Sociol- 
ogy. 506 K. Res 148 Claremont 
Av, Mt Vernon. Mt Vernon 232-R 

Terrill, Harold M. Asst Mathematics. 
215 Hm. Res 160 Seminary Av, 
Rahway, N J. Rahway 348-J 

Terry, Arthur H. Jr. M.D.f Instr 
Medicine. 55 E 61. Res 137 E 
66. Plaza 7646 

Terry, Charles Thaddeus.f Dwight 
Prof Law. 411 K. Res 59 E 80. 
Lenox 2480 

Tewhill, W. F. Tr Physical Train- 
ing. H.M.B.S. Res Horace Mann 
Dormitory, Riverdale, N Y. Kings- 
bridge 686 

Thacher, Henry C. M.D.f Asst Prof 
Medicine. 20 W 50. Res 172 E 
71. Rhinelander 9939 

Thacher, John S. M.D.t Prof Clini- 
cal Medicine. 172 E 71. Res 20 
W 50. Circle 340 

Tharaldsen, C. E.f Zoology, Ext. 602 
S. Res 1790 Clinton Av. Tremont 

Thomas, Arthur W.t Asst Prof Food 
Chemistry. 513 Hv. Res 423 W 
120. Morningside 8070 

Thomas, Charles W.t Asst Prof Me- 
chanical Engineering. 509 E. Res 
Bliss Av, Tenafly, N J. Englewood 

Thomas, J. Franklin. f Sociology, Ext. 
Res Hastings-on-Hudson. Yonkers 

Thomas, Martha. Chemistry Library. 
307 Hv. Res 421 W 119. Morning- 
side 6800 

Thompson, George A. Advanced Den- 
tistry, Ext. 25 K Washington St, 
Chicago, 111 



Thorburn, Grant M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine. 40 E 41. Res 133 1 Madison 
Av. Lenox 9194 
Thorn, Alice G. Asst Junior-Primary. 
H.M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 
Thorndike, Ashley H.t Prof English. 
Res Spring Session 618 W 114. Ca- 
thedral 6451. Absent on leave Win- 
ter Session 

Thorndike, Edward L.t Prof Educa- 
tional Psychology. 329 Macy. Res 
501 W 120. Morningside 4585 

Thurston, Edward D. Jr.t Asst Prof 
Mechanical Engineering. 606 Eng. 
Res 945 West End Av. Academy 

Tillinghast, Charles C. Principal, H. 
M.B.S. Res W 246. Kingsbridge 

Tilly, William. English, Ext. 710 J. 
Res 105 Queen Anne Rd, Bogota, 
N J. Hackensack 1727-M 

Tilney, Frederick, M.D.f Prof Neu- 
rology and Neuro-Anatomy. P. & 
S. Res 22 E 63. Plaza 561 

Tobey, Evelyn S. (Mrs). Instr House- 
hold Arts. Absent on leave Winter 

Todd, Gretchen. Spanish, Ext. Res 
419 W 119 

Todd, Henry A.t Prof Romance Phil- 
ology. 501 P. Res 824 West End 
Av. Riverside 5796 

Tolhurst, Herbert J.t Cable Telegra- 
phy, Ext. Res 416 Putnam Av, 
Bklyn. Lafayette 803-J 

Tomimas, Shutaro. Japanese, Ext. 
Res 897 Riverside Dr 

Tompkins, H. L.f Accounting, Ext. 
Guaranty Trust Co. 

Tonsor, Charles A.f Public Speaking, 
Ext. Res 226 St James St, Bklyn 

Totten, Isabel. Dean's Office Gradu- 
ate. 321 U. Res 335 W 14. Chel- 
sea 1224 

Tower, Ralph W.f Curator Natural 
Science Collections. S. Res Ro- 
chelle Park, New Rochelle. New 
Rochelle 2823 

Townsend, Harriet, Lect Household 
Arts. 106 Grace Dodge. Res 194 
Riverside Dr. Riverside 8501 
Townsend, Mary E. Instr History. 
416 T. Res 194 Riverside Dr. Riv- 
erside 8501 

Trabue, Marion Rex.f Asst Prof Ed- 
ucation and Director Bureau Educa- 
tional Service. 114 T. Res 220 Mt 
Hope Blvd, Hudson Hgts, Hastings- 
on-Hudson. Hastings 892 

Tracy, Bettie M. Asst El School H. 
M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morningside 

Tracy, William D. D.D.S.t Assoc 
Prof Operative Dentistry. 46 W 51. 
Circle 46 

Treganza, Ruth Robinson (Mrs). In- 
str Fine Arts. 505 Grace Dodge. 
1 10 Morningside Dr. Morningside 

Treleaven, C. L.f Instr Physics. 505 F 

Trent, William P.f Prof English Lit- 
erature. Res 126 E 34. Vanderbilt 

Tressler, J. C.t English, Ext. Res 
115 Pembroke PI, Kew Gardens, L. 
I, N Y. Richmond Hill 5310-W 

Treyz, Helen A. Asst Household 
Chem. 404 Grace Dodge. Res 1230 
Amsterdam Av. Morningside 4585 

Trowbridge, Harrison. Asst Physical 
Training. L.S. Res Hartley Hall 

Tucker, Samuel A.t Asst Prof Elec- 
tro-Chemistry. Res 155 E 61. 
Rhinelander 6915. Absent on leave, 

Tufts, James H. Visiting Prof Phil- 
osophy. 702 P. Res Faculty Club 

Tugwell, Rexford G.f Instr Economics. 
515 Hm. Res 35 Claremont Av 

Turner, Alva. Asst Physics. 603 F. 
Res 565 W 113. Cathedral 7549 

Tuttle, George A. M.D. Asst Prof 
Clinical Medicine. 50 W 49. Bryant 

Tyson, Levering.t Asst to Director 
Extension Teaching. 301 U. Res 
De Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 



Ulsaver, E. S. D.D.S.t Asst Prof 
Prosthetic Dentistry. Res 32 Web- 
ster Ter, New Rochelle. New Ro- 
chelle 4682 

Updike, David M.t Asst Supt Build- 
ings and Grounds. 109 L. Res De 
Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 

Upjohn, Charles B.t Instr Fine Arts. 
31 Macy. Res 202 E 38. Vander- 
bilt 7769 

Upton, Clifford B.t Provost Teachers 
College and Assoc Prof Mathemat- 
ics. 106 T. Res 500 W 121 

Upton, Mrs. Siegried M. Tr Grade V. 
H.M.S. Res 500 W 121. Morning- 
side 4585 

Vaeth, Joseph Anthony.t Spanish, 
Ext. Res 67 W 192. Fordham 

Vaillant, Pauline (Mrs. R. E. G.) 
French, Ext. Res 527 W 121. Morn- 
ingside 5073 

Vaillant, Rene E. G.t Lect Romance 
Languages. 116 B and 310 Hm. 
Res 527 W 121 

Van Arsdale, May B. Assoc Prof 
Household Arts. 212 Grace Dodge. 
Res 509 W 121. Morningside 5364 

Van Beuren, Frederick T. Jr. M.D.t 
Assoc Surgery. 100 E 66. Res 812 
Park Av. Rhinelander 3453 

Vance, Benjamin M. M.D. Instr Sur- 
gery. Bellevue Hosp. Res 27 W 
44. Madison Sq 226 

Vanderbeer, Dorothy (Mrs J A.). Of- 
fice Sociology Dept. 503 K. Res 
600 W 144. Audubon 4767 

Vanderbilt, Sadie B. Instr Household 
Arts. 413 Grace Dodge. Res 509 
W 121. Morningside 7800 

Vanderburgh, Frederick A. Lect Sem- 
itic Languages. 406 P. Res 53 
Washington Sq. Spring 2356 
Van der Smissen, Lila. Director's 
Office Architecture. 405 A. Res 
4370 Martha Av. Woodlawn 1103 
Van Doren, Carl.t Assoc English. 
613 P. Res 351 W 114. Cathedral 

Van Doren, Mark. Instr English. 606 
Hm. Res 43 Barrow St. Spring 1773 
Van Etten, Royal C. M.D.t Assoc 
Obstetrics and Gynecology. 128 E 
60. Res 157 E 81. Lenox 1456 
Van Hook, La Rue.t Prof Greek and 
Latin. 340 B. Res 403 W 115. 
Cathedral 7078 
Van Ingen, Philip M.D. Instr Dis- 
eases Children. 125 E 71. Rhine- 
lander 1058 
Van Kleeck, Euen M.D.t Instr Phys- 
iology. 6 W 123. Harlem 393 
Van Messel, Rela. Dutch, Ext. Res 

21 Barrow St 
Van Metre, Thurman W.t Assoc 
Prof Transportation. 506 J. Res 
170 Vermilyea Av. Wadsworth 8821 
Van Sant, John T.t Tr Mathematics. 
H.M.B.S. Res Riverdale Av. Kings- 
bridge 924 
Van Santford, Ethel. Asst Physical 
Education. 254 Th. Res Dumont, 
N J. Dumont 27-J 
Van Saun, S. Welling D.D.S.t Asst 
Prof Operative Dentistry. 250 W 
74. Columbus 223 
Van Tuyl, George Henry.t Business, 
Ext. Res 71 Clinton PI. Fordham 3816 
Van Wagner, Edith H. Office of the 
Registrar. Res 35 Washington Av, 
Grantwood, N J. Cliffside 267-W 
Van Woert, Clarence T. D.D.S.t Instr 
Dentistry. 21 E 40. Res 13 18 Car- 
roll St, Bklyn. Murray Hill 124 
Van Woert, Frank T. D.D.S.f Prof 
Clinical Dentistry. 21 E 40. Res 1001 
Sterling PI, Bklyn. Murray Hill 124 
Van Zandt, Margaret. Asst Librarian. 
Retired. Res 419 W 118. Morn- 
ingside 6946 
Vaughan, John C. M.D. Assoc Ana- 
omy and Instr Surgery. 156 E 79. 
Rhinelander 6667 
Vermilye, Herbert N. M.D.t Instr 
Medicine. 131 E 60. Res 58 E 94. 
Lenox 7829 
Vexler, Feliciu N.t Asst Slavonic 
Languages. 703 P. Res 1104 Pros- 
pect PI, Bklyn. Decatur 2571 



Vietor, John A. M.D.t Instr Sur- 
gery. 8 E 66. Res 840 Park Av. 
Rhinelander 3798 

Vogel, Karl M. M.D.t Asst Prof 
Clinical Pathology. P. & S. Res 
680 Madison Av. Plaza 4867 

Von Glahn, William C. M.D. Instr 
Pathology. Presbyterian Hospital. 
Res 118 W 69. Columbus 8775 

Von Lackum, Herman L. M.D. Instr 
Orthopedic Surgery. 420 E 59. 
Plaza 14 1 6 

von Meysenbug, Ludo M.D. Instr 
Pathology. Res 100 W Kingsbridge 
Rd. Fordham 29 

von Nardroff, Robert. Instr Physics. 

305 F. Res 397 Madison St, Bklyn 
Vulte, Hermann T.f Asst Prof House- 
hold Arts. 413 Grace Dodge. Res 
33 Park Av, New Rochelle. New 
Rochelle 543 

Wachsman, Siegfried M.D.f Prof 
Clinical Medicine. Gun Hill Rd and 
210. Res 150 E 210. Olinville 311 

Wadelton, Helen C. Recorder. 421 
L. Res 104 St Andrews PI, Yonkers 

Walden, George H. Jr.t Instr Chem- 
istry. 505 Hv. Res 26 Post Av. 
Wadsworth 3200 

Walker, Arthur L.f Prof Metallurgy. 

306 M. Res 33 E 77. Rhinelander 

Walker, John B. M.D.t Prof Clinical 
Surgery. 51 E 50. Res 66 E 91. 
Lenox 5795 

Walker, Q. Forrest. Income Tax, Ext. 
National City Co, 55 Wall St. Res 
66 Orange St, Bklyn. Hanover 280 

Wallace, Amy. Office English Dept. 
613 P. 54 Landscape Av, Yonkers. 
Yonkers 3343 

Wallace, Schuyler Crawford. History, 
Ext. 706 Hm. Res 426 W 44 

Walsh, Harold V.t Instr Architecture. 
409 A. Res 602 S Broadway, Yon- 
kers. Yonkers 2992 

Ward, P. T.f English, Ext. Res 1249 
Amsterdam Av. Morningside 4221 

Ward, Wilbert.f Foreign Trade, Ext. 
National City Bank, 55 Wall St 

Ware, Gertrude M. Instr Chemistry. 
408 B. Res 501 W 120. Morning- 
side 4585 

Warren, Herbert S. Zoology, Ext. Res 
468 E 134. Melrose 7848 

Watt, Robert W. Grad Mgr Athletic 
Assoc. East. Res Hartley Hall. Ca- 
thedral 7251 

Waugh, Leuman M. D.D.S.t Prof 
Histology and Embryology, School 
of Dentistry. 576 Fifth Av. Res 
234 Centre Av, New Rochelle 

Wayman, Agnes R. Asst Prof Phys- 
ical Education. 210 S.H. Res 611 
W 127. Morningside 5690 

Weaver, Eli W.f Lect Vocational 
Guidance. 217 T. Res 347 Madison 
Av. Vanderbilt 1200 

Weaver, Raymond M. Instr English. 
618 Hm. Res Livingston Hall 

Webb, G. Raymond. Chemistry, Ext. 
Res Livingston Hall 

Webb, Harold W.t Asst Prof Phys- 
ics. 509 F. Res 880 W 181. Wads- 
worth 9212 

Wechsler, A. L. Mathematics, Ext. 
Res 895 West End Av. Academy 

Wechsler, Israel S. M.D.t Assoc 
Neurology. 1291 Madison Av. Len- 
ox 4038 

Weeks, Mabel F. Assoc English. 335 
B. Res Brooks Hall. Morningside 

Weeks, Raymond. t Prof Romance 
Philology. 500 P. Res 620 W 122 

Weeman, Gerald. t Instr Physical Ed- 
ucation. Res 465 W 159. Wads- 
worth 6310 

Wehman, Herbert J. Curator Palaeon- 
tology. Res 439 W 123. Morning- 
side 66988 

Weil, Henry L. M.D. Instr Medicine. 
616 Madison Av. Res 667 Madison 
Av. Plaza 3522 

Weinrich, Morris F.t Instr Physics. 
305 F. Res 99 Claremont Av. 
Morningside 4102 

Weir, Robert F. M.D.t Emer Prof 
Surgery. Res 1155 Park Av 

4 6 


Weiser, Lucy H. Tr Industrial Arts. 
H.M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
side 7800 
Weld, Marion E. Substitute Teacher. 
H.M.S. Res 3089 Broadway. Morn- 
ingside 9740 
Weld, William E.t Assoc Economics. 
513 Hm. Res Philipse Manor, Tar- 

Weldon, Etta. Brooks Hall Nurse. 
202 S.H. Res Brooks Hall. Morn- 
ingside 7508 

Wells, Henry W. Asst English. 604 
P. Res 567 W 113. Cathedral 

Wells, James S. C. Asst Prof An- 
alytical Chemistry. Retired. Res 
320 W 83 

Welzmiller, L. R.t Optometry, Ext. 
318 W 57. Res 1453 Bryant Av. 
Intervale 335 

Wendell, George V.t Prof Physics. 
405 F. Res 450 Riverside Dr. 
Morningside 5493 

West, Davenport M.D. Instr Medi- 
cine and Clinical Diseases of Chil- 
dren. 19 E 65. Res 161 E 79. 
Lenox 9810 

West, Randolph M.D. Instr Medicine. 
41 E 70. Lenox 7300 

Wheeler, Elizabeth H. Recorder Medi- 
cal Faculty. P. & S. Res 13 E 

Wheeler, Elizabeth W. Asst House- 
hold Arts. H.M.S. Res 114 Morn- 
ingside Dr. Morningside 320 

Whipple, Allen O. M.D.t Assoc Prof 
Surgery. 800 Park Av. Rhineland- 
er 20 

White, Bessie S. Instr Household 
Arts. 310 H.A. Res 39 Charles 
St. Chelsea 1630 

White, Clarence H. Instr Fine Arts. 
T. Res 460 W 144 

White, Edgar W. M.D.t Instr Clini- 
cal Medicine. 325 West End Av. 
Columbus 1787 

White, James F. Asst Physics. 614 
F. Res 520 W 123 

White, James W. M.D.t Instr Oph- 
thalmology. 139 E 37. Res 27 S 
Fullerton Av, Montclair, N J. Mur- 
ray Hill 1699 

White, William C. M.D.t Instr Sur- 
gery. 962 Lexington Av. Rhine- 
lander 962 

Whitehead, Douglass (Miss). Asst 
Grammar Grades. H.M.S. Res 157 
E 55. Plaza 8265 

Whiting, Margaret. Asst Welfare Di- 
rector. Whittier Hall. Morningside 

Whitley, Mary T. Asst Prof Educa- 
tional Psychology. Absent on leave 
Winter Session 

Whyte, Beatrice. Bursar's Office, Bar- 
nard. Res Tarrytown 

Wiener, Herbert J. M.D.t Instr Med- 
icine. 330 W 71. Columbus 340 

Wiethan, May Josephine. Lect Mu- 
sic. 4 T. Res 51 E 59. Plaza 

Wilcox, Helen C. Instr History. 416 
T. Res Furnald Hall 

Wilcox, Herbert B. M.D.t Assoc Dis- 
eases of Children. 39 E 75. Rhine- 
lander 488 

Wild, Theresa F. Tr Music. H.M.S. 
Res 160 Claremont Av. Morning- 
side 6280 

Wile, Ira S.t Oral Hygiene, Ext. 
264 W 73. Columbus 61 15 

Wilkins, Laurence A.t Spanish, Ext. 
Res 598 W 191. Wadsworth 2150 

Will, Allen Sinclair. Assoc Journal- 
ism. Res 189 Claremont Av. Morn- 
ingside 4478 

Willcox, Helen L. Religious Educa- 
tion, Ext. 45 W 18 

Williams, Blanche Colton. English, 
Ext. 512 J. Res 605 W 113. Ca- 
thedral 8235 

Williams, David McK. Music, Ext. 
Res 107 E 50. Plaza 8204 

Williams, Edna S. Office of Univer- 
sity Physician. E.H. Res 317 W 
45. Longacre 3160 

Williams, Horatio B. M.D.t Asst 
Prof Physiology. P. & S. Res Riv- 
erside, Conn. Sound Beach 123 



Williams, Jesse F.f Assoc Prof Phys- 
ical Education. 352 Th. Res 501 
W 120. Morningside 4585 

Williams, Talcott.f Emer Prof Jour- 
nalism. 207 J. Res 423 W 117. 
Morningside 1717 

Williams, William R. M.D.t Assoc 
Prof Clinical Medicine. 67 W 85. 
Schuyler 8146 

Willis, H. Parker.t Prof Banking. 
511 P. Res 215 Prospect Av, New 
Brighton, S I 

Wills, Albert P.t Prof Mathematical 
Physics. 502 F. Res 452 Riverside 
Dr. Morningside 9080 

Wilson, Edmund B.f Da Costa Prof 
Zoology. 608 S. Res 411 W 114. 
Cathedral 7150 

Wilson, Warren H.t Assoc Educa- 
tion. 217 T. Res 416 W 122. Morn- 
ingside 4475 

Wimmer, Curt P.t Assoc Prof Phar- 
macy. Phar. Res 515 W 139. Au- 
dubon 1797 

Winchell, Cora M. Asst Prof House- 
hold Arts Education. 112 Grace 
Dodge. Res 176 Elm Av, Mt Ver- 
non. Mt Vernon 110-R. Absent on 
leave Spring Session 

Winchell, Florence E. Tr Household 
Arts. L.S. Res 176 Elm Av, Mt 
Vernon. Mt Vernon 110-R 

Winslow C. E. A. Lect Public Health. 
109 T. Res New Haven, Conn 

Winslow, Emma A. Lect Household 
Arts. 119 Grace Dodge. Res West- 
view Park, Riverside, Conn 

Wirklich, Henry W. M.D. Asst Medi- 
cine. P. & S. Res 313 E 79. 
Rhinelander 6763 

Wise, Fred M.D.t Instr Dermatology. 
24 W 59. Res 38 Ft Washington 
Av. Wadsworth 6246 

Wise, Robert A. Chemistry, Ext. Res 
Hartley Hall 

Woglom, William H. M.D.t Assoc 
Prof Cancer Research. C.R.L. Res 
no Morningside Dr. Morningside 

Wolff, Samuel L.t Lect English. Res 
90 Morningside Dr. Morningside 

Wolfson, Theresa. Asst Government. 
109 B. Res 213 St James PI, Bklyn. 
Madison Sq 5024 

Woll, Frederick A.t Optometry, Ext. 
Res 1013 Home St. Audubon 2413 

Wood, Ben D. Asst Educational Psy- 
chology. 332 Macy. Res 537 W 
121. Morningside 6674 

Wood, Francis Carter M.D.t Direc- 
tor Cancer Research. C.R.L. Res 
853 Seventh Av. Morningside 9466 

Wood, LaVergne. Tr Mathematics. 
H.M.S. Res 509 W 121. Morning- 
sdie 7800 

Wood, Thomas D.t Prof Physical 
Education. 157 T. Res 501 W 120. 
Morningside 4585 

Woodbridge, Frederick J. E.t John- 
sonian Prof Philosophy and Dean 
Graduate Faculties. 321 U. Res 
De Witt Clinton Hall. Morningside 

Woodhull, John F.t Prof Physical 
Science. 413 T. Res 612 Van Cort- 
lank Pk Av, Yonkers. Yonkers 

Woodruff, I. Ogden M.D.t Assoc 
Medicine. Bellevue Hosp. Res 152 
W 78. Schuyler 7765 

Woodworth, Robert S.t Prof Psychol- 
ogy- 4 l 3 S. Res 201 Church St, 
New Rochelle. New Rochelle 3680-W 

Woolhouse, Thomas L.t Business, 
Ext. Res 404 Orchard, Cranford, 
N J. Cranford 35 

Work, Lincoln T. Asst Chemical En- 
gineering. Res 65 Colgate Av, Yon- 

Wren, Alphonse A. M.D.t Instr Urol- 
ogy. 427 Park Av. Res 547 W 
147. Audubon 2749 

Wright, C. B.t Superintendent's Of- 
fice, no L. Res 16 Davis Av, 
White Plains. White Plains 207-J 

Wright, Ernest H.t Assoc Prof Eng- 
lish. 606 P. Res 880 W 181. Wads- 
worth 9212. Absent on leave Spring 



Wright, Henry C. Lect Nursing and 
Health. 109 Grace Dodge. Res 289 
Fourth Av. Gramercy 2690 

Wright, James J. Stenography and 
Typewriting, Ext. 509 J. Res 50 
Baldwin St, Newark, N J 

Wright, Mary H. (Mrs. E. H.) Eng- 
lish, Ext. Res 880 W 181. Wads- 
worth 9212 

Wyckoff, Emma M. Director's Office, 
Education. 107 T. Res 18 W 130 

Yeomans, Frank C. M.D.t Instr Sur- 
gery. 171 W 71. Columbus 930 

Yergin, Rev. Howard. Lect Sociology. 
T. Res 210 E 116. Harlem 634 

Yoanna, Gaetano de.t Instr Surgery. 
Res 1 1 1 Pierrepont St, Bklyn. Main 

Yohannan, Abraham.f Lect Oriental 
Languages. 402 P. Res 557 W 
124. Morningside 5780 

Youland, William E. Jr. Instr Medi- 
cine. Res 335 Walnut St, Richmond 
Hill, L I 

Young, Beatrice M. Office of the Reg- 
istrar. Res 139 E Post Rd., White 
Plains, N Y. White Plains 276-R 

Young, Clarence H.f Prof Greek 
Archaeology. Absent on leave 1920- 

Young, J. Emilie. Asst History. 338 
B. Res 350 Senator St, Bklyn 

Young, John J. M.D. Instr Medicine. 
Res 149 Bedford Av, Bklyn. Green- 
point 1308 

Young, J. Lowe D.D.S.f Prof Or- 
thodontia. 576 Fifth Av. Res 18 
W 74. Columbus 2574 

Youngman, Anna. Business, Ext. 37 
Liberty St. Rector 5700 

Yunck, Bernardine M. Instr Physical 
Education. 254 Th. Res 419 W 119. 
Morningside 7700 

Zanetti, J. Enrique. t Asst Prof Chem- 
istry. 604 Hv. Res 103 E 84. 
Lenox 7146 

Zentler, Arthur D.D.S.f Advanced 
Dentistry, Ext. 8 W 40. Vander- 
bilt 1677 

Zinsser, Hans M.D.t Prof Bacteriol- 
ogy. P. & S. Res 162 E 74. 
Rhinelander 2333 

Zirbes, Laura. Special Investigator. 
L.S. Res 64 W 93. Rhinelander 

Zucker, Theodore F. Assoc Pathol- 
ogy. P. & S. Res 37 Charlton St 

Zuckerman, Jerome M.D.t Asst Dis- 
eases of Children. 255 W 108. Res 
177 Horton Av, New Rochelle. 
Academy 595 

Zuill, Frances. Instr Household Arts 
Education. 113 Grace Dodge. Res 
509 W 121. Morningside 7800 

Directory of Students 

The italic letter following the name indicates the school in which the student 
is primarily registered — as follows : 


School of Architecture 


School of Journalism 


Barnard College 


School of Law 


School of Business 


School of Medicine 


Columbia College 


School of Mines, Engineering 


School of Dentistry 

and Chemistry 


Extension Teaching 


School of Practical Arts 


School of Education (Teachers 


(Teachers College) 


Faculties of Philosophy, Political 


College of Pharmacy 

Science and Pure Science 


Unclassified University Student 

This is a directory of all who have filed registration blanks ; subsequent with- 
drawals have not been considered. 

For names and addresses of students not in Directory consult card index in 
Office of Registrar. 

Where two addresses appear the first indicates the address during the academic 
year, the second the permanent home address. 

The street 


of the Residence Halls are as 

follows : 


509 W. 121 

Morningside 7800 


607 W. 116 

Morningside 7508 

De Witt Clinton 

39 Claremont Av. 

Morningside 6480 


2940 Broadway 

Morningside 1400 


1 1 24 Amsterdam Av. 

Morningside 1400 

John Jay 

29 Claremont Av. 

Morningside 5372 


1 1 16 Amsterdam Av. 

Morningside 1400 


35 Claremont Av. 

Morningside 5372 

Seth Low 

106 Morningside Drive 

Morningside 8905 


21 Claremont Av. 

Morningside 6320 


1230 Amsterdam Av. 

Morningside 4585 

Aaron, Bernard J e 1205 Eastern 

Aaronson, Harry A « 53 Rutgers St 
Abaya, Josefa Finon ed Whittier Hall ; 

Vigan, Flocos Sur, Philippines 
Abbey, James Frank e 16 Say re St 

Elizabeth N J 
Abbihl, Gertrude Margaret pa Whittier 

Hall ; 2205 Foster Av Bklyn N Y 
Abbott, Elizabeth Erwin e 319 W 95 
Abbott, Gladys L e Fort Lee N J 
Abbott, Marguerite Frances pa 425 W 

118; 304 Dennis St Adrian Mich 

Abbott, Mary Louise a 856 Park PI 
Bklyn N Y; 1454 Highland St Co- 
lumbus O; BArch Ohio State 

Abel, Josephine ed 106 Morningside 
Dr; 1207 E 60 Chicago 111; AB In- 

Abell, Earl Fitch e 112 Cathedral 

Abeloff, Abram Joseph c 307 W 112 

Abelov, Samuel Saul e 463 Willoughby 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Abend, Harry Sam e 534 W 152; BS 
C C N Y 




Abercrombie, Elizabeth / 128 Columbia 

Heights Bklyn N Y 
Aberli, Olga Louise e 52 Sherman Av 

Rosebank N Y ; AB Hunter 
Abernethy, Charles Thomas e 220 5th 

Av c/o Wilson Bros 
Abeson, Julius Jacob c 944 Madison Av 

Bridgeport Conn 
Abney, John William e 915 West End 

Av; 698 N Pope St Athens Ga ; BS 

Georgia, MS Columbia 
Abrahams, Estelle Louise b 107 E 80 
Abrahams, Muriel Dorothy e 286 New 

York Av Bklyn N Y 
Abrahamson, Emanuel M gr 1038 

Union St Bklyn N Y; BS, ChE, 

MA Columbia 
Abramowitz, Isidore c 1187 Boston Rd 
Abramowitz, Nathan / 946 Freeman 

St; BS C C N Y 
Abrams, Jeanette Freada ed 1343 Find- 
lay Av 
Abrams, Robert e 956 Stebbin9 Av 
Abrams, Rose e 607 W 136 
Abrams, Ruth e 441 Ft Washington Av 
Abramson, Lester Gilmore e 281 W 261 
Abramson, Harold m 1864 7th Av 
Abramson, Harold Alexander m 2041 

5th Av ; AB Columbia 
Accarino, Frank Joseph m 53 Colum- 
bus Av 
Accurso, Catherine ed 290 E 143; 

AB Barnard 
Acher, Julia e 230 W 105 
Acheson, Edna Lucile ed 606 W 122; 

548 E 36 Portland Ore; AB Reed, 

AM Columbia 
Acker, Albert e 310 E 87 
Acker, Leonard / 366 W 118; 29 Cor- 

lies Av Poughkeepsie N Y ; AB Cor- 
Acker, Miriam e 2672 Boulevard Jersey 

City N J 
Ackerman, Alphra pa Summit Av & 

Park St Hillsdale N J 
Ackerman, Arthur Fowler c 50 Park 

Av Passaic N J 
Ackerman, David Emil c 162 E 80 
Ackerman, Ethel Estelle e 489 E 29 

Paterson N J 
Ackerman, Harvey Jacob f 601 W 125 

Ackerman, Henry Hyman e 19 W 34; 

141 7 Prospect Av 
Ackerman, Ruth 6 162 E 80 
Ackerson, Luton gr 2176 South Lincoln 

St Eugene Ore ; AB Oregon 
Ackley, Ruth Dickinson pa Whittier 

Hall; Box 194 Barberton O 
Adams, Darwin James e 155 W 58 
Adams, Elizabeth e 39 W 190 
Adams, Emily Isabel ed Whittier Hall ; 

Grenfell Sask Canada ; AB Manitoba 
Adams, Florence Ann e 52 W 105 
Adams, Franklin Parsons c 325 Clinton 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Adams, Gladys Agnew e 317 W 45 
Adams, Grace Wolcott ed 54 South 7th 

Av Mt Vernon N Y ; 59 Chester Av 

Waltham Mass 
Adams, Helen Clara e 350 W 55 ; B Pd 

Colo State Normal 
Adams, Helen Marie e 77 Autumn St 

Lodi N J 
Adams, Henry Horn bu Bergen Apts 

Englewood N J 
Adams, Joseph e 455 Milford St Bklyn 

N Y 
Adams, Leonie Fuller b John Jay Hall ; 

Hillburn N Y 
Adams, Lewis Reed e 1920 Loring PI 
Adams, Louise Caroline pa 80 Irving 

PI; Marathon N Y 
Adams, Marion pa Whittier Hall; 1162 

Chapel St New Haven Conn 
Adams, Minna S e 612 W 112 
Adams, Nicholson B gr 509 W 121 ; 

Fredericksburg Va ; AB Washington 

and Lee, AM Columbia 
Adams, Olive Mason ed 547 W 123; 

Suifu Szechivan West China 
Adams, Susie Evelyn ed 200 W 137; 

142 Third St Petersburg Va 
Adams, Vivian Ross ed 346 Belmont 

Av Newark N J 
Adamson, Violet May e 8 Mistuxet 

Av Mystic Conn 
Adamthwaite, Lucy Gertrude e 812 

Ocean Av Jersey City N J 
Adania, Simon David e 602 W 137 
Addis, Walter deCoursey ed Mt Ver- 
non H S, N Y; Edge Hill Pa; BS, 

MS Lafayette 
Addonizio, Joseph Frank e 584 Broome 



Adelman, Saul / Hartley Hall; 94 Win- 

throp St New Britain Conn 
Adkins, Robinson Edwin bit 501 W 

121; 183 W Fourth St Oswego N Y 
Adkisson, Sallie Wimbish gr 117 St 

and Amsterdam Av ; Clover Va ; AB 

Westhampton College 
Adler, Louise Gertrude e Hotel Ma- 
Adler, Marian e 250 W 103 
Adler, Mortimer Jerome c 3544 Broad- 
Adler, Philip / Livingston Hall ; 480 

Quincy St Bklyn NY;ABCCNY 
Adler, Robert c 166 Sheridan Av Mt 

Vernon N Y 
Adler, Rose e 2071 Vyse Av 
Adler, Ruth Lucille b Brooks Hall; 

434 Guy Park Av Amsterdam N Y 
Adlerberg, Max c 1330 Fifth Av 
Adsit, Elon Brant e 501 W 121 
Aebli, Rudolph m 457 West St West 

Hoboken N J ; AB Columbia 
Afeld, Walter Eugene e 209 Howe Av 

Passaic N J 
Agassiz, Anna m Furnald Hall ; Ham- 
ilton Mass 
Ageton, Aura Chessington pa 420 W 

121 ; Thermopolis Wyo 
Agins, Claire Evelyn e 112 Graham 

Av Paterson N J 
Agisheff, Zagid bu YMCA 318 W 57; 

645 Bergen Av Jersey City N J 
Agnew, Mrs Mary J e 419 W 119; 

AB Illinois Wesleyan 
Agnew, Walter Dee ed 419 W 119; 

Abingdon 111; AB Chaddock College 
Aguilar, Teresa Quiros e 212 W 104 
Aguirre, Emma e 101 VV 69; Iquique 

Agusta, Michael e 289 Stagg St Bklyn 

N Y 
Ahearn, James Francis c Hartley Hall ; 

Millerton N Y 
Ahmed, Mauzaffer AH bu 414 W 121; 

Ahrens, Edyth May b 800 E 13 Bklyn 

N Y 
Ahrens, Frenk Henry e 47 Clinton Av 

West Hoboken N J 

Ahrens, William Ernest / 612 W 116; 
274 Lenox Av ; AB New York 

Ahrnke, Helen e 29 Hudson PI Wee- 
hawken N J 

Aiken, Edwin Edgerton Jr gr 600 W 
122; 404 Riverside Dr; AB Yale 

Aiken, Leila Elizabeth gr 419 W 118; 
Greenfield Mass ; AB Wellesley 

Aikins, Elizabeth Jane e 866 West End 
Av Buena Vista Pa 

Aimone, Marguerite Catherine e 2Z2 
Central Av West Hoboken N J 

Ainslie, Frank e 615 Fifth Av; 1208 
Pacific St Bklyn N Y 

Aisenberg, Sarah e 81 50th St Corona 
L I 

Aitken, Harriet B e 64 E 86th 

Akamatsu, Paul gr 102 W 123 ; Shingu- 
Cho Japan ; AB Waseda University 

Akulin, Sidnie e 8 W 102 

Akulin, Stella Fisher ?8W 102 

Alalouf, Jacques e 200 Win 

Albansoder, Elsie Frieda b 243 Jackson 
Av Jersey City N J 

Albee, Cleveland Quinnam m Living- 
ston Hall ; Colonia N J 

Albert, Beatrice e 75 Hart St Bklyn 
N Y 

Albert, Florence Edna e 181 3 Crotona 

Albert, Louis Llewellyn e 97 Stryker 
Av Woodside L I 

Albert, Maurice L c 1375 Franklin Av 

Albert, Ruth e 75 Hart St 

Albinson, Sophie e Worthington Minn ; 
AB Minnesota 

Albrecht, Arthur Emil gr 1681 Lex- 
ington Ave; AB C C N Y, AM 
George Washington 

Alden, Alanson G gr Union, Union Co 
N J; AB, AM Dartmouth 

Alden, Florence Delia ed 610 Lexing- 
ton ' Av ; 37 Elliott St Springfield 
Mass ; AB Smith 

Alden, Louise gr 105 E 22; 1323 Dor- 
chester Rd Bklyn N Y ; AB Vassar 

Alderman, Maydelle b John Jay Hall ; 
McConnelsville Ohio 

Alderton, Walker Moore ed 600 W 
122; Canton Mo; AB Culver-Stock- 
ton College 



Alderwick, Edgar James e 1435 Ogden 

Alderwick, Edna Hooper e 1435 Ogden 

Aldous, Sheldon e 312 Gregory Av 

Passaic N J 
Aldrich, Charles Merritt e 237 W 76 ; 

93 Smith St W Haven Conn 
Aldrich, Mary Elizabeth e 251 W 102; 

Crockett Tex 
Alemany, Joseph Bori gr 189 Clare-; 

mont Av 
D'Alessandro, Albert L c 419 E 114 
Alex, Constantine George e 55 W 109 
Alexa, Joseph W e 150 Pine St East 

Portchester Conn 
Alexander, Abraham e Hotel Claridge 
Alexander, Adele Richmond b 16 E 

Alexander, Bronson Hayes c 600 W 

Alexander, Edward e 115 W 129 
Alexander, George Francis e 525 W 

Alexander, Grace Merrill ed 99 Clare- 

mont Av ; 671 Auburn Av Buffalo 

N Y 
Alexander, Harvey Joseph e 385 Cen- 
tral Park West 
Alexander, Harriet b 789 West End 

Alexander, Kenneth Dade e Ansonia 

Alexander, Lillian Mary pa 425 W 

118; 217 Angier Av Atlanta Ga 
Alexander, Louis e 820 E 168 
Alexander, Shepard Lee c 327 Central 

Park West 
Alexandre, Emanuel S gr 420 W 119; 

BCS New York 
Alfau, Luis Felipe gr 540 W 136; AB 

All, Fred Hunter / Allendale -S C; 

BS Clemson College, MS Wisconsin 
Allan, Mrs. Mary E G e 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Milton-on-Hudson N Y; 

AB Vassar 
Allen, Bertram Stone e 30 Church St ; 

Warren Pa 
Allen, Charles Howard Jr c Hartley 

Hall; 387 East Center St Marion O 

Allen, Charlotte Mary e 9 W 83 ; 642 

W 10 Erie Pa 
Allen, Clyda Benton pa 416 W 118; 

402 E Eighth St Pawhuska Okla 
Allen, Dora Simser ed 58 W 37 ; 60 

N Main St Massina N Y 
Allen, Eleanor May / Furnald Hall ; 

560 N Holliston Av Pasadena Cal; 

AB Leland Stanford Jr 
Allen, Elza Marize e 13 Mt Morris 

Park West 
Allen, Ethan Newell bu 565 W 113; 

436 Fifth St Toledo O 
Allen, Ethel pa 620 W 122 ; 206 Eighth 

Av Salt Lake City Utah 
Allen, Ethel Maude e 16 Fifth Av Port 

Washington N Y 
Allen, Everett Frazee e 420 W 121; 

330 Pine Av South Amboy N J 
Allen, Grace Amelia ed 226 West- 
chester Av Mt Vernon N Y; 165 W 

Fourth St Oswego N Y 
Allen, Harold Lambert e 21 Claremont 

Av; LLB New York 
Allen, Harold Michael e 204 E 84 
Allen, Jane C pa 509 W 121 ; 1010 

Selling Bldg Portland Oreg 
Allen, John Edward e 70 Morningside 

Allen, Lylias Busby b 506 W 113 
Allen, Morrison Rogers e 25 Hancock 

Allen, Ruth pa 620 W 122; 206 Eighth 

Av Salt Lake City Utah 
Allen, Sheila Foster ed 354 W 122; 

BA Smith 
Allen, Theophilus Powell m 400 W 57; 

Milledgeville Ga 
Allen Jr, Thomas G e 575 Bergen St 

Bklyn N Y 
Allen, Virginia Cullom ed 509 W 121 
Allen, Wallace R e 615 W 150 
Allenstein, Martin e 548 W 113; 510 

S Crouse Av Syracuse N Y 
Allensworth, Donald Chase c Living- 
ston Hall; 161 N Farnham St Gales- 
burg 111 
Aller, Bessie Miller e 120 Riverside Dr 
Ailing, Jane Gordon e 131 W 95 
Ailing, Mrs Willis c 151 W 105 
Allinson, Zella pa 536 Win 



Allison, James Gilmore e 417 W 121 ; 
149 Second St Grove City Pa 

Allyn, Hazel e 120 W 103; 1241 Quen- 
nipiac Av New Haven Conn 

Alme-Hansen, Alfred e 1 S William ; 
7716 Fourth Ave Bklyn N Y 

Alonson, Jose Julian m 5 W 101 ; Baya- 
mon, Porto Rico 

Alper, Maxwell £ 715 Cauldwell Av 

Alper, Michael c 19 E 98 

Alpern, David gr 13 10 Fifth Av Pitts- 
burgh Pa; AB Pittsburgh 

Alpern, Herman David e 796 E 175 

Alpern, Hymen gr 1 E 119; AB C C 
N Y 

Alperstein, Bernard Benjamin c 2> 2 7 
Sheffield Av Bklyn N Y 

Alt, George Terence e 575 Riverside 

Altchek, Emanuel c 64 E 116 

Altheimer, Alan Julian c 548 W 114; 
1 80 1 Arch St Little Rock Ark 

Althen, Otto e 428 E 89 

Altkrug, Louis Joseph c 226 Hart St 
Bklyn N Y 

Altschul, Francisco Jose m 501 W 178; 
BS Columbia 

Altschul, Herman Joseph e 2467 Valen- 
tine Av 

Altschul, Sylvan Albert e 464 Riverside 

Altshuler, Robt S c 564 W 160 

Alvarado, Ernestina M ed 2788 Broad- 
way; 8a Cordoea 131 Mexico City; 
BD Mexico University 

Alvord, Dorothy Buell pa Whittier 
Hall; 901 Landis Av Vineland N J 

Alvord, Ellsworth Chapman / Kent 
Hall; 1 3 15 Shepherd St NW Wash- 
ington D C ; AB Wisconsin 

Alvord, Gladys Mary e Westbury L I ; 
1022 Euclid Av Syracuse N Y 

Alvord, Helen Claire pa 537 W 121 ; 
Kirkville N Y 

Alzamora, Lucia Blanca Victoria b 320 
W 91 

Alzona, Encarnacion gr Furnald Hall ; 
Lucena, Tayabas, Philippines; MA 
Univ of the Philippines, AM Radcliffe 

Amazon, Peter m 645 Stone Av Bklyn 
N Y; AB Columbia 

Ambler, Robert Alan ed 78 Elwood St 

Ambrose, Anthony tn 71 Congress St 
Newark N J 

Ambrose, Georgie Alexine e 660 River- 
side Dr ; Nashville Tenn 

Ambrose, George Edward e 576 Bergen 
St Newark N J 

Amdier, Ida e Esplanade Mt Vernon 
N Y; LLB New York 

Amdur, Leon H mec Livingston Hall ; 
278 Hooper St Bklyn N Y; AB Co- 

Amelkin, Solomon S c 255 Boerum St 
Bklyn N Y 

Ames, Helen Beatrice e Butterick Pub- 
lishing Co Spring and McDougal Sts ; 
33 Bank St 

Ames, Leonard Swaim c 468 Riverside 

Ames, Mary E pa 509 W 121 ; Stough- 
ton Wis 

Amill, Luis Antonio m 346 W 57 ; May- 
aquez Porto Rico ; BS Columbia 

Ammermilier, Gertrude Veronica b 
420 W 130 

Amos, Mary Boon gr 420 W 121 ; For- 
syth Ga 

Amrhein, Alexander Anderson e 2467 
Valentine Av 

Anastos, Spyros D e 510 W 124 

Anchester, Etta ed 736 W 181; 421 
Webster PI Milwaukee Wis 

Anders, Charles Glenn c 56 W 50 

Anderson, Aubrey Kamp c Livingston 
Hall; 1538 Crenwell St Shreveport 

Andersen, Alfred e 527 W 124 

Anderson, A Marie ed 195 Claremont ; 
1011 Grant St Madison Wis; AB 

Anderson, Alexander Scott e 318 W 54; 
Glasgow Scotland 

Anderson, Alvin Eurenius e 120 Broad- 
way ; 70 Fifth St Ridgefield Park N J 

Anderson, Mrs Caroline Radcliffe ed 
420 W 121 ; Bryn Mawr Apts Natchez 

Anderson, Charles C e 334 Fifth Ave; 
396 First St Bklyn N Y 

Anderson, Ewen Cameron c 627 W 115 



Anderson, Eylan Joyce ed 191 Passaic 
Av Passaic N J ; Summit Ga 

Anderson, Harold Stephen m 729 E 
Division St Cadillac Mich ; AB Har- 

Anderson, Henry Hill / 204 W no; 
AB Yale 

Anderson Jr, Isaac Howard / 318 W 
57; Fountain City Tenn ; LLB Ten- 

Anderson, James Lee c 479 16 Bklyn 
N Y 

Anderson, James Stephen e 165 Broad- 
way; 274 W 128 

Anderson, Julia Helen ed 145 Walnut 
St Paterson N J 

Anderson, Kate Bogue pa Whittier 
Hall; Avon N Y 

Anderson, Lena Caroline ed 74 Mc- 
Laren St Red Bank N J 

Anderson, Mrs Mary Powell ? 501 W 
121 ; Elsberry, Mo; AB, BS Missouri, 
AM Columbia 

Anderson, Minnie A ed Bancroft Hall ; 
Valley City N D ; BS Columbia 

Anderson, Raymond c 57 Danforth Av 
Jersey City N J 

Anderson, Raymond Lawrence ed 2100 
Lexington Av 

Anderson, Ruth Elisabeth e 520 W 122; 
Alva Okla; AB Denver 

Anderson, Ruth Matilda e 330 Park 
Av; Kearney Neb 

Anderson, Sarah Davis ed 730 Ave A 
Bayonne N J 

Anderson, Sigrid Sofia e 439 54, Bklyn 
N Y 

Anderson, William Decatur e 531 W 
113; 223 W Gregory St Pensacola 

Andersen, Minnie e 391 West End Av 

Andison, John Gordon gr 35 Claremont 
Av; 191 Sherbrooke St Winnipeg 
Canada ; AB Manitoba, AM Columbia 

Andrassy, Frank P e 76 William St ; 
314 Hancock St Bklyn N Y 

Andrees, Helen Marie e 530 Riverside 

Andreeyski, Lilian Broadhurst e 425 W 

Andres, Helen Grieves e Haskell N J ; 

154 E Fifth St Bloomsburg Pa 
Andrew, Lucy Brett e 15 Ivy Close 

Forest Hills L I 
Andrews, Arthur Douglass c Hartley 

Hall; 13 12 Woodland St Nashville 

Andrews David Zellner c 529 W 113; 

593 Riverside Dr 
Andrews, Delano I 30 E 60 ; AB Har- 
Andrews, Everett C e Masonic Club ; 

29 Euclid Av Quincy Mass 
Andrews, Florence Harris pa Whittier 

Hall; 204 N Clarke St Milledgeville 

Andrews, Helen Frances b 420 W 116 
Andrews, Joseph Lyon c 1155 Park Av 
Andrews, Leah Bell ed 403 W 115; 404 

W 1 1 Austin Tex ; AB Texas 
Andrews, Leonora Louise b 220 W 107 
Andrews, Minerva Esther e 170 Orange 

Av Irvington N J 
Andreyko, George c 1181 Tinton Av 
Anello, Vincent m 160 Lorimer St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Anger, Gertrude ed 72 E 122; AB 

Angilly, Arthur Oliver e 215 W 2$; 14 

Van Buren St Providence R I 
Anglin, Edmund Lawrence e 2376 Ryer 

Angus, William Newton c 161 W 105 
Anker, Lewis Mann e 3675 Broadway 
Ankerson, Mercedes e 236 W 15 
Anolick, Thomas Irving e 1046 De Kalb 

Anopol, Annie e 502 W 139 
Antay, Zoila Evangelina e Whittier 

Hall ; BPh San Marcos University 
Anthony, Elijah / Livingston Hall ; 

Jamestown R I ; AB Brown 
Anthony, Robert Warren gr 313 Cum- 
berland St Bklyn ; AB Princeton 
Antine, William e 179 Hart St Bklyn 

N Y 
Antonelli, Vito N e 226 E 106 
Antoville, Solomon Walter c 61 W 74 
Apfel, Joseph Rufus c 322 E Fourth St 
Apgar, Ida Katherinc ed 19 Harding 

Rd Red Bank N J 



Apostolakos, Nicholas Peter c 310 E 

Appel, Hilda Elizabeth pa Whittier 

Hall ; 625 Hamilton St Allentown Pa 
Appel, Ronald B c 529 W 113; 82 Hale 

Av White Plains N Y 
Appelbaum, Charles c 548 W 114; 552 

W 156 
Appelbaum, Sam e 525 W 130; 727 

Hudson Av Rochester N Y 
Appelt, Rosalie Mabel e 647 Madison 

Av; AB Barnard 
Appert, Ella M e Allendale N J 
Applebaum, Cicely b 1880 Belmont Av 
Applebaum, Samuel Ahron e 319 E 13; 

360 Monroe St Passaic N J ; PhG 

Appleby, Edgar Townsend / 216 W 59; 

AB Columbia 
Appleby, Francis Storm J 216 W 59 ; 

AB Columbia 
Apter, Abraham m 32 W 111 ; 73 Can- 
ton St Hartford Conn; BS Columbia 
Apter, Julius e 14 W 60; 31 Kennedy 

St Hartford Conn ; LLB New York 
Apuli, Helmi Sophia ed 23 Beekman 

PI; Mountain Iron Minn 
Araki, Honsen gr 250 W 108; 1992 

Tsukurumichi-Mura Imyugun, Toya- 

maken, Japan ; AB Nichiren-shu Univ 
Araki, Frank S e 174 Third Av 
Arant, Lenna Elizabeth ed 130 Clare- 

mont Av ; Georgina Ala ; AB Wom- 
an's College of Alabama 
Arbaiza, Genaro Arthur e 524 W 169 
Arbaiza, John Manuel e 709 Flatbush 

Av Bklyn N Y; BS Buenos Aires 

Tech Inst 
Arbiter, Harold c 30 Hawthorne Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Arbiter, Rose M e 30 Hawthorne Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Archambault, James Joseph e 59 W 65 ; 

36 State St Waterbury Conn 
Archer, Emilie Walker e 72 W 82 
Archer, Mildred S ed 586 E 163 
Archibald, Helena Adelaide b 336 W 

Archibold, Virginia gr 468 Riverside 

Dr; AB Vassar 

Ardayne, Ewan c Morris Hall; 514 W 

Arent, Emma ed 523 W 121; Badger 

la ; AB Iowa State, AM Columbia 
Arent, Palmine ed 523 W 121 ; Badger 

la ; AB Iowa State Teachers College 
Argabrite, Newton Munday c 599 Will- 

ard Av Pelham Manor N Y 
d'Argy, Alice Augustine e 71 Alsop St 

Jamaica L I 
Arias, Jose Vicenti a 549 Riverside 

Dr ; Byoli Colombia 
Ariztia, Enrique mec 536 W 113; Huer- 

fanos 1724 Santiago Chile; CE Uni- 

versidad Catolica (Chile) 
Arkin, Anne Marian bu 430 W 118; 

Essex Conn 
Arkin, Elizabeth Celia e 430 W 118; 

Essex Conn 
Arkins, Frank Joseph e 610 Riverside 

Arkins, Mildred Lucille b 610 Riverside 

Arlinghaus, Elizabeth Mary ed 109 W 

Broadway ; 209 Jane St Weehawken 

N J 
Armada, Isidoro e 57 W 57 
Armagnac, Alden Packard c 375 Upper 

Mountain Av Upper Montclair N J 
Armore, Anthony John / 25 Fairview 

Terrace West New York N J ; AB 

C C N Y 
Armstrong, Edmund Francis e 412 E 

Armstrong, Elizabeth e 25 E 77 
Armstrong, Gertrude Elliott pa Seth 

Low Hall; 137 Mclntire Av Zanes- 

ville O 
Armstrong, Gladys Corllette e Green- 
wich Conn 
Armstrong, Helen pa 170 W 78 
Armstrong, Jessie Earle pa 317 W 45 

Perth Ont Canada 
Armstrong, Joseph William bu Morris 

Hall; R F D 5 Danbury Conn 
Armstrong, Myrell e 25 E 77 
Armstrong, Oscar Vance ed Bancroft 

Hall; Elkins W Va; AB Washington 

and Lee, AM Princeton 
Armstrong, Robert Helms c 536 W 114; 

114 W 118 



Armstrong, Rob't Raymond c Morris 

Hall ; Danbury Conn 
Armstrong, Ruth Wetherell c Atlantic 

Highlands N J ; Bangor Pa 
Arnadotter, Holmfridur ed 101 W 117; 

Reykjanik Iceland 
Arndt, Paul e 421 Charlotte PI Ever- 
green L I 
Arnheim Ernest Emanuel m 202 W 

106; AB Columbia 
Arnold, Gertrude Sarepta pa Whittier 

Hall; Rocky River O 
Arnold Henry Bass gr 215 W 23; BS 

Arnold, Mrs Jas Loring e 264 W 72 
Arnold, Margaret b John Jay Hall; 126 

N Hervey St Hope Ark 
Arnold, Marjorie b Portland Ore 
Arnold, Philip Justin e 265 McLean 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Arnold, Roy William c 143 W 85 
Arnston, Herbert Hayes ed 436 E 138; 

AB Pacific University 
Aronowsky, Celia e Furnald Hall ; 506 

So Colorado St Butte Mont 
Aronowsky, Sadie e 146 Lefferts PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Arons, Norman e 501 W 178 
Aronsohn, Rebecca e 456 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Aronson Bertha e 1649 Garfield St 
Aronson, Joseph a Hartley Hall; 955 

Lafayette Av Buffalo N Y 
Artale, Angelo A gr 160 Irving Av 

Bklyn N Y; BS C C N Y 
Artaserse, Bonnie e 548 Ocean Av 

Jersey City N J 
Arthur, Alan c Glenbrook Conn 
Arthur Jr, Chester Alan c Delta Phi 

Fraternity ; Carpintena, Cal 
Arthur, Helen Gertrude pa 709 W 170; 

2020 Francis Av Grand Rapids Mich 
Artiles, Juan Maroheco e Hotel Grand 

33 W 32 
Artley, Edith Marian e 360 W 28 ; 508 

E Washington St Frankfort Ind 
Artley, Ruth pa Bronxville NY; 13 

E 36 St Savannah Ga 
Artola, Adelaida e 605 W 181 
Arzt, Max gr 358 E Eighth St; BS 

C C N Y 

Asano, Kinbei gr 65 Broadway 

Asch, Emil e 45 Rush St Bklyn N Y; 

BS Cooper Union, LLB Brooklyn 

Law School 
Asch, Joseph e 41 Convent Av 
Ascher, Benjamin Edgar j 525 W 123; 

1425 Newton St Key West Fla 
Ascher, Charles Stern / 150 W 166; 

AB Columbia 
Asenko, Joseph bu 615 W 143 
Asey, Edith Ida e 505 W 122 
Ash, Henry e 37 Maiden Lane ; 55 Wil- 

let St 
Ash, Mary Louise gr 540 W 122; 1226 

Prince Av Athens Ga ; AB Agnes 

Scott College 
Ashcraft, Pat Pemberton pa Whittier 

Hall ; 600 Church St Monroe N C 
Asher, Paul e 86 Hillyer St East 

Orange N J ; Gosport Ind 
Ashland, William Berman e 473 St 

Ann's Av 
Ashley, Helen Carolyn gr 346 Lexing- 
ton Av ; AB Columbia 
Askinasi, Frances Naome e 1230 Brook 

Assanakis, George K e 244 Riverside 

Dr ; Imuros Greece 
Aste, Phyllis Antoinette e 2606 Mans- 
field PI Bklyn N Y 
Aste, Winifred Alicia e 2606 Mansfield 

PI Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia, AB St 

Aster, Florence e 316 So Fourth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Astor, Louis ed 410 W 115; 2505 

Washington Av Newport News Va ; 

BS Virginia 
Astropky, Ralph c 66 St Marks PI 
Atikian, Mesrob Dovsep bu 318 W 115 
Atkin, Rubin c 40 St Nicholas PI 
Atkins, Mildred Mary e 60 Crary Av 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Atkinson, Arthur Thomas / Mount 

Holly N J ; AB Amherst 
Atkinson, Ernst Albert gr Y M C A 5 

W 125; 871 So Grant St Denver 

Colo ; AB Denver 
Atkinson, Louise Sibley gr 196 Berkeley 

PI Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Atkinson, Margaret e 155 Riverside Dr 



Atkinson, Walter Edgar e 788 River- 
side Dr; AB New York 

Atwood, Carolyn ed 3 Elmcrest Ter- 
race Norwalk Conn; 113 Prospect St 
Northampton Mass ; AB Smith 

Au, Nai Sun c 54 Cathedral Parkway ; 
28 Range Rd Shanghai 

Aucamp, Anna Jacoba ed Whittier 
Hall ; Graspan, District Kimberley 
So Africa ; AB South Africa College 

Auerbach, Constance b 782 West End 

Auerbach, Irwin E e 315 W 79; AB 

Auerbach, Joseph A e 157 Vermilyea 
Av ; BS Cooper Union 

Aufses, Arthur Harold m 118 E 73; 
BS Columbia 

Augustine, Laurine Catherine pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 189 Queen St N Kitchener 

Augustowsky, David e 418 E 81 

Auslander, Charles S e 1447 Boston 

Auslander, Julius S e 1447 Boston Rd 

Austen, Nancy Virginia (Mrs) e 521 
W 122; Yokohama Japan 

Austin, Avis pa 209 W 107; 168 Chris- 
tiana St No Tonawanda N Y 

Austin, John Wight c 546 W 114 

Austin, Kenneth LeRoy e 18 William 

Austin, Louise e Furnald Hall ; Patter- 
son N Y 

Austin Jr, Robert Betts c 12 McKinley 
St Baldwin Harbor L I 

Austrian, Delia e Hotel Chatham ; PhB, 
BS Chicago 

Austrian, Mrs Nettie * 601 W 115 

Austrian, Samuel m 1047 Home St 

Autenrieth, Olga Marie 6 141 1 Crotona 

Avchen, Pauline pa Whittier Hall ; 207 
Hall Av Perth Amboy N J 

Averill, Porter Wheaton ed 710 Jersey 
Av Elizabeth N J ; AB Dartmouth 

Avery, Harriet e 106 Morningside Dr ; 
BS Columbia 

Avery, Mildred P ed Larchmont N Y; 
259 Flower Av W, Watertown N Y 

Avery, Warren e 213 Watchung Av 
Plainfield N J 

Avinante, Jorge Varias e 263 W 52 ; 

Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines 
Axel, Robert gr 952 E 156; BS C C 

N Y, AM Columbia 
Axelrad, Adolph / 40 E Third St; 460 

So Fourth E, Salt Lake City Utah 
Axelrad, Bernard Harry e 953 Av St 

Axelrod, Benjamin e 73 E Third St 
Axtell, Paul Henry ed 51 Mt Airy Rd 

Bernardsville N J ; AB Colgate 
Ayars, Christine Merrick e 609 11 

Bklyn N Y; 131 Davis Av Brookline 

Mass ; AB Boston University 
Ayer, Adelaide May ed 160 Claremont 

Av ; State Capitol Helena Mont 
Ayer, Dorothy May e 323 Huguenot 

St New Rochelle N Y ; 11 Sanborn 

St Winchester Mass 
Ayer, Esther Caroline e 323 Huguenot 

St New Rochelle N Y ; 1 1 Sanborn St 

Winchester Mass 
Ayres, Ira Hubert gr 615 W 162; 

1604^ Crawford St Houston Tex; 

AB Southwestern, MS Chicago 
Ayres, Louese B e 100 Morningside Dr 
Azold, Harold James gr 37 Wall St; 

611 S Tremont St Kewanee 111; AB 

Babb, Virginia Elizabeth e 13 Mt Mor- 
ris Park W 
Babbin, Abraham c 336 Ellery St Bklyn 

N Y 
Babcock, Elizabeth e 404 Sherman St 

Watertown N Y 
Babcock, Franklin Ona bn 85 Meadow 

Lane New Rochelle N Y; 1829 Ridge- 
wood Terrace Cedar Rapids la 
Babcock, Mrs Harriet S B ed 468 

Riverside Dr ; The Mindens Provi- 
dence R I 
Babcock, Marie Crosby e 227 W Second 

St Mount Vernon N Y ; BS Berea 
Babcock, Mary Floyd ed 327 George 

St New Brunswick N J ; 46 Sefton 

Dr Edgewood R I 
Bach, Monroe Louis e 700 Westchester 

Bachman, Esther e 24 E 99 
Bachrach, Alfred Ralph e 74 E 92 
Bachrach, Herbert H c 74 E 92 



Bachrach, Sherman e 501 W no 
Backus, Clinton Davis / 520 Park Av ; 

AB Yale 
Backus, Mary Alice b Brooks Hall ; 320 

E 49 St Savannah Ga 
Backenstoe, Gerald Seler c 419 W 115; 

500 Chestnut St Emans Pa 
Bacon, Clifford gr 600 W 122; Wilton 

Jet la; AB Cornell College Iowa 
Bacon, Margaret Howell ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 162 Queen Lane Ger- 

mantown Pa ; AB Bryn Mawr 
de Bacourt, Aymar c 103 W 84 
Bade, Herbert Ernest e Glen Head L I 
Bader, Edith May ed 106 Morningside 

Dr; 711 Sixth Av Terre Haute Ind ; 

AB Indiana State Normal School 
Baehr, Robert Sheridan c 62 Winfield 

Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Baer, Lawrence Henry / Livingston 

Hall; AB Columbia 
Baer, Lewis Saunders / 5314 Waterman 

Av St Louis Mo; AB Yale 
Baeza, Madeline A pa 839 West End 

Baggett, Shelley e Pleasantville N Y 
Bagley, Adele Blanche e 19 W 132 
Bagley, Alfred James G e 869 Jefferson 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Bagley, Bessie e 1600 Madison Av 
Bagley, Helen Goltra e 382 Wadsworth 

Av; AB Willamette 
Bagley, John Burnham c 41 Petersville 

Rd New Rochelle N Y 
Bagley, Thomas Bradford / Morris 

Hall; Columbus Ga; BS Georgia 
Bagnell, Gilbert M e 15 Kenmore PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Bagster-Collins, Robert Denzil c 614 W 

113 ; Montrose N Y 
Bahadurji, Goolbai ed Whittier Hall ; 

21 Frere Road Fort, Bombay India; 

AB Bombay University 
Bahret, Ruth Alma gr 7 Gramercy Pk; 

AB Vassar 
Baier, Reginald Munson e 170 W 85 
Bailey, Howard Christopher e 21 N 

Tenth Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Bailey, Alfred Jones e 868 St Johns PI 

Bklyn N Y 

Bailey, Francis Trowbridge c 420 River* 

side Dr 
Bailey, Margaret Collins pa 244 W 72 ; 

7 Av W Hendersonville N C 
Bailey, Theodore Warren e 2344 Uni- 
versity Av 
Bailey, Wiltse Knapp e 362 Riverside 

Dr; Hopewell Jet N Y 
Bailin, Julius m 175 St Nicholas Av; 

AB Columbia 
Baillard, Hamilton c 15 W 88 
Bain, Lois e Latham House ; Portland 

Baird, Alexander e 101 Ivy St Kearny 

N J 
Baird, Edith Black b 733 South St 

Elizabeth N J 
Baird, Mabel Martha pa Bancroft Hall ; 

Nampa Idaho 
Baird, Mary Maria ed Seth Low Hall ; 

Cherryvale, Kan ; BS Kansas State 

Agricultural College 
Baird, Sara Bishop b John Jay Hall ; 

3802 Maplewood Av Dallas Tex 
Baird, Wm Gordon c 434 W 120; South 

Highlands Shreveport La 
Baird, Wm James ed 526 W 123; 7226 

Third Av N Birmingham Ala; AB 

Baird, Mrs Wm James ed 526 W 123; 

7226 Third Av N Birmingham Ala 
Baiz, Estella e 415 Jefferson Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Baker, Beatrice e 790 Riverside Dr 
Baker, Bessie pa 114 Morningside Dr ; 

511 Roland Av Roland Park, Md 
Baker, Dorothy b 3 Prospect Terrace 

Park Hill Yonkers N Y 
Baker, Elizabeth Faulkner gr 102 

Greenwich Av ; 105 E Fifth St Aber- 
deen Wash ; BL California, AM Co- 
Baker, Ethel Howard ed n E 51; 

Winterport Me ; AB Cornell 
Baker, (Mrs) Ethel Smith gr 610 W 

147; AB Toledo University 
Baker, Frances pa Whittier Hall ; 72 

Foster St New Bedford Mass 
Baker, Frank Clyde gr 537 W 121 ; AB 

Oberlin, BD Yale, LLB N Y Law 

School, LLM NYU 



Baker, Frank Lee ed 63 Radford St 

Yonkers N Y; AB Syracuse, AM 

Baker, Franklin Hallman e 132 State 

St Bklyn N Y; 5405 Westford Rd 

Olney Park Philadelphia Pa; AB 

LLB U of Penn 
Baker, Harry William e 56 Carter St 

Rochester N Y 
Baker, Isadore L e 22 E 112 
Baker, John Milton / 154 Hicks St 

Bklyn N Y ; 426 Glencoe Av High- 
land Park 111; AB Knox 
Baker, John Percy m 94 Livingston St 

Bklyn ; BS Columbia 
Baker, Lawrence Kip c Livingston Hall ; 

Park Hill Yonkers N Y 
Baker, Louise gr 101 Spring St Paw- 
tucket R I ; BS R I State 
Baker, Louise Hale b John Jay Hall ; 

123 Alsop St Jamaica N Y 
Baker, Margaret Emily ed 416 W 122; 

Lowell N C 
Baker, Mary Louise ed 256 Sickles Av 

New Rochelle N Y ; 94 Walnut St 

Lockport N Y 
Baker, Paul Earnest ed 86 Morningside 

Av ; 427 W Sycamore St Denton 

Tex; AB Trinity University 
Baker, Reginald Perkins pa 63 Fifth 

Av New Rochelle N Y 
Bakhtian, Abol Ghasem c Hartley Hall ; 

American High School, Teheran, 

Bakove, Samuel ;' 188 Norfolk St 
Balarezo, Hortensia gr Whittier Hall ; 

Quito, Ecuador S A; AB Smith 
Balarezo, Zoila e 417 W 118; Quito, 

Ecuador S A 
Balbach, Louis James bit Hartley Hall ; 

529 W 113 
Balbin, Florinda gr 8804 Ridge Blvd 

Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 
Balch, Earle Henry e 2 W 45 ; 45 W 

49 ; AB Minnesota 
Balch, William A c 116 Midland Av 

Montclair N J 
Balder, Helen Frances b Flushing Av 

Hollis L I 
Baldwin, Arthur Henry e 28 Winans 

St East Orange N J 

Baldwin, Elizabeth Marcia e 567 War- 
ren St Newark N J 

Baldwin, Franklin Mosher / 35 Fifth 
Av; PhB Hamilton 

Baldwin, George E ed Spring Valley 
N Y; AB N Y State College for 

Baldwin, Helen Leona e 59 Gerry Av 
Elmhurst L I; Groton N Y 

Baldwin, Henry Skinner ed 536 W 114; 
144 Main St Hyannis Mass 

Baldwin, Lillian L e 614 W 12 Marion 

Baldwin, Marshall Whithed c Hartley 
Flail; 520 W 114 

Balentine, Susan Louise e 414 W 118; 
3906 Morrison St Chevy Chase Wash- 
ington D C; BS George Washington 

Balet, Jean Virtue pa 335 Garden Av 
Mount Vernon N Y 

Ball, Harriet Elizabeth ed 323 Hugue- 
not St New Rochelle N Y 

Ball, Helen Elizabeth b Brooks Hall; 
43 Boylen Av South Orange N J 

Ball, Irene e 195 Broadway; 309 Kos- 
suth St Weekawken N J 

Ball, I Grace ed 189 Claremont Av; 
McFarland Cal ; BS Columbia 

Ball, Josephine Martha b 610 Riverside 
Dr; Louvcers Colo 

Ballantyne, Mary Ethelwyn pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; 34 Dunvegan Rd Toronto 

Ballard, Lyman Jay e 175 Claremont 
Av; 1 103 E Washington St Ann Ar- 
bor Mich; BS Michigan 

Bailer, Melvin David c 2144 Seventh 

Ballou, Fannie Lillian ed 130 Clare- 
mont Av ; 723 W Lovell St Kalama- 
zoo Mich 

Balson, Zachary David Boris m 47 
Boston St Newark N J; BS Columbia 

Bame, Pauline pa Whittier Hall; Mill- 
erton N Y 

Bamman, Martin John e 154 So Broad- 
way White Plains N Y 

Bammann, George e 3202 Third Av 

Bancroft, Ada Willard gr American 
Museum of Natural History ; 6 Glen 
Road Winchester Mass; AB Welles- 



Bang, Gladys Huss e Byram Shore 
Port Chester N Y 

Bang, Henry Robert c 28 Center Av 
Lynbrook N Y 

Bang, Laura Marie b John Jay Hall ; 
Byram Shore Port Chester N Y 

Bangs, Clare W PI / 557 W 124; Col- 
lege Park Huntington Ind ; BPd AB 
Tri-State, AM Huntington 

Bangs, George Harold e 1026 84 Bklyn 
N Y; BS Columbia 

Bangs, Nesbitt Hoyt gr 430 W 119; AB 

Bank, Herbert Theodore e 106 W 113; 
470 Bedford Av Bklyn N Y 

Bank, Walter Frank c 307 E 52 

Banker, Edwin Harry e 9 Archer PI 
Tarrytown N Y 

Banker, Horace Grant e 2664 Briggs 

Banker, Ransom Grant e 2664 Briggs 
Av; LLB New York 

Banker, Vincent Louelwyn e 53 Jeffer- 
son Av Bklyn N Y 

Banks, Katharine Yergen gr Furnald 
Hall; Columbia Miss; AB Missis- 
sippi State College for Women 

Banta, John Dill e 1920 Anthony Av 

Barach, Samuel William e 59 E 101 

Barasch, Anna e 54 Morningside Dr 

Baratta, Conrad Harry c 207 E 126 

Barbash, Jacob e 285 Fourth St Jersey 
City N J 

Barber, Alvin c Katonah N Y 

Barber, Erica e 1008 Woodycrest Av 

Barber, Florence Gertrude gr 633 W 
152 ; AB Columbia 

Barber, George Holbrook m 57 So Ox- 
ford St Bklyn N Y ; AB Washington 
and Lee, BS Columbia 

Barber Jr, Laird Howard e 318 W 57; 
Mauch Chunk Pa; LittB Princeton 

Barber, Sara M e 1395 Dean St Bklyn 
N Y; AB Adelphi 

Barbosa, Manuel Alfredo c 257 W 111 ; 
San Juan Porto Rico 

Barclay, Thomas Swain gr 424 W 119; 
44 1 1 McPherson Av St Louis Mo; 
AB AM Missouri 

Bardack, Claire e 3660 Broadway 

Bardack, Milton Irvine e 555 W 151 

Barit, Hannah e 25 E 99 

Barker, Ophelia Sue pa 401 W 118; 

Milton N C 
Barker, Rebecca ed Cliffdale Farm 

Croton-on-Hudson N Y; 1851 E 97 

Cleveland Ohio 
Barker, Ruth Esther e 8 Vinall Court 

Tarrytown N Y ; Jamesville N Y ; 

AB Syracuse 
Barker, Wallace MacFarland c 608 W 

113; 45 Greenwood Av East Orange 

N J 
Barling, Gertrude Marie e 704 Madison 

St Bklyn N Y 
Barlow, Alice W pa 434 W 120 
Barlow, Frederic Briggs e Tuckahoe 

N Y 
Barnaby, Catharine Corwin pa 3804 Av 

J Bklyn N Y 
Barnard, Caroline M pa Whittier Hall ; 

107 Piatt St Tampa Fla 
Barnes, Dorothy Hampton e 43 E 50 
Barnes, Flavel / Furnald Hall; 301 N 

Neimescah St Pratt Kan ; AB North- 
Barnes, F A Duncan m 612 W 116; AB 

Barnes, Gladys Orme e 200 W no; 

AB, AM Columbia 
Barnes, Joyce ed 578 Jersey Av Jersey 

City N J ; Rupert Idaho ; AB Cornell 

Barnes, Leigh D gr 166 State St Hack- 

ensack N J ; New Brunswick N J ; 

AB Adelphi 
Barnes, Louise DeVoe e 426 Park 

Hill Av Yonkers N Y 
Barnes, William Victor e 259 81 Bklyn 

N Y; Guinda Cal 
Barnetson, Amy Browning cd 509 W 

121 ; 5 Willard St Belmont N Y 
Barnett, Edith e Woodmere L I ; AB 

Barnett, Jr, De Warren Beauregard e 

yi Broad St Newark N J 
Barnett, Stella c 1046 Amsterdam Av; 

Crawfordsville la; PhB la Wesleyan 
Barnett, Marion pa 219 W Si 
Barnhard, Sarah c 2060 Mapcs Av 
Barnitz, Helen Cashman pa Whittier 

Hall; New Oxford Pa 



Barns, Susie Rebecca e Woodmere L I ; 

Chatham Hill Va 
Baron, Belle e 143 W 73 
Baron, Joseph Vincent «YMCA Bldg 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Baron, Maurice mec 892 E Eighth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Baronsky, Paul e 886 Longwood Av 
Barr, Allan Milton e 417 W 120 
Barr, Robert William e 222 W 13 
Barranco, Manuel ed 511 W 152; Mex- 
ico City Mex; BS MA PhD Columbia 
Barre, Myrtle A e 414 W 121 ; 5436 

Avondale St Pittsburgh Pa 
Barrenechea, Guillermo e 602 W 137; 

11 Durango 197 Mexico City Mex 
Barreto, Ramon e 51 E 42 ; Lima Peru 
Barrett, Albert Oliver c Pleasantville 

N Y 
Barrett, Alice A e 604 W 115; AB 

Barrett, Alston Thurber e 35 Carlton 

St East Orange N J 
Barrett, Bessie Ruddy ed 51 Eppirt St 

East Orange N J 
.Barrett, Elliott Pierce c 225 W 120 
Barrett, Francoise Hildagarde e 269 

Pennington Av Passaic N J ; High 

St Caribou Me 
Barrett, Frederick Douglas c 64 Lafay- 
ette PI Greenwich Conn 
Barrett, Georgia May ed Bancroft Hall ; 

Athens Ga ; BS Columbia 
Barrett, Herbert J R a 538 VV 114; 

Laurelton LINY 
Barrett, M Irene e 601 W 164; 34 

Fairfield Av South Norwalk Conn 
Barrett, Isabel Hildreth gr Scarsdale 

N Y; AB Adelphi 
Barrett, Margaret gr 411 Gregory Av 

West Orange N J ; AB St Elizabeth 
Barrett, Raymond Lathrop m 8 E Third 

St; Millerton N Y; BS Dartmouth 
Barrie, Margaret Joiner c 189 Bowers 

St Jersey City N J 
Barris, Chester A e 610 W 152 
Barrners, Ruth Marie ed Westwood 

N J ; AB Hunter 
Barroilhet, Carlos Ricardo e 28 W 83 
Barron, Lilla Lea e 1560 Amsterdam 

Av; 43 Kirkland St Cambridge Mass 

Barrows, Mrs Bernice Esther ed 3099 
Broadway; Carver Mass; BS Colum- 

Barrows, Chester Leonard gr 167 El- 
liott St Bklyn N Y; BS Boston Uni- 

Barrows, Ella J ed Montclair Academy 
Montclair N J 

Barrows, Tessie e 428 Central Park 
W; AB Columbia 

Barrus, Lena Wakefield ed 519 W 121 ; 
Lithia Mass ; BS Columbia 

Barry, Bernice M E e 330 Highwood 
Av Leonia N J; 41 Mascot St Dor- 
chester Mass 

Barry, Helen Agnes ed 226 Westfield 
Av Elizabeth N J 

Barry, Jean Fraser bu Livingston 
Hall; 3021 Holmes St Dallas Tex 

Barry Jr, John Lavallen e 44 Whitehall 
St; 211 Clinton Av Jersey City N J; 
ME Stevens Tech 

Barsky, George gr 2 W 94 ; BS, ChE 

Barsom, Racine George gr 414 W 121 ; 
Harpoot, Armenia ; AB Clark 

Barstow, Ruth Alden e 50 Nevins St 
Bklyn N Y; 318 W Earlham Terrace 
Germantown Philadelphia Pa 

Barta, Dorothy Anna b 208 Macon St 
Bklyn N Y 

Barth, August ^4112 Ferris St Wood- 
haven L I ; BS Columbia 

Barth, John Lawrence e 117 Walnut 
St Bloomfield N J 

Bartha, Nicholas Paul m 353 E 56 

Barthelmess, Harriet May ed Seth Low 
Hall; 16 Fremont St Somerville Mass 

Bartholomew, Albert John ed Y M C A 
Summit N J; 616 North Cayuga St 
Ithaca N Y; AB Colgate 

Bartholow, Roberts Otho c 633 W 115; 
114 S Eighth Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Bartlett, Bryant Chadeayme c Hartley 
Hall ; 208 Coram Av Shelton Conn 

Bartlett, Glenn C bu; BS Kansas Nor- 
mal College 

Bartlett, Marion Fuller ed 10 May St 
New Rochelle N Y; Walpole N H; 
AB Smith 



Bartlett, Marion Rachel pa 237 Lexing- 
ton Av Passaic N J ; Orleans Vt 

Bartlett, Nancy e 344 W 84; 302 Lau- 
rens St Olean N Y 

Bartlett, William Hartnell ed 420 W 
119; North Scituate Mass; AB Har- 

Bartley, Marie Louise pa Whittier 
Hall; 45 Neptune Av New Rochelle 
N Y 

Bartley, R Ella M e 235 Washington 
Av Newark N J 

Barto, Everett Wheeler I 14 Maurice 
Av Ossining N Y ; AB Columbia 

Bartoli, Joseph Farair e 125 E 106 

Barton, Addie Louise e 15 Cole Ter- 
race New Rochelle N Y 

Barton, Evelyn Oakley e 452 Riverside 
Dr; 417 Cedar St Boonton N J 

Barton, Helen C e 431 W 121; AB 

Barton, Nothera Nefeu e 20 E 60; 
Denton Tex 

Barton, Sarah Davis pa Whittier Hall ; 
Brookville, Pa 

Bar wick, Henrietta Josephine e 55 
Meadow Lane New Rochelle N Y 

Basa, Feliciano e 61 W 106; 312 Lara 
Manila P I 

Bash, Carl Edward ed 249 Woodbine 
St Bklyn N Y; AB De Pauw 

Baskett, Amelia Taubman gr Furnald 
Hall; 1 521 Franklin Av Lexington 
Mo; AB Central College 

Bass, James Gordon e 254 W 74 

Bass, Samuel e 980 Tiffany St 

Basset, Elsie b 401 W n8; BS Sim- 

Bassett, Arthur Church e 440 Riverside 
Dr; Bridgewater Mass 

Bassett, Howard Murray / 17 16 New- 
kirk Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Amherst 

Bassett, Irene e 416 W 122; Blooming- 
ton 111 ; BS 111 Wesleyan 

Bassler, Katharine Russell b Brooks 
Hall ; 5601 Tompkins Av Cincinnati O 

Batch, Elizabeth pa 117 Wadsworth Av 

Bates, Emma Gertrude e 98-100 Haven 

Bates, Helen Oliphant e 612 W 115; 
301 E Cypress San Antonio Tex 

Bates, Leah Levin b John Jay Hall ; 
Franklinville N Y 

Bates, Lucy Marie pa 156 W 12; 118 
Herald Av Richmond Hill L I 

Bath, Marian Inez e 425 W 118; Mun- 
cie Ind 

Battelle Jr, Eugene Erie c 476 Haw- 
thorne Av Yonkers N Y 

Batterson, Florence gr 9 Rutgers PI 
Passaic N J ; AB Smith 

Battreall, Esther pa 320 W 107; 924 
N 24 St Joseph Mo 

Bauer, Amelia Cecelia pa 133 Union 
Av Irvington N J 

Bauer, Charles Edward c 429 W 117; 
17 Grand St Poughkeepsie N Y 

Bauer, Frank William e 311 W 141 

Bauer, Fred William e 125 Irving St 
Rahway N J 

Bauer, George Henry e 325 W 13 

Bauer, Joseph William ed 540 W 122; 
Worthville Ky ; AB Georgetown Col- 

Bauer, Jules L e 216 W 18; 169 Hor- 
ton Av New Rochelle N Y 

Bauer, Morris Kermit c 1823 83 Bklyn 
N Y 

Baum, Doris £ 2133 Daly Av 

Baum, Evelyn Putzel pa Whittier Hall ; 
3216 Diamond St Philadelphia Pa 

Baum, Herman e 57 Vermilyea Av 

Baum, Sadie e 2133 Daly Av 

Bauman, Harold Maurice Adams c 146 
E 35 

Bauman, Wm G e 142 Woodland Av 
New Rochelle N Y; LLB Washing- 
ton Univ 

Baumann, Mrs E Ludwig e 216 W 89 

Baumann, Blanche Rose e 77 E 89 

Baumann, Edith Hortense e 77 E 89 ; 
AB Columbia 

Baumann, William Arthur e 2472 Mar- 
ion Av 

Baumeiste, Fred e 2850 Bainbridge Av 

Baumeister Jr, Theodore vice 53 2 W 
150; BS C C N Y 

Baumgart, llulda e 557 Van Cortlandt 
Park Av Yonkers N Y 



Baumgold (Mrs J), Anna Marie e 725 

Riverside Dr 
Baumler, Gertrude Elizabeth e 1234 

Madison Av 
Bausch, Carlton E e 245 S Fifth Av 

Mount Vernon N Y; 51 Rolling St 

Lynbrook LINY 
Bawden, William Church c Livingston 

Hall; 25 Riverside Av Red Bank 

N J 
Bawer, Sadie e 346 E 173 
Baxter, Caroline Agatha ed 75 Prince 

St Jamaica Plains Mass 
Baxter, Isabelle Rankin pa 4640 Broad- 
Baxter, Mary Cecilia e 143 W 84; AB 

Bay, Theodosia C b 43 Burnett St 

Maplewood N J 
Bayer, Beatrice e 1141 Fox St 
Bayer, Bertha e 446 E 85 
Bayer, Ethel pa 1047 Morris Av 
Bayer, Helen e 225 W 86 
Bayers, Benjamin e 1004 Simpson St 
Baynham, Margaret e 56 W 75 ; Rich-* 

mond Va 
Bazar, David e 531 Cleveland St Bklyn 

N Y; BS New York 
Bazinet, Adele b 1228 Amsterdam Av ; 

501 W 122 
Beach, Bessie Marie bu Furnald Hall ; 

319 First Av Frankfort N Y 
Beach, Dorothea pa Bancroft Hall; 319 

Union St Bangor Me; BS Simmons 
Beach, Francis Joseph e 489 Fifth Av ; 

679 Madison St West New York N J 
Beach, Jane pa 11 04 Ditmas Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Beahan, Charles Joseph c 110 E 30; 

Ogden Av Clearfield Pa 
Beals Jr, John David / 333 W 84; AB 

Beal, Owen Franklin gr 525 W 124; 

470 Douglas Av Salt Lake City Utah ; 

AB, AM Utah 
Beam, John Cooke gr 552 15th Av 

Paterson N J ; BS Princeton, EM Co- 
Beam, Susan H ed Denville N J 
Bean, Mary Weed pa Seth Low Hall ; 

Buhl Minn 

Beard, Howard Horace gr 1524 Laurel 
St Columbia S C ; BS South Carolina 

Beard, Mary Louise ed 530 W 123; 
Shelton Conn; AB Mt Holyoke 

Beard, Miriam Lockwood b Brooks 
Hall; New Milford Conn 

Bearman, Benjamin Lester e 600 W 115 

Beaton, Charlotte Palmer ed 418 W 
118; 102 Richmond Av Buffalo N Y; 
BS Columbia 

Beattie, Kenneth Wilfred / 2487 Grand 

Beattie, Marye c 601 W 110; 51 So 
Barksdale St Memphis Tenn 

Beaver, David John gr Havemeyer 
Hall; 310 Victory Av Schenectady 
N Y; BS Union, AM Columbia 

Beaver, Jacob Julius gr Havemeyer 
Hall; 310 Victory Av Schenectady 
N Y; BS Union, AM Columbia 

Beaver, John e 3263 Hull Av 

Bebarfald, Anne e 1834 Crotona Av ; 
AB Hunter 

Becchinor, Francis V e 325 So Second 
Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Bechler, Ambrose Charles e 34 Emmett 
St Newark N J 

Bcchtcl, Helen Walker ed 237a Kear- 
ny Av Perth Amboy N J 

Bechtold, Jessie Augusta c 5 Lawrence 
St Yonkers N Y 

Beck, Betty Goodloe gr 519 W 121; 
Cody Wyo ; AB Wyoming 

Beck, Isabelle m 546 W 124; AB 

Beck, Josephine S pa 270 Park Av 

Beck, Lucy Sawyer e 71 Central Park 
West ; 60 Frederick St Akron O 

Beck, Margaret Milne gr 19 W 93; AB 

Beck, Morris e 68 Marshall St Eliza- 
beth N J 

Beck, Stephen Joseph e 234 E 35 

Beck, William Jennings e 432 W 124; 
Hunter Okla ; BS Okla, A & M Col- 

Becker, Arthur Valentine e 128 Hugue- 
not St New Rochelle N Y 

Becker, Beatrice L b 145 W 78 

Becker, Edmond William e 506 W 173 

Becker, Grace H b 322 W 85 



Becker, Jennie jr 32 W 112; AB Cor- 
Becker, Emma Agnes e 9513 116 Rich- 
mond Hill NY 
Becker, Harold Randolph e 689 E 224 
Becker, Louis c 22$ Monroe St 
Becker, Louis / 1952 Amsterdam Av ; 
PhB New York, AM, LLB Columbia 

Becker, Martin e 1222 Boynton Av 

Beckerman, Bernard ed 701 Howard 
Av Bklyn N Y; BS Cornell 

Beckett, Harry Charles e 40 W 93 

Beckett, Nannie Coleman bu 40 W 93 

Beckham, Albert Sidney gr 2449 Sev- 
enth Av ; AB Lincoln Univ, AB, AM 
Ohio State 

Beckley, Eddis Stocking e Furnald 
Hall; 553 Broad St Meriden Conn 

Beckmann, Henry e 601 E 170 

Beebe, Clara Haskell e 78 Rutledge Av 
East Orange N J 

Beebe, Katharine pa 425 W 117 

Beerman, Philip e 1258 Boston Rd 

Beers, Bertha Cornelia pa 416 E 122; 
15 De Pauw Av New Albany Ind 

Beers, Jessie Addrienne b 1990 Bedford 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Beers, Paul Dudley e 7 W 129 

Behr, Henry D e 423 E 158 

Behrend, Frederick Frank c 321 How- 
ard Av Tompkinsville S I N Y 

Behrensmeyer, Marguerite pa Whittier 
Hall; 425 S 14 Quincy 111 

Beilenson, Joseph c 10 Pinehurst Av 

Beiler, Florence e 519 W 121 ; AB 
Boston University 

Bein, Florence e 700 Riverside Dr ; 
1 90 1 Franklin Blvd Portsmouth O 

Beirne, Marie Genevieve gr 542 Dean 
St Bklyn N Y ; AB Hunter 

Beirne, Mary C e 229 W 148' 

Beisner, Mary E e 21 19 Glebe Av ; AB 

Beiswenger, Gustav Adam mec 1533 
Commonwealth Av 

I 'tit cl, I hie n S e 315 W 94 

Beith, Mac Belle b Washington Av 
Pelhamwood N Y 

Bekkedal, Darline Madclia bu Westby 

Belden, Alvin Ernest e Livingston Hall ; 
1509 S 13 Birmingham Ala; MD Ala- 

Belding, Clarence Edgar e 54 Morning- 
side Dr 

Belfatto P Ernest / 114 Johnson St 
Newark N J ; AB Harvard 

Belkin, James Tobias e 67 Hart St 
Bklyn N Y 

Bell, C Frederic e 551 W 190 

Bell, Candace Prentice e 19 Linden Av 
Englewood N J 

Bell, Celia M pa Seth Low Hall; 1805 
N Court St Ottumwa la 

Bell, Edith ed 41 Hazelwood Av Rail- 
way N J; 12 Prospect Av Ilion N Y; 
AB Mount Holyoke 

Bell, Frances b John Jay Hall; 504 
Whitney Av New Haven Conn 

Bell, Henrie Ruth gr Furnald Hall; 
Waxahachie Tex ; AB Southwestern 

Bell, Ina C e Registrars' Office ; Kato- 
nah N Y 

Bell, Josephine b 320 Broadway 

Bell, Marion Clark pa Bancroft Hall ; 
Malvern Hill Va 

Bell, Robert Edgar c 92 Elizabeth St 
West Brighton S I N Y 

Beiler, William Charles gr 51 E 123; 
AB, AM Columbia 

Bellinger, Frederic Coudert / 4 W 43 ; 
BS Columbia 

Bellinger, Ralph Andrew c Hartley 
Hall ; Miami Ariz 

Bellingrath Jr, Charles Lenard e 258 
W 22', 375 Williams St Atlanta Ga 

Bello, Joseph Albert e Emerson N J 

Belloso, Reyes c 21 Claremont Av ; 
Maracaibo Venezuela 

Bellotine, Mary ed 144 W 80; 1410 W 
Vernon Av Los Angeles Cal 

Bellows, Paul Russell c 174 Wildwood 
Av Upper Montclair N J 

Bellows, Ruth Milium c 174 Wildwood 
Av Upper Montclair N J 

Beloff, Anita e 308 W 97 

Belsky, Nettie c 34 Sutton PI 

Belsky, Max mec 237 W 115; AT. Co- 

Belt, Charles Banks C Si Anthony Hall; 
Pine Neck East Quoguc LI N V 



Belth, George mec 117 Van Buren St 

Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Benator, Ruth e 54 Henry St Passaic 

N J 
Bencoe, Denis c Mamaroneck Av White 

Plains N Y 
Bencoe, Paul gr Hillair Mamaroneck 

Av White Plains N Y 
Bendheim, Gertrude b 333 Central Park 

Benedict, Charles Sumner c Westbury 

N Y 
Benedict, George Bernard mec 534 W 

114; 23 Watkins Av Oneonta N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Benedict, Frederic Parkhurst / 415 Riv- 
erside Dr; 446 Chestnut St Arling- 
ton N J 
Benedis, Adam John e 8 Manhattan Av 
Benedis, Albert John e 8 Manhattan Av 
Beney, Margarete Ada b 68 W 95 
Benham, Rhoda Williams gr Barnard 

College; Cedarhurst N Y ; AB, AM 

Benjamin, Clelia Caroline b 154 W 88 
Benjamin, Emanuel William c 980 Tif- 
fany St 
Benjamin, Florence Victoria pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 1472 E 116 Cleveland Ohio 
Benjamin, Herman Alexander c 1037 

Teller Av 
Benjamin, Lawrence e 875 Elsmere PI 
Benjamin, Marjorie Edgar e 22$ Fifth 

Av; 239 Heberton Av S I N Y ; AB 

Mount Holyoke 
Benner, Charles Joseph e 2423 Putnam 

Av Bklyn 
Benner, Mary Joyce pa Whittier Hall ; 

Barberton Ohio 
Bennet, Agnes Hornbeck b Brooks 

Hall ; 238 E Main St Port Jervis N Y 
Bennet, Augustus Witschief / 627 W 

115; 2046 Sheridan Rd Evanston 111; 

AB Amherst 
Bennet, Mary Seiley gr 523 W 121; 

Lubec Me ; AM Columbia 
Bennett, Arthur Lawton gr 503 W 1 1 1 ; 

26 Allen St Buffalo N Y; BS Hobart 
Bennett, Betty Estelle e 194 Alexander 

Av Averne LINY 

Bennett, Charles Dana c 800 Riverside 

Bennett, Charles Merchant e 614 W 

113; 66 Sorrento St Springfield Mass 
Bennett, Chas Russell e 68 Avalon Av 

Jamaica LINY 
Bennett, Durward Adrian c 147 W 85; 

Miriam Kan 
Bennett, Edna Henry gr 802 Broadway ; 

AB Columbia 
Bennett, Edward c 5221 Third Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Bennett, Ella Aimee pa 114 W 79 
Bennett, Ethel Roberts b 68 11 Ridge 

Blvd Bklyn N Y 
Bennett, Eugene Connor c 51 Hamilton 

Bennett, James William e 430 W 118; 

Hotel Tetley Riverside Cal ; AB Le- 

land Stanford Jr 
Bennett, John C gr 5 '9 W 121 ; 825 W 

Quartz St Butte Mont 
Bennett, Mrs Josephine Brusie ed 440 

E 182 
Bennett, Josephine William e 904 Lex- 
ington Av 
Bennett, Lewis Griscom c 25 W 84 
Bennett, Lillic Anna May pa Seth Low 

Hall ; Upper Wyndham St Guelph 

Ont Can 
Bennett, Margaret Veronica c 23 Dore- 

mus PI North Bergen N J 
Bennett, Mary Peirce ed 443 Classon 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Bennett, May Selina b 94 Saratoga Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Benneyan, Aroos pa 9 Colden Av White 

Plains N Y 
Benneyan, George e 9 Colden Av White 

Plains N Y; AB Amherst, AM Co- 
Bennison, Harold c 35 19 College Point 

N Y 
Benny, Marion Naylor ed 135 Boule- 
vard Bayonne N J 
Benov, Paul c 655 Myrtle Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Benriter, Harold G pa Livingston Hall; 

232 So Capitol St Lansing Mich 
Benson, Charles Emile ed Bancroft 

Hall ; Cape Girardeau Mo ; AB, AM 




Benson, Edna Jenkins pa 25 So Walnut 

St East Orange N J 
Benson, Mrs Luella pa Bancroft Hall ; 

Cape Girardeau Mo 
Bentley, Beatrice e Furnald Hall; 107 

Jackson St Holyoke Mass 
Bentley, W Clemens e 29 W 39 ; 535 

W in 
Benton, Millard Warren bu 550 W 114; 

72 Main St Cortland N Y 
Bentwich, Carmel ed 29 Hamilton Ter- 
Benz, Bernhard gr 463 West St ; Hills- 
dale Ore ; BS Washington State 
Berberian, Nuvart Melkon e 448 W 163 
Berberich, Elliott Frederick ^151 Main 

St Ossining N Y 
Berdolt, Herman e 815 E 169 
Berenson, Sarah ed 915 Elsmere PI; 

AB Hunter 
Berg, Aaron W e 202 Riverside Dr 
Berg, Carolyn pa 905 West End Av 
Berg, Harry W c 595 Greene Av Bklyn 
Berg, Louis Jack m 679 E 179; BS 

C C N Y 
Berg, Marion Florence pa 202 River- 
side Dr 
Berg, Milton Elith c 142 W 96 
Berg, Oscar F c 595 Greene Av Bklyn 
Bergen, Harold Boynton e 589 Putnam 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Berger, Abraham c 202 Stockton St 

Bklyn N Y; 17 Irion St Waterbury 

Berger, Anna Katherine e 430 W 118 
Berger, Milton M ed 981 Whitlock Av; 

Berger, Phyllis e 1534 Hoe Av 
Berger, Roy Wesley c 521 W 123; 

Kunkletown, Pa 
Bcrggren, Karl Gregory c 200 Baldwin 

Av Jersey City N J 
Bergman, Bernard A e 622 W 113 ; AB 

Ohio State 
Bergmann, Elsie pa 263 75 Bklyn N Y 
Bergmann, George Joseph e 504 E 86 
Bergstraser, Samuel LeRoy e j 35 W 

44; Croton-on-IIudson N Y 
Bcrgstrom, Vutnia Calla m Blackstonc 

Hotel 56 E 58; MD Rush Medical 

Beriz, Margaret Carroll b 607 W 116; 

85 E Fourth St 
Berkey, Paul Ainsworth c 140 Prospect 

St Leonia N J 
Berkman, Evelyn e 6 Rockland Av 
Berkow, Abram I e 831 Trinity Av 
Berkowitz, Louis e 1056 Hoe Av 
Berkowitz, Louis gr 1098 Eastern Park- 
way ; AB, MA Columbia 
Berkson, Joseph mec 145 W 1 1 1 ; BS 

C C N Y 
Berland, Rebecca pa 755 E 168 
Berlin, Judith e 58 E 94 
Berlinroot, Louis e 1876 Clinton Av 
Berman, Abraham e 1421 Madison Av 
Berman, Blanche e 655 W 178 
Berman, Edward gr Livingston Hall ; 

21 Alden St Quincy Mass; BS Co- 
Bermann, Simon e 568 E 166 
Bernard, Edward Paul e 622 97 Wood- 
haven LINY 
Bernard, Helen Geraldine e 333 Central 

Park W 
Bernard, Nicholas e 333 Central Park 

Bernat, Julliette Marion e 257 W 40 ; 

BS New York 
Berner, Pincus e 2350 Webster Av ; 

LLB New York Law School 
Bernet, William e 465 E 140 
Bernhard, Kathryn e 39 W 74 
Bernhard, Paul Driscoll bu 565 W 113; 

19 Willoughby Av Bklyn 
Bernhardt, Erma pa St Johns Deanery ; 

291 Broad St Bloomfield N J 
Bernhardt, Maurice / 402 Monroe St 

Bklyn N Y 
Bernheim, Alfred L e 225 W 86 ; AB 

Bernheim, Alice R m 148 W 86; AB 

Bernheim, Emma S c 25 Mt Morris 

Park W; AB Hunter 
Bernknopf, Gustave Mortan c 530 W 

Bcrnson, James Allan c 125 Riverside 

Bernstecker, Samuel c 1243 College Av 
Bernstein, Albert Bernard / Livingston 

Hall; 103 W 37 St Savannah Ga ; 

AB Georgia 



Bernstein, Benjamin e 217 Broadway; 

653 Grand St Bklyn N Y 
Bernstein, Edna Helen e 485 Central 

Park W 
Bernstein, Eva e 514 W 122 
Bernstein, Eva Beatrice e 249 W 107 
Bernstein, George Harold / 55 E 99 
Bernstein, Gertrude e 617 W 141 
Bernstein, Herbert e 32 W 32; 1438 

Vyse Av 
Bernstein, Irma L e 236 W 75 
Bernstein, Isador e 420 Grand St 
Bernstein, Judith Semyra gr 515 W 

122; 776 Overton St Portland Ore; 

AB Columbia 
Bernstein, Leo e 354 Saratoga Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Bernstein, Marshall Menline / 112 Ca- 
thedral Pkway 
Bernstein, Nathan Benj c 146 Broad- 
way Freeport LINY 
Bernstein, Pauline Ramah e 854 W 180 
Bernstein, Salome Solis Cohen pa 515 

W 122; 776 Overton St Portland 

Bernstein, Samuel gr 98 Henry St ; 

AB C C N Y, MA Columbia 
Bernstein, Stephen c 215 Audubon Av 
Bernstein, Sylvan c 601 W 160 
Bernstein, Tessie e 485 Central Park 

Bernstein, Theodore Menline c 112 Ca- 
thedral Pkway 
Berntson, Hulda Victoria pa 32 Luydig 

PI Corona N Y 
Berntson, Ruth Christine b 32 Luydig 

PI Corona N Y 
Berresford, M^ary Case e 520 W 114 
Berry, Clara E ed 414 Central Park W; 

West Paris, Me ; A B Bates 
Berry, Dorothy Griswold b John Jay 

Hall; 32 Walnut St Montclair N J 
Berry, Florence Roberta gr 309 W 92 ; 

2700 Benvenue Av Berkeley Cal 
Berry, Helen Harris e 605 W 115; 

3821 N New Jersey St Indianapolis 

Ind; AB Western College 
Berry, Idella Rettina ed 434 W 120; 

59 Sixth St Dover N H; BS Chicago 
Berry, Thornton A c no Morningside 

Dr; Sutton W Va 

Berte, Joseph e 616 E Fourth St Bklyn 

N Y 
Bertouch, Donald Rupert e 90 West 

St; 151 Danforth Av Greenville, 

Jersey City N J 
Bertsch, Hugo Walter e 63 W 180 
Bertuch, Mildred e 229 Lenox Av 
Berwick, William Evans c 625 W 113; 

8501 118 St Richmond Hill LINY 
Berzin, Saul Sidney / 13 E 98; AB 

C C N Y 
Beseca, Claire e 383 Lewis Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Bessie, Everett Mortimer m 3681 Broad- 
way ; AB Columbia 
Best, Helen Leigh e 30 E 60 
Best, Robert Henry j Morris Hall ; 

Saluda S C ; AB, AM Wofford 
Bethge, Harold William c 284 Eldert 

Lane Bklyn N Y 
Bettiger, Louis William e 2309 Hughes 

Betts, Olive b 65 Union St Montclair 

N J 
Betts, Olive c 131 Wildwood Av Upper 

Montclair N J 
Beust, Elsa ed Seth Low Hall ; The 

Shirldon Apt Dayton O 
Beutler, Ernest Charles e 805 Amster- 
dam Av 
Bever, Alice Isabel e 149 Washington 

Av Arlington N J 
Bever, Joseph Ewald e 149 Washing- 
ton Av Arlington N J 
Beyer, Bertha Heide e 551 Bronx River 

Rd Yonkers N Y ; AB Normal 
Beyer, Ella A ed 310 Summit Av Mount 

Vernon N Y 
Beyer, Hilda Lusby pa 902 Hudson St 

Hoboken N J 
Bianchi, Frank c 152 W 98 
Bibeau, Henri Charles e 416 W 118; 17 

Hillside Av Meriden Conn 
Biber, Florence Jeannette e 818 E 163 
Biber, Sadie Bella b 1014 E 10 Bklyn 

N Y 
Bice, Effa Mae e 615 13 St College 

Point N Y 
Bice, Jarrett Hiram c 415 Riverside 

Dr; 345 W 70 
Bick, Edgar Milton c 307 W 98 



Bickel, Reddick Homer a 417 W 118; 
1776 Broadway San Francisco Cal ; 
BS Columbia 

Bickell, Ralph Thomas gr 1928 Uni- 
versity Av; BS Northwestern 

Biddle, Dorothy pa Seth Low Hall; 
Wallingford Pa 

Bidwell, Helen Elizabeth ed 181 W 
High St Somerville N J 

Bieber, Martha e 119 W 119 

Biederman, David c Livingston Hall ; 
5123 Cabanne Av St Louis Mo 

Biederman, Martin m 624 Coster St ; 
BS Columbia 

Biek, George c 481 Third Av Long 
Island City N Y 

Biek, George e 481 Third Av Long 
Island City N Y 

Biel, Rose e 885 West End Av 

Bieler, Helene e 514 VV 122 

Bien, Esther Rudolph e 243 VV 98 ; AB 

Bier, Marjorie b 420 W 116 

Bierhoff, Alan Frederic e 171 W 87; 
AB, MD Columbia 

Bieringer, Ludwig e Croton-on-Hudson 
N Y 

Bierman, Samuel e 75 Av A; 440 
Fifth St 

Bierschenk, Harry Eugene c 668 East- 
ern Pkway Bklyn N Y 

Bigelow, Alice V ed 435 W 123 ; 22 
Fenhurst PI Richmond Hill N Y 

Bigelow, Eleanor May pa Seth Low 
Hall ; Moodus Conn 

Bigelow, Jack Edmond e Sutton Manor 
New Rochelle N Y 

Bigelow, James Henry e 5000 Broad- 
way ; AB Westminster, BD McCor- 
mick Seminary 

Bigelow, Mary McAllister e 5000 Broad- 

Bigelow, Nelson e 400 W 118; Lancas- 
ter Mass 

Biggart, Helen Jane « 50 W Fordham 

Biggin, Adelaide Twite e 70 Murray St 
Newark N J 

Biggs, George Browning c 133 W 71 

Bigley, Katherine Helena ed 415 W 
118; 1343 Annunciation St New Or- 
leans La 

Bihn, Louise Elizabeth pa Seth Low 

Hall; 319 Third St Toledo O 
Bilchick, E Benjamin m 264 E 10 
Bilden, Ruediger c 512 Manhattan Av 
Bildersee, Isaac ed 545 W 164; BS 

C C N Y 
Bill, Beatrice e 130 Claremont Av ; 183 

Prospect St Willimantic Conn 
Billeb, Erna Emilie e 158 W 106 
Billica, William Clifton c 3089 Broad- 
way; 2325 W Sharp Av Spokane 
Billing Jr, Fay McCullock e 535 W 

Billing, Wyly McGehee gr 535 W 113; 

222 N Barcelona St Pensacola Fla ; 

BS Alabama Poly, MA Columbia 
Billings, Lydia Hoffman pa 417 W 118 
Billings, Myra Isaac ed 75 Central Av 

Montclair N J 
Bimberg, Hortense e 600 W 150 
Bingham, Addison Baldwin c 575 West 

End Av 
Bingham, Beatrice Florence e 59 Morn- 

ingside Av 
Bingham, Nellie Holmes e 152 E 22 ; 

AB Cornell 
Bingham, Rose Louise e 118 W 76 
Binkowitz, Barnett m 1563 51 Bklyn 

N Y 
Binzen, Vera Lenore b 251 E Kings- 
bridge Rd Fordham 
Binzley, John Louis e 164 E 89; 629 

Seventh Av New Brighton Pa 
Biondi, Dominic e 216 E 15 
Biondino, William Allen e 21 Myrtle 

St Yonkers N Y; 336 Island Av 

McKees Rocks Pa 
Bird, Frederick Lucien gr 439 W 123; 

801 Beall Av Wooster Ohio; AB 

Bird, Joseph William e 618 E Fifth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Bird, Martha ed 230 W 59 
Bird, Mary Willard ed Whittier Hall; 

2_>o Park St New Haven Conn 
Birge, William Converse <- 2471 Morris 

Birmingham, Anna Irene e 14 14 Pacific 

Pacific St Bklyn N Y 
Birmingham, Frank Edward c 2023 

Caton Av Bklyn N Y 



Birmingham, Margaret Ready e 19 W 

Birnbaum, Jacob c 664 E 160 
Birnbaum, Max George m 664 E 160 
Bisbey, Bertha pa 509 W 121 ; Hays 

Bischoff, Chas Fred c 459 77 Bklyn 

N Y 
Bisett M Loretta pa 440 E 26; 123 N 

First St Olean N Y 
Bishop, Fannie Arnold ed 509 W 122; 

315 Prospect St Willimantic Conn 
Bishop, Laura B ed 537 W 123 ; Gates- 
ville Tex ; BS Valparaiso University 
Bishop, Mildred Remsen e 279 Lexing- 
ton Av; 143 Oak Hill St Peekskill 
N Y; AB Bryn Mawr 
Bishop, Victoria Gertrude ed 217 W 

133 ; BS Columbia 
Bissell, Robinson Kinnaird / 464 W 
152; Oberlin Ohio; AB, AM Oberlin 
Bistrong, Louis c 896 Eastern Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Biszaha, Joseph e 193 Second Av 
Bitar, Solomon J m 340 Pacific St 

Bklyn N Y 
Bito, Saburo e 102 W 123 
Bitterman, Albert W e 18 W 75; BS, 

MA Columbia 
Bittiner, Walter Mills e 40 Morris St 

Yonkers N Y 
Bittner, Edward Frank gr 90 Morning- 
side Dr ; Alma Mich; AB Alma 
Bittner, John Paul e 420 W 121 ; 

Osceola, Neb 
Bitzer, Robert Hervey e Livingston 

Hall ; Alexandria Va 
Bixby, Edith e 319 W 87 
Bizzell, Eustace e 531 W 113; Golds- 

boro N C 
Bizzozero, Orpheus Joseph c 623 W 204 
Bjorge, Lester J e 1329 Prospect Av 
Blaber, Reginald Joseph c 449 54 Bklyn 

N Y 
Black, Alexander e 7402 Seventh Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Black, Alfred Mansfield gr 28 Blake St 

Asheville N C 
Black, A T e 419 W 119 

Black, Katrine Stuart e Furnald Hall ; 

114 Jackson Av Warren Pa 
Black, Mildred Robert b 158 Montross 

Av Rutherford N J 
Black, Oswald Frederic ed 524 W 123; 

De Dooms C P South Africa; BS 

University of Stellenbroch 
Black, Roe Robert c 468 Riverside Dr ; 

Thedford Neb 
Blackburn, Abigail ed South River N J ; 

Bedford Pa ; AB Michigan 
Blackburn, Iola Moulton c Hackensack 

N J ; 20 First St Beacon N Y 
Blackford, Marea Miller e 320 W 107; 

1034 S Main St Findlay O 
Blackman, Mary Louise e 697 West 

End Av 
Blackmore, Elma Luella pa 2661 De- 
catur Av; 18 Hoag Av Akron N Y 
Blackmur, Irene Marguerite e 214 

Highpoint Av Weehawken Heights 

N J 
Blain, Helen Vine e 461 Fort Wash- 
ington Av 
Blain, Howard Wortham c 721 1 Ridge 

Blvd Bklyn N Y; 33s S Cedar St 

Ottawa Kan 
Blaine, Lcta Rebecca c 410 W 119; 

BPh Iowa State, AM Columbia 
Blaine, Robert M e 45 John St; Hous- 
ton Tex ; BA Texas z 
Blair, Edith e 40 Irving PI ; Cincinnati 

Blair, George Edward e 325 W 57 
Blair, Gordon Armstrong e Y M C A 

Yonkers N Y; Y M C A Houston 

Blair, William Harry c 415 Claremont 

Blaisdell, Maria Teresa dc c 106 W 78; 

Arequipa Peru S A 
Blaisdell Jr, Thomas Charles gr 237 E 

104; 25 Madison Av ; AB Penn State 
Blake Jr, Carroll e 178 80 Bklyn N Y 
Blake, Donald DeVoe c 62 Depeyster 

St No Tarrytown N Y 
Blake, Henry Kingsley m Cedar St 

Englewood N J ; AB Yale 
Blake, Irving Edwin e 314 W 112 
Blake, Katharine Frances pa 156 W 

12; Mile Square Rd Yonkers N Y 



Blakely, Helen Woolworth e 2207 Uni- 
versity Av 
Blakey, Wm Chas ed 558 W 189; AB 

Blanchet, Wilfrid Loyola bu 531 W 

113; 216 Walton Rd South Orange 

N J 
Blanco, Pedro Manaois c 2 W 67; c/o 

I C S Agency Manila P I 
Blank, Alexander e 1797 Prospect PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Blank, Samuel e 596 W 178 
Blankenstein, Margarete M gr 550 W 

157; BS, MA Columbia 
Blanpied, Charles Wesley gr 920 Broad- 
way; Hollis, N Y; AB Southwestern, 

MA Puget Sound, MA California 
Blanton, Anna Treadwell e 138 E 38; 

Ward-Belmont Nashville Tenn ; AB 

Blasi, Anthony Albert c 133 Broad St 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Blatt, Sarah Josephine pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 239 S Pitt St Mercer 

Blatteis, Victor Louis c 350 New York 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Blatt.ner, Adolph ed 529 W 111 
Blau, Herbert c 1 20 W 117 
Blauner, Leonard e 272 W 90 
Blaustein > Allen Abram e 432 15 Bklyn 

N Y 
Blauvelt, Anna Margaret b John Jay 

Hall; West Nyack N Y 
Bledsoe, Julius Lorenzo e 405 Carlton 

Av Bklyn N Y ; 823 N Fourth St 

Waco Tex; AB Bishop College 
Bleeckcr, Florence Elizabeth b Brooks 

Hall; 2138 W no Chicago 111 
Blewett, Margaret Mary pa Scth Low 

Hall; Jamestown N D 
Blish, Marjorie e Furnald Hall; 1219 

34 Des Moines la; PhB Chicago 
Bliss, J Herbert m P & S Club 346 W 

57; 739 Ostrom Av Syracuse N Y; 

AB Syracuse, BS Columbia 
Bliss, Margaret b 2226 l.oring I'l 
Bliss, Philip e 19 Croydon Rd Jamaica 

Est Jamaica LINY 
Bliss, Stanley Gilbert e 506 W 170 

Blitch, Fannie Lois pa 416 W 122; 

Eastman Ga ; BA Wesleyan (Ga) 
Blitz, Anne Dudley ed 414 W 121 ; 

141 1 Franklin St Boise Idaho; AB 

Minnesota, AM Columbia 
Blizzard, Alpheus Wesley gr New York 

University, University Heights; 72 E 

190; BS Ohio, MA Cornell 
Bloch, Emanuel / 591 Beech Terrace; 

Bloch, Leon e 400 Morgan St Wee- 

hawken N J 
Bloch, Louis gr 243 E 19; 740 Hegney 

PI; AB, AM Wisconsin 
Block, Herman e 17 Battery PI; 363 

Vincent Av Lynbrook NY ; LLB N Y 

Law School 
Block, Ruth Dorothy e Furnald Hall; 

62 Brighton Av Perth Amboy N J 
Blodgett, Gertrude L e 220 Madison 

Av; Rushville N Y ; BS Cornell 
Blomquist, Oscar e 501 W 143; Wil- 
cox Pa 
Blood, Pearle ed 509 W 121 ; 208 Oak 

Orchard St Medina N Y 
Bloom, Anna e 86 W 119 
Bloom, Celia Lillian ^1916 Loring PI 
Bloom, Herbert Ivan c 8 W 86 
Bloom, Irving Mortimer gr 409 W 145 ; 

Harrisonburg Va ; AB Columbia, BD 

Hebrew Union College 
Bloom, Knut William e 15 10 Lexington 

Bloom, Theresa Gertrude e 1916 Loring 

Bloomer, Harold Franklin c 250 E 240 
Bloomer Jr, Millard J / 415 Riverside 

Dr ; 250 E 240 ; AB Columbia 
Bloomfield, Grover gr 48 Post Av ; AB 

IHoomfield, Marie Sophia b Brooks 

Hall; 48 Post Av 
Bloomfield, Walter Edward pa 1338 

Franklin Av 
Bloomsburg, Ralph A e 624 Hudson Av 

West New York N J ; EE Columbia 
Blount, Julia Williams e 418 W 118; 

A li Randolph-Macon 
Blount, Lucy Morton pa 418 W 118 
Bluh, Walter David c 215 Monroe St 

Bklyn N Y 



Blum, Abraham A e 208 E 112 

Blum, Gertrude b Brooks Hall; 15 

Church St Ellenville N Y 
Blumberg, Abe William e 278 Division 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Blumberg, Ellis e 628 W 151 
Blumberg, Ethel e 10 E 103 
Blumberg, Max e 230 Pulaski St Bklyn 

N Y ; 380 Myrtle Av Bridgeport 

Blumberg, Isidor Bernard e 26 Lenox 

Av; BS Columbia 
Blumberg, Stanley e 628 W 151 
Blume, Geraldine Edna e 1269 Madison 

Blume, Milton James e 410 W 148 
Blume, Wm Richard gr 1269 Madison 

Blumenthal, Eva Jessie e 515 W 172 
Blumenthal, Frances ed 127 W 112; 

MA Columbia 
Blumenthal, Leo e 31 17 Broadway 
Blumenthal, Louise e 10 W 76 
Blumenthal Jr, Maurice Benj e 981 

Park Av 
Blundell, James Stuart c 565 W 113; 

191 1 Av P Bklyn N Y 
Blunck, Conrad Friedrich Ernst m 

West Side Y M C A W 57 ; R F D 

1 Brunner Ontario Canada ; AB 

Upsala, BD Princeton 
Bliiss, Marie Katherine pa 29 So B St 

Irvington-on-Hudson N Y 
Blyman, Martha Nichols ed Whittier 

Hall; Hicksville LINY 
Blythe, Emma Jane gr Williamsburg la 
Blythe, Jane Gilmore e 414 W 121; 

Williamsburg la 
Boardman, Lester Wells ed 52 Tucka- 

hoe Rd Yonkers N Y; AB, MA 

Brown, MA Columbia 
Boardman, Ruth Helene b 44 Morning- 
side Dr ; 28 Wadsworth St Geneseo 

N Y 
Boas, Edith mo W 88 
Boas, Marie Franziska b' 230 Franklin 

Av Grantwood N J 
Boas, Henry Paul e 266 Oak St Perth 

Amboy N J 
Bobrow, Fanny e 1885 Madison Av 

Bock, George bu Hartley Hall; 558 W 

Bock, George E c 201 W 108 
Bock, Marion Eleanor e 349 W 85 
Bockian, Selma gr 138 Ross St Bklyn 

N Y; AB Hunter 
Bodansky, Marie Syvkin gr 940 Tiffany 

St; 109 De Witt St Ithaca N Y; 

AB Cornell 
Bodansky, Oscar c 124 E 117 
Bodell, Mark Robinson e Brooklyn 

Central Y M C A Bklyn N Y ; AB 

111 Wesleyan 
Boden, Robert L bu 35 Claremont Av; 

BS Pittsburgh 
Bodenbender, Elwyn McKinley c 334 

Hartley Hall ; 660 Walden Av 
Bodenstein, Meyer e 356 E 89 
Bodin, Harry Sabbath / 103 W 127 
Bodine, Martha Cowell pa 73 Crescent 

Av Grantwood N J ; Belvidere N J 
Bodino, Carlo Vincent e C R R of N J 

American Ry Exp Bldg Jersey City 

Terminal ; 394 Virginia Av Jersey 

City N J 
Bodkin, Laurence Griffin m 290 Clinton 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Bodkin, Margaret Henry pa Whittier 

Hall; Shelbyville Ky 
Bodman, Mae Agnes e 14 Butler PI 

Bklyn N Y; 17 Jefferson St Auburn 

N Y 
Bodwell, Helen Elizabeth e 9 N Har- 
rison St East Orange N J; 137 Main 

St Andover Mass; AB Mt Holyoke, 

AM Columbia 
Boecker, Elna C e 218 Prospect PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Boehm, George e 58 Morningside Av 
Boehnel, William c 19 Pinehurst Av 
Boeker, Eloise May b 55 E 86 
Bogart, Eugenia pa 27 Seventh Av 

Bklyn N Y ; Lower Granville Nova 

Bogart, Frances e 245 W 103 
Bogatko, Henry Joseph / 1050 E Grand 

St Elizabeth N J ; AB Colgate 
Bogen, Bella e 51 E 122 
Bogle, Homer Tillman c 386 E 139; 

Cabot Ark 
Bohan, Irwin Andrew e 532 Second Av 



Bohan, Katherine e 14 Irving PI 
Bohinsky, Charles Irving e 950 Union 

Bohlman, Robert Lincoln e 57th St Y 

M C A; 39 Wahconah St Pittsfield 

Bohn, Alfred Fred'k e 1137 Teller Av 
Boice, Adeliade Marie e 114 32 Wood- 
cliff N J; AB Hunter 
Boies, Fannie Catherine gr 2301 Bev- 
erley Rd Bklyn N Y 
Boland, Andrew Thomas e 508 W 113 
Boland, William Joseph e 508 W 113 
Boldo, Maria e 504 W 136; Dolores 

No 9 Mexico City 
Bollenbach, Julius Fred c 54 Bergen 

Av Jersey City N J 
Bollin, Elsa E J pa 103 So Eighth St 

Newark N J 
Bollinger, Florence ed 106 Morningside 

Dr; Sycamore, 111 
Bolognesi, Alfonso Louis c 2 Willow St 

Bklyn N Y ; Highland N Y 
Bolognesi, Arrigo Michael bu c/o Mr 

Bigongiari 2 Willow St Bklyn N Y ; 

Highland N Y 
Bolotin, Max L c 501 W 122; 773 So 

Irvine Av Sharon Pa 
Bolotoff, Leonard James c 47-49 E 

Third St 
Bolster, Helen ed 149 E 40 ; 17 10 40th 

Av Seattle Wash ; AB Washington 
Boltz, Oswald Herman m 346 W 57; 

201 Lakeside Av Seattle Wash 
Bomeisler, Alfred Eugene e 11 55 Park 

Bonar, Treva Lucille ed 598 Jersey 

Av Jersey City N J ; 153 So Grant St 

Denver Colo ; AB Denver 
Bonaventure, Simonne Marguerite e 

318 W 106 
Bonaventure, Yvonne e 218 W 106 
Bond, Alfred Waddill e 416 W 118 
Bond, Frank Fraser j Morris Hall ; 62 

Cochrane St, St Johns, Newfound- 
Bond, Orrell Marguerite gr 50 Hillcrest 

Av New Rochelle N Y; AB Adelphi, 

MA Columbia 
Bone, Arthur Howard c Dunmore 

Scranton Pa 

Bonell, Carmen e 135 W 74 

Bonfield, Morris e \2.2-] 42 Bklyn N Y 

N Y 
Bonhard, Mabel Wood e Blairstown N 
J ; 964 St Nicholas Av ; AB, AM 

Bonime, Herbert Daniel bu Cuthbert 
PI Kew Gardens L I 

Boning, William e Western Union Tel- 
egraph Co 195 Broadway; 206 E 
Park Av Haddonfield N J ; AB U of 

Bonn, Clara Catherine e 156 E 56; 
AB Hunter 

Bonnard, Annette Young ed 38 Park 
Av Passaic N J ; AB, AM N Y U 

Bonner, Miriam Young gr Furnald 
Hall ; Azusa Cal ; AB, AM California 

Bonner, Walter Farrington c Hartley 
Hall; 3 Bradford PI Montclair N J 

Bonneville, Roy Clifford e 200 Clare- 
mont Av 

Bonney, Henry Mason Jr bu Tompkins 
Hall ; 809 Ponce de Leon Av At- 
lanta Ga ; AB Oglethorpe University 

Bonney, Louise Morton pa 12 Sher- 
wood Av Pelham Manor N Y ; 24 
Elm St Potsdam N Y 

Bonnington, George Harold e 2433 
Hughes St Bklyn N Y 

Bonsall, Elsie Lee Mrs ed 544 W 157 

Bonsall, Helen Peck ed 61 Henry St; 
56 Hudson Av Haverstraw N Y ; 
AB Wellesley 

Bonser, Virginia Madison pa 196 Glen- 
wood Av Leonia N J 

Bookstaver, George e 1893 So Blvd 

Bookstein, Abrahm e 2122 83 Bath 
Beach Bklyn N Y 

Boolos, Stephen George c 503 W 147 

Boon, Pearl c Furnald Hall ; Saint 
Kitts B W Indies 

Boorstein, Isadore Harris / tig W 24 
Bayonne N J ; AB Cornell 

Booss Jr, Geo F C c 315 W 88 

Booth, Dorothy Frances b Brooks Hall ; 
Marbledale Conn 

Booth, Ferris e Plaza Hotel 

Boots, Charles Francis / 2] Claremont 
Av ; Elhvood City Pa; AB Geneva 



Bopes, Chas Francis gr 215 W 101 ; 

AB Columbia 
Borchard, Bernard Philip e 215 W 91 
Borden, (Mrs) Isahelle F e 465 W 157 
Borden, Marion Allen gr Grantwood 

N J ; AB Columbia 
Borden, Minnie Linwood pa 510 W 

123 ; 1410 Walnut St Jacksonville 

Borewald, Harold Fred / 31 Pearl St 

Mount Vernon N Y ; AB Colgate 
Boring, Ruth m 500 W 121 ; AB Vassar 
Born, Harold Lincoln c 320 W 139 
Bornstein, Winnie e 750 Beck St 
Borock, Sonia e 530 W 126 
Boros, Marion e 1037 Seaview Av Far 

Rockaway N Y 
Borre, Helen Joy b 175 Worth St 
Borrone, Milton George e 510 Wash- 
ington St Hoboken N J 
Borshaw, Hyman m 512 Washington 

St Hoboken N J ; BS Columbia 
Borst, Cornelia A e 692 Union Av 
Borzilleri, Peter Rosolino pa Oyster 

Bay N Y; Fredonia N Y 
Boscowitz, Herbert Huber c 131 E 80; 

1 29 W 1 1 9 
Boselli, Emile Henry m 713 Hill St 

West Hoboken N J 
Bosler, Kathryn c 414 W 121 ; 453 

Appleton St Holyoke Mass 
Bosqui, Francis c 420 Riverside Dr 
Boss, Joseph Peter e Livingston Hall ; 

209 Fourth St Jersey City N J 
Bostvvick, James B e 2850 Concourse 
Boteler, Andrew Kendall e 213 Pros- 
pect St East Orange N J 
Botero, Lucilla e 2345 Broadway 
Bothner, Gunhilde Christine e 454 50 

Bklyn N Y 
Botkin, Benjamin Albert gr 843 W 178; 

AB Harvard 
Bottomley, Jay E e Natl Bank of Com 
de Botton, Grace b 10 Manhattan Av 
Botwin, Nathan Mischa / 1050 Lowell 

St ; 7005 Irvington Ter Cleveland 
Botwinik, Herman Elias e 543 An- 

gelique St West Hoboken N J ; AB 

Eoughton, Edward James gr Tompkins 

Hall; LLB Denver 

P.ould, Jane c 60 Washington Sq S; 

Harrington Park N J 
Boulet, Numa Pierre e 395 Weaver St 

Larchmont N Y; 1431 Dauphin St 

Mobile Ala 
Bourne, Ruth Lathrope e 108 E 30 ; 

Lancaster Mass 
Bouvet, Raymond Alexander e 477 W 

Bowden, Mervin Ives e 31 E 72; Blue 

Hill Me 
Bowen, Ellen Lucy e 109 Hillside Av 

Glen Ridge N J ; Trumansburg N Y 
Bowen, Francis Haddon e 206 E 95 ; 

Linstead PO Jamaica B W I 
Bowen, Katharine gr 330 Summit Av 

Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Smith 
Bowen, Kathryn gr Furnald Hall ; 

Belton Tex; AB Baylor, AB Texas 
Bowen, Louise gr Furnald Hall ; Belton 

Tex; BS Baylor, BA Texas 
Bowen, Mary Eliza pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; Hartford N Y 
Bowen, Raymond Joseph m Livingston 

Hall ; 24 Crandall St Binghamton 

N Y 
Bowen, William Spencer mec 405 W 

118; AB Oberlin, BS Columbia 
Bowers, Emerson Stanley e 15 Park 

Row; 572 Lincoln PI Bklyn 
Bower, Louis Robert e 616 W 135 
Bower, Sarah Elizabeth ed 131 Living- 
ston St Bklyn N Y ; North Adams 

Mass; BS Columbia 
Bowers, Frank Collis e 2071 Fifth Av ; 

AB Columbia 
Bowes, Edith Linsley e 156 Fifth Av ; 

421 Locust Av Zanesville Ohio 
Bowie, Neil Hugh e 4-6 White St ; Bell 

Av Bayside L I 
Bowles, Charles R e 474 54 Bklyn 

N Y 
Bowman, Adah Musser e 825 W 178; 

AB Iowa State 
Bowman, Daniel Hudson ed 318 W 57; 

91 Warner Av Jersey City N J; 

BLitt Rutgers 
Bowman, Dorothy e 515 W 110 
Bowman, Edgar Milton gr Hamilton 

Hall; Kinzers Pa; AB, AM Haver- 



Bowman, Evelyn Agnes ed 15 Franklin 

PI Summit N J ; Royersford Pa 
Bowman, Irene Fowler b 452 77 Bklyn 

N Y 
Bowman, Kathryn Meengs e Parnassus 

Club 612 W 115; 91 Middlesex Rd 

Buffalo N Y 
Bowman, Lillian Belle e 2635 Sedgwick 

Bowman, Mary Ethel e RFD 1 Pater- 
son N J ; Blairstown N J 
Bowsky, John Edward e 321 Union St 

Bklyn N Y 
Bowtell, Margaret Emeline b John Jay 

Hall ; Fort Edward N Y 
Boyce, Mary B e 215 E Sidney Av 

Mt Vernon N Y; Barre Vt 
Boyd, Beatrice Phyfe e 153 Bergen St 

Bklyn N Y ; BS Columbia 
Boyd, Edward Dye / Yale Club 50 

Vanderbilt Av ; Auborn Neb ; AB 

Boyd, Hettie Aldrich e 1632 Avenue A 
Boyd, James LeRoy / Livingston Hall ; 

Hartford, Ala; AB Davidson, LLB 

Boyd, Mary Eliza e 423 W 120; Rich- 
mond Va 
Boyd, Nancy Burnham b 778 Lincoln 

PI Bklyn N Y 
Boyd, Thales Stewart mec 415 W 118; 

Prince George St Annapolis Md ; 

U S Naval Academy 
Boyer, Jennie Belle gr Furnald Hall ; 

41 Watson St Detroit Mich; AB 

Central College 
Boyer, Rose C m 307 York St Jersey 

City N J; BS N Y U 
Boylan, Robert Haverstock e 351 Jay 

St Bklyn N Y; 133 Halsey St Bklyn 

N Y 
Boylan, William Michael e 420 W 121 ; 

Elmhurst St Nangatuck Conn 
Boyle, Joan e 316 W 82; 2023 Reading 

St Cincinnati Ohio 
Boyle, Katherine e 316 W 82; 2023 

Reading St Cincinnati Ohio 
Boyle, Marion Ligouri b Brooks Hall ; 

26 Notre Dame St Glens Falls N Y 
Boyle, Norman Lamont e 502 W 180 

Boyle, Thomas Francis c 1030 Dela- 
mont Av Schenectady N Y 

Boyle, William Norman e 342 Fulton 
St Bklyn N Y ; 83 Madison Av Free- 
port L I 

Boylston, Edward James e 321 E 169; 
CE Columbia 

Boyrie, Edward Arthur / 510 W 124; 
560 E Main St Portland Ore; AB 

Bowitz, Bertrand / 14 Morningside Av ; 
AB Columbia 

Bozyan, Victoria Tarvez e 436 W 124; 
80 Washington St Newport R I 

Brace, David Kingsley ed 435 W 123; 
550 E 42 N, Portland Ore; AB Reed 

Bracewell, Joseph Dearcy / 253 W 102; 
Harrisburg Tex 

Brach, Joseph Peter e 98 Ferguson St 
Newark N J 

Bradbury, Anna Whitney e Park Ave- 
nue Hotel 

Braden, Elvira May e 135 E 52; 77 
Woodward Av Lowell Mass 

Bradley, Clarence Leslie e Livingston 
Hall; Park Place Houston Tex 

Bradley, Herbert Eugene e Holley Ho- 
tel, Washington Sq W ; 73 N 22 Co- 
lumbus Ohio 

Bradley, Howard J e 100 N Ninth St 
Newark N J 

Bradley, Lenore e Mount Sinai Hos- 
pital 1 E 100 

Bradley, Mary Margaret b 195 Midwood 
St Bklyn N Y 

Bradley, Mildred Allen pa Whittier 
Hall; 48 Foster St Meriden Conn 

Bradley, Rolland c Livingston Hall ; 
Park Place Houston Tex 

Bradshaw Jr, John Hammond c 614 
W 113; 27 High St Orange N J 
Bradt, Frances Gertrude ed 113 Fern 
Av Lyndhurst N J 

Bradt, Horace Archer e 250 W 94 

Bradway, Elizabeth Saeger b 607 W 
116; Haverf ord Pa 

Brady, Alice Miriam b 310 W 93 

Brady, David / Livingston Hall; AB 
Trinity (N C) 



Brady, John Halsted e Cape Vincent 
N Y 

Brady, Maud S e Palisades N J ; AB 
St Elizabeth 

Brady, Mary Beattie / 141 E 44; Sitka 
Alaska ; AB Vassar 

Brady, Mary Frances e 198 Hawthorne 
St Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 

Brady, Mildred e 4 Palisade Ave Pal- 
isade N J ; AB St Elizabeth's 

Brady, Thomas Leo e 2126 Eighth Ave 

Brady Jr, William Augustin c 316 Riv- 
erside Dr 

Bragdon, Helen Dalton gr 69 Fifth Av 
New Rochelle N Y ; AB Mount Holy- 

Bragg, Harold Thomas e 1241 Garden 
St Hoboken N J 

Bragman, Joan Vivian e 619 W 143 

Brahdy, Max m 94 Seventh Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Braisted Jr, Howard Grey e 292 Alex- 
ander Av 

Bram, Martin Julius e 458 Third Ave 

Brand, Anna e 11 Dominick St 

Brand, Edna Rose gr 120 E 95; AB 

Brand, Florence Georgene pa Red Bank 
N J 

Brandeis, Clara gr 60 W 129 

Brandel, Elsa e 84 Fifth Av Bklyn N Y 

Brandriss, Joseph c 150 Suffolk St 

Brandstadter, Simon e 16 E 120; BS 
C C N Y 

Brandstein, Joseph S m 1151 Longfel- 
low Av; BS Columbia 

Brandt, Caroline e 2095 Honeywell Av 

Brandt, Jessie Wooding pa Whittier 
Hall; 411 N Edgeworth St Greens- 
boro N C 

Brandt, Marie Venable b Brooks Hall ; 
411 N Edgeworth St Greensboro N C 

Brannin, Nellie ed 9 Valley Dr Atlantic 
Highlands N J 

Brasell, Mary Louise pa Whittier Hall ; 
Hernando Miss 

Brasie, Minnie Muriel pa Seth Low 
Hall; 2321 Colfax Av S Minneapolis 

Brassaw, Howard Henry e 39 Academy 
St Long Island City N Y ; Houston 

Bratney, Grace Burdette pa 71 E 92 

Bratnober, Carl Augustus / 535 W 135 ; 
1419 Harmon PI Minneapolis Minn 

Brattain, Helen Wilma b 605 W 115; 
5728 College Av Indianapolis Ind 

Braun, William Lewis c 47 Railroad 
Av Beacon N Y 

Braunstein, William Peter m 48 Hud- 
son Av Union Hill N J 

Brautigam, Agnes e 434 W 120 

Brautigam, William Joseph e 440 E 88 

Bratter, Herbert Max bu 559 W 161 

Braun, Mary A e 181 Lincoln Av New- 
ark N J 

Braun, Mela Elizabeth e 181 Lincoln 
Av Newark N J 

Braunfeld, Clarence Dewey e 2183 Ar- 
thur Av 

Brave, Ruth Frances pa Whittier Hall ; 
no Manhattan Av Jersey City N J 

Bray, Nora Christina gr 276 Penning- 
ton Av Passaic N J ; Holliston Mass; 
AB Boston University 

Bray, Paul A e 611 W 112 

Bray, Sidney Elsom m Marlborough 
Hotel; 212 Hull St W Savannah Ga ; 
MD, PhG Virginia Med 

Braz, Benjamin e 547 W 123; 201 Sel- 
linger St Rochester N Y 

Breadon, Grace pa 37 E 71 ; Main St 
Olean N Y 

Breakstone, Fannie Mintz 709 W 169 

Breckenridge, Harvey Kellogg c 625 W 
113; 21 Sycamore Av Mount Vernon 
N Y 

Breckley, Joseph e 28 Washington Av 
Grantwood N J ; 1 11 Ocean City N 
J; BS Rutgers 

Bregman, Elsie Oschrin gr 155 W 84; 
AB Columbia 

Brehm, William Frederick bu 415 Riv- 
erside Dr ; 63 Maple Av Troy N Y 

Breining, Melva b 29 E Fourth St 
Mount Vernon N Y 

Breitenbach, Mollie £1136 Madison Av 

Bremer, Louis Henry e 215 E 71 

Brendlen, Joseph Benedict e 80 Law- 
rence Av Lodi N J 

Brenn, Irma Frances ed 519 W 121 ; 
Spearfish S D 

Brenn, Laura May ed 519 W 121; 
Spearfish S D 



Brennan, Harold Edmund c 64 Bruce 
Av Yonkers N Y 

Brennan H Mott / 140 W 58; AB Co- 

Brennan, Wintress j Furnald Hall ; Og- 
den 111; BA BLS Illinois 

Brennecke, Ernest gr 168 W 100; AB, 
AM Columbia 

Brenner, Anna Cecelia ed 1825 Brook- 
lyn Av Bklyn N Y 

Brenner, Gertrude Andree ed 1 Manhat- 
tan Av ; 2355 Irving St Denver Colo; 
AB Denver 

Brenner, James Emmet mec 422 W 
115; Navy Dept Washington D C 

Brenner, Mildred e 318 E Third St 

Brenner, Miriam e 45 W no 

Brenner, Norman Robert e 2399 Catal- 
pa Av Bklyn N Y; 17 Eastern Prom- 
enade Portland Me 

Brenton, Daniel R / Scarsdale N Y 

Brenton, Mary Warner e Scarsdale 
N Y 

Brescia, Joseph e 209 Grand St ; Mont- 
gomery N Y 

Bresky, Hillard m Livingston Hall ; 59 
Allen St Hudson N Y 

Bresler, Harvey Joseph c Hartley Hall 

Bressler, Helen B gr 260 W 44 

Brett, Louis A ^ 215 Union Av Mount 
Vernon N Y 

Brett, Paul Donald e 18 Crescent PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Brettle, Alice Marion ed 523 W 121 ; 
417 14 

Brettle, Mildred Frances pa 523 W 121 ; 
417 14 Buffalo N Y 

Bettschneider, Murray Rowe e 620 Len- 
ox Av 

Brewer, Ellen Dozier pa Whittier Hall ; 
Meredith College Raleigh N C ; AB 
Meredith College 

Brewer Jr, Thomas Clinton e 442 Man- 
hattan Av 

Brewster, Dorothy gr 618 W 114; AB, 
AM, PhD Columbia 

Brewster, Dorothy Smith pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 2634 E 27 Bklyn N Y 

Brewster, Frances Rachel bu Furnald 
Hall; 719 Kenwood Pkway Minne- 
apolis Minn 

Brice, James Edward bu 562 W 189 
Brice, Lilian Kirkland pa Whittier 

Hall; 144 E 19 
Brickley, Arthur Warren e 627 W 115; 

1 1 Orchard St Everett Mass 
Brickner, Frank Hays c 345 W 88 
Brickner, Helen DeCordova e Wood- 
mere LINY 
Brickner, Murray I « 99 Av C 
Brickner, Richard Max m Hotel Belle- 

claire ; 323 Westminster Rd Roches- 
ter N Y 
Bridge, Alice Foster e 28 High St Glen 

Ridge N J 
Bridgeford, William McFarland e 230 

Bank St Newark N J ; 145 Tynes St 

Suffolk Va 
Bridgford, Constance ed 382 Lowell 

Apts ; W 9 St Aledo 111 
Briehl, Wolter e 2519 Madison St 

Bklyn N Y 
Brient, Susannah e 612 W 115; Engle- 

wood Tenn 
Bridger, Sigmund Sidney e 206 Moore 

St Bklyn N Y 
Briggin, Joseph William e 1264 Am- 
sterdam Av 
Briggin, Samuel Sullivan e 1264 Am- 
sterdam Av 
Briggs, Caroline de Motte e 118 W 57 
Briggs, Helen Jean e Suffern N Y; 612 

University Av Syracuse N Y ; AB 

Briggs, Henry Robert e Pleasantville 

N Y 
Briggs, Margaret S ed Whittier Hall ; 

1505 Jefferson Av Scranton Pa 
Brigham, Alice Antoinette pa Bancroft 

Hall ; 28 Elmwood Av Buffalo N Y 
Brigham, Deane Nason e Hewlett L I 

N Y ; Kennebunk Me 
Bright, Frederick Marshall e 133 W 

140; 1430 Q St NW Washington D C 
Brighton, George Renfrew m 529 W 

113; 26 Virginia Av Jersey City N J 
Brill, Alice C ed 106 Morningside Dr ; 

471 Laurel Av St Paul Minn 
Brill, Edwin L c 1282 Ogden Av 
Brill, Elisabeth Joyce c 48 W 76 
Brill, Ileh'ne Charlotte pa Whittier 

Hall; 2120 Highland Av Shreveport 




Brilleman, Joseph Morje c 202 W 86 

Brimberg, Eve e 1571 46 Bklyn N Y 

Brimberg, Rose e 1571 46 Bklyn N Y 

Brink, Frances Marion b Brooks Hall ; 
Lake Katrine N Y 

Brink, Louise gr 24 E 63 ; AB Vassar 

Brinkerhoff, Charles McFarlan c 12 17 
Elmhurst LINY 

Brinkley, Margaret Beddle ed 509 W 
121; Thomson Ga ; AB Texas 

Brinkley, Sterling Gardner ed 509 W 
121; Thomson Ga ; AB Emory, AM 

Brinks, Charles Wesley e 2783 Broad- 

Brinsmade, Eleanor Louise b 235 W 

Brinsmead, Olive Miriam e 121 W 87 

Brinton, Emily Huffaker ed Furnald 
Hall; 183 E 48 So Murray St Salt 
Lake City Utah ; AB Utah 

Briody, Anna Marie e 133 S Third Av 
Mount Vernon N Y ; Saugatuck Conn 

Brissenden, Paul Frederick J 404 W 
115; 1824 Berkeley Way Berkeley 
Cal; AB Denver, MA California 

Bristol, Raymond Moreau dent River- 
side Conn 

Bristol, Ruth Louise ed 7 W 65 ; Mar- 
vin Beach S Norwalk Conn ; BS Co- 

Britton, Sumner Hamilton e 800 River- 
side Dr 

Broadbelt Jr, Edward Morton e 17 
Kossuth PI Bklyn N Y 

Broadbent, Dora Marion b Brooks Hall ; 
Lihue, Kawai, Territory of Hawaii 

Broadbent, Wallace Monroe ed Wash- 
ington School Kearny N J ; 575 Lake 
St Newark N J 

Broaddus, Carolyn Duncan gr 117 & 
Amsterdam Av ; 342 Birchwood Av 
Louisville Ky ; BS Westhampton 

Broadwin, Abraham e 214 Audubon 

Broander, Melvin Ramsay e 101 W 58; 
Keansburg N J 

Brobst, Clarence Milton e 217 W 106 

Brockman, Hilda pa 523 W 121 ; Ot- 
tumwa la 

Brockway, Gertrude Many e 18 W 
Pierrepont Av Rutherford Av N J ; 
Clinton N Y 

Brockwell, William Alburtis e 31 Nas- 
sau St; 1259 Morse St NE Washing- 
ton D C ; BS Maryland State 

Brodek, Catherine Olga e 354 West 
End Av 

Broderick, Joseph H / 216 Park Av 
Yonkers N Y ; AB Columbia 

Broderick, Mary E e 78 W 103 

Broderick, Michael A e 1103 Washing- 
ton Av 

Broderick, J Raymond c 6 Halcyon PI 
Yonkers N Y 

Brodil, Franklin Vincent c 540 W 113; 
211 E 78 

Brodrick, Ralph Wilson bti 540 W 122 

Brody, Benjamin Nathaniel / 1074 Man- 
hattan Av Bklyn NY ; BS C C N Y 

Brody, Estelle e 52 Lenox Av 

Broeder, Leo e 3430 Duncomb Av ; 
PhG, PharD Columbia 

Brokaw, Katherin Forster m Furnald 
Hall; Kyoto Japan; AB Wells 

Bron, Abraham Julius e 620 E Ninth 

Bronkhurst, Irving Edward e 83 Ora- 
waupum St White Plains N Y 

Bronner, Dorothy e 539 W 112 

Bronnes, Fulton Lewis e Irvington 
N Y 

Bronsky, Amy ed 413 W 46; Chippewa 
Falls Wis; PhB Wisconsin, MA Co- 

Brook, Sarah e 141 W 109; Princeton 
N J 

Brookfield, Inez Parker ed 430 W 122; 
Smithfield W Va 

Brookov, Samuel e 1404 Crotona Park 

Brooks, Arthur S pa Hastings-on 
Hudson N Y 

Brooks, Aurelia Emma gr Furnald Hall ; 
1024 Speight St Waco Tex; AB 

Brooks, Elizabeth Graham b 35 Wood- 
land Av New Rochelle N Y 

Brooks, Fowler Dell ed 215 Manhattan 
Av ; Mankato Minn ; AB Baker, AM 



Brooks, Joel Myron c 627 W 115; 
South Av New Canaan Conn 

Brooks, Lillian Mary e 478 W 145 

Brooks, Majel Keith b 1928 University 

Brooks, Nathaniel Cannon e 2365 Sev- 
enth Av 

Broom, William James ed 540 W 122; 
1512 Highland Av Salina Kan; AB 
Kansas Wesleyan 

Broomall, Dorothy Snowden b 101 E 75 

Broome, Ada Corbyn e 29 Park Av 
Passaic N J ; Beach Haven N J 

Broones, Martin Joseph e 224 Riverside 

Brophy, Daniel Francis gr 514 Tenth 
Av; BS C C N Y 

Brophy, Gerald Brendan c 627 W 115; 
443 Hawthorne Av Yonkers N Y 

Brophy, John M ed 181 2 Arthur Av ; 

Brophy, Julia Josephine e 143 Marshall 
St Paterson N J 

Brose, Carlton Constant e 1009 Woody- 
crest Av 

Broshkevitch, Constantine e 200 W 85 

Brossard, Ida Myrtle pa 11 09 Amster- 
dam Av ; 240 W Argonne Dr Kirk- 
wood Mo 

Brotzman, Eunice Louise ed 210 S 
Ocean Av Freeport LINY; Deer 
River N Y 

Broudy, Florence Dorothy e 601 W 141 

Brough, Florence Elizabeth pa 1230 
Amsterdam Av ; 17 Vine St Ham- 
mondsport N Y 

Broun, William McRay / 346 W 57; 
Wedgefield S C 

Browd, Victor Lincoln m 601 W 150 

Brower, Alice V ed 139 No Eighth Av 
Mount Vernon N Y; AB Syracuse 

Brower, Lester Robert e 513 W 135 

Brower, Lillian Le Vert b Brooks Hall ; 
Nolensville Rd Nashville Tenn 

Brower, Mary Amanda ed 2366 Con- 

Brown Jr, Albert c 244 Bedford Av 
Mount Vernon N Y 

Brown, Aneita Doty e 790 Riverside 
Dr; AB Smith 

Brown, Atalanta Lucretia e 69 Mission 

St Montclair N J 
Brown, Barbara Brodie pa Prospect Av 

Oradell N J 
Brown, Blanche Betty e 332 E 50; 

2709 Broad St Tuscaloosa Ala 
Brown, Cecilia H ed 419 W 119 
Brown, Charles Mortimer e 601 W no; 

2401 W Sixth St Los Angeles Cal 
Brown, Charles William ed Carteret 

Academy Orange N J; 12 Banks 

Terrace Swampscott Mass; BS Utah 
Brown, Chester Rathburn e 134 W 70; 

R F D 1 Coalton Ohio 
Brown, Clyde Edwin c 134 W 70; R F 

D 1 Coalton Ohio 
Brown, David Harvey gr 755 E 168; 

AB Columbia 
Brown, Dewey Brooklyn / 500 W 114; 

35 1 1 Ocoee St Cleveland Tenn; AB 

Emory & Henry 
Brown, Edmond Brooke c 371 W 120; 

E Fifth St Washington Ind 
Brown, Edna Jean e 1209 Garden St 

Hoboken N J 
Brown, Edward Benard e 371 W 116 
Brown, Eleanor Gertrude gr Whittier 

Hall ; 220 McPhearson St Dayton O ; 

AB Ohio State 
Brown, Elizabeth Fleming e 155 Union 

Av Mount Vernon N Y ; Burdett 

N Y 
Brown, Elsie e 420 W 119; Asheville 

N C 
Brown, Farrington Wade a 558 W 113; 

302 Bement Av West New Brighton 

S I N Y; BS Columbia 
Brown, Ervin e 362 Lexington Av 
Brown, Ethel Miriam « 89 W Milton 

Av Rahway N J; 1202 Duncan St 

Massillon Ohio 
Brown, Florence ed Ossining School 

Ossining N Y 
Brown, Florence Emma ed 430 John 

St Bridgeport Conn; 11 12 Main St 

Honesdale Pa ; AB Wellesley 
Brown, Florence Margaret e 154 Wash- 
ington St Newark N J 
Brown, Helen Lucille pa Lenox Av 

Maywood N J 



Brown, Jack Van Buren e 15 Ash St 

Flushing N Y 
Brown, Jerome e 2790 Broadway 
Brown, Jerry Joseph e 76 Manhattan 

Av; 401 Delaware Av Buffalo N Y 
Brown, Kathryn Garda b 434 W 120; 

39 Edgewood Park New Rochelle 

N Y 
Brown, Keith e 305 Broad St Newark 

N J; Lambertville N J ; AB Vassar 
Brown, Lillian £ 914 Southern Blvd 
Brown, Louise Eliabeth pa Whittier 

Hall ; 456 Lafayette PI Milwaukee 

Brown, Malcolm Doughty c 17 Stuart 

Av Mamaroneck N Y 
Brown, Mary D pa Whittier Hall; 

Academy PI San Marcos Tex 
Brown, May Laird e 1 W 89 
Brown, Morris e 569 W 184 
Brown, Nugent E ; 5 W 125; Nacog- 
doches Tex 
Brown, Orville James / 540 W 113; 

324 Shaw St New Castle Pa; PhB 

Brown, Ralph Olin c Hartley Hall ; 258 

N Van Buren Riverside Cal 
Brown, Ray ed 201 W 85; 2328 Elm 

St Youngstown Ohio 
Brown, Roger Crafts gr Y M C A Ho- 

boken N J ; La Crescenta Cal ; AB 

Brown, Roy Saxton e 94 Hillside Av 

Irvington N J 
Brown, Ruth Stewart ed 181 Claremont 

Brown, Samuel e 123 W 1 12 ; BS C C 

N Y 
Brown, Virginia Pointer e Scarsdale 

N Y; Spring Hill Tenn 
Brown, William e 706 Amsterdam Av ; 

73 Green St New Bedford Mass 
Brown, William Bernard ed 69 E 123; 

BS Columbia 
Browne, Carolyn Mae e 54 Morning- 
side Av; 714 Portland PI 
Browne, Daniel Baillet e 471 Fifth Av ; 

223 Milbouk Av Greenwich Conn 
Browne, Dorothy Clarie e Stuyvesant 

Club 129 E 10 
Browne, Edythe Helen e 19 E 89 

Browne, Mrs Hetty S ed Normal 
School Bloomsburg Pa ; BS Colum- 

Brownell, Kenneth Cook c 410 Park 

Brownfelder, Jeannette Caroline e 42 
Broadway; 1153 President St Bklyn 
N Y 

Brownlee, William John e 1187 Lexing- 
ton Av 

Brownold, Beatrice Irene />a 416 W 118 

Broyles, Luo Downing ed Whittier 
Hall ; Aberdeen Miss 

Brualla, Francis e 1 36 W 1 1 1 

Bruce, Ernest Sydney c 627 Greenwich 
St; 85 Larch Av Bogota N J 

Bruce, Herbert Louis e 109 W 137 

Bruce, Sarah Ridgway e 509 W 121 ; 
Columbus N.J; AB Bryn Mawr 

Bruce, William Christie e 307 W 113 

Bruehl, Martin e 1325 Second Av 

Bruckner, Abraham David e 25 E 104 

Bruckner, Walter H e 404 Liberty St 
Union Hill N J 

Bruere, Jane Munroe e 925 Park Av; 
PhB Chicago 

Bruman, Abraham Joseph e 116 W 120; 
BS Nebraska 

Brumell, Henry Peareth c 434 River- 
side Dr ; Buckingham Que Canada 

Brummer, Bertram F e 2178 Broad- 
way; BS U of Pa 

Brummitt, Wyatt Brearley / 519 W 
123; 740 Rush St Chicago 111 

Brundage, Curtis Ralph e 54 Gaston St 
West Orange N J 

Brundage, Darius Cole e 316 W 97; 
BS Vermont 

Brune, William John e 937 Jennings 

Bruneau, Robert James e 4 Stratford 
Rd Bklyn N Y 

Bruning, Edwin Charles e 27 11 Bedford 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Bruning, Paul J c 27 11 Bedford Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Brunkhardt, Albert Louis e 76 Florence 
Av Clifton N J 

Brunn, Lucile M pa 412 W 115 

Brunner 3rd, Ferdinand e 56 Park Av 
Rutherford N J 



Brunner, Leonard / 892 Eastern Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Brunor, Martin Antheny c 46 Edge- 
combe Av 
Bruns John Louis c 6 Jackson St 

Stapleton LINY 
Brunswick Frederick Henry ed 862 E 

23 Paterson N J 
Brunt, Joseph B e 28 Nassau St 
Brush, Anna e 103 W 88 
Brush, Charles Edward e 1936 Madison 

St Bklyn N Y 
Brush, Donald Linsley c 492 Convent 

Brush, Sherman Elmer bu 316 W 56; 

1830 Francis Av Troy N Y; BS 

Brussel, Alva Florence e 28 W 75 
Brussel, Jacob R e 1644 St Johns PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Brutsehy, Joseph c Sayville N Y 
Bruyette, Agnes Mary e Collinsville 

Bryan, A Marguerite ed 183 Columbia 

Heights Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Bryan, C Noemie b John Jay Hall ; 

Warrior Ala 
Bryan, Donald Paxon c 633 W 115; 

250 N Second St Lehighton Pa 
Bryan, Isabella Jean e 2626 Grand Av 
Bryan, John Buckley c 1207 Av V 

Bklyn NY; BS Columbia 
Bryan, Lloyd Thomas c 633 W 115; 

250 N Second St Lehighton Pa 
Bryan, M Penelope e Kent PI Summit 

N J ; Mt Eyrie Warrior Ala 
Bryant, Francis e 245 W 44 
Bryant, Katharine Andrews b 43 Pros- 
pect Dr Yonkers N Y 
Bryson, Cora Lucinda ed 28 Spring St 

Flemington N J ; AB Grinnell Col- 
lege, AM California 
Bsharah, Esma Mary e 688 Greene Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB College of New 

Bubaseck, Helen Louise Ward e 889 

Columbus Av 
Buchanan, Mary Crow gr 80 E 90; 473 

W State St Trenton N J ; AB U of 


Buchman, Joseph m 152 Rodney St 

Bklyn N Y ; BS Columbia 
Buchman, Moses Robert c 514 W 114 
Buchman, Sidney Robert e 514 W 114 
Buck, Evelyn e 130 Claremont Av 
Buck Jr, Richard Sutton a 400 W 160; 

CE Rensselaer Poly 
Buck, Suzanne e 416 First St Hoboken 

Buckhous, Mary Gertrude gr Furnald 

Hall; Missoula Mont; BS Montana 
Buckland, (Mrs) Elizabeth Jennings e 

204 W 94 
Buckland, Olive e Polyclinic Hospital 

345 W 50; 28 Woodbridge St Man- 
chester Conn 
Buckley, Arthur J c 183 Shonnard Ter 

Yonkers N Y 
Buckley, Catherine Mary pa 24 E 

Eighth St ; Washington la 
Buckley, Charles William e 306 N High 

Buckley, George Henry c Hartley Hall ; 

Afton N Y 
Buckley, Margaret Alston e 601 W 121 
Buckley, Wm F gr Murray Hill Hotel 
Buckner, Minerva Morris ed 707 Parker 

St Newark N J 
Buckner, Nancy Jane pa Whittier Hall; 

Shelbyville Ky 
Bucko witz, Pincus M I 614 Williams 

Av Bklyn NY 
BuDahn, Louis August ed 417 W 120; 

317 Morris St Fond du Lac Wis 
Budd, Josephine Earley ed 135 E 52; 

1407 Jefferson St Philadelphia Pa; 

AB Mount Holyoke 
Budwin, Raphael Galbraith c 3089 

Broadway ; 403 Waverly PI Spokane 

Bueermann, Winfred Henry m 8 E 

Third St; 718 N Edison St Portland 

Ore ; BS McMunville College 
Buehler, Edward J e 273 61 Bklyn N Y 
Buehrer, Edwin Theophil gr 141 W 

Fourth St; 1207 W Main St Brenham 

Tex ; BA Southern Methodist Univ 
Buell, Edith May e 904 Lexington Av 
Buell, Florence e 92 Morningside Av 
Buendia, Luis Amable e 17 Battery PI 



Bueno, Rollin de la Torre c n N 

Broadway White Plains N Y 
Buermann, Esther Madeline £ 412 Clin- 
ton Av Newark N J 
Buffington, Malcolm R gr 403 W 115; 
Brookville Pa; BS Bucknell 

Buggeln, Gertrude Elizabeth gr 354 87 
Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 

Bugliari, Joseph e 160 Fifth Av Pater- 
son N J 

Buker, Welthie Blethyn ed 509 W 121 ; 
25 School St Bath Me 

Bulger, Glen Whalen ed 6 S Arlington 
Av East Orange N J ; PhB Syracuse 

Bull Jr, Clifton Banham / 430 W 116; 
AB Columbia 

Bull, Muriel Dede b 430 W 116 

Bullen, Jean Livingston e 568 W 149 

Bullock, George Eaddie c Danner Av 
Harrison N J 

Bullock, Elizabeth J pa Whittier Hall; 
60 Eason Av Detroit Mich 

Bullock, Florence May e 611 W 114; 
Rouses Point N Y 

Bulman, Grace Miller pa 345 W 50 
360 Campbell Av Roanoke Va 

Bulmer, Benjamin e 33 Nassau St ; 244 
W 56 

Bulmer, James Wesley m 1210 Bush- 
wick Av Bklyn NY; BS Rutgers, BS 

Bumberg, Edward Abraham e 731 E 
Fifth St 

Bump, Elizabeth Washburn ed E Pal- 
isade Av Englewood N J ; PhB Cor- 
nell, PdB Albany Normal College 

Bunger, Henry William bn 15 E 59; 
34 Broadway Hackensack N J 

Bunim, Rae e 1 E 107 

Bunnell Jr, Alfred Ranney e 60 State 
St East Orange N J 

Bunnell, Catherine Emma ed 149 Van 
Buren St Passaic N J 

Bunting, May Alice e 351 W 14; 449 
W 206 

Buonaguro, Michael James m 852 Hart 
St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 

Burbank, Alice Irvine b 153 W 74; 
The Puritan Louisville Ky 

Burbank, Mary pa 420 W 119 Temple 

Burch, Guy Irving e 544 W 113 

Burch, Ilah pa 106 Morningside Dr ; 
Dublin Ga 

Burch, Wilhelmine Taylor / 544 W 113 

Burchell, Nicholas Anthony e 933 Co- 
lumbus Av 

Burchell, Samuel Clement m 563 W 
182; AB C C N Y, BS Columbia 

Burdett, Evelyn pa 239 Park Ave East 
Orange N J 

Burdett, Helen Lewis e 180 W 88 

Burdge, Howard Griffith ed Teachers 
College ; 192 Maple Av Wellsville 
N Y ; AB Allegheny College, AM Co- 

Burdick, Edith May ed Whittier Hall 

Burdick, Sidney Devere ed Spring 
Valley NY; BS Alfred 

Burford, Daniel William e 23 St Y M 
C A; 1615 W 16 Sedalia Mo; AB 
Central College 

Burger, Aaron Leonard m 684 Third 
Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 

Burgess, Elizabeth C pa 60 W 10 ; 
State Dept Education Albany N Y 

Burgess, Harold Powers c 3100 Broad- 
way ; 30 Tompkins St Cortland N Y 

Burgess, William John e Grantwood 
N J ; 940 S 55 Philadelphia Pa 

Burgevin, Caroline L e N Regent St 
Port Chester N Y; AB Columbia 

Burghardt, Roy Corwin ed 21 Wesley 
Av Bernardsville N J ; AB Dart- 

Burgin, Lucy May e 108 E 30; 139 
Chestnut St Holyoke Mass 

Burgoyne, Alice Heywood e 295 E 139 

Burguete, Carmen pa 245 W 123; In- 
quistidor 32 Havana Cuba 

Burhans, Rosalie Carlin e 178 Prospect 
Park W Bklyn N Y 

Burkard, Andrew Nicholas / Mineola 
N Y ; AB Georgetown 

Burke, Catharine G b 502 W 113 

Burke, Eleanor gr Furnald Hall; 1635 
Laurel Av Knoxville Tenn ; AB Ten- 

Burke, Erwin Carl e Tompkinsville 
N Y 

Burke, Maud e 410 W 115; Birming- 
ham Ala 



Burke, Stephen Patrick gr Livingston 

Hall; 3151 Sedgwick Av ; BS, ChE 

Burke, Vincent Patrick ed St Johns 

Newfoundland; BS Columbia, MA 

St Francis Xavier, LLD Ottawa 
Burkhardt, August Louis e West En- 

glewood N J 
Burkhardt E Walter a 371 W 120; 

Yakima Wash; BS Washington State 
Burkhart, Stella e 420 W 118 
Burkinshaw, Olive Julia pa 340 W 85 ; 

541 Delaware St Syracuse N Y 
Burkland, Olga Victoria e 465 E 155 
Burleson, Christine gr Furnald Hall ; 

Crest Bon Air Johnson City Tenn ; 

AB Tenn, AB Vassar 
Burnaugh, Maurice e 118 Waverly PI 
Burne, Dorothy gr Huntington LIN 

Y; AB Columbia 
Burnet, Margaret M ed 595 Williams 

St East Orange N J; 612 W Sixth 

St Cincinnati Ohio 
Burnett, Madeleine Charlotte e 34 Long 

View Av White Plains N Y 
Burnham, Alton Cyrel gr 729 Sixth 

Av; 1500 Curran St Los Angeles 

Cal ; BS Mich Agric, LLB 111 College 

of Law 
Burnham, Grace ed Bancroft Hall ; 

6130 Washington Av St Louis* Mo; 

AB Washington 
Burnham, Mignon Elizabeth e 182 Val- 
ley Rd West Orange N J; Little 

York N Y ; AB Syracuse 
Burnham, Russell Page e 75 Sip Av 

Jersey City N J 
Burns, Dana Thurlow ed 238 Gregory 

Av Passaic N J ; Coolville Ohio ; AB 

Burns, Edith R gr 251 Tompkins Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 
Burns, Edward John / Livingston Hall ; 

Mohawk N Y ; AB Cornell 
Burns, Florence Mabel e 255 W 92 
Burns, George Henry c 21 Stage St 

Stamford Conn 
Burns, Marguerite pa 487 W 135 
Burns, Marie Caldwell ed 238 Gregory 

Av Passaic N J; Coolville Ohio; BS 


Burns, Maryesther m Inwood House 
Dyckman St; Isle of Our Selins 
Grove Pa; BS Susquehanna, MD 
Woman's Medical College of Penna 

Burns, Mildred L pa 37 Madison Av ; 
Winchester 111 

Burns, Noel Augustine e 7 W 92 ; 740 
Gotham St Watertown N Y 

Burns, Robert Leo ed Cliffside N J ; 
31 E Fourth St Oswego N Y; BS, 
AM Columbia 

Burns, Reginald Rich c 29 W 84 

Burns, Suzette ed 684 St Nicholas Av ; 
BS Columbia 

Burns, Thomas Fitzgerald e 31 Stone 
St New Brunswick N J 

Burnside, Helen Frances e Roff Av 
Morsemere N J 

Burnside, Marion Lonsdale pa Morse- 
mere N J 

Burrell Jr, Nathaniel e Y M C A 135 ; 
1 41 7 Springwood Av Asbury Park 
N J 

Burrough, Emilie Lucille e 87 Orient 
Av Jersey City N J 

Burroughs, James Whitney / Irvington 
N Y 

Burrough, Edmund Weidmann mec 414 
W 121 ; 126 W Seventh St Oswego 
N Y; U S N A 

Burroughs, Marion Rapelje b 61 Junc- 
tion Av Corona LINY 

Burrows, Wilson Ashley e 332 Haw- 
thorne Av Yonkers N Y 

Burslem, Alex Young e Tompkins 
Hall; 168 Brunswick Av Trenton N J 

Burt, Carlos Augustus e 2407 Seventh 

Burt, Con Amorc Vincent e 515 W 1 1 1 ; 
Quitman Miss 

Burt, Elizabeth Stanger e 201 Garfield 
PI South Orange N J ; Helmetta N J 

Burt, Harry Odell c 542 First St Bklyn 
N Y 

Burton, Donald Irwin e 400 Sixth Av 
Asbury Park N J 

Burton, Lillian McNab e Fifth Av Bank 

Burton, Thomas Campbell <■ Hewlett 
LINY; Batavia 111 

Burton, Walter Kuss c Cookcville Tenn 



Burtt, Edwin Arthur gr Cresskill N J ; 
AB Yale, BD Union Theol 

Bum, Robert Morris c 565 W 113; 168 
Kent St Brookline Mass 

Burwell, Annie Taylor e Hartsdale N 
Y ; Warrenton N C 

Busch, George Leon e 75 Northern Av 

Buschkat, William John e 212 E 81 

Buschow, Edward Gustave e 2320 New- 
bold Av Westchester N Y 

Bush, Margaret Kimmich b 440 Home- 
stead Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Bush, Sargent / Basking Ridge N J ; 
LittB Princeton 

Bush, Harold Doremus e 886 Union St 
Bklyn N Y 

Bushell, Francis e Bluff Rd Palisade 
N J 

Busloff, Ardie £ 327 Edgecombe Av 

Bussman, Ethel Ruth e Furnald Hall ; 
Hancock N Y 

Butkiewicz, Edward Warslaw e 302 W 
22; 25 Broadway Nanticoke Pa 

Butler, Bertram Theodore gr 186 Cres- 
cent Av Leonia N J ; PhB Hamline, 
AM Columbia 

Butler, Elizabeth Rhodes gr Furnald 
Hall; Fort Dodge la; AB Vassar, 
AM Columbia 

Butler, Fay Gring e 417 W 114; 1321 
M St NW Washington D C 

Butler, Lovilla Laura b 5 Chestnut Hill 
Av White Plains N Y 

Buttenwieser, Clarence m 135 Central 
Park W; BS Dartmouth 

Butters, Marion e 261 Madison Av ; 
304 Central St Auburndale Mass 

Butterworth, Elizabeth Clark b 421 W 
118; 145 Grove St Fall River Mass; 
PhB Brown 

Butts, Delight Boise e 265 Henry St; 
BA Lake Erie College 

Butts, Katherine King e 457 W 123 

Butzer, Albert George gr 600 W 122; 
476 Best St Buffalo N Y ; AB North- 
western, BD Union Theol 

Butzey, Helen e 425 E 24; 341 Epsilon 
PI Glendale LINY 

Buxenbaum, Arthur e 663 E 165 

Buxton, Esther Wallace ed 1105 Am- 
sterdam Av; Morristown N J 

Buzbee, Robert Buell I 536 W 113; 

Winfield, Ala; BS, LLB Alabama, 

LLB Georgetown 
Buzbee, William John e 21 16 Valen- 
tine Av 
Byers, Anna Frederika ed 519 W 121 ; 

Iron River Mich ; BS Northwestern 
Byers, John Ross Burns gr 530 W 136; 

Coraopolis Pa ; BS Pittsburgh MS 

Byers, Judith Elizabeth b Brooks Hall; 

Iron River Mich 
Byk, Ephraim bu 148 E 89 
Byrd, Evelyn ed 106 Morningside Dr; 

2402 University Av Austin Tex ; BS, 

BA Texas 
Byrd, Lucy Carter e Short Hills N J 
Byrd, Myrtle pa 612 W 115; 416 Bay 

St Hattiesburg Miss ; BA Judson 
Byrn, Annie Mary ed Whittier Hall ; 

346 E Main St Murfreesboro Tenn ; 

AB Tennessee College 
Byrne, Albert Barnett c 45 W 113; 

The Cairo Washington D C 
Byrne, Audrey Edith pa 417 W 121 
Byrne Jos P e 310 State St Bklyn N Y 
Byrne, Louise Marie b 167 W 76 
Byrne, Margaret C gr 338 Decatur St 

Bklyn N Y; AB, AM Columbia 
Byrne, Thomas Joseph e 2707 Briggs 

Byrnes, Eleanor Foster pa Whittier 

Hall; 219 Park Av East Orange N J 
Byrnes, Marion Tennant b 80 Franklin 

PI Flushing N Y 
Byrnes, Nicholas Raymond e 28 How- 
ard PI Jersey City N J 
Byrnes, Patrick James e 205 E 176 
Byron, Edward gr 246 Garfield Av Jer- 
sey City N J; ME Stevens Tech 
Caballero, C Armando e 355 Central 

Park W ; Chilean Consulate 280 

Cadoo, Sarah pa 1 Parmley PI Summit 

N J 
Cady, Harrison Longfellow e 5 W 125 

St ; Fox Lake Wis 
Cady, Leda Boyd gr 180 Claremont Av; 

729 W Onondaga St Syracuse N Y ; 

AB Syracuse 



Caesar, David c 1501 Eastern Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Caesar, Saul mec 420 W 121; Monti- 
cello N Y; AB Columbia 
Caeti, Vito e 342 E 67 
Caffall, Robert Perrin e 8 Kingsland 

Lane Palisade N J 
Cahan, Rose A ed 536 E 5 Bklyn N Y 
Cahen, Simone b John Jay Hall; 10 

rue Euryale Dehaynin Paris France 
Cahill, Gertrude Loretta b John Jay 

Hall ; Lincoln Av Jamaica LINY 
Cahill, John Thomas c 541 W 124 
Cahn, Arthur Morris m 69 W 97 ; AB 

Cahn, Edith Juliet b John Jay Hall; 

Seneca St Far Rockaway LINY 
Cahn, Michael e 300 Blake Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Cahn, Phyllis e 229 W 78 
Cain, Harold e 315 Irving Av Port 

Chester N Y 
Cain, Mayme Gertrude e 200 W 137; 

333 Av E Darlington S C 
Caine, Ethel Clark e 396 McDonough 

St Bklyn N Y 
Di Cairano, Donato Antonio e 429 

Jersey St New Brighton S I N Y 
Cairns, George White c 252 W 85 
Cairns, Maud pa 351 S Maple Av 

Ridgewood N J 
Calam, Helen Elizabeth e 336 W 95 ; 

T2 Croton Av Ossining N Y 
Caldor, Selina Clara b 316 W 102 
Caldwell, Alexander Bryan ed 522 W 

123; New Market Tenn ; AB Mary- 

ville College 
Caldwell, Esther pa Whittier Hall; 47 

Rockland Av Yonkers N Y 
Caldwell, Mary Letitia gr South Salem 

Ohio ; AB Western College, AM Co- 
Calhoun, Elise Caldwell e 80 High St 

Orange N J 
Calhoun, Helen Ormiston e 10 Elk Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Call, Saro Matteo c 306 President St 

Bklyn N Y 
Calkins, Helen gr Furnald Hall ; 2334 

Maine St Quincy 111 ; AB Knox 

Callaghan, William e 68 Beach St East 
Orange N J 

Callahan, Frances E e 479 W 152 

Callahan, Arthur Francis e 1985 Honey- 
well Av 

Callahan, Arthur Raymond / 1364 Dean 
St Bklyn N Y ; AB St Johns College 

Callahan, Cornelius Alfred e 233 W 46 

Callahan, Harry J e 1084 Amsterdam 

Callan, Ruth b 22S7 University Av 

Callaway, George Washington c 99 W 
138; 56 S Munn Av East Orange 
N J 

Callcott, Frank gr 12s Vermilyea Av; 
AB Southwestern, MA Columbia 

Callcott, Mary Stevenson e 123 Ver- 
milyea Av 

Callcott, Wilfrid H gr 123 Vermilyea 
Av ; 1221 S Second St Corpus Christi 
Tex ; AB Southwestern, AM Colum- 

Callery, May Frances e 3 131 Broadway 

Callow, Bessie Roberta gr 645 W 160; 
159 Pierpont St Salt Lake City Utah; 
AB Vassar 

Calvert, William Ernest e Havemeyer 
Hall; Long Beach N Y 

Camacko, Sofia e 201 W in 

Cambria, Dominic / 356 W 116; 63 
Washington St Middletown Conn ; 
AB Wesleyan 

Cameron, Marguerite Spencer gr Evans- 
ton Wyo; AB Utah 

Cammack, Margaret L gr 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; 601 Goodrich Av St Paul 
Minn ; AB Minnesota, AM Columbia 

Cammack, Howard Haworth c Living- 
ston Hall; 1 1 12 Fifth Av Huntington 
W Va 

Camp, Sarah Frances e Seth Low Hall ; 
2147 Wyoming Av 

Campanaro, Rose b John Jay Hall ; 
Oyster Bay LINY 

Campbell, Allan Edward e 131 Chaun- 
cey Av New Rochelle N Y 

Campbell, Alice Barry e 45 W 68 

Campbell, Alice Elizabeth gr 513 56 
Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 

Campbell, Arthur Carlyle gr Buies 
Creek N C; AB, AM Wake Forest 



Campbell, Colin Bown / 1222 Evergreen 

Av; AB Columbia 
Campbell, Donald e 7 W 108 
Campbell, E Hamilton e 434 Riverside 

Campbell, Mrs Estelle M pa 160 W 95 
Campbell, George Emmett e 567 W 186 
Campbell, Hugh Joseph e 42 No Mal- 
colm St Ossining N Y 
Campbell, Jacque (Mrs Heyworth) e 

609 W 127 
Campbell, Henry Curry e 3089 Broad- 
way ; Ocala Fla 
Campbell, Joseph Ignatius c 614 W 

113; 138 Church St Freeport L I 
Campbell, Lois Bushnell gr 501 Win 

AB Wells, MA Columbia 
Campbell, Mabelle Marie e 420 W 121 

Clay Center Neb 
Campbell, Margery Stuart e 415 W 118 

Toronto Ontario Canada 
Campbell, Mary Eloise gr Faculty Club 

501 W 120; Charlestown WVA; AB, 

AM Columbia 
Campbell, Minnie McConnell, ed 404 

W 115; 714 W Main St Kalamazoo 

Campbell, Ulysses Samuel e 262 57 

Bklyn N Y 
Campsen Jr, Herman Martin c 419 E 

Canapary, Francis Joseph bu 952 73 

Bklyn N Y 
Canapary, Kathleen Marie e 952 73 

Bklyn N Y 
Canavan, Francis Joseph e 353 Amster- 
dam Av 
Canning, William Joseph e 246 Kim- 

berly Av New Haven Conn 
Cannon Jr, Charles Madison e 303 W 

Cannon, Edris Elizabeth b 362 E 30 

Paterson N J 
Cannon, Marjorie Sue b Gainesville 

Cannon, Vivian Mary ed 92a Astor PI 

Jersey City N J 
Cano, Lewis e 429 E 160 
Cantini, Raphael c 1401 73 Bklyn N Y 
Canton, Morris e 172 Stockton St Bklyn 

N Y 

Cantor, Charles e 234 W Fourth St; 

PhG Bklyn Col of Phar 
Cantor, Emanuel Max e 1462 54 Bklyn 

N Y 
Cantor, Meyer Jonas c 15 Front St 

Glen Cove City N Y 
Cantor, Nathaniel Freeman c 480 Cen- 
tral Park W 
Cantor, Samuel E ed 507 W 134 
Capek Jr, Thomas / 340 E 198; AB 

Capillon, Edward Albert tnec n W no 
Caplain, Herbert e 1561 52 Bklyn N Y 
Caplan, Solomon mec 725 Home St; 

AB Columbia 
Capocelli, Ginevra gr 612 W 115; MA 

Cappannari, Mary Lucy ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 51 Water St Plymouth 

Cappel, Frederick gr Livingston Hall ; 

945 Prospect PI Bklyn N Y 
Capron, Edith Littlefield ed 227 Inwood 

Av Upper Montclair N J 
Capron, Wilbur Wintersmith e 27 W 

44; Wayland N Y; AB Syracuse 
Carbonara, Teresa Adelaide gr 169a 

Utica Av Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Carden, Blythe Lynet e 565 W 113; 

498 West End Av 
Carey, Charles Baltimore Calvert mec 
45 W 49 ; Navy Department, Washing- 
ton D C 
Carey, Cornelia Lee gr Furnald Hall ; 

Luddington Rd West Orange N J ; 

BS Columbia 
Carey, Edna Turner e 34 Clifton PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Carey, Homer Franklin / Morris Hall ; 

Southington Conn ; BA, MA Wes- 

Carey, Lawrence Bernard e 484 Clas- 

son Av Bklyn N Y 
Carey, Mary Catharine e Furnald Hall ; 

16 St Bernard St Saranac Lake N Y 
Carey Jr, William Gibson e 45 W 49 ; 

4 Ardsley Rd Schenectady N Y 
Carhart, Grace Merle b Brooks Hall ; 

1 1 12 Main St Peekskill N Y 
Carithers, Brown e 57 Summer St 

Forest Hills Gardens L I ; 207 Miller 

St Fort Valley Ga 



Carl, Joseph e 262 W 24 

Carl, Louise e 153 E 62 

Carlberg, Gustav ed 541 Lexington Av; 

112 S 15 Escanaba Mich; AB Augus- 

tana College, BD Augustana Theol 

Carlberg, Ida Swanson ed 541 Lexing- 
ton Av; 112 S 15 Escanaba Mich; 

AB Augustana College, BS Columbia 
Carlisle, William Rhodes I Livingston 

Hall; 523 Central Av Atlanta Ga ; 

AB Oglethorpe Univ 
Carll, Lydia Adele e Seth Low Hall ; 

AB Columbia 
Carlson, Alice Elizabeth e 2888 Roeb- 

ling Av Westchester N Y 
Carlson, Chas Sigfrid e 190 Wadsworth 

Av ; Ivoryton Conn 
Carlson, Conrad Howard e i860 Amy- 

thist St 
Carlson, Gudrun I pa State Agric Col- 
lege New Brunswick N J ; 520 Dela- 
ware St SE Minneapolis Minn; BS 

Carlson, J Howard bu 531 W 113; 1122 

Park PI Bklyn N Y 
Carlsson, Victoria pa 519 W 121; 1613 

Ninth St Moline 111 
Carmody, Barrett e 450 Manhattan Av ; 

Fair Haven Vt ; AM Catholic Univ, 

LLB Georgetown 
Carmody, Martin Sylvester e Palisades 

Park N J 
Carnes, Geo M c Delta Tau Delta 

House; 1503 Jefferson Av Houston 

Carnes, Moses m 11 14 Madison Av ; 

Tupper Lake N Y; AB Cornell 
Carneval, Carl Ed e 7902 19 Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Carofiglio, Louis Edward c Hartley 

Hall; 53 E 115 
Carothers, Florence Edith e 1154 49 

Bklyn N Y ; AB, MA Columbia 
Carousso, Stephen Alcibiades e 242 

Cypress Av Flushing LINY 
Carpenter, Charles Melbourne / 135 

Felix Av Crafton Heights Pittsburgh 

Pa; AB Adrian 
Carpenter, Florence Lillian gr 430 W 

119; 193 W State St Wellsville N Y; 

AB Vassar 

Carpenter, Frances Viola pa 714 W 
181 ; 1 00 1 Woodward Av Topeka 
Kan ; BS Howard 

Carpenter, Isabelle Alice pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 3103 Grand Av Des 
Moines la 

Carpenter, Mary Lovina pa 8 W 105 ; 
R F D 4 Attleboro Mass 

Carpizo, Girso e 203 W 117 

Carr, John Winder ed 650 W 204 ; 
1515 S Boulevard Charlotte N C; 
AB Trinity College 

Carr, Justin William e 6 Neff PI Flush- 
ing L FN Y; BE Union 

Carr Jr, Louis e 548 Riverside Dr; 6 
Whittier St Montpelier Vt 

Carr, Mary e 831 Carroll St Bklyn N Y 

Carroll, Harrison c 500 W 114; 3714 
Third St San Diego Cal 

Carroll, Helen Mackay b John Jay Hall ; 
4817 Webster St Omaha Neb 

Carroll, James Bernard e 307 W 70 ; 
221 Main St Massena N Y; BS 
Clarkson Tech 

Carroll, James Edward mec 7 Parcell 
St Elmhurst N Y ; BS Columbia 

Carroll, James Thomas c University 
Post Office ; 38 Spring Hill Norwalk 

Carroll, James William / 197 Chestnut 
Av Waterbury Conn ; AB St Viator's 

Carroll, John Dudley e 140 W 34; 
Baltimore Md ; AB Johns Hopkins, 
EE Columbia 

Carroll, John Thomas e 514 W 49 

Carroll, Kathleen Gardnir pa 58 Albe- 
marle Rd Nepperhan Heights Yonk- 
ers N Y ; 306 E Bryan St Colorado 
Springs Colo 

Carruth Jr, Clarence Uri c 316 W 95 

Carruthers, Zilpha Mary ;' 116 W 122; 
1620 Milwaukee St Denver Colo; AB 

Carson, Mrs Kathleen Daniels e 18 St 
Nicholas PI; Gracie St New Canaan 

Carson, William Pierce gr 414 W 121; 
Ridge Spring S C ; BA Furman Uni- 
versity, PhB, MA Chicago 

Carstens, Clara e 37 Booraem Av Jer- 
sey City N J 



Carter, Aldine b 2 E 127 

Carter, Alice Mary pa 281 Edgecombe 

Av ; 866 Ostrom Av Syracuse N Y 
Carter, Anna Helen e 114 W 79; 534 

W 62 Chicago 111 
Carter, Charles Parsons e 248 So Ma- 
ple Av Ridgewood N J 
Carter, David James e 561 W 147; 

Front Royal Va 
Carter, Evelyn Melissa e 248 So Maple 

Av Ridgewood N J 
Carter, Jane Gray gr 426 Central 

Park W; AB Hunter, AM, PhD 

Carter Jr, John Allen e 2390 Amster- 
dam Av 
Carter, Mattie Leonore gr 500 W 112; 

Brinson Ga ; BS Miss State 
Carter, Mary Athelyne e Furnald Hall ; 

26 Spruce St Jamestown N Y 
Carter, Roy mec Hartley Hall ; 246 

Adams Av Scranton Pa 
Carter L Donald e American Museum 

of Natural History; 324 Morris Av 

Boonton N J 
Cartoon, Meyer F e 4618 15 Av Bklyn 

N Y; BS Brooklyn Polytechnic 
Cartwright, Claude William e 9 Oak St 

Weehawken N J; PhB Alfred 
Cartwright, Emma Katherine e 264 

Palisade Av West Hoboken N J ; AB, 

BD Alfred 
Cartwright, Marguerite Delia e 76 W 

105 ; Hunterville Ala 
Caruso, Jos Thos e 1494 Fulton St 

Bklyn N Y 
Carvalho, Helen gr Furnald Hall ; 400 

W Eighth St Plainfield N J ; AB 

Caryl, Dorothy Russell e 155 Audubon 

Casals, Maria Mercedes ed 16 Manhat- 
tan Av ; Espada 31 altos Havana 

Cascaden, William Wilfred ed 320 W 

108; 928 S 49 Philadelphia Pa; AB 

Case, Agnes pa Madison Square Hotel ; 

Benzonia Mich 
Case, Dorothea Dart e 305 E Front St 

Plainfield N J 

Case, John e 3004 Heath Av 

Case, Mary Cushing ed 309 W 91 ; BS 

Case, Maud Finley e 343 St Nicholas 

Casey, Maud e 287 N Washington St 

North Tarrytown N Y ; Elsmere N Y 
Case, Teresa Katherine b Brooks Hall ; 

Hammondsport N Y 
Casey, John Joseph c Hotel Theresa 
Casey, John Joseph e 273 Ridge St 

Newark N J ; LLB Georgetown 
Casey, Joseph Francis Anthony e 1 1 

Forest St Fall River Mass 
Casey, Robert Sabert gr 921 Fourth St 

Fort Madison la; BS, MS Trinity 

Cash, Sydney e 661 E 170 
Casho, Edith Warner pa 609 W 127; 

1708 W Allegheny Av Philadelphia 

Caskey, Dorothy Morgan / 29 Ridge- 
view Av White Plains N Y 
Cason, Hulsey gr Morris Hall; 1245 

15 Augusta Ga ; AB Mercer, AM 

Cassel, Therese e 610 W 113; AB Co- 

Cassidy, Lois gr 605 W 115; 30 North 
St Rutland Vt ; BA Wellesley 

Caster, George Brown e 415 Riverside 
Dr ; AB California, LLB Columbia 

Castilla, Helen S e 504 W 136; Dolores 
9 Mexico City Mexico ; AB Teachers 
College of Mexico City 

Castillo, Cesar Agustin gr Mexican 
Consulate ; Avenida Madero 72 Mex- 
ico City Mexico ; BSc Texas A & M 

Castillo, Jose Antonio e 1482 Broad- 
way ; Sabana Grande Porto Rico 

Castle, Eleanor Sayles b 607 W 116; 
634 Webster Av New Rochelle N Y 

Castro, Anastacio de gr 415 W 115; 
Bangar Union P I ; BA Silliman In- 
stitute, PhB Chicago 

Castro, Lily Alicia pa 11 St Nicholas 

Catalano, Joseph Salvador / 8714 Bay 

16 Bklyn N Y 

Cathcart, Blanche Elizabeth ed Seth 
Low Hall ; 10 N Broome St Port 
Jervis N Y 


Catoggio, Rose Adeline b 921 Hudson 
St Hoboken N J 

Caton, Eda M pa 209 Madison St Pas- 
saic N J; 1940 Chestnut St Harris- 
burg Pa 

Caton, Margaret Beadle b Brooks Hall ; 
224 S Washington St Alexandria Va 

Cattell, James Edward ed 212 W 80; 

Catterall, Norman Bennie e 171 Marl- 
borough Rd Bklyn N Y; AB Dart- 

Cattrall Jr, Thomas e 158 Eckford St 
Bklyn N Y 

Cauldwell, Katharine b 231 W 96 

Cave, Jean ed 106 Morningside Dr ; 
Hays Kan; BS Ft Hays State Nor- 

Caverly, William c 425 W 118; West 
Hampton L I 

Cavin, Walter Harold gr 358 W 116; 
Estherville la ; BS Iowa State 

Cawley, Aloysius John m 82 William 
St Pittston Pa 

Cedar, Gertrude e 1440 50 Bklyn N Y 

Celano, Joseph Vincent e 2360 Lorillard 
PI; PhG Columbia 

Centeno, Jose Gregorio e 434 W 23 

Cervi, Armando F mec 753 West End 

Cha, Liang-Chao ed 507 W 124; Tien- 
tsin China; PhB Chicago 

Cha, Thenway c 26-28 Pell St 

Chaapel, Eloise pa 1230 Amsterdam 
Av; 2017 W Fourth St Williams- 
port Pa 

Chaapel, Victoria pa 1230 Amsterdam 
Av; 2017 W Fourth St Williamsport 

Chabrowe, John mec 1369 East New 
York Av Bklyn N Y 

Chadwick, Forrest Jewell e 469 Fifth 
Av; 1203 Dorchester Rd Bklyn N Y 

Chaimovich, Abraham e 116 Washing- 
ton PI ; LLB NYU 

Chaimson, Abe Aaron e 1016 Second 
Av Astoria LI; BS Cooper Union 

Chale, Charles Isaiah e 235 E 103 

Chamberlain, Emma Che Barnard 
School W 244 

Chamberlain, George c Lincoln PI Mas- 

peth N Y 
Chamberlain, Harriet e 57 W 183 
Chamberlain, James Leon e Barnard 

School for Boys ; AB Amherst, AM 

Chamberlain, Ruth Benson / Furnald 

Hall; 46 Vassar St Rochester N Y; 

AB Rochester 
Chamberlain, Thomas Gassner e City 

Club 55 W 44; AB, JD California 
Chamberlain, William Hale c 127 

Claremont Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Chamberlin, Egbert Charles gr 1054 

Clay Av 
Chamberlin, Elmer Fay e 41 Seminary 

Av Rahway N J 
Chamberlin, Aleda Crosby e 4 W 84 
Chamberlain, Philip Miller / Tompkins 

Hall ; Hightstown N J ; AB Prince- 
Chambers, Gilbert / 363 W 26 
Chambers, Ida Marie ed 100 Lord Av 

Bayonne N J 
Chambers, Sarah Yale (Mrs S H) e 

260 Convent Av 
Chambers, Ulysses Garrison pa 127 W 

141; 1 130 Etting St Baltimore Md 
Chambers, Whittaker c 228 Earle Av 

Lyn brook N Y 
Champion, Bernadine Catherine pa 

Bancroft Hall; 116 W Broadway 

Williston N D 
Champlin, Joseph Todd e 440 W 164 
Chan, Ping Hong ed 416 W 122; Can- 
ton China ; AB California 
Chan, William Too e 422 W 115 
Chan, Ye Young gr 441 W 124; Shing 

Nam City, Kwangtung, China ; AB 

Illinois, MA Columbia 
Chancellor, John Miller c Livingston 

Hall; 1340 Market St Parkersburg 

W Va 
Chandler, Eleanor ed 509 W 121 ; 1733 

Asbury Av Evanston 111; BS Lewis 

Institute, BS Columbia 
Chandler, Melville Townsend e 326S 

Hull Av 
Chaney, Joseph Burton bit 251 W 92 



Chang, Ching Lien gr 505 W 124; N 
Changchun St Nanyang, Honan, 
China ; EM Colorado School of Mines 

Chang, Ching Yu eel 527 W 123; c/o 
Yu Te Middle School, Paotingfu, 
Chihli, China; BS Columbia 

Chang, Peng Chun ed Teachers Col- 
lege ; Nankai College, Tientsin, 
China; AB Clarke College, AM Co- 

Chang, Samuel Hiok e Harlem Y M 
CAW 125 ; Swatow, China 

Chao, Nai Chuan ed 509 W 124; Peking 
Government Teachers College 

Chao, Yuan Chen gr 557 W 124; Chen- 
Ning, Kansu, China ; EM Colorado 
School of Mines, MetE Columbia 

Chapkewitz, Samuel M e 1893 Southern 

Chapin, James Paul gr 166 W 79; 65 
Farview Av New Brighton N Y ; AB, 
AM Columbia 

Chapman, Anna Kellogg (Mrs) ed 
376 Clinton St Bklyn N Y ; AB Mt 

Chapman, Francis Alfred e 135 Pros- 
pect Park W Bklyn N Y 

Chapman, Iva ed 414 W 121 ; 213 E 
Evergreen St San Antonio Tex 

Chapman, Jane Ada pa 537 W 121 ; 
R F D 2 Kent King Co Wash 

Chapman, John Martin gr 21 Claremont 
Av ; AB Indiana, MA Columbia 

Chapman, John Will c 835 Bergen St 
Newark N J 

Chapman, Julia Lois gr Furnald Hall ; 
803 Ferris Av Waxahachie Tex; AB 
Trinity (Texas) 

Chapman, Mary Agnes Huntington a 

135 Prospect Park W Bklyn N Y; 

AB Radcliffe 
Chapman, Ruth Elizabeth gr Furnald 

Hall; 521 W Main St Waxahachie 

Tex ; AB Trinity (Texas) 
Chaput, Girard Raoul / Hartley Hall ; 

77 Cabot St Holyoke Mass 
Charache, Herman e 2093 Second Av 

Chard, Harry Walter e 522 W 123; 
357 Blohm St West Haven Conn 

Charlton, Arthur Francis e 109 Linden 

St Yonkers N Y 
Charlton, Leonard Chapman e 765 Cres- 
cent St Astoria LINY 

Charney, Diana e 1325 Bristow St 

Chase, Arthur Alden e 772 St Nicholas 

Chase, Francis Stuart c 331 Springdale 
Av East Orange N J 

Chase, Laura Palmer e 610 W in 

Chase, Lenox Elspeth ed 19 S Ninth 
Av Mount Vernon N Y ; Highland 
St Amesbury Mass 

Chase, Sara E ed 372 State St Hack- 
ensack N J; 712 Court Keene N H; 
BS Columbia 

Chasins, Ethel pa 68 W 117 

Chasnoff, Joseph m 245 Rivington St 

Chassell, Joseph Olin gr 600 W 122; 
Mount Vernon la ; BA Cornell Col- 
lege, MA Columbia 

Chatterton, May Lillian e 27 Cliff Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Chau, Kee gr P O Box 697 City Hall 
Station ; Idoo, Shantung, China ; AB 
Government Univ of Peking 

Chau, Seward Cheung e Livingston 
Hall; Canton, China; PhB, AM Chi- 

Chaun, Kwok Wing e 505 W 125 ; 56a 
Peel St Hong Kong China 

Chave, Ernest John ed 600 W 12T ; 
3400 Douglas St Victoria B C; AB 
McMaster, MA Chicago 

Chawdry, Kailash c Columbia Univer- 
sity Post Office ; 67 Chhili Int, Agra, 

Checkow, Stanley John e 554 59 Bklyn 
N Y 

Cheetham, Donald B m 346 W 57; 20 
Judson St Canton N Y; AB St Law- 
rence, BS Columbia 

Chefferds, Louis David e 484 White St 
Springfield Mass 

Cherkasky, Nathan m 1949 Seventh Av 

Cherr, David e 1077 Tiffany St 

Chesley, Mabel e 428 E 17 Bklyn N Y; 
AB Vassar 



Chester, Ruth Miriam gr Furnald Hall ; 

243 Bloomfield Av Caldwell N J ; 

AB, MA Smith 
Ch'en, Chen gr 417 W 121 ; Tukiapu, 

Kiangsi, China; BS Nanking 
Chen, Chin Chang ed 512 W 122; c/o 

The University of Nanking, Nanking, 

China ; AB Nanking 
Chen, Hsi Yuan gr 524 W 123; Siu Se 

Tong Amoy, China; BS Rutgers 
Chen, Ta gr Tompkins Hall; 2312 

19 St NW Washington D C ; AB 

Reed, MA Columbia 
Chen, Titus Yao e Canton Christian 

College 156 Fifth Av ; Canton, China 
Chen, Tso Hsuan bu Livingston Hall ; 

Canton, China ; BS N Y U 
Chen, Yiu Tin c 409 W 117; Kow Kee 

78 Des Voeux Rd Central, Hongkong 
Chen, Yii Gwan gr Livingston Hall ; 

Han Si Meng, Nanking, China ; MA 

Chene, Clarisse ed Whittier Hall ; 

Courroux J Bernois Ct Berne, Swit- 
Cheney, Lilian Bowden e 79 Washing- 
ton PI ; 34 Park St S Manchester 

Cheng, John Hsing e 527 W 124; c/o 

St John's University, Shanghai, 

China; MA Ohio State 
Cheng, Ching Yuan gr 505 W 124; 

Chekiang, China ; BS Peking 
Cherey, Deborah ^c? 315 Alexander Av ; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Cherkass, Mabel e 652 E 183 
Chermak, Leon c 32 W 11 1; 155 Ma- 
ple Av Hartford Conn 
Cherot, Adolph Oswald c 34 47 Corona 

Cherr, George e 1077 Tiffany St; ME 

Brooklyn Polytechnic 
Cherry, Carolyn Vandegrift b Brooks 

Hall; 700 Rock St Little Rock Ark 
Chertcoff, Moses gr 48 E 98; BS C C 

N Y 
Chesswas, Gertrude Fanny pa Seth 

Low Hall ; 319 W 112 
Cheung, Yik Tak c 8 E 126; Tung 

Slian, Canton, China 

Cheyne, Gwendoline ed Plymouth In- 
stitute Orange & Hicks Sts Bklyn 
N Y 

Chihara, Katsue bu 102 W 123; AB 

Chilcoat, Alvin Seibert ed Chatham 
N J ; Rockhill Furnace Pa ; AB Dick- 

Child, Grace ed 280 Broad St Red Bank 
N J 

Childress, Dewey Theophilus e 71 W 
23; 159 W 77 

Childs, Gladwyn Murray ed 600 W 122; 
Los Angeles Cal ; AB Pomona Col- 

Childs, Sara Hallock e Mountain Lakes 
N J 

Chilson, Grace Louise gr Furnald Hall ; 
84 Dean Av Franklin Mass ; BS 
Jackson College 

Chilton, Alma b John Jay Hall; Wal- 
nut Cove N C; AB Guilford College 

Chilton, Thomas Hamilton mec Hart- 
ley Hall ; 230 South Fifth Av Mount 
Vernon N Y 

Chin, Yu gr 505 W 124; Peking, China; 
BS Peiyang University 

Chinn, May Edward pa 145 W 138 

Chipkin, Israel Solomon ed 210 W 119; 
BS, MA Columbia 

Chipley, Anna E e Hotel Hargrave ; 
1603 Brentwood Rd NE Washington 
D C 

Chipman, John Hale e 126 Columbia 
Heights Bklyn N Y; 160 North St 
Tufts College Mass 

Chipman, Ruth Ellen e Douglas Manor 
Douglastown L I N Y ; 1 1 1 Quarry 
St Ithaca N Y; AB, MA Cornell 

Chmielewski, Louis Bartholomew c 
Willets Pt Rd Whitestone LINY 

Cho, Pyeug-Oak c Hartley Hall ; Chun- 
au, Korea 

Chobot, Robert m 8621 21 Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Choi, Anna Elizabeth pa Whittier Hall ; 
Hotel Fauchere Milford Pike Co Pa 

Cholmondeley, Van Walter e 2137 Mad- 
ison Av 
Chollar, Sarah Voorhcis e 503 W i-' 1 
Chorba, William G c 231 E 68 



Chou Hsueh Chang ed 527 W 123; 

Hsin Ch'eng, Tientsin, China ; BA 

Oberlin, MA Columbia 
Chou, Hsueh Hsin bu 527 W 123 ; Hsin 

Ch'eng, Tientsin, China ; BA Tientsin 
Chow, Tien ed 542 W 124; c/o A R 

Kepler, Liangton, Hunan, China ; AB 

Chow, Tso Jen gr 417 W 121 ; c/o 

Mr Chow Tso Ming, Bank of Com- 
munication, Peking, China ; TLB 

Chow, Tung Hing c 409 W 117; Toe 

Sang Chan, 2nd Rd, Bangkok, Siam 
Chrissofides, Elias Argyri c 81 E Park 

St Newark N J 
Christen, Armand Bruce ^601 W 144; 

BSc Durham (England) 
Cliristensen, Etta O; ed 509 W 121; 

Amery Wis 
Christensen, Fred e 487 W 135 
Christian, Harrison e 565 W 113; 

Lynchburg Va 
Christie, Alfred Ellison ed 22 Elsivorth 

Av Trenton N J; AB Princeton 
Christman Jr, Henry e 412 W 115; 

1303 Willow Av Louisville Ky 
Christoffers, Adele Marie e 81 Amcrs- 

fort PI Bklyn N Y 
Christopher, Claude / Tompkins Hall; 

Cairo Ga ; AB Mercer, BL Georgia 
Christopher, Harold e 545 W 111 ; East 

Hampton Conn 
Christopher, May Elisabeth e 305 W 

1 20 
Christopher, Otto e 601 Union Av 
Chrystal, Albert Francis c 633 W 115; 

1 1 1 Union St Hackensack N J 
Chrystie, Thomas Witter c Hartley 

Hall; Rye N Y 
Chu, Bing Yuan e 419 W 118; Chang- 

sha, China ; BS Weslyean, MA Co- 
Chu, Chuankai K bu 541 W 124; Lee 

Chong & Sons, N Suchow Rd, Shang- 
hai, China 
Chu, Jennings Pinkiwei ed 512 W 122; 

Kiangsun, Chikiang, China ; AB Johns 

Hopkins ; AM Columbia 

Chu, Keats Synn e 1090 Amsterdam 
Av ; Ningpo, China ; BA, MA Wis- 

Chu King gr 416 W 118; Peking, 
China ; BA, MA George Washington 

Chu, Shih Yun mcc 419 W 118; Chang- 
sha, Hunan, China 

Chuang, Chai Hsuan ed Livingston 
Hall; Foochow, China; BS Miami, 
MA Columbia 

Chuck, Wan pa Whittier Hall ; 29 Lin 
Moe Yen Canton, China 

Chudnoff, Mildred 100 Second St; AB 

Chum, Freeman Lou e 621 Hartley 

Chung, Waiha ed Whittier Hall ; Can- 
ton Christian College, Canton, China; 
BS Columbia 

Chung, Siu Shan gr 526 W 123; Shan- 
tung, China 

Church, Alfred Madison c 721 Kenmore 
PI Bklyn N Y 

Church, David Alden c 608 W 113; 
187 Hamilton Av New Rochclle N Y 

Church, Florence Anna ed 537 W 121 

Church, Marjorie c 187 Hamilton Av 
New Rochelle N Y 

Churchill, Mabel Harlakenden b 235 
E 48; Windsor Vt 

Chylinski, Stanley Ldzislaw gr Colum- 
bia Univ E E Dept; BS Cooper 

Ciccion, Angelo George c 48 Second St 
New Rochelle N Y 

Cifuentes, Joseph e 453 W 57 

Ciner, Irwin e 249 W 107 

Cingrani, Bernard Joseph e 40 Morn- 
ingside Av ; 143 Hopkinson Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Cioffi, Paul Peter gr 463 West St; BS 
Cooper Union 

Cioffi, Salvatore Natale e 246 E 115 

Citron, Jacob Nathaniel e 312 W 114; 
Middletown, Conn 

Citron, Louis c 51 Battle Av White 
Plaius N Y 

Ciuzio, John c 729 Fisher Av North 
Bergen N J 

Clabault, Gwendoline e 352 W 115; BA 



Clabault, Muriel Iris e 352 W 115 
Claejon, Leonard Rudolph e 288 Nich- 
ols Av Bklyn N Y 
Claflin, Evelyn Maynard b 640 Madison 

Av ; 238 S Main St New Canaan 

Claiborne, Elmer Miller m 346 W 57; 

1 1 1 5 Highland Av Knoxville Tenn 
Claman, Irving m 325 W 77 ; AB Co- 
Clancy, James William e 5704 Fourth 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Clancy, John Joseph e 5704 Fourth 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Clancy, Mary J ed 609 W 127; Whit- 
ney Crossings N Y 
Clapp, Barbara Lewis / 612 W 115; 

Badin N C 
Clapp, Elsie Ripley e Furnald Hall ; 

BA, MA Columbia 
Clapp, Mary Elizabeth / Furnald Hall ; 

108 W Seneca St Ithaca N Y 
Clapper, Marguerite Frances e 524 

Riverside Dr 
Clarenbach, Marion Mildred pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 99 Westfield Rd Holyoke 

Clarey, Maud Elizabeth pa 419 W 115; 

Walton N Y 
Clarick, J Joseph I Columbia University 

Post Office; 80 First St Elizabeth 

N J 
Clarick, Samuel c 80 First St Elizabeth 

N J 
Clark, Albert Hamilton e 79 W 104; 

49 Warren St Rockland Me 
Clark, Alma Isabel e 212 Academy St 

South Orange N J 
Clark, Chas Freeman e 24 Parcot Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Clark, Donald Francis e 519 W 123; 

Leland Stanford Jr University, Cal ; 

AB Leland Stanford Jr 
Clark, Florence Jeannette ed 265 Henry 

St; 115 Green St Lynn Mass; AB 

Clark, Florence Ritchie e 723 W 177; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Clark, Grace e 130 W 57 
Clark, Harold Edmund e 15 E 87 

Clark, Harold Florian ed 303 E Mt 

Vernon St Somerset Ky ; AB Asbury 

Clark, Harry McCullough e 529 W 

113; 1327 Euclid Av Steubenville 

Clark, Helen gr 420 W 118; 69 St 

James PI Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Clark, Ida Elizabeth e 238 Gregory Av 

Passaic N J 
Clark, James Arthur e Y M C A 135; 

2 Catherine St Nyack N Y ; AB Liv- 
ingstone College 
Clark, James Joseph e 5 Nassau St ; 

346 E 144 
Clark, Jane Perry gr 225 W 86; AB 

Clark, John Howard e 292 Lockwood 

St Astoria LINY 
Clark, John James e 11 W 103; 482 

Maple St Holyoke Mass 
Clark, John Monroe c 60 Waller Av 

White Plains N Y 
Clark, Josephine e no Morningside 

Dr; Buckhannon W Va ; AB W Va 

Clark, Julia Knapp e 344 W 84; West- 
town N Y 
Clark, Juliet Carmel b John Jay Hall ; 

Northport LINY 
Clark, Kenneth mec 79 Hamilton PI 
Clark, Lester Harold e 37 Park Av 

Passaic N J 
Clark, Lilian Matilda gr 723 W 177; 

AB Hunter 
Clark, Lulu Rose ed 106 Morningside 

Dr ; Crossville 111 
Clark, Marion G ed 30 Beechwood Rd 

Summit N J ; BS Columbia 
Clark, Mary Sypert pa 610 W 116; 

1 1 13 Polk St Wichita Falls Tex 
Clark, Mildred Helen ed 80 Clare- 

mont Av ; 244 Sherman Av New 

Haven Conn ; AB Vassar 
Clark, Monroe Harrison e 58 W 130 
Clark, Ruth Rose b 34^ 50 Bklyn N Y 
Clark, Stuart ed Townshend Vt 
Clark, Thomas Benedict e ail Madison 

Av Hasbrouck Heights N J 
Clark, Vincent Francis e 15 E 87 



Clark, Viola Evelyn e 1104 Putnam Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Clark, Walter Lemuel e 446 61 Bklyn 
N Y; ME Columbia 

Clark, William Everett e 200 W 145 ; 
1022 Salem Av Roanoke Va 

Clark, William Roy e 137 Greene; 381 
Macon Bklyn N Y 

Clarke, Dorothy Prentiss pa 612 W 
115; Webster St Haverhill Mass 

Clarke, Dorothy Roxana e 219 Willett 
Av Port Chester N Y 

Clarke, Elizabeth Gibson bu Furnald 
Hall; 1039 Northampton Rd Holyoke 

Clarke, Florence Earll ed 603 W 139 

Clarke, Jno Alfred gr 11 16 Amsterdam 
Av; Danville Va ; AB Hampden- 
Sidney College, MA Virginia 

Clarkson, Jesse Dunsmore gr 21 Clare- 
mont Av; AB Williams 

Clausen, Mabel e 86 W 179; AB 

Clausing, Roth gr 1 1 24 Amsterdam Av ; 
247 N Washington St Delaware 
Ohio; AB Ohio Wesleyan, AM Co- 

Claudio, Eduardo L bu Hartley Hall ; 
Batangas, Batangas, P I ; BA, MA 
University of the Philippines 

Clawans, Lillian e 114 Market St New- 
ark N J ; LLB N J Law School 

Claxton, Oliver Hazard Perry c 434 
Riverside Dr 

Clay, Charles Lancaster m 357 W 117; 
Tilton N H; BS Dartmouth 

Clay, Nina e 509 W 122; 1504 W 
Center St Rochester Minn 

Claycomb, Roy Stanley ed 14 Clifford 
St East Orange N J ; AB New York 

Claydon, Frank Joseph / 108 Summit 
Av Mount Vernon N Y ; AB George- 

Cleary, Margaret e 312 W 117 

Cleary, Marjorie Mary e Whittier Hall ; 
2 States Av Atlantic City N J 

Clegg, Maud e Riverdale Av Riverdale ; 
Nine Oaks Windermere England 

Clemenko, Joseph e 252 E Broadway 

Clemens, Dorothy Dale e 611 W 112 

Clement, Roger Conant / 571 Newark 

Av Elizabeth N J ; AB Harvard 
Clement, Stephen Merrell a 238 E 61 ; 

AB Yale, MA Harvard 
Clemente, Frank Geoffrey m 368 W 50 
Clements, Sanford Lynn ed 416 W 118 

Elmwood Neb ; BS Nebraska 
Clendenin, Ruth b John Jay Hall; 120 

Vista PI Mount Vernon N Y 
Clendenin, Thomas Pipes mec 120 Vista 

PI Mount Vernon N Y ; BS C C N Y 
Cleveland, Donna Belle e 15 Arlington 

PI Bklyn N Y; Friendship N Y 
Clifford, (Mrs) Louise e 182 W 88 
Clinchy, Everett Ross gr 210 N Grove 

St East Orange N J ; Califou N J ; 

BS Lafayette 
Cline, Mabel Miriam ed 168 Watchung 

Ave Montclair N J ; Grimsby East 

Ontario Canada ; BA McMaster 
Cline, Mildred pa Whittier Hall ; New 

Village N J 
Cliver, Holmes Addison pa 262 Morris 

Av Summit N J ; 247 Second St 

South Amboy N J 
Clohisy, Matt c 546 W 124; Mukwon- 

ago Wis 
Clontz, Loie Cecile gr 414 W 118; 303 

Alexander Av Jackson Miss ; AB 

Millsapo College 
Close, Elizabeth B e Sagamore Park 

Bronxville N Y 
Close, Marian Seward e Rye Seminary 

Rye N Y; 180 Sickles Av New Ro- 

chelle N Y 
Closs, Michael James ? 60 N Pleasant 

Av Rockaway Beach N Y 
Clough, Inez Moore e 15 Argyle Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Clouser, Lucy ed Excelsior Springs Mo 
Clurman, Harold Edgar e 1502 Crotona 

Park E 
Coates, Whitfield Clarke / 625 W 113; 

BS Columbia 
Coats, Guy Harold c 546 W 114; 17 

Linden PI New Rochelle N Y 
Cobacker, Sidney e 50 Whitestone Av 
Cobb, Louise Staples ed 610 Lexington 

Av; 35 Congress St Roslindale Mass 
Cobb, Valina M e 379 Belmont Av 

Newark N J 
Cobban, Ethel Stuart e 222 E 239 



Cobban, George e 222 E 239 ; BS C C 
N Y 

Cobleigh, Helen Cone pa no Carnation 
Av Floral Park N Y 

Cobleigh, Ira Underwood c no Carna- 
tion Av Floral Park L I 

Coblentz, Gladys L ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Lodi Cal ; AB California 

Coburn, Frank Harry e 318 W 57 ; 79 
Leroy St Binghamton N Y 

Coche, Frances Clara b Brooks Hall ; 
Warrenton Va 

Cochran, Nancy Gertrude pa 92 Morn- 
ingside Av 

Cochrane, Charles Augustus Jr e 65 
S Third Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Cochrane, Harold L e 356 W 124 

Cochrane, Harry C e 226 Lefferts PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Cocker, Joseph Charles e 43 W 126 

Cockrell, Anna Ewing ed 3100 Broad- 
way ; 208 E Market St Warrensburg 
Mo ; BS Central Mo State T C 

Cocks, Frank Bentley e 73 Hamilton 
Av Yonkers N Y 

Coddington, Edna e 540 W 136; 413 
Downer St Westfield N J 

Coddington, Mabel pa 424 W 119; 
408 E Jefferson St Crawfordsville 

Cody, Robert W e 1 1 W Eighth St 

Coe, Mildred Woollacott pa 547 St 
Marks Av ; Westfield N J 

Coffey, Bradford Davis e 693 Bergen 
Av Jersey City N J 

Coffey, Charles e 75 Columbia Heights 
Bklyn N Y 

Coffey, Katherine Frances b 968 St 
Nicholas Av 

Coffey, Margaret Cecilia e 22 Onslow 
PI Freeport L I 

Coffey, Perley Warren e 25 W 129 

Coffey, Stephen A e 633 W 115; Ons- 
low PI Freeport N Y 

Coffin, Anna Church b John Jay Hall ; 
1 16 North Ninth St Newark N J 

Coffin, Henry Francis c Livingston 
Hall; 116 No Ninth St Newark N J 

Coffin, Mary Olver b 884 \\ < 1 End 

Coffin, Philip Leroy c 438 W 116; 53 

Watson Av East Orange N J 
Coffyn, Pauline Louise e Long Beach 

N Y 
Cogan, Mary Helen 224 82 Bklyn N Y ; 

AB College of New Rochelle 
Cogan,, Ruth Mary e 144 Phelps Av 

Englewood N J 
Cohan, Beatrice e 315 W 88 
Cohen, Aaron m 101 12 Av Paterson 

N J 
Cohen, Alexander e 516 W 156 
Cohen, Aline B e 808 West End Av 
Cohen, Arthur e 1652 Lexington Av 
Cohen, Amelia ed 325 Central Park 

West ; AB Barnard 
Cohen, Benjamin c 167 Edgecombe 

Av; 153 Beach St Bridgeport Ct 
Cohen, Beatrice pa 969 Hoe Av 
Cohen, Bernard Williams / 322 W 108; 

155 Crown St Meriden Conn; AB 

Cohen, Blanche Florance e 122 W 99 
Cohen, Blanche Ruth e 1800 Seventh 

Cohen, Daniel e 530 Brook Av Bronx 

NY; 129 Vineyard Av Yonkers N Y 
Cohen, David Julius / 207 W 110; AB 

Cohen, Edward L / 1751 Melville St; 

Cohen, Edward Morris gr 386 Georgia 

Av Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 
Cohen, Edwin Irving e 306 W 99 
Cohen, Elsie Janet e 306 W 99; AB 

Cohen, Ess Ruth e 73 E 116 
Cohen, Ethel Peggy e 180 St Nicholas 

Cohen, Fannie Mollie e 58 W 115 
Cohen, Frank David e 776 Grand Av 

New Haven Conn 
Cohen, George e 134 Columbia St 
Cohen, Gertrude e 145 W 111 
Cohen, Gladys R e 232 E 69 
Cohen, Harold Francis e 28 Shepherd 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Cohen, Helen Miscfa gr 511 W ua; 

AB Columbia 
Cohen, Henry <• Avenue A Flushing 

N Y 



Cohen, Hyman Abraham m 890 Beck 

St Bronx 
Cohen, Joseph c 253 Win 
Cohen, Joseph Henry / Livingston 

Hall; 9 Varet St Bklyn N Y; A B 

Cohen, Julian Louis e 76 Bruce Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Cohen, Leon Warren c 472 Amity St 

Flushing N Y 
Cohen, Lillie c 73 So 10 St Bklyn N Y; 

AB Hunter 
Cohen, Louis e 666 Grand St Bklyn 

N Y 
Cohen, Max e 11 16 Kelly St 
Cohen, Max c 146 So Fourth St Bklyn 

N Y 
Cohen, Max Bernd / 50 W 77; AB 

Cohen, Milton e 1443 50 St Bklyn N Y 
Cohen, Milton e 607 W 122 
Cohen, Moe Seymour e 583 Schenck 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Cohen, Morris e N Y U School of Law 

32 Waverley PI; 85 Park PI Bridge- 
port Conn 
Cohen, Morris Gabriel c 946 St Marks 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Cohen, Peter c 624 Van Houten Av 

Clifton N J 
Cohen, Philip m 147 W 66 ; AB C C 

N Y 
Cohen, Philip Simon c 511 W 112 
Cohen, Revila A e 301 12 St West 

New York N J 
Cohen, Robert c 21 W no 
Cohen, Rose e 1308 Hoe Av 
Cohen, Rose Margaret e 510 W 124 
Cohen, Rudolph Perry c 625 117 

Richmond Hill N Y 
Cohen, Sadie e 60 St Nicholas Av ; 232 

State St Perth Amboy N J 
Cohen, Samuel / 232 Central Av New- 
ark N J ; AB Middlebury 
Cohen, Samuel Norman gr 543 E Sixth 

St; AB C C N Y 
Cohen, Solomon Cody e j 353 Fifth Av 
Cohen, Solon Lewis e 356 Wadsworth 

Cohen, Sydney W bu 35 86 St Bklyn 

N Y 

Cohn, Arthur Barnett c 220 W 98 
Cohn, David Josaphat gr Columbia 
University; BA C C N Y, M A 
Cohn, David Mortimer c 5606 15 Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Cohn, Eda e 324 W 100 
Cohn, Harry e 113 Monroe St; 343 

Humphrey St New Haven Conn 
Cohn, James Alfred e Tin Madison 

Cohn, Norman S c 415 Fort Washing- 
ton Av 
Cohn, Regina Louise a Furnald Hall; 
1333 Pine St Boulder Colo; BA 
Cohn, Samuel Bernard e 630 W 139 
Cohn, Mrs Sigmund R B e 229 W 78 
Cohn, Theodore Leonard e 535 W 149 
Cohs, Henry Leroy gr 79 Haven Av ; 
BS Ohio State, MS Rose Polytechnic 
Coigne, Creston Clarke e 518 67 Bklyn 

N Y 
Coir, Blanche pa 509 W 121 ; Hudson, 

Colburn, David M e 152 DeKalb Av 
Bklyn N Y; Osgood St Fitchburg 
Colburn, Ida I c 620 W 122 
Colclough, Walter Raymond c 246 W 
24; 12 Washington Av Cobleskill 
N Y 
Cole, Dorothy May pa 329 W 50; 

Atlantic Highlands N J 
Cole, Dorothy Pierpont e 9 Mountain 

Terrace Upper Montclair N J 
Cole, Ethel Martha e 329 W 50; AB, 

BPd Syracuse, MA Columbia 
Cole, Frank Clyde e 90 Morningside 

Cole, Helen Marie e 24 Ellcnton Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Cole, Herbert Lester c 306 W 51 
Cole, Kenneth e 3633 Grand Central 
Terminal ; 436 Main St New 
Rochelle N Y 
Cole, Teresa Marie ed 308 W 82 ; AB 

Colean, Miles Lanier a Livingston Hall 
Coleman, Aaron Barnet / 50 St Marks 
PI; AB Columbia 



Coleman, Agnes Louise b 213 E 51 
Coleman, Constance Lamb gr 420 W 

119; BS Columbia 
Coleman Jr, Frank Joseph e 856 Lex- 
ington Av; AB C C N Y, LLB New 

York Law School 
Coleman, Georgia Avis ed Colonial 

Sch Pelham N Y; 58 Elm St Tru- 

mansburg N Y 
Coleman, Janet e 50 W 68 
Coleman, Joseph F B ed 252 W 133; 

Greensboro Ala 
Coleman, Mary Bushnell e 435 W 119; 

1002 First St Louisville Ky 
Coleman, Michael John e 160 Bayview 

Av Jersey City N J 
Coleman Jr, Robert Bruce c PO 

Columbia University; 335 Shotwell 

St Bainbridge Ga 
Coleman, Samuel C e 27 William St; 

50 St Marks PI; AB, LLB Columbia 
Coles, Leslie Edward e College Stat 

PO; 314 W 138 
Coles, Percy e 109 W 64; 618 E 15 

Bklyn N Y 
Coles, Roy Howard mec 39 Whitehall 

St ; Governors Island ; U S Military 

Colgan, Virginia Elizabeth b 253 Ster- 
ling St 
Colin, Paula Violet gr 726 Union Av ; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Colin, Ralph Frederick / 726 Union 

Av; AB C C N Y 
Collat, Ruth Myra b 605 W 144 
Collier, Barron Greenway e 330 W 102 
Collier, Max e 21 Macombs PI 
Collin, William Edward c 419 W 119; 

Hallenbeck Hotel, St Louis Mo 
Collingwood, Ava Farwell gr Woodcliff 

Lake N J; AB Mt Holyoke 
Collingwood, Elizabeth Fuller ed Whit- 
tier Hall; 3415 Hamilton St West 

Phila Pa 
Collins, Arnold Miller gr 605 W 141 ; 

AB Columbia 
Collins, Bartholomew Arthur bu 91 W 

103; 44 Cottage PI Waterbury Conn 
Collins, Bertine pa 501 W 120; Otsego 


Collins, Charles Anthony e 428 Gold 

St Bklyn N Y 
Collins, Edward Harrison / 316 Clin- 
ton Av Bklyn N Y 
Collins, Frank Joseph e 409 E 122 
Collins, Helen Browne gr Julia Rich- 
man High School 60 W 13; Rutland 

Vt; AB Columbia 
Collins, Henry John Alderton / 146 E 

83 ; AB Dartmouth 
Collins, Isabel ed 106 Morningside Dr ; 

102 Cassilly St Springfield Ohio; BS 

Collins, Jeremiah Rappelyea c 645 St 

Marks Av Bklyn 
Collins, Joseph Francis e 333 E 89 
Collins, Mrs Mary C e 540 W 122 
Collins, Mary Rose e 63 W 87 
Collins, P Lawton e 202 Franklin St ; 

316 W 95 
Collins, Ross William gr 600 W 122; 

Port William, Nova Scotia Can ; AB, 

AM Acadia, BD Union Theol Sem 
Collisson, Marjorie Chave gr 305 W 

89; Rectory, Crafus, Australia; AB 

Sydney (Australia), MA Columbia 
Colman, Jacob / 92 Bristol St Bklyn 

N Y 
Colombin, John Eugene e 600 W 127 
Colony, Myron Wesley gr Armour 

Villa Park Bronxville N Y; BChem 

Colson, William Nelson / 206 W 136; 

AB Va Union University 
Colton, Ann King ed 60 Oak Ridge Av 

Summit N J 
Colton, Ora Carter e 150 Hicks St 

Bklyn N Y 
Colton, Roger Baldwin e 150 Hicks St 

Bklyn N Y; PhB Yale, MS Mass 

Colton-Wells, John w 346 W 57 ; 37 

High St Middletown Conn 
Columbus, Joseph Christopher e 581 

Broad St Newark N J; 2707 13 NW 

Washington D C 
Colville, Walter Warner e 225 McDon- 

ough St Bklyn N Y 
Combs, Alvah Haff / Livingston Hall; 

Columbia N C; AB North Carolina 



Cornelias, James Edward c 540 W 113; 
558 75 Bklyn N Y 

Comer, Belle pa 420 W 121 ; 1114 S 16 
Birmingham Ala ; AB Shorter Col- 

Coming, Madeleine Wells e 30 W 70 

Comiskey, Walter Vincent e 410 W 29 

Commerdinger, Walter Franklin e 455 
Jefferson Av Bklyn N Y 

Compton, Ann e 663 W 178 

Compton, Harry L e North Broad St 
Elizabeth, N J 

Compton, Paul Douglas / Tuckahoe 
N Y; AB Wesleyan 

Compton, Thomas Foster / Livingston 
Hall; Palace Hotel Visalia Cal 

Comstock, Elsie Cromwell e 80 S 
Mountain Av Montclair N J 

Comstock, Laura pa Bancroft Hall ; 39 
Spaulding St Lockport N Y 

Comstock, Mary Edgar b 313 W 86 

Conant, Richard Royce e 310 W 89; 
AB Columbia 

Conard, Arnold c 738 St Anns Av 

Conard, Edith Underwood ed 361 
Washington Av Bklyn N Y 

Conard, Fidelia Elizabeth ed 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 1 102 24 St San Diego 
Cal ; AB Leland Stanford Jr 

Conboy, Thomas Martin e 631 Amster- 
dam Av 

Concah, Martin James e 163 Eckford 
St Bklyn 

Concha, Aurelio Fernandez e Box 1074, 
City Hall Station 

Condell, Adeline Lillian ed 328 W 57! 
1863 E 73 St Cleveland O 

Condon, Lawrence Robert / 546 W 114; 
2974 Decatur Av 

Condon, Myra Ruth b 2974 Decatur Av 

Condouris, Helen Josephine e 101 
Quincy St Bklyn N Y 

Cone, Daisy gr 40 E 83 

Conescu, Bessie Dubnau e 11 57 46 St 
Bklyn N Y 

Conger, Helena e 173 Weed Av Stam- 
ford Conn 

Conger, Louise Hazelton e Raymond 
St Darien Conn 

Congo, Isabel Jane e Hastings-on-Hud- 
son N Y; 1307 Sixth St Port Huron 

Conkle, Adele Davison e Reed Av 

Crestwood N Y 
Conklin, Charles Henry e 11 53 E 42 

Bklyn N Y 
Conklin, James Vincent pa 515 W 124; 

20 Dexter Av Meriden Conn 
Conklin, Julia ed 133 W Fourth; 212 

First Av; AB Hunter 
Conklin, Julia e Huntington LINY; 

AB Bryn Mawr 
Conklin, Leslie Herbert c 429 W 117; 

Huntington N Y 
Conklin, Marion Gertrude ed 260 Park 

St Hackensack N J ; Saddle River 

N J 
Conklin, Mildred ed 82 W 46 St Bay- 

onne N J ; AB Dickinson 
Conklin, Viola Percy bu 265 Henry ; 

AB Smith 
Conley, Maude Agatha e 393 Seventh 

Av Newark N J 
Conley, Walter Haddon e 509 W 122 
Conlin, Teresa Agnes e 41 Radford St 

S Yonkers N Y 
Conlon, Maura Chartres gr 2650 

Marion Av Bronx N Y ; AB Hunter 
Conn, Elsworth Clifton e 529 W 113; 

423 Cornelia St Boonton N J 
Connell, Arthur Timmons gr Faculty 

Club, Columbia Univ ; 4815 Fifth 

Av So Birmingham Ala ; AB How- 
ard College 
Connell, Louise Mugrage b 540 W 

122; 873 Sutter St San Francisco 

Connelly, Edward Gregory c Framing- 
ham Mass ; AB Boston College 
Conner, Emma Pease e 76 Washington 

PI ; BS Simmons 
Connolly, Cecilia Frances e 95 W 162 
Connolly, Harold G e 1 1 Clifton Ter 

Weehawken N J 
Connolly, Katherine Regina e 188 

Edgecombe Av 
Connor, Elsie Myrtland e 17 Osborne 

St White Plains N Y; AB Boston 

Connor, Robert D W gr 414 W 121 ; 

Raleigh N C; PhB North Carolina 
Connor, Walter Lawrence e 168 E 78 



Conover, Anna Eleanore b 970 Ander- 
son Av; 171 1 N 16 Philadelphia Pa; 

MD Woman's Medical College of Pa 
Conover, Elizabeth ed 36 Cottage St 

So Orange N J 
Conover, Isabel De Nyse e 333 Park 

Av Union Hill N J 
Conover, Russell Grant / 521 W in; 

Toms River N J ; BS Rochester 
Conrad, Alice Frances e 117 St & Am- 
sterdam Av; 454 Carlisle St Hanover 

Conrad, Edna G e Brooklyn Friends' 

School 112 Schermerhorn St Bklyn 

N Y; 1728 N Sydenham St Phila- 

delhpia Pa 
Conro, Mabel Blanche e Valhalla N Y 
Conroy, Daniel Joseph e 86 West End 

Av Somerville N J 
Conroy, Marie Regina e 2662 Valentine 

Av Bronx N Y 
Consing, Cornelio Yusay m 233 W 107 
Constantinides, Constantine Anthony e 

3 Roosevelt St; 501 W 172 
Conte, Alfredo G e 5 W 125; 537 

Lenox Rd Schenectady N Y 
Contreras, Carlos a 500 W 122; San 

Angel, D F Mexico 
Conviser, Max c 2091 Prospect Av 
Conway, Catherine Eugenie ed 415 W 

115; 5 Church St Cohoes N Y; AB 

State College Albany, AM Columbia 
Conway, Francis M c 5721 15 Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Conway, Joseph e 1121 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Conway, William Keating e Hotel 

Latham; 4031 Kate Av Baltimore 

Conwill, Harry Cook bu 500 W 114; 

Optima, Okla 
Cooch, Mrs Marian Clark pa 509 W 

121; Newark Del 
Cook, Adelaide Bertha e 437 W 117; 

206 Falconer St North Tonawanda 

N Y; BS William Smith 
Cook, Daniel c 410 Livingston Hall; 

I '.ay shore L J N Y 
Cook, David Morking e 28 Manhattan 


Cook, Donald Hunter gr Havemeyer 

Hall; White Sulphur Springs Mont; 

BS Montana 
Cook, Dorothy Newman b Winthrop 

PI Englewood N J 
Cook, Ellis John e 995 Seventh Av 

College Point LINY 
Cook, Elsie B e 416 W 118; Pleasant 

Valley Wheeling W Va ; AB Lake 

Cook, Helen Coburn pa Winthrop PI 

Englewood, N J 
Cook, Henry Winston e 540 W 122; 

Belva, N C; AB Tusculum College 
Cook, Iris Hibbard e 623 W 185 
Cook, John Elliott / 35 Claremont Av ; 

2747 Hillegass Av Berkeley Cal ; AB 

Cook, Kathryn ed Whittier Hall ; 2747 

Hillegass Av Berkeley Cal ; AB Cal- 
Cook, Lawrence e 35 Hill St Orange 

N J 
Cook, Marguerite F e 130 Wadsworth 

Cook, Milton Charles e Tarrytown N 

Y; Dobbs Ferry Rd White Plains 

N Y 
Cook, Moses e P O Box 90 Times 

Plaza Sta Bklyn N Y 
Cook, Theodore C A e 867 E 177 
Cook, Wilber Ernest e 343 Dodd St 

East Orange N J 
Cook, William e Coytesvillc N J 
Cooke, Daniel Calhoun e 827 Broadway 

Bayonne N J 
Cooke, Gertrude Antoinette, b 523 

Lorimer St Bklyn N Y 
Cooke, Margaret M ed Bancroft Hall; 

P O Box 345 Honolulu Hawaii ; BS 

Cooley, Charlotte Cecil ed 519 W 121; 

Akron, Colo 
Coolidge, Hope ed 419 W 119; 715 iy 

NW Washington D C ; AB Salem 

College, BS Columbia 
Coombs, Helen Copeland gr 437 W y> ; 

65 Elliott Av Yonkers N V; AB US 

MA PhD Columbia 
Coombs, John Harold e 254 W 132 


r >9 

Coombs, John Russell c 618 Livingston 

Hall ; 6 Albion St Lawrence Mass 
Coombs, Margaret Elizabeth e Scars- 
dale N Y; BA Wellesley 
Coombs, Whitney e 169 Main St East 

Orange N J ; AB Bowdoin 
Coombes, William e 309 W 109 BS Co- 
Coon, Horace Campbell c 540 W 113; 

38 Woodland Av Glen Ridge N J 
Cooney, Genevieve e 514 W 114; BS 

Cooney, Helen Catherine pa 510 W 

124; no W 22 St Kearney Nebr 
Cooper, Agnes Pollock b 61 W 10 
Cooper, Cathlena Alder pa 656 W 162; 

7 Pleasant St Utica N Y 
Cooper, Edwin Alan e 630 W 138 
Cooper, Evelyn Adelaide e 421 S Third 

Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Cooper, Fenimore E c 625 W 113; 

Edmeston N Y 
Cooper, Frank Enoch e 468 Riverside 

Cooper, George Henderson £ 421 S 

Third Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Cooper, Herman ed 206 W 109; 182 

Main St Newark Del ; AB Upper 

Iowa Univ 
Cooper, Irving Emerick c 310 W 112 
Cooper, Isadore e 1591 Castleton Av 

Port Richmond Staten Island N Y 
Cooper, John Hannibal Octavious 

Christmas e 531 Vanderbilt Av 

Bklyn N Y; McKenney Va 
Cooper, Laura Irvin gr 1004 Furnald 

Hall, 157 Peeples St; AB Agnes 

Cooper, Louis e 12-14 E 107 
Cooper, Louise ed no Morningside 

Dr ; 14 E Jackson St Orlando Fla ; 

AB Kentucky Wesleyan 
Cooper, Ralph Dewey bu Hartley Hall ; 

243 74 Bklyn N Y 
Cooper, William Joseph em Crary Av 

Mount Vernon N Y; no Newfield 

Av Bridgeport Conn 
Cooperman, Samuel e 312 E Eighth St; 

PhG N Y Col of Pharmacy 
Coopersmith, Harry pa 1246 43 Bklyn 

N Y 

Coops, Helen Leslie b 519 W 121 ; 384 

John St Bridgeport Conn 
Coote, Lilian L M e 540 W 122 ; 

Ottawa Can 
Coover, Charles Cloyse e 112 W Maple 

St York Pa 
Coover, Earl Miller bu 112 W Maple 

St York Pa 
Copeland, Anna Brown e 207 W 118; 

396 Ravine Av Rochester N Y; PhB 

Rochester, MA Harvard 
Copeland, Arthur Benjamin c 255 W 

Copeland, Edward / 255 W 101 ; AB 

Copelin, Johnston e 17 E n 
Copstein, Florence e 58 W 104 
Coqueron, Frederick Gardner bu 9 

Tecumseh Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Corbett, Edward P e 456 Mott Av 
Corbett, John Lorimer e 2262 Amster- 
dam Av 
Corbiere, Anthony Sylvester gr 361 De 

Witt Av Belleville N J; PhB 

Corbin, Donald Cheney bu 126 W 104; 

6 Everett St Southbridge Mass 
Corbin, Emeline Laura pa 164 S Oxford 

St Bklyn N Y; Bainbridge N Y 
Corbitt, Hugh Blake gr 644 Pacific St 

Bklyn N Y; Seattle Wash; BS Wash- 
Corcoran, Raymond Ervin e 272 Man- 
hattan Av ; Navy Dept Washington 

D C; BS Military College of South 

Cordon, Carlos Roberto a Hartley 

Hall ; BS Guatemalan Institute 
Cordoza, Harry e 1502 Neptune Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Core, John Thomas bu 414 W 121 ; 

411 N Davis Av Richmond Va 
Cormer, Martene Winsor e 540 W 113; 

Boonville Mo 
Cormier, Edith Marie ed 415 W 118; 

Breaux Bridge La 
Corn, Philip Alexander w Bayside L I 

N Y 
Cornelius, Mary Anne e 100 E 17; AB 




Cornell, Alfred Buckhout / 420 W 130; 

AB Williams 
Cornell, Francis Shepard e 94 Sara- 
toga Av Yonkers N Y 
Cornell, George Washington / Liv- 
ingston Hall; 142 Ridgewood Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Amherst 
Cornett, John Stanley ed Union Theol 

Sem; 234 Albert St Kingston; MA 

BD Queen's Univ 
Cornish, Harriet Beebe (Mrs) ed 332 

Union St Hackensack N J 
Cornish, Louise Buell ed 106 Central 

Av Hackensack N J; 32 Owego St 

Cortland N Y 
Cornish, William Baker ed 332 Union 

St Hackensack N J 
Corrao, Salvatore Joseph e 250 Union 

St Bklyn; LLB NYU Law 
Correa, Elisa Botero e 2345 Broadway 
Correll, Walter Frederick e 25 Essex 

St Bklyn N Y 
Corrigan, Lillian gr 216 E Tremont 

Av; AB Hunter 
Corry, Elizabeth e Furnald Hall ; c/o 

Mr T A Corry Peruvian Corporation 

Lima Peru 
Corry, John Wilbur / 180 Claremont 

Av ; Xenia Ohio R R 5 ; BS Antioch 

Corry, Margaret e Furnald Hall ; Lima 

Peru South America 
Corse, Elizabeth b Brooks Hall; 2301 

First Av S Minneapolis Minn 
Corse, Lillian E e 21 N Walnut St 

E Orange N J; Richford Vt ; AB 

Cort, David c Lafayette PI Woodmere 

Cortes, Luisa Josephine ed 115 W 88; 

Nulagros No 6 Vilora Havana Cuba 
Corwin, Jean m 421 W 57; 146 Second 

Av Newark N J ; AB MA Wellesley 
Cory, David Munroe c 133 E 73 
Coryell, Francis c 1414 Vyse Av 
Coryell, Nancy Gillmore gr 14 14 Vyse 

Av; AB, AM Columbia 
Cossow, Alice b 609 W 191 
Cossow, Lillian e 609 W 191 
Costello, Patience e 17 E 59 

Coster, Charles Henry / Union Club ; 

Tuxedo Park N Y ; AB Harvard 
Cotsifas, Demosthenes D e 30 Church 

Cotton, Georgia Dvorak e \^2. E 19; 1 

W 67 
Cottrell, Leone B b 924 West End Av 
Coul, Margaret Zerbe £ 454 Riverside 

Dr; Instructor Teacher's College 
Coulson, Lucy e 524 Riverside Dr 
Council, Charles D / 419 W 118; 

Hamilton N C 
Counes, Constance e 598 Bergen Av 
Courteol Mary Z e 936 West End Av 
Courtney, Howard Wright e 39 Land- 
scape Av Yonkers N Y 
Courtright, Marie pa Seth Low Hall ; 

1010 No Broad St Fremont Nebr 
Cousins (Mrs) Amy Wade pa 501 W 

120; Eau Claire Wis 
Cousins, Edith Blair gr Furnald Hall ; 

407 Westmoreland Houston Tex; 

AB Texas 
Coutant, (Mrs) Mary W gr Barnard 

College; 1058a Sterling PI Bklyn 

N Y ; AB, MA Columbia 
Coveney, Mary Clara pa 509 W 121 ; 

705 N Main Athens Pa 
Cover, Mary Elizabeth gr 435 W 119; 

AB Vassar, MA Columbia 
Cover, Stuart Franklin c 607 Flatbush 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Covert, Adrianna de Bevoise b The 

Drive Richmond Hill N Y 
Cowan, (Mrs) Andree H e 131 25 Elm- 
hurst LINY 
Cowan, Florence e 625 Fourth Av Long 

Island City N Y 
Cowan, Geo Richmond e 625 Fourth 

Av Astoria L I N Y; BS Cooper 

Cowan, Helen Mildred pa 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 130 Franklin Av Revere 

Cowan, Leo bu 518 W 140; 12 Soodale 

Rd Mattapan Mass 
Cowan, Percival Edmund / 62 E 130; 

AB Columbia 
Cowcn, Robert Irving mcc 401 West 

End Av ; AB Columbia 



Cowick, Kate Leslie e Furnald Hall ; 
716 Greeley Av Kansas City Kan; 
AB Kansas City University 

Cowie, John Harold c Hartley Hall ; 
69 Bedford Av Buffalo N Y 

Cox, Edmund Drake Halsey c 320 Clif- 
ton Av Newark N J 

Cox, Elizabeth e Short Hills N J 

Cox, James Arthur e 238 Wyckoff St 
Bklyn N Y 

Cox, Marian e The Osborne ; Stone- 
crcst Ridgefield Conn 

Cox, Marion ed Seth Low Hall ; Fair- 
mount N D ; BS No Dak Agr College 

Cox, Philip Wescott Lawrence ed 17 E 
60 ; 80 Appleton St Maiden Mass ; 
AB, AM Harvard 

Cox, William H D / Livingston Hall; 
320 Clifton Av Newark N J 

Coxhead, Stuart Piatt c 90-96 Wall St 

Coyne, John Edward bu 302 W Madi- 
son Av Youngstown O ; AB Fordham 

Coyne, Wallace Arthur e 1984 Marmion 

Cozzi, Benjamin c 153 E 86; Dover 
Plains N Y 

Crabtree, Harriet Gregory cd 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 2805 Palm St San Di- 
ego Cal ; AB Stanford University 

Cracovaner, Arthur Joseph c 362 W 


Cracovaner, David John c 352 W 46 

Crafer, Beatrice b 354 State St Bklyn 
N Y 

Crafts, Marion Annie ed 326 West St 
West Hoboken N J ; Auburn Me 

Cragin, Donald Wilson bu Hartley 
Hall ; 3 Oak St Worcester Mass 

Cragin, Emma Hawthorne ed 612 W 
115; Hattiesburg Miss; AB Missis- 
sippi College, MA Columbia 

Crahan, Mary Gertrude e 436 Ft Wash- 
ington Av 

Craig, Elizabeth b John Jay Hall ; 
Huntsville Tex 

Craig, Kathryn Lovice pa Whittier 
Hall; 2513 Clifbourne PI Washington 
D C 

Craiger, Beatrice Griswold e Hartsdale 
N Y 

Craigmyle, Ronald Muirhead bu 627 W 

115; 28 Perth Av Toronto Canada ; 

AB Columbia 
Cramer, Adolph Henry e 424 E 162 
Cramer, Calista Ruth pa Whittier Hall ; 

Schuylerville N Y 
Cramer, Esther Minnie pa Whittier 

Hall; Schuylerville N Y 
Cramer, Ethel e 72 W 105; 4 Hubbard 

Court Charleston W Va 
Cramer, Helen Evannah e Woodmere 

L I N Y ; 28 Virginia Av Poughkeep- 

sie N Y 
Cramer, Henry William / General Del 

N Y; 3514 So 74 Tacomah Wash; 

AB College of Puget Sound 
Crandall, Lola Marion gr Furnald Hall ; 

Fulton N Y; AB Columbia 
Crane, Benjamin Tracy e 501 W 113; 

60 Murray St Binghamton N Y 
Crane, Frederick Ralph / 854 Prospect 

PI Bklyn N Y; LittB Princeton 
Crane, Genevieve Sharp pa Whittier 

Hall; 105 East Av Hackettstown N J 
Cranor, Katherine Taylor ed Bancroft 

Hall; Wilkesboro S C ; BS, AM Co- 
Cranston, Mary Haskin ed 527 W 121 ; 

41 Maple Av Fredonia N Y 
Cranz, Ruth Bode pa Bancroft Hall; 

5013 Byron St Chicago 
Crapullo, Theresa e 1959 63 Bklyn N Y 
Craske, Harold c 634 Columbus Av 
Craton, Richard Washington e 430 W 

Craven, Curlin Calvert m 416 W 122; 

Waxahachie Tex 
Craven, Doris Hawes b 290 Woodworth 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Crawford, Agnes Victoria pa 103 Dun- 
can Av Jersey City N J 
Crawford, Charles Wilson c Hartley 

Hall; 3524 Campbell St Kansas City 

Crawford, Ethel Winifred ed 153 N 

Maple Av East Orange N J 
Crawford, Hanford gr 1270 Madison 

Av ; Boatmen's Bank St Louis Mo ; 




Crawford, Janet Barbara gr Furnald 
Hall; 1040 Liberty St Franklin Pa; 
AB Ohio State 

Crawford, John mec 442 W 44 ; BS C C 
N Y 

Crawford, Lucy M e 1762 Undercliff 
Av Morris Hgts ; MD Hahnemann 
Med College 

Crawford, Margaret E A ed Bancroft 
Hall; 509 W 121; Brampton Ont 
Can; BS Columbia 

Crawford, Morell Tompkins c 315 Pel- 
hamdale Av Pelham N Y 

Crawford, (Mrs) Pearl Brandon pa 21 
Eighth St Ridgefield Park N J 

Creange, Arthur Louis e 311 E 156 

Creves, Vincent Joseph e 256 W 26 

Cricher, Aaron Lane c 538 W 114 

Crigher, Nina B pa 416 W 122; 200 W 
Mulberry St Normal 111; BS Colum- 

Crighton, Lucille gr Furnald Hall; 17 16 
E Beach Gulfport Miss;-BA Missis- 
sippi State College 

Cripps, Edward A e 55 Hunt St Corona 

Crisci, Carmelo e 415 W 51; DD Sa- 
lerno (Italy) 

Crist, Vera M ed Madison N J; Wal- 
den N Y 

Crittenden, Eugene D gr 414 W 121 ; 
Saline Mich ; AB Michigan State 

Crocker, Helen Mae e 169 Warren St 
Bklyn N Y 

Crocker, Nellie J e 520 W 114; Tarry- 
town N Y; BS AM Columbia 

Crocker, Hobert Haldridge bu 11 24 
Amsterdam Av ; 3 Allen St Bing- 
liamton N Y ; AB Columbia 

Croell, Levia Edward e 253 W 13S 

Cromie, James Mill e 176 Broadway; 
1068 Tinton Av 

Cronan, Richard John e 50 Prospect 
PI; AB C C N Y, LLB New York 
Crone, Thomas Harold / 218 W 128; 
19 Richard St Rochester N Y; BS 
( roney, Titus Moore e 267 W 11; Box 
^7 Parris Island S C 

Cronhardt, Constance gr Furnald Hall ; 
1428 Summit Av St Paul Minn ; AB 
Macalester College 
Cronin, M Josephine e 574 Seventh St 

Bklyn N Y 
Cronin, William John e 30 Church St; 
70 High St Andover Mass ; LLB 
Boston Univ 
Cronin, William Parks e 12 E Clarke 

PI South Orange N J 
Cronson, Evelyn Ruth pa 133 W 122 
Crook, Alice Rebecca b Brooks Hall ; 

Champlain N Y 
Crookall, Mary Madeleine b Brooks 

Hall; 143 81 Bklyn 
Crookes, George Duncan c Scarsdale 

N Y 
Crooks, Caleb Constantine e 2135 Sev- 
enth Av 
Crosby, Arnold Albert e 22 St Andrews 

PI Bklyn N Y 
Crosby, Ruth Elizabeth e 600 W 114; 

249 N Oxford St Hartford Conn ; 

AB Wellesley 
Crosgrave, Pearl Gertrude ed 611 W 

Crosier, David Franklin e 99 Clare- 

mont Av 
Cross, Charles WiUard ed 609 W 181; 

AB Carleton College 
Cross, Eason gr 600 W 122; Spring- 
field Ga ; AB Emory 
Cross, Florence e 42 W 88 
Cross, Helen Daisy pa Madison Square 

Hotel; 1684 Lucille Av Los Angeles 

Cross, Helen Mae b Brooks Hall ; Lib- 
erty N Y 
Crossley, Frances e 239 Central Park 

W; 314 Third Av Opelika Ala 
Crothers, Gladys Eloise e 596 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Crothers, James Hall e 316 W 97; 

Kingston Mass 
Crothers, Worth Bradford e 137 W 97; 

Kingston Mass 
Crow, David R c - 2085 Tiebout Av 
Crowe, Ethel Helena e 598 W 191 ; 21 

Elm St Westboro Mass 
Crowell, Frances Westwood ed 115 N 

Arlington Av East Orange N J 



Crowell, John Durand e 248 W 105; 

211 E Scott Av Knoxville Term ; BS 

Crowell, Menithew Van Rensselaer bu 

27 W 74; 88 Bradford St Pittsfield 

Crown, James I e 520 W 114 
Crozier, Edith Marion e 142 Mead 

Av Port Chester N Y 
Cru, Paul Milton gr 341 E 68 
Crump Jr, Walter Gray c 837 Madison 

Crus, Theodoro Hesketh e 605 W 139 
Crutchfield, Earl Dean m 19 W 71; 

Univ of Texas Galveston Tex ; AB 

MD Texas 
Crystal, Alice Beatrice e 207 W no 
Crystal, Fabian M mec 319 W 89; AB 

Crystal, Gustave S e 835 Fox St 
Crystal, Irene Martha pa 336 W 71 
Cubberley, Hazel J pa 582 W 187; 208 

W Hanover St Trenton N J 
Cudlipp, Chandler e 43 Emory St Jer- 
sey City N J ; LittB Princeton 
Cuff, Paul Stephen e 169 Park PI Bklyn 

N Y; 5 Vine St Beacon N Y 
Cuffee, Aaron Jeffery c 222 E 86 
Culbert, Eleanor Haring b John Jay 

Hall; Cold Spring N Y 
Culbert, Robert William c Hartley 

Hall ; 42 Bishop St Waterbury Conn 
Culkin, Philip Harley e 131 W 98 
Cullen, Richard Joseph e 130 W 63 
Cullen, William Burrows e 49 Broad 

St; 1 1 26 Park Av Hoboken N J 
Cummings, Eloise Hood gr 237 E 104; 

591 1 Elgin Av Pittsburgh Pa; AB 

Cummings, John Lawrence c 158 N 

Long Beach Av Freeport N Y 
Cummins, Harold James e Oakland 

N J 
Cummins, Ruth Brank pa 52 Maple St 

Summit N J ; Henderson Ky 
Cuneo, John Joseph c 41 W Eighth St 
Cunniffe, Frank e 572 W 141 
Cunningham, George James e 81 Chaun- 

cey Av New Rochelle N Y 
Cunningham, J Ward c 66 Elm St 

Flushing N Y 

Cunningham, Mabelle Louise gr Fur- 
nald Hall ; 2369 E 55 Cleveland 
Ohio ; BS Columbia 

Cunningham, Nellie Chaplin pa 209 W 
87; 1419 Richland St Columbia S C; 
AB Winthrop College 

Cunningham, W T illiam Dickson e 253 
W 99 ; AB Yale, LLB Columbia 

Curnow, Dorothea Estelle m 342 Fourth 
St; AB, BS Columbia 

Curnow, George J c 627 W 115 

Curran, Frederic Michael e 667 Ninth 

Curran, Mary e 490 Riverside Dr ; 
AB Coll of New Rochelle 

Currie, John Belmont e 1068 Woody- 
crest Av 

Currier, Virginia Mary pa Whittier 
Hall; 1033 Congress St Portland Me 

Curry, Isabel Jane ed 439 W 6 Plain- 
field N J; 102 Henry St Plains Pa 

Curry, Ormond Hilton e 534 W 114; 
Nassau N P Bahamas 

Curry, Robert Arthur ; 534 W 114; 
Nassau N P Bahama Islands; AB 

Curry, Thomas A c 630 W 135 

Curtin, Frederic James e 634 Hudson 
St Hoboken N J ; 1 1 Fay St Taunton 

Curtin, Gerald Francis e 13 Linden 
Av Ossining N Y; 70 Fourth St 
Water ford N Y ; BS New York State 

Curtin, Lawrence Thomas e 619 W 113; 
2755 Creston Av Bronx N Y 

Curtin, Leo Patrick gr 617 W 115 

Curtin, Margaret Anastasia ed 58 
Tower PI Yonkers N Y; 524 Dudley 
St Dunmore Pa 

Curtis, A Gertrude e 43 High St Pas- 
saic N J ; AB Boston University 

Curtis, Charles Cutler / 116 E 62; AB 

Curtis, Helen L e 1744 Main St Strat- 
ford Conn 

Curtis, Helen Lydia gr 46 Lafayette 
St New Rochelle N Y; 18 Diamond 
St, St Albans Vt 

Curtis, H Erlin e 241 W 75 



Curtis, Howard Cone m 346 W 57; 
Oberlin O; AB Oberlin, BS Colum- 

Curtis, Leslie Verne c 538 W 114; 
Bradford Pa 

Curtiss, Amy Elizabeth e Box 723 
Spring Valley N Y; Norwich N Y 

Curtiss, Carl Clayton c Livingston 
Hall; Alexander N Y 

Cusack, Eleanor V e 601 E 178 

Cusack, John Tracy c 540 W 113; 19 
E 80 

Cushing, Winifred pa 141 W 109; 520 
Main St Waltham Mass 

Cushman, Rose Frances e 484 E 164 

Cushman, Ruth Evelyn & 311 Convent 

Cushner, Bertha Margaret pa 3089 
Broadway ; Napanoch N Y 

Custis, William Silas e 107 W 119; 
5729 39 Av S E, Portland Ore 

Cutler, Sydney c 796 E 19 Bklyn N Y 

Cutright, Frank gr 441 W 124; 17 Col- 
lege Av Buckhannon W Va ; AB 
West Virginia 

Cuttler, Edna e 796 E 166 

Cuykendall, Robert F c 627 W 115 

Cymrot, Mark Elmer e 593 Barbey St 
Bklyn N Y 

Cyphers, Marion Lula e Chester N J 

Cyriax, Dorothy Annette gr 219 E 71 ; 
AB Hunter 

Czerwinski, Francis Arthur e 100 Es- 
sex St Jersey City N J 

Czerwinski, Lucien Julian e 506 Strat- 
ford Rd Bklyn N Y 

Daele, Rose-Marie e 2064 Seventh Av ; 
AB Hunter 

Daft, Lillian Marie e 349 Seventh Av 
Newark N J 

Daggett, Emma Sherman pa 509 W 
121 ; Vineyard Haven Mass 

Daggett, Windsor Pratt e 314 W 56; 
112 Summer St Auburn Me; PhB 

Dahl, Henry John e 128 Townsend Av 
Staten Island N Y 

Dahl, Ludwig Theodore e 95 Paulson 
Av Ridgefield Park N J 

Dahlbcrg, Inga Josephine gr 574 81 
Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 

Dahnke, Marye pa 1230 Amsterdam 

Av ; 209 5 St Union City Tenn 
Daichman, Isidore c 185-7 Av C 

Daigle, Elizabeth Lucie ed 513 W 142; 
Fort Kent Mills Me 

Dailey, Bertha Gallup pa 130 Claremont 

Dailey, Erne Lylia pa Whittier Hall; 
27 Glenwood PI East Orange N J 

Dake, Charles Laurence gr 435 W 119; 
Rolla Mo ; AB, MA Wisconsin 

Dale, Jane Elizabeth gr 168 Cottage 
Av Mount Vernon N Y ; AB Colum- 

Daley, Tatham Ambersley e 2340 Sev- 
enth Av ; Port Morant Jamaica 
B W I 

Dalheim, Alfred Earnest e 52 West 
Post Rd White Plains N Y 

Dalton, Florence gr 5000 Broadway; 
AB Hunter 

Dalton, Kathryn Elizabeth e 1253 Am- 
sterdam Av 

Daly Jr, Bernard Augustine e 542 W 

Daly, Charles Francis e 420 W 121 ; 27 
Elm St Naugatuck Conn 

Daly, James Edward e Gedney Farm 
Hotel White Plains N Y; 35 Mc- 
Donald St Glens Falls N Y 

Daly, Marian Rose e 739 Hudson PI 
North Bergen N J 

Daly, Queenie Rosson e 1350 Ogden 

Daly, Raymond Joseph / 500 W 114; 
BS Columbia 

Daly, Robert Joseph e 133 E 45; 55 
Willard Av Springfield Mass 

Daly, Sylvester Richard e 307 W 139 

Dallas, William McKenzie / Livingston 
Hall ; Thomaston, Ga ; AB Georgia 

Damasco, Santiago Peralta e Box 8 
Station N ; 302 W 69 

Dambacher, Marie Christine pa 41 
Dominick St 

Damlamian, Kevork Parsegh ed 2g2g 
Broadway; St Paul's College, Tarsus, 
Cilicia, Asia Minor; AB St Paul's 
College, Tarsus, Cilicia; BD Hart- 
ford Theological Seminary ; MA Co- 



Damm, LeRoy Warren e 1946 Amster- 
dam Av 

Dan, Julius Martin c 148 E 92; Hur- 
leyville N Y 

Dana, Gertrude Van Rensselaer b Par- 
nassus Club ; 62 Hudson Ter Tarry- 
town N Y 

Dana, Royal e 236 E 197 

Danchakoff, Vera b 644 W 173 

Danciger, Ben e 748 Tremont Av 
Bronx N Y 

Dancy, Marshall Freeman c 501 W 
113; 408 Walnut St Arcadia Fla 

Danes, Dudley Hay ward e 410 W 115; 
Sayville L I 

Danforth, Ruth Agnes pa Whittier 
Hall; 529 North Euclid Av Pitts- 
burgh Pa 

Dangberg, Grace Melissa gr 537 W 
121; Minden Nev ; AB California 

Daniell, Lola Lee t 411 West End Av; 
Pensacola Fla ; AB Kansas 

Daniels, Elna b Brooks Hall ; Sag Har- 
bor N Y 

Daniels, Eva May b 8730 108 St Rich- 
mond Hill LINY 

Daniels, George Leo c 1442 45 Bklyn 
N Y 

Daniels, Joe Edward / Paola Kan ; AB 

Danielson, Emma A e 555 W 173 

Danielson, Lester Clark e 32 Post Av ; 
AB Columbia 

Danihy, Howard Francis bu 536 W 
114; 19 W 130 

Danishevsky, Mary gr 73 Penn St 
Bklyn; AB Hunter 

Dankberg, Julius e 1906 Wallace Av 

Dannaker, Unity Ramsey ed 419 W 
119 ; Wayne Pa 

Danton (Mrs), Annina Periam e 430 
W 118; Tsing Hua College Peking 
China ; AB Goucher College, AM, 
PhD Columbia 

Danzer, Mortimer c 180 Clinton Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Danziger, Israel Harold e 25 W 71 

Danziger, LeRoy e 560 W 144 

Danziger, Victor c 279 E Third St 

Danzilo, Grace McDonald e 357 87 
Bklyn N Y 

DaParma, Marcello Anthony e 263 E 

Tremont Av 
Darby, Hugh Nackland e 308 W 114 
Dare, Thelma Elizabeth e 308 W 154; 

E Landis Av Vineland N J 
Daringer, Helen Fern gr 520 W 122; 
933 N Hazel St Danville 111; PhB 
Darling, William Lawson / 140 W 82; 

160 Marine St City Island N Y; 
AB New York 
Darmody, Louise Frances pa Whittier 

Hall; 2930 W 15 Los Angeles Cal 
Darmstatter, Norman Ernest / 529 W 

113; 146 Sherman St Passaic N J; 

AB Columbia 
Darnell Jr, James Lee c 41 Lewis 

Pkway Yonkers N Y 
Darsie, Hugh Dwight gr 600 W 122; 

306 Eighth Av West Homestead Pa; 

AB Bethany 
Dashew, Sadie Vera pa Whittier 

Hall ; Park Circle Apts Baltimore 

Daugette, Kathleen Forney pa 143 W 

104; Jacksonville Ala 
Daugette, Palmer pa 143 W 104; 

Jacksonville Ala 
Davenport, Catherine e Elizabeth N J 
Davenport, Donald Hills bu 558 W 

113; 328 W Jersey St Elizabeth 

N J 
Davenport, Helen Vandling gr 1274 

Pacific St Bklyn N Y ; AB Goucher 

Davenport, Isabel Frances gr 14 W 

12; Ringors N J; BS, AM Columbia 
Davey, Violet pa 1242 Garden St Ho- 

boken N J 
Davidian, Haig H c Larnaca, Island 

of Cyprus 
Davidoff, Eugene c 10 18 E 163 
Davidoff, Reuben Benjamin m 305 W 

98; 135 University Rd Brookline 

Mass ; BS Dartmouth 
Davidson, Ben c 405 W 117; 720 Ivy 

St Pittsburgh Pa 
Davidson, Charles Mowbray / Morris 

Hall; 1205 Warm Springs Av Boise 




Davidson, Harold Bertram w 304 W 

92; BS Columbia 
Davidson, Israel I e 1463 44 Bklyn 

N Y; LLB Bklyn Law School 
Davidson, John e 8 Garden St Mont- 

clair N J 
Davidson, Kenneth Wayne ; i8oClare- 

mont Av ; St John Kan ; AB Col- 
lege of Emporia 
Davidson, Lucius Henry e 19 Ander- 
son St New Rochelle N Y 
Davidson, Marguerite e 527 W 187 
Davidson, Maurice J e 616 W 207 
Davidson, Max Herman / 304 E 173; 

Davidson, Max J e 20 Morningside 

Davidson, Miriam e 1424 Wilkins Av 
Davidson, Miriam b Brooks Hall ; 56 

E 15 Bklyn N Y 
Davidson, Myrtle Aline pa 604 W 125 ; 

800 Morgan St Keokuk la 
Davidson, Paul Ballinger gr 500 W 

111; Bozeman Mont; BS Montana 
Davidson, Ralph e 21 Claremont Av 
Davidson, Riva pa Whittier Hall ; 56 

E 15 Bklyn N Y 
Davidtsz, Maria Jestina pa Whittier 

Hall ; Polchefstroom Transvaal 

Davie, Marguerite Perry e Bellerose 

Davies, Ada e 61 W 115 
Davies, Allen Brennan c 401 West 

End Av 
Davies, Marjorie E pa Madison Square 

Hotel Ballard Vale Mass 
Davis, Alcestes Aubrey e 104 W 113; 

2274 Lome St Regina Sask Canada; 

BCS, BS New York 
Davis, Alley Gilberth bu 536 W 112; 

Foreman Ark ; AB Valparaiso, PhB 

Davis, Arthur c Massapequa LINY 
Davis, Arthur Stanley e 312 W 122 
Davis, Barnett e 208 S First St 

Bklyn N Y 
Davis, Bertha Margaret pa 509 W 121 
Davis, Charles Phineas e 2059 66 

Bklyn N Y 

Davis, Charles Prescott tnec 421 S 

Second Av Mount Vernon N Y ; 

AB Columbia 
Davis, Clara Louise ed 154 Lexington 

Av Passaic N J ; Marietta N Y 
Davis, Edgar Ploward gr 600 W 116; 

AB Wyoming, MA Columbia 
Davis, Elizabeth M e 415 W 118; 445 

14 Boulder Colo; AB Colorado 
Davis (Mrs), Esther Bolln b 600 W 

116; Douglas Wyo 
Davis, Ethel D e 58 Beverly Rd Kew 

Gardens LINY 
Davis, Evelyn Hooker e 533 West Av 

Bridgeport Conn ; BS, AB Mount 

Davis, Felice b 132 W 79; 509 Cen- 
tral Savings Bank Bldg Denver Colo 
Davis, Frances Beatrice e Furnald 

Hall; 15 Summer St St Johnsbury 

Davis, Grace Inez ed 329 73 Bklyc 

N Y 
Davis, Grace Margaret e 227 S First 

Av Mt Vernon N Y; 534 West St 

Bloomsburg Pa 
Davis (Mrs), Harriet Kelley pa 11 

10 Great Neck L I N Y; BS Co- 
Davis, Helen e 505 W 121 ; Beacon 

N Y 
Davis, Helen pa 329 N Grove St East 

Orange N J 
Davis, Helen Amelia b 870 Riverside 

Davis, Ira Phillip e 181 W 135; 308 

Terry St Orlando Fla 
Davis, Isabel Lenore b Brooks Hall ; 

5024 Pershing Av St Louis Mo 
Davis, Jane e 8 Brown PI Maspeth 

Davis, Jerome Dwight gr 527 W 121 ; 

AB Oberlin, MA Columbia 
Davis, Julian Henry c 611 Hartley 

Hall; 05 Green St Kingston N Y 
Davis, Margaret Felice e 132 W 79; 

Central Savings Bank Bldg Denver 

Davis, Mary Elizabeth (/;• Furnald 

Hall; Federalsburg Md; AB West- 
ern Maryland 



Davis, Mary Elizabeth pa 452 St 

Nicholas Av ; 2224 Prince St Berke- 
ley Cal 
Davis, Mary Elizabeth ed 420 W 121; 

821 Page Av Springfield Mo; AB 

Missouri, MA Columbia 
Davis, Mary Louise pa 501 W 120; 

Mt Olive N C; AB North Carolina 

College for Women 
Davis, Minor Mansfield gr 417 W 121 ; 

Aurora Mo ; BS Drury 
Davis, Moses mec 66 E 116; AB Co- 
Davis, Nathan e 124 Dumont Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Davis, Nellie Jenkins ed 514 W 122; 

140 N 16 Philadelphia Pa; AB 

Davis, Persis b John Jay Hall ; Osh- 

kosh Wis 
Davis, Rachel pa 511 W 112; 917 N 

Willis St Visalia Cal 
Davis, Raymond Chandler c 531 W 

112; 40 Smith St Athens Ohio 
Davis, Rose Mary e 100 Morningside 

Dr ; 30 Harlow St Breneer Me 
Davis, Wilfred Hancock e 357 Dean 

St Bklyn N Y 
Davis, William Louis e 588 Lenox Av 
Davis, Willis Thornton e 210 W 133 
Davison, Alice Trubee e 690 Park Av 
Davison (Mrs), F Trubee e 430 W 

116; 690 Park Av 
Davison, Frederick Trubee / 430 W 

116; Locust Valley L I N Y ; AB 

Davison, Nellie pa 37 Madison Av ; 

Tribune Kan 
Dawson, Archie Owen / 66 Lakeview 

Av Hartsdale N Y 
Dawson, Bertha Bailey e 226 Argyle 

Rd Bklyn N Y 
Dawson, John Charles gr Columbia 

University P O ; Howard College 

Birmingham Ala ; AB Georgetown, 

AM, LLD Howard College 
Dawson, Louis Welton e 1121 Bed- 
ford Av Bklyn N Y; LLB Cornell 
Day, Ambrose c 205 W 57 
Day, Ellen ed 502 W 122; Catskill 

N Y 

Day, George Gerald mec 11 24 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 486 Ashland Av Buf- 
falo N Y; AB Columbia 

Day, Isabelle Marsh ed 254 Jefferson 
Av Bklyn N Y ; BE Boston Univ 

Dayton, Helen Douglas b 4717 Sixth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Dealy, James Fred c 429 W 214 

Dealy, Thomas James e 184 Meteor St 
Forest Hills LINY 

Dean, Alice Delafield b 780 Park 

Dean, Emily Muriel e 103 E 86; 
AB Michigan 

Dean, George gr 169 W 228; BS Co- 

Dean, Harold William e Fifth Na- 
tional Bank of New York 

Dean, Hazel b 169 W 228 

Dean, Joseph Leslie e 400 E 145 

Dean, Mary Joseph e 582 Throop Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Dean, Mills e 2636 University Av 

Dean, Winifred Mabelle e 437 W 117; 
182 Austin St Worcester Mass 

Dearborn, Alice Winifred ed 1230 
Amsterdam Av ; 84 Fourth St Dover 
N H; AB Wellesley 

Dearborn, Helen Josephine pa 1230 
Amsterdam Av ; Sacket Harbor N Y 

Dearborn, Ned Harland ed Linesville 

Deardorff, Ralph Warner e 195 Broad- 

Dearstyne, Nellie Wallace e 41 Mead 
Av Port Chester N Y 

Dearstyne, Stanley Charles / 537 W 
121; 114 Lancaster St Albany N Y 

Deasy, Edmund Lafayette bu gig Pal- 
metto St Mobile Ala 

Deavletian, Neckar Isaac ed 421 W 
121 ; Grand Bazar, Constantinople 

DeBoer Dowie G e Union Seminary ; 
Hull la; AB Columbia 

DeBoer, Elizabeth Arend e 430 W 
122; 679 Western Av Albany N Y 

DeCastro, Maria Ribeiro e 4 State St ; 
1640 Macombs Rd 

Decker, Carroll Ethel e 61 Greenwood 
Av East Orange N J 



Decker, Casper David e 215 North Av 

West, Cranford N J 
Decker, R Harry e 54 Rock Rd Glen 

Rock N J 
Decker, Ralph Kempton e 29 Burling 

Lane New Rochelle N Y; Hotel 

Richmond Atlantic City N J 
Dede, Richard Herman e 274 Morris 

St West Hoboken N J 
Dedrick, Doris Malva e 55 S 16 

Flushing LINY 
Dee, Frank Edward e 14 W 101 
Dee, Marie Regina e 11 13 Teller Av ; 

AB Hunter 
Dee, Vincent Thomas c 102 W 38; 

Bayonne N J 
Deeb, James Elias e 16 W 125 
Deely, Julia Helena e 550 Riverside 

Deem, Nadia Florence e 134 Ricardo 

PI Hackensack N J ; Knightstown 

Deen, Helena Jeannette gr Furnald 

Hall; Minneota Minn; AB Carleton 
Deerien, Carl e 159 Park St Mont- 

clair N J 
Defronzo, Anthony Frank c 720 Union 

St Bklyn N Y 
de Grost, Edith Marjorie Ronkonkoma 

L I N Y ; AB N Y State College for 

De Guard, Stephen Anthony * 213 E 

Dehls, Frederick mec 536 W 114; 99 

Second Av Newark N J ; AB Co- 
Dehn, Clarence Henry e 404 Monas- 
tery St, West Hoboken N J 
Deibert, Olin gr 437 W 59 ; Florence 

Colo ; AB, AM Kansas 
Deissler, Wm ed 689 Broadway West 

New York N J 
Deitrich, Leo Everett gr 208 Rich- 
mond Ter, St George S I N Y; 

Hublersburg Pa; BS Carnegie Tech 
Deitsch, Alan Brussel c 40 E 83 
De Jong, Harold e 1227 Boston Rd 
de Kay, Ormonde c 434 Riverside Dr; 

413 W 23 
Dekock, Charles Ernest e 352 W 46 
Delaflcld, Emily b 20 W 58 

Delamater, Eleanor Price b 434 W 

120; Eaton's Neck Northport L I 

N Y 
Delaney, Edward J F e 127 W 106 
Delaney, Frank Comes / 403 W 115; 

AB Yale 
Delany, Mary Josephine gr 460 W 

147; AB St Lawrence 
DeLeeuw, Murray e 215 W 116 
Delf, Melissa E pa Whittier Hall; 

410 E Hewitt Av Marquette Mich 
Dell, Ellen Esther pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; 406 N Elm St Cresco la 
Delia Morte, Louis David / Livingston 

Hall; 127 Franklin St Bristol R I; 

LLB New York Law School 
Dellasorte, Angelina Mary pa 159 Oak 

St Yonkers N Y 
Delles, A William c 47 Fuller PI 

Bklyn N Y; Allendale N J 
DelMonte, Jacques David / 251 W 89 
DeLoi, James e 408 Seneca Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Deloney, Hallie Millicent pa 153 E 

62 ; Bogalusa La 
DeLong, Leo Ray ed 1880 30 Rock 

Island 111 ; AB Augustana College 
Demangin, William Francis e 240 Kos- 
ciusko St Bklyn N Y 
Demaree, Joseph Paxtor e Bloomsburg 

Pa ; AM Dickinson 
Demarest, Bessie e Mrs Dow's School 

Briarcliff Manor N Y; Nanuet N Y 
Demarest, Ida Elizabeth pa Mountain 

View N J 
Demarest, Lillian Blauvelt e 202 Stan- 
ley PI Hackensack N J 
De Mario, James Joseph e 102 Lake 

Av Clifton N J 
De Marrais Jr, Joseph Alexander c 

Central Boulevard, Palisades Park 

N J 
De Mille, John Blakeney c Hartley 

Hall; 210 Orient Way Rutherford 

N J 
Deming, Raymond Arnold mec 175 

Claremont Av ; 212 S Whitney St 

Hartford Conn 
Demirjian, Zarouhi Torosa e 601 W 

142; MA Columbia 
Demo, Vincent Andrew e 512 E 163 



Demorest, Gilbert Curtis / 217 Broad- 
way ; AB Princeton 

Demoret, Vernon Butterfield c 1249 
Amsterdam Av ; Montrose Colo 

DeMott, Beryl N e Millington N J 

Dempsey, Arthur Christie e 1029 
Spruce St Richmond Hill N Y 

Dempsey, Edith A e 41 18 Av As- 
toria LINY 

Denby, Edward Chiles e 16 W 64 

Denholm, Florence Elizabeth b 154 
W 106 

Denis, Adelaide ed 401 W 117; AB 
Wellesley, AM Colorado College 

Denison, Homer Cooper e 165 Broad- 
way ; Mellen Wis 

Denison, Margaret Alice e 460 River- 
side Dr 

Denman, Minerva Trowbridge e 149 
W 79; 4 Maple Av Ellenville N Y 

Denman, Virginia e 129 W 76; Ellen- 
ville N Y; AB Randolph-Macon 

Dennelley, Maude Hilda pa Great 
Neck N Y 

Denneny, George e 15 16 St Nicholas 
Av; AB, LLB Fordham 

Dennin, Ida Elizabeth e Furnald Hall ; 
20th St North Troy N Y 

Dennis Jr, John Allston mec 540 W 
113; 238 Charles St Westfield N J 

Dennison, Ira e 860 Riverside Dr 

Denny, Dennas Zend e 541 VV 113 

Denowitz, Arthur Milton c 210 Hill- 
side Av Newark N J 

Densen, Anna-Jeanne e 86 W 119 

Denslow, Mary Henderson e 105 Union 
Av Cranford N J 

Denton, Allen e 9 Van Buren St Yon- 
kers N Y 

Denton, John Bidwell e 440 Riverside 
Dr ; 701 Grave St Elmira N Y 

Denton, Mabel gr 676 Highland Av 
Newark N J ; AB Columbia 

Denton, Marian Alice e 17 Battery 
PI; 600 W 138 

Denton, May Frances b 519 W 121 ; 
951 Madison Av Paterson N J 

Denton, Viola Cecelia e 72 Preakness 
Av Paterson N J 

DePalma, Samuel Joseph e 2272 First 

de Palmonino, Marie ed Whittier Hall ; 

Union 230 Lima Peru S A 
Derbohlaw, John Andrew e 18 Wood- 
bine St Bklyn N Y; BS CE Cooper 

DeRham, Mrs Casimir e 116 E 63 
Dermody, Arthur Francis e 523 W 

Dermond, Sara Agnese e 125 Pine St 

Paterson N J 
de Roche, Esther pa 22^ Bloomfield Av 

Passaic N J 
Derowich, Louis e 426 E 155 
Desautels, Albert e 215 W 23 
Deschenes, Aimee Miville e 876 Park 

Desmond, Elaine e 204 West End PI 

Cranford N J 
De Soignie, Edward mec 425 W 118; 

Boulvd du Nord 1, Namur, Belgium; 

ME Liege (Belgium) 
De Sola, Alice b 145 Rutland Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Despres, Joseph A mec 101 W 80; BS 

De Stetano, Fred Walter e 503 W 170 
DeTeixeira, Pedro Gonsaveles c 501 

W 122; East Setauket LINY 
Detmer, Jerome Vincent c 627 W 115; 

Hotel Plaza 
D'Etreillis, Jeanne A e 13 W 56 
Dettloff, Adolph Mansen mec 131 W 

112; AB C C N Y 
Detwiler, Forest Roy e 16 14 Cortelyou 

Rd Bklyn N Y 
Deutermann, Pauline pa Lake St 

White Plains N Y 
Deutsch, Arthur Watson gr Succasun- 

na N J ; AB Allegheny 
Deutsch, Florie e 1864 Seventh Av 
Deutsch, Samuel mec 161 E 118; BS 

C C N Y 
Deuvletian, Neclar ed 421 W 121 ; AB 

American College 
Devalon, Charles Corbin gr 5 W 125; 

Pomona Cal ; AB Pomona 
Deveson, Addie Elizabeth e 416 W 122 
Devlin, Frank Wesley c 633 W 115; 

24 Porterfield PI Freeport N Y 



Devlin, Thomas Edward e 443 Han- 
cock St Bklyn N Y; 425 Delaware 

Av Albany N Y 
DeVoy, Catherine Elizabeth b 118 W 

63; 410 Litchfield St Frankfort N Y 
Dewey, Alice Louise b 430 W 118; 

Spencerport N Y 
Dewey, Delmer R ed 434 W 120; 1230 

Highland Emporia Kan; BS Kan 

State Normal 
Dewey, Florence Elizabeth ed Du- 

mont N J ; Bloomingdale N Y 
Dewey, Jane Mary b 607 W 116; 

Huntington N Y 
Dewey, Marilla Irene b 607 W 116; 

Toulon 111 
Dewing, Elizabeth pa 320 W 107; 922 

W Main St Kalamazoo Mich 
DeWitt, Ethel Mae ed 330 Highwood 

Av Leonia N J; 122 Glen Av Phil- 

lipsburg N J 
DeWitt, Lydia Alice e 94 Berkeley Av 

Bloomfield N J 
Dewitz, Esther Pauline pa 528 W 121 ; 

1738 Pearl St Denver Colo 
De Wolf, Francis Colt / 129 E 10; 

35 Union St Bristol R I. 
Dewsnap, Clara Gladys ed Ardsley 

School Westchester Co N Y ; 167 N 

Broadway White Plains N Y 
Dexter, Emily Ormond e 6 Concord 

Av White Plains N Y 
Deyo, Howard N / 250 Riverside Dr ; 

AB Princeton 
De Yoe, Willard Lydecker / Living- 
ston Hall; 689 Broadway Paterson 

N J; LittB Princeton 
DeYoung, Birdie e 2430 University Av 
Dialogue, Mary Easby e Hotel St 

George Bklyn N Y 
Diament, Leon e 19 W 115 
Diamond, Anna e 764 Fifth Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Diamond, Jacob Hecht e 342 E 15 
Diamond, Sidney Randolph / 1646 

Monroe Av ; AB Columbia 
Diamondoglon, Michael Joakim gr 2 

Rector St; 286 Ft Washington Av ; 

BS Robert College 
Diaz, Manuel Y ed 252 W 121; Celen- 

din Peru S A 

Diaz de Villalvilla, Carlos Manuel c 
536 W 113 

Di Benedetto, Mitchell Michael e 129 
Thames St Bklyn N Y 

Dick, Adolph Mollenhauer o 20 E 53 ; 
AB Yale 

Dickey, Ethel Marjorie e 400 River- 
side Dr 

Dickens, Dorothy pa Whittier Hall ; 
Greenwood Miss ; BS Miss State 
College for Women 

Dicker, Isadore c 228 E Sixth St 

Dickerman, Robert Eliot e 44 White- 
hall St; 47 Craigie St Somerville 
Mass ; AB Harvard 

Dickinson, Blanche Estella e 24 Ful- 
ton St Weehawken N J ; Bangor 
N Y 

Dickinson, Elizabeth Valentine ed 501 
W 120; The Ridgely Brimingham 
Ala; AB, BS Judson College, AM 

Dickinson, Ellen Marie b John Jay 
Hall; 108 N 17 Richmond Ind 

Dickinson, Elmira E ed 7 W 65 ; Pine 
Bush N Y 

Dickinson, Ethel Gladys e 751 Jeffer- 
son Av Bklyn N Y 

Dickinson, Helena Minnie e 538 Man- 
hattan Av 

Dickson, Artells Clay e 521 W 185; 
Tulsa Okla 

Dickson, Bertha e 46 W 89 

Dickson, Ross Hewitt e 136 Parker Rd 
Elizabeth N J; 17 Gramercy Pk ; 
BS Mass Tech 

DiCrocco, Christopher John m 2 E 
128; 34 Gordon St Dongan Hills 
S I N Y 

Di Donato, Walter James c 82 Bayard 

Diefenderfer, Mary Elizabeth ed 106 
Morningside Dr ; Wiconisco Pa ; BA 
Moravian College, BS Penn State 

Diefendorf, Dorothy Louise pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 108 Huntington St New 
Haven Conn 

Diehl, Eleanor Catharine c Teachers 
College ; 62 Leicester St Port Ches- 
ter N Y ; BS, MA Columbia 



Diehl, George Hundt e Main St Fort 

Lee N J 
Diescher, Alma e 1812 Ralph St Bklyn 

N Y 
Diescher, Victor Hugo e 181 2 Ralph 

St Bklyn N Y 
Dietrich, Adolf Edward e 259 Harri- 
son St Passaic N J 
Dietrich, Dorothy Irene pa Whittier 

Hall ; Tunkhannock Pa 
Dietrick, Laurabelle Sampson gr Fur- 

nald Hall; Glendora Cal ; AB, MA 

Dietz, Amy Neumer gr 7321 Amboy 

Rd Tottenville N Y ; AB Hunter 
Dietz, Arthur Orrie e 308 W 109 
Dietz Jr, Nicholas c 11 08 Bushwick Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Di Giovanna, Thomas e 2406 Lorillard 

PI; PharD Columbia 
Di Giovanni, Joseph e 2260 Ryer Av 
Diller, Helen Elizabeth gr Teachers 

College; BS, MA Columbia 
Diller, Katherine Lydia c 355 Adelphi 

St Bklyn N Y 
Diller, Mary Ida e 355 Adelphi St 

Bklyn N Y 
Dillingham, William Otis c Hartley 

Hall; 4 Sagamore Ter Buffalo N Y 
Dillon, Grace Margaret e 510 E 87 
Dillon, Marguerite Cleophas e 363 S 

Fifth Av Mount Vernon N Y ; 74 

Ninth St East Providence R I 
Dimenna, Annunziata e 2323 Crotona 

DeMicco, Patrick e 32 Skillman Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Dimmick, Ann Eleanor pa Whittier 

Hall; 1008 Grandview St Scranton 

Di Martino, Gabriel- Angelo a 2170 

Belmont Av; BS C C N Y 
Dinan, William S e 463 E 125 
Dineen, John Thomas e 209 E 74 
Dines, Alta Elizabeth pa Seth Low 

Hall; 1400 Detroit St Denver Colo 
Dingier, Mrs Katherine Davis gr 453 

W 123; R F D 63 Ashville N Y; 

AB Michigan 
Dinkelacker, George Otto e Locust 

Valley LINY 

Dinsmore, Sarah Elizabeth gr Furnald 
Hall; 3013 Washington St Green- 
ville Tex ; AB Colorado 

Di Pasqua, Francesco pa 651 Bergen 

Di Pietro, Arthur e 1930 Webster Av 

Dippollet, Rose b 115 Pettit Av Mer- 
rick LINY 

Dirkes, Marjorie Larke e 1166 Deane 
St Bklyn N Y 

Disbrow, Gretchen Isabelle ed Letch- 
worth Village Thiells N Y; Attica 
N Y 

Dishongh, Howard Allen m 27 W 61 ; 
Monticello Ark; BS Davidson 

Dittberner, Chas A e 173 Marcy Av 
Bklyn N Y; Higbie Av Jamaica L I 
N Y 

Dittmar, Mildred Lincoln pa 37 N 
Fulton Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Dittmer, Herbert Gerard c 286 Park 
PI Bklyn N Y 

Diver, Patrick Langan e 1222 Madison 

Dixon, Brewer I Morris Hall ; Talla- 
dega Ala ; AB, LLB Alabama 

Dixon, Dorothy Neale pa 304 E 20 ; 
1025 Central Av Plainfield N J 

Dixon, Eva Ruperta e 803 W 180 

Dixon, George Graves m 168 St Johns 
PI Bklyn; AB Columbia 

Dixon, Harold William c 711 Park 
PI Bklyn N Y 

Dixon, Mary Newbury pa 241 Frank- 
lin PI Fulshing N Y; AB Smith 

Dixon, May Irene e 711 Park PI Bklyn 
N Y 

Dixon, Mollie Frances e 137 Bruce Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Dlugatz, Hyman e 58 W 116 

Dlyn, Marie e 794 Elsmere PI 

Doane, George Herbert c 171 5 Central 
Av Cheyenne Wyo 

Doane, Lois e 612 W 115; 1849 Lyndon 
Rd San Diego Cal; AB Oberlin 

Dobbs, Z E gr Bryn Mawr Apt ; Gads- 
den Ala ; AB Tuskaloosa, MA Wis- 

Dobbelaar, George Lawrence ed 29 
Lasher Lane Edgewater N J 


Doheck, Mary Julia e 158 E 65; 

Stevens Point, Wis 
Dobriansky, John e 30 E Seventh St 
Dobrin, Edward G / 322 W 108; Zillah 

Dockstadter, Dorothy Maria b Brooks 

Hall ; Fonda N Y 
Doctor, Theresa pa 938 St Nicholas Av 
Dodd, David LeFevre bu Room 506 

Journalism; 312 Boyd Av Martins- 
burg W Va; BS U of Pa 
Dodd, Dorothy e 185 82 Bklyn N Y 
Dodd, John W ed Morris Hall ; Yeager- 

town Pa; BS Columbia 
Dodd, M Maude b 7 Wallace Av Mt 

Vernon N Y 
Dodd, Mary Helen gr 121 E 56; 14 

Sherman St Lexington Mass ; AB 

Dodd, Nellie e 505 W 112 
Dodge, Anna Leverich ed 34 W 68 ; 24 

Locust St Flushing N Y 
Dodge, Harold French gr 463 West St ; 

315 W 113; BS Mass Inst Tech 
Dodge, Margaret Shriver ed Whittier 

Hall ; 2244 Cathedral Av N W Wash- 
ington D C 
Dodson, Charles Stuart e 420 W 121 ; 

1000 West Av Richmond Va 
Dodson, George Jr e 527 Riverside Dr 
Doellner, Robert Frederick e 112 W 

126; 120 W Center St So Manches- 
ter Conn 
Doerman, Marie C ed Bancroft Hall ; 

1907 Marshall Av St Paul Minn 
Doern, Oliver Jacob e 130 Sickles Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Doernberg, Stella e 652 E 163 
Doerner, Norman Joseph e 501 W no 
Doherty, Marie Evangeline pa 1409 

Park St Peekskill N Y 
Doherty, Mary ed 525 W 120 BS, AM 

Doherty, May A e 1558 Pelham Rd 

Dohrenwend, Henry Albert e 147 W 85 
Doig, Carrie Elizabeth ed 527 W 121 ; 

19a Donaldson Av Rutherford N J 
Dolan, James Linus, * 511 5th Av ; 146 

N 12 Newark N J 
Dolan, William Aloysius e 404 E 158 

Dolcort, Estelle e 385 Jackson Av L I 

Dolder, Rose Virginia pa 315 E 17 

Dole, Mildred ed 61 Stuyvesant Av Ar- 
lington N J ; Lewiston Idaho 

Dolese, Catherine Marie e 501 W 121 ; 
5341 W 22 Cicero 111; PhB Chicago 

Dolid, Abraham e 782 Prospect Av 

Doll, Theodore Edmund c 10423 88th 
Av Richmond Hill; 147 Maple St 
Richmond Hill 

Dollard, William A S c 1248 Fulton Av 

Dominquez, Helen Gertrude gr 452 
Riverside Dr ; Los Angeles Cal ; AB 

Donahue, Alphonsus Joseph e 2607 
Sedgwick Av 

Donahue, Arthur Francis, e 142 Rogers 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Donahue, Gertrude Kathryn e 575 West 
End Av; 210 W Grand St Elizabeth 
N J c|o Mr H P Wingert 

Donahue, May e 22 Garrison St Pater- 
son N J 

Donahue, William Lawrence mec 12 W 

Donai, Willard Bartholomew gr 522 5th 
Av Room 706 c/o National Explora- 
tion Co ; 845 29 St Des Moines Iowa 

Donald, Douglas Davenport c Peekskill 
Military Acad Peekskill N Y 

Donald, James Thomson / Livingston 
Hall ; 2426 Eighth St Baker Ore ; AB 

Donaldson, Bessie M pa 416 72 Bklyn 
N Y; AB Hunter 

Donaldson, Cortlandt e Grantwood N J 
ME Cornell 

Donaldson, Dorothy Mills pa Whittier 
Hall; 718 Elmira St Williamsport Pa 

Donathen, Erma pa 106 Morningside 
Dr; 5120 So Park Av Chicago 111; 
Donigan, Jennie Elizabeth e 195 Stein- 
way Av L I City 
Doniger, Elliot / Wyckoff PI Woodmere 

L I; AB Harvard 
Donnell, Richard Robinson e 317 W 

107 ; AB Columbia 
Donnellan, Sylvia Pauline b 556 Sum- 
mer Av Newark N J 



Donnelly, Ella Marie ed Pelham N Y; 

Schuyler Lake N Y 
Donnelly, John Vincent c 25 Westfield 

Av Bridgeport Conn 
Donohue, Harold Ambrose e 1541 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Donohue, John Joseph e 435 W 30 
Donohue, John Victor e 245 George St 

New Brunswick N J 
Donovan, Annie gr Furnald Hall ; 

Huntsville Tex ; BS Hiwassee Col- 
lege, BL George Peabody College 
Donovan, Helen Elizabeth, ed 20 Jones 

St; 1201 Garden St Bellingham 

Wash; AB Smith 
Donovan, Helena Frances e 225 W 14 
Donovan, Mary Ethel b John Jay Hall ; 

63 Spring St Kingston N Y 
Doolittle, Arthur King mec 536 W 112; 

BS Columbia 
Doran, Cecelia Agnes e 1072 Park 

Av; 379 Third St Troy N Y; LLB 

Albany Law School 
Doran, Gordon G e 104 Horton St Elm- 
hurst L I 
Doran, Michael Joseph £ 104 Horton St 

Elmhurst L I 
Dorbacker, Oscar Jr e 259 Bowers St 

Jersey City N J 
Dore, Claude e 49 Wall St ; LLB, LLM 

N Y Law School 
Dore, Dorothy e 609 W 181 ; Salmon 

Doremus, Dorothy Caryl ed 435 W 119 ; 

AB Wellesley 
Dorf, Philip c Hunter Greene Co N Y 
Dorfman, Moe William e 509 W no 
Dorgan, Joseph Vincent e 483 Sanford 

Av Flushing L I 
Dorman, Myron J e 433 Kosiusko St 

Bklyn N Y 
Dornbusch, Charles Henry e 1239 

Theriot Av 
Dornon, Robert Samuel / 518 W in; 

5420 Ingersoll Av Des Moines la ; 

AB Drake 
Dorr, James Bryan gr 534 W 114; AB 

Dorsey, Jane Olive pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; 1415 N Eighth St Quincy 111 

Dorus, Harold James, e 36 Lindale St 
Stamford Conn 

Doster, Mary Catharine pa 2332 Uni- 
versity Av 

Dottenheim, May Dorothy e 20 Morn- 
ingside Av 

Doty, Chester Arthur m 117 Tyler Av 
Detroit Mich 

Doubleday, Angelica Cushman e 96 
Grove St 

Dougherty, Abby cd 161 E Elm St 
Greenwich Conn; 312 Center St Old 
Town Me 

Dougherty, Irene Letitia e 1085 Union 

Dougherty, Katharine Mary m Rocke- 
feller Inst; Lansdowne Pa; BS U of 

Dougherty, Marie Katharine cd Whit- 
tier Hall; Beaver Pa; AB Trinity 

Dougherty, Rose Agnita ed 74 W 5 
Bayonne N J 

Doughty, William Bertram e 26 Morn- 
ingside Av 

Dougine, Genevieve Navarre e 2261 
Loring PI; BS New York 

Douglas, Alexander Talley / 1930 Col- 
umbia Rd Washington D C 

Douglas, Chrystie Ludlow c 627 W 115 ; 
2 Summerhill Av Montreal Can 

Douglas, Helen pa 17 Park Av Mt 
Vernon N Y 

Douglas, Margaretha Theresa e 118 R 

Douglas, Marion e 514 W 114 c/o Mrs 
Lingg ; 404 Lawrence Av Westfield 
N J 

Douglass, Anna Woodhull ed 11 Conk- 
lin PI Hackensack N J 

Douglass, Bennett Cooper ed 509 W 
121; Hyde Park Vt ; PhB Vermont, 
MA Columbia 

Douglass, Henry Beaman e 145 W 58; 
MD Columbia 

Douglass, Minnie M (Mrs) e 145 W 58 

Doust, Eona Kathleen e 35 Bayview Av 
Jersey City N J 

Dow, Horace George c 25 Grand St 
Maspeth L I 

Dowd Helen C b 564 W 182 



Dowdy, Wesley Duvall e c/o Railway 
Steel Spring Co 40 Church 

Down, Emma Naomi ed 133 W Fourth 
St; Pine Grove Av Kingston N Y; 
AB Goucher College 

Downes, Evelyn Alberta e Furnald 
Hall; 191 Summer St Stamford Conn 

Downey, John Henry e Katonah N Y 

Downey, John Joseph Jr e 62 Jackson 
St Paterson N J 

Downing, Arthur e 90 Morningside Dr ; 
AB Mt St Marys 

Downing, Dorrice ed 323 Huguenot St 
New Rochelle N Y ; Andover Mass 

Downing, Ida R e 90 Morningside Dr 

Downing, Russell Vincent e 164 Pali- 
sade Av Yonkers N Y 

Downs, Ida May pa 410 W 115; Ken- 
ton, Del 

Downs, Mrs Murray e 126 Claremont 

Downs, Russell Ernest c 615 Livingston 
Hall; Forestville Box 256 Conn 

Downs, Walter William c 

Doyle, Betty e 632 E 18 Bklyn N Y 

Doyle, Harriett Vivian C e 137 W 90 

Doyle, Mary Hilarion b 2734 8th Av 

Doyle, Walter Sebastian e 39 Academy 
St Long Island City N Y 

Dozier, Grace e 49 E 90 ; Franklin 

Dozier, Margaret Lane pa Whittier 
Hall ; 776 Murphy Av Atlanta Ga 

Drabble, Arthur e 1469 Fourth St 
Bklyn N Y 

Drachman, Julian Moses gr 128 W 121 ; 
BS C C N Y, AM Columbia 

Drachman, Mathilde Madeline b 128 W 

Drachsler, Leo Morris gr -476 Lexing- 
ton Av; AB C C N Y 

Drachsler, Leo Morris Gr 1476 Lexing- 
ton Av ; AB C C N Y 

Drake, Dorothy O e 17 Pennington St 
Newark N J; 13 Betts PI East Nor- 
walk Conn 

Drake, Harold Wilbur e 70 Bayard St 
New Brunswick N J ; 52 Lincoln Av 
New Brunswick N J 

Drake, Harriet Tuttle pa Seth Low 

Hall ; c/o J D Molson Esq Montreal 

Drake, Nell Davis ed 519 W 121 ; Port 

Gibson, Miss ; AB Randolph-Macon 
Drakeford, James Miller e no W 34; 

6636 Clayton Av St Louis Mo 
Dranitzke, Jacob Benjamin m c/o Mr 

H Godoff 344 Bradford St Bklyn N 

Y; 2 Thorne St Patchogue N Y 
Draper, Alice Whitney pa Bancroft 

Hall; S99a Halsey St Bklyn N Y 
Draser, Mary Georgianna pa Lowell 

Hall; Mascoutah 111 
Drayton, Grace Traphagen e Johnson 

Av Englewood N J 
Drebert, Ruth b 620 W 122; Boomer 

W Va 
Dreesbach, Philip Pratt c 630 River- 
side Dr 
Dreshfield, Arthur Charles c 532 W 

114; 71 Remington PI New Rochelle 

N Y 
Dresser, James Sherwood e 540 W 113 
Dressner, Robert Henry gr 2074 Vyse 

Av; AB C C N Y 
Dreux, Paul Seymour £ 135 Hamilton 

Drew, Agatha Dorothy pa 602 E 84 
Drewry, Martha Francis ; Furnald 

Hall ; 22 Fillmore St Petersburg Va ; 

AB Randolph 
Dreyer, John William e 94 Elliott Mas- 

Dreyer, Leslie Hayes c 61 Central Av 

Naugatuck Conn 
Dreyer, Milton c 155 8th Av 
Dreyer, Samuel gr 155 8th Av ; AB Co- 
lumbia ; LLB Fordham 
Dreyfus, Andre c c/o Andre Weill & 

Co 149 Broadway 
Dreyfus, Berenice gr Furnald Hall ; 

New Iberia La ; AB Tulane 
Dreyfus, Constance Arline e 241 W 101 
Dreyfus, Jeanne e 520 W 124 
Dreyfus, Leah pa 251 W 98 
Dreyfuss, Adeline Mildred e 63 Girard 

PI Newark N J 
Driehaus, Irwin William gr 1064 

Woodycrest Av ; BS Cincinnati ; AM 



J 15 

Driscoll, Loretta Stack e 21 Livingston 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Druliner, May G e 343 72 Bklyn 
Drummond, Lorraine pa 227 Amity St 

Flushing N Y 
Druss, Joseph m 282 Jerome St Bklyn ; 

BS Columbia 
Dryden, Kenneth H / 141 W Fourth St; 

Kenneth Neb; AB Nebraska Wes- 

Dubber, Erna Augusta e 408 W 115 
Dubber, Margaret Dorothy e 408 W 

Duble, Anne Blanche e 1 Madison Av; 

3 High St White Plains N Y 
Dubnau, Isadore James e 446 E 72 ; 

AB Columbia 
DuBoff, George J bu 11 25 Park Av 
Dubois, Addie Majella ed 133 W 

Fourth St; 606 Pine St Eldorado 111 ; 

AB Illinois 
DuBois, Elsie ed 63 N Main St Free- 
port N Y; Wurtz Av New Paltz 

N Y 
DuBois, John Coert c 627 W 115; 79 

Meade Av Passaic N J 
Du Bois, Wilbur Chapman e 121 Wa- 

verly PI; 6r Birchwood Av Spring- 
field Mass; AB U of P 
Dubov, Saul e 552 W 174 
Duchesne, Irene Mary e 64 Fairview 

Av Plainfield N J ; AB Mt St Mary's 

Dudley, Charles Philip Jr bu 558 W 

113; 25 Green Av Madison N J 
Dudley, Dorothy Wood e 866 West End 

Av; 145 Alta Av Yonkers N Y 
Dudley, Edith e 39 E 10; AB Welles- 
Dudley, George Edward Jr e 27 W 74 
Dudley, Roy mcc 200 W no; 29 High 

St Penacook N H 
Duerr, George J c St Charles 111 
Duffield, Elizabeth Morrison e So 

Orange N J 
Duffy, James Vincent e 448 E 145 
Duffy, Julia Frances e 2287 Loring PI 
Duffy, Katharine gr 15 18 Woodhaven 

Av; BS New York 

Du Fresne, Adele Salome pa 461 Fort 
Washington Av ; Cliffwood St Lenox 

Dugan, Rodman Carr bu Hartley Hall ; 
270 George St New Brunswick N J ; 
B S Columbia 

Dugan, Rosamond pa Whittier Hall ; 
"Ingleside" Norristown Pa 

Duggan, Walter Francis c 923 Livings- 
ton Hall ; Monson Mass 

Dujat, Alvin Gabriel c Fifth St Bay- 
side N Y 

Duke, Dorothy ed 519 W 121 ; 3 St 
Anthony Seminary PI Walnut Hills 
Cincinnati O ; BS Cincinnati 

Duke, Emily Anderson e 1135 Madison 

Duke, Jeanne C e 957 Simpson 

Duke, Margharita Davis pa 510 W 123; 
Hamlet, N C 

Duke, Sayde e 957 Simpson St 

Dulin, Everett Vincient c 1 Mt Morris 
Park West; 460 South Grant St 
Springfield Mo 

Dulin, Hugo Bruce e 250 W 82 ; 337 
Park St Morgantown W Va ; BS 
West Virginia 

Dulea, Mary Margaret e 12 Fourth St 
Weehawken N J ; 77 Elm Potsdam 
N Y 

Dumas, Blanche Ora ed 284 Chestnut 
St Nutley N J; Evans Mills N Y 

Dumas, Pebble Bean pa 525 W 113; 
1908 Mitchell St Waco Tex 

Dumitrescu, Basile e 261 W 31 

Dumper, Henry Alfred Jr c Amityville 
N Y 

Dumschat, Albert Henry c Hartley 
Hall; 381 Bunnell St Bridgeport 

Dunand, John Louis e 785 Lexington 

Dunbacher, Roberta Lincoln b 628 W 

Dunbar, Alma pa Valley Cottage N Y 

Dunbar, Duncan e 610 W 114 

Dunbar, Palmer Hall mec 76 St Nich- 
olas PI; 16 Cumberland St Spring- 
field Mass 

Dunbrack, Winifred Janet b 172 Arling- 
ton Av Jersey City N J 



Duncan, Bertha Chandler ed 162 Greg- 
ory Av Passaic N J ; Hancock N H ; 

AB Middlebury 
Duncan, Elsie Adaline pa 36 Garden 

PI Bklyn 
Duncan, Florence Anna ed 137 Park 

Av Leonia N J 
Duncan, Garmaine Austen £253 W 95 
Duncan, Jim (Miss) pa Whittier Hall; 

Chatham Va 
Duncan, Marie Louise e 120 W 101 
Dunham, Frances Aileen ed 434 W 120; 

1901 Harwood St Lincoln Neb; AB 

Dunham, Samuel Ellis ed 525 W 120; 

1507 Broad Hartford Conn; AB Yale 
Dunk, Leonard Selig e 249 W 107 
Dunn, Arthur Charles I 667 E 18 Pat- 

erson N J ; AB Princeton 
Dunn, Eleanor M ed Furnald Hall ; 

Milson Wis; BS Columbia 
Dunn, Fred Squier dent 92 Meade Av 

Passaic N J 
Dunn, Helen Prentiss e 107 Forster Av 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Dunn, Lillian May e 384 E 193 Ford- 
ham N Y; 635 Elm St New Haven 

Dunn, Mrs Mary Elizabeth e 421 W 

Dunn, May Gertrude e 43 Prince St 

Paterson N J 
Dunn, Robert Hayes gr 600 W 122; 

3427 N 18 Philadelphia Pa; LittB 

Dunne, Robert Cartwright c 625 W 

113; 186 8th Av Bklyn 
Dunne, Thomas e 88 Wadsworth Av 
Dunning, Charlotte Louise pa Whittier 

Hall; 529 Woodland Av Duluth Minn 
Dunphy, Dorothy Helen e 429 Convent 

Dupin, Eugene Angot gr 565 W 144; 

MD Columbia 
Duplak, Mary P e 203 Third St Pas- 
saic N J 
Dupont, Mignon Phylys e 320 W 113 
Dupree, Jennie « 152 W 84 
DuPuy, Caroline Lane e Furnald Hall; 

2019 Q St Washington D C 

DuPuy, Florine Madison pa 1 Old 
Wood Rd Edgewater N J ; R F D 5 
Lynchburg Va 

Durand, Florence Law e 22 Orange Av 
Irvington N J ; Mt Holly N J 

Durand, Margaret Balch e 371 Eastern 
Pkwy Bklyn 

Durgin, Marion Thayer b 2340 Uni- 
versity Av; Franklin N H 

Durkee, Caroline Josephine ed State 
Dept Health Albany N Y; 103 So 
Swan St Albany N Y 

Durkin, Douglas Leader gr 106 W 80; 
University of Manitoba Winnipeg 
Canada ; AB Manitoba 

Durkin, William Joseph ed 94 W 162; 
BS Columbia 

Durland, Edwin Chamberlain c Hart- 
ley Hall; Goshen N Y 

Durland, Rose Teresa b 126 River- 
side Dr 

D'Ursel, Louise pa 413 W 145 ; 25 
Medu Lupinbourg Brussels Belgium 

Duryea, Madeline S ed 42 Northern 
Av; Farmingdale N Y; BS Columbia 

Duryea, Oscar e 47 West 72 

Dusenberry, Ila Smoot ed 617 W 113 

Dusenbury, Joseph Francis e 449 W 

Dutton, Alice Beatrice pa 509 W 121 ; 
Corunna Thornton-le-Fylde Lanca- 
shire England 

Dwyer, Helen Frances e 815 Asylum 
Av Hartford Conn 

Duthie, Helen e 21 Trinity PI West 

Dutrieville, Dwight Porter e 218 W 
13; 155 Scranton New haven Conn 

Dvorak, Frances e 309 E 74 

Dwight, Helen Mary / Furnald Hall ; 
166 Elm St Holyoke Mass; AB Wel- 
le sley 

Dworkin, Anna Selina pa 811 Ritter PI 

Dwyer, Dorothy Anna b 456 W 153 

Dwyer, Wiliam Michael e 311 E 188; 
AB Fordham 

Dwyer, Winifred £ 524 Ave E Bayonne 
N J 

Dye, George Hilts c Hartley Hall ; 27 
North St Gloversville N Y 

Dyer, Benjamin F e 237 W 53 



Dyer, Millia Marguerite e 929 West 
End Av; 84 15th Av Columbus O 

Dyke, Myrtle Parke e 420 W 119; 920 
N 12 St Fort Smith Ark 

Dyme, Lillian e 1366 St Nicholas Av 

Dyson, Caroline Adams ed 354 W 122; 
4028 Ridge Av Philadelphia Pa 

Dyson, Sturman Frederick c 608 W 
113; 92 Harrison St New Britain 

Dziadus, John Albert e c/o Royal 
Typewriter Co 364 Broadway; 259 
Jefferson St Hartford Conn 

Dziagek, John Michael c 152 Livings- 
ton St Elizabeth N J 

Eagan, Mrs Gertrude R ed Scarsdale 
N Y 

Eagan, Thomas Evan c 176 S Arling- 
ton Av East Orange N J 

Eagle, Isaac Leon bu 322 W 108; 521 
Fourth Av Laurel Miss 

Eagleson, Thomas Alexander e 614 W 
x 35; BS, CE Cooper Union 

Earl Helen Taylor pa Whittier Hall; 
26 New St Catskill N Y 

Earle, Edward Mead gr 311 W 24 ; BS, 
MA Columbia 

Earle, Harry George c 329 W 112; 
Texarkana Tex 

Earle, Mrs Mary Goodyear pa 170 W 

Earley, Albert ed, pa Leonia N J ; BS 

Easterling, Alice ed 106 Morningside 
Dr; 1223 Euclid St N W Washington 
D C ; BS Columbia 

Eastwick 3rd, Edward Pell e Green- 
wich Conn 

Eaton, Elizabeth Mary pa 430 W 118; 
218 Melrose St Auburndale Mass; 
AB Brown 

Eaton, Harrison Goodan e Hotel Savoy 
59th and Fifth Av; 2419 Flower St 
Los Angeles Cal 

Eaton, Harvey Doane Jr / 30 W 44; 
74 Main St Watervile Me ; AB Colby 

Eaton, Marion e 414 W 118; 20 Grey- 
lock Av Taunton Mass; BS Simmons 

Eaton, Reba Elizabeth gr 43 High Pas- 
saic N J ; AB Mount Holyoke 

Eayrs, Helen F pa 530 W 122; 707 

Eighth Av, S E Minneapolis Minn 
Ebenstein, Morris c 1789 Fulton Av 
Ebbert, Lida Mildred ed 430 Jersey Av 
Elizabeth N J; 1080 Cornell St Bar- 
berton O; PhB Dickinson 
Eberhart, Walter Mark c 2791 Briggs 

Eberling, Ernest Jacob gr 182 Clare- 

mont Av ; 812 Turtle St Syracuse 

N Y; AB, AM Syracuse 
Eberly, Lawrence Edward gr 1 E 128; 

963 E Eighth South St Salt Lake 

City Utah ; AB Utah 
Ebin, Sylvia e New York Av Valley 

Stream N Y 
Ebbinghousen, Jennie e 41 Clarkson Av 

Ebstein, Lawrence c 1410 Crotona Av 
Eccles, George Stoddard bu 303 W 90; 

250 W Center St Logan Utah 
Eccles, Willet Lawrence c 608 W 113 
Echavarria, Alicia Villegas £-251 W 95 ; 

Medellin Colombia S A 
Echavarria, Carlos Jose c 215 W 91 
Echavarria, Isabel Prestrepo e 251 W 

95 ; Medellin Colombia S A 
Echikson, Joseph I m 142 Orchard St 

Newark N J 
Echterbecker, Charles Frederick gr 

Schermerhorn Hall Department of 

Psychology; 708 Willow Av Hobok- 

en N J; AB Dartmouth 
Eckel, Charles Eller e 62 W 93 
Eckert, Marion Louise b Vinall Court, 

Tarrytown N Y 
Eckhardt, Alice Gray e 132 W 82 
Eckhardt, Elizabeth Marie ed Whittier 

Hall; Folsom N J; BS Columbia 
Eckhardt, Henry Alvin e 6 E 39; 318 

Morewood Av Pittsburgh Pa 
Eckman, Grace ed 10 Greenway Ter- 
race Forest Hills N Y 
Ecler, Jay Knight mec 234 W 75 ; U S 

Ecob, Katharine Gilbert ed 279 Lex- 
ington Av; 100 Sanford Av Flush- 
ing; AB Bryn Mawr 
Eddy, Anna Marion e 13 Chapel St 

Orange N J 
Edelheit, Samuel ed 25 Montgomery St 



Edell, Harry e 588 Broadway; 156 W 

Edelman, Beril c 4 W 109 
Edelman, Sadie e 40 First Av 
Edelson, Rose Celestine e 1222 Boston 

Edelsten, Norma E e 537 W 121 ; 21 

West Market St Iowa City la; AB 

Iowa State 
Edens, John Edward / 353 W 117; Dal- 

zell S C; LLB South Carolina 
Eder, Walter Charles c 546 W 114; 

251 W 95th 
Edge, Mildred Ruanna e 503 W 122; 

c/o J E Young Broad St Conneaut O 
Edge, Sigrid Adeline b 57 Clinton Rd 

Glen Ridge N J 
Edgeworth, Harriet Isabel gr Furnald 

Hall; 213 No Chicago Av Kankakee 

111; PhB, SM Chicago 
Edie, Margaret gr 287 Palisade At 

Yonkers N Y ; AB Mount Holyoke 
Edland, Victoria Anna e 74 Evergreen 

Av Bloomfield N J 
Edmonds, Mary Deborah ed 239 Mur- 
ray St Elizabeth N J 
Edmondson, Carrie Bella ed 509 W 

121 ; 5006 Balmoral Av Chicago 111 
Edmonson, John Taggart e 247 W 66; 

242 No Hamilton St Watertown N Y 
Edmunds, Benjamin Prescott e 30 W 

44 ; Woodstock Apartments Lynch- 
burg Va ; LLB Virginia 
Edson, Elizabeth e Furnald Hall ; Kent 

Edson, Newell Walter ed 318 W 57; 

203 Seventh Av Bklyn ; AB Harvard 
Edwards, Alma Taylor gr Furnald Hall ; 

Carthage N C; AB Guilford 
Edwards, Blanche Elizabeth b John Jay 

Hall Sayville N Y 
Edwards, Charles Allmand ed 420 W 

121; Bowling Green Va ; AB Ran- 
Edwards, Ethel S pa 458 W 141 
Edwards, Gladys Eloise b Brooks Hall ; 

East Main St East Aurora N Y 
Edwards, Daniel Richmond e 320 W 

108; the Homestead Washington 


Edwards, Melville Rodermond * 9* 

Riverside Dr 
Edwards, Myrtle Harriett e 322 Greg- 
ory Av Passaic N J ; 679 Main St 
Westbrook Me 

Edwards, Ruth Mae e 612 W 115 Grand 
Island Neb 

Edwards, William Fenimore e 4617 
Avenue L Bklyn 

Edwin, Emma Louise e 2616 Briggs Av 

Eddy, Margaret Doubleday e 88 W 36 
Bayonne N J 

Efron, Alexander mec 53 E 97 

Egan, Barbara Elizabeth pa Whittier 
Hall ; RFD Valatie N Y 

Egan, Edwin Milton e 50 Court St 
New Britain Conn 

Egbert, Elsie M bu Furnald Hall ; 300 
Franklin Elmira N Y 

Egerer, George William e Y M C A 
23 and Seventh Av ; 2255 California 
St Denver Colo 

Egerton John Ruggles e 272 W 77 ; 
Thomaston Me 

Eggers, Elsie Charlotte e 326 W 87 

Eggers, Harry c 415 E 237 

Eggert, Elda Marie M ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Dixon Solano Co Cal ; BL 

Ehre, Max c 47 Second St Passaic N J 

Ehrenberg, Emma ed 435 W 47th ; AB 

Ehrenrich, Abraham Allen e 1600 
Union St Bklyn 

Ehrich, Ruth J b 1 W 72 

Ehrich, Ruth Adele b 393 West End Av 

Ehrlich, Benjamin I c 216 Stagg Bklyn 

Ehrlich, Benj Matthew e Hartley Hall ; 
Swainsboro Ga 

Ehrlich, Samuel c 240 E 119 

Ehrman, William Dupong e 78 W 103 

Eichberg, Myra May ; 1233 Govern- 
ment St Mobile Ala 

Eichenbaum, Rose Laura pa 1560 Am- 
sterdam Av 

Eichler, Emma Pores gr 133 W 70 

Eicks, Adelaide Margaret e 50 Jane St 

Eig, Hannah e 122 E 103 

Eikelman, Nell ed Whittier Hall; 345 
Sixth St San Bernardino Cal; AB 
Sweet Briar 



Eilers, K Fritz c 31 E 72; Sea Cliff 

N Y 
Eilert, Gladys W e 28 W 23 c/o Grant ; 

Red Bank N J 
Einert, Amy Christine b 601 W 91 
Einhorn, Erwin Willard e 966 E 156 
Einstein, Irene e 51 W 88 
Einstein, Julia e 51 W 88 
Einstein, Nathaniel Silver bu 230 W 

Eisemann, Florence e 166 W 87 
Eisemann, Leo e 166 W 87 
Eisemann, Minerva Susanna pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 1543 Ligonier St Latrobe 

Eisenberg, Bessie e 2292 Gravesend Av 

Eisenberg, Charles gr 19 W 38; 1525 

50 Bklyn N Y 
Eisenberg, Jeanne e c/o Hebrew Or- 
phan Asylum 1560 Amsterdam Av ; 

2292 Gravesend Av Gravesend 
Eisenberg, Juliet Bergman ed 420 W 

116; c/o D Bergman Co, Livingston 

and Indiana Av, St Paul Minn 
Eisenberg, Stanley e 38 Park Row ; 219 

Division Av Bklyn 
Eisenman, Anna Josephine b De Witt 

Clinton Hall ; 468 Brewster St 

Bridgeport, Conn 
Eiser, Anthony Conrad e 310 W 114 
Eisner, Morris e 203 W 112 
Eisner, Mortimer / 585 High St Newark 

N J; AB Amherst 
Eising, Dorothy Frances e 1 W 70 
Ek, Wilma Augusta pa Whittier Hall; 

517 Chestnut St Wilmington Del 
Eklund, Helen Marie e 216 E 35th 
Elam, Gladys May pa 430 W 118 
Elbert, Mrs Mabel Esmont e 54 Morn- 

ingside Dr 
Elder, Frederick Redvers e 37 W 

138; 44 D'Urban St, Georgetown, 

British Guiana 
Elder, Valerie Irene pa Whittier Hall; 

617 Lakeside Av Coeur d'Alene 

Elfant, Edward W e 11 W 17th; 385 

E Third St 
Elias, Helen, ed 124 E 109; AB Hunter 

Elias, Miguel Grausman m 316 W 93; 
Raleigh N C; BS New York, BS 

Elias, Percy e 423 E 158 

Eliot, Clara gr 441 W 28; 681 Schuy- 
ler St Portland Ore ; AB Reed 

Elithorp, Marie ed, pa Whittier Hall; 
Sherman St Watertown N Y 

Elkus, Ethel J e 956 Madison Av 

Elkind, Eudice gr 1327 Intervale Av ; 
AB Hunter 

Ellars, Otto Raymond / 404 W Mag- 
nolia St Fitzgerald Ga ; AB Georgia 

Ellenberg, Randolph Eric e c/o Lauer 
Mfg Co 42 E 20 ; 140 W 69 

Ellenbogen, Henry D e 125 E 90; AB 
C C N Y 

Ellentuch, Blanche e 129 E 118 

Ellenwood, Laura Celeste pa Whittier 
Hall ; 35 Draper Av Plattsburg N Y 

Eller, Bernard James dent 1629 Parker 

Ellerbe, Josephine Milling gr Darling- 
ton S C ; AB Winthrop 

Elicker, Paul E e 385 Ft Washington 
Av ; AB Ursinus 

Ellighouse, Roy Howitt c Madison N J 

Ellinwood, Ralph Everett ;' 136 W 44; 
Bisbee Ariz ; AB Amherst 

Elliott, Aimee e 527 Lincoln PI Bklyn 

Elliott, Bernice Evelyn ed 407 W 123; 
Crystal Valley Mich; AB Albion 

Elliott, Bonnie e 612 W 115; Clinton 
N Y 

Elliott, Dorsey John e Columbia Uni- 
versity ; Walla Wala Wash 

Elliott, Edward Joseph e 71 State St 
Ossining N Y 

Elliott, Harrison Sackett ed 347 Madi- 
son Av 27 Maple Av Madison N J ; 
BA Ohio Wesleyan, BD Drew Theo- 
logical Seminary 

Elliott, Iola Mae e Woodmere L I Box 
66 ; 42 Spring St Stoneham Mass 

Elliott, Isabel Spence e 325 W 78 

Elliott, Jessie Gardner pa Whittier 
Hall; 52 Wall St Gouverneur N Y 

Elliott, John j 22 Pine Morristown N 
J; AB Princeton 

Elliott, Louise Clark e 434 W 120 

Elliott, Myrtle Isabel pa Whittier Hall ; 
318 E Prospect St Marquette Mich 


Elliott, Paul Orr c 165 Seminary Av 

Rahway N J 
Elliott, Philip F e 32 Alexander Ay 

Yonkers N Y 
Ellis, Melvina Keener ed 25 Monroe 

PI Bklyn 
Ellis, Naomi Elizabeth e 410 W 115; 

407 So Third St Wilmington S C 
Ellis, Roland Mann e c/o L K Corn- 
stock & Co 21 E 40; 471 Chestnut 

St Arlington N J 
Ellis, Wanda Nelle pa 26 Walnut Av 

Bogota N J 
Ellison, Aaron M e 537 W 156 
Ellison, George Milton e 925-7 St 

Nicholas Av 
Ellner, Charles Herman c 916 Southern 

Ellsworth, Clara e 251 W 87 
Ellsworth, Rubye e 949 West End 

Ellwood, Ila May ed 541 Lexington 

Av ; Strathway Ont Can 
Elmore, Lillian ed Hotel Majestic 72 

and Central Park ; Elmrest, Swarth- 

more Pa 
Elsaser, Bertha Lena b 2132 Grand Av; 

Boonville N Y 
Elsaser, Esther Kathryn b 2132 Grand 

Av; Boonville N Y 
Elsworth, Eleon e 590 Milton Rd Rye 

N Y ; Port Ewen 
Elwell, George Herbert pa 907 7, S E, 

Minneapolis Minn 
Elwes, Frederick Payne Jr e 216 Engle 

St Englewood N J 
Elwyn, Adolph gr 437 W 59; 24 Park 

PI Floral Park N Y; BS, AM Co- 
Ely, Catherine Beach e 512 W 122; 

PhB, AB Oberlin 
Ely, Grace D pa Whittier Hall ; 6 Ken- 
dall Green Washington D C 
Ely, Mary C pa 52 Sanford St Dover 

N J 
Ely, Paul French e 77 Beach St E 

Orange N J 
Elyades, Helen Jane e 302 W 122 
Emanuel, Belle J e 1842 Seventh Av 

Emanuel, May-Eunice ed 519 W 121; 
309 Westwood Av Long Branch N J ; 
BS Columbia 

Emerick, William Cutter mec 538 W 
114 ; Ardsley N Y 

Emerick, Winston e Aker St Johns- 
town Pa 

Emerson, Gerald Brewster c 538 W 
114; 225 Park Av Orange N J 

Emerson, Harvey M c 537 W 133 (un- 
til June 1 '20) ; North Birmingham 

Emerson, Louise Harrington b 125 Riv- 
erside Dr 

Emerson, Margot Harrington b 125 
Riverside Dr 

Emert, Mollye Lydia e 1579 Madison 

Emery, Ralph Christopher / 1214 Gar- 
den St Hoboken N J ; AB Columbia 

Emmerick, Marian Josephine e 591 
Prospect PI Bklyn 

Emmerson, Frank V c Livingston Hall ; 
419 High St Portsmouth Va 

Emmet, Katharine Temple e Hotel New 
Weston 49 and Madison Av 

Emmons, Frederick E ed 548 West- 
minster Av Elizabeth N J ; AB Cor- 

Emmons, Mary ed 20 Fifth St Wee- 
hawken N J; BS Columbia 

Encke, Alfons Francis e Fort Lee Rd 
Bogota N J 

Endore, Sam Guy c 565 W 144 

Endres, Joseph J ed 157 E 8 St Oswego 
N Y 

Engel, Edna Wilhelmina e 406 Tea- 
neck Rd Ridgefield Park N J 

Engel, Ernest e no W 116 

Engel, Eugene e 502 W 149 

Engel, William Samuel e 1365 44 Bklyn 

Engelken, Anna Carolyn e 752 West- 
minster Rd Bklyn; BS Adelphi 

Engelman, George Jerome e 2250 Grand 

Engelman, Sadie Ruth e 55 E 105 

Engelman, Uriah gr 186 Myrtle Av 
Bklyn; AB California 

Engels, Alice Henrietta pa 321 Clifton 
Av Newark N J 



Engemann, William Albert e Hartley 

Englander, Alice Mendelli e 544 W 157 
Englander, Norma b 758 Kelly St 
Englander, Samuel e 204 Sip Av Jer- 
sey City N J 
Engle, Karl David e 1264 Lexington 

English, Julia Rebecca pa Whittier 
Hall; 900 Marshal St Little Rock 
English, Zellner c Hartley Hall ; Frank- 
lin Tenn 
Enklewitz, Morris m 1994 Anthony Av 
Ennis, Hugh John e 574 E 168; BS 

Enright, Clara May pa 547 W 123 
Enright, Richard Edward c 897 St 

Marks Av Bklyn 
Enselman, Beatrice e 500 W 177 
Enslow, Ridley Madison c 620 West 

End Av 
Epperlein, Paul William e 401 E 92 
Epstein, Abraham M f 50 Ridge St 
Epstein, Emanuel Zachary c 470 15 

Epstein, Hugo Irving / 121 St Nicho- 
las Av; AB Columbia 
Epstein, Mortimer Herbert e 942 St 

John Av Bronx 

Epstein, Morris Herman c Livingston 

Hall; 771 Seaview Av Bridgeport 


Epstein, Nathaniel Charles e 73 W 115 

Epstein, Ralph C c Hartley Hall; 

Cooper-Carlton Hotel Chicago 
Epstein, Sadie e 768 Tinton Av 
Epstein, Samuel e 591 Gates Av Bklyn 
Epstein, Samuel Louis e 145 So 9 

Bklyn; BCS New York 
Epstein, Sylvia e 11 05 Forest Av 
Epstein, Thelma F pa Whittier Hall; 

Hunter N Y 
Erdmann, Martha Emma pa 430 W 

118; Verdon Brown Co S Dak 
Erdwurm, Mrs Minerva O e Rye Semi- 
nary Rye N Y 
Erger, Benjamin David e 24 Scott St 

Richmond Hill N Y 
Erhardt, Anna Elizabeth e 11 70 Clay 

Erichs, William Frederick e 413 W 47 
Ericksen, Edwin Bernhard e 54 Hamil- 
ton PI; 660 47 Bklyn N Y 
Erickson, Carol e 202 Riverside Dr; 

414 W Second St Little Rock Ark 
Erickson, Ernest Albert e 19 Lafayette 

Av Ossining N Y 
Erickson, Howard Willing c 1017 Park 

Av Hoboken N J 
Erickson, Rudolf Thure e Marion Av 

Harrison N Y 
Erickson, Susanna gr 519 W 121; Fort 

Dodge la R 2 Box 42 ; AB Ellsworth 
Erley, Elsie Louise gr 11 Gramercy 

Park; 927 East End Blvd Detroit 

Mich; AB Michigan 
Erlich, John Jacob c Chappaqua N Y 
Erneman, John Atkinson bu 200 W 86 
Ernst, William George e 35 Riverside 

Dr ; Suffern N Y 
Erskine, Lula McDonald gr 500 W 112; 

Greenwood Miss; BS Mississippi 

State College for Women 
Erskine, Margaret Esther e 600 W 

127; Parker's Lake Ky ; PhB Woos- 

Erwin, Rachel ed 2414 Creston Av ; AB 

Vassar, BS Columbia 
Esberg, Florence Sutro e Purchase 

N Y 
Eschbach, Martha pa Whittier Hall ; 

115 Benton Av Albia la 
Eshleman, Fannie pa n Hanson PI 

Bklyn ; Denver Pa 
Eshelman, Mabel Emma ed 527 W 121 ; 

1645 Niagara Av Niagara Falls N Y 
Eshleman, Willis S e 306 32 St Wood- 
cliff N J ; AB Franklin and Marshall 
Espy, Emily Baldwin gr 153 Westville 

Av Caldwell N J ; AB Smith 
Espy, Frances gr 153 Westville Av 

Caldwell N J; AB Smith 
Esquivel, Marcos Ramos e 609 W 115; 

Jaen, Nueva Ecija, Philippine Isl- 
ands ; AB University of Philippines 
Esser, Anne Estelle pa 220 Woodworth 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Estarnez, Carlos Eliseo e 351 W 22; 

194 Elm St Stamford Conn 
Esteve, Pedro e 6i\ Gregory Av Wee- 

hawken N J 



Esteve, Sensitiva e 611 Gregory Av 

Weehawken N J 
Estill, Katherine Fishburne b John Jay 

Hall; Huntsville Tex 
Estill, Mary Sexton b John Jay Hall; 

Huntsville Tex 
Etkin, Ida e 3315 Mermaid Av Coney 

Etting Irma b Brooks Hall ; 706 W 

Konig St Grand Island Neb 
Ettinger, Thomas Churchill c 790 Riv- 
erside Dr 
Ettl, Alex John e 180 13th Av ; 115 

Kingsley St Leonia N J 
Euler, William Charles ^1190 Hancock 

St Bklyn N Y 
Euphrat, Gertrude Mathilde pa 347 So 

First Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Eustis, Mary ed 1985 Sedgwick Av; 

AB Wells 
Evander, Alvida e Edwin Av West Fort 

Lee N J 
Evangelista, Feliciano ed 255 W 44; 

S Miguel, Bulacan, Philippine Islands 
Evans, Bernice e 425 W 118; 4906 

Harrisburg Blvd Houston Tex 
Evans, Elida e 27 W 27 
Evans, Francis Emerson e 534 W 114 
Evans, Mrs Geneva Brown b 175 Eighth 

Av Bklyn 
Evans, Helen gr 813 Edgewood Av 

New Haven Conn AB Mt Holyoke, 

MA Radcliffe 
Evans, Irene McNairy e 571 W 139; 

404 Broadway Saratoga N Y 
Evans, Irene Mary e 258 Rugby Rd 

Bklyn; AB Hunter 
Evans, Jane Beach e 112 E 74 
Evans, Marion J e 114 Hicks St Bklyn 
Evans, Norris Hibhard e 135 Broad- 
way; 272 Midland Av Montclair N J 
Evans, Ralph Liggett gr Havemeyer 

Hall; 215 Audubon Av ; BS Chicago 
Evans, Theodore m 346 W 57 ; Stock- 
bridge Mass ; BA Yale 
Evans, Thomas Richards c 512 W 122 
Evans, Uarda ed 537 W 121 ; Cass- 

ville N Y; AB Oberlin 
Evens, Herbert Vernon c 196 Vernon 

Av Bklyn 

Everett, Anne Holton gr c/o L A Wing 

Great Neck N Y; "The Orchards" 

Bennington Vt ; AB Smith 
Everett, Guerra / Hartley Hall; 512 

Camden St San Antonio Tex ; AB 

Everitt, John Willard e 335 Central Av 

Orange N J ; LittB Princeton 
Everley, Mrs Carrie Mathis pa Lowell 

Hall; Vandalia Mo 
Everson, Duane Reginald a 131 W 71; 

AB Columbia 
Ewertz, Roy William e 163 Westfield 

Av Elizabeth N J 
Ewen, Donovan Haydon c c/o Marshall 

Haydon Newcommons Manassas Va 
Ewing, Florence Nightingale ed 56 W 

48; 2221 Scott St San Francisco 

Cal ; BL California 
Ewing, James Dunlop / 27 Belmont 

Terrace Yonkers ; AB Williams 
Ewing, Virginia e 520 W 114; 106 In- 

man Circle Atlanta Ga 
Eyestone, James Bruce ed 600 W 122; 

Mount Vernon la ; AB Iowa Wes- 

Eyre, Adolph F e c/o Chas F Eyre 39 

Claremont Av 
Ezuhson, Aaron Jacob ;' c/o H Brilliant 

350 W 115th; 2242 N Front St 

Philadelphia Pa 
Faatz, Anita Josephine e 815 So 13 

Newark N J 
Fabbrini, John Charles e Hotel St 

James (45th) ; 432 State St St Paul 

Faber, Alice Gertrude pa Whittier Hall ; 

2916 Urwiler Av Westwood Cincin- 
nati O 
Fackt, Marie Louise e 224 W 34 ; Mas- 

coutah 111 
Fadiman, Clifton Paul c 1563 E 15 

Bklyn N Y 
Fagan, Joseph Gregory bit 231 W 96; 

45 Spencer Av Waterbury Conn 
Faggins, Arnold Augustus e 9 Hull 

St Bklyn N Y 
Fahs, Virginia Gordon Stewart b 

Brooks Hall ; Selden, Gloucester Co, 




Failor, Ellamarye e 314 W 72; Guy 

Tex; AB Rice Inst 
Fain, Benjamin gr 1269 President St 

Bklyn N Y 
Fair, Edrie Valerie e 2469 Seventh Av 
Fair, Mary Eleanor e 101 W 93 ; R F D 

3 Cumberland Md 
Fair, Virginia Elizabeth b John Jay 

Hall ; 6 Copeland Av Geneva N Y 
Fairbairn, Robert Kay gr Union Theo- 
logical Seminary 600 W 122; Hol- 

stein R R 1 Ontario Canada; AB, 

BD Toronto 
Fairbanks, Richard Webb c 34 Vermil- 

yea Av 
Fairchild, Grace Luana e 38 W 37 Bay 

onne N J 
Fairclough, Harriet Turton pa 201 God- 
win Paterson N J 
Fairweather, Fred Hedly e 235 W 108; 

B Arch Cornell 
Falasca, Eleanor Gertrude e 199 W 10 
Falconer, Helen Margaret b 612 W 115 ; 

47 Arlington Av Westmount P Q Can 
Falconi, Ramon Rivero ed Peruvian 

Consulate 42 Broadway ; Rimac 240 

Lima Peru S A 
Falecka, Lorraine E H e 51 Morris PI 

Bloomfield N J 
Fales, Roy George ed 61 Edgar St East 

Orange N J 

N Y; AB, AM Columbia 
Falion, George Marcus gr 78 72 Bklyn 

AB, AM Columbia 
Falk, A Larry c 348 W 118 
Falk, Dorothy L b 601 W 141 
Falk, Irwin e 72 Westchester Square 
Falk, Minna Regina e 619 W 143 
Falk, Samuel e 24 W 113 
Falkenburg, Neil Edgar c 597 Jefferson 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Falkenhaimer, Chester Otto bu 419 W 

115; 628 N Fharington Av Algona la 
Falkinburg, George John e 10 Wall; 

AB Colgate 
Fallows, Annette Richards, ed 152 W 58 
Fancher, Isabel pa Whittier Hall ; 5 

Houston Av Middletown N Y 
Fanger, Benjamin Franklin / 322 W 

108; 102 So 17 Omaha Neb 

Fankhauser, Pearle Leona ed 430 W 

118 ; Parsons W Va 
Fantin, Humbert e 434 Second Av 
Farber, John Clarke / Livingston Hall ; 

5733 Forbes St Pittsburgh Pa; AB, 

AM Wabash 
Fargier, Arthur Baptiste £ 414 Amster- 
dam Av 
Faria, Maria Juanita e 64 So Arlington 

Av East Orange ; Berkeley Cal ; AB 

Faries, Elizabeth ed 420 W 118; 7806 

Cresheim Rd Chestnut Hill Phila- 
delphia Pa ; AB Bryn Mawr 
Farley, Dorothy e 46 So Broadway 

White Plains N Y 
Farley, Joseph John e 4 W 105 
Farley, Philip Faulkner c 431 Riverside 

Farlow, Edwin Arthur c 40 Elk Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Farmer, Mary Virginia e 39 E 10; 39 

High St Monclair N J 
Farmer, Orena ed 106 Morningside Dr ; 

326 Portland Av Belleville 111; AB 

Farnley, George Roland e Faculty Club 
Farnsworth, Edna Alice pa 15 Central 

Av Tompkinsville S I; Oakfield N Y 
Farnsworth, Nellie May ed 400 W 118; 

82 Central Av Hyde Park Mass 
Farquhar, Charlotte Botjer b 216 W 

Passaic Av Rutherford N J 
Farr, Anna L e 557 W 124 
Farr, Danile D / 429 W 117 
Farr, Elizabeth e 520 W 122; 620 N 

Main Av Scranton Pa 
Farr, Jocelyn e 66 E 56 ; 242 So Frank- 
lin St Wilkes-Barre Pa 
Farrar, Sara Agnes gr 425 W 118; 

Bainbridge Ga ; AB Goucher College 
Farrar, Thomas Prince c 913 E Beach 

Biloxi, Miss 
Farrell, Arthur Francis e 2255 7th Av 

Troy N Y 
Farrell, Grace E e 542 W 112; AB, AM 

Farrell, James F e 7 Park St Yonkers 

N Y 
Farrell, Stanley William gr 161 W 106; 




Farrell, Thomas J Jr e 542 W 112 
Farrell, Ursula P e 922 Leggett Av 
Farrell, Walter Scott c 619 W 113; 542 

W 112 
Farrell, William Joseph c 415 Riverside 

Dr; 63 E Sixth St Oswego N Y 
Farrelly, Bernard Francis e 100 E 81 

c/o Mrs Wood ; Noroton Conn 
Farrington, Agnes Elizabeth ed Seth 

Low Hall ; Llewellyn PI Elysburg 

Pa; AB Elmira 
Farrior, Stacy Conrad ed 509 W 121 ; 

Rose Hill N C; AB Davidson 
Fascenelli, Fred Anthony e 319 E 152 
Fast, Leo Morris c 24 E 99 
Fass, Harry e 537 W 121 ; 34 Grove St 

Plainfield N J 
Fauci, Peter A e 1656 Bath Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Faulkner, John Edward e 46 Hille PI 

Ridgefield Park N J 
Faulkner, Robert McKinlay c 18 Austin 

St Kew Gardens N Y 
Faulkner, Shelby Strange / Livingston 

Hall ; Eddy Tex ; AB Texas Christian 
Fauteck, Walter e 414 Grove St Bklyn 

N Y 
Faxon, Henry Clifford e 308 W 97 ; 

Huntington N Y 
Fay, Dudley Ward m 57 W 57; AB 

William, PhD Geo Wash 
Fay, Dudley Ward e 57 W 57 ; AB 

Williams, PhD Geo Wash 
Fay, Kenneth Cyril c 1270 Broadway; 

201 Puritan Av Forest Hills L I 
Fay, Mrs Helene ECc Stamford Conn 
Fay, Russell Nichols Brown gr 270 

Grove St Chicopee Falls Mass ; LittB 

Fearhake, Emily R e 666 Lexington Av 
Fearis, Emma Elizabeth e 404 W 115 
Fearn, A Fine e 164 E 72; Ashland 

PI Mobile Ala 
Featherston, Theresa Agnes e 425 Bel- 
mont Av Haledon N J ; Deal Beach 

N J 
Fechter, Albert J c 325 E 154 
Fechtig, Fred Henry c 86 Hardenbrook 

Av Jamaica N Y 
Feeley, Edna T e 416 W 118; 43 Bay 

State Rd Pittsfield Mass 

Fehlman, Mary Osborn ed 215 W 91 
Feick, Gertrude e 925 S 16th Newark 

N J 
Feigin, Clara e 131 8 Findlay Av 
Feil, Hadassah pa 238 W 106 
Fein, Jacob Mitchell mec 407 Hart St 

Bklyn N Y 
Feinberg, Abner William c 65 Van 

Riepen Av Jersey City N J 
Feinberg, Elliott Milton e 269 W 113 
Feinberg, Harry m 194 Snediker Av 

Bklyn N Y ; BS C C N Y 
Feinberg, Nathan e 320 Beekman Av 
Feinblatt, Harry e Hartley Hall 
Feingold, Abraham David c 181 4 Clin- 
ton Av 
Feinstein, Charlotte e 2 E 113 
Feinstein, Isidor Irving / 1625 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Feinstein, Rosalind Evelyn e 70 Lenox 

Feinstein, Rose e 2 E 113 
Feirstein, Samuel / 4278 3d Av 
Feld, Joseph Meyer mec 1412 Washing- 
ton Av 
Feldman, Charles c 61 Clinton St 
Feldman, Edith Claire e 1361 Intervale 

Feldman, Edward F e 2180 Washing- 
ton Av 
Feldman, Herman gr 952 Aldus St; AB 

C C N Y, MA Columbia 
Feldman, Hyman I e 647 E Fifth St; 

BA Yale 
Feldman, Lena ed 525 W 160; no 

Capitol Av Atlanta Ga 
Feldman, Morris ed 1472 Seabury PI; 

Feldman, Philip mec 317 E 17; AB 

Feldman, Robert Hugh m 697 Broadway 

Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Feldman, Rose E c 31 W no 
Feldmann, Isy c c/o Marcus Bros 339 

E I louston St 
Feldmesser, Sara gr 122 S 4th St Bklyn 

N Y; AB Hunter 
Feklstein, Benjamin c 580 W 176th; 

PhG N Y College of Pharmacy 
Fddstcin, Israel c 580 W 176 



Feldstein, Louis Jules gr 184 Eldridge 

St; AB Columbia 
Feldstein, William Benjamin e 604 W 

Feliciano, Ramon T e 230 W 107; S 

Fernando Pamp P I; AB, BS Univ 

of the Philippines, MA Columbia 
Felix, Joseph Robert e 240 S 27 Flush- 
ing N Y 
Felitti, Vincent Justus c 405 E 114 
Feller, Henry / 383 E 51 Bklyn N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Fellows, Earl Harold 144 Lafayette Av 

Bklyn N Y ; BS Syracuse 
Fellows, Elizabeth Howard e 103 Union 

Hall St Jamaica L I 
Felsher, Alyce May ; 278 Merrimack St 

Manchester N H ; AB Hunter 
Felsher, Frances b John Jay Hall ; 278 

Merrimack St Manchester N H 
Felstiner, Louis c 255 W 108 
Felstiner, William / 255 W 108; AB 

Felter, Blanche Waldron b John Jay 

Hall; Ridgefield Park N J 
Felter, Elisabeth Theresa e 246 Meade 

St Glendale L I 
Felts, Lillian Ruth £ 517 Concord Av 
Fendig, Selma Jeanette ed Whittier 

Hall; Brunswick Ga ; BS Columbia 
Fenderich, Mary Ruth gr Furnald Hall ; 

7400 Brighton Rd Ben Avon Pa; AB 

Fendrich, Walter Emanuel e 536 E 168 
Fenerdjian, Aram M c 200 Claremont 

Feng, Hung Yu ed 525 W 124; c/o 

Univ. of Nanking China 
Fenton, Frances e 408 W 130 
Ferber, Hannah ^1318 Halsey St Bklyn 

N Y 
Ferber, Joseph bu 2007 LaFontaine Av 
Ferguson, Emilie Frances b Hotel 

Laurelton ; Bedford St Stamford Conn 
Ferguson, Emma Adele pa Madison Sq 

Hotel ; 357 W Douglass St Reading 

Ferguson, Ferdinand Milton in 1071 Si 

Nicholas Av ; BS Columbia 
Ferguson, Maud pa 15 W 49 ; 3 X 7 W 


Ferguson, William Rae c 612 W 116; 23 

Linden PI New Rochelle N Y 
Ferguson, Marion A e 415 W 118; 

Skaneateles N Y 
Ferguson, W Paul e 25 Brooklyn Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Fermon, Marcelle Laure gr 320 W 86 ; 

AB Vassar, AM Columbia 
Ferrara, James e 50 Semel Av Garfield 

N J 
Ferraud, Amalia e 508 John St West 

Hoboken N J 
Ferracano, Rose Mary e 257 Chestnut 

St Passaic N J 
Ferreira, Edgard Cunha Franco c 531 

W 113; Rua Barao de Petropolis 185 

Rio de Janeiro Brazil S A 
Ferris, Dakin Bennett a Garden City 

L I 
Ferris, Daniel H c 271 Ft Washington 

Ferris, Helen Elizabeth pa 145 Horton 

Av Port Chester N Y 
Ferris, Irving Edward Jr c 529 W 113; 

340 Irving Av Port Chester N Y 
Ferris, Richard e 846 Hewitt PI 
Ferris, Thomas Howard e 199 6th Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Ferris, William Henry c 22 Westbury 

Rd Garden City L I 
Ferriss, Francis c 625 W 113; Maple 

Av Madison N J 
Ferry, Orrin Robinson e 147 Claremont 

Av Montclair N J ; 48 Main St Whit- 

insville Mass ; AB, AM Brown' 
Fetterly, Clarence Aubrey ed 184 Park 

Av Rutherford N J ; AB Hamilton 
Fetterly, Dorothy Evelyn b John Jay 

Hall; 12 Clifton Terrace Weehawken 

Feuer, Samuel Gustave c 380 Hooper 

St Bklyn N Y 
Feuerstack, William Adolf e 142 W 94 
Feuerstein, Abraham m 219 Audubon 

Av; AB C C N Y 
Feuss, Felix Paul e 531 W 135 
Feutinger, Josephine gr 425 W 118 
Fezandie, Eugene Hector mec 165 E 66; 

BS Columbia 
Fezandie, Margaret b 165 E 66 



Ficks, Elmer LeNoir e 7 Green PI 

White Plains N Y 
Fiebig, Anna Frances gr 315 E 57; AB 

Fiebig, Emma gr 315 E 57; AB Hun- 
Fiegenschuh, Gretchen Grace ed 37 

Madison Av ; Mt Pulaski 111 
Field, Ada Martitia gr Furnald Hall ; 
Newnan, Ga ; AM U of Washington, 
AM Columbia 
Field, Edward Herrick Jr c 38 Orchard 

St Pleasantville N Y 
Field, Herbert Higinbothem gr 657 E 

23 Bklyn N Y 
Fields, Abraham e 18 W 100 
Fields, Curtis Philip e 70 Grove St ; 

AB LLB Yale 
Fields, Lizzie J e 2268 7th Av 
Fields, Maryruth Ann pa Whittier Hall ; 
2023 Benton Blvd Kansas City Mo 
Fierman, Sadie e 249 W 112 
Fierstein, Pauline e 107 Van Buren St 

Bklyn N Y 
Figg, Robert McCormick Jr / 540 W 122 
Figueira, Mary Agnes gr 14 Stuyvesant 

Av Bklyn N Y; AB Trinity College 
Filberbaum, Milton c 557 Eighth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Filbey, Harold Clement e 419 W 121 
Filbey, Marjorie Edith e 419 W 121 
Fillman, Henry Ingerton / Livingston 
Hall; 2745 Ocean Pkway Bklyn N Y; 
BS Amherst 
Finch, Lewis Turner e 9 Pinehurst Av 
Finch, Nancy Ellen ed Seth Low Hall; 

537 6th Av Salt Lake City Utah 
Finck, Gertrude Anna e 127 W 122 
Find, John Thomas e 225 E 31; Can- 
ton China 
Findlay, Walter ed 161 W 105 ; BS C C 

N Y 
Findley, Mary Elizabeth ed 133 W 
Fourth St ; 225 N 20 St Salem Ore ; 
AB Willemette Univ 
Fine, Adolph gr 959 Grant Av; BS C C 

N Y 
Fine, Estelle gr 200 W in; AB Co- 
Fine, Joe George e 301 St Nicholas Av 

Fine, Isidor c 446 Newport Av Bklyn 
N Y; PhG Bklyn College of Phar- 
Fineberg, Bernard Jacob m 64 Clare- 
mont Av Jersey City N J ;AB Colum- 
Fineberg, Henry c 484 Claremont Pkway 
Finegan, Laura E e Ramsey N J ; 136 S 
Fitzhugh St Rochester N Y ; AB 
Fineman, Frances Powell b 550 W 158 
Fineman, Harry bu 941 St John Av 


Finerty, Vera Constance e 341 W 85 ; 

323 W 83 c/o Mrs S Carter- Waddell ; 

PhB Chicago 

Finger, Clyde Pinckney ed 430 W 118; 

522 25 Oakland Cal ; BS California 

Finger, Frederick Albin c 121 W 38 

Bayonne N J 
Fink, Dave e 1061 Boston Rd 
Fink, Harold Jardine e 551 W 172 
Fink, Harold c 259 Columbia St Bklyn 

N Y 
Finke, Arnold e 215 Audubon Av 
Finkelbrand, Miriam pa Whittier Hall ; 

298 Marlborough Rd Bklyn N Y 
Finkelhor, Herbert L e 676 Riverside 

D r J 55 I S Jackson St Pittsburgh Pa 
Finkelstein, Dora Marcus e 1800 7th Av 
Finkelstein, Eva pa 365 West Side Av 

Jersey City N J 
Finkelstein, Jack bu 548 W 114th; Fun- 

ston Av Spring Valley N Y 
Finkelstein, Jennie Sarah e 1405 Carroll 

St Bklyn N Y 
Finkelstein, Matthew Irving e 1060 

Kelly St 
Finkelstein, Maurice / 341 Stone Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Finley, Mildred Dinsmore b John Jay 
Hall ; 945 Orange St Los Angeles Cal 
Finn, Edward Joseph e Port Washing 

ton L I 
Finn, Leo Vincent e 311 E 116; 78 

Court St Pittsburgh Pa 
Finnegan, Eugene Joseph / 18 Verplank 
Buffalo N Y; PhB Georgetown, MA 
Canisius College 
Finnegan, John Henry e 460 W 166; 6 
Eastern Av Woburn Mass 



Finnegan, Josephine Elizabeth e 175 W 

Fintel, Harold Clifford e 616 E 234 
Finucan, James Michael e Tomah Wis 
Firkins, Oscar W gr 26 Gramercy Pk ; 

AB, MA Minnesota 
First, Jacob David e 357 Center St 

Meriden Conn 
Fischer, George William gr 271 Randall 
Av Freeport L I ; BS C C N Y 

Fischer, Moses c 310 Shippen St West 
Hoboken N J 

Fischer, S Sydney e 575 W 172 

Fischer, Virginia Joy pa Whittier Hall ; 
403 Walnut St Lexington Ky 

Fischer, William Waugh bu 627 W 115; 
10 N Perry Sq Erie Pa 

Fischer, Charles William e 73 Crescent 
Av Grantwood N J; 15 18 Arctic Av 
Atlantic City N J; BChem Cornell 

Fischler, Marion Elizabeth e 420 W 
121; Wellsboro Pa; AB Bucknell 

Fish, George Winthrop m 30 W 44th ; 
AB California 

Fish, Mildred Horton ed 244 Spring St ; 
226 Holland St Syracuse N Y ; AB 

Fishbaine, Freda e 10 W 93; 1688 Vine- 
wood Av Detroit Mich 

Fishbaugh, Lloyd Benjamin e \] S Cus- 
toms House Room 420 

Fishbein, Florence e 562 W 113 

Fishbein, Lillian Ruth pa 562 W 113 

Fishberg, Arthur Maurice m 170 W 59; 
AB Columbia 

Fishberg, Ella Harriet m 170 Central 
Pk S; 170 W 59; BA Columbia 

Fishel, Kate e 850 Park Av 

Fisher, Ada Cox e 70 E 77 

Fisher, Adela B pa Whittier Hall; 557 
So Franklin St Wilkes-Barre Pa 

Fisher, Edmund Warner gr 463 E 26 
Bklyn N Y ; ChE Brooklyn Poly Inst 

Fisher, Elliott Edson e Morsemere N J 

Fisher, Galen Merriam gr 125 Wallace 
Av Mt Vernon N Y; 347 Madison 
Av ; BLitt Colifornia, MA Harvard 

Fisher, Henry e 66 Fort Washington Av 

Fisher, Henry Earl ed 106 E 86; 536 
Nichols St Clearfield Pa; AB Penn- 
sylvania College 

Fisher, Jewett William e 816 Rugby Rd 
Bklyn N Y, 

Fisher, Mary Josephine H pa Whittier 
Hall; 240 First St S E Washington 
D C 

Fisher, Maude Browning b 67 W 50 

Fisher, Max e 520 W 183 

Fisher, Robert C 2d m 437 W 50 ; Box 
100 Morsemere N J; AB Columbia 

Fisher, Ruth Booth c 136 Stuyvesant PI 
New Brighton N Y; PhB Vermont 

Fisher, Sarah e 1527 Pitkin Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Fisher, Vestal e 550 W 153 

Fishkin, Joseph pa 339 E 88 

Fishman, Aaron c 65 Second St 

Fishman, Tillie e 33 W no 

Fisk, Grace Lewis (Mrs E M) e 530 W 
186; AB Wellesley, AM Columbia 

Fisk, Madeleine Josephine b 171 Lor- 
raine Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Fitch, Ethel W e 123 Clarewill Av Up- 
per Montclair N J 

Fitts, Eleanor e 440 West End Av 

Fitts, Harriet e 440 West End Av 

Fittz, Helen Waldmann c 135 E 52; 137 
Broadway Av New Orleans La 

FitzGerald, Anna Mary e 506 W 134; 
346 Grove St Waterbury Conn 

Fitzgerald, Claudia Meredith e 612 W 
115; Keuka Fla 

FitzGerald, David Edward e 3147 
Broadway ; 20 Townsend Av New- 
burgh N Y 

FitzGerald, Julia Cecelia e 109 W 90; 
334 Sargeant St Holyoke Mass 

Fitzgerald, Nellie ed 501 W 121 ; Win- 
nebago Wis : BS Columbia 

Fitzgerald, Sadie Elisabeth ed Seth Low- 
Hall ; 653 Haddon Av Collingswood 
N J 

FitzGibbon, Thomas O'Gorman c East 
Hall ; 371 W 123 , 

Fitzmaurice, James Edward bu Living- 
ston Hall ; 890 Hope St Providence 
R I 

Fitzpatrick, Daniel Edward c Floral Av 
Murray Hill N J 

Fitzpatrick, Howard James ed Mamaro- 
neck N Y ; BS PdB New York State 
College for Teachers 



Fitzpatrick', Mae S e 161 S n Newark 

N J 
Fitz-Randolph, Mildred d 76 S 10 New- 
ark N J ; AB Columbia 
Fitzsimmons, James Lawrence e 231 E 

Flaacke, Harrielta H e 188 Grafton Av 

Newark N J 
Flack, Walter Robert Gillette c 627 W 

115 ; Palisade N J 
Fladen, Sarah Levin e 100 W 119 
Flading, Stella Matilda e 16 Edgewood 

Lane Palisade N J 
Flagg, Bertha Rachel e 206 W 86 
Flaherty, Arthur e 59 W 65 
Flaherty, Eugene Francis ed 187 Sickles 

Av New Rochelle N Y ; Hamilton N 

Y; AB Colgate 
Flaherty, Richard Henry e 60 Prospect 

St Lodi N J ; 94 Prospect St Green- 
wich Conn 
Flanagan, Arthur James c 1234 Knox 

Av No Minneapolis Minn 
Flanagan, Florence Marion e 304 E 20 ; 

25 First St Malone N Y 
Flanagan, James Garvey Jr bu 550 W 

114; 9 Hubbard St Cortland N Y 
Flapan, Israel e 1622 Bathgate Av 
Flato, Paul Edmund bit, 21 Claremont 

Av ; Kingsville Tex 
Flaum, Henrietta e 229 E 72 
Flaum, Shlomith Frieda ed Whittier 

Hall ; Jerusalem Palestine 
Flaumenhaft, Irving c 456 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Fleck, Christian Henry e 518 5th Av ; 

919 Manor Av Woodhaven N Y 
Fleder, Adel Wolf £ 2415 Creston Av 
Fleet, Peter Osipovich gr 1000 Kelly St ; 

Berdichev Russia; AB Rice Institute 
Fleischik, Delora c 57 W 111 
Fleischman, Sadie R e 224 E 165 
Fleitzer, Joseph Albert ;' c/o Redmond 

370 W 118; 311 Sixth St, Altoona Pa 
Fleming, Alice Louist- e 446 Manhattan 

Fleming, Minnie Mae b Brooks Hall; 

919 E 11 Dallas Tex 
Fleming, Robert David c 110 Morning- 

sidc Dr 

Fleming, Richard c 540 W 113; 230 

Carlton Av Bklyn N Y 
Flenniken, Margaret e 600 Lexington 

Av ; Winnsboro S C; BS Erskine 

Flesh, Minnie E S Mrs e 425 W 160 
Fleshutz, Marguerite Katherine pa Dun- 

ellen N J 
Fletcher, Emanuel c 41 Fairview Av 

Corona N Y 
Fletcher, Margaret b 112 E 22 
Fletcher, Jean e 640 Park Av 
Fletcher, Olivia e 172 Pelhamdale Av 

Pelham N Y 
Fletcher, Walter D / Hartley Hall; 

Hemelton N Y 
Flickinger, Lulu Blanche ed 440 E 26 ; 

Barberton O 
Fliegel, Hyman Jacob / 135 Forsyth; 

Flinn, Bessie Regis e 415 W 120; West 

Roxbury, Mass 
Flinn, Katharine Carey pa Whittier 

Hall; 147 E King St Lancaster Pa 
Flint, Sanford Crowell c 28 Pitman Av 

Ocean Grove N J 
Flitcroft, Beatrice Maltman e 2728 

Florance, Edwin mec Hartley Hall; 161 

Livingston Av New Brunswick N J ; 

BS Rutgers 
Florance, Ella Marie e 299 E 33 Pat- 

erson N J 
Florenza, Anthony e 10 St Nicholas 

Flores, John Leslie ed Rye N Y 
Flory. Harry Russell / 411 W 114; 221 

Beall Av Wooster O; AB Wooster 

Flournoy, Carrie McLain pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 800 Front St Monroe La 
Flower, Harold Raoul gr 175 9th Av ; 

418 Pearl St Ypsilanti Mich; AB 

Michigan, STB West Theo Sem, AM 

Fluegel, Marie Elizabeth c tog W 8--; 

AB Mich State Normal 
Fluegelman, Arthur c 260 Riverside Dr 
Fluhr, Thomas W c 170 11 St Long Is- 
land City N Y 



Flynn, Anita e Dumont N J ; Waterford 
N Y; AB Smith 

Flynn, Catherine Agatha e 338 W 5th 
Av Roselle N J 

Flynn, Oscar Rogers Jr bu 608 W 113; 
673 Springdale Av East Orange N J 

Flynn, Veronica Elizabeth e 635 W 185 

Fobes, Katherine E gr 509 W 122; 
Northfield Minn ; AB Minnesota 

Focht, Mildred gr 419 W 119; Selins 
Grove Pa; AB Bryn Mawr, AM Col- 

Fogelin, Esther e 500 E 118 

Fogle, Arthur Huntington «6n W 177; 
611 E Starr Av Columbus O 

Foland, John Philip Jr m 242 W n 

Foldes, Margaret e no W 116 

Foldes, Margaret Mary e 21 Fort Wash- 
ington Av 

Foley, Alfred Joseph e 68 Gerry Av 
Elmhurst L I 

Foley, Edward Joseph e 319 E 197 

Foley, Helen Cecelia e 338 E 52 ; AB 

Foley, Katherine Elizabeth e 244 Madi- 
son St Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 

Foley, Margaret Mary e 35 W 40 Ba- 
yonne N J 

Foley, Marie Agnes e H C J Academy 
Suffern N Y; 1702 W Dauphin St 
Philadelphia Pa; BE National (Phila- 

Foley, Maurice ; 9 Stanley PI Yonkers 
N Y 

Foley, Samuel John Jr e 50 E 91 ; LLB 

Follansbee, Mary Frances ed 22s 
Townsend St New Brunswick N J ; 40 
Cross St Keene N H 

Follett, Harriet Hopkins gr 71 W 85; 
312 Putnam St Marietta O; AB 

Follmer, Irene C e 281 W n 

Follwell, Florence Mary ed 133 W 
Fourth St ; Pying Yang Korea ; AB 
Ohio Wesleyan 

Fonavoff, Esther Ruth e 501 W 121 ; 
1329 Presstman St Baltimore Md 

Fontaine, Mary Bird ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr : 1401 Lee St Charleston W 
Va; AB Nashville 

Foote, Clyde DeForest e 380 Princeton 
Av Jersey City N J 

Foote, Floy ed 106 Morningside Dr; 
Loveland Colo ; AB Colorado College 

Foote, Frances Hitchcock e 3 E 54 

Foote, Nancy Marion b John Jay Hall ; 
803 Crown St Olean N Y 

Forbes, Anne ed 45 Cherry St Elizabeth 
N J 

Forbes, Annie ed 1080 Carroll St Bklyn 
N Y; AB Kansas 

Forbes, Ethel Irene pa Whittier Hall ; 
94 Pallister Av Detroit Mich 

Forbes, Harriet Romeyn gr no Morn- 
ingside Dr ; AB Wells 

Forbes, Walter Dale e 143 E 39; 2337 
Grant Av Ogden Utah; AB, AM 
Stanford Univ 

Forbes, Elba Mae pa 509 W 121 ; 425 
S Ballinger St Ft Worth Tex 

Forcheimer, Marjorie Basan pa 547 
Riverside Dr 

Forcheimer, Rose Bazan ed 547 River- 
side Dr 

Ford, Aloysius Bernard c 392 E Fourth 
St Bklyn N Y; 316 William St Pitts- 
ton Pa 

Ford, Beatrice Estelle b John Jay Hall; 
112 Adams St Burlington Vt 

Ford, Clifford Wayne e n Broadway 
c/o Tidewater Oil Co; 461 Park PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Ford, Corey Hitchcock c 315 S 4th Av 
Mt Vernon N Y 

Ford, Ernestine e 64 E 101 

Ford, Harry Egerton gr Victoria Col- 
lege, Toronto Can ; AB, AM Toronto 

Forde, Mary E pa 106 Morningside Dr ; 
Emporia Kan ; BS Kansas State Nor- 

Fordeman, David e 167 Linden St Yon- 
kers N Y 

Fordyce, Addison m 391 West End Av 

Forest, Use Greanelle (Mrs) e 981 Mad- 
ison Av 

Forester, Ferdinand Thomas e 46 W 127 

Forgy, Lena Garver ed 27 Williamson 
Av Bloomfield N J; McVeytown Pa 

Forman, Jack Jerome £ 154 Lenox Av 

Forman. Marguerite Edith e 344 Man- 
hattan Av 



Forrest, Catherine Munro pa Seth Low 

Hall ; 725 Franklin Av Columbus O 

Forrest, Clara Virginia e 420 W 121 ; 

Port Haywood Va 
Forstein, Lillian e 575 W 175 
Forster, Frank Thorburn £ 120 Convent 

Av ; BE Union 
Forster, Harvey George gr 423 West 
Side Av Jersey City N J ; Caledonia 
Ont Can ; AB Toronto, STB Union 
Theo Seminary, AM Columbia 
Forsyth, Ralph P c 546 W 114; 406 

Jefferson Av Bklyn N Y 
Forte, Greta Winona pa 99 Claremont 
Av ; 1 1 06 Oakland Av Ann Arbor 
Forthoffer, Frank Henry e 48 Radford 

St Yonkers N Y 
Forti, Francis / 63 Bristow St East 

Saugus Mass 
Fortman, Lillie e 271 Academy St Jer- 
sey City N J 
Fosdick, Dudley Albert c 633 W 115; 

Liberty Ind 
Fosdick, Eugene Owen c 633 W 115; 

Liberty Ind 
Foshee, Alexander McNowin e Bellevue 
Hospital; Red Linel Ala; MD Ala- 
Foskett, Elizabeth e 106 Central Park 

Foss, Clara R ed 46 N 16 East Orange 

N J; PhB Central College 
Foss, Isaac Ora ed 46 N 16 East Orange 

N J ; AB Culver-Stockton College 
Foster, Claire Roberts e 415 W 118; 

AB Smith 
Foster, Frank C cd Union Theol Sem ; 
103 Dewey Av Buffalo NY; BS 
Foster, Marjorie pa Whittier Hall; 86 

Harrison St East Orange N J 
Foster, Martha Duncan e 258 8th Av 

Long Island City N Y 
Foster, Mervin e 260 Scranton Av Lyn- 

brook N Y 
Foster, Orline Dornian e 434 W 120 
Foster, Rudolph James e 219 W 142 
Foster, Ruth Brown pa Whittier Hall; 
39 Otis St Norwich Conn 

Foster, Sarah Shaw e 258 N Sixth St 

Newark N J 
Foster, Stuart Brooks gr 420 W 121 ; 

12 Lester Terrace West Somerville 

Mass ; BS Mass Agric 
Foth, Benjamin Gerhard e 40 Linwood 

Av Bogota N J 
Fouche, Ria pa Whittier Hall; Robert- 
son Cape Province South Africa 
Foulry, Mary M e 87 St Nicholas PI 
Foushee, Charles French c 181 W 135; 

Glendon N C 
Fowler, Edith e Leonia N J 
Fowler, Elliott Stewart c 59 Fletcher Av 

Mt Vernon N Y 
Fowler, Harriet Jane e 105 E 22; 59 

Adams St Mt Vernon N Y 
Fowler, Ruth Elizabeth e 490 Riverside 

Fowler, Thomas Raymond e 390 Wads- 
worth Av 
Fowlkes, John Guy ed 435 W 123; AB, 

Ouachita College 
Fox, Edna J b 11 15 Amsterdam Av c/o 

Mrs Fortier ; Sterling Forest N J 
Fox, Ethel Katherine e 415 W 120; 

Fox, Gertrude e 200 Nagle Av 
Fox, Ezra Gregory Benedict / 361 W 

116 ; AB Columbia 
Fox, Jack Marion e 90 West Broadway ; 

229 37th Av North Seattle Wash 
Fox, James McCutcheon mec 614 W 

113; 542 W 112; AB Columbia 
Fox, John Harrison ed Clifton N J ; 

Carlisle Pa ; AB Dickinson 
Fox, Marguerite Grace pa 418 W 118; 

2 Morris PI Yonkers N Y 
Fox, Mary Frances e Thornwood N Y 
Fox, Maxine Barbara e 581 W 161 
Fox, May Katharine e 246 Jewett Av 

Jersey City N J 
Fox, Milly Reiss e 44 Pinehurst Av 
Fox, Pincus Leo e 53 W 84 
Fox, Richard Hassler c East Hall; 126 

Fisher Av White Plains N Y 
Fox, Walter c Hartley Hall; 507 liver 

green Av Bradley Beach N J 
Foxell, Mary Elizabeth b John Jay 

Hall; 271 Pawling Av Troy N Y 



Foy, John Bernard e 204 E 53 ; LLB 

Foyles, Edward John e American Mu- 
seum of Natural History 
Fraiken, Wanda Irene gr 29 Claremont 
Av ; 2745 17th Av S Minneapolis 
Minn ; AB Minnesota, AM Columbia 
Fraioli, Ettore c 12 N Bond St Mt Ver- 
non N Y 
Frammel, Andri gr Union Theo Semi- 
nary; Geneva Switzerland 
France, Bertha ed 72 Ashburton Av 

Yonkers N Y 
France, Vivian Sophia e 227 W 136; 

200 Effingham St Portsmouth Va 
Francen, Anna Louise e 342 W 30 
Francia, Jose Nieto e Philippine Na- 
tional Bank N Y ; Maxcawayan Bula- 
can Philippines 
Francis, Mary e 7 Seymour St Mont- 

clair N J 
Francisco, Ethelyn Esther ed 9 Russell 

Av Nutley N J; Downsville N Y 
Francisco, Vicente e 233 W 107; AB 

Ticeo de Manila 
Franciscus, Alfred c 1793 Washington 

Franciscus, Howard Edwin / 1793 

Washington Av 
Franck, Ernst Theodore e 402 Morgan 

St Town of Union N J 
Frank, Ethel e 154 W 78 
Frank, Fanny e 22 Mt Morris Pk W 
Frank, Harry m 35 College St Middle- 
town Conn 
Frank, Helen Isabel pa 11 22 Jackson Av 
Frank, Leon e 1326 College Av 
Frank, Margaret Bromley ed 90 Hillyer 

St East Orange N J 
Frank, Mildred Schubert e Y W C A 
Pasaic N J ; 546 Dartmouth St New 
Bedford Mass 
Frank, Nat e 235 Ft Washington Av 
Frank, Mrs Rosilyn Bloch pa 12 15 

Grand Concourse 
Frank, Samuel mec 173 Henry St 
Frank, Sarah Dorothy e 2142 81 Bklyn 

N Y 
Frank, Jerome Augustus e 229 W no 
Franke, Anna Ottilie c 132 W 123 

Franke, Wilhelmine T ed 420 W 119; 

1412 St James St Louisville Ky 
Frankel, Denver b 94 Hamilton PI 
Frankel, Sidney Ludwig e 65 E 122 
Frankel, Jacob Mitchell / Tompkins 
Hall ; 924 Delamond Av Schenectady 
N Y; AB Union 
Frankenfelder, Richard e 600 W 113 
Frankenstein, Helen Louise b 472 West 

End Av 
Frankenstein, Marie Jega gr 270 River- 
side Dr 
Frankenstein, Olga b 472 West End Av 
Frankenthaler, Sylvan Alfred c 3569 

Frankfeld, Helen e 69 E 92 
Franklin, Benjamin Allan / Hartley 
Hall;; 36 Bellevue Av Springfield 
Franklin, George Seagrave / 541 W 

124; Buffalo N Y; AB Yale 
Franklin, Herbert Spencer c Morris- 
town N J 
Franklin. Leonard Anthony e 15 Dan- 

forth Av Jersey City N J 
Franklin, Martha M c 200 W 137 
Franklin Mary Cecile ed 82 Morning- 
side Av 
Franklin, Sidney c 210 W 109 
Frant, Samuel m 437 W 59 ; 205 Spring 

St Newport R I ; AB Columbia 
Frantz, Angus MacDonald m 318 W 57; 

Princeton N J ; AB Princeton 
Frantz, Ida Fern ed 15 Valley PI Edge- 
water N J; New Carlisle O; AB 
Ohio Wesleyan 
Franzel, Rose Marie e 60 W 129 
Franzen, Frank Arthur c 919 Tefferson 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Eraser, Ruth Helen c Hotel Chatham 
Fraser, Dorothy May pa 420 W 119; 5 

Albion St Lawrence Mass 
Fraser, Joseph e 37 W 138th; 16 Prin- 
cess St Georgetown B Guiana 
Fraser, William Lovat e 321 W 118 
Frasier, George Willard ed 523 W 121 ; 
Cheney Wash; BPd, AB Michigan 
State Normal, MA Stanford 
Frater, Frances Isabel ed 8 W 91 ; 

Riddle Ore; AB Oregon 
Frater, Geo Z e 1801 University Av 



Frawley, Walter Louis bu 2183 Broad- 
way c/o Mr Youngs ; 84 Ohio St Ban- 
gor Me 

Frazer, Helen Agnes e 9 Lenox Av 
Ridgewood N J 

Frazer, John Hough c 309 W 97 c/o 
Mrs Esser ; 800 Periander St Port- 
land Ore 

Frazier, Faith Mary gr Furnald Hall ; 
275 Monroe St Tiffin O; AB Heidel- 
berg (Ohio) 

Frazier, Veronica m 344 Lexington Av ; 
Garrison-on-the-Hudson N Y ; AB 
Bryn Mawr 

Freas, Royal Bruce mec 633 W 115; 
Hillcrest Av Leonia N J ; AB Col- 

Freason, Phoebe Janet e 519 West End 

Fred, Walter Barnes Jr e 318 W 57; 
Westwood N J 

Frederick, Bertha May (Mrs) pa 622 
Palisade Av Grantwood N J 

Frederiksen, George Alvin c Livingston 
Hall ; Calle de Tetuan 74 San Juan 
Porto Rico 

Fredlund, Axel Theodore ed 557 W 
124 ; Porter Minn 

Freeborn, David Albert e 215 W 23; 
New Milford N J 

Freed, Ralph Alan c Hartley Hall ; 479 
E 159 

Freedman, Andrew Aaron / Livingston 
Hall; 2201 Whittier Av Baltimore Md 

Freedman, Leo gr 135 W 119; BS Col- 

Freedman, Louis gr 306 W 93 ; 56 Dag- 
gett St New Haven Conn; PhB, MS 

Freedman, Marion e 280 Fort Washing- 
ton Av 

Freedman, Morris Louis e 1888 Crotona 

Freedman, Nathan Collier e 1679 26. Av 

Freedmann, Elsie Gertrude e 58 Seventh 

Freeland, Marietta House ed 7 N JeiTer- 
son St Orange N J 

Freeland, Stella pa 138 E 19; Brazil 

Freeman, Alexander gr c/o Coddington 

408 W 115; 539 DufTerin Av Winni- 
peg Manitoba Can ; AB Manitoba 
Freeman, Beatrice Ruth e 520 W 144 
Freeman, Donald c 214 Riverside Dr 
Freeman, Edward Samuel ed 430 W 

118; Varna 111; BE Illinois State 

Normal, AM Columbia 
Freeman, Grace Margaret ed 181 N Ar- 
lington Av East Orange N J 
Freeman, Helyn Bruce e 340 W 85 ; 

1010 N 30 Birmingham Ala 
Freeman, John Edward e 31 Oak Av 

Dorchester Mass 
Freeman, Morris Flarvey e 622 W 113; 

Pen Argyl Pa 
Freeman, Rowland Godfrey m 146 E 

84; PhB Yale, BS Columbia 
Freeman, Ruth Sophia e 471 Central 

Park West ; 622 Church St Honesdale 

Pa; AB Smith 
Freer, Louise ed Mt Vernon la ; AB 

Cornell College (Iowa), BS Columbia 
Frei, Clara ed Reinbeck la ; AB Cornell 

College (Iowa) 
Freiberg, Isaac Rosensohn e 147 Lenox 

Av; BS C C N Y 
Freiman, Milton Sidney m 1284 Her- 
kimer St Bklyn N Y 
Freireich, Hyman e 883 Longwood Av ; 

BCS New York 
French, Earl Raymond bu 432 W 124; 

McLeansboro 111; BS Okla State 
French, Miss Ellen Hosmer e 469 W 

French, Harold Parker ed Elmont 

School Hempstead N Y; Theresa 

N Y 
French, John Sprout ed 97 Lawrence 

St Bklyn N Y; Monmouth 111; AB 

French, Katherine Cummings e 176 N 

Fifth St Newark N J 
French, Wayne Walter e 68 W 89 ; Or- 

Leans Vt 
Freshman, Earl e 600 W 183; 2423 

Broad Av Altoona Pa 
Fretz, Raymond Morris ed Hartley 

Hall; 1 1 07 Greenwood Av Trenton 

N T J 



Freud, Adolphus L e 236 Euclid Av 

Ridgeleld Park N J 
Freudenheim, Milton Benjamin c 9 

Marshall Rd Yonkers N Y 
Freudenthal, Alexander e 580 E 164 
Freudenthal, Elsbeth Estelle b 24 W 88 
Freund, Camille Elizabeth e Hotel 

Gotham ; AB Radcliffe, AM Minne- 
Freund, Grace Marguerite e 271 W 122 
Freund, Josephine e 2493 Valentine Av 

Ford N Y 
Freund, Sidney Clinton c 827 Lafayette 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Freund, Sanford H E e Hotel Gotham; 

AB, LLB Harvard 
Freund, Theodore e 106 W 47 
Frey, Elizabeth Anna pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; Hammondsport N Y 
Frey, Ernest e 672 Westchester Av 
Frey, Madeline Catherine e 1226 Tinton 

Frey, Martha Brown pa 506 W 113; 

906 S Court St Circleville O 
Frey, Max Walter e 354 Mott Av 
Frey, Rudolph Michael e 25 Beaver St ; 

506 Cary Av W New Brighton S I 

N Y 
Frey, Wilbur James c 633 W 115; 334 

N Second St Lehighton Pa 
Freydberg, Eli c 435 Convent Av 
Freydberg, Ralph M c 435 Convent Av 
Freytag, Charles August cd 9 Samuel 

St West Orange N J ; AB Colgate 
Frias, Maria Luisa e 210 W 85; 

Humacao Porto Rico 
Fribourg, Albert W c 520 Eighth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Frick, Emile John e Queens Blvd 

Woodside LINY 
Frick Estelle e 86 and 1st Av c/o 

Straube; 327 Wood St Johnstown Pa 
Frick, Herbert Welford e 296 Madison 

Av; 57 Dewey St Newark N J 
Fricker, Frank Albert c 904 10th Av 

Long Island City N Y; 592^ Patton 

St New Orleans La 
Fried, Alexander c 2086 Vyse Av 
Fried, David Herman e 207 Hawthorne 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Fried, Harry bu 2086 Vyse Av 

Fried, Henry e 945 Hoe Av ; AB C C 

N Y 
Friedberg, Harold Uriel e 128 W 115 
Friedberg, Milton c 439 E Third St 

Bklyn N Y 
Friedel, Carl Anton e 107 St James PI 

Bklyn N Y; 168 Cook Av Meriden 

Frieden, Alexander gr 21 Claremont 

Av ; 427 Westover St Norfolk Va ; 

BS, MS Virginia, MA Columbia 
Friedenheit, Myron Goldsmith f 50 E 

Friedgen, Elise Wilhelmine £ 114 Morn- 

ingside Dr 
Friedlander, Edward e 246 B 79 Rock- 
away Beach 
Friedman, Abner e 810 Fox St 
Friedman, Abraham ed 350 Chester St 

Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 
Friedman, Arnold Darcy c Hartley 

Hall; 518 W Sixth St Little Rock 

Friedman David Elihu e 113 W m; 

598 Frederick St Milwaukee Wis 
Friedman, Edward bu 34 Boyd St New- 
ark X T 
Friedman. Edward bu 542 W 112 
Friedman, Ethel bu 264 Riverside Dr 
Friedman, Eva pa 1560 Amsterdam Av 
Friedman, Israel e 253 W in; 89 Avon 

St Hartford Conn 
Friedman, Jacob W c Hartley Hall ; 26 

New York Av Bklyn N Y 
Friedman, Joseph Harold c 104 W 118 
Friedman, Joseph N ed 572 Eagle Av ; 

Friedman, Mabel e 11 44 Clay Av 
Friedman, Max e 557 W 124 
Friedman, Monroe gr 24 Mt Morris Pk 

Friedman, Murray c 217 W in 
Friedman, Nathan c Livingston Hall ; 

5223 Raymond Av St Louis Mo 
Friedman, Rachel e 136 W in 
Friedman, Solomon e 601 Linwood St 

Bklyn N Y 
Friedrich, Katherine e 2969 Valentine 

Friedrich, William e 28 E 21 ; 529 E 




Friend, Edward Meyer c 145 S Arling- 
ton Av East Orange N J 
Friend, Jacob Turner c 145 S Arlington 

Av East Orange N J 
Friend, Leon pa 1270 Amsterdam Av ; 

548 Broadway Schenectady N Y 
Fries, Catharine Carrie e 9 W 82 ; AB 

AM Columbia, JD New York 
Fries, Joe e 660 3d Av Bklyn 
Fries, Karl John e Hartley Hall ; South- 

mont, Johnstown Pa 
Fries, Theodore Harry e 2336 Univer- 
sity Av 
Friess, Charlotte Lucie gr 70 Morning- 
side Dr; BS Columbia 
Friess, Dorothy b 972 Woodycrest Av 
Friess, Horace Leland gr 972 Woody- 
crest Av; AB Columbia 
Frink, Orrin Jr c 21 12 Beverly Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Frisch, Irving Alexander m 275 W 140; 

AB Columbia 
Frisch, Ruth Cohen e 140 Claremont Av 
Fritts, Ada Catharine e 269 Park St 
Hackensack N J; 114 Bullman St 
Phillipsburg N J ; AB Cornell 
Fritz, Henry £^4 Poplar Av Pel- 
ham N Y; PdD New York 
Fritz, Paul Carl c 1438 Woodhaven Av 

Woodhaven L I 
Froatz, Frances pa 47 Ridge Dr Yon- 

kers N Y 
Frohmader, Edith Mary pa Madison Sq 

Hotel ; Camp Douglas Wis 
Frohmann, Irving G c 404 Blvd Rocka- 

way Beach N Y 
Fromberg, Rebeccah Paulyne e 4703 
nth Av Bklyn N Y; AB South Caro- 
Frome, Esther pa 17 Birchwood Av East 

Orange N J 
Fromholz, Adolph Stanley mec 929 
Marcy Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Fromholz, Frederick e 504 W 136 
Frommel, Andre Union Theo Semi- 
nary ; Grange-Canal Geneva Swit- 
Fromson, Pearl e 157 E 112 
Fromyer, Celestia A e d 555 Comunipaw 

Av Jersey City N J 
Fropp, Anne e 615 YV 162; 30 E 126 

Frosch, Herman Louis m 165 Orchard 

St; BS Columbia 
Frost, Earle Wesley / 56 W 105; Blue 
Rapids Kan; BS Kansas State Agric 
Frost, Ida Ethel ed 255 Milbank Av 
Greenwich Conn ; 58 Kenduskeag Av 
Bangor Me 
Frost, Joseph Herbert e 243 W 98; 14 
Carroll St Trenton N J; LittB 
Frost, Joseph Nesbitt in 211 Clinton St; 
145 Lyceum St Geneva N Y; BS 
Hob art 
Frost, Mabelle Sophia pa Seth Low 
Hall; 33 Newbury St Worcester Mass 
Frost, Ruth Agnes e 172 W 81 ; 1 Mark- 
land St Hamilton Ont Can ; AB Tor- 
onto - J 
Frost, William Pepnerrell c Hatrley 

Hall ; Laconia N H 
Frutkin, Louis Barnard e 218 W 34; 
513 W 176; AB C C N Y, JD New 
Fry, Henry Jacob gr 88 27 Elmhurst 
L I; AB Muhlenberg, BD Mt Airy 
Theological Seminary 
Fry, Marian ed Whittier Hall ; 3678 
Kendall Av, Cincinnati O; BA Cin- 
Fry, Sarah Margaret ed 477 W 140; 

Achsah Va 
Fryer, Lorine Pruette gr 416 W 118; 

BS Chattanooga; MA Clark 
Fuetterer, William F e 508 E 84 
Fuguet, William Dallett / 261 Upper 
Mountain Av Upper Montclair N J ; 
AB Dartmouth 
Fujimaki, Yoshitamo gr 330 E 57 ; 

Yamanashi Japan; BS Chicago 
Fujii, Shinichi gr 330 E 57; Hiraicho, 
Kitagun, Kagawa-Ken Japan; AB, 
AM Boston University 
Fukui, Iwao e 541 W 113; Tokyo 

Fukumoto, Fukuichi e 119 E 34 c/o 
Japanese Association; 9 W 98 

Fukuoka, Yasu Miss e 505 W 142; 
Tokio, Japan 



Fulcher, Gwyneth Mary ed 273 W 11; 
725 Foster St Evanston 111 ; AB 
Fulladora, Olallita Providencia b 535 

W 151 
Fuller, Charles Fairchild a 27 W 44; 
219 Clifford Ct Madison Wis; AB 
Fuller, Mary Ben gr 519 W 121 ; Sheri- 
dan Wyo ; AB Wyoming 
Fuller, Vincent John e 88 Croton Av 

Ossining N Y 
Fulton, George Jr e 401 W 118; 61 

Kensington Hts Meriden Conn 
Fulton, Gladys pa 430 W 119; 21 15 
Bolton St Baltimore Md ; BA Goucher 
Fulton, Josephine Bertha ed 418 W 114 
c/o St Lukes Hosp ; E Broad St Bex- 
ley Columbus O ; BS Denison 
Fung, Yu-lan gr c/o Mr Y T Teng 501 
W 123; Honan China; BA Peking 
Govt Univ 
Funk, Harold Hewlett c 314 Lewis Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Funston, Augusta Redfield ed 2559 Blvd 

Jersey City N J 
Furbeck, Myra Louise e 12 W 103; 

Altamont N Y 
Furber, Edwin Judson c Y M C A Yon- 

kers N Y 
Furie, Morris Abraham e 760 E 155 
Furlong, Marie Elizabeth pa 2188 Aque- 
duct Av 
Furman, Francis Hays e 1881 Broad- 
way; 174 W 96 
Furst, Gladys Bertha £ 3120 Broadway; 

Woodcliff Lake N J 
Furuset, Elmer Morris gr Berkeley Cal ; 

AB Oregon 
Fury, Garibaldi Joseph / 4643 White 

Plains Av; AB C C N Y 
Fuscaldo, Francis Lawrence £ 529 Toto- 

wa Av Paterson N J 
Fusco, Paul Emil c 102 Heyward St 

Bklyn N Y 
Fussell, Lyman Gill c 633 W 115 ; Wan- 

tagh Av Wantagh N Y 
Fyfe, Jean b 84 School St Glen Cove 
N Y 

Gaa, Lucy e c/o Nelson Stinson Inc 97 

Reade St: 148 Lenox Av 
Gaarder, Helga Annette b 17 Sterling 

PI Bklyn N Y 
Gabba, Catalina ed 612 W 115; Esmer- 
alda 865 Buenos Aires Argentina 
Gabe, Harry m 187 Atkins Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Gabosch, Chester P D e 541 W 123 
Gacay, George e 87 Hamilton PI 
Gackenheimer, Charles Darwin c 1271 

Myrtle Av Bklyn N Y 
Gaetaniello, A John e Mt Kisco N Y 
Gaete, Marco Aurelius e 92 Bartholdi 

Av Jersey City N J 
Gafafer, William McKinley gr 337 Glen- 
wood Av Leonia N J ; PhB Brown 
Gaffney, Fanny Honora pa 21 Clare- 

mont Av ; Webster N Y 
Gaffney, James Joseph e 533 2d Av 

Roselle N J 
Gaffney, Matthew Page ed 21 Clare- 
mont Av ; BS Colgate, AM Columbia 
Gaffney, William Jerome e 533 2d Av 

Roselle N J 
Gaffy, Mildred Harriet e 120 Hollywood 

Av East Orange N J 
Gage, Harry Lynn e 215 W 23; 1014 

FStNE Washington D C 
Gage, Hugh Aken e 246 W 73 
Gagg, Eugene e 113 W 84 
Gagne, Anthony Frank e 141 E 44 
Gahagan, Frederick Mussen c 231 Lin- 
coln PI Bklyn N Y 
Gahagan, Helen Mary b John Jay Hall ; 

231 Lincoln PI Bklyn N Y 
Gahagan, William Corthel c 231 Lin- 
coln PI Bklyn N Y ; AB Williams 
Gahman, Floyd e 439 W 123; Craig- 

ville Ind 
Gail, Georg Philip mec 116 Ridgewood 
Rd Roland Pk Md ; BS Amherst, BS 
Mass Inst Tech 
Gail, Helen M a 537 W 121 ; 11 North- 
field PI Baltimore Md 
Gaines, Ina pa 430 W 118; Dewey Ro»e 

Gaines, I Allison Jr e 625 W 113; 604 
Bonita Av Webster Groves Mo 



Gaiser, Lulu Odell gr 432 Wales Av ; 
Crediton Ont Can ; AB Western 

Gaither, Pauline e 523 W 121 ; "Edge- 
hurst" Sanbornville N H 

Gaither, Sara McDowell e 515 W 122; 
Edgehurst Sanbornville N H ; AB 

Galbina, Irene pa 57 North St Mt Ver- 
non N Y 

Galbraith, Esther Elizabeth gr 523 W 
121; 3425 14 N E Washington D C; 
AB George Washington 

Gale, Stanton Armstrong e 1009 Elm 
St Peekskill N Y 

Gallagher, Benjamin Harold / 619 W 
127: 127 Poplar St Grove City Pa; 
AB Grove City College 

Gallagher, Bessie May ed 11 Elmwood 
PI Elizabeth N J 

Gallagher, Nicholas Francis e 565 Am- 
sterdam Av 

Gallagher, James Joseph e 247 W 21 

Gallagher, Joseph Aloysius « 415 W 
Third St Plainfield N J 

Gallagher, Lyda Ormsby ed 76 West- 
field Av Elizabeth N J 

Gallagher, Thomas A e 148 E 83 

Gallagher, William Vincent e 8 Leb- 
anon Ter Astoria LINY 

Gallant, Frank Lazerle e 179 Marcy Av 
Bklyn ; Buctouche N B ; BsCinGE, 
UNB NB Canada 

Galleciez, Frances Claire pa Whittier 
Hall: 812 Sherman St Watertown 
N Y 

Gallen, Estelle Bertha e 315 W 97 

Gallico, Paul William c 181 W 75 

Gallo, Pasquale e 155 W 22 

Galmitz, Aaron e 38 Montgomery St; 
356 Monroe St Passaic N J 

Galow, August Henry e Huntington N Y 

Galston, Robert e 949 West End Av 

Gait, Emily Horner b Brooks Hall ; 629 
Eighth St Bowling Green Ky 

Galvin, Gertrude Sauer e 62 Alexander 
Av Yonkers N Y 

Gamble, Guy Cecil ed Box 78 Teachers 
College; Republic Mich; BS Colum- 

Gammerman, Joseph B e 1 24 Sheriff St 

Gamoran. Emanuel cd 219 W 120; AB 

C C N Y, MA Columbia 
Gandhi, Vithal B gr 1400 Broadway 

c/o Young India ; Pimpalwali Bom- 
bay India ; AB Bombay Univ 
Gans, Marion S e 260 W 76 
Gant, Paul S e 508 W 136 
Gantley, James P e 420 W 119; 113 So 

Center St Windsor Locks Conn 
Ganz, Eva pa 188 Vernon Av Bklyn 
Ganz, Henry c 255 W 116 
Garber, Laura Rohrer e Box 86 Harri- 
son N Y 
Garcia, Brigida ed 1230 Amsterdam 

Av; Hugh Wilson Hall Manila Phil- 
ippine Islands 
Garcia, Vicente ed 519 W 123 ; Nueva 

Ecipa Philippine Islands; AB, BSE 

Univ of the Philippines 
Gard, Nellie Ataline ed 414 W 118; 

1656 Neil Av Columbus O; BS Ohio 

Garden, Seraphine e 152 Madison Av 
Garden, Solomon ;' 519 W 123; AB 

Gardiner, Ethel Johnson e 693 E 28 

Paterson N J 
Gardiner, Gertrude Helen e 515 W 111 
Gardiner, Ruth pa Box 242 Whittier 

Hall; 8 W Weir St Taunton Mass 
Gardner, Grace pa 605 W 115; 14065 

Euclid Av Cleveland O 
Gardner, Harvey Lionel c 190 So 

Eighth St Bklyn NY; 321 Bleeker 

St Utica N Y 
Gardner, Joe Murrey bu 529 W 113; 

522 14 Bowling Green Ky 
Gardner, Mildred Nellie pa 94 4th Av ; 

135 Park PI East Aurora N Y 
Gardner, Nellie Elizabeth e 419 W 119; 

AB Iowa State, B Litt Columbia 
Gardner, Willard Byron ed Cedarhurst 

N Y 
Garfiel, Theodore Charles c 20 E 90 
Garfield, Edith Mary e 22 Fairview Av 

Tuckahoe N Y 
Garfield, Lucretia cd Seth Low Hall ; 

Williamstown Mass ; AB Bryn Mawr 
Garfunkel, Elsie b 145 W 119 
Garfunkel, Lippman e 29 W 112 
Garfunkel, Mildred Belle b 145 YV 119 



Garinger, Elmer Henry ed 434 W 120; 

Mount Vernon Mo ; AB Missouri 
Garis, Roy Lawrence gr Tompkins Hall ; 

408 Washington Av S W Roanoke 

Va; AB, MA Virginia 
Garland, David Shepherd Jr c 88 Pros- 
pect Park West Bklyn N Y 
Garlick, Edith Shaw ed 156 Liberty 

St Paterson N J 
Garlock, Edward Mishell / 180 Clare- 

mont Av; AB C C N Y 
Garlock, Florence £ 180 Claremont Av 
Garlock, Fred Landreth gr 414 W 121 ; 

Maxwell la ; AB Iowa State 
Garna, Nicolas e 17 Battery PI Room 

1630; 8 W 91 
Garney, Charles Jacques e c/o Dr Fra- 

ser Beechhurst N Y 
Garnjost, Alexander Hamilton / 84 

High St Yonkers N Y ; AB Cornell 
Garofalo, Lena Maria ed 25 Morris St 

Hackensack N J 
Garoufalis, Peter Constantine e 154 W 

34; 55 Sargent St Holyoke Mass 
Garrahan, Harold Francis c 15 Bank St 

Wilkes-Barre Pa 
Garrastegui, Juan e 317 W 14 
Garretson, Edith May ed 434 Grand 

Av Bklyn N Y; Plainfield N J 
Garrett, Henry Edward gr 21 Clare- 
mont Av; 303 N Rowland St Rich- 
. mond Va; AB Richmond College 
Garrett, Homer Lycurgus ed 546 W 124 
Garett, Ralph W gr 21 Claremont Av; 

Auburn Ga ; BS Milligan College 
Garrigues,. Mael Marie e Parnassus 

Club 625 W 115; La Rochelle France 
Garrigus, Paul Newton c 627 W 115; 

158 W 106 
Garrison, Charles James e 772 Ninth 

Av: LLB Fordham 
Garrison, Edith Phelps e 420 W 116 
Garrison, Ruth Morgan pa Whittier 

Hall; 19 Furnace St Shickshinny Pa 
Garrity, William Francis e 124 E 19 

Bklyn N Y 
Garside, Charles Irad c 565 W 113; 

191 1 Avenue P Bklyn N Y 
Garside, Mary Edith e 159 Hamilton 

Av New Rochelle N Y 

Garst, Claflin c Hartley Hall ; 29 Oread 
St Worcester Mass 

Garst, Webster c Hartley Hall ; 29 
Oread St Worcester Mass 

Garthwait, George Wesley ed 18 Nor- 
wood Av Plainfield N J ; AB Oberlin, 
AM Princeton 

Gartner, Carl Vilhelm e Irving Na- 
tional Bank ; Helsingborg Sweden 

Garvey, Rev Francis Anthony gr 144 
W 90 ; AB St Joseph's Seminary, 
STB, STL Urban, Rome, Italy 

Garvin, Josephine Frances pa Whittier 
Hall; 519 No Alabama St Butte 

Garwood, Louise Ford e 114 W 79; 
3404 Montrose Houston Tex 

Gasaway, Kenneth e Irving National 
Bank Woolworth Bldg; 235 W Swiss- 
vale Av Edgewood Pittsburgh Pa 

Gaskell, Bernice e 120 E 86 

Gasowski, Wadsworth c 1270 Amster- 
dam Av; 102 Lansing St Schenectady 
N Y 

Gassner, John Waldhorn c 114 First St 

Gaston, Julia Josephine e 547 Riverside 
Dr ; 502 N Carey St Baltimore Md 

Gatchell, Raymond c 505 Journalism 
Bldg Columbia University; 3209 19 
N W Washington D C 

Gately, Charles Edward / 101 E Third 
St Bklyn N Y ; AB Dartmouth 

Gately, Joseph Alphonsus Jr c 529 W 
113; 19 Potosi St Dorchester Mass 

Gates, LeRoy e 64 Depew Av Nyack 
N Y 

Gaubert, John Quinn e 84 Ludlow St 
Yonkers N Y 

Gaudin, Antoine Marc mec 19 W 91 ; 
BS Marseilles (France) 

Gaul, Jessie Morrison pa Morse Av 
Ridgefield N J 

Gaulke, Martha Rutlin pa 523 W 124: 
Stoughton Wis 

Gauss, Philip Adolph c 11 E 87 

Gavrilovitch, Gevan S c 701 Madison 

Gay, Constance Marsh bu 17 E 11; 658 
Farmington Av Hartford Conn 

Gay, Mary Daly b Brooks Hall; East 
Hampton N Y 



Gayet, Paul August e 36 Claremont PI 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Gaynor, William Thomas e 2066 Ber- 
gen St Bklyn N Y ; LLB Fordham 
Gearhart, Brandon Alfred e 538 W 114; 

384 S Franklin St Wilkes-Barre Pa 
Geddes, Etta Mae ed 81 Elliott Av Yon- 

kers N Y 
Gedney, Ada Rebecca ed 590 Milton Rd 

Rye N Y 
Gedney, Ward Bacon e 528 Fifth St 

Bklyn N Y 

Geffen, Felicia Hemans e 1034 Hoe Av 

Gegenheimer, Vida gr 509 W 121 ; Mt 

Auburn Av Auburn Me; BS Simmons 


Gehan, John Joseph Jr ed 430 E 143; 

Gehlen, William John e 27 Morton St 

Bklyn N Y 
Geib, Amos Philip e Montclair N J ; 

Manheim N J ; AB Columbia 
Geiger, George Raymond c 202 W 118 
Geiler, Harry Grover e 212 W 131 
Geisler, Georgine Mary ed Whittier 
Hall; 631 Elm St Portland Oreg; 
AB Oregon 
Geisler, J Edward bu 534 W 114 St; 

1014 Trinity Av 
Geiss, Anna Olga e 415 E 187 
Geissler, Rosina Lynn b 23 Park Av 
Gelbach, Fred'k Paul m 170 W 74; AB 

Yale, BS Columbia 
Gelber, Louis Jacob e 543 Van Siclen 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Gelbstein, Nathan Joel ed 1590 Lexing- 
ton; BS C C N Y 
Gelfand, Solomon bu 1863 Pitkin Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Gelfman, Martin e 899 E 169 St 
Gell, Leon bu 963 Prospect Av 
Gellrich, James Anthony e 318 W 57 
Gelston, George Sears e 467 82 Bklyn 

N Y 
Genke, Geo e 1961 Washington Av 
Gennert, Alfred Gottlieb / 871 St Nicho- 
las Av ; AB Princeton 
Gennis, Harriet Sarah bu Furnald Hall ; 

Dolgeville N Y 
Gentile, Edward Eugene c 612 W 114; 
7220 14 Av (Bklyn N Y 

Centner, Joseph Ernest c Hartley Hall ; 

Dolgeville, N Y 
Genzmer, George Harvey gr 877 So 16 
Newark N J ; AB Williams, AM Co- 
Geoghegan, Caroline pa Huntington L I 

N Y 
George, Clarence W e University PI 
Lincoln Neb; AB Nebraska Wesleyan 
George, Eva B gr University PI Lin- 
coln Neb ; AB Nebraska Wesleyan 

George, Hugh Ross e 133 W 140; Vic- 
toria St Marks Grenada B W I 

George, Juliet Abbie pa 511 W 112; 51 
Franklin St Nashua N H 

George, Mabel ed 48 Warren St Bloom- 
field N J; BL Syracuse 

George, Margaret e 290 Park Hill Av 
Yonkers N Y 

George, Margaret Hetherington ed 423 
W 121; Wilmington N C; BS N C 
Coll for Women 

George, Peter Shihadeh / 153 Clinton 
St Bklyn N Y; Jerusalem Palestine 

Georgoulopoulos, Ansti Alexander e 257 
W 34 

Geraty, Cecilia e 501 W 121 ; AB Wel- 

Geraty, John Elwood / 14 E 32; AB Co- 

Gerbig, George Van c 434 Riverside Dr ; 
1 1 69 Linden Av Memphis Tenn 

Gerdau, Marguerite Evelyn b the Lang- 
ham 135 Central Park West 

Gerdy, Benjamin c 412 W 129; 1580 
Clarence Av Lakewood O 

Gere E Llewellyn e 105 Ft Green PI 
Bklyn N Y; BS Keuka College 

Gerhard, Martha Eleanora ed 39 Clare- 
mont Av ; 129 E Vine St Lancaster 

Gerhard, Paul Lambert gr c/o Levering 
Tyson 39 Claremont Av ; 129 E Vine 
St Lancaster Pa; AB, AM Franklin 
and Marshall 

Gerish, Albin c 629 W 115 

Gerlach, Paul William e Rochelle Park 
N J 

Gerrity, John Joseph e 308 14 Bklyn 
N Y 



Gerrity, William Tracy e 56 Cherry St 

Naugatuck Conn 
Gerloff, Martha Louise gr 418 W 118; 

Mt Kisco NY;AB, AM Columbia 
German, Ethel e 32 W 71 
Germer, Lester Holbert gr 118 Milligan 

PI S Orange N J ; AB Cornell 
Gersdorf, Paul Ernst e 2064 Story Av 

Unionport Westchester N Y 
Gershenson, Jerome e 524 W 159 
Gershoy, Alexander gr Schermerhorn 

Hall; 1408 Franklin Av ; BS Cornell 
Gershoy, Eugenie e 1408 Franklin Ave 
Gerson, Sol a 868 E 163 
Gersten, Leo e 891 Tiffany St 
Gertner, Maurice / 210 Riverside Dr 
Gervitz, Hortense e c/o Prival n 02 

Union Ave 
Gesner, Gaston Blache c 159 Prospect 

St Ridgewood N J 
Getman, Ina Clara pa Seth Low Hall ; 

268 Otsego St Ilion N Y 
Getty, Harriette Spencer e 84 Ashbur- 

ton Av Yonkers N Y 
Getz, David B gr 215 Montague St 

Bklyn N Y; 2023 Albemarle Rd 

Bklyn N Y; BS, LLB, LLM, JSD 

New York 
Getz, Elizabeth Miller ed 409 Washing- 
ton Av Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Geussen-Hainer, Lilah Katharine pa 

16 1 7 N 7 St Sheboygan Wis 
Geyer, Mary Katharine ed Whittier 

Hall; 512 N Galloway Xenia O; AB 

Ohio Wesley an 
Gibb, Florence Carolyn pa Whittier Hall 

Box 153; Aila Hawaii 
Gibb, William Travis c 42 W 75 
Gibbins, John Harold e 462 Highland 

Av Arlington N J 
Gibbons, Martha Eleanor pa 49 Ellis PI 

Ossining N Y; 181 Main St Hudson 

Falls N Y 
Gibbons, Mary Teresa ed 318 31 St 

Woodcliff N J; 202 Oak St Clinton 

Gibbons, Maud Alberta gr Furnald 

Hall; 115 E Fifth St Metropolis 111; 

AB Illinois 
Gibbons, Thomas P X c 140 E 52 

Gibbs, Douglas Seymour c Hartley 
Hall; 315 W 78 

Gibbs, Gladys Edith e Furnald Hall ; 
147 Beechwood Av Bridgeport Conn 

Gibbs, Grace Carol b 8 W 128 

Gibbs, James Gordon c Phi Sigma 
Kappa Frat 550 W 114; 3 W 50 

Gibbs, Louis Albert e 1236 Grand Con- 

Gibbs, Warren Edgar gr 420 W 116; 
Plainview Tex ; AB Southern Metho- 
dist Univ 

Gibbs, William Howard c 3 W 50 

Gibgot, Joshua e 4 E 132 

Giblin, Richard Timothy e 45 W 94 

Gibney, Florence Adele pa 1086 Lex- 
ington Av ; 1248 Madison Av 

Gibson, Edna Wiley b 525 W 141 St 

Gibson, George Albert c 103 King Av 
Weehawken N J 

Gibson, Irene e 20 Butler PI Bklyn 
N Y; AB Ohio Univ 

Gibson, John Mendinghall ;' Box 74 
Hartley Hall; Box 191 Gibson N C; 
AB North Carolina 

Gibson, Margaret Cameron e Manhattan 
State Hospital Ward's Island N Y 
Dept of Vocational Education 

Gibson, Maude e 137 W 127; Eastern 
State Normal School Richmond Ky 

Gibson, Stanley Hollis e 51 Irving PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Gibson, Woodman Lee e 563 W 191 

Giddings, Georgia Runyon b 344 State 
St Bklyn N Y 

Giet, George Robert nice 4371 Matilda 

Giehl, Jennie Augusta ed 899 Broad 
St Newark N J ; AB Vassar, AM Co- 
lumbia, PhD Heidelberg (Germany) 

Gies, Ortrud Emelie b 249 E 86 

Gifford, James Noble e 105 10th Av 
Whitestone N Y 

Gifford, Mary Elizabeth ed 329 River- 
dale Av Yonkers N Y 

Gil, Carmen Maria e 100 Columbia Hts 
Bklyn N Y 

Gilbert, Agatha b 911 W Seventh St 
Plainfield N J 

Gilbert, Joseph Everson c no Knicker- 
bocker Rd Englewood N J 



Gilbert, Julia Elizabeth ed 130 Clare- 

mont Av; 212 W Locust St De Kalb 

111; PhB Chicago 
Gilcher, Alma Lydia ed 244 Spring St; 

206 S Alvord St Syracuse N Y 
Gilchrist, Edward James e 657 Church 

St Richmond Hill N Y 
Gilchrist, Helen Ives gr 135 W 16 c/o 

Mrs Valentine; 9504 Lamont Av 

Cleveland O ; AB Western Reserve 
Gildersleeve, Charles Oliver e Sayre- 

ville N J 
Gildersleeve, Genieve Northom e 124 W 

82; Gildersleeve Conn; AB Smith 
Gildersleeve, Glenn ed 5 W 125 ; 

Wayne Neb ; AB Nebraska Wesleyan 
Gildersleeve, Willard Harvey ed 435 

Park St Hackensack N J BS Wes- 
Gile, Harold Hatch m 34 W 51 ; Colo- 
rado Springs Colo ; LittB Princeton 
Giles, Edith Elphinstone e 172 Palisade 

Av West Hoboken N J 
Giles, John Warren / 614 W 113; 32 

Carleton St E Orange N J 
Gilfillan, S Columb gr 60 W 93 ; AB 

U of Penn, MA Columbia 
Gill, A Langdon pa Whittier Hall; 

Haddon Farms Haddonfield N J 
Gill, Bennington Pearson gr 971 Trinity 

Av; AB, BS C C N Y, MA Columbia 
Gill, Beulah Eleanor pa Whittier Hall ; 

Edgewater Beach Hotel Chicago 111 
Gill, Fannie Lou pa Whittier Hall ; 505 

Highland Av Roanoke Va 
Gill, Harrison Williams a 558 W 113; 

3921 Baltimore Av Kansas City Mo; 

AB William Jewell College 
Gill, Harry e 859 Park Av Bklyn N Y 
Gill, Stanley Harold mec 521 W m; 

5241 21 St N E Seattle Wash; BS 

Univ of Washington 
Gilla, Raymond George e 309 Elm St 

West Hoboken N J 
Gilland, Edwin Clark ed 15 Park PI 

Red Bank N J ; AB Lafayette 
Gillespie, Albert Arnold e 608 W 113; 

3218 W 20 St Oklahoma City Okla 
Gillespie, Mary Barnes pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av Box 159; Pounding Mill 


Gillet, Louis Bliss gr 214 and Bolton 

Rd Inwood ; 119 Hawthorne St 

Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Gillett, Clarence Sherman ed 371 W 

120; AB Pomona College 
Gillette, Arthur Clarence e 64 Sip Av 

Jersey City N J 
Gillette, Charlotte Emma e 74 Central 

Av Hackensack N J; 1014 State St 

Watertown N Y ; AB Syracuse, AM 

Gillette, Maude M ed 50 Morningside 

Dr; Shortsville N Y; BS Columbia 
Gillette, Ruth Elizabeth gr 195 Clare- 

mont Ave ; 80 Kenwood Av Roches- 
ter N Y ; AB Rochester 
Gilligan, Paul Albert e 478 First St 

Bklyn N Y 
Gilligan, William / 2 Rippowam PI 

Stamford Conn ; AB George Wash- 
ington Univ 
Gilliland, Bertha Viola e 564 Madison 

Av Elizabeth N J ; BS Penn State 
Gillingham, Elizabeth Lippincott ed 106 

Morningside Dr ; 214 E Central Av 

Moorestown N J 
Gilliom, Etta Anna pa 37 Madison Av ; 

Garden City Mo 
Gillis, Adolph ed 30 W 127; AB Co- 
Gillman, Anna V e 295 E 162 
Gillman, Elsie Maude pa 26 Spruce St 

Bloomfield N J 
Gillooly, Walter D e 43^ Harrison St; 

Providence R I 
Gilman, C Malcolm c 70 Murray St 

Newark N J 
Gilman, Edna L e m Chestnut St East 

Orange N J; Alton N H 
Gilman, Beatrice Irene e 414 W 118; 

Winsted Conn Route 2; BS Simmons 

Gilman, Marion Una pa 27 Gouverneur 

St; 91 Steadman St Moncton N B 

Gilmartin, Edna Mae e 13 Carmine St 
Gilmartin, William Hugh e 558 W 113; 

Westfield N J 
Gilmore, Benjamin Marion c 62 E 101 ; 

AB Biddle Univ 



Gilmore, Ethel M e 550 W 172; AB 

Hunter, AM Columbia 
Gilpin, Laura Pleasants pa Bancroft 

Hall ; Stony Run Lane Baltimore Md 
Gilpin, Roy e 15 River View PI Yon- 

kers N Y 
Gilson, Ida B e 554 W 125 
Giltner, Martha Isabelle pa 506 W 113; 

no Luckie St Atlanta Ga 
Gingles, Ruth gr 416 W 118; Castana 

la; AB Grinnell 
Ginn, Laura Genevieve e 
Ginsberg, Benjamin e 120 Williams Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 
Ginsberg, Celia e 1 E 119 
Ginsberg, Edith e 320 Riverside Dr 
Ginsberg, Helen b 969 Fox St 
Ginsberg, Horace e 142 E 43; 2381 

Valentine Av 
Ginsberg, Rosalind pa 3 W in 
Ginsberg, Sidney Herman e 130 Wil- 

loughby Av Bklyn N Y 
Ginsburg, Isidor gr 523 W 133; 1819 

Barnes Av ; AB Columbia 
Ginsburg, Jekuthiel gr 673 E 176; MA 

Ginsburg, Simon gr Stybel Publishing 

House 114 Fifth Av ; 673 E 176; AB 

Saskatchewan Univ 
Ginsburg, Solomon Wiener m 1046 

Lowell St 
Giordano, Adeline Mary b 2922 Grand 

Giordano, Peter Paul e 251 Bleecker St 
Girard, Stephen Albert e 344 W 28 ; 83 

Montgomery St Waterbury Conn 
Girzi, Henry Edward e 87 Hamilton PI ; 

Ishpeming Mich 
Gitlin, Murray c 123 E 102; Colchester 

Conn P O Box 23 
Gitlitz, Hyman Joseph e 2132 Mohegan 

Gitnick, Sarah e 1226 Boston Rd 
Given, Elizabeth pa 1161 Amsterdam 

Av ; 377 Broadway 
Given, James Bartley Jr m 463 Ninth 

St Bklyn N Y; LittB Princeton, BS 

Given, Waldo Osier e 116 South Av 

Mariners Harbor N Y ; New Con- 
cord O 

Gladwin, Theresa M e 445 W 124 

Glantzberg, Pinckney Estes e 281 Lex- 
ington Av ; AB Erskine College, LLB 
U of Penn 

Glaser, Benjamin c 543 E 13 

Glaser, Harriet Lenore e 964 Tiffany 

Glasgow, Julia e 315 E Sixth St 

Glaser, Philip Samuel e 241 W 113 

Glassberg, Dorothy e 216 W 100 

Glasser, Samuel Thomas e 1425 Grand 

Glassgold, George / 322 W 108; Wood- 
bridge N Y 

Glassman, Pauline e 215 Morris Av 
Newark N J 

Glatly, Emil e 28 North Third St Pat- 
erson N J 

Glatzer, David e 1072 Bryant Av ; AB 
C C N Y 

Glauberman, Hannah e 435 Amboy St 
Bklyn N Y 

Glauberman, Isadore e 1 Polk St Gut- 
tenberg N J 

Glave, Claire Louise ed 167 W 81 

Glazer, William Harris e 39 Broadway 
Haverstraw N Y 

Gleason, Anna Marie e 212 Inslee PI 
Elizabeth N J 

Gleason, Dorothy Stearns pa 128 Con- 
vent Av 

Gleason, Katherine Alice e Furnald 
Hall ; 223 Pine St Holyoke Mass 

Gleason, Lawrence A E e 353 W 58 

Gleason, Marie Withington e 128 Con- 
vent Av 

Gleason, Nancy M gr 559 Webster Av 
New Rochelle N Y; 116 Washington 
Av Batavia N Y ; AB Oberlin 

Gleeson, Ada 2647 Broadway ; MEL 
Woman's College (Oxford Miss) 

Gleeson, Louise Margaret e 2647 

Gleichman, Leah b 207 Dyckman St 

Gleim, Paul August c 798 Ridge St 
Newark N J 

Gleim, William Emil e 798 Ridge St 
Newark N J 

Glenn, Grovesnor Eugene e 656 Broad- 



Glenn, Irene Louise gr 384 E 193; AB 

Columbia, AM U of Penn 
Glennan, William Shield I Delta Phi 

Club 612 W 116; Loch Haven Nor- 
folk Va 
Glennie, Alexander Cowles gr 550 W 

114; 62 Mapes Av Newark N J 
Glick, Abraham Irving e 272 E Fourth 

Glickman, Esther ? 50 W 119 
Gliem, Louise pa 106 Morningside Dr ; 

510 So Riverside Av Saint Clair Mich 
Globus, Albert m 163 Grafton St Bklyn 
Gloeckler, Henriette ed 1544 E 13 

Glorieux, Lucienne b 381 1 Sedgwick Av 
Glover, Josephine Martinette e Roslyn 

N Y; East Randolph N Y 
Gluck, Edward / Livingston Hall; 539 

Second Av ; AB Columbia 
Gluck, Marguerite L gr 2010 Seventh 

Av; AB Hunter, MA Columbia 
Gluck, Milton c 838 West End Av 
Gluck, Rebecca e 370 St Nicholas Av 
Glucksman, Emanuel William e 540 

Manhattan Av 
Glueck, Marion Eva gr 121 5 Grand 

Concourse ; AB Vassar 
Goalwin, Harry Aaron m Livingston 

Hall; 900 Union Av ; ME Bklyn 

Polytech, BS Columbia 
Goar, Italia West e 610 Riverside; 3504 

Main St 
Goda, Kametaro gr 222 W 16; Taga- 

mura Shusogun Ehime Japan ; AB 

Goddard, Alice Winthrop e 273 Lex- 
ington Av 
Goddard, Arthur Herbert e 180 Clare- 

mont Av ; 24 Larch Av Fairhaven 

Mass; AB Haverford 
Godel, Al e 716 Cauldwell Av 
Godfree, Charles e 106 Northern Av 
Godfrey Carlton Jr e 100 Prospect St 

Passaic N J 
Godfrey, Lydia Estelle e 411 W 115; 

Huntington N Y 
Godfrey Noel Davis e 27 Guion PI 

New Rochelle N Y or High School; 

Lubee Me; AB Maine 
Godfrey, Theresa Marg e 436 E 138 

Godkevitch, Abraham Harry e 812 Sub- 
urban PI; 1572 Madison Ave 

Godlin, David e 279 E Third St 

Godschalk, Harold J c 500 W 122; 1123 
W Cherokee Enid Okla 

Goell, Mark Jerome e 320 Broadway; 
314 Georgia Av Bklyn N Y; BCS 
New York 

Goettelmann, John c 303 Bergenline Av 
Town of Union N J 

Goetsche, Else Marie e c/o Allerup 21 
E 89; Holsteinsgade 31 Copenhagen 

Goetzinger, Katherine Bertha e 503 W 
121 ; AB Minnesota, AM Columbia 

Goff, Elizabeth Senyard ed 20 Chilton 
St Elizabeth N J 

Goggin, James Cornelius c 325 W 46 

Goikman, Gedal G e 878 West End Av 

Golan, Jos B gr 2026 Seventh Av ; AB 
C C N Y, MA New York Univ 

Gold, Blanche e Alsop St and Amherst 
Av Jamaica N Y 

Gold, William e Room 5634 Grand Cen- 
tral Terminal; 503 W 170; BS 
Cooper Union 

Gold, Elena e 253 W 85 ; Palmer Mass 

Goldammer, Felix Oscar e 56 St Pauls 
Av Jersey City N J ; Box 46 Madison 

Goldbaum, Bernard c 124 Cortelyou Rd 
Bklyn N Y 

Goldberg, Abner Ira e 1801 Seventh Av 

Goldberg, Anna E ed 125 W 51 Bayonne 
N J 

Goldberg, Benjamin Morris e 490 Clare- 
mont Pky 

Goldberg, Esther e 11 13 Prospect Av 

Goldberg, Ethel pa Seth Low Hall 109 
Morningside Dr ; Sullivan Ind 

Goldberg, Harold William m 116 Mor- 
ris Av Rockville Centre N Y 

Goldberg, Harry e 318 E 82 ; BS C C 
N Y 

Goldberg, Fanny e 203 Hooper St Bklyn 
N Y 

Goldberg, Helen e Furnald Hall ; Gran- 
ville N Y 

Goldberg, Jacob Alter gr 36 W 68 ; 906 
Simpson St; AB C C N Y , AM Co- 



Goldberg Louis e 787 Broadway; 255 

W 108 
Goldberg, Meyer / 810 E 168 ; AB C C 

N Y 
Goldberg, Michael c 584 Watkins St 

Bklyn N Y 
Goldberg, Moses mec 234 E 14; BS 

Goldberg, Theodore Louis e 549 W 113 
Goldberg, William Victor / 46 W 83 ; 

AB Dartmouth 
Goldblatt, Charles Israel e 700 Wil- 

loughby Av Bklyn N Y ; PhB Yale 
Goldblatt, Miriam Enid gr Furnald 

Hall ; 565 Monroe Av Rochester N Y ; 

AB Rochester 
Goldblatt, William bit 544 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Goldburg, Arthur c 325 West End Av 
Goldburg, Theresa c 420 West End Av 
Goldburt, Abraham e 32 St Marks PI 
Golden, Beatrice Earnshaw e 305 W 

89; 1722 S Broad St Philadelphia 

Golden, Harry Myer e 501 W 121 ; 

Madison Av Red Bank N J 
Golden, Sol L gr 222 W 128; 371 Cen- 
tral Av Atlanta Ga ; AB Oglethorpe 
Golden, William Geo e 601 W 176; BS, 

CE Cooper Union 
Goldenberg, Abe e 749 Trinity Av 
Goldey, Marguerite M e 348 West End 

Goldey, Nathan / 348 West End Av ; 

AB Columbia 
Goldfarb, Solomon pa 263 E Fourth St 
Goldin, Harry m 193 Henry St; BS 

C C N Y 
Goldin, Myron Ross e 208 W 11 1; AB 

C C N Y 
Goldman, Agnes gr 132 E 70; AB Bryn 

Mawr, AM Columbia 
Goldman, Annetta Grace b John Jay 

Hall; 1008 Shepard Av Milwaukee 

Goldman, Beatrice Helen pa 2562 Grand 

Goldman, Edward Prince c 14 Cortland 

Av New Rochelle N Y 
Goldman, Gustave e 185 Penn St Bklyn 

N Y 

Goldman, Harry mec 950 Aldus St; AB 

Goldman, Harry Bernard e 32 St Nicho- 
las PI 

Goldman, Joseph Lawrence c 199 Reid 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Goldman, Lawrence e 700 W 178 

Goldman, May b 182 Runyon St New- 
ark N J 

Goldman, Samuel e 939 Longwood Av 

Goldring, Abraham Alexander e 1427 
35 St Bklyn N Y 

Goldsby, Robert Echols / Morris Hall 
35 Claremont Av Senatobia Miss; BS 
Mississippi College 

Goldschmidt, Estelle gr 137 W 12; AB 

Goldschmidt, Martha E e 307 W 77 ; 
726 46 St Milwaukee Wis 

Goldsmith, Alpha O ed 44 Morningside 

Goldsmith, Anna Mae e 310 W 14 

Goldsmith, Claire Elizabeth ed 44 
Morningside Dr ; BS, MA Columbia 

Goldsmith, Harold Stern c 229 W 105 

Goldsmith, Herbert Abraham e 3866 

Goldsmith, Leona Hammersley b 33 
Bank St ; Salem Va 

Goldsmith, Mary Rebecca e Morris- 
town N J Neighborhood House Flag- 
ler St ; 44 Morningside Dr 

Goldsmith, Mortimer c 838 So 13 New- 
ark N J 

Goldsmith, (Mrs) Sophie Loeb e 333 
Central Park West 

Goldson, Jannette Ruth c 605 W 112 

Goldstein, Arnold e 601 W 113 

Goldstein, Bella e 857 Beck St 

Goldstein, Belinda Ima gr 617 W 135; 
AB Hunter 

Goldstein, Benjamin Abraham / 530 
Riverside Dr ; 127 Frederick St De- 
troit Mich ; AB Harvard 

Goldstein, Bessie gr 325 E 120; AB 

Goldstein, Braham Hirsch m 834 Beck 

Goldstein, Daniel e 852 Columbus Av 
c/o Newmark's; 1533 Bryant Av 



Goldstein, David bu 32 W 113 
Goldstein, George c Hartley Hall ; Pali- 
sade Av Englewood N J 
Goldstein, Florence e 601 W 149 
Goldstein, Harold m 4815 Ft Hamilton 

Pky; BS Columbia 
Goldstein, Irving e 789 West End Av 
Goldstein, Irving Moss c 319 E 140 
Goldstein, Israel gr 203 E Broadway ; 

Newtown Conn; BS C C N Y 
Goldstein, Israel m 1462 Wilkins Av; 

AB Princeton 
Goldstein, Jacob Francis e 2023 Surf 

Av Coney Island Bklyn N Y; Ak- 
ron O 
Goldstein, John e 1 W 101 ; Glen Wild 

N Y 
Goldstein, Julius bu 3495 Broadway 
Goldstein, Moses m 35 Orchard St 
Goldstein, Murry e 130 Fifth Av; 536 

W 163 
Goldstein, Nathaniel e 789 West End 

Goldstein, Pauline e 1462 Wilkins Av; 

AB Hunter 
Goldstein, Percy e 8305 20 Av Bklyn 

N Y; PhG N Y College of Phar- 
Goldstein, Rosa e 136 W in 
Goldstein, Teresa e 136 W 11 1 
Goldstein, Theodore mec 231 Decatur 

St Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Goldsticker, Evelyn Violet e Hotel An- 

Goldstone, Helen b 601 W 113 
Goldwater, Henry Arnold c 141 W 121 
Golembe, Irving c 618 W 113; 1453 

Madison Av 
Golterman, Alice E pa 519 W 121 ; 6416 

Virginia Av St Louis Mo 
Goltman, Alfred Meyer in 216 W 89; 

1500 Union Av Memphis Tenn 
Golub, Jacob S ed 936 Hoe Av; AB 

C C N Y 
Golub (Mrs) Rose Weiser pa 936 Hoe 

Gomys, Chuichiro gr 102 W 123; Ka- 

wanakajima Shinshu Japan; BPS 

Waseda Univ 
Gonzalez, Enfemea e 3099 Broadway; 

Bogota S A 

Gonzalez, Jose Martin e 312 W 109; 
AB Univ of Philippines 

Gonzalez-Machado, Manuel e Hartley 
Hall; 112 Duane St; 20 Liberty St 
Holquin Cuba ; BLSc Santiago de 

Gonzalez, Roberto m 3810 Broadway; 
Leon, Nicaragua C A; AB, BS Na- 
tional Inst of Nicarague 

Good, George R e 11 Holly St Cranford 
N J; 525 Tilghman St Allentown Pa 

Good, Mary Alice pa 510 W 124 ; Nes- 
copek Pa 

Goodale, Emilie e 14 Spruce St Bloom- 
field N J; 18 West Av Rochester N 
Y ; AB Wellesley, AM Columbia 

Goodale, Ida Florence e 2919 W 20 
Coney Island N Y 

Gooday, Lillian e 8 W 181 

Goode, Almond Walter e 318 W 57; 
Lamoni la 

Goode, Eslunda Cardozo m 2250 Sev- 
enth Av ; BS Columbia 

Goodell, Mame Eleanor e 283 Beech St 
Hackensack N J ; Albuquerque N M 

Goodelman, Edward c 465 W 152 

Goodenough, Florence Laura ed 276 
Maple St Perth Amboy N J; R D 3 
Honesdale Pa ; BS Columbia 

Goodfriend, Irving c 971 Trinity Av ; 
232 Adams Av Scranton Pa 

Goodloe, Harry Combs ^251 Lexington 
Av ; 99 Clayton St Macon Ga 

Goodman, Anita pa 740 Riverside Dr 

Goodman, Arthur Leslie e 11 39 Vyse 

Goodman, Bernard A c Livingston 
Hall; 809 N Fifth St Waco Tex 

Goodman, Blanche e 1363 President St 
Bklyn N Y 

Goodman, Emanuel ;' 41 Pinehurst Av 

Goodman, Evelyn Marie e 222 Lock- 
wood Av New Rochelle N Y 

Goodman, Helen pa Whittier Hall Box 
323 ; 809 N Fifth St Waco Tex 

Goodman, Henry Isaac m Livingston 
Hall; 38 Richmond St 

Goodman, Hobson H e 2880 Jerome Av 

Goodman, Isidore c 29 £ in 



Goodman, Leo gr 530 W 124; 726% 
Johnson St Portland Oreg ; B Ed U 
of Washington 

Goodman, Madeline Jean e 1102 Sea 
View Av Far Rockaway L I 

Goodman, Minnie E ed Palisades Park 
N J; 468 Hamilton Av Trenton N J 

Goodman, Maurice Benjamin c 310 Con- 
vent Av 

Goodman, Moses m 233 E Broadway ; 
BS Columbia 

Goodnow, Sarah Brooks ed 224. St 
James Pi Bklyn N Y; 116 Winthrop 
Rd Brookline Mass 

Goodrich, Wilmont Herbert c 40 Brown 
Av Great Kills S I 

Goodspeed, Catherine Marie c Robert 
Fulton Hotel 

Goodspeed, Mae Elizabeth e 22 Convent 

Goodstein, Julia E pa 1815 7th Av 

Goodwin, Louise Winston gr Furnald 
Hall ; Morganton N C ; AB N C Col- 
lege for Women, MA Columbia 

Goodwin, Mary Lilian e 239 E 49 ; 
Charleston Me 

Goodwin, Ralph Talbott gr Hartley 
Hall; 1392 W Eighth St Riverside 
Cal;PhC, AB, MA Southern Cali- 
fornia, MA Columbia 

Goostray, Stella pa 509 W 121 ; 238 
Webster St Boston Mass 

Gordon, Abel c 114 Prospect St Pas- 
saic N J 

Gordon, Albert e 335 E 95 

Gordon, Alexander e 514 W 177 

Gordon, Ben Rae bu 520 W 122; 234 
W Wayne St Waynesburg Pa 

Gordon, Bennet e 1800 7th Av 

Gordon, Dorothy Vivian pa Whittier 
Hall; 374 Edgewood St Hartford 

Gordon, Douglas Roy m 19 Wodell St 
Beacon N Y; BS Columbia 

Gordon, Ellis / 207 Park Row ; AB 

Gordon, Grace Gladys e 500 W 122; 
W Newbury Mass; BS Simmons Col- 

Gordon, Harry m 525 E 146; BS Col- 

Gordon, Herbert Robert c 322 W 108; 
1285 Carroll St Bklyn N Y 

Gordon, Isidore e 353 E 77 

Gordon, Israel c Hartley Hall; 141 W 
33 Bayonne N J 

Gordon, James Alexander c 708 Atlan- 
tic St Bridgeport Conn 

Gordon, James Rufus gr 430 W 118; 
Pleasantville N Y 

Gordon, John H e 8 Virginia PI Bklyn 
N Y 

Gordon, Margaret Agnes ed 23 Parker 
St Port Chester N Y ; AB New Ro- 

Gordon, May Randolph gr Furnald Hall ; 
1 Lenox PI St Louis Mo ; AB Univ 
of Washington 

Gordon, Max M e 335 E 95 

Gordy, Harry Miles ed 700 Westfield 
Av Elizabeth N J ; AB Wesleyan 

Gorham, Dorothy E e 39 Myrtle Av 
Newark N J 

Gorham, Ethel Rowena pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 30 Camp St Norwalk 

Gorman, Arthur Richard e 103 Vander- 
bilt St Bklyn N Y 

Gorman, Catharine Marie e 27 High St 
Hastings-on-Hudson N Y 

(iorman, Irving Samual e 295 Madison 
Av ; 132 Sumner Av Central Falls R I 

Gorman, Sybil L pa 501 W 120; 657 
Laurel Av Bridgeport Conn 

Gormsen, Harald F e Scarsdale N Y 

Gorton, Natalie Sherman b John Jay 
Hall ; 4 Lenox Av White Plains N Y 

Gorton, Winifred Van Pelt b John Jay 
Hall ; 4 Lenox Av White Plains N Y 

Goss, Agnes Francis e 320 E 35 

Gotshall, Helen Gracel pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 334 Wheeler Av Scran- 
ton Pa 

Gotshal, Sylvan e 440 Riverside Dr ; 
BA, MA Vanderbilt, LLB Columbia 

Gottesman, Herman e 40 E 83 

Gottlieb, Charles e 210 W 79th; MD 
New York 

Gottlieb, Moe e 841 Jennings St 

Gottlieb, Michael Theodore c 801 West 
End Av 



Gottlieb, Robert e 26 W 113; BS New 

Gough, Winnifred e 59 Livingston St 

Bklyn N Y 
Gough, Russell Joseph e 160 E 94 
Gould, Esther Lee gr Furnald Hall ; 

Wolfville Nova Scotia Can; AB, AM 

Gould, George Jay Jr / 857 5th Av ; 

Lakewood N J ; AB Columbia 
Gould, George Fred e 706 Elm St West 

Hoboken N J 
Gould, Frank Miller e 501 5th Av ; AB 

Gould, Helen Sarah e 531 14th Av Pat- 

erson N J 
Gould, Kenneth M gr 344 W 14; AB 

Gould, Mildred Rutherford gr Hotel 

Westminster; St Simons Island Ga ; 

BS Columbia 
Gounod, Marjorie Elizabeth e 174 Case 

St Elmhurst L I 
Gourlie, John Cameron ; 291 Lincoln 

Av Rockville Center L I 
Gowans, Marjorie pa Whittier Hall; 

172 U St Salt Lake City Utah 
Gowell, Robert Edward e 880 St Nich- 
olas Av ; 1033 N Albion St Philadel- 
phia Pa 
Gower, Dai e Rochelle Park New Ro- 

chelle N Y; AB Vassar 
Gower, William Carrol c 545 W 111; 

Beauvoir Rancho Burbank Cal 
Grab, Charles K e 40 Forsyth St 
Grabar, John c 401 E 68 
Grabsheed, Ada Ruth e 938 St Nicho- 
las Av 
Grace, Henry August e 81 Morningside 

Grace, William Jackson c 1220 71 Bklyn 

N Y 
Grady, Hugh Sloan / Morris Hall; 109 

S Crawford St Dallas Tex; AB 

Southern Methodist Univ 
Grady, Joseph ed 303 E 122 
Grady, Robert Lee c 519 W 123; Fel- 
lows Cal 
Graeb, Victor C O c 1253 75 Bklyn 

N Y 
'.i.(< f, Lorimer Crystal c 143 W in 

Graefe, Clara Anna gr 1219 Brook Av ; 
AB Hunter 

Graefe, Margaret e 1219 Brook Av 

Graesser, Elizabeth e 6029 E 9 

Graf, Albert Norman e 780 Park Av 

De Graff, Thelma Beryl b 141 W 104 

Grafflin, Ruth Summerfield b 2237 Grand 

Graham, Bernard e 719 W 180 

Graham, Daniel Frick e 3503 Av I 
Bklyn N Y; Stockton Cal; AB, AM 

Graham, Eleanor Nottingham pa 1230 
Amsterdam Av ; 260 Derrom Av Pat- 
erson N J 

Graham, Kathryn Elizabeth £ 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 96 Linwood Av Warsaw 
N Y 

Graham, Marion Jordan ed 77 White- 
stone Av Flushing L I ; AB Hunter 

Graham, Margaret gr 47 Kensington Av 
Jersey City Hts N J ; AB, AM, PhD 

Graham, Richard M ;' Hartley Hall; 
Forest Miss ; AB Southwestern Pres- 
byterian Univ 

Graham, Robert Lincoln / 500 W 114; 
AB Columbia 

Graham, Robert Selden e 511 W 113 

Graham, V Arvin e 3120 Broadway; 
BA, MA Cornell 

Gramann, Harriet S M e 17 Baldwin 
Ter Orange N J 

Gramer, Paul William e 428 E 157 

Grant, Marguerite Mary e 168 W 140; 
Halidon Av Newport R I 

Grandon, Joseph Lawrence e 170 E 91 

Granet, Emil m 62 E 91 

Granger, Arthur Lloyd Jr c 47 1st Av 
Mt Vernon N Y 

Granger, Harriet Beeman pa 66 Passaic 
Av Passaic N J ; Upland Cal 

Granger, Mary Lois b Brooks Hall ; 
Savannah Ga 

Granirer, Louis c 26 Beach 79 Rock- 
away Beach L I 

Granstein, Leon e 618 W 113; 453 
Sumner Av Springfield Mass 

Grant, Agnes McGregor b 141^2 War- 
burton Av Yonkers N Y 



Grant, Amelia Howe pa 656 W 162; 

Agton N Y 
Grant, Elmer Taylor e 9 Nassau P] 

East Orange N J 
Grant, Eva Leonore ed 255 Milbank 

Av Greenwich Conn ; Levant Me 
Grant, Grace Edna e 411 Hancock St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 
Grant, Marjorie e 246 Washington Av 

Bridgeport Conn ; 439 E Third St 

Greenville O ; AB Miami 
Grant, Mary Ellen Young e Hoyt Av 

Fort Lee N J ; Rockwood Fulton Co 

N Y 
Grant, Nelson Richard c 2040 Valentine 

Grant, Ulysses Simpson / 20 Park PI 

Plainfield N J ; AB Wesleyan 
Grasold, Herbert J e 414 W 121; 1127 

Chestnut St Milwaukee Wis 
Grass, Annie Elizabeth pa 440 E 26 ; 

Belleville Ont Can 
Gratz, Arthur e 531 W 179; BS C C 

N Y 
Graubart, Arthur Harrison c 2698 Val- 
entine Av 
Graubart, Abraham Livin e Tompkins 

Hall ; 933 Stanley St Schenectady 

N Y 
Graves, Laurence Francis e 30 Lefferts 

PI Bklyn N Y; 305 Main St Salem 

Grauten, Chas Josefh c 2445 Grand Av 
Gravdahl, Mathilde pa Norwegian Hos- 
pital 4th Av & 46 Bklyn N Y 
Graves, Katharine Bradford cd 509 W 

121 ; 251 S Farragut St Philadelphia 

Pa ; BS Pennsylvania, AB Vassar, 

MA Columbia 
Graves, Lillian E pa Bancroft Hall ; 

309 E I St Ontario Calif 
Gray, Alexander Barr e Tenafly N J 
Gray, Alva Darrell c 31 E 72; Blue 

Hill Me 
Gray, Dora e 209 W 87; 1316 Gervais 

St Columbia S C ; AB College for 

Women (Columbia S C) 
Gray, Helen b 175 Main St Ridgefield 

Park N J 
Gray, Joseph George e 1215 54 Bklyn 

N Y 

Gray, Samuel Harold m 437 W 59; 1215 

54 Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Gray, Wilbur Denet gr 21 W 129 
Gray, William / 11 E 41 c/o Mrs E J 

Graydon, Margaret Hester e 114 E 84; 

Clifton Cincinnati O 
Grayeb, George Arthur c 16 Douglas St 

Bklyn N Y 
Grayson, Ellen Vaughan Kirk pa 106 

Morningside Dr ; 438 Main St N 

Morse Jaw Sask Can 
Grayzal, David Mathews nice 1796 St 

Johns PI ; AB Columbia 
Greaves, Carl Paschal gr 366 W 118; 

1225 Chestnut St Bowling Green Ky ; 

BA Wake Forest College 
Greeley, Anna Ruth pa Madison Sq 

Hotel; 471 Washington St Appleton 

Green, Charlotte c 11 23 Clay Av 
Green, Edith Lenore c 168 Harman St 

Bklyn N Y 
Green, Edythe e 151 Delevon Av New- 
ark N J 
Green, Genevieve May c 34 Springfield 

Av Cranford N J 
Green, Grace Heloise b 73 Paterson St 

Paterson N J 
Green, Harriett c 11 23 Clay Av 
Green, Helen gr 5 Dorgan St Elmhurst 

L I ; AB Syracuse, AM Columbia 
Green, Helen James b 225 74 Bklyn N Y 
Green, Jacob e 43 Seigel St Bklyn N Y 
Green, James Edmond c m W 190 
Green, Jerome Wm e 1123 Clay Av 
Green, Lincoln e Smethport Pa 
Green, Margaret Winchester pa 37 E 

71 ; 463 N Broad St Elizabeth N J 
Green, Marion Doughty cd 133 W 

Fourth St; Salem N J ; AB Wilson 

Green, Marion Elizabeth e 209 W 87 ; 

3 Gibbes Ct Columbia S C 
Green, Mary Vance pa Whittier Hall ; 

324 Ogden St San Antonio Tex 
Green, Ross e 183 Crown St Bklyn N Y 
Green, Sarah Elizabeth pa Whittier 

Hall; Media Pa 
Greenawalt, Lillian DeForest e 600 W 



Greenawalt, Milton Howard e 360 E 19 

Bklyn N Y 
Greenberg, Alexander mec 3256 De- 
catur Av ; BS Columbia 
Greenberg, Bernard R c 1 E 101 
Greenberg, Charles gr 858 Fox St ; AB 

C C N Y 
Greenberg, David m 840 Forest Av ; 

Greenberg, Edythe e 126 Bainbridge St 

Bklyn N Y 
Greenberg, Elsa ed 600 W 163; AB 

Greenberg, Henry Clay / Livingston 

Hall; AB Trinity (N C) 
Greenberg, Herman c 563 Howard Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Greenberg, Jacob Abraham ;' 1242 Simp- 
son St 
Greenberg, Janet e 789 West End Av 
Greenberg, Ruby bu 5 E 104; 918 

Wheelock Rd Cleveland O 
Greenberg, Solomon e 365 Madison St 
Greenberger, Rose Esther e 1878 7th Av 
Greenblatt, Harold c 217 W no 
Greenblatt, Harry Aaron ed 108 Henry 

St; 181 Federal St Bridgeport Conn; 

Greenbaum, Ruth Leah pa 2880 Broad- 
way ; 862 Kenmore PI Bklyn N Y 
Greene, Arthur Linus / 633 W 115; 299 

Woodward Av Buffalo N Y 
Greene, Beatrice Inez e 259 W 92 ; 

Short Beach Conn 
Greene, Dorothy pa 945 Hoe Av 
Greene, Dorothy Somerville e 600 W 

114; 415 E Main St Crawfordsville 

Ind; AB Wellesley 
Greene, Edward Barrows gr 125 Belle- 

vue Av Upper Montclair N J ; AB 

Greene, Elsie e 600 W 114; 54 E First 

North St Salt Lake City Utah 
Greene, George Stephen e 401 E 143 
Greene, Harding Updike e 33 Beech Rd 

Ridgewood N J ; ME Columbia 
Greene, John Joseph c 134 W 67 
Greene, Mary K e Hastings-on-Hudson 

N Y 
Greene, Miriam S pa 159 Highwood Av 

Weehawken N J 

Greene, William Sherman Jr c 614 W 
113; 39 N Burnet St East Orange 
N J 

Greenfest, Max c Livingston Hall 

Greenfield, Charles c Suffern N Y 

Greengold, Isidore e 859 Longwood Av 

Greenhalgh, Ella Margaret bu 400 W 
118; Venango Pa; ME Clarion State 
Normal (Pa) 

Greenhall, Armand Lawrence c 600 W 

Greenland, Cyril W gr Mineralogy 
Dept, Schermerhorn ; BS Queens, AM 

Greenlaw, Vera Elizabeth pa 109 LeRoy 
St ; Flagstaff Ariz 

Greenman, Herman c 1293 East New 
York Av Bklyn N Y 

Greenman, Marian H bu 416 W 118; 
27 N Church St Cortland N Y 

Greenough, George Bartlett / Livingston 
Hall ; 205 Broadway Saranac Lake 
N Y; AB Columbia 

Greenspan, Albert Louis e 777 West 
End Av 

Greenspan, George bu 777 West End Av 

Greenspan, Miriam e 777 West End Av 

Greenstein, Louis m 1594 Eastern 
Pkway Bklyn N Y 

Greenwald, Carolyn e 2 W 101 

Greenwald, Celia e 168 W 120 

Greenwald, Irving c 320 W 96 

Greenwald, Willard F mec 561 W 147; 
BS Columbia 

Greenway, Charles Thomas ed 541 Lex- 
ington Av ; 12 Iowa Circle Washing- 
ton D C 

Greenway, Mrs Jessamine Swartwout 
ed 541 Lexington Av; 12 Iowa Circle 
Washington D C ; AB George Wash- 
ington Univ 

Greenwood, Irene Gladys « 41 E 83; 
82 Kittredge St Roslindale Mass 

Greenwood, Ruth ed 186 Prospect St 
Nutley N J; 64 Glen Av Phillips- 
burg N J 

Greenwood, Westwell e 519 W 121 ; 48 
Burlington St Providence R I 

Greer, Elsie Mae ed \<> Hilton St East 
Orange N J 



Greer, James Micajah e Room 1015 21- 

24 State St; 812 North St Beaumont 

Tex ; LLB Texas 
Greer, Raymond Michael e 362 Under- 

cliff Av Edgewater N J 
Greer, Ruth Virginia pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; 408 College St Pikeville Ky 
Gregg, Alice Henrietta ed Seth Low 

Hall; Mars Bluff S C ; AB Winthrop 

Gregory, Gertrude A e 20 E 177 
Gregory, Lawrence Alfred e 594 St 

Ann's Av 
Gregory, Marie Fuhrer e 1445 Univer- 
sity Av 
Gregory, Vivian pa Whittier Hall; 601 

Maury PI Norfolk Va 
Greig, Mary Angus gr 523 W 121 ; BS 

Greminger, Marguerite Eleanor e 

Bronxville N Y 
Greve, Harriet Cone gr 520 E 77 ; 

Chattanooga Tenn ; AB Tennessee, 

AM Columbia 
Grenzbach, Frances A pa 145 W 122 
Gribbon, Harry Thomas e 314 E 159 
Gridley, Mary Amanda pa 447 W 140 
Grieb, Clarence George c 540 W 113; 

513 Court St Syracuse N Y 
Griep, Emma Marie e 416 E 26; Anita 

Gries, Jessie / Furnald Hall; 16 Hill 

St Bloomfield N J 
Griffen, Edna Rosebelle e 288 W 12 
Griffen, Edward Ellis e 37 Brevoort 

pi Bklyn N Y 
Griffen, Joseph Carpenter c 70 Prospect 

St Port Chester N Y 
Griffin, Agnes Ophelia m 13 Gay St; 

High Point N C ; AB Hunter 
Griffin, Francis Xavier e 614 E 168 
Griffin, Gerald James e 3056 Albany 

Crescent Av Kings 
Griffin, Maude Elsie e 162 W 122 
Griffis, Dorothea Nixon e 130 W 11 
Griffith, Dalton Aver e c/o Terry Mfg 

Co Grand Central Term ; 92 Hamilton 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Griffith, Mildred Taylor pa Whittier 

Hall ; 902 Frederica St Owensboro 


Griffiths, L Martha e 1680 Nelson Av 
Griffiths, Mary Rose M gr 1680 Nelson 

Av ; AB, MA Columbia 
Griggs, Adele Virginia pa 431 W 121 ; 

Eureka Utah 
Griggs, Clarence Raymond e Union N J 
Grill, Guido Emile e 90 Alter Av Don- 

gan Hills S I N Y 
Grilor, Ellen Douglas gr Hotel Le Mar- 
quis ; 692 Poplar Av Memphis Tenn ; 

AB Vassar 
Grimaldi, Lena Lucy e 762 E 213 
Grimbilas, Peter e 543 Union St Wee- 

hawken N J 
Grimes, Anna Lawrence pa 420 W 121; 

Ayden N C 
Grimes, Richard c 242 Macon St Bklyn 

N Y 
Grimmesey, Albert Lewis c Livingston 

Hall ; 42 Settlement Yokohama Japan 
Grimmesey, Orris Robert c Livingston 

Hall; 3 u N Eighth St Vineland N J 
Grimminger, John William / 66 Clinton 

Av Jersey City N J ; AB Columbia 
Grimshaw, Elliott Worrall c 608 W 

113; Roosevelt Hospital 
Grinnell, Robert Stone m 36 E 50 ; AB 

Grisewood, Edgar Norman c 411 Argyle 

Rd Bklyn N Y 
Grisez, Maurice e 32 Sterling PI Edge- 
water N J 
Griswold, Dixon Blodgett c 151 Edgar 

Lane Hastings-on-Hudson N Y 
Griswold, Dorothy Rupert ed 239 E 14; 

71 N Ritter Av Indianapolis Ind ; AB 

Butler College 
Griswold, Matthew Jr m 346 W 57; 265 

\V 10 Erie Pa; AB Yale 
Grobbelaar, Hendrik Jacobus c Colum- 
bia Univ ; Senchol O F S South 

Grodin, Thomas Murray m 263 Floyd 

St Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Grody, Sara Estelle e 416 W 118; 45 

Avon St Hartford Conn 
Groehl, Marion Ruth b 527 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Groendyk, Hubert Fitzgerald e 31 Bond 

St Passaic N J 



Groendyk, James Gerald e 363 Paulison 

Av Passaic N J 
Grof. Jessie e 5 Acker Av Ossining N 

Y; AB Columbia 
Grogin, James Isidor e 95 Forsyth 
Groh, Elsie Barbara e 425 W 118; 

Cattaraugus N Y 

de Groot, Edith Marjorie ed Mineola 

LINY; Ronkonkoma LINY; 

BA N Y State College for Teachers 

Groothuis, Morton B c 358 Wadsworth 

Grosof, Nathan e 493 Glenmore Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Gross, Ada b 166 Henry St 
Gross, Adam John e 522 W 152 
Gross, Arthur Sanford e 1089 Tiffany 

Gross, Beatrice Rittenberg e 203 W 81 ; 

AB Columbia 
Gross, Clara Cecelia ed 1230 Amster- 
dam Av; Main St Lock Haven Pa 
Gross, Elizabeth HayHen e 128 25 Elm- 
hurst L I N Y; AB Smith 
Gross, Gertrude e 2524 Linden St Bklyn 

N Y 
Gross, Harriet Beatrice e 307 W 102 
Gross, Irene Treat e 128 25 Elmhurst 

L I; AB Smith 
Gross, Louis c 2466 Marion Av 
Grossman, Abraham e 261 W 30 
Grossman, Bertha e 108 W 115 
Grossman, Harold e 855 Kelly St 
Grossman, Harry Wolf e 108 W 115 
Grossman, Harold Maurice e 1038 Faile 

Grossman, Helen bu 2^7 Grand Av 
Grossman, James Mortimer c Spring- 
field N J 
Grossman, Lester c 227 Hancock St 

Bklyn N Y 
Grossman, Lillian e 229 W 97 
Grossman, Paul e 1222 Wheeler Av; 

BCS New York 
Grossnickle, Foster Earl ed 90 Mt View 
Av Nutley N J ; Myersville Md ; AB 
Blue Ridge College, AM U of Pa 
Groth, Edward e 319 Blum St Wee- 

hawken N J 
Grotjan, Aticetinc L c 425 Nostrand 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Grout, Edith Nellie e 1 St Nicholas 

Ter; East Arlington Vt; AB Middle- 
Grover, Ida Amberman ed 18 Bergen 

PI Red Bank N J ; BS Columbia 
Groves, Mary Imelda pa Madison Sq 

Hotel ; 362 E Merrimack St Lowell 

Gruber, Harry Karl e 176 Stewart Av 

Arlington N J ; Sayville LINY 
Grubert, Raymond Francis e 656 E 164 
Grubman, Paul pa 1672 Union St Bklyn 

N Y 
Grubs, Jesse Joseph c 2454 Webb Av 
Gruenebaum, Joseph c 465 Washington 

Gruenebaum, Sidney e 43 Exchange PI; 

45 Gard Av Bronxville N Y 
Gruhn, Maurice Mitchell e 29 Clare- 

mont Av 
Grumet, Jacob / 1 1 Av D ; AB C C N Y 
Grundy, Gladys Wilhelmina pa 8 Zabris- 

kie St Haledon N J 
Grundy, Marjorie Helen pa 8 Zabriskie 

St Haledon N J 
Grunsfeld, Elinor Louise e 151 W 86 
Grupe, William e 218 W 18 
Guck, Irving A c 1472 President St 

Bklyn N Y 
Guedalia, Jules c 536 W 113 
Guercken, Valentine b 1 W 93 
Guerdan, Elsie Mary b 138 Highpoint 

Av Weehawken Hts N J 
Guerriero, Arnold Pasquel c 112 W 117 
Guggenheimer, Cilia Virginia m 251 W 

98; 313 Washington St Lynchburg 

Va; AB Sweet Briar College 
Guida, Madeline Josephine c 2282 8th 

Guida, Thomas Joseph c 1579 Madison 

Guidarova, Sara £ 419 W 129 
Guidise, Edward Aruthur c 707 Broad- 
way c/o Cohen & Lang; 21 New 

Main St Haverstraw N Y 
Guiglia, Alfonso Facchetti <• Plata 

Guiglia, Lascha Facchetti 
Guild, Wm Everhard c 429 W 117; 

Scarsdalc N Y 



Guilet, John Parker c 58 51 St Forest 

Hills N Y 
Guillet, Alma Clark ed 514 W 122; BS 

Guilshan, John Henry / 354 W 120 
Guimes, Marie B e 397 Manhattan Av 
Guiney, Mrs Irene MacDiarmid ed 529 

W 123; Cortland N Y 
Guiney, John Bernard ed 529 W 123; 

Potsdam N Y ; BS Columbia 
Guinness, Arthur Bennett m 437 W 59; 

21 Bruce Av Yonkers N Y 
Guinness, Ralph Benjamin e 1947 E 16 

Bklyn N Y ;' AB C C N Y 
Guinness, William F c 21 Bruce Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Guiterman, Robert bu 545 Win 
Guizberg, Isidore Isaac c Hartley Hall 
Gulick, Walter L c Gladstone N J 
Gulliver, Harold Strong gr 3149 Broad- 
way; 51 Walnut St Waterbury Conn; 

AB Yale 
Gumchian, Garabed H e 420 W 116 
Gumina, George Bert e 297 E 10 
Gump, Mary Carolyn pa Whittier Hall ; 

Johnson City Tenn 
Gumpert, Bertram Jay e 530 W 159 
Gunn, Carolyn Elizabeth pa 324 W 83 ; 

Sunderland Mass 
Gunn, Mary Elizabeth ed 118 W 90; 

AB Hunter 
Gunn, Olive Elizabeth b 170 W 105 
Gunter, Frank Lester e 364 W 117 
Gunther, Gustav Paul e 145 W 84 
Gunther, Erna gr Barnard College; 198 

DeKalb Av Bklyn N Y ; AB, AM Co- 
Gunther, Henry e 17 Post Av 
Gurley, Royal e 117 W 86 
Gurnee, Lois Adele b John Jay Hall; 

168 Diamond Bridge Av Hawthorne 

N J 
Gushee, Edith M ed 1105 Amsterdam 

Av ; 92 Fuller St Dorchester Mass 
Gussow, Isidor Irwin e Box 507 Far 

Rockaway LINY 
Gustow, Rose e 622 W 135 
Gutfarb, Ellen e 1403 45 Bklyn N Y 
Gutfarb, Geo e 1405 45 Bklyn N Y 
Guthrie, Arthur Furman / Morganton 

Ga; AB Mercer 

Guthrie, Phoebe Anna b 232 En 
Guthrie, Grace e 610 W 116; AB, AM 

Gutierrez Rubi c 8 W 92 
Gutman, James gr 2 W 64 ; 2 W 86; 

AB, AM Columbia 
Gutman, Margaret Benjamin gr 142 W 

87; AB, AM Smith 
Gutman, Pauline Elwick ed 30 W 70 ; 

AB Wellesley 
Gutmann, Jeanette Mack m 2 W 86 ; 

285 Central Pk W; AB Wellesley 
Gutmann, Mabel in 2 W 89 ; AB Co- 
Gutowitz, Louis David e Tompkins 

Hall ; Amityville L I 
Gutowski, Walter Thomas m 338 High 

St Perth Amboy N J ; BS Columbia 
Guy, Eleanor Marjorie b 101 W 83 
Guzzetto, Joseph / Morris Hall; Easton 

Pa; PhB Lafayette 
Gwynn, Marion Hayes e 215 W 23 
Gyokushu, Shibata gr 330 E 57 ; B Litt 

Imperial Univ (Tokyo) 
Gyss, Emile Edmond mec 92 Hamilton 

Av Yonkers N Y; AB Columbia 
Haaren, Clarence S e 2446 Creston Av ; 

LLB Fordham 
Haas, Eda Freda e 1239 Franklin Av 
Haas, George Gabriel / 75 Greenridge 

Av White Plains N Y 
Haas, Ruth Violet pa 1041 Morris Av 
Habas, Oscar c 669 Manhattan Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Habenicht, Otto John c Hartley Hall; 

3814 W 26 Chicago 111 
Habein, Natalie Anita gr 520 W 122; 

Waseca Minn ; AB Carleton College 
Haber, Harold e 842 Hewitt PI 
Habicht, Charmion W e 650 West End 

Habighorst, Ernest Henry c 614 W 113 ; 

4947 Chichester Av Richmond Hill 

N Y 
Habric, Edward D e 1979 E Ninth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Hachimonji, Kumezo e 102 W 123 ; 57 

Ogawara, Miyagiker Japan 
Hackbusch, Florentine ed 105 E 22; 

Chester N Y; AB Kansas, MA New 



Hacker, Glenn A e Palisade N J ; Day- 
ton Mont 

Hacker, Louis Morton e 67 Manhattan 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Hackman, Louis Henry e 19 Bryan PI 
Jersey City N J 

Hackman, Mary Julia pa 620 W 122; 
Mt Union Pa 

Hackney, Kate Bertha ed 519 W 121 ; 
22 Bearden Av Asheville N C 

Hadden, Alexander c 608 W 113; 420a 
Lafayette Av Bklyn N Y 

Haddock, Nellie P ed 509 W 121 ; Nor- 
walk Cal 

Hadel, Edward August c 22 Charles St 
Cortland N Y 

Haden, Beatrice Shelton e 145 W 87 

Haden, Robinson Matthew c 677 E 232 ; 
PhG Columbia 

Hadley, Grace Ellis pa 509 W 121 ; 86 
N 10 Noblesville Ind 

Haeberle, Carl Frederick e 431 Audu- 
bon Av; 1625 E 49 Cleveland O; BS 
Case School 

Haecker, Mary Mendota ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 1416 E 41 Seattle Wash; 
AB Univ of Washington 

Haerle, Frank Joseph e 391 Cornelia 
St Bklyn N Y 

Haeseler, Kurt W e c/o Mr J C Morrell 
Havemeyer Hall ; c/o Coxe 370 W 

Haessler, John Charles e 302 Tompkins 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Hafnor, Hans e Nikin Ranhane & Co 
Inc 140 Nassau; 23 Fourth St Wood- 
side LINY 

Hagaman, Clifford John c 529 W 123; 
151 Gordon St Perth Amboy N J 

Hagan, Agnes e 88 Elliott Av Yonkers 
N Y 

Hagedorn, Estelle e 308 W 107; 1520 
Spruce St Phila Pa 

Haggerty, Martin Luther e 61 Broad- 
way; 324 Lookout Av Hackensack 
N J 

Haglund, Algot E e 1220 45 Bklyn N Y 

Hagemann, Marjorie Caroline e 98 Ra- 
vine Av Yonkers N Y 

Hahn, Edith e 541 W 141 ; AB Hunter 

Hahn, Ethel e 185 Clinton St 

Hahn, Herbert c 26 W 91 

Hahn, Irma gr 333 Central Pk W ; AB 

Hahn, J Jacob e 716 W 180 
Hahn, Louise Joan e 590 West End Av 
Hahn, Pauline A e 141 Broadway; 902 

Maple St North Bergen N J 
Hahn, Peter Jr e 4293 Park Av 
Hahn, Walter Ferdinand c 627 W 115; 

541 W 141 
Hahn, William Horace e 413 Sterling 

PI Bklyn N Y 
Haig, Phyllis Letitia Wakeley b Brooks 

Hall; Haigville Nebr 
Haigh, Susanna E S m 39 Hillcrest Av 

Summit N J ; AB Vassar 
Haigh, Angelica Van Rensselaer gr 39 

Hillcrest Av Summit N J 
Haikin, Elsie D e 1 E 115 
Haile, Bonnybel Daniel pa 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 54 S 17 Paris Tex 
Haile, Virginia Augusta ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr; 54 S 17 Paris Tex 
Haines, Chas Everett m 211 Clinton 

St ; 32 Manchester St Nashua N H ; 

AB Michigan, BS Columbia 
Hains, Florence Irene pa 118 Tuers Av 

Jersey City N J ; 410 E Chestnut St 

Lebanon Pa 
Hair, Horace Murray c 226 Central Pk 

Hakanson, Joel e 1935 Daly Av 
Halberg, Anna Dorothea ed 509 W 121 ; 

Mishicot Wis 
Halberstaat, Josephine e 150 Shepard 

Av Newark N J 
Haldenstein, Herbert Walter / 321 W 

92 ; AB Columbia 
Hale, Clifford Robinson c Canton N Y 
Hale, Henry Tracy e 278 6th Av Bklyn 

N Y ; AB Williams, LLB Harvard 
Hale, Louise Kent pa 420 W 118; 312 

Seventh St Traverse City Mich 
Hale, Robert Beverly c 434 Riverside 

Hale, Robert Lloyd c Hartley Hall; 

Canton N Y 
Haley, Dorothy Beatrice ed 90 Mt Heb- 
ron Rd Upper Montclair N J 
Haley, Frances J e 6 Convent Av ; 

Shrewsbury Av Red Bank N J 



Haley, Nelle ed 514 W 122; Areola 

Hall, Berenice May e 116 Mason St 

Greenwich Conn ; 55 Ashley St Hart- 
ford Conn ; PhB Vermont 
Hall, Blanche Freeman e Mt Sinai 

Training School for Nurses Madison 

Av & 1 01 
Hall, Dorothea e 15 E 75 
Hall, Douglas e c/o Columbia Univ ; 

no W South St Kalamazoo Mich 
Hall, Edgar Mansfield e 38 W 48; 1022 

Dayton St Cincinnati O 
Hall, Edward Leverich ed 347 Madison 

Av; AB Illinois 
Hall, Edward e 12 E Clarke PI South 

Orange N J 
Hall, Esther Pauline ed Westwood N J ; 

Perrysburg N Y 
Hall, Ethel Minerva ed 415 W 115; 

PdB N Y State Normal College 
Hall, Frances Smith pa Whittier Hall; 

301 W Montgomery Milledgeville Ga 
Hall, George Berrian e 473 W 140 
Hall, Henry Edwin e 39 Westevelt Av 

Plainfield N J 
Hall, John e 88 Worth St; Freehold 

N J; BS Mass Inst Tech 
Hall, Mary Bradt b 311 W 94 
Hall, Mary Elizabeth b c/o L Michel 

697 Madison Av ; Monroe N Y 
Hall, Maude Manuell gr Bancroft Hall; 

BS Columbia 
Hall, Rachel Elizabeth gr 3089 Broad- 
way ; College Campus Easton Pa ; AB 

Mt Holyoke 
Hall, Robert Mantor e 401 W 152 
Hall, Ruth Jeannette e 20 Lenox Av 

East Orange N J ; 30 Summer St 

Fitchburg Mass 
Hall, Ruth S b 150 W 92 
Hall, Stanley Cheney c 106 Central Pk 

W ; Greenwich Village Mass 
Hall, Stephen Curtis e Hartley Hall; 15 

Howard St Melrose Mass 
Halladay, John Stuart e Lincoln St 

Englewood N J 
Hallan, Arthur Clarence c Livingston 

Hall; 1704 E Madison St Seattle 


Hallerman, Herman e 654 Osborn St 
Bklyn N Y 

Hallett, Thirza Barberie pa 420 W 119; 
Weymouth N S Can 

Ilallman, Harold Edward e Noroton 
Hts Conn 

Hallock, Allen Robert gr 85 Shepard 
Av East Orange N J ; AB, MA Ham- 

Hallock, Edward Story mec 215 S 5th 
Av Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Columbia 

Hallock, Ethel Fleet pa 106 Morningside 
Dr ; Greenville Miss 

Hallock, Ethel Fleet pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Greenville Miss 

Hallock, Halford m 136 Park Av Leonia 
N J 

Hallock, Henry Parker Jr / 1414 Wood- 
haven Blvd Woodhaven N Y 

Hallock, Lucy Jane b 2244 Bronx Blvd 

Hallock, Orrin Stoddard c 627 W 115; 
14 1 4 Woodhaven Blvd Woodhaven 
L I 

Hallock, William Henry e 3709 Barnes 

Halloran, Wm Frederick ed 514 Magi^ 
St Elizabeth N J; BS, MA Columbia 

Halpern, Harry gr 905 E 15 Bklyn N 
Y; AB C C N Y 

Halpern, Julius e 151 2d Av 

Halpern, Marie Mrs e 682 3d Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Halpern, Michael e 141 Pitt St 

Halpern, Miriam e 1416 Stebbins Av 

Halpert, Esther e 736 Riverside Dr 

Halpert, Pauline Marjorie e Hotel Con- 
tinental ; 602 Washington Av Scran- 
ton Pa 

Halsell, Maurine b John Jay Hall; 3600 
Crescent Av Dallas Tex 

Halsey, Harvey Randolph c 135 Lincoln 
pi Bklyn N Y 

Halsey, Warren Webb ed Locust Av 
Garwood N J ; BS Columbia 

Haisted, Frances Jane gr 431 W 121 ; 
810 James St Syracuse N Y; AB 

Hamanaka Koshin gr 102 W 123; AB 
Centre College; MA Columbia 

Hamblen, Imogen Adams ed 600 W 
127 ; Granville O ; BPh Denison 



Hamblin, Jean Marie pa 171 1 Univer- 
sity Av 

Hambret, Albert John Jr c 35 St Nicho- 
las Ter 

Hamburger, Edna Rosalind gr 693 Beck 
St; AB Hunter ' 

Hamburger, Esther e 250 AV 103 

Hamburger, Helen C e 693 Beck St 

Hamburger, Mildred e 250 W 103 

Hamburger, Selma Van Leer e Furnald 
Hall; 2221 Linden Av Baltimore Md ; 
AB Goucher College 

Hamcke, William Nicholas e 1704 Stan- 
hope St Bklyn N Y 

Hamelman, Mary Tresa e Manhattan 
State Hosp Ward's Island N Y; 117 
River St Hornell N Y 

Hamilton, Ann e 17 E 86; E Broad 
St Bexley Columbus O 

Hamilton, Clarence Herbert gr Union 
Theological Seminary; 118 E Wysor 
St Muncie Ind ; AB, PhD Chicago 

Hamilton, Fred Jones e 161 W 84 c/o 
W Effer; 10 Pearl St Port Jervis N Y 

Hamilton, Helen Chandler pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 173 Park Av East 
Orange N J 

Hamilton, Helen M ed 537 W 121 ; AB 
Smith, BPd N Y State College 

Hamilton, Lee pa 106 Morningside Dr ; 
Texarkana, Ark; MS Beaumont Col- 

Hamilton, Leonard K e 50 E 119 

Hamilton, M Bernice cd 878 S 17 New- 
ark N J; AB Goucher College 

Hamilton, Margaret Fownes e River- 
dale-on-Hudson N Y 

Hamilton, Perry Elwood / 3143 Broad- 
way; 1 214 Campbell Av Roanoke Va ; 
AB Richmond College, AM Virginia 

Hamilton, Rowland W e 534 W 124; 28 
Alderman St Springfield Mass 

Hamilton, William Leon e 424 Central 
Pk W; Coxsackie N Y 

Hamlen, James Monroe c 43 Jefferson 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Hamlin, Bryan / 750 St Nicholas Av ; 
AB Williams 

Hamlin, Southmayd C c 330 Egmont Av 
Mt Vernon N Y 

Hammack, Bert Leslie e 409 W 23; 791 
W Pinetree Atlanta Ga 

Hammarstrang, Anne M gr 401 W 118; 
Uniontown Pa 

Hammarstrom, Charles Archibald e 263 
Prospect PI Bklyn N Y ; AB Col- 

Hammel, Anna e 354 Wadsworth Av 

Hammell, Olive Elisabeth ed High 
School Westfield N J ; Absecon N J 

Hammer, Armand m Hotel Ansonia ; 
AB Columbia 

Hammerling, Max / c/o T Cook & Son 
245 Broadway; ion Boardwalk At- 
lantic City N J 

Hammett, Louis Plack gr 875 W 181 ; 
41 Thomas St Portland Me; AB Har- 

Hammond, Adile Sloane b 9 E 91 

Hammond, Elizabeth e 2S7 Ryerson St 
Bklyn N Y ; AB Vassar 

Hammond, Frances Hardy ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; Islip L I N Y ; AB, AM 
Vanderbilt, MA Radcliffe 

Hammond, Frederic Prescott Jr c 628 
W 114 

Hammond, Lawrence Edwards e 561 W 

Hammond Stephen Howland / Morris 
Hall; 10th and Main Sts Upland Pa 

Hammonds, Fred Richard c Hastings- 
on-Hudson N Y 

Hampson, Irving William e 466 S 
Broadway Yonkers N Y 

Hampton, Vernon Boyce c 213 Heberton 
Av Port Richmond SINY 

Hanada, Junichi c 223 Central Park 

Hanauer, Siegfried e 740 West End Av 

Hanauer, Sylvan Leonard mec 526 W 
11 1 ; AB Columbia 

Hanaway, Roy Clark e 55 Marvin Av 
Hempstead LINY; Nassau Rd and 
Oak Av Hempstead L I N Y; AB 

Hanch, Hazel Marie pa Whittier Hall ; 
Stevenson Hotel Detroit Mich; BS 
Maryland College 

Hancharow, Robert c 919 Fox St 

Hancock, Eliza Frances c 904 Lexing- 
ton Av ; East Hard wick Vt 



Hand, John Joseph e 542 E 79 

Hand, Kenneth Cromwell / Third & 

Division Sts Keyport N J ; AB Rut- 
Hand, Oliver King e 526 W 122; AB 

Columbia, CPA Regents State N Y 
Handel, Abraham Joseph e 200 Win 
Handel, Miriam e Colonial Hall Ar- 

verne LINY 
Handman, Ida Henrietta e 8665 21st Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Handy, Margaret Adair ed 133 W 

Fourth ; AB Denver 
Handy, Marian ed 431 W 121 ; AB 

Western Maryland College, BS Col- 
Handy, Robert Morton c 102 Remsen 

St Bklyn N Y ; Box 468 Boulder Colo 
Hanes, Neibert Bartram a Hartley Hall ; 

821 W Jefferson St Springfield 111 
Hanf, Nellie Florence e 3 W 102 
Hanin, Simon A e c/o Sandler 51 E 122 
Hankinson, Katherine Cecile b 529 W 

Hanley, Thomas Richard / 1406 Penn- 
sylvania Av Wilmington Del ; AB 

Hanlon, Mary Francine e 106 E 176 
Hanlon, Walter Gerard c Stapleton S I 

N Y 
Hanlon, Walter Joseph e 106 E 176 
Hanna, Jeannette Louise e 1516 St 

Nicholas Av 
Hanna, Ray X e 114 W 90 
Hanneken, Bernard e 419 12 West New 

York N J 
Hannum, Margaret Louise b 115 Ames 

Av Leonia N J 
Hanscom, Margaret Elsie e 540 W 136 
Hansen, George e Hansen Produce Co 
Hansen, Harry Edward e 520 W 123 
Hansen, Mildred Violet b 166 W 129; 

5127 N 18 Omaha Nebr 
Hansen, Ruth M pa Whittier Hall; 191 1 

7th Av Troy N Y 
Hansen, Waldemar Conrad gr 270 Fort 

Washington Av ; Spearfish S Dak ; 

BS Montana 
Hansen, Walter August e 904 52 Bklyn 

N Y 
Hanson, Agnes e 867 W 181 

Hanson, Annold J e 339 E 80 

Hanson, Henrietta pa 4517 6th Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Hanson, Marguerite pa 197 Monroe St 
Bklyn N Y 

Hanson, Richard Locke c 565 W 113; 
620 W 122 

Hanson, Whittier Lorenz ed 509 W 
121 ; AB Indiana, AM Columbia 

Hanson, Zelma gr 397 Bergen St Bklyn 
N Y; AB Adelphi College 

Hanssen, Eilif Carl m 461 Ovington Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Hanway, Verna Weston pa 160 Waverly 

Kanyen, Jennie Maude pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av; 818 Myrtle St Scranton Pa 

Happersburger, Paula pa 330 W 95 ; 
1 719 Dexter Av Cincinnati O 

Harada, Taichi gr 102 W 123; AB 

Harada, Kichi (Miss) e 604 Riverside 
Dr; 336 Ashikaga Japan; MA Col- 

Harap, Henry ed 436 W 2j ; 427 12th 
Av Astoria L I ; BS C C N Y, MA 

Harbaugh, Donald Lucian c 558 W 113; 
Atlas Bolt & Screw Co Cleveland 

Harber, Carl c 1987 Washington Av 

Harden, Edwin Aloysius c 194 Hewes 
St Bklyn N Y 

Harden, Emma Grace e 252 W 74 

Hardie, David e 50 Fourth St Ridge- 
field Park N J 

Hardie, Orla pa 208 31 St Woodcliff 
N J 

Harding, Caleb Albert / 20 Morning- 
side Av ; 732 Park St Hartford Conn; 
AB Trinity (Conn) 

Harding, Ernest Arthur ed 31 Grover 
Av West Paterson N J 

Hardy, Edward Rochie c 419 W 118 

Hardy, T A Belcher e 419 W 118; AB 
Boston Univ, MD Cornell, AM, LLD 
New York 

Hardy, LeGrand Haven m City Hosp 
B I; 1224 Lake St Salt Lake City 
Utah; AB Brigham Young Univ, BS 



Hardy, Lida Meacham e 4 N 10 Mt 
Vernon N Y; 1731 Lane St Topeka 

Harford, Crystal gr 106 Morningside 
Av ; Petaluma Cal ; BL California 

Hargrove, Howard Clinton e 18 Roan- 
oke Av Fairfield Conn 

Harkness, Archie Wheaton c 419 W 
121 ; Randolph N Y 

Harlo, Nannette Frances e 445 W 153; 
AB, AM Columbia 

Harlow, Elisabeth b 325 W 86 

Harmon, Helen Hayes pa N Y C Chil- 
dren's Hospital Randall's Island ; 
1243 W Fourth St Williamsport Pa 

Harmon, Carol Mirelo e 1831 7th Av 

Harmon, Ira Allen e 521 W 112 

Harmon, Lena W e 419 W 119; AB 

Harms, Alice Mathilda e 145 Fourth St 
Woodside N Y 

Harner, Herman Edwin j 180 Clare- 
mont Av ; Xenia O; BS Antioch 

Harnett, Daniel Edward c 207 W 106; 
45 W Mohawk St Buffalo N Y 

Harney, Frank Vincent e 201 E 30 

Harney, Loretto B e 16 Magnolia Av 
Jersey City N J 

Harney, Mary Stewart (Mrs) ed 420 W 
116; Maple Lane Shields Pa 

Harper, Helen gr 112 Cottage Av Mt 
Vernon N Y ; AB Wells 

Harper, Kenneth R ed 227 Seaman St 
New Brunswick N J 

Harper, Lillie Hyde e 839 Madison Av ; 
c/o Mr James Harper 66 Harmon 
Av Pelham N Y 

Harpootlian, Satenig Mary b John Jay 
Hall; 69 Jewell St Forest Hills L I 
N Y 

Harriman, Bertha Mary e City Hosp 
Blackwells Island; Millertown New- 

Harriman, Marjorie e 326 W 83 

Harrington, Gove Benedict c 328 Con- 
vent Av 

Harrington, Julian Fiske e 85 Berwyn 
St Orange N J ; 29 Maynard Rd 
Framingham Mass 

Harrington, Mabel ed 35-37 E 62; 163 

High St Middletown Conn; AB Mt 

Harrington, Mary K e P O Box 17 

Woodhaven LINY 
Harrington, Patrick Joseph e 1755 Park 

Harrington, Virginia Draper b 328 Con- 
vent Av 
Harris, Alan Lincoln e Hartsdale N Y 
Harris, Arthur A e 9 Pinehurst Av 
Harris, Ben Arthur / 35 Claremont Av ; 

AB Stanford Univ 
Harris, Bertha Ruth e 63 Storms Av 

Jersey City N J 
Harris, Bessie e 63 Storms Av Jersey 

City N J 
Harris, Bertram Harold c 314 W 100 
Harris, Carlos G / 420 W 121 ; Spar- 
tanburg S C; BS Clemson College 
Harris, Dorothy Estelle b John Jay 

Hall ; Stamford N Y 
Harris, Elizabeth Anne e 405 W 118; 

147 Adams St N W Washington D C 
Harris, Florence m 7 Bradford PI Mont- 

clair N J 
Harris, Florence B«8 Garden PI Bklyn 

N Y; 212 W Falconer St Falconer 

N Y; AB Cornell 
Harris, Frank W e 656 W 160 
Harris, Harvey Richter c 515 W in; 

3 Prospect PI Pittstoon Pa 
Harris, Isabel gr Furnald Hall ; c/o 

H H Harris Lynchburg Va ; AB 

Richmond College 
Harris, Jacob / 108 W 121 
Harris, Jacob Booth e 609 W 115; 30 

Elm St Southbridge Mass 
Harris, Julian Earle gr 565 W 113 ; The 

Deer Crossing Henderson N C ; AB 

North Carolina, AM Columbia 
Harris, K M c 627 W 115; 1922 E 

Fourth St Duluth Minn 
Harris, Mary Vose (Mrs) e 434 W 120; 

BA Wisconsin 
Harris, Matilda pa Nurses Home, City 

Hosp Blackwell's Island; 121 E Leroy 

Av Bowling Green O 
Harris, Max e 1400 University Av 
Harris, Milton e 1040 Simpson St 



Harris, Morris c 341 Chester St Bklyn 
N Y 

Harris, Pickens Elmer ed 418 W 118; 
Huntsville Tex ; AB Sam Houston 
State Normal (Texas) 

Harris, Pierson Penrose gr Union Theo- 
logical Seminary; 6391 Sherwood Rd 
Overbrook Philadelphia Pa; AB 

Harris, Ruth Martha £ 255 W 84 

Harris, Samuel David c Hartley Hall ; 
Stamford N Y 

Harris, Sidney e 229 Win 

Harris, Stanley G e 315 W 113; LLB 
New York 

Harrison, Alice Mary ed 37 Madison 
Av; Darlington Wis 

Harrison, Boyce Nelson e 59 Vander- 
veer Av Woodhaven N Y 

Hanison, Christopher J / 538 W 114; 
BS Columbia 

Harrison, Emma Dorsey ed 227 Harri- 
son Av Westfield N J 

Harrison, Florence L pa 600 W 114 

Harrison, Francis French m 318 W 57; 
54 S Mountain Av Montclair N J ; 
AB Yale 

Harrison, Helen Marie c Field Point 
Pk Greenwich Conn 

Harrison, Isabelle Ritchie b Brooks 
Hall ; Savannah Ga 

Harrison, Margaret Thorne pa Whittier 
Hall; 1115 5th Ave Asbury Park N J 

Harrison, Sterling c 35 S Willow St 
Monclair N J 

Harrison, Berlitz Maxime e 263 Edge- 
comb Av ; AB Vassar 

Harrow, Rose e 3228 Mermaid Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Harry, David P Jr ed Chatham N J; 
AB Swarthmore 

Harson, Harry Newman e 118 W 58 

Harstedt, Elva Grace e 461 Fort Wash- 
ington Av 

Hart, Abina Marie e 955 Grant Av 

Hart, Cyril John e 210 Fifth Ave 

Hart, C Stanley c Trenton N J 

Hart, Dorothy Delia pa 27 E 95 

Hart, Ella Mary e Hibernia N J 

Hart, Frances J e 129 E 10; AB Mount 

Hart, J Harold e 20 Morningside Av 

Hart, Hector MacBean gr 21 E 47 ; AB 
Washington State 

Hart, Henry John e 50 Church St Room 
1450; 45 Henry St Passaic N J 

Hart, James Francis / 159 Bruce Av 
Yonkers N Y AB Fordham 

Hart, Philip c 907 Freeman St ; LLB 
New York Law School, LLM Brook- 
lyn Law Schol 

Hartig, Beatrice Carno e 72 E 96 

Hartigan, Ethel Agnes e 789 Boulevard 
Bayonne N J 

Hartill, Leonard R ed Farmingdale L 
I ; BS Oregon, MS Ames 

Hartman, Herman George e 382 Wads- 
worth Av ; 71 14 Oxford Pike Phila- 

Hartman, Rose Catharine ed 37 Linden 
Av Irvington N J; 116 N Front St 
Reading Pa; BS Columbia 

Hartman, Viola Edith pa 304 Second 

Hartman, Eleanor Louise e 601 W 177 

Hartman, George W c 417 Kossuth St 
Town of Union N J 

Hartung, Edward F m 3277 Perry Av ; 
AB Columbia 

Hartung, Ethel Jane ed 188 Grand Av 
Englewood N J 

Hartz, Alma Elizabeth pa Seth Low 
Hall; Wilton Junction la 

Hartzler, Lloyd Swilley / 103 River- 
side Dr ; Hicksville O 

Harvey, Arthur Spencer e 10 Radford 
St Yonkers N Y 

Harvey, Edith pa 811 E 176 

Harvey, Harold Dortic gr 50 E 42 ; 
Lake Av Greenwich Conn ; Litt B 

Hasbrouck, Gladys e 519 W 121 ; Sheri- 
dan Wyo : AB Wyoming 

Hasbrouck, Lawrence c 333 Central 
Park West 

Haselton, Dorothy Frances e 501 W 
' 121 ; Cloverhurst PI Athens Ga 

Haserot. Francis Samuel gr 717 Sopho- 
more (Dormitories); 1786 Crawford 
Rd Cleveland O; BS Columbia 

Haskel, Merwin Richard e 520 W 144 

Haskell, Allen Wardlaw c 420 W 116 



Haskell, Marion Emma b 153 So Third 

Av Mount Vernon N Y ; 70 Constable 

St Malone N Y 
Haslam, Leona Elizabeth e Furnald 

Hall ; Kenvil N J 
Hassan, Ali A Jr mec 534 W 114; 365 

E 21 Bklyn N Y 
Hasseltine, Helen Louise pa 287 So 

Lexington Av White Plains N Y 
Hassinger, Howard Henry (Rev) gr 

General Theological Seminary 175 

Ninth Av; 289 Jefferson St Buffalo 

NY;AB Hobart 
Hassinger, John Herbert c 546 W 114; 

Larchmont N Y 
Hast, Louise ed 37 Madison Av; Estel- 

Line, S Dak 
Hastings, Albert Baird gr 10 Sherman 

Av; BS Michigan 
Hastings, Barbara Tudor pa Whittier 

Hall; 131 Overlook Av Hackensack 

N J 
Hastings, Carrie Louise gr 272 W 127; 

New Windsor Md ; AB Wellesley 
Hastings, Elinor Isabel ed 7 E 87 ; AB 

Hastings, Estelle Marguerite e Hotel 

Margaret Columbia Heights Bklyn 

N Y 
Hastings, George T gr 7 Robbins PI 

Yonkers N Y; BS Cornell 
Hastings, Sue C e 50 Morningside Dr 
Hastings, William Fairbank gr .27 De 

Kalb Av White Plains N Y; Pres- 

cott Mass; BS Haverford 
Hatch, Azel Farnsworth e 255 E Sixth 

Roselle N J ; AB Yale 
Hatch, Earl Andrew e 112 Cathedral 

Hatch, Theodore Alden e 70 E 77 ; 

PhB, MS Yale 
Hatcher, Charles Albert e 10427 112 St 

Richmond Hill L I 
Hajime, Yoshioka e 545 W 158 
Hatley, Charles Cleveland gr Columbia 

University ; Faymuths Blvd Mount 

Pleasant N C ; AB Trinity (N C) 
Hartorff, Elsa Marie b 30 Van Corlear 

PI Marble Hill 
Hatfield, Edwin Van Name c 3 W 8 St 
Haubt, Adam F e 

Haughey, Myrtle Alice e 596 River- 
side Dr 

Haugwitz, Lucian Stewart c 415 River- 
side Dr 

Hauk, Z William e 3805 Review PI 

Haule, Gustav Adolf Jr e 83 Hemp- 
stead Av Rockville Centre N Y 

Hauselt, Emma Louise e 144 W 122 

Hauser, Terrell c 529 W 113; Hooper 

Hausman, Jack e 717 Kelly St 

Haut, Irvine e 29 E 104 

Haut, Jules Louis e 29 E 104 

Haut, William e 29-31 E 104 

Hatitberque, Peter J Eugene £ 319 Reid 
Av Bklyn N Y ; BL Paris 

Havens, Ruth Mack ed Seth Low Hall ; 
28-30 Park Av Rochester N Y 

Haver, Jennie M ed Clinton N J 

Havres, Sylvia b John Jay Hall ; 82 
Conger Av Akron O 

Havey, Robert William e 17 Philipse 
PI Yonkers N Y 

Havican, Florence Agnes e 225 Robbins 
St Waterbury Conn 

Hawes, Josephine M ed 540 W 122; 
1621 Tenth Av Greeley Colo; AB, 
MA Colo State Teachers College 

Hawk, Nellie Sartoris e 8 Hoyt Av Fort 
Lee N J ; Rockaway N J 

Hawkes, Harry c Sound Beach Conn 

Hawkes, John Ballard mec, 415 W 117; 
AB Columbia 

Hawkins, Dexter Clarkson / 51 E 67; 
AB Harvard 

Hawkins, Edgar Winfield e 15 Summit 
PI Glen Cove L I 

Hawkins, Herbert Bishop bu Wool- 
worth Bldg; 476 Clinton Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Hawkinson, Charles E c Morris Hall ; 
500 Upson Av El Paso Tex 

Hawkins, Ida Isabelle pa 106 Morning- 
side; 10112 Empire Av Cleveland O 

Hawkins, Joseph George e 93 East End 

Hawley, Edith Adeline ed 510 W 124; 
BS, MA Columbia 

Hawley, Edmund Summers c 50 Van- 
derbilt Av ; AB Vale, LLB Harvard 



Hawley, Will Ashley gr Heanor, Derby- 
shire England; BD Yale 

Hawnhurst, Helen Ruth e 214 W 83 

Hawthorne, William Joseph c 131 1 Clin- 
ton Av 

Hay, Harry William e 600 Halsey St 
Bklyn N Y 

Hayde, Dora e 590 Fourth Av Long 
Island City N Y 

Hayes, Egbert McGinnis ed 521 W 122; 
Soochow China ; AB Michigan 

Hayes, Eva Morris (Mrs Egbert M) ed 
521 W 122; 76 Pingree Av Detroit; 
AB Michigan 

Hayes, Harold Richard e 1408 Second 

Hayes, Marion A ed 543 E 11 ; Sanga- 
tuck Mich ; AB Michigan 

Hayes, Mercy Jane ed 400 W 118; 115 
Griswold St Detroit Mich 

Hayes, Monard Vinson bu 528 W 123 
c/o Mrs Rees ; Deport Tex ; BS Mis- 

Hayes, Thomas e 81 W 50 

Hayes, William Whiting c 1327 70 
Bklyn N Y ; LLB Fordham 

Hayman, Harold Walter c 639 Wil- 
loughby Av Bklyn N Y 

Hayner, Charlotte Irene c 53 Ridge Rd 
Rutherford N J ; R F D 1 Troy N Y ; 
AB Cornell 

Hayner, Lucy Julia gr Furnald Hall ; 
Troy N Y R F D 1 ; AB, AM Co- 

Haynes, Jessie Pollard ed the Bancroft 
W 121 ; 1600 Second Av Richmond 

Haynes, Merritt Way ed 128 W Eighth 
St Bayonne N J ; AB Rochester 

Haynes, Winifred Nye c 126 Riverside 

Haynor, Harold N e 55 Elmwood Av 
Bogota N J 

Hays, Edna Ella gr Furnald Hall ; Win- 
chester Ky ; AB Kentucky Wesleyan 

Hays, Frances ed Seth Low Hall; 104 
Second Av Newark N J 

Hayward, Albert Barton e 143 Union 
Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Hayward, Elizabeth Johnson b Brooks 

Hall; 1836 N Delaware St Indianap- 
olis Ind 
Hayward, Janet Arnold b White Plains 

Rd Bronxville N Y 
Hayward, Myrtle Amy pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Bridgetown Nova Scotia 

Haywood, Gerald e 30 N 26 Flushing 

N Y 
Hazard, Helen Holiston ed Brooks 

Hall; 1038 17 Rock Island 111 
Hazeltine, Joseph Newhall e 440 River- 
side Dr 
Hazelton, Gertrude e Stamford Conn 
Hazen, Edna Jane ed 106 Morningside 

Dr; Albion Pa 
Hazen, Martha Merrill e 68 Atlantic St 

Hackensack N J ; AB Mount Holyoke 
Heacock. Willard J bit 173 W 85 
Healy, Anne DeBus e 425 W 124 
Healy, Charles Pratt c 540 W 113 
Hearn, Mrs Olive Withrow ed 217 W 

106; Bentonville Ark; AB Hendrix 

Hearn, Walter Anderson ed 217 W 106; 

18 Quinson Rd Shanghai China; AB 

Hendrix College 
Heath, Eleanor Hutchison b John Jay 

Hall ; 68 Marlboro St Belmont Mass 
Heathcock. Thomas Fenner / 519 W 

123; Union City Tenn ; AB, MA 

Heaton, Eugene Edward c 222 Fifth 

Av Long Island City N Y 
Heaton. Julia pa Whittier Hall Box 

184 ; Talapoosa Ga 
Heavenhill, Josephine gr 449 W 123; 

Winters Tex AB Texas 
Hebden, Marian Elizabeth pa Whittier 

Hall; 811 Third Av Williamsport Pa 
Hecht, Arthur Sampson c 464 Second 

Hecht, Samuel Theodore c 213 W 14 
Heck, Chester Reed ed 271 Madison 

Av Mapleton Depot Pa 
Heckelman, Isaac ^251 S Third St 

Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Heckeroth, Geo H e 318 W 57 
Heckert, Ruth Marion e Norwood N J 



Hector, Luther Grant gr 602 W 180; 

Clarendon Pa ; AB Oberlin 
Hedden, Dorothy e 335 13 Av Newark 

N J 
Hefferman, James Edward Jr e 15 14 

Appleton Av 
Heffner, M Helen ed 142 E 19; AB 

Heghinian, Marie pa 129 Kensington 

Av Jersey City N J 
Heghinian, Rose pa 129 Kensington Av 

Jersey City N J 
Heidenreich, Arthur T c 209 N Wyo- 
ming St Hazleton Pa 
Heidi, William e n Speedling PI Yon- 

kers N Y 
Heil, Eugene Joseph e 600 W 140 St 
Heil, Therese Beatrice e 600 W 140 
Heilbut, Lenore pa 233 Nott Av Long 

Island City N Y 
Heilbrun, Helen Ruth pa 464 Riverside 

Heilman, George Dewey bu 536 W 114; 

1240 Clay Av 
Heilman, Raymond Julius / 522 W 123; 

R F D 5 Oconomowoc Wis; AB, LLB 

Heimberger, Sylvia O pa Whittier Hall ; 

87 W Balcom St Buffalo N Y 
Heimerdinger, Lucy Emma e 81 E 79 
Hein, Monroe e 181 5 Seventh Av 
Heinemann, Emily M e 242 W 38 
Heinsheimer, Helene Louise e Furnald 

Hall ; Castile Apts Avonodale Cincin- 
nati O ; AB Cincinnati 
Heinzelman, Clara Margaret e 891 Trin- 
ity Av 
Heistein, William Harold bu Sigma 

Alpha Mu 322 W 108; 66 W 109 
Heithier, Luella A e 313 W 100 
Heitmanek, Charles c 1138 Forest Av 
Heitner, Anna A e 1144 Broadway; 115 

W in 
Heitsch, Mary pa Box 123 Whittier 

Hall; 15 School St Pontiac Mich 
Helbig, Dorothy Marie gr 216 W 105; 

AB Hunter 
Helle, Johannes O F c 3107 Bedford 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Heller, Abraham / 24 Trinity St Clare- 

mont N H; AB Dartmouth 

Heller, Alexander Gordon e 125 E 15 
Heller, Gerald David bu 316 W 71 
Heller, Henry R e 1468 Commonwealth 

Heller, Irving c 42 Sumner Av Bklyn 

N Y ; Sag Harbor N Y 
Heller, Louis R e 22 E 112 
Heller, Wm Gustav e 30 W 105 
Hellerman, Isaac e 215 Sackman St 

Bklyn N Y 
Hellgren, Bertha e 70 E 92 
Hellinger, Mark John e 67 E 90 
Helliwell, Charles Harold c Boys Club 

Avenue A and 10; Rural Valley Pa 
Heilman, Helen e 2303 Belmont Av; 

AB Hunter 
Helmer, Gail Hood e Nyack N Y 
Helmer, Harold Tousley e 847 Carroll 

St Bklyn N Y 
Helms, Ruth ed 1074 Washington Av; 

119 Palfrey St Watertown Mass; 

BRE Boston University 
Helmschmied, Fern Isabelle ed c/o Mrs 

B von Goerschen 564 W 173; 47 

Reservoir Av Meriden Conn ; BS Co- 
Hellner, Fred Nichelis / 762 Clark St 

Westfield N J ; AB Nebraska 
Helser, Albert D ed 417 W 120;' Thorn- 
vile O 
Helwig, Bertha Louise ed Bancroft 

Hall; 612 Humboldt Pky Buffalo 

N Y 
Helwig, Edward Paul c 633 W 115; 

711 E 18 Bklyn N Y 
Hemenway, Thomas ed 143 W 127; BS 

Mass Agri College 
Hemley, Samuel e 184 Joralemon St 

Bklyn N Y; DDS College of Dental 

and Oral Surgery 
Hemstreet, Myrtle Ruth /; 117 W 129 
Hendel, James Monroe gr Livingston 

Hall; 746 Centre Av Reading Pa; 

Litt B Princeton 
Henderson, Alexander George / Liv- 
ingston Hall : 58 Garden St Garden 

City N Y 
Henderson, Arthur Howard c 58 Garden 

St Garden City N Y 
Henderson, Frederick Whitehouse c 633 

W 115; 225 Church St Freeport N Y 



Henderson, Mildred Amy ed Seth Low 

Hall; 12 Tower St Worcester Mass 
Henderson, Rose e 590 W 172; AB 

Drake University 
Hendrickson, Dorothy Merle e 144 W 

133 ; AB Hunter 
Hendry, Robert Sedgwick gr 53 W 105; 

Huchow China ; AB Texas 
Henion, Herbert Edward c Sloatsburg 

Rockland Co N Y Box 65 
Henion, Marion ed Mamaroneck N Y ; 

Waldwick N J 
Henkel, Henry e 1986 Madison Av ; 127 

Willis Av 
Henle, Carye-Belle e 358 Madison Av 

Flushing N Y 
Hennelly, Thomas Francis e 525 Sec- 
ond St Bklyn N Y 
Hennesy, Coaina Madeleine e 353 W 

Hennessy, Thomas Francis e 101 Hu- 
guenot St New Rochele N Y 
Henrich, Marie Edith pa Whittier Hall; 

69 Northampton St Buffalo N Y 
Henriksen, Mary Henrietta pa Whittier 

Hall; 261 McLean Av Yonkers N Y 
Henricksen, Walter Bryngle e National 

Bank of Commerce, 31 Nassau St; 

1025 Lexington Av 
Henriques, Charlotte Lawrence b 515 

Smith St Peekskill N Y 
Henriques, Fernando / 120 Broadway; 

LLB New York, PhD Fordham 
Henry, Abraham S G gr 1 1 Morgan St 

Yonkers N Y; 1318 N Strieker St 

Baltimore Md ; AB Morgan College, 

MA Columbia 
Henry, Adele Virginia b John Jay Hall ; 

125 S 30 Flushing N Y 
Henry, Alexandes S Jr c ^33 Central 

Park West ; ME Columbia 
Henry, Andrew Luke e Fairmount W 

Henry, Anne Marie e Furnald Hall ; 

254 State St Perth Amboy N J 
Henry, Anne Merriman ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 1900 Emerson St Den- 
ver Colo ; AB Denver 
Henry, Arthur C e 545 W 123; Apollo 


ITenry, Eunice e 200 W 56; 4209 
Easton Av Dallas Tex 

Henry, Joseph e 761 E 223 

Henry, Leland Boyd ed Drew Theo- 
logical Seminary Madison N J ; 30 
Granger PI Buffalo N Y ; AB Syra- 

Henry, Lome James ed 600 W 122 ; 
253 Major St Toronto Canada; AB 

Henry, Marcella bu Furnald Hall ; 374 
W First St Dayton O 

Henry, Marion e 680 Putnam Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Henry, Merna Carrie pa 106 Morning- 
side Av ; 1 1 Lathrop Av Binghamton 
N Y 

Henschel, Egbert Joseph c 288 E 161 

Henschel, Henry Straus c 535 Potomac 
Av Buffalo N Y 

Henschel, Mervin Albert c 288 E 161 

Hensle, Charles William c 91 Fletcher 
Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Hentz, Olivia Warfield pa 511 W 112 

Hepburn, Clara Arabella pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av Box 39 ; North Broad St 
Bloomfield N J 

Hepburn, Helen Anne pa 537 W 121 ; 
156 Grange St Guelph Ont 

Hepp, Louis Barr e Hartley Hall Box 
99 ; Lititz Pa 

Hepenstal, Frederic e 42 Chase Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Herberg, Walter Augustus e 380 Elev- 
enth Av Astoria N Y 

Herbert, Alpha Nathan c 633 Amster- 
dam Av ; Oakhurst N J 

Herbert, Thomas F / Livingston Hall ; 
239 First St Newburgh N Y 

Herbsman. Samuel c 747 Third Av 

Herbst, Margaret Cecilia pa Whittier 
Hall ; Milford Pike Co Pa 

Herchman, Rose Doris pa Box 347 
Whittier Hall ; 25 Vineland Ter 
Hartford Conn 

Herckmans, Alfred c 66 W 46 

Hering, Paul Edmund e 140 W 69 

Hering, Raymond Melvin e Westwood 
N J 

Heritage, Ruby Arlette pa 544 W 140; 
1 2 14 S Cook St Spokane Wash 



Herman, Albert Laurence e 564 W 160 

Herman, Alexander e 151 1 Charlotte St 

Herman, Alexander bu 50 Morningside 

Herman, David Samuel m 36 Bristol 
St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 

Herman, Donald Warner m Hartley 
Hall ; Winsted Conn 

Herman, Florence pa 823 Manida St 

Herman, Rosalie e 3681 Broadway 

Hermance, Edith Lovin c 512 W 122; 
65 Bartlett Av Pittsfield Mass 

Hermann, Herbert Davis e Suite 1012 
320 Broadway; Sandersville Ga 

Hermansen, Ruth Amanda pa 2690 Val- 
entine Av 

Hernandez, Waldo Louis e 600 W 113 

Herndon, Henry Newton / Hartley 
Hall ; 203 Woodhef Av San Antonio 

Herr, Edward William c 1024 Ogden 

Herr, Mabel Sarah ed 226 Second St 
South Amboy N J ; 504 W Maine St 
Annville Pa AB Goucher College 

Herr, Marguerite Musser ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 115 E Clay St Lancaster 

Herr, Mark / 548 W 113; 318 Fabius 
St Syracuse N Y ; AB Syracuse 

Herrera, Aurora ed 548 Riverside Dr 

Herrera, Pilar Perez gr 1230 Amster- 
dam Av; 1 1 24 California St Manila 
Philippines; PhG, BS Univ of Philip- 
pines ; MA Columbia 

Herrick, Harold Lewis / 437 Manhattan 
Av; AB California 

Herrick, Marion Addie e 437 Manhat- 
tan Av 

Herrick, Millie Bell ed Seth Low Hall; 
1505 Lake St Elmira N Y; AB El- 
mira College 

Herrick, Wm Post m 61 E 73; MA 
Princeton, MD Columbia 

Herring, John Peabody e 509 W 121 ; 
AB Brown 

Herring, John P ed 509 W 121 ; AB 

Herring, Mary Burdick ed 509 W 121 

Herring, Virginia De Forest b 126 
Claremont Av 

Herrington, Dorothy pa Whittier Hall ; 
526 E Sandbeach Av Bad Axe Mich 

Herrington, Gertrude Elizabeth e 28 E 

Herrmann, Gretchen e 1005 E 40 Bklyn 
N Y; AB Columbia 

Herrmann. Milton Charles gr Manhat- 
tan Club 26 and Madison Av 

Herrold, Rose Ella m 430 W 118; Nel- 
sonville O; AB Ohio Univ, AM Co- 

Herrmann, William Herman e 4437 
Beaufort Av Richmond Hill N Y 

Herron, Anne Elizabeth ed 573 W 161 

Hersch, Jacob Henry e 1347 Findlay Av 

Hershey, Harry e 924 Tiffany St; BCS 
New York 

Herschhorn, Harry / 745 De Kalb Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Herskovits, Arthur, e 590 West End Av 

Herskovits, Melville Jean gr Tompkins 
Hall; 122 N Portage Pkway Akron 
O; PhB Chicago 

Herstam, Nathan e 2$2 W 91 c/o H 
Rein St Cloud Apt; 10403 South Blvd 
Cleveland O ; LL B Western Reserve 

Hertel, Harold Hiram / 534 W 114; 56 
Loomis St Naperville 111 ; AB North 
Western College 

Hertel, John Edward Jr c 131 W 96 

Hertslet, Godfrey Gordon £ 120 Hicks 
St Bklyn N Y ; c/o the British Con- 
sulate General Trieste Italy 

Hertz, D Ralph / 419 W 115; 9905 
Pierpont Av Cleveland O ; AB Michi- 

Hertz, George Louis c 1981 Lafontainc 

Hertz, Helen Therese c Hotel Hamil- 

Hertz, Ray Heilbroner (Mrs) e 634 W 

Hertzfeld, Sophie (Mrs) e 1038 Union 
St Bklyn N Y 

Hertzog, Walter Scott ed 509 W 121 ; 
California Pa; AB, AM Hiram Col- 
lege, AM Columbia 

Herwig, Frank e 32 llildreth PI Yon- 
kors N Y 



Hery, Elmer George e Wallace & Tier 
nan Co 349 Broadway ; 335 Linden 
Av Bklyn N Y ; BS Rochester 

Herzfeld, Lucile Mathilde b Hotel 

Herzog, Dorothea B e 602 W 137 

Herzog, Robert I e 39 W 128 

Hess, Emma Charlotte ed 83 Hancock 
St Bklyn N Y ; 202 Western Pkway 
North Louisville Ky ; BS, AM Co- 

Hess, George Howard, c 55 Hansen PI 
Bklyn ; 42 Prospect St Lowell Mass 

Hess,Hyman W e 198 Stevens Av Jer- 
sey City NJ;BSCCNY 

Hess, Walter Edward e 386 Ogden Av 
Jersey City N J 

Hess, W r alter J c Livingston Hall ; 162 
Foxall St Ridgewood Bklyn N Y 

Hessberg, Rhoda H b 255 W 84 

Hesseldon (Mrs) Elizabeth C pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 1 100 N Central Av Albu- 
querque N Mex 

Hetzel, Richard Adolphus c 400 Con- 
cord Av ; 7 Strawberry Hill Av Stam- 
ford Conn 

Hetzel, Ruth e 41 Hudson Av West 
Hoboken N J 

Heuser, Emma M e 1291 Union Av 

Heussy, Charles D e 50 Convent Av 

Heussy, Millicent Antoinette e 50 Con- 
vent Av 

Hewitt, Isabel Ruth pa 462 W 151 ; Box 
68 West Englewood N J 

Heyman, Harold Albert c 550 W 157 

Heyman, Herman / Morris Hall ; Peach- 
tree Rd Atlanta Ga ; AB Georgia 

Heyman, Irma Lucille e 501 W no 

Heymann, Edith Helen b 440 West End 

Heymann, Hattie S (Mrs E B) c 254 
W 98 

Heymann, Herbert Leo e 408 W 115; 
535 Potomac Av Buffalo N Y 

Heyne, Augustus Fredrick e 530 W 
186; 5835 Pentridge St West Phial- 
delphia Pa 

Heynen, Louis W H c 561 W 143 

Heywood, Charles E e 720 W 180; AB 
Worcester Polytechnic Inst 

Heywood, Gladys Clothilde e 720 W 180 

Hibner, Neva May e 937 Boulevard 
East Weehawken N J 

Hickernell, Mrs Warren F e 2505 Uni- 
versity Av 

Hickok, Beulah Grace ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Bloomington Wis 

Hickox, Edward J ed Bancroft Hall; 
Lake Mills Iowa; AB Wesleyan 

Hickok, Gena Groe gr Bancroft Hall; 
Lake Mills la; AB Iowa 

Hicks, Helen Cleveland c c/o Mrs F F 
Sherman 40 W 93 ; Millington N J 

Hicks, Katharine Helen gr 400 Manhat- 
tan Av; BS, MA Columbia 

Hicks, Ruth Stephenson b 221 Middle- 
neck Rd Great Neck N Y 

Higgins, Charles Scott gr 197 St Johns 
PI Bklyn N Y; AB Brooklyn Poly- 
technic Inst 

Higgins, Eugene Purcell c 57 Bruns- 
wick St Newark N J 

Higgins, James Arthur e 422 E 142 

Higgins, Kathleen A ed 2774 Bain- 
bridge Av ; AB Hunter 

Higgins, Loretta Gertrude pa Whittier 
Hall ; 1635 Broad St Providence R I ; 
BS Columbia 

Higgins, Mary Etta ed North Branch 
N J 

Higgins. Mary Dorothy e 63 W 16 St 
Bayonne N J 

Higgins Michael Harold / 538 W 114 
St ; 409 Franklin St Bloomfield N J ; 
AB Rutgers 

Higgins, Sara Halstead e Edgewater 
N J 

Higgins, William P c Whitesboro Tex 

High, John Meeker e Phi Delta Theta 
Fraternity House 565 W 113; River- 
dale N Y 

Higgins, Walter c 422 E 142 

Higley, Katharine Vernette e 418 W 
118; 99 N Broad St Norwich N Y; 
AB Wellesley 

Higley, Merle e 8 W 28 ; 1808 N Girard 
Av Minneapolis Minn ; AB Minn 

Higley, Walter Maydole bu 415 River- 
side Dr ; 9Q N Broad St Norwich 
N Y 

Higuchi, Nagao mec 605 Win; Tokio 
Japan ; EE Tokio Imperial Univ 



Hilario, Jose M gr 1270 Amsterdam Av ; 

Batangas Batangas Philippines ; AB 

University of the Philippines, AM 

Hilbert, Elizabeth ed 87 Quincy Av 

Arlington N J 
Hilborn, Jerome M e 46 W 96 
Hildebrand, Edgar James c 538 W 114; 

135 Prospect Park West Bklyn N Y 
Hilderman, Clara gr Furnald Hall ; 

Sterling Colo ; AB Colorado, AM Co- 
Hildred, John Beverly / 540 W 113; 

Ripley N Y 
Hildreth, Richard e 1491 Westchester 

Hill, Arthur Warren e 200 Fifth Av ; 

21 E Palisade Av Englewood N J 
Hill, Claudia Olga ed 450 W 118; 1105 

N Prospect St Tacoma Wash 
Hill, Lora Elizabeth e 261 Fair St 

Paterson N J ; AB Mount Holyoke 
Hill, Dorothy Dix pa 440 E 26 ; West 

Danby N Y 
Hill, Ernest c 212 W 85 
Hill, Nina Gertrude e 562 W 149; BLitt 

Hill, May ed 7 W 65 ; 1410 E 56 Chi- 
Hill, Robert Edward c 461 Fort Wash- 
ington Av 
Hill, Robert Henry c 525 Washington 

Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Middlebury 
Hillabrand, Grace e 17 Rich Av Mount 

Vernon N Y 
Hiller, Jesse Thompson / Livingston 

Hall; 137 E Main St Port Jervis N Y 
Hiller, Margaret e 607 Hudson St ; 940 

S Main Av Scranton Pa; BS Penn 

Hiller, William c Gowanda N Y 
Hilles, Mary Reed e Laureate Hall W 

119 St ; AB Vassar 
Hillhouse, Ruth ed 1230 Amsterdam 

Av ; Waynesboro Ga 
Hillman, Frances e 818 Hewitt PI 
Hillman, Gertrude e 100 W 121 
Hillman, Herbert Redman bit 565 W 

113; 821 Main St Delta Colo 
Hillquit, Lawrence Benjamin e 214 

Riverside Dr 

Hillquit, Nina Eugenia e 214 Riverside 

Hills, Mary Caroline a 255 W 108 Man- 
chester Apts ; Delaware O ; AB Ohio 

Hillyer, Thomas Arthur ed Teachers 

College (General Delivery) ; 1017 

1 01 7 Highland Av Elgin 111; PhB 

Chicago, AM Harvard 
Himmelfarb, Julius c 432 Central Av 

Jersey City 
Himmelrich, Osmond Henry c 501 W 

Himmelstein, Minnie gr 141 1 Grand 

Concourse; AB Hunter 
Himoff, Jack c 254 13 Long Island 

City N Y; iQ4 W 190 
Hinch, James Hutton c 429 W 117; 679 

Tenth St Bklyn N Y 
Hinchcliffe, Walter Joseph e 208 Voss 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Hinds, Clayton A e 546 W 114; 100 

Neat St Portland Me 
Hinds, George Libby e 501 W 121 ; 29 

Bowdoin St Portland Me 
Hines, Dealy Kemp e 603 Academy St 
Hines, Lucile Beverly c 603 Academy St 
H inkle, Mrs Helen H e 31 Gramercy 

Park ; AB Wisconsin 
Hinrichs, Albert Ford c 76 Lincoln St 

Glen Ridge N J 
Hinton, Charles Wheat ed Locust Val- 
ley N Y ; PhB Mississippi, MA Co- 
Hintz, Ida Gertrude ed 1230 Amster- 

Av ; Armada Mich ; B Pd Michigan 

State Normal, BS Chicago 
Hintze, Albert Frederick c 131 Eighth 

Hipp, Walter e 77 17 Av Astoria Long 

Island City N Y 
Hipps, John Burder ed 600 W 122; 184 

Woodfin St Asheville N C; AB Wake 

Forest College, Th M Southern Bap 

Theo Sem 
Hi rata, Ynki jut c/o Miss E M Hogg 

White Plains N Y ; 30 Yamamoto-cho 

Azulm Tokyo Japan 
Hirsch, Abraham ed 68 E 90; BS 




Hirsch, Alice e Hotel Ansonia Broad- 
way 73 and 74 Sts 
Hirsch, Charles Joachim c 107 Lock- 
wood Av New Rochelle N Y 
Hirsch, Elias Straus e 532 W 114; 408 

E Huntingdon St Savannah Ga 
Hirsch, George Jay c 322 W 108; 847 

Hunts Point Av 
Hirsch, Howard Carlyle c 165 Broad- 
way ; 259 W "]2 
Hirschbeck, Lorctta Monica cd 47 Grace 

Church St Port Chester N Y 
Hirsch, Milton e 789 Elsmere PI 
Hirsch, Rose Robertson c 30 Landscape 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Hirsh, Donald Jacob e 225 W 86 ; BS 

Connecticut State College 
Hirsch, Samuel e 920 Longwood Ave 
Hirsch, Sidney c 60 E Seventh St 
Hirschberg, Sanford e 557 W 148 
Hirschberg Sylvia, e 330 W 102 
Hirschfeld, Hazel e 210 Riverside Dr 
Hirschfield, Casey Young c Hartley 
Hall; 128 Marcia PI San Antonio 
Hirschfield, Ira W e 46 W 83 ; AB, LLB 

Hirschheimer, Dora Janice e 2042 Fifth 

Av ; 131 S 15 La Crosse Wis 
Hirschhorn, Louis m 109 E Fourth St 
Hirshman, Philip James c 4123 12 Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Hirshon, Helen e 23 W 76 

Hirtenstein, Lester Mortimer e 841 

Beck St 
Hisagumi, Hisakichi gr 102 W 123; 

Sterlington Rockland Co N Y 
Hiscox, Marjorie gr 311 E 17; AB, MA 

Hiss, Esther gr 435 W 119; Plainfield 

Ind ; BS Earlham College 
Hitchcock, David Ingersoll gr Hartley 

Hall; 55 Stinson PI Detroit Mich; 

AB Dartmouth, AM Columbia 
Hitchcock, Frank Carelton e Rah way 

N J ; Ph C Michigan 
Hitchcock, Merle Wilbur e 79 Church 

St New Rochelle N Y 

Hitchcock, Ripley Jr e 29 E 73; AB 

Hitchner, Elizabeth G e 318 31 Wood- 
cliff N J ; 21 Cedar St Bridgeton N J ; 

BS New York 
Hnat, Frederick e 900 Flora St Eliza- 
beth N J 
Hnatek, George Jack e 603 E Fifth St 
Hoag, Elizabeth Celeste c Ossining N 

Y P O Box 25 
Hoag, Leonard Edward e 506 W 113 
Hoagland, Augusta Newbury ed 31 

Avenue B Bayonne N J ; AB Hunter 
Hoagland, George Henry c Livingston 

Hall ; Sioux Falls S Dak 
Hoagland, Hudson c Rockaway N J c/o 

T H Hoagland 
Hoar, Helen Pangborn e 3 Boulevard 

Suffern N Y 
Hobart, Freeland Preston c 59 W 65 ; 

Frewsburg N Y 
Hobart, Leonora ed 156 Robert Lane 

Yonkers N Y 
Hobart, Mabel ed 156 Robert Lane 

Yonkers N Y 
Hobart, Richard Townley m 346 W 57 ; 

10 Mountain Ter Upper Montclair 

N T J ; AB Amherst 
Hobbic, John Remington Jr gr 60 W 

t8i ; BS, AM Harvard 
Hobbs, Elizabeth Kittredge e Furnald 

Hall; North Berwick Me; AB Smith 
Hobbs, Robert Frederic Jr c Livingston 

Hall ; 69 Bayview Av Port Washing- 
ton N Y 
Hoberg, Henry Geo e 550 W 114; 392 

Sumter St Bklyn N Y 
Hobowsky, Jacob c c/o J Lazeriwitz 311 

Springfield Av Newark N J ; Edenton 

N C 
Hobson, Edith Dorothy c 43 Wellesley 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Hoch, Arthur George c 29 First Av 

Long Island City N Y 
Hoch, Emily f 27 N Oxford Av Rich- 
mond Hill N Y 
Hoch, George e no W 116 
Hochbaum, William Jack c 725 Home 




Hochschild, Gertrude e 565 West End 

Av ; AB Columbia 
Hochstein, Jules e 1586 Madison Av 
Hock, Martha Dorothy e 222 Liberty 

St Bloomfield N J 
Hock, Winfield Fletcher c 114 Webster 

Av Goshen N Y 
Hock, Robert Bruce c 114 Webster Av 

Goshen N Y 
Hocker, Herman Dale c 372 N Grove 

St East Orange N J ; Rockville Ind 
Hoctor, Mary Eloise b 322 W 57 ; 148 

Church St Hoosick Falls N Y 
Hodenpyl, Marion Fahys b 37 E 63 
Hodenpyl, Mary T Gysberti e 174 

Woodruff Av Bklyn N Y 
Hodgman, Gertrude Elizabeth ed 420 W 

119 ; 109 Caroline St Saratoga Springs 

NY;AB Vassar 
Hodgson, Fred J ed 163 Jasper St Pat- 

erson N J 
Hodgson, Lois (Mrs) e 596 Riverside 

Hodgson, Samuel Holt e 611 W 127 
Hodkins, Samuel Terry e 1563 Presi- 
dent St Bklyn N Y ; Patchogue N Y 
Hodnett, Edward c 429 W 117; Bay 

Shore N Y 
Hodson, Harry Wilbur ed Wilmington 

O; BS Ohio 
Hoefener, Harry John e 671 Knicker- 
bocker Av Bklyn N Y 
Hoehn, Ernest e 437 E 143 
Hoekstra, Edith e 142 Berry St Hacken- 

sack N J; 61 Ascension St Passaic 

N J 
Hoeltge, Frances Josephine e 132 W 91 
Hoeltge, Marion Agnes e 132 W 91 
Hoff, Amanda b Hotel Chatham 48 and 

Vanderbilt Av 
Hoff, Charles Samuel / Hotel Chatham 

48 ana Vanderbilt Av ; AB Yale 
Hoff, Rhoda b Hotel Chatham 
Hoffman, Dorothy Conklin e 533 W 

112; 1414 N Hudson Av Oklahoma 

City Okla 
Hoffman, Elizabeth b Williams PI 

Queens N Y 
Hoffman, Felix Esau c 266 Van Sicklen 

Av Bklyn N Y 

Hoffman, Georgene Janet b 51 Hamilton 

Hoffman, Gilbert Hay e 61 Washington 

St East Orange N J 
Hoffman, Hannah Grace b Brooks 

Hall ; 383 Orange St New Haven 

Hoffmann, Hedwig Herta gr Toronto 

Ont Can ; AB Toronto 
Hoffman, Helen e 270 Park Av 
Hoffman, Lenore White e 210 Hamp- 
ton St Cranford N J 
Hoffman, Madelyn Frederick e 40 Cot- 
tage St South Orange N J 
Hoffman, Mary pa 1230 Amsterdam 

Av ; 1030 Lincoln Av Tyrone Pa 
Hoffman Phoebe White e 3805 Locust 

St Philadelphia Pa 
Hoffman, Walter A c Box 82 Hartley 

Hall ; Ferndale Pa 
Hoffmire, Howard Milton e 23 Rodney 

St Glen Rock N J 
Hofheimer, Josephine M e 244 W 72 ; 

608 Armstead Bridge Rd Norfolk Va 
Hogan, Frances G e 41 E 80 ; O'Ban- 

non Ky 
Hogan, Francis Smithwick c Hartley 

Hall; 18 Byrneside Av Waterbury 

Hogan, Marx Ethel e 271 W 73 
Hohauser, Wm Irving e 518 W 179; BS 

Cooper Union 
Hohenstein, Carl Horowitz e 678 10 

Bklyn N Y 
Hoidal, Lars Kristian c 100 Third PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Hoke, Calm Morrison gr Palisade N J ; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Holcke, Harriet Augusta c Mount Ver- 
non High School Mount Vernon N 

Y ; AB St Lawrence Univ 
Holbrook, Frances Irving pa Whittier 

Hall ; 69 S Clinton St East Orange 

N J 
Holbrook, Helen e S24 St Nicholas Av ; 

BS Columbia 
Holcomb, Thomas Ward e 512 W 136 
Holden, Dorothy Berrian ed 138 Hamil- 
ton Av Passaic N J; Millis Mass; BS 




Holden, Oliver Franklin e Evening Sun 
(Editorial) ; Aldridge PI Austin Tex 

Holden, Orrila Wood b 122 Mc Lean 
Av Yonkers N Y 

Holden, Randell LeConte c \22 Mc- 
Lean Av Yonkers N Y 

Holderman, Archibald Ray e 103 W 88; 
123 E Madison Av Arkansas City 

Holeman, Lucie McGinnis ed 34 E 62 ; 
1238 College St Bowling Green Ky 

Holiday, Margaret Allen gr 411 West 
End Av; Canton Miss; AB Missis- 
sippi State College 

Holland, Ben e 1933 Clinton Av 

Holland, Reuben e 1933 Clinton Av 

Holland, Ruth Cobb pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; Larchmont Norfolk Va 

Holland, Wellington Payton e St Luke's 
Hospital 113 St and Amsterdam Av ; 
Hicksville N Y c/o M M Blyman R 
F D 1 

Hollander, Abraham Julius e 44 Bart- 
lett St Bklyn N Y 

Hollander, Franklin gr Havemeyer Hall 
Columbia University; 113 S Fourth 
St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 

Hollands, Franklin A e 39 Seymour Av 
Newark N J 

Holley, Jessie Sarah pa 440 E 26; 113 
S 37 Omaha Neb 

Hollings, Mathew Powell e 215 Newland 
Av Jamestown N Y 

Hollingsworth, R Riley ed 527 W 123; 
Climax Ga ; AB, AM Univ of Wash- 

Hollingsworth, Henry Thomas ed Leo- 
nardo N J ; BS Washington College 

Hollis, Katherine Florence e 430 Ster- 
ling PI Bklyn N Y 

Hollister, Gladys Dorothy ed 91 Frank- 
lin St Hempstead NY; 204 E Sev- 
enth St Oswego N Y 

Hollister, Martha Swift b Quaker Ridge 
Rd New Rochelle N Y 

Hollister, Zuma Lysons ed Seth Low 
Hall; 52 Terrace Dr Pasadena Cal 

Holloway, Josephine Mary pa 403 W 

Holloway, Margaret Frances pa Whit- 
tier Hall; Drawer 811 Wilmington 

N C 
Holloway, Mary Ellen ed Seth Low 

Hall; Newark Md 
Holloway, William James ed 526 W 

123 ; 4104 Penhurst Av Baltimore 

Md ; AM Columbia 
Holly, Olive Margaret gr 501 W 121 ; 

Branchville N J ; AB Smith 
Holman, Alexander e 346 E 173; AB 

C C N Y, AM Columbia 
Holman, Bertha Viett.? 105 E 22; New 

Ipswich N H 
Holman, Genevieve Turner e 112 E 17; 

1 73 1 I St N W Washington D C; 

PhB Chicago 
Holmes, Charles Francis e Livingston 

Hall; 44 Oak St Hudson Falls N Y 
Holmes, Frances Leverton gr 161 W 12; 

Halifax Mass; AB Radcliffe 
Holmes, Gertrude pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; 115 Shornecliffe Rd Newton 

Holmes, Joseph Lawrence gr 20 High 

St Oneonta N Y ; BS Columbia 
Holmes, Lawrence John e 629 nth Av ; 

1254 Washington St Frankfort Ind 
Holmes, Mary Wisner cd 537 W 121 ; 

1301 Ferry St Eugene Ore; AB 

Wellesley, BS. AM Columbia 
Holmes, Ruth Esther b 620 W 122; 

10324 Lake Av Cleveland O 
Holmes, Thomas Francis e 550 W 174 
Holmgren, Norma Ingeborg e Grand Av 

Englewood N J 
Holmgren, Rueben John e 565 W 113; 

828 Burr St St Paul Minn 
Holroyd, Alexander Waldie gr 600 W 

122; 601 Belleview Blvd Steubenville 

O; AB Hiram 
Hoist, John H cd 56 W 105; Bozeman 

Mont; AM Montana 
Holsten, Henry Theodore e 272 W 139 
Holt, Frank Lawless e 389 Sherman St 

Astoria LINY 
Holt, Reginald Kirk e 21 Hawthorne Av 

Nutley N J 
Holt, H Landon c Hartley Hall; Shel- 

ton Av Jamaica LINY 
Holt, Nelson Alexander c 160 W 141 

1 68 


Holterhoff, Leila ed 206 W 86 
Holtje, Ailsa e 5 Delaware PI Flush- 
ing N Y 
Holtje, Ralph Kenneth c 5 Delaware PI 

Flushing N Y 
Holton, Edith Austin gr 43 High St 

Passaic N J ; AB, AM Boston Univ 
Holton, Grace pa 96 Elm St Greenwich 

Conn; 150 Harvard St Springfield 

Holtz, Edward c 618 W 113; 510 W 

Holtz, Sadie e 606 W 116 
Holz, Margaret B gr 27S7 Broadway; 

AM Columbia 
Holzberg, Ida R e 202 W 118 
Holzwasser, Florrie gr 259 W 93 ; AB, 

AM Columbia 
Homburger, Mary Anna e 435 W 119; 

Saranac Lake N Y 
Homsher, Ethel Belle e 324 West End 

Honeycutt, Julian Barnard gr 21 Clare- 

mont Av ; Rayville La ; AB Millsaps 

College, AM Louisiana State 
Honeywell, Hannah Elizabeth gr 424 W 

119; Walton NY; AB Mt Holyoke, 

MA Columbia 
Honigsberg, Leo c 2 Clinton St 
Honsberg, Ewald Hubert e 248 W 130 
Hood, Grace Margaret pa Whittier 

Hall; 125 Main St Flemington N J 
Hood, Mary Margaret ed 105 Ward PI 

S Orange N J 
Hook, Margaret Louise pa Bancroft 

Hall; 1204 Ashland Av Zanesville O 
Hooker, William Howard j Livingston 

Hall; Greenville N C ; AB North 

Hooper, Grace Duncan / 130 W 74 
Hooven, Robert Leonard e Tenafly N J ; 

BS Univ of Pa 
Hoover, Loretto Louise ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 238 W Orange St Lan- 
caster Pa 
Hope, Catharine Amanda ed 418 W 114; 

Madison N J ; AB Wellesley 
Hope, Florence Cooper bu 620 W 122; 

Madison N J ; AB Wellesley 

Hopfer, Dorothy Elizabeth ed Briarcliff 

Manor N Y ; 326 N Terrace Av Mt 

Vernon N Y 
Hopkins, Edwards Austin / 529 Win; 

Washington Av Washington C H O ; 

AB Columbia 
Hopkins, Harriet Eames j 344 W 84 ; 

1221 Hinman Av Evanston 111 
Hopkins, Harris Fickett e 2481 Creston 

Hopkins, James E ed 426 S Fourth St 

S Orange N J 
Hopkins, Thomas Wells ed 514 Magie 

St Elizabeth N J ; BS Columbia 
Hopley, Samuel Prentice ; 38 W 48 ; 

163 Sisson Av Hartford Conn; AB 

Hoppe, Edward Henry e no W 84; 

4451 Green Av St Louis Mo 
Hopper, Arthur Fred ed 24 Randolph 

Rd Plainfield N J ; BS Columbia 
Hopper, Jessie e 20 Franklyn St Engle- 

Wood N J 
Hopper, John Jordan e 436 W 53 
Hopping, Aleita gr Tottenville S I;AB 

Hopson, Dorothy Slade ed n W 37; 

Kent Conn 
Hopson, Richard Nelson e 170 Lexing- 
ton Av ; Clarksdale Miss 
Horan, Harold J T c 565 W 113; 31-33 

E 127 
Horan, Margaret Gertrude ed 85 Sher- 
man Av Newark N J; 164 Front St 

Port Jervis N Y 
Horan, J Norbert e 565 W 113; 31 E 

Horan, Stanley Gray / 163 E 36; AB 

Horan, Thomas Elwood e 4293 Park 

Horgan, Cornelius Joseph e 934 Ogden 

Horgan, Edwin Aloysius e 13 15 3d Av 

c/o T Ferris; 192 Baldwin St Water- 
bury Conn 
Horn, Augustas Samuel e 371 W 119 
Horn, Edna pa 780 West End Av 
Horn, Ethel May e 2d Av Westwood 

N J 



Horn, Frank Daniel c 633 W 115; 1304 

Pacific St Bklyn N Y 
Horn, Edward Lewis e 7 Shanley Av 

Newark N J 
Horn, George Frederic e 1086 Madison 

St Bklyn N Y 

Horn, Lillian b 324 E 67 

Hornbeck, Myrtle Amelia e 11 Domi- 
nick St 

Home, Herbert Thomas e 274 Park St 
Montclair N J 

Home, Margaret e 375 Knickerbocker 
Av Paterson N J 

Horner, Eva May e 135 E 52; 810 S 
Cincinnati Av Tulsa Okla ; BPd 
Southwestern, TC, AB Drury College 

Horner, John Truman gr 505 Journal- 
ism Bldg; Oklahoma City Okla; AB 
Oklahoma, BS Okla Agric College 

Hornik, Anna e 3004 Heath Av 

Hornstein, Isidore e 334 York St Jer- 
sey City N J ; LLB New York 

Horowitz, Bernard c 90 Prospect Pk W 
Bklyn N Y 

Horowitz, Edward Adolph m 819 E 163 ; 
BS Columbia 

Horowitz, Esther e Furnald Hall; 75 
Piatt St Ansonia Conn 

Horowitz, Harry c 43 Lewis Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Horowitz, Harry cd 342 E 141 ; AB 

Horowitz, Herman c Hartley Hall ; 485 
Ashford St Bklyn N Y 

Horowitz, Mitchell Abraham c 46 Fort 
Washington Av 

Horr, Else Margaret pa 540 W 122; 
1 1 508 Castlewood Av Cleveland O 

Horrmann, Curt August e 189 Howard 
Av Staten Island N Y 

Horst, Leo Stewart ed 5 W 125; Mor- 
gansville Md ; AB Montana, AM Col- 

Horst, Roy Ashford nice 8504 106th 
Richmond Hill N Y; BS Syracuse 

Horton, Cornelia Lydia e Furnald Hall ; 
13 Division St Glens Falls N Y 

Horton, Eleanor Frances bit 58 Beech 
St E Orange N J 

Horton, Faye C e 50 Webster Av Port 
Washington L I ; 636 First St Green- 
port L I 

Horton, Hazel erf 112 E 81 

Horton, Walter Marshall gr 528 W 123 ; 
9 Windemere Pk Arlington Mass ; 
AB Harvard, BST Union Seminar.y, 
AM Columbia 

Horwitz, Dora Miriam e 129 E 117; 12 
Lincoln Av S Norwalk Conn 

Horwitz, George c 1819 Weeks Av 

Horwitz, Reuben e 995 Union Av 

Horwitz, Theresa e 995 Union Av 

Hosinger, Edward Franklin e 423 Lock- 
wood St Astoria LINY 

Hossfeld, George John c 633 W 115; 
665 E 31 Bklyn N Y 

Hostetter, Harry Claire ed 318 W 57; 
Minerva O ; AB Wooster College 

Hostruje, Robert Hugo e 504 Win 

Hotaling, Edna Luella e 42 Church St 
White Plains N Y ; 38 High St One- 
onta N Y 

Hotaling, John Francis c 420 W 129 

Hotaling, Marion c 420 W 129 

Houck, Helen Rebecca cd 204 Redmond 
St New Brunswick X J; 1851 W 
North Av Baltimore Md ; AB Goucher 

Hough, Jean Winifred c 20 Ketcham PI 
Elmhurst LINY; Lebanon N H ; 
AB Smith, AM Columbia 

Houghtaling, David Harrison / 60 W 
75 ; Sharon Conn ; AB Yale 

Houghton, Dorothy b 453 Boulevard 
Long Island City N Y 

Houghton, Leonard Ira ed 517 W 180 

Houghton, Ruth c 155 E 33 ; 453 Boule- 
vard Astoria LINY 

Houlahan, James Michael m 614 S 7th 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Houlihan, Jeremiah Aloysius / 2867 
Bainbridge Av ; AB Manhattan 

Houlihan, John Joseph c 2867 Bain- 
bridge Av 

Hourigan, Edmund Burke c 1301 Gar- 
den St Hoboken N J 

Hourwich Rebecca b 752 Ocean Av 
Bklyn N Y 

House, Ruth Lane e Furnald Hall; 421 
Richmond Av Buffalo N Y 



Houseman, William Lynn ed 56 Rath- 
bun Av White Plains N Y; BS Col- 

Houser, Lulu ed 317 W 119; 3950 Bevis 
Av Cincinnati O ; AB Oberlin 

Housley, Burton Ewart c 536 W 114; 
634 E 12 Bklyn N Y 

Housman, Anna B gr 465 Ralph Av 
Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 

Housman, Ida Emily ed 519 Garden St 
Hoboken N J; BS New York 

Houston, Cecilia Polk pa Seth Low 
Hall; Stockton Md 

Houston, Dillman Charles e Hartley 
Hall ; 406 Pierce St Sioux City la 

Houston, Georgine M ed 330 W 36 ; 
Fraser Colo; AB Denver 

Houston, Jean pa 123 Prospect PI Bklyn 
N Y; 176 Aubrey St Winnipeg Can 

Houston, Mary Elizabeth pa 21 Bennett 
Av Monroe N C 

Houston, Stella Marie e 612 W 115; 
Indiana Pa 

Howard, Conrad e 414 E 78 

Howard, Edward Pendleton c 318 W 
57; LLB Texas 

Howard, Harriet Stephens e 267 E 
Broad St Westfield N J; 535 E Broad 
St Chester Pa 

Howard, Lottie gr Furnald Hall; 906 
N 10 Columbus Miss; BS Mississippi, 
PhM Wisconsin 

Howard, Lynn Ray pa Whittier Hall ; 
227 Carr Av Clarksburg W Va 

Howard, Vera Winchester e Bellevue 

Howe, Alice Clara gr 27s Ocean Av 
Bklyn N Y; AB Wellesley 

Howe, Althine ed 63 N 8th Av Mt 
Vernon N Y; 163 Forest Pk Av 
Springfield Mass 

Howe, Margaret May pa Whittier Hall ; 
153 S Fourth St Fulton N Y 

Howell, Ethel L ed 503 W 121 ; 561 
Averille Av Rochester N Y 

Howell, Genevieve d'Auvergne ed 9 Ar- 
lington PI Bklyn; BS Columbia 

Howell, Henry Wilson Jr c 2370 Broad- 

Howell, Nathan R ed 3129 Broadway; 
Bellport N Y 

Howell, Sim L e 416 W 118; Hartselle 

Howells, Alice Emily pa 780 Riverside 

Dr; 122 Canyon Rd Salt Lake City 

Howells, Thomas Wm e 55 Hanson PI 

Bklyn N Y; Mt Kisco N Y 
Hoyt, Elwood George e 51 Summit St 

Ridgefield Park N J 
Hoyt, Helen e 1 Gramercy Pk 
Hoyt, Robert Townsend c 627 W 115; 

213 Main St Hackettstown N J 
Hritz, George Peter e Hastings-on-Hud- 

son N Y 
Hritz, John Jr / Hastings-on-Hudson 

N Y 
Hsu, Shih-ta e 1090 Amsterdam Av ; 

Shaohing China; MCE Cornell 
Hsu, Shih-Chen gr Livingston Hall .; 

Foochow China ; LittB Princeton, MA 

Hu, Chi Hsiu gr Livingston Hall ; Can- 
ton China: BS, MA Univ of Penn 
Huang, C H gr 505 W 124; Canton 

China ; BS Northwestern 
Hubbard, Alice Lee ed 519 W 121 
Hubbard, Dorothy Clark e 419 W 119 
Hubbard, Elizabeth Blanch e 44 High- 
wood Ter Weehawken N J 
Hubbard, Grace Louise e 166 Amity St 

Bklyn N Y; 109 N 14 Flushing N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Hubbard, Mae Eleanore e 425 W 124; 

2100 Pennsylvania Av Boulder Colo; 

AB BE University of Colorado 
Hubbell, George L Jr e 43 Exchange PI 

Garden City N Y ; AB Williams 
Hubbell, Ruth gr Furnald Hall; Park 

Mountain N C ; AB Meredith College 
Hubbell, Sophie Theresa e Mrs Henry 

M Hubbell 20 Coligin Av New Ro- 

chelle N Y 
Hubbell, Susan Southmayd e 2350 

Huber, Charles Eugene c 131 E 80 
Huber, Charles e 100 W 94 
Huber, Ella Eugenie e 131 E 80 
Huber, Frank m 209 E 17 
Hubert, Cecilia Evangeline e 7a St 

Felix St Bklyn N Y 



Huber, Frederick William c 113 E 

Hubert, J Austin e Hartley Hall ; 321 

W 118 
Huckel, B Eugenie e 231 Ryerson St 

Bklyn N Y 
Hudson, Mrs Augusta Price e 401 W 

Hudson, Elizabeth e 21-29 Bennett Av; 

Monroe N C 
Hudson, Harold Dana bu 565 W 113; 

501 E Eighth St Bklyn N Y 
Hudson, Helen Marie e 401 W 118; 

401 Morningside Dr 
Hudson, J Glenn c 318 W 57; 2237 

Grand Av 
Huebener, Theodore ed 1961, Washing- 
ton Av ; AB C C N Y 
Huebner, Clara Elise c 2554 Bailey Av ; 

AB Hunter 
Huebsch, Elmer Floyd e 274 W 135 
Huen, Gertrude Helen pa City Hospital 

Blackwell's Island N Y 
Huestis, Stephen Cornell / 9 Toledo St 

Elmhurst N Y ; AB Syracuse 
Hufelaned, Eleanor, ed 121 N High St 

Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Barnard 
Huff, W Thomas c Livingston Hall ; 

1854 Riverside Av Jacksonville Fla 
Huget, Miriam Lees gr Furnald Hall ;' 

244 Decatur St Bklyn N Y; AB 

Huggins, Ernest e 309 Park Av ; Tim- 

monsville S C 
Hughes, Anita Frances b John Jay Hall ; 

269 Berkeley Av Bloomfield N J 
Hughes, Avah Willyn ed 537 W 121 ; 

200 Bell Block Cincinnati O 
Hughes, Charles William pa 81 Holly- 
wood Av Far Rockaway LINY 
Hughes, David N e 143 Scheerer Av 

Newark N J 
Hughes, Edna V e 937 Revere Av 

Trenton N J 
Hughes, Everett Joseph e no Bloom- 
field Av Newark N J 
Hughes, Harold Scott bu Livingston 

Hall ; 658-70 Broadway Albany N Y 
Hughes, John Doran e 17 Smith St 

Paterson N J; 150 Wyoming St 

Wilkes-Barre Pa 

Hughes, John Leyburn gr Union Theo 

Seminary; 212 45th Newport News 

Va ; BS Virginia Polytechnic Inst, 

BD Union Theo Seminary 
Hughes, Marjorie Wallace e 139 E 39 
Hughes, Mary Connick e 420 W 116 
Hughes, Paul Richard £ 132 James St 

Easton Pa 
Hughes, Regina Marie pa 112 Park Av 

Paterson N J 
Hughes, Sally Paris gr Barnard Col- 
lege; BS Grinnell College 
Hughes, Sammie Lee gr 140 Claremont 

Av; 421 E Logan Guthrie Okla; AB 

Hughey, Ruth gr Furnald Hall Para- 

gonid Ark ; AB Gallaway College 
Hughey, Virginia b John Jay Hall ; Eau 

Claire Columbia S C 
Huguenin, Eloise gr 430 W 119; AB 

Hunter, AM Constantinople College 
Huiell, Barclay Valentine c 8729 115th 

Richmond Hill LINY 
Hujama, Shige e 304 W in; Kure 

Hulbert, Jeannette Charlotte ed 26 

Mountain Av Edgewater N J ; 

Charleston O ; AB Ohio Wesleyan 
Hulbert, Marguerite De Hart, ed 226 

Grant Av New Brunswick N J ; AB 

Mt Holyoke 
Hull, Jessie Howell e 125 W 16 
Hull, John Franklin e 20 Garfield PI 

Poughkeepsie N Y 
Hulse, Anne Elizabeth e 664 Rugby Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Hulskamp Marjorie V c 138 Haven Av 

AB Columbia 
Hultgren, Thor William c 1410 Pros- 
pect Av Cleveland O 
Humbert, Melville c 449 Ocean Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Humerdinger, Alfred E e 11 69 Park Av 
Hummel, Bertram Clare e 565 W 144; 

Hummelstown Pa 
Hummer, H Myrtle ed 48 Wall St Tren- 
ton N J ; BS Columbia 
Hummerston, Emily e 748 Franklin Av 

Bklyn N Y 

f/- 5 


Humphrey, Anne Cecile gr Furnald 
Hall; 300 N Main St Fairfield la; 
AB Parsons College 

Humphrey, Constance McCalmont pa 
320 W 107; 140 Carmel St Kalama- 
zoo Mich 

Humphrey, Jane A pa 106 Morningside 
Dr ; E Lansing Mich 

Humphrey, Katherine Sherwood pa 
Whittier Hall; Bainbridge N Y 

Humphrey, Mary Helen pa Durie Av 
Closter N J 

Humphrey, Harry Christopher ed 2136 
7th Av ; Organ Cave W Va ; AB West 
Virginia, AM Wisconsin 

Huneke, John J ed 17 S B St Irving- 
ton N Y ; 706 Flushing Av Bklyn 
N Y; AB Adelphi 

Hung, William gr 600 W 122; Foo- 
chow China ; AB Ohio Wesleyan, MA 
Columbia, STB Union Theo Sem 

Hungerford, Ellen Roberta ed 106 
Morningside Dr ; 1435 Main St 
Oconto Wis 

Hunken, Elinor Mae e 2493 Valentine 

Hunt, Bertha e 584 E 165 

Hunt, Edith Read pa 316 W 95 

Hunt, Egbert Jansen f 63 W 180 

Hunt, Ernest Mead e 11 Hale Av White 
Plains N Y 

Hunt, Florence Mildred ed 948 Kenyon 
Av Plainfield N J 

Hunt, Horace Adams e 246 W 76 ; Ox- 
ford Mass; AB Clark 

Hunt, Frank Stuart c 33 Hamilton Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Hunt, Jarvis Jr e c/o Mrs W E Pat- 
terson Bar Harbor Me 

Hunt, John Marion pa 10 W 93; 7001 
Washington Blvd St Louis Mo 

Hunt, Mary Berna gr 127 Summit Av 
Jersey City N J ; AB N Y State Col- 
lege for Teachers 

Hunt, Ora Leland bu Hartley Hall; 
1913 Kenyon St Washington D C 

Hunt, Robert Church e 63 W 180 

Hunter, Alice Margaret e 541 W 123 

Hunter, Allan A ed 600 W 122 ; 57 
Rubidoux Dr Riverside Cal ; AB 

Hunter, Edgar L e 6 Pier St Yonkers 

N Y 
Hunter, Harry Bertrand c Oradell N J 
Hunter, Jack Grimshaw c Palisade N J 
Hunter, James Adam bu 540 W 122; 

203 Miami St Urbana O 
Hunter, John Warhurst e 216 Greene 

Av Bklyn N Y ; Garnerville Inn Gar- 

nerville N Y 
Hunter, Reginald Willis gr 500 W 122; 

9 Lamb St So Hadley Falls Mass ; 

BS Colgate 
Huntley, Fay Leone ed Whittier Hall ; 

926 W Fourth St Winston-Salem N 

C; AB Maryland 
Huntley, Vesta Ardell ed 841 Berwyn 

St Akron O 
Hurd, Hanford Barton e 37 Wall St, 

Stony Point N Y ; LLB New York 
Hurewitz, Selma e 2 W 88 
Hurlburt, Clifford Sherman c 929 State 

St Bridgeport Conn 
Hurley, James Joseph e $62 W 144; 

14 Dover St Worcester Mass; AB 

Holy Cross 
Hurley, Sylvester Gabriel e 66 W 104 
Hurtado, Carlos mec 28 W 83 ; Santiago 

Chile A Barroso 260 
Hurwitz, Beatrice Harriet j 928 Kelly 
• St 

Hurwitz, Harry e 911 Whitlock Av 
Hurwitz, Hyman e 911 Whitlock Av 
Hurwitz, Max F e 406 Hudson St Hobo- 
ken N J 
Hurwitz, Noah c 1072 Forest Av 
Husa, William John gr Dept Chemis- 
try; Iowa City la; PhG, PhC, AB 

Iowa State 
Husk, Harold Comly e 615 Washington 

St Boonton N J 
Husk, Miriam ed 492 Summer Av 

Newark N J 
Hussey, Andrew Joseph e 309 W 35 
Hussey, Raymond e Rockefeller Inst ; 

MD Maryland 
Husted, Samuel Harley e Y M C A 

Newark N J ; Newport N J 
Huston, Henrietta Letitia ed 44 Bleeck- 

er St Newark N J 
Huston, William Scherrer e Park Ay 



Hutchins, Caroline pa 1230 Amsterdam 
Av; 38 W Eighth St Wyoming Pa 

Hutchins, Frederic Loudon e 16 W 94 ; 
Seattle Wash 

Hutchins, Henry Clinton gr 106 E 85; 
270 E 105 Cleveland O; AB Dart- 
mouth, MA Yale 

Hutchins, Waldo / Yale Club ; Geneva 
N Y; AB Yale 

Hutchinson, Carl Romig ed 600 W 122; 
Wakefield Kan; AB Washburn 

Hutchinson, Dorothy pa 194 Inwood Av 
Upper Montclair N J 

Hutchinson, Eva Viola b 551 W 170 

Hutchinson, Frederick Lane e 33 W 39 ; 
ME Cornell 

Hutchinson, Kenneth Weston c 13 Cur- 
rier Av Haverhill Mass 

Hutchinson, Margaret I gr Furnald 
Hall; 3806 Blaisdell Av Minneapolis 
Minn ; AB Minnesota 

Hutchinson, Ruth ed 182 Stanley PI 
Hackensack N J ; Foxboro Mass 

Hutchinson, Warren Clark / 141 Broad- 
way ; AB Princeton 

Hutkoff, Rita Dorothy e 152 W 118 

Huttenlocher, Louis Frederick / 538 W 
114; Patchogue N Y; PhB Lafayette 

Hutton, Edith Marguerite b 134 Allen 
PI New Brighton N Y 

Hutton, Frank Wesley e 1428 Walker 
Av Woodhaven L I 

Hutton, Jean Gertrude ed 33 S Walnut 
St East Orange N J; PhB Illinois 

Huxtable, Ruth Lois b 528 W 151 

Hyatt, Herbert Ogden e Amityville L I 
N Y 

Hyde, John Barker c 608 W 113; 11 
W 122 

Hyde, Louise pa Whittier Hall ; 502 
S Eastern Av Joliet 111 

Hyder, Marjory Elise e 35 E 62; no 
McCallie Av Chattanooga Tenn 

Hyer, Richard e 122 Hillside Av Glen 
Ridge N J 

Hylan, Donald Francis e n 36 W Sev- 
enth St Plainfield N J 

Hyman, Elsie e 350 W 88 

Hyman, George M e 981 Park Av ; AB 
C C N Y 

Hyman, Jeannette e 350 W 88 

Hyman, Lenore Helene pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 708 W Market St Lima O 

Hyman, Samuel Frank e 52 Cathedral 

Hyman, Stelle c 350 W 88 

Hymanson, Mildred pa 50 E 96 

Hynard, Gilbert Neville e 21 Union PI 
Yonkers N Y 

Hynes, Eugene Joseph c 598 Bergen Av 

Hynes, Harry Martin c 1820 Lexington 

Hypes, James Lowell ed 21 Claremont 
Av; St Albans W Va ; AB, AM 

Iacueo, Louis c 335 E 10 

Iacuzzi, Alfred e 30 Henry; AB C C 
N Y, AM Columbia 

Iceman, Bobbie c 2129 Bennett Av ; 
Monroe N C 

I gar ash i, Yasumori e c/o S M R Co 
in Broadway; Kuruma-mura Gum- 
ma-Ken Japan 

Iijima Ikuzo gr 330 E 57 ; Ibaraki-ken 
Japan ; AB Waseda 

Ikeuchi, Nobuyaki bit 17 Concord St 
Bklyn N Y; Himeji, Japan; BS Col- 

Tkuta, Yoshiki ed 501 W 123; Hiro- 
shima Japan 

Ilchert, Wilhelmine Caroline pa 3_>g 
10th Av Long Island City N Y 

Ili tf, John Wesley mec Morris Hall; 
J145 S Adams St Denver Colo; AB 

Hitch, Milana b 100 St Marks PI Staten 
Island N Y ; 33 Kotorjka Belgrade 

111, Herbert Milton m 30 W 44; 188 
Clinton Av Newark N J 

Illoway, Bernard Samuel e n 13 Madi- 
son Av 

litis, Charlotte b John Jay Hall; High- 
wood N J 

Immig, Allen Fred c 370 Bainbridge St 
Bklyn N Y 

Imray, Ada M e 420 W 116 

Imperatrice, Dante Anthony e 823 E 221 

Imre, Alice Yvonne e 511 W 177 

Ince, Charles Robert c 650 W 204 

Ingalls, Catherine M e no Hicks St 
Bklyn N Y 



Ingalls, Donald Woodbury c Hartley 
Hall ; Canastota N Y 

Inge, George Lake e 21 Argyle Rd 
Bklyn N Y ; AB University of the 

Ingels, Margaret c 400 W 118; Lexing- 
ton Ky ; ME Kentucky 

Ingle, John Jackson / 420 W 121 ; 15 
Walnut St Winston-Salem N C ; AB 
Elon College 

Inglis, John c Hartley Hall; 41 Elk 
Av New Rochelle N Y 

Ingraham, Robert James / 235 W 103; 
3955 Warwick Blvd Kansas City Mo 

Inman, Alta Juanita e Marseilles Hotel 

Inscho, Marguerite e 278 6th Av New- 
ark N J ; Stanhope N J 

Intemann, Eugenie Doud (Mrs Alfred) 
pa 309 Nutley Av Nutley N J 

Ippolito, Vincent c 20 Spring St 

Irby, Anna Louise gr Furnald Hall: 152 
Westminster Dr Atlanta Ga ; AB Co- 

Irby, Benj E a 1492 McFaddin Av 
Beaumont Tex; BS Tex A & M Col- 

Irby, Mildred e 32s W 83 ; 1492 McFad- 
din Av Beaumont Tex 

Irland, Dora Spackman e 2464 Grand 

Irvine, James John e 384 Fourth St 
Bklyn N Y 

Irvine, Raymond Gerald c Livingston 
Hall; 248 Santee St Rochester N Y 

Irving, Walter Van Cortlandt c Hart- 
ley Hall ; 54 Hawley St Binghamton 
N Y 

Irwin, Frederick Harold ? 511 W 186 

Irwin, W Jennings bu 211 W 105; c/o 
Mechanics Bank Moberly Mo 

Irwin, Winifred Frances b 605 W 115; 
310 Maine St Quincy 111 

Isaacs, Ada e 845 Beck St 

Isaacs, Jean e 92 St Nicholas Av 

Isaacs, Lillian e 329 E 20 

Isaacs, Nathaline pa Whittier Hall; 135 
Division St Amsterdam N Y 

Isaacs, Samuel c 408 W 150 c/o Browne 

Isaacson, A Irving / c/o M Ginsburg 
1890 Crotona Pkway ; Winsted Conn; 
AB Columbia 

Isaacson, Charles Byron mec 48 W 89 ; 

AB Columbia 
Isaacson, Laura Caroline pa 900 River- 
side Dr 
Isaacson, Samuel D e 957 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Isador, Jean Lois c 612 W 115 ; 402 Mt 

Prospect Av Newark N J 
Isbills, Edmond Geery e 764 Av C Bay- 

onne, N J 
Iscol, Fred / 345 Hudson St; AB C C 

N Y 
Iserman, Maurice / 22"] E 66; BS C C 

N Y 
Iserson, Harold Roland m 86 and 

Lshikawa, Toyo bu 2735 Broadway; 2"] 

Gochome Minami Royama Tokio 

Ishimoto, Otohiko ed c/o Akawo 10 E 

29; Meijigakuin College, Shiba Tokyo 

Japan ; AB Tokyo Imperial University 
Tsler, Sol e 220 E Second St 
Tsles, Edith Wilson e 846 Hancock St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 
Isohe, Shunichi Toshi e 102 W 123; 

Tsrael, Roland Grausman m 316 W 93; 

BS Columbia 
Issertell, Edna b 825 W 180 
Tstrick, Abraham e Madison School 

Newark N J ; 36 Waverly Av Rocka- 

way Beach N Y 
Ttami, Shige-Mitsu e Livingston Hall ; 

Kobe Japan ; MD Osaka Medical Col- 
lege (Japan) 
Ittleson, Blanche cd 46 F 82 
Iungerich, Helene pa 21 E 124 
Ivers, Leone Norton pa Seth Low Hall ; 

36 Mt Vernon St Cambridge Mass 
Ives, Bessie A e Roslyn N Y 
Tvins, Edwin Keller c Hartley Hall ; 

147 Monmouth St Trenton N J 
Ivry, Morris c 5 E 98 ; BS Columbia 
Iwamura, Shimataro gr 330 E 57; Shi- 

bata, Nugataken Japan; AB Univ of 
[wata, Hiroshi e 54s W 112; Tokio 

Jablow, George c 55 W 112 
Jablow, Leon c 1752 Bathgate Av 



Jacks, Eugene Edward e 38 W 48 ; 90S 

Pecan St Helena Ark 
Jackson, Albert Lincoln e 331 W 52; 

99 Richmond St Atlanta Ga 
Jackson, Charles Harvey e American 

Sugar Rfg Co Jersey City N J ; 35 W 

52 Bayonne N J 
Jackson, Esther e 799 Jewett Av West 

New Brighton N Y 
Jackson, Gertrude Hope e 284 W 137 
Jackson, Henry e 632 E 18 Bklyn N Y; 

Jefferson Av Hasbrouck Hts N J 
Jackson, James e 580 5th Av; 799 

Jewett Av Staten Island N Y 
Jackson, James e 72 Rossiter Av Yon- 

kers N Y 
Jackson, Jerome Jacob / 1270 Madison 

Av; AB Cornell 
Jackson, Lavinia Van V e 14 Hill St 

Newark N J ; AB Bryn Mawr 
Jackson, Mabel Marjorie pa 1270 Mad- 
ison Av 
Jackson, Mary Elizabeth pa Whittier 

Hall; 112 Woodland Av Coatesville 

Jackson, Mary Karr e 529 W 123; Al- 
mond N Y; PhB Alfred Univ 
Jackson, Ray J e Tuckahoe N Y 
Jackson, Richard Irving e 349 Quincy 

St Bklyn N Y 
Jackson, Wesley Stevens ed 497 Chaun- 

cey St Bklyn N Y ; AB C C N Y 
Jacob, Kelly b c/o Rev Dr Wright 490 

Riverside Dr ; 114 Dufourstrasse St 

Gall Switzerland 
Jacob, Walter Phelps mec 39 E 72 
Jacober, Arthur c 52 Vanderbilt Av ; 

676 West End Av 
Jacober, Milton C c 52 Vanderbilt Av 
Jacobi, Elsa <? 418 Central Pk W 
Jacobi, Harry George m 871 E 170; 

BS Columbia 
Jacobs, Bernard F c 348 Eastern Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Jacobs, Frances B e 201 W 112 
Jacobs, Florence Lewis pa 188 W 135; 

80 Third St Pittsfield Mass 
Jacobs, Herbert c 8424 109th Richmond 

Hill N Y 
Jacobs, Irving e 534 Jerome St Bklyn 

N Y 

Jacobs, Joshua e 

Jacobs, Leo m 815 Hopkinson Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Jacobs, Louis mec 1437 Vyse Av; BS 

C C N Y 
Jacobs, Lydia Elizabeth ed 501 W 120 ; 

San Jose 111 
Jacobs, Maynard E e 62Q W 115; 590 

E D Woodruff PI Indianapolis Ind 
Jacobs, Nellie Cecilia e 1364 Franklin 

Av ; 249 Adam St Tonawanda N Y 
Jacobs, Nellie Mary ed Miss Beard's 

School Orange N J ; Malta 111 
Jacobs, Regina Huber e Furnald Hall ; 

1042 Grand Av Dayton O 
Jacobs, Sadye Beatrice e 28 W 31 

Bayonne N J 
Jacobs, Samuel Myron e 115 W 29; 61 

Market St Long Beach LINY 
Jacobs, Sara pa 1057 Morris Av 
Jacobs, Selma Jeanne e 206 W 92 
Jacobs, Stanley Ralph e 37 W 70 ; AB 

Jacobs, William Henry / Mt Pleasant 

Acad Ossining N Y ; Millington Md ; 

AB Western Maryland College 
Jacobs, Zelda e 146 Johnson Av New- 
ark N J 
Jacobsen, Beatrice gr 182 Kearney Av 

Perth Amboy N J ; AB Columbia 
Jacobsen, Jennie pa 416 W 122; 336 

Central Av Wilamette 111 
Jacobsen, Marguerite Kerstin pa 106 

Morningside Dr; Girard Pa 
Jacobsen, Mordecai Samuel c 65 W 115 
Jacobson, Alexander A e 850 Beck St 
Jacobson, Egbert G e 105 23d Elmhurst 

L I 
Jacobson, Emanuel £ 81 E 108 
Jacobson, Florence Wolf c c/o Mrs 

Harry S Jacobson 645 West End Av 
Jacobson, Joseph e 966 St Nicholas Av 
Jacobson, Ralph c 109 W 88 
Jacoby, Oswald Nathaniel Jr c 536 W 

114; 21 Rugby Rd Bklyn N Y 
Jacoby, Eve Marion b 39 Claremont Av 
Jacon, Edward Francis e 308 W 114 
Jacques, James Henry e 349 W 20; 261 

Mass Av Providence R I 
Jaeger, Ruth M gr Allendale N J; AB, 

AM Radcliffe 

i 7 6 


Jaeger, Walter Henry c Hillside Av 

Allendale N J 
Jaegg, Eugene Henry c 75 Eighth St 

Woodside LINY 
Jaffe, Aaron Harry e 777 Hopkinson Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 
Jaffe, Godfrey Julian c 545 W 164 
Jaffe, Henry c 1290 Fulton Ave 
Jaffe, Hyman e Cornell St Far Rocka- 

way N Y 
Jaffe, Janette e 126 Henry St 
Jaffe, John gr 170 Passaic St Passaic 

N J; AB C C N Y 
Jaffe, Lester Auer / 322 W 108; 818 

Hutchins Av Cincinnati O; AB, AM 

Jaffe, Philip J gr 852 Columbus Av ; 

AB Columbia 
Jaffe, Rebecca e c/o Mrs E Sendler 

1230 Boston Rd 
Jaffe, Sophie Gertrude ed 170 Passaic 

St Passaic N J 
Jagemann, Charles Henry e 446 E 88 
Jager, Felix J e 305 E 10 
Jaggard, Alice Granger gr Hillside Av 

Jamaica N Y ; AB Columbia 
Jagocki, Gertrude de Leon e 98 S Ox- 
ford St Bklyn N Y 
Jahn, Elsie M pa Whitfield St Cald- 
well N J ; Mercer Av Spring Lake 

N Y 
Jakob, Philip Adam ed 100 Wester- 

velt Av Plainfield N J; PhB Yale 
Jallson, Ralph M c Livingston Hall; 

28 Maple Av Troy N Y 
Jame, Abraham / 401 E 154; AB New 

Jame, David Charles / 401 E 154; AB 

New York 
James, Earle Kenneth e 215 W 23; 

Casella 1227 Santiago Chile 
James, George Henry e 347 E 52 
James, Giamutti Savelli e 501 W 121 
James, Mae ed 3131 Broadway; BS 

James, Margaret Brock e 523 W 121 ; 

Doylestown Pa 
James, Marshall T e R F D 95 Suffern 

N Y; BS Columbia 
James, Mrs Oliver Burr e 430 W 116; 

7 E 70 

James, Oliver Burr / 430 W 116; AB 

Jameson, Jeanetta Chalmers e 139 Mon- 
tague St Bklyn N Y ; AB Bryn Mawr 
Jameton, Jean c Hartley Hall ; St Louis 

Jamgochian, Samuel Hagop gr c/o Mrs 

Monroe 522 W 134; Marash Ar- 
menia; AB Amherst, STB Yale 
Jamias, Cristino gr 636 W 138 c/o Mrs 

Fisher; 251 Florida Ermita Manila 

P I; AB Univ of the Philippines, 

PhB, MA Chicago 
Jamieson, Daniel Jr c 18 Court St 

Morristown N J 
Jamieson, Sanford Gilman bu 529 W 

113; 173 W 81 
Jamison, D Stearns Jr e 137 W 69; 

Canisteo N Y 
Jamison, Helen L pa 420 W 121 ; 2107 

N 12 St Philadelphia Pa 
Jamison, Lulu Hartshorn e 600 W 115; 

801 Small Av Selma Ala 
Jamison, Margareta Lopez ed Seth Low 

Hall; 6032 Kenwood Av Chicago 111 
Jampel, John e 811 55th Bklyn N Y 
Janeway, Eleanor Alderson b So 

Maher Av Greenwich Conn 
Janicke, Valentina Agnes & 412 4th Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Jansen, Mary Emma e 119 16th West 

New York N J; 172 Main St King- 
ston N Y 
Jara, Josefa e 1 1 Gramercy Pk ; LaPaz 

Iloilo Philipine Islands 
Jarecley, Felice Helen e 138 W 86; BA 

Jarmel, Dorle j 423 W 120 
Jaros, Natalie Florence b 277 State St 

Flushing N Y 
Jarrell, Ada Joe cd 418 W 118: 302 N 

9 St Temple Tex; BS Columbia 
Jarvie, Alexander Stirling e 127 Vermil- 

yea Av 
Javits, Ben A e 47 W 34; 600 W 192; 

LLB Fordham 
Javits, Jacob e 600 W i<>-' 
Javitz, Max Philip e 749 Trinity Av 
Jean, Elsie e 45 Pinehurst Av 
Jedel, Beatrice e 524 W 123 



Jefferson, Parmela Alvina e 200 W 137; 

2402 Mt Auburn St Augusta Ga 
Jeffrey, Eugene Howard bu Pearl St 

Elberon N J ; AB Wesleyan 
Jelin, Jennie Eva gr 435 Riverside Dr ; 

BS Univ of Penn 
Jelin, Rose e 435 Riverside Dr 
Jellison, Hilda L ed 434 W 120; 140 W 

Olive Av Monrovia Cal 
Jenkins, Anne Elizabeth ed 140 E 40; 

1361 E 47 PI Chicago 111; AB Vas- 

sar, MA Chicago 
Jenkins, Edward Seabrook e 263 W 

Jenkins, Frederick Davis e 95 Central 

Av Rye N Y 
Jenkins, Horace C e c/o W H Rowe 

170 W 78; Gwynedd Pa; AB Swarth- 

Jenkins, John Julian e 45 W 131 
Jenkins, Letitia e 233 Bloomfield Av 

Passaic N J 
Jenkins, Pierre Gautier c 421 W 118; 

Boulevard Charleston S C 
Jenne, Bertha e 241 Kearny Av Kearny 

N J 
Jenney, Edna Orr ed sro W 112; AB 

James Milliken University 
Jenney, Ray Freeman gr 510 W 112; 

BPE Springfield, AB Millikin Univ, 

BD Union Theo Sem 
Jennings, Aubry Faulkner gr 509 W 

121 ; La Folette Tenn ; AB Tennessee 
Jennings, Corinne Marie e 100 Morning- 
side Dr; AB St Elizabeth College, 

AM Columbia 
Jennings, Edward Ireland Renick pa 

540 W 122; 103 Church St Charles- 
ton S C 
Jennings, Esther Wheeler b John Jay 

Hall; Patterson N Y 
Jennings, Frank Alexander e 335 Var- 

ick St Jersey City N J 
Jennings, Frederic Beach Jr m 70 E 77 
Jennings, Georgiana Marguerite pa 

Whittier Hall; Judson Rd Fairfield 

Jennings, Gertrude Florence e no 

Morningside Dr 
Jennings, Grace Elizabeth pa Whittier 

Hall; 530 Vine St Scranton Pa 

Jennings, Joe ed Bancroft Hall ; La Fol- 

lette, Tenn ; AB Tennessee 
Jennings, Katharine Theresa pa 106 
Morningside Dr ; 635 Monroe St 
Little Falls N Y 
Jennings, Mary Agnes b 44 E 80 
Jennings, Philip Hennen c 434 River- 
side Dr ; 44 E 80 
Jennings, Ruth Elizabeth ed 239 E 14; 
1824 Geddes Av Ann Arbor Mich; 
AB Michigan 
Jennings, Thomas Edison e 25 W 104 
Jennings, Warren c 531 W 113; 413 

Hillside Av Jamaica N Y 
Jennison, Harry A pa 3 W 104 
Jensen, Louis Adolf e 455 61st Bklyn 

N Y 
Jeremiah, Ruth A b 202 W 74 
Jerman, Paul, c 347 Manhattan Av 
Jerolaman, Vera Nellie pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; Shellrock la 
Jervey, John DuPre e 511 5th Av ; 52 

W 76 
Jeschke, Ruth Martha e Valley Cottage 

x y 

Jess, Helen E e 416 W 118; 133 Cedar 
St San Antonio Tex 

Jesse, Gladys Jay ed 1230 Amsterdam 
Av ; 908 S Sixth St Lawton Okla 

Jessup, Margaret Elisabeth e 70 W 93 

Jeter, Gilbert Carey pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; 220 Princeton Circle Lynch- 
burg Va 

Jette, Eric Randolph gr 431 W 121 ; 7 
N Duke St Lancaster Pa ; BS Frank- 
lin & Marshall, MA Columbia 

Jevin, Murray Richard e 2 W 120 

Jewett, Carol Olive pa 360 W 28; Ply- 
mouth Wis 

Jewett, Charles Henry 2d e 35 Wall St; 
15 E 10 

Jewett, Frederick William gr 14 Morn- 
ingside Av ; BS, AM, ChE Columbia 

Jewett, Ida Adele ed Seth Low Hall; 
Shelbina Mo; BS, AB, MA Missouri 

Jinks, Elizabeth pa Whittier Hall; 
Hampton Inst Hampton Va 

Jison, Arsenio Jose e 420 W 121 ; Silay 
Occ Negros, Philippines 

Jitsunosuke, Noda e c/o Mrs Ruttman 
605 W 141 ; Tokio Japan 



Joachim, Benjamin mec 56 St Nicholas 
Av; BS Columbia 

Joachim, Helen Magdalena pa Whittier 
Hall; 102 Hopkins St Athens Pa 

Joachim, Leo H gr 1219 President St 
Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 

Jobert, Honora Suzanne b 130 Clare- 
mont Av 

Jochim, Anthony George e 759 Forest 

Jockel, Charles c 315 E 123 

Joern, Marie e 123 S 12th Av Mt Ver- 
non N Y 

Joffe, Eva gr Ardsley-on-the-Putnam 
N Y 

Johann, Norma Eva gr 3774 Park Av ; 
AB Hunter, AM Columbia 

Johannessen, Sigvald Alexander e 2479 
University Av 

Johansen, ] A e c/o Bolle- Watson Co 
Inc 115 Produce Ex 

Johansen, Yngvar Johan Peter e 391 
Clinton St Bklyn N Y 

Johanson, Albert Mathew e 730 Craw- 
ford Av ; AB, AM Columbia 

Johanson, Alfhild Elizabeth e 730 Cran- 
ford Av 

John, Lisle Cecil gr 544 W 114; Bridge- 
port Tex ; AB Southwestern, AM 
Southern Methodist 

Johns, Victor Emanuel Philip e 120 
Convent Av 

Johnsen, Carsten Ingemann e 5521 nth 
Av Bklyn N Y ; BS Cooper Union 

Johnson, Ada Burkett ed 100 Morning- 
side Dr; Mead Nebr ; BS Nebraska 

Johnson, Alice Marie b 29 E Fourth 
St Mt Vernon N Y 

Johnson, Amma F e 46 Dominick St ; 
PhB Chicago 

Johnson, Beatrice Winnifred b John 
Jay Hall; 29 Cliff St Roxbury Mass 

Johnson, Benjamin Rushton e 167 W 

Johnson, Catharyn Ozella e 229 W 136; 
258 St Clair Av 

Johnson, Celia e 439 W 123 

Johnson, Constance Evelyn e 2493 Val- 
entine Av 

Johnson, David Chambliss / 12 S Maple 
Av East Orange N J ; AB Colgate 

Johnson, Dorothy Strong ;" 135 South 

St Morristown N J ; Orlando Fla; AB 

Florida State College for Women 
Johnson, Mrs Edith W e 166 E 75 
Johnson, Eleanor Hope gr 77 Irving 

PI; AB Smith 
Johnson, Elmer Sander e 29 Hill St 

Sycamore Park New Rochelle N Y 
Johnson, Elmer Wilson ed 10 Essex Av 

Bernardsville N J; AB, AM Colgate 
Johnson, Elsie May b John Jay Hall; 

Bayport N Y 
Johnson, LeRoy c Hartley Hall ; 42 

Union St Bristol Conn 
Johnson, Ernest Alfred e 493 Prospect 

PI Bklyn N Y 
Johnson, Esther Gilbert (Mrs) pa Seth 

Low Hall ; 501 Sixth St Traverse 

City Mich 
Johnson, Ethel e 224 W 122 
Johnson, Ethel Ruth b John Jay Hall ; 

115 Union PI Lynbrook N Y 
Johnson, Etta Martha pa 79 S Grove 

St Freeport N Y 
Johnson, Evangeline Brewster e 515 

Park Av 
Johnson, Harriet Annette ed 413 W 46; 

676 Summit Av St Paul Minn 
Johnson, Harry Julius c Grand Av 

Ridgefield N J 
Johnson, Mrs Helen Bennett ed Mont- 

clair Academy Montclair N J 
Johnson, Henry Herbert gr Schermer- 

horn Hall; Hines Ter Macon Ga ; 

BS Mercer Univ, MA Columbia 
Johnson, Herbert Thomas c 1776 Weeks 

Johnson, Hiram c 439 W 123 
Johnson, Honora pa 416 W 118; 225 

E Sixth St Pawhuska Okla 
Johnson, Howard Clifford e 318 W 89 
Johnson, Irene Clark e 560 Jefferson Av 

Elizabeth N J 
Johnson, J Edgar c 6 Watson Av East 

Orange N J 
Johnson, Janet Elizabeth e 377 Charl- 
ton Av South Orange N J 
Johnson, Laura May pa 619 W 127; 

Ridgefield Conn 
Johnson, Lucille gr 225 E Sixth St 

Pawhuska Okla; AB, MA Oklahoma 



Johnson, Luclla gr 2350 Boulevard Jer- 
sey City N J ; 403 S Main St Prince- 
ton Ind; PhB Chicago, AM Columbia 

Johnson, Margaretta Comstock pa 519 
W 121 ; 36 University PI Princeton 
N J 

Johnson, Marguerite Veasey gr 212 W 
69; AB Radcliffe 

Johnson, Mary A B gr 612 W 115; AB 

Johnson, Mary Anna pa 825 Madison 
Av; West Mentor O 

Johnson, Mary Elise pa 457 W 123; 
332 Spring St Royersford Pa 

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth ed 434 W 120; 
423 Budd St Carthage N Y; BS Co- 

Johnson, Mary Lynch gr Furnald Hall ; 
530 E Jones St Raleigh N C; AB 
Meredith College 

Johnson, Mayme pa Madison Sq Hotel ; 
Lancaster Wis 

Johnson, Mildred Mae e 142 Manhat- 
tan Av ; AB Smith College 

Johnson. Olga M e Westwood N J ; 
256 West Grand St Elizabeth N J 

Johnson, Ruth Evelyn bu Furnald Hall ; 
2413 N 29 Philadelphia Pa 

Johnson, Ruth Maude pa Whittier Hall ; 
Mountain Av Murray Hill N J 

Johnson, Scot e Livingston Hall ; c/o 
Jo Johnson Lawyer Fort Smith Ark; 
AB Arkansas 

Johnson Shellie Tuthill ed 92 W zz 
Bayonne N J ; Crown Point N Y ; 
PhB Syracuse 

Johnson, Thomas Herbert c Howland 
Av Englewood N J 

Johnson, Victoria Elizabeth e Kenil- 
worth N J ; AB Upsala College 

Johnson, Walter Fly c Hartley Hall ; 
101 S Marvalis St Dallas Tex 

Johnson, William Bryon c Livingston 
Hall; 1800 Vincent St Brownwood 

Johnson, William Leo c 123 W 55; 302 
Park St Syracuse N Y 

Johnson, Wingate Memory m 540 W 
146; Winston-Salem N C : AB Wata 
Forest, MD Jefferson Med 

Johnston, Cecilia Van Denberg m 323 
W 83 ; Dobbs Ferry N Y ; AB Vassar 

Johnston, Elinor Bussing ed 34 Ran- 
dolph Rd Plainfield N J 

Johnston, Fay Frisbie ed 490 Riverside 
Dr; BS California 

Johnston, Florence pa 972 Park PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Johnston, Frances Fannie gr 416 W 
122; PhB Minnesota, MA Columbia 

Johnston, Guy Ellis / 558 W 113; 
Northport LINY 

Johnston, James H e 171 W 102 c/o 
Miller; 396 Walnut St Yonkers N Y 

Johnston, John Elmore e 321 Seventh 
St Bklyn N Y 

Johnston, Kathryn Alice e 158 Gleane 
St Elmhurst LINY 

Johnston, Mae Elizabeth ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 305 E Third St Bloom- 
ington Ind; AB Indiana 

Johnston, Margaret Synnott pa Madison 
Sq Hotel ; 24 Central Av Tompkins- 
ville N Y 

Johnston, Mary gr 420 W 121 ; 1024 E 
Third St Bloomington Ind; AB, AM 

Johnston, Mary ed 106 Morningside 
Dr ; 68 Margueretta St Toronto Can 

Johnston, Myrtle Laminta ed 610 Cass 
St Joliet 111; AB, AM Northwestern 

Johnston, Quintyne Pharr pa Whittier 
Hall; 410 East Av Charlotte N C 

Johnston, Rose Richmond ed 501 W 
121 ; AB Columbia 

Johnston, Mrs T W gr 121st and Broad- 
way ; 9 Westport Av Kansas City Mo 

Johnston, Wendella Valeria pa Whittier 
Hall; 1947 Manhattan Av Hermosa 
Beach Cal 

Johnston, William James c Hartley 
Hall; 131 Riverside Dr 

Johnstone, Helen Louise e Furnald 
Hall ; 24 W Berkley St Uniontown 

Johnstone, Helen Morgan e 256 Ster- 
ling PI Bklyn N Y 

Johnstone, Willard Henry c 558 W 113 

Johnstone, William Thomas e 22 Chest- 
nut St Yonkers N Y 



Joice, Richard Grove c 2$\ Fort Wash- 
ington Av 
Joly, Charles Armand e 157 Vermilyea 

Jonas, Irene Eleanor e 506 6th Av As- 

bury Park N J 
Jonas, Mrs Irma Seeligman gr 611 W 

127 ; AB Columbia 
Jones, Aldwyth Closs b Brooks Hall ; 

246 Tennyson Av Syracuse N Y 
Jones, Alice Thurston pa 509 W 121 ; 

123 E 10 Portland Ore; BS Oregon 

Agric College 
Jones, Anna A ed 144 23d Elmhurst 

Jones, Betty e 175 W 72 
Jones, Clare Thomas c 521 Win; 4706 

W Eddy St Seattle Wash 
Jones, Beatrice e 514 W 122; 231 E 

10 Oklahoma City Okla 
Jones, Dorothy Wood ed 61 John St 

Ridgewood N J ; Toms River N J 
Jones, Edna Steve ed 519 W 123; Pitts- 
ford N Y 
Jones, Elizabeth Louise bu 51 Prospect 

St New Rochelle N Y 
Jones, Evan Ellis ed Piermont N Y ; 

AB Hamilton 
Jones Mrs Frieda Suppes e 195 Clare- 

mont Av 
Jones, G Lester B mec 851 President St 

Bklyn N Y 
Jones, Galen ed 21 Claremont Av; 

McPherson Kan ; AB McPherson Col- 
lege (Kansas) 
Jones, George Wilkins Jr c 924 West 

End Av 
Jones, Harold Ellis gr 435 W 119; 

AB Amherst, MA Columbia 
Jones, Harriet Wheeler pa 103 W 141 
Jones, Harriette pa 49 Claremont Av 

Tebbetts Mo 
Jones, Helen Brown b 357 W 121 
Jones, Herbert Du Noyer e 278 6th Av 

Bklyn N Y ; AB Williams, LLB Har- 
Jones, Howard Palfrey j Livingston 

Hall; 515 Park PI Milwaukee Wis 
Jones, Jennie Lora ed 174 Stevens Av 

Mt Vernon N Y ; 38 Easton St Low- 

ville N Y 

Jones, Joseph Levi ; 540 W 113; West 
Plains Mo 

Jones, Laurence Carpenter e 620 W 
122 ; BS Virginia 

Jones, Lily Carey pa 505 Win; Char- 
lottesville Va 

Jones, Major Osceola e 71 Schenectady 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Jones, Oswald Roberts m 30 W 44 ; 
9 Cliff St Waterbury Conn; AB Yale 

Jones, Pearl Kathryn e 334 W 88; 
718 Main St Worcester Mass 

Jones, Robert Richard e 438 W 116 c/o 
Mr Rosenfeld ; Antwerp N Y 

Jones, Rosalind Sabin b John Jay Hall ; 
East Aurora N Y 

Jones, Ruth Russell b Brooks Hall; 
3013 Stanton Av Cincinnati O 

Jones, Ruth Whitney pa 510 W 124; 
Cambridge Md 

Jones, Walter C c Livingston Hall; 580 
N Market St Worcester Mass 

Jones, Tunnicliffe C H c 8315 Bay 
Pkway Bklyn N Y 

Jones, Walter Brodie ;' 515 W III ; 
Warrenton N C 

Jones, William Belche bu 843 West 
End Av 

Jones, William Daniel e 316 W 19 

Jordan, Frank Bertram Sr e 58 W 88 

Jordan, Joseph Ralph e Finance & Trad- 
ing Corp 43 Exchange PI ; 797 Boule- 
vard Bayonne N J 

Jordan, Linzy e 740 West End Av 

Jordan, Thomas D e 58 W 88 

Jorgensen, Viggo Frederik pa 3015 Far- 
ragut Rd Bklyn N Y 

Joseph, Beatrice Irma e 2345 Broadway 

Joseph, Charles Mortimer c 253 W 74 i 
210 Pennsylvania Av Bklyn N Y 

Joseph, Dorothy e Central Av Lawr- 
ence LINY 

Joseph, Ernestine e 300 West End Av 

Joseph, Eva Scote e 545 W 164 

Joseph, Henry mec Ocean Av Rosedale 
L I N Y; BS Columbia 

Joseph, Lucille Gladys pa 600 W 116 

Joseph, Rose (Mrs) e 156 W 77 

Josephs, Blanche Edythe 9 431 N Beach 
Z7 Edgemere LINY 



Josephson, Blanche P e 53 W no 
Josephson, Leah b 2132 Daly Av 
Josephthal, Edythe Guggenheim e St 
Regis Hotel ; Premium Point New 
Rochelle N Y 
Josephthal, Elinor Claire e St Regis 
Hotel ; Premium Point New Rochelle 
N Y 
Josephy, Robert Spero e Park Rd Harts- 
dale N Y 
Josey, Charles Conant gr 415 W 118; 
Scotland Neck N C ; AB Wake For- 
est College, AM Columbia 
Josey, Pauline pa Whittier Hall ; Hunts- 

ville Tex 
Joslin, Mary A ed 433 S Willard St 

Burlington Vt 
Journeay, Lucy Holmes pa 148 Prospect 

St Leonia N J 

Jowe, Frank Knox ed 551 Lexington 

Av; Postingfoo China; AB Pekin 

Christian University 

Joyce, Elizabeth Chesbrough pa Whittier 

Hall; 201 Marshall Av Columbus O 

Joyce, John Joseph e 227 8th Av ; 1526 

Linden St Scranton Pa 
Joyce, Robt Swift mec Swarthmore Pa 
Joyner, Tempe Ann e 255 W 108 
Juan, Lloyd Vincent e 2460 Tiebout Av 
Jud, Friedolina Catharina gr 119 Frank- 
lin St Jersey City N J ; BS, MA Co- 
Judd, A W (Mrs) e 31 17 Broadway; 

W T ilmar Ark 
Judd Douglas R c 224. W 52 
Juillerat, Lee A ed Teachers College; 

Seattle Wash 
Julian, Glenn Hyder e c/o Harbor 
Chemical Corp 51 E 42; 2815 John- 
ston Av Cleveland Tenn 
Junghans, Alma Louise pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; Central Mercedita Ponce 
Porto Rico 
Juni, Ima Lucile pa Madison Sq Hotel; 

New Ulm Minn 
Junkin, Chevalier Joseph e 318 W 57; 

AB, LLB Harvard 
Junshans, Minnie Elsa e 43 Montclair 

Av Montclair N J 
Juster, Irving m 25 E 99; AB Co- 

Juster, Leon e 25 E 99 

Jutkowitz, Adolph e n Overlook Ter 

Yonkers N Y 
Kaas, Lester Greeley e 60 Wall St; 174 
Spring Valley Av Hackensack N J 
Kabak, Jacob c 1533 Minford PI 
Kabelitz, Charles c 103 43d Corona L I 

N Y 
Kabresky, Dorothy e c/o Rohnes 2139 

Daly Av 
Kabriskie, Catherine <? 2139 Daly Av 
Kada, Louis Stephen e 1861 Putnam Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Kadish, Anne e 841 Kelly St; Engle- 

wood N J 
Kadish, Rose Ethel e 841 Kelly St; 

Englewood N J 
Kadlubowsky, Abraham c 303 Wyona 

St Bklyn N Y 
Kadlubowsky, Harry bu 303 Wyona St 

Bklyn N Y 
Kaess, Karl e 166 E 118 
Kaeyer, Erik N e 60 Morris St Yon- 
kers N Y 
Kafka, Beatrice Ethel b 1335 Madison 

Kaftal, Marcus c 509 W 160 
Kahan, Isidor Theodore gr 980 Free- 
man St; AB Columbia 
Kahl, Anna Mary e 118 W 18 
Kahn, Bella e 79 Lewis St ; AB Hunter 
Kahn, Chester Lee e 600 W 141 
Kahn, Emanuel e c/o B A T Co Ltd 
511 5th Av; 123 Java St Bklyn N Y 
Kahn, Erwin / 254 E 68 ; AB Colum- 
Kahn, James Morton e n 18 So Blvd 
Kahn, Laena Rosenbaum b Brooks Hall ; 

503 Selma Av Selma Ala 
Kahn, Laurence Arthur / 203 W 107; 

AB Columbia 
Kahn, Lawrence e 548 W 114 
Kahn, Norris e 600 W 141 
Kahn, Victor e 3800 Broadway 
Kahrs, Grace Evelyn b 533 W 141 
Kahrs, William Carl e 5 W 125; AB 

C C N Y 
Kain, Bertha R ed 265 6th Av New- 
ark N J 
Kaiser. Carl Otto e Centre Av Fort 
Lee N J 

1 82 


Kaiser, Louise e 1769 W Eighth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Kakuyama, Masanasake e c/o Mori- 

mura Bros 53 W 23 ; BS Nippon Uni- 
versity Japan 
Kalbchas, Nicholas Stavros gr 258 W 

22; AB Robert College (Constanti- 

niple Turkey) 
Kale, Mary Margaret pa Hotel Monte- 
Kallbey, David Emanuel e 307 W 93 ; 

Gefle Sweden 
Kalman, Harry / 60 St Marks PI ; AB 

Kalman, Max M e 1442 Bryant Av 
Kalms, Martha Anna ed 114 Sickles Av 

New Rochelle NY; 11 Lincoln Av 

Mystic Conn 
Kalusky, Daniel e 1843 Crotona Av; 

PhG Bklyn College of Pharmacy 
Kamaiky, Rebecca pa 61 E 80 
Kameros, Samuel c 128-30 Broome St 
Kamil, Morton m 1750 57th Bklyn N Y 
Kamsler, Bernice V pa 353 W 118 
Kamsler, Charles Albert e 421 W 114 
Kanarvogel, Esther ed 139 W 117 
Kandel, Moses e 1239 Franklin Av 
Kandelaky, Nicholas bu 500 W 114 c/o 

Mrs Mae Kensie ; 26 Grubojidoff St 

Tiflis (Caucasia) Ga 
Kandell, Jerome e 200 W 113 
Kane, Albert Eli / 201 W 117 
Kane, Henry Seney gr 469 47 St Bklyn 

N Y; AB Columbia 
Kane, Laurence Joseph c 3320 Ft Inde- 
pendence St 
Kane, Arthur Percival c 213 Boerum St 

Brooklyn N Y 
Kaneko, Hisao e 99 Claremont Av ; 

Uyeno Sakuragicho 45 Tokio Japan 
Kann, Rose e 953 Prospect Av 
Kannofsky Ruth Edna e 536 Decatur 

St Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Kanowitz, Elsie Olga e 854 W 180 
Kant, Jacob e 501 E 173 
Kantor, Harry Seymour c 785 E 181 
Kantrowitz, Dorothy e 1392 Franklin 

Kaplan, Abraham bu 247 Ocean Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Alvin Harold e 1071 St Nicho- 
las Av 

Kaplan, Deborah b John Jay Hall; 1620 
Union St Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Felix Arthur e 210 W no 

Kaplan, Gabriel Louis c 221 Springdale 
Av East Orange N J 

Kaplan, George e 106 W 113; BS C C 
N Y 

Kaplan, Helen e 1950 67th Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Irving H c 1950 67th Bklyn 
N Y 

Kaplan, Israel c 247 Ocean Pkway 
Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Leona pa 515 W no ; Valley 
Farm Framingham Mass 

Kaplan, Louis Lionel c 489 Willoughby 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Louis L e 524 Park Av Wee- 
hawken N J 

Kaplan, Max m 615 Stone Av Bklyn 
N Y' 

Kaplan, Max M e 517 W 35; 560 Lin- 
coln PI Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Mildred e 2157 63d Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Morris m 32 Pike St 

Kaplan, Nathaniel c 1620 Union St 
Bklyn N Y 

Kaplan, Reeva e 142 Vernam Av Far 
Rockaway LINY 

Kaplan, Samuel c 57 E Fourth St 

Kaplan, Simon Samuel e 39 W 112 

Kappes, George L c 146 W 123 

Karagheusian, Leila Makrouhi b 870 
West End Av 

Kargl, Anthony Bernard c 35 Moffat 
St Bklyn N Y 

Karl, Fred William c 9148 11 1 Rich- 
mond Hill LINY 

Karl, George Andrew c 

Karl, William e 155 Randolph Av Jer- 
sey City N J 

Karnow, Philip c Hartley Hall; 230 
Liberty Av Bklyn N Y 

Karol, Margaret e 43 W 60 

Karp, Harold B e 412 W 14S 

Karp, Joseph mec 4960 Monroe St 
Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 

Karpel, Anne e 73 W 115 

Karpowicz, Adolf John c 536 W 1 -•.} ; 
1032 Sycamore St Buffalo N Y 



Karsner, Mrs Rose e 89 W 119 
Karsten, Henry e 15 Kenelworth PI 

Orange N J 
Karuga Mary c 578 Jersey Av Jersey 

City N J 
Karwoski, Theodore Francis gr 300 

Manhattan Av ; 2524 Collohan Av 

Watervliet N Y; PhB Chicago 
Kasai, Chiaki bu 191 Claremont Av ; 

162 Kyomachi, Kumamoto 
Kasha, Herman Leon e 256 Pacific St 

Bklyn N Y 
Kashizaki, Sanjiro gr 102 W 123; 

BComm Waseda University 
Kasin, Yourry Peter a 64 Dartmouth 

St Forest Hills LINY 
Kassner, Mildred Louise b 201 Hillside 

Av Jamaica N Y 
Kassner, Moses c 15 Clinton St 
Kastenbaum, Philip e 260 E Fourth St 
Kastenhuber, William John e 82 Cam- 
bridge Av Jersey City N J 
Katchen, Ira Julius / 77 Baldwin St 

Newark N J ; AB Columbia 
Katcher, Monroe Irving e 11 15 Broad- 
way; 575 West End Av 
Katz, Adaline Jerrie e 142 W 73 ; 700 

Broadway New Orleans La ; AB 

Tulane, MA Columbia 
Katz, Albert Gottesman e 815 W 180 
Katz, Bertha P e 362 Riverside Dr 
Katz, Cecilia Henrietta e 85 Audubon 

Katz, Elias e 26 E 1 1 1 
Katz, Felix Weinberg c 548 W 114; 

250 Broadway Kingston N Y 
Katz, Hyman e 120 Convent Av ; AB 

C C N Y 
Katz, Israel bu 586 Chester St Bklyn 

N Y 
Katz, Jack T'Kach e 1043 Southern 

Katz, Julius c 191a Vernon Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Katz, Milton Harold e 200 W 112 
Katz, Mordecai / 10 Elmore Av Engle- 

wood N J 
Katz, Mortimer Max e 241 Rivington 

Katz, Sadie pa 604 W 162 

Katzen, Joseph gr 416 E 65; AB C C 

N Y 
Katzenberg, Herbert e 48 W 96 
Katzenelenbogen, Jules Isidor bu 78 

Rush St Bklyn N Y 
Katzenstein, Sylvan e 66 E 108 
Kau, Banyung e Hartley Hall ; Com- 
mercial Press, Shanghai, China ; BS 

Wooster College 
Kaufman, Adolph c 548 W 114; Sea 

Gate LINY 
Kauffman, D Frances e 104 W 70 
Kauffmann, Marie pa 509 W 121; 

R R 13 Kirkwood Mo; BS Wash- 
ington Univ (Mo) 
Kaufman, Edith e 918 Eastern Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Kaufman, Harold Kane e 133 W 118 
Kaufman, Helen e 949 West End Av 
Kaufman, Joseph W / 34 Woodbine 

St Bklyn N V; AB Columbia 
Kaufman, Julius c 910 Riverside Dr 
Kaufman, Lillian Harrictte e 175 High 

St Bklyn N Y 
Kaufman, Lucille Constance e 777 14 

Av Paterson N J 
Kaufman, Nathan e 547 Ashford St 

Bklyn N Y 
Kaufman, Paul D gr 698 E 138; AB 

C C N Y 
Kaufman, Stella Ruth e 918 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Kaufman, Susan e 800 E 173 
Kaufman, Theodore c 509 74 Bklyn 

N Y 
Kaufman, Mrs Una Libby ed 4 E 66 ; 

Marquette Mich 
Kaufmann, Lucile c North White 

Plains N Y 
Kaufmann, Olga Castellamos e 115 E 

80; 7 LaSalle PI New Orleans La 
Kaunitz, Nathan e 86 W 179 
Kavanagh, Joseph Aloysius e 15 Dey 

St; Great Neck LINY 
Kavanagh, William Joseph e 410 E 

Kavanaugh, Margaret Madeline e 501 

W 121; 37 Park PI Middletown Conn 
Kawamoto, Hiroh gr 414 Eighth Av; 

160 8 Chome Shimoyamatedori, Kobe, 


1 84 


Kawashima, Ryoichi gr j 25 Broadway ; 

21 Saekicho, Kandaku, Tokio, Japan ; 

LLB Doshioha University 
Kay, Louise e 638 W 160 
Kayan, Carl Frederic bu 529 W 113; 

328 E 30 
Kaye, Frank Mayfield e Hartley Hall ; 

232 Maple St San Francisco Cal 
Kaye, Sydney Milton I 2508 Broadway 
Kayel, Julia e 154 Elm St Astoria LI 

N Y 
Kaylin, Alexander e 265 E 194; BS 

C C N Y 
Kayser, Charles Otto e 1742 Second 

Kayser, Marion H e 610 W 139 
Kayton, Emma D e 795 Crotona Pk- 

Keagey, Esther gr 615 W 136; AB, 

AM Columbia 
Kearnes, Helen pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; 952 S Ninth E Salt Lake City 

Kearns, John Joseph e 506 W 172 
Keat, Harold Edw e 150 E 50 
Keating, Clarence Edward e 61 W 

106; 893 Seaview Av Bridgeport 

Conn ; BS Columbia 
Keating, Edith May e 509 W 122; 325 

E Rogers Av Merchantville N J 
Keating, Edward Leonard e 221 De- 

graw St Bklyn N Y 
Keating, Isaac Hull Brown e 1335 

Teller Av 
Keating, Madeline A pa 650 Audubon 

Keating, Ralph Harold e 550 W 114; 

103 Spring St Springfield Mass 
Keays, Mrs Ethelyn Emery e Great 

Neck L I ; AB Vassar 
Keblinger, Lucie Amelia gr Furnald 

Hall; 105 Grove PI San Antonio 

Tex; AB Trinity Univ (Tex) 
Keck, Dorothy e 30 N 26 Flushing 

N Y; BS Columbia 
Keck, Halbert W c 531 W 113; Flush- 
ing N Y 
Keehn, Harriet gr 11 N York St Pat- 

erson N J ; AB Columbia 
Keeler, Benjamin Carlos gr 86 W 183; 

A 15 St Lawrence Univ 

Keeler, Margery gr 90 Morningside 
Dr ; 28 Strawberry Hill Stamford 
Conn ; AB Wellesley 

Keeler, Mildred Adelia pa Whittier 
Hall; 222 Linn St, Ithaca N Y 

Keely Jr, Thomas / Livingston Hall ; 
975 Pennsylvania Denver Colo; AB 

Keen, Harold Rittenhouse gr Dublin 
Rd Greenwich Conn ; AB Williams 

Keen, Ida Phoebe e 419 W 118; 3 
Pleasant PI Waterville Me; AB 

Keenahan, Martin Bartholomew ^2576 
Eighth Av 

Keenan, Mabel Young e 454 River- 
side Drive 

Keenan, Raymond William c 156 W 

Keenan, Vincent Edward e 2487 Grand 

Keeney, Flora Strong e 135 E 52; 932 
Beach St Flint Mich; AB Smith 

Keep, Eleanor Hallam e 7 E 62 

Kegerreis, Roy e 310 W 88; 280 W 
Main St Bellevue, Huron Co Ohio ; 
ME Ohio State, AM Howard 

Keiley, Gertrude Mary b 213 Clermont 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Keiser, Louise e Hohokus N J 

Keiser, Victor Hugo gr 313 W 20; 
Ashland Neb ; AB Nebraska Wes- 

Keisler, Adolph e 5 W 125; 65 Porti- 
field PI Freeport L I 

Keister, Elizabeth e 320 Manhattan Av 

Keith, Byrde Estelle pa 11 09 Amster- 
dam Av ; Farmington Mo 

Keith, William S I 452 Ft Washing- 
ton Av ; AB Alabama Pres College, 
MA Virginia 

Keleher, James Power e 44 Whitehall 
St ; LLB Columbia 

Kelleher, Grace Margaret pa 2416 Mor- 
ris Av 

Kelleher, Katherine Louise ed 161 E 
Elm Greenwich Conn; 77 Mile St 
Orono Me 

Keller, Genevieve <•</ Whittier Hall; 
71 Trinity PI Portland Ore 



Keller, George J pa 415 Riverside Dr ; 

Bloomsburg Pa 
Keller, Marie b 612 W 115; 306 E 

Maple St Fairbury Til 
Keller, Rachel Eliza pa 588 Seneca 

Av Ridgewood Bklyn N Y 
Keller, Theodore Peter e 325 Marion 

St Bklyn N Y 
Kelley, Albert e Yale Club; 5 E 58 
Kelley, Genevieve Ruth pa 37 Madison 

Av; 326 North St Kenosha Wis 
Kelley, Hurley Mitchell e 22 E 131 
Kelley Jr, James Albert e 53 Howe 

Av Passaic N J 
Kelley, Mary Alice e 519 W 121 
Kellin, Emily pa 660 Jefferson PI 
Kellner, Arthur Alfred e 500 W 114 
Kellner, Nellie Lolita b 2 W 89 
Kellogg, Dwight ed 295 McDonough 

St Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 
Kellogg, Lincoln Lewis I 526 W 11 1; 

29 Ford Av Oneonta N Y ; AB 

Kellogg, Lois W ed 344 Lexington Av ; 

286 Genesee St Utica N Y ; AB Bryn 

Kellogg, Portia b 547 W 123; 677 

Galena Av Pasadena Cal 
Kelly, Bess Colman e 847 West End 

Av ; AB Oregon 
Kelly, Charles Peter e 221 W 105 
Kelly, Daniel Simon e 55 W 109 
Kelly, Edward L c Sigma Chi House 

415 Riverside Dr ; 884 St Johns PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Kelly, Elizabeth Gamble ed 420 W 118; 

383 Lehigh Av Pittsburgh Pa; BS 

Carnegie Tech 
Kelly, Eva Florence ed 320 Manhattan 

Av; BS Cornell 
Kelly, Gertrude e 762 Franklin Av 

Bklyn N Y ; Great Barrington Mass 
Kelly, Harold Matthew c 515 W 170 
Kelly, Harry e 65 Halsey St Bklyn 

N Y; 137 McDonough St Bklyn N Y 
Kelly, Helen Evangeline ed 151 Lord 

Av Bayonne N J ; AB Adelphi 
Kelly, James Crispin e 136 Water St; 

169 Neptune Av Jersey City N J 
Kelly, Katharine E pa Whittier Hall; 

Curwensville Pa 

Kelly, Katlierine Frances e 285 Knox 
Av Grantwood N J 

Kelly, Kieran Anthony e 216 W 102 

Kelly, Lyle Heman c 606 W 113; 527 
E Sumach St Walla Walla Wash 

Kelly, Mabel Rosamond e 734 Park Av 
Weehakwert N J ; 342 Seventh St 
Bloomsburg Pa 

Kelly, Margaret M e Box 163 Long 
Branch N J; 17 Evelyn St Corning 
N Y ; AB Syracuse 

Kelly, Margaret Mary e 204 S Broad 
St Elizabeth N J 

Kelly, Margaret W gr 420 W 118; 383 
Lehigh Av E E Pittsburgh Pa; AB 
Mt Holyoke, MA Columbia 

Kelly, Raymond e Hawthorne N Y 

Kernes, Oliver Douglas c 1606 Eighth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Kemp Jr, Elwood W / 3100 Broadway; 
AB Columbia 

Kemp, Morris J c 3100 Broadway 

Kempncr, Stanley Wolf e 343 W 87 

Kempton, Elsie Marie e 23 Cedar PI 
Yonkers N Y 

Ken, Kanda gr 50 Church St ; Suma 
Kobe Japan 

Kendall, Charles Henry e 530 W 186; 
18 1 4 Eighth St NW Washington 

Kendrick, Caroline Jewett pa 1 7 Eliza- 
beth St Tarrytown N Y 

Kendrick. Evelyn pa 420 W 119; 
Charleston Miss 

Kendrick, Ned pa Whittier Hall; 
Wardman Park Hotel Washington 
D C 

Kenealy, Edward William e 112 Frank 
St Rochester N Y 

Kenlon Jr, Andrew Marcus e 142 S 12 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Kennard, Elaine Muriel ed Closter N J ; 
40 Benedict Av Tarrytown N Y; AB 

Kennedy, Alice Teresa e 2348 Uni- 
versity Av 

Kennedy, Charles Francis e 361 Fifth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Kennedy, Chas Freel gr 3061 Bain- 
bridge Av; AB Columbia, BD Cam- 
bridge Divinity School 

1 86 


Kennedy, Charles Thomas m 27 W 61 ; 
Greenville Tex ; AB Southern Metho- 
dist Univ, AB Yale 

Kennedy, Charlotte Falconer c 35 E 62 ; 
12 E Chestnut St Kingston N Y 

Kennedy, Edward Thomas c 21 Clare- 
mont Av ; 2935 Brown Av Man- 
chester N H 

Kennedy, Harry Hudson £ 514 Fifth 
Av ; 515 N Front St Wheeling W Va 

Kennedy, Helen Amber pa Madison 
Sq Hotel; 535 New Britain Av Hart- 
ford Conn 

Kennedy, Helen Eva ed 485 Argyle Rd 
Bklyn N Y ; AB Hunter 

Kennedy, John Drummond e 608 W 


Kennedy Jr, John Joseph e 141 W 90 

Kennedy, Laura Gertrude e 541 Lex- 
ington Av ; Kenbridge Va ; AB Ran- 
dolph Macon Woman's College 

Kennedy, Mary Stewart gr 96 McDon- 
ough St Bklyn; PdM New York, AB 
Adelphi, AM Columbia, PdD New 

Kennedy, Wilma Lucile / Furnald 
Hall ; Neepawa Manitoba ; AB Mani- 

Kenney, Margaret Frances ed 25 Sand- 
ford Av Plainfield N J ; AB Barnard 

Kenney, Marie Regina e 342 E 146 

Kennon, Laura Hall ed Mrs. Dow's 
School Briarcliff Manor N Y; 1805 
Fifth St Baker Ore; AB Oregon 

Kenny, Thomas Hamill e 304 W 99 ; 
39 Child Av Piedmont W Va 

Kenny, Charles James ^1119 Washing- 
ton St Hoboken N J 

Kenny, Francis Patrick e 33 Old Broad- 
way; 1050 Warburton Av Yonkers 
N Y 

Kenny, John Martin e 538 W 124; 
246 Pine St Springfield Mass 

Kenny, Mary Margaret e 615 W 176 

Kenny, Thomas Joseph e 504 W 133 

Kent, Edmund Randolph mec 503 W 
121 ; 224 E 20 Baltimore Md; BS 
Univ of California 

Kent, Emily gr 33 W 51 ; BA Welles- 

Kent, Francis Eugene c 510 W 171 

Kent, George Archibald e 522 W 134 
Kent, John Francis e 141 W 128 
Kent, Stanley Leon gr 134 Rutland Rd 

Bklyn N Y; Walden N Y ; AB Co- 
Kent, Walter Joseph c 136 S 11 Av 

Whitestone LINY 
Kent, Wilma Stephan ed 14 E 16 
Keogh. Thomas / 2166 University Av ; 

AB Columbia 
Keplinger, Winifred Bell ed Whittier 

Hall ; Franklin, Illinois ; AB Illinois 

Woman's College 
Ker, Edith Grace pa 119 Washington 

Kerin, Raymond S c 565 W 113 ; Lewis- 
ton Idaho 
Kern, Dorothy e Furnald Hall ; 45 

Park St Montclair N J 
Kerner, Cecelia Dorothy e 1228 Grand 

Kerr, Augusta e 454 Riverside Dr ; 

121 1 Greene St Augusta Ga 
Kerr, Christina Smith e 537 W 121; 39 

Dorchester Rd Buffalo N Y 
Kerr, Edyth G ed Madison Sq Hotel ; 

Noblesville, Ind 
Kerr, Fred William c 184 Heberton 

Av Port Richmond N Y 
Kerr, Frederic John e 257 W 131 
Kerr, Kenneth George c 184 Heberton 

Av Port Richmond N Y 
Kerr, Nell e 607 Hudson St; 613 Ewing 

Av Nashville Tenn 
Kerr, Phyllis Schuyler e 8 Patchin PI 
Kerr, Ralph Waldo mec 65 Kenzel Av 

Nutley N J 
Kerr, Sara pa Whittier Hall ; Camp 

Crook So Dak 
Kerrigan, Katherine b John Jay Hall ; 

499 Fulton St Waverly N Y 
Kerschner, Harold Benner gr 600 W 
122; AB Ursinus, BD Central Theo 

Sem, STB Union Theo Sem 
Kerwien, Mary Katherine pa Cleveland 

St Englewood N J 
Kerwin, Jerome Gregory gr. Livingston 

Hall; 666 Madison Av Albany N Y; 

AB Dartmouth, MA Columbia 
Kesler, Julia Mae pa Whittier Hall; 



Kessler Jr, Edwin / 620 W 149 
Kessler, Hazlett e 2545 Brown St 

Philadelphia Pa; Clinton Ind 
Kessler, Irving Antler e 1049 Forest 

Kessler, Joseph e 280 Stanton St 

702 State St Carthage N Y 
Kessner, George e 907 E 175 
Ketcham, Florence e 60 Fulton Av East 

Orange N J ; Farmingdale N J 
Ketcham, Helen Bowers e 19 Quincy 

PI Yonkers N Y ; AB Columbia 
Ketcham, Irving Mortimer c Glen Head 

Keteltas, Helen Margaret e 13 W 88 
Kettering, Josephine Y pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; Annville Pa 
Keveny, Agnes Hunt e 108 E 81 
Kevitts, Setma e 674 Georgia Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Key, Cora Beale gr 2940 Broadway ; 

213 A St SE, Washington D C; AB 

Goucher College, MA Columbia 
Keyes, Pauline Mary gr 135 83 Bklyn 

NY;AB College of New Rochelle 
Khan, Mohammed Kazim Ali e 245 

Broadway ; Faiz Bazar, Patandi 

House, Delhi India 
Kheel, Louis e 2400 Webb Av 
Khoubyien, Micleon B e 506 W 173 
Khourie, Rose pa 1230 Amsterdam Av ; 

Holdredge Neb 
Khrabroff, Irena ed 70 Morningside Dr 
Kibel, Bertha e 101 W 115 
Kidder, James H c 211 W 55 
Kiefer, Katherine Kristine pa 360 W 

58; 1045 C St Lincoln Neb 
Kiehl, Samuel J gr Havemeyer Hall ; 

533 W 124; AB Otterbein College 
Kieman, Edward Joseph e 511 W 130 
Kienninger, John Frederick mec 387 E 

Kieran, Margaret Agnes ed 641 Cro- 

tona Park No ; BS Columbia 
Kiernan, Agnes Laura e 518 W 150 
Kiernan, Thomas Anthony * 511 W 130 
Kieser, Carl Edward / 375 Fourth St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Williams 
Kiesewetter, Albert Charles e 17 Don- 

gan St Elmhurst LINY 

Kiesewetter, Louis Alfred e 17 Don- 
gan St Elmhurst LINY 

Kiessling, Arthur Harold e 269 Hutton 
St Jersey City N J 

Kiessling, Emil Otto e 123 Wadsworth 
Av; BE Union 

Kihlstedt, Carl Eimar e 347 Madison 
Av ; 116 Riverside Dr 

Kilgore, Rhoda Caroline ed 420 W 121 ; 
Newberry S C ; AB 

Kilinski, Edward A c 28 W 125 

Kill, Edna Barbara b 556 W 186; Stony 
Point N Y 

Killilea, Agnes Cecelia e 172 Manhat- 
tan Av 

Killilea, Mae Eleanor e 172 Manhattan 
Av Jersey City N J 

Killion, Margaret Anne e 374 E 183 

Kilpatrick, Margaret pa Whittier Hall ; 
106 Morningside Dr 

Kilroe, John Charles c Livingston 
Hall; 408 Manhattan Av ; AB Co- 

Kilroe, Robert Harold e 230 W 116;' 
Honesdale Pa 

Kilroy, Helen C e 143 Palisade Av West 
Hoboken N J 

Kimball, Elizabeth Chase e 10 14 Madi- 
son Av ; 175 Grove St Waterbury 

Kimball, Lindsley F e 1134 St Johns 
PI Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 

Kimball, Nan Amelia b Brooks Hall ; 
1000 N 15 Waco Tex 

Kimber Jr, William Francis / 141 
Broadway; 132 Heller Parkway New- 
ark N J 

Kimhel, Annette Regina e 464 W 43 

Kimmel, Herbert Charles gr 600 W 
122; 421 Forest Av Dayton O; AB 
Ohio State 

Kimmich, Katherine Grace pa 537 W 
123; Horseheads N Y 

Kincaid, Josephine pa 6 W 87; 818 
Grayson St San Antonio Tex 

Kincaid, Marion Blanche gr 44 Win- 
field Av Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Mt 

Kindleberger, Philip Bishop m 438 W 


King, Alice Augustine e 50 Cathedral 

King, Mrs Alma R ed 90 West St 
King, Cecil V gr 370 W 118; Union 

City Ind; AB Indiana 
King, Cora Elizabeth ed 519 W 121; 

25 Cayuga St Auburn N Y 
King, Elizabeth Gertrude Ellwood ed 
425 Park St Hackensack N J ; North 
Westport Mass 
King, Ernest Latimer e 140 Claremont 

Av; 505 E River St Anderson S C 
King, Ethel May e 250 W 105 
King, Frederick Elmer e 43 Cedar St ; 
203 Lefferts Av Kew Gardens ; LLB 
New York 
King, Harold Fremont e Pelham 
Manor N Y ; South Scituate Rhode 
Island ; AB Bowdoin 
King, Henry George / 3089 Broadway ; 

2000 West Erie Av Lorain O 
King, Henry Hall gr 347 Madison Av ; 
Mclntyre St Bronxville N Y ; AB 
Amherst, MA Harvard 
King Jr, Martin Edward / 548 W 113; 

Dansville N Y 
King, Rena Marjorie ed 420 W 119; 

385 So Euclid Av Pasadena Cal 
King, Samuel Richard e 57 W 58; AB 

Willamette, PdM New York 
King, Solomon Edward m 90 Pine- 
hurst Av 
King Jr, Walter Gray c 25 Claremont 

King, William e Katonah N Y 
Kingman, Elizabeth Brodhead b Brooks 
Hall; 165 Highland Av Kingston 
N Y 
Kingman, Marion Louise b John Jay 
Hall; 165 Highland Av Kingston 
N Y 
Kingsland, Mabel E e 411 West End 
Av ; Boonton N J ; AB, MA Chicago 
Kingsley, Agnes Leone gr San Jacinto 
Madison Av & 60 ; 53 Henry St Nor- 
wich N Y ; AB Syracuse 
Kingsley, Ruth Seymour b John Jay 

Hall; 512 N George St Rome N Y 
Kinnan, Donald Hatch bu Tompkins 
Hall; 506 W Main St Marshalltown 
la; AB Cornell College la 

Kinney, Anna Louise pa 37 Madison 
Av; Grand Rapids N Dak 

Kintner, Mary Frances pa Whittier 
Hall; 500 N Fifth St Stroudsburg 

Kinzel, Robert Kurt e 2082 Fifth Av 

Kinzie, Katie Inez b John Jay Hall ; 
Troutville Va 

Kipp Jr, Warren Augustus c 92 Hamil- 
ton Av Yonkers N Y 

Kirby, Lloyd Garfield e 137 W 120; 319 
W Lenarnee St Lansing Mich 

Kirk, Elizabeth Baker gr Buckeystown 
Md; AB Western Maryland College 

Kirk, Elsie Lucretia ed 420 W 118; 
Kirksville Mo; BS Columbia 

Kirk, Mary Elizabeth e 417 W 114; 
Port Jervis N Y 

Kirk, Robert Stuart e Lincoln Av 
Queens N Y 

Kirk, Willette Josephine gr Furnald 
Hall ; 2002 San Antonio St Austin 
Texas ; AB Texas 

Kirkland, John Morfit c 565 W 113; 
5973 Maple Av St Louis Mo 

Kirkland, Samuel Noyes ; 565 W 113; 
406 E Evergreen St San Antonio 
Tex ; AB Columbia 

Kirkley, James Allen ed 414 W 121 ; 
Huntsville Tex ; BS Columbia 

Kirkman, Robert Blakeley e 48 W 72; 
1 1 40 Walnut St Chester Pa 

Kirkpatrick, Alice Condit e 144 E 56 

Kirkup, Edna Gertrude ed 453 Frank- 
lin Av Bklyn N Y 

Kirsch, Lewis c 578 Prospect Av 

Kirschenbaum, Israel e 55 Second Av 

Kirschner, Abe Edward c 2014 Bryant 

Kirschner, Anna ed Seth Low Hall ; 
2913 Warrington Rd Cleveland O 

Kirschner, Frank Joseph e 328 Marl- 
borough Rd Bklyn N Y; 21 McEl- 
wain Av Amsterdam N Y 

Kirsinger Elsa c 256 Liberty St Pater- 
son N J 

Kitay, Milton r 19 W 115; 376 Broad- 
way Paterson N J ; AB Columbia 
Kitay, Sarah b 115 E 95 ; 376 Broad- 
way, Paterson N J 



Kitch, Marian gr 420 W 119; 2 56 
Church St Sharpsville Pa; PhB 
Westminster College Pa 

Kitchen, Louise Richmond e 7 Hillside 
Av Summit N J 

Kitchener, William Francis e 316 W 


Kitoku, Kazuo ed 600 W 122; Kobe 
Japan ; BD Vanderbilt 

Kittredge, Winifred Boyd ed 415 W 
118; 319 Washington St New Iberia 
La; BS Columbia 

Kixmiller, Helen Gould gr 130 Clare- 
mont Av ; Bickwell Ind ; AB De 
Pauw Univ 

Klaas, Henrietta Frances ed Whittier 
Hall; 57 Park St Montclair N J 

Klages, Ernest Frederick e 315 E 50 

Klapper, Abraham e 484 Halsey St 
Bklyn N Y 

Klasky, Elena Harriet e 527 W 121; 
AB Hunter, AM Columbia 

Klatsky, Martin Max c 60 Second Av 

Kleiber, Estelle Elizabeth e 818 Gar- 
den St Hoboken N J 

Klein, Aaron e 878 Longwood Av 

Klein, Arthur e 408 E 89 ; AB C C N Y 

Klein, Charles Edward c 204 Lexing- 
ton Av Bklyn N Y 

Klein, David gr 55 W Jackson Av 
Corona L I N Y ; AB C C N Y 

Klein, David Ballin gr 137 W 119; AB 
C C N Y 

Klein, Edward Caffron m 205 Littleton 
Av Newark N J 

Klein, Elizabeth b 137 W 119 

Klein, Helen Henrietta e 503 W 122; 
487 Lindley St Bridgeport Conn 

Klein, Isabel Lazarus e Hotel Pennsyl- 

Klein, Isabelle Marion ed 527 W 121 ; 
East Brookfield Mass 

Klein, Lester e 979 Aldus St 

Klein, Lillian Ruth e Furnald Hall; 487 
Lindley St Bridgeport Conn 

Klein, Marcus / 137 W 119; AB Co- 

Klein, Samuel e 176 Hart St Bklyn 
N Y 

Kleinberg, Morris e 120 Cannon St 

Kleinberger, Ruth M e 3 1 1 W 97 

Kleinmann, Suzanne pa 938 St Nicho- 
las Av 

Kliatshco, Alexandra Gordon pa 167 
Lenox Rd Bklyn N Y 

Kliger, Max e 423 E 137 

Kliim, Aage Julius e 1585 Bedford 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Kline, Augusta e 31 W no 

Kline, Harold Joseph e 514 W 114 

Kline, Helen Burnham pa Whittier 
Hall; 283 E Exchange St Akron O 

Klingenfeld, Mrs John Henry e 106 
Morningside Dr 

Klingensein, Perry bu 124 E 81 

Klinghoffer, Morris e 1279 Morris Av 

Klingler, Neva Jeanne pa Whittier 
Hall; 106 S Cowen St Garrett Ind 

Klinzing, Ernestine Marie e 326 W 83; 
105 Randolph St Rochester N Y 

Klipp Jr, John Frederick c 376 Mer- 
rick Rd Rockville Center LINY 

Kloeber, Helen Louise e 344 W 57; 
West Newbury Mass 

Klokow, Reinhardt Burns e 159 W 80; 
BS Dartmouth 

Kloomok, Isaac e 133 Avenue B; PhG 
N Y College of Pharmacy, DDS N Y 
College of Dentistry 

Klous, Mrs Rose c 307 W 79 

Kluchansky, Eugene Whazyl gr Home- 
stead Av Palisade Park N J 

Klugh, Rhoda Corwin e 147 W 55 

Klupt, Robert Louis c 904 Amber St 
Union Course LINY 

Klyver, Faye Huntington ed 510 W 
124; AB Franklin College 

Knapp, Margaret Deborah pa 524 W 

Knauber, Edna Louise e 4747 Hillside 
Av Richmond Hill N Y 

Knebel, Lewis McBurney c Livingston 
Hall ; in 23 Elmhurst LINY 

Knebel, Williams Spear c Hartley 
Hall; 19 S LaSalle St Chicago 111 

Knecht, Florence Marie e 200 W no 

Knederwater, William John / Living- 
ston Hall ; AB Dubuque College 

Knedler, Paul Allen ed Somerville N J ; 
East Texas Pa; AB Muhlenberg 

Kneeland, Virginia tn 107 E 38; AB 
Bryn Mawr 



Knerr, Russell Master c 2031 Seventh 

Av; 516 Tilghman St Allentown Pa 
Knickerbocker, John Howard c 456 

Manhattan Av 
Knierim, Charles Conrad e 120 W 109 
Knieste, Adam e 215 Monitor St Bklyn 

N Y 
Kniffin, Harry A e 104 Euclid Av 

Westfield N J 
Knight, Florence Gale e 419 W no; 

Bishop St Framingham Mass 
Knight, Hazel Carolyn gr Furnald Hall ; 

36 So Garfield Av Columbus O ; AB 

Ohio State 
Knight, Lewis Bert ed 77 N 13 Newark 

N J; AB Bates 
Knighton, Marian pa 207 W 107 
Knipe, William David e 506 W 173 
Knoblauch, David Fulton e 8545 118 

Richmond Hill N Y; 3832 N 18 

Philadelphia Pa 
Knobloch, George Harold mec Hartley 

Hall 112 Elmwood St Woodhaven 

L I N Y; BS Columbia 
Knodel, Henry William bu 870 Long- 
wood Av 
Knoeppel, Louise Elizabeth e 18 15 

Morris Av 
Knoll, Viola Mary ed 37 Madison Av; 

115 Third St Saint Peter Minn * 
Knopf, Otto e 26 W 23 
Knoth, Eduard Werner e 501 W 123 
Knoth, Elvira Elizabeth e 70 Mertz 

Av Hillside N J 
Knowles, Harold Elton c no W 76; 

229 Third St Jackson Mich 
Knowles, Machan e 523 W 134 
Knowles, Richard Randolph e 540 

Manhattan Av 
Knox, Jaxon e 195 Claremont Av ; AB 

Knox, May Pearl ed 430 W 118; Paoli 

Knox, Miriam Haveley b John Jay 

Hall; 105 E College St Waynesburg 

Knox, Robert Kenneth c 422 E 144 
Knudsen, Ernest E ed 419 W 119; 128 

W Fourth St So, Provo Utah; AB 

Brigham Young Univ 
Ko, Choong Myung e Songdo, Korea 

Koar, Margaret Susan ed 257 Wabash 
Av Paterson N J 

Kobayashi, Arata gr c/o Murai Trad- 
ing Co 96 Front St ; Waseda Uni- 
versity Tokyo Japan ; BC Waseda 

Koch, Adele Ray ed 93 Essex Av 
Bloomfield N J 

Koch, Adolf e 53 Vermilyea Av ; 
Mahopac Putnam Co N Y 

Koch, Alice Catherine e 650 E 25 Pat- 
erson N J 

Koch, Albert Michael e 566 44 Bklyn 
N Y; 10730 93 St Edmonton Alberta 

Koch, Arnold Theodor / 446 Sixth St 
Bklyn N Y 

Koch, Bernice B e 568 W 149 

Koch, Fanny e 504 W 158 

Koch, Flora M gr 523 W 124; Bluffs 
111; AB Illinois, MA Columbia 

Koch, Frances Mari e 430 W 116; 
17 Crescent Av Buffalo N Y 

Koch, Mary Rose e 612 Prospect Av 

Koch, Paula Anna ed 93 Essex Av 
Bloomfield N J 

Koch, Robert Louis e 467 W 141 

Kocserba, George e Hartley Hall; 316 
First Av Elizabeth N J 

Koechel, Walter Paul e Queen Ann 
Rd Bogota N J 

Koehler, Charles Stewart e 965 Wash- 
ington Av 

Koehler, Ruth Beverley b 815 W 180 

Koenig, Francesca e 59 Audubon Av 

Koenig, Herbert Augusta / 429 W 117; 
AB Columbia 

Koenig, Mortimer Harold c 818 E 151 

Koenig, Theodore Jacob e 79 Booraem 
Av Jersey City N J 

Kohashi Miyo e 605 W 115; Tokyo 

Kohen, Willard c 680 West End Av 
Amityville L I 

Kohl, Gerald S bu 205 S Sycamore St 
Centralia 111 

Kohn, Chester B e 309 Clifton Av New- 
ark N J 

Kohn, Diana e 1344 Lyman PI 

Kohn, Elinor b 107 W 120 



Kohn, Herbert Robert m Hartley Hall ; 

725 Eastern Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Kohn, Leopold Jerome e 725 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Kohn, Margaret Sophie e 25 W 68 
Kohn, Max mec 215 W 10 
Kohn, Newton Deopold e Burton Av 

Woodmere L I N Y ; AB South Car- 
Kohn, Robert Irving m 255 W 84 ; AB 

Kohn, Solomon Joshua e 405 W 117; 

348 Wolf St 
Kohnfelder, Norman Robert e 68 

Booraem Av Jersey City N J 
Kohnstamm, Dorothy b 611 W 114 
Kolbert, William A e 2335 Second Av 
Kolburne, Luma Louis gr Katonah N 

Y; AB C C N Y 
Koleroff, Boris Fedor e 557 W 124; 

ME Technological Institute (Petro- 

Koller, Hortense Wilhelmina b 681 

Madison Av 
Kolodny, George gr 138 W 117; BS 

Trinity (Conn) 
Komaki, Heizoh e 501 W no; Shiomi 

Clio Kagoshima Japan 
Kondo, Giichiro gr 600 W 122; Ashi- 

kaga Japan ; AB Ohio Wesleyan 
Konear, Anargros John e 10 Speedwell 

Av Morristown N J 
Konermann, Helene V e 1045 Trinity 

Kong, Paul c 175 Ninth Av ; St Peter's 

Rectory Honolulu Hawaii 
Konovitz, Leah Minnie ed 749 Jennings 

St; AB Barnard 
Kontos, Pindaros T e 259 W 34 
Koorie, Sadie pa 432 20 West New 

York N J 
Koos, Frank Hermann ed 540 W 122; 

1329 East Capitol Washington D C; 

AB Oberlin, MA Minnesota 
Kopald, Sylvia Beatrice gr 629 Gates 

Av Bklyn N Y; 431 Madison St 

Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Kopelle, Aaron Jay e 1001 Faile St 
Kopeloff, Lillian Segal b 2414 Webb 

Kopelwait, Elizabeth M e 220 W no 

Koplik, Daniel Morris / 104 W 70 

Koppelman, Naomi e 1165 St Johns 
PI Bklyn N Y 

Kopper, Harry c 121 Palisade Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Kopper, William Conrad c St Anthony 
Hall; 515 Park Av 

Koppisch, Walter Frederick c Hartley 
Hall; 533 Riley St Buffalo N Y 

Koral, Israel gr Fayerweather Hall ; 
161 Vernon Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Co- 

Korb, Fannie Sherne e 15 Essex St 

Korengal, Alma F ^ 313 W 87; 930 
Lorel Av Chicago II 

Korn, Arthur Irving c 411 West End 

Korn, Herman Raymond / 1857 Madi- 
son Av 

Kornbliet, Isidore c 91 Park Av Union 
Hill N J 

Kornblith, Anna e 82 Bainbridge St 
Bklyn N Y 

Kornblum, Milton c 435 W 117; 4801 
n Av Bklyn N Y 

Kornfeld, Muriel G b 114 E 71 

Kornreich, Jack Morris c 4817 15 Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Kornzweig, Abraham Leon c 1659 
Washington Av 

Korthener, Eleanor Pelham b 207 W 

Korzilius, Marguerite Alberta e 16 So 
Overbrook Av Trenton N J 

Kosches, Estelle e 75 Ft Washington 

Koshetz, Rose pa 417 W 120; 10101 
Pierpont Av Cleveland O 

Kosman, Joseph c 60 St Nicholas Av 

Kosok, Paul gr 732 11 Av Long Island 
City NY; BS C C N Y 

Kossoff, Jacob e 527 W 110 

Koster, Sarah Matilda ed 123 W 57 

Kostick, Benjamin Hayes e 449 Hum- 
boldt St Bklyn N Y 

Kosting, Frederick William e 1 1 Wads- 
worth Av ; BS Cooper Union 

Kostlan, Frank Lynn / 3089 Broadway ; 
Traer, la ; AB Iowa 

Kotila, Ida e 600 West End Av 



Kott, Henry Richard e 467 Rogers Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Kottek, Edgar Frank e 605 W 146 
Kottek, Frank e 605 W 146 
Kotting, Marie pa 605 W 115; 60 

Seward Av Detroit Mich 
Kotzen, Arthur e 57 W 112 
Koues, Rose Wilkinson ed Whittier 

Hall; 70 E 77 
Kover, Esther e 1646 46 Bklyn N Y 
Kovner, Harold c 1109 St Johns PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Kowalsky, Rev Humphrey T gr 29 Park 

St New Haven Conn ; Hartford 

Conn; AB St Johns College (Pa) 
Kowalsky, Joseph Jack c 1038 Lowell 

Kraemer, Casper John gr New York 

University 38 Waverly PI; 537 

Union PI Union Hill N J ; AB MA 

New York 
Kraemer, William Henry e 171 E 83 
Kraft, Katherine Marie b 8650 105 

Richmond Hill LINY 
Krainin, Philip c 226 W 122 
Krakonski Ruth M e 1665 Washington 

Krakonski, Helen e 1665 Washington 

Kramer, Arthur c Hartley Hall; 130 

State St Perth Amboy N J 
Kramer, Edward A e 145 Wadsworth 

Kramer, Lester Hugo e 601 W 160 
Kramer, Marion Clarice e 311 W 95; 

514 Hamilton Av Columbus Ohio 
Kramer, Martha gr Furnald Hall; 452 

E Walnut St Frankfort Ind ; BS Chi- 
cago, MA Columbia 
Kramer, Max c 103 Keap St Bklyn N Y 
Kranebell, Ronald Waldron e 412 W 

115; 345 Peck St New Haven Conn 
Krapp, Isidore e 194 Fulton St Bklyn 

N Y 
Krasnoff, Labori c Hartley Hall; Union 

S C 
Krassntr, Louis R pa 73 Ross St 

Bklyn N V ; AB C C N Y 
Kraus, Bertha /; 2315 Broadway 
Kraus, Dorothy Grace b 14 E 94 
Kraus, Elizabeth Halle pa 301 W 108 

Kraus, Jack Lewis II / 301 W 108; AB 

Krause, Gunther Frederick I 510 W 
124; 510 E 12 Portland Ore; AB 
Reed College 

Kravet, Hyman Mortimor e 107 E 
Broadway ; Colchester Conn 

Kreinheder, Elmer Arthur bu 955 Hum- 
boldt Pk Buffalo N Y 

Kreischer, Lillian pa 301 Front St 
Hempstead L I 

Krempovsky, Theodore Vasilienich gr 
501 W 113; Russia 

Krengel, David Charles gr 140 Stanton 
St; AB C C N Y 

Kresel, Edna e 225 W 86 

Kretzler, Dorothy Catherine e 606 Co- 
lumbus Av ; Wyckoff N J 

Kreuser, Emilie Leonore ed 314 Ninth 
St Hoboken N J 

Kreutzer, Louis George mcc 1838 Glea- 
son Av; BS Columbia 

Kridel, Elsie W e 135 Central Park W 

Krieger, Lillian Ida b John Jay Hall ; 
5545 Black St Pittsburgh Pa 

Kriegshaher, Marian Caroline pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 66 Moreland Av Atlanta 

Krigsman, Helen E gr 272 W 90 ; AB 

Krimsky, Emanuel m 1263 49 Bklyn 
N Y 

Krings, George e 799 Second Av Long 
Island City N Y 

Krinike, Jerome Philip c 695 High St 
Newark N J 

Krinsky, Samuel e 87 W 50 Bayonne 
N J 

Krohn, Abraham Leon e 695 St Nich- 
olas Av 

Kroll, Beatrice c 1249 Park Av 

Kroll, Eva c 1 YV 92 

Kroll, Hyman e 362 Riverside Dr ; 117 
E Ferry St Buffalo N Y 

Kroll, Janet e 1 W 92 

Kroll, John August e 425 W 118; 94 N 
Main St Clintonville Wis 

Kroman, Edna b John Jay Hall; 1044 
S 31 Birmingham Ala 

KroncnKohl, Alice Virginia <' -' 1<h 




Kronig, Ralph de Laer c 420 W 116 

Kroopf, Milton c 121 W 114 

Kropff, Victor Armin e Hotel Grama- 
tan Bronxville N Y 

Kropp, Alma ed 523 W 121 ; 1007 S 
High St Columbus Ohio; AB AM 
Ohio State 

Krost, Anna Mary pa 130 Claremont 
Av; 217 N Fifth St Mankato Minn 

Kroun, Fannie e 620 E 168 

Krout, John Allen gr 417 W 114; AB 
Michigan, AM Columbia 

Kruger, Barbara Louise b 914 Eighth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Krulewich, Irvin c 320 St Nicholas Av 

Krulewitch, Daniel Webster c 600 W 


Krulewitch, Melvin Levin e 416 W 
122; AB LLB Columbia 

Kruliak, Muriel e 135 Broadway; 42 
W 120 

Krumgold, Selma Miriam e 48 Van 
Ripen Av Jersey City N J 

Krupp, Berdie Annette e 344 W 84 ; 
Overland and Santa Fe Sts El 
Paso Tex 

Kruse, Arthur Francis bit Hartley Hall ; 
143 Cherry St Grand Rapids Mich 

Kuberski, Edward Nicholas c 32 Tread- 
well Av Port Richmond S I N Y 

Kudara, Toryu gr 58 W 109; Agawa, 
Nagato, Japan ; AB Waseda Uni- 

Kuempel, Wm O e Livingston Hall ; 
624 Hudson St Hoboken N J 

Kuhlman, Henrietta e 539 Washington 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Kuhlman, Isabel Louise pa 2265 Sedg- 
wick Av 

Kuhn, Adelina e 3100 Broadway; AB 
Vassar, AM Columbia 

Kuhn, Bernard E I Livingston Hall ; 
Vincennes Ind 

Kuhn, Kenneth Caro c 308 W 92 

Kuhn, William Edward e 408 W 115 

Kuhns, Mabel Adel e 376 St Johns PI 
Bklyn N Y ; Cliffwood N J 

Kuhns, William Rodney ;' 158 W 84 

Kuklin, Norman Bennett c 425 W 214 

Kuligoski, Stanislaw John e 401 Jef- 
ferson St Union Hill N J 

Kull, Leo F e 52 W 76 

Kumano, Kiehij'iro bu 102 W 123; 

Hayama, Soshu, Japan ; MA Illinois 
Kuniyoshi, Tsunematsu e 140 W 105 
Kunitz, Moses mec 436 E 67 ; BS 

Cooper Union 
Kunkel, Norman Wilbur ed 600 W 122; 

Dover Pa ; AB Pennsylvania College 
Kunnes, Frances e 476 Washington Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 
Kunte, Helen ed 851 Columbus Av ; AB 

Kuntz, Frances Frieda ed 234 E 51 ; 

Harrison N Y 
Kunz, George Peter e 844 Washington 

St; 386 Rector St Woodhaven L I 

N Y 
Kunz, Katherine P gr 502 W 113; MA 

Kupfcr, Jean / Hotel Chelsea ; Berne 

Kupperman, Harry c 305 E 21 
Kurgan, Janet Constance e 444 E 84 
Kurgan, Wanda e 444 E 84 
Kuri, Leon c 9 W 110 
Kuriansky, Samuel c 1647 Washington 

Kurkjian, Alice Sylvia e 609 W 137 
Kurshan, Benedict c 1495 President St 

Bklyn N Y 
Kurtz, Alice Erna e 430 E 65 
Kushner, Alex c 238 Clinton St 
Kuttner, Ann Gayles gr 567 W 113; 

BS, MA Columbia 
Kyle, Rose Deane e 630 W 141 
Laase, Madeline e 169 W 85 
LaBarre, Nelson Eugene e 612 W 114 

2046 Washington Av ; BS Columbia 
LaBella, Louis Onorato m 456 Hicks 

St Bklyn NY; 50 Court St Middle- 
town Conn 
LaBoireaux, Constance e Furnald Hall ; 

Bryn Mawr Pa 
Lacayo, Renato c Hartley Hall; Man- 
agua, Nicaragua 
Lack, Cyrus c 354 Wyona St Bklyn 

N Y 
Lackman, Harry Rudolph e 702 West 

End Av 



Lacock, Helena Gertrude e 116 Wa- 
verly PI ; Columbus, Kan ; BE Univ 
of Washington 

Lacruz, Baldomero « 57 W 74 

Lacy, Kate pa Bancroft Hall; 418 Tex- 
as St Denton Tex 

Lacy, Mary E pa 537 W 121; 361 1 E 
59 Kansas City Mo 

Ladeu, Paul Munde c 1289 Madison Av 

Laevig, Borghild Therese e 56 Beaver 
St; 272 Union St Bklyn N Y 

Laf Loofy, Nagla Mary b 1131 Ruby 
St Woodhaven LINY 

Lafetra, Emma Jane pa 509 W 121 ; 
138 Bridge Av Red Bank N J 

Lafferty, Anna Regina c 222 W 167 

Laforce, Anna Josephine pa 600 W 144; 
Hinesburg Vt 

LaForge, Chester Arthur c 28 Clinton 
PI Metuchen N J 

LaFountain, Mary Josephine pa 397 
Park St Hackensack N J 

LaFountain, Marion A gr 397 Park St 
Hackensack N J ; AB Columbia 

Lagana, Paul e 2526 Glebe Av 

Lagemaker, Anna Emily b 1 W 72 

Lager, Albert Franklin, e 74 Boulevard 
Summit N J 

Lagos, Antonio gr 526 E 83 

Lagrasse, Benjamin A mec 124 George 
St Bklyn N Y ; BS C C N Y 

Laguardia, Arnaldo c 5 19 St Elmhurst 

Laguardia, Attilio c 5 19 St Elmhurst 

Laguardia, Hector c 5 19 St Elmhurst 

LaGuardia, Virginia ed 5 19 St Elm- 
hurst LINY 

Lahiff, Ellen Geraldine ed 201 W 106 
BS Columbia 

Lahiff, Noreen Cornelia b 201 W 106 

Lahm, Henry Gilbert e 311 W 54 

Lail, Max c 1444 Crotona Pk E 

Laing, Priscilla Alden e 4745 Boston 
Post Rd Pelham Manor N Y 

Laing, Stella Rowena ed 519 W 121; 
616 E F St Iron Mountain Mich 

Lake, Marjorie Larish pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; Central City Colo 

Lam, Ping Leung c 409 W 117; 2 Tai 

On Terrace, Hong Kong 
Lamb, Helen Frances e 373 8 St Bklyn 
Lambe, Wm Gordon e 322 W 57; 568 

Aylmer St Peterboro Ont Canada 
Lambert, Clara Michel e 216 W 100 
Lambert, Rosamond Jean b John Jay 

Hall; 1032 N Prospect Tacoma 

Lambert, Margaret Louise gr Furnald 

Hall ; 3024 Fairfield Av Cincinnati 

Ohio ; BS Cincinnati 
Lambert, Marie Frances pa 317 E 30 
Lambert, Mildred Pearl pa Whittier 

Hall; 41 King William St Hamilton 

Ont Canada 
Lambert, Paula C gr 621 W 135; AB 

Lambert, Robert Stanley gr General 

Theological Seminary ; 28 Jones St 
Lambert Jr, Samuel Waldron m 130 E 

35; AB Yale 
Lamberton Jr, Henry McClelland / 712 

St Nicholas Av ; Winona Minn ; AB 

Lambrecht, Mary Elizabeth b 2437 Val- 
entine Av 
La Mer, Joseph Secondule e Hillcrest- 

Lakeview Leonia N J ; ME Kansas 
La Mer, Victor Kirhn gr Havemeyer 

Hall ; Palisades Pk N J ; AB Kansas 
Lamkay, Hyman e 2265 Hughes Av 
Lamme, Maurice Allison gr 7 Sagamore 

Rd Maplewood N J ; BS Montana 

Agric College, AM PhD Columbia 
Lammert, Olive M gr Furnald Hall ; 

2550 Smalley St Chicago 111 ; AB 

Lamont, John Wood pa 514 W 1 1 1 ; 18 

Third PI Bklyn N Y 
Lamora, Angel Fernando e 184 Clarc- 

mont Av 
Lamp, Howard Arthur e 10 E 11 
Lampe, Milde e 159 Palisade Av Jer- 
sey City N J 
Lamson, Rosita pa Whittier Hall; 38 

Maple St Norwalk Conn 
Lanada, Eusebio c 1270 Amsterdam Av ; 

Duenas, Iloilo, Philippines 



Lanall, Ruth Estelle e 7 Gramercy Pk 

Lancaster, Elizabeth Greig e 165 W 82 

Lancaster, Louise Ely ed Bancroft Hall ; 
1328 Lady St Columbia S C 

Lance, Leroy Hildebrant bu Hartley 
Hall; Oldwich N J 

Lancefield, Donald Elwood gr Scher- 
merhorn Hall; Amity Ore; AB Reed 
College, AM Columbia 

Lancefield, (Mrs) Rebecca Craighill gr 
90 Edgecombe Av ; AB Wellesley, 
AM Columbia 

Landau, Adela Josephine e Furnald 
Hall; 28 Nassau Av Freeport L I 
N Y 

Landau, Henry c 166 W 120 

Landau, Dorothy e 166 W 120 

Landeau, Lester Allyn c 548 W 114; 
1 159 St Johns PI Bklyn N Y 

Landesberg, Jack m 853 Lafayette Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Landfear, Elsie D ed 274 Claremont 
Av Jersey City N J 

Landis, William Albert ed 524 River- 
side Dr; 73 1 1 Reynolds St Pitts- 
burgh Pa; BS Chicago, MA Columbia 

Landis, William Wilder / Livingston 
Hall ; Wakarusa Ind ; B A Jamestown 

Landman, Jacob Henry gr 717 Court- 
land Av; AB C C N Y, AM Colum- 

Landon, John Fitch m 908 West End 
Av; Salisbury Conn; AB Yale, BS 

Landsman, Bertha e 220 E 19 

Lane, A Alan e 1288 St Johns PI Bklyn 
N Y; LLB Fordham 

Lane, David Warren e 343 W 22; 904 
W 1 1 Riverside Cal 

Lane, John Aloysius e 219 E 78 

Lane, Lalia gr 135 W 141 ; AB Howard 
University, AB Hunter 

Lane, (Mrs) Louise M e 247 W 103 

Lane, Paul Anthony e 21 Liberty St 
Auburn N Y 

Lane, Winifred b Brooks Hall ; South 
Rd Poughkeepsie N Y 

Lanese, Peter A e 65 Hanover Av Elm- 
hurst L I 

Lang, Antoinette Thekla e 689 Melrose 

Av; AB Hunter 
Lang, Carl e 19 W 69 
Lang, John George e 115 Williamson 

Av Hillside N J 
Lang, Jerome e 1505 St Nicholas Av 
Lang, Joseph / 1066 Bergen St Bklyn 

N Y; AB Columbia 
Lang, Marie Rose e 63 Leggitt Av 

Woodhaven LINY 
Lang, Marion Margaret e 362 Riverside 

Dr; 88 Eagle St Troy N Y 
Lang, Viola E e 206 E 70 
Langdoc, Stuart Edwin e 406 W 57 
Lange, Bertha e 316 Lexington Av 
Lange, Carl Mikal Eger c 28 Welling- 
ton Ct Bklyn N Y 
Lange, Ove Halvard c 28 Wellington Ct 

Bklyn N Y; 15 Jackson PI Baldwin 

Harbor LINY 
Lange, Richard e 216 W 18; 151 Pros- 
pect Av North Bergen N J 
Lange, Ruth Louise e 106 Morningside 

Dr ; 724 Monroe Av Scranton Pa; 

BA Wellesley 
Langenberg, Ella Louise pa 509 W 121 ; 

428 Strongs Av Stevens Point Wis 
Langer, Harry Louis e 108 Hawthorne 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Langer, Meyer gr 60 W 75 ; BS C C 

N Y 
Langmuir, Arthur Comings gr 243 S 

Broadway Hastings-on-Hudson N Y ; 

PhB Columbia, PhD Heidelberg 

Lansing, Ambrose gr 153 E 88; AB 

Washington and Jefferson 
Langslet, Ote e 501 W 121; ME Ber- 
gen Tech (Norway) 
Langthorn Jr, Jacob Stinman e 2 W 

45 ; 59 Livingston St Bklyn N Y 
Langton, Mary Elizabeth b 420 W 129 
Langtry, Margaret e 420 W 121 ; 268 

Melrose St Auburndale Mass 
Langworthy, Harry Wells ed Spring 

Valley N Y ; BS Alfred University 
Lankenau, Henry George e 82 Sullivan 

St; 1194 E 96 Bklyn N Y 
Lansing, Charles c 616 W 116 
Lanthier, John e 3056 Kingsbridge Ter 
Lapin, Estelle e 838 Kelly St 



Laporte, George Ludwig c 129 E 91 

Laporte, Marguerite Adele b 129 E 91 

Laporte, Marguerite Raeder (Mrs) e 
2454 Webb Av; AB Univ of Cal 

Laporte, Ross Albert e 15 E Second St 
Bklyn N Y 

Larabie, Mary e 302 W 86 ; AB Smith 

Larbey, Alma Dell e 16 Lawrence St 
Yonkers N Y 

Lardal, Anbjorn e 44 Beaver St; Sta- 
vanger Norway 

Lardizabal, Gregorio Dimaculangan ed 
412 W 115; San Jose Batangas Phil- 

Largeman, Agatha Gertrude e 8503 114 
St Richmond Hill N Y 

Larios, Manuel m 208 W 78 Yuscaran, 
Honduras C A ; AB Instituto Nacion- 
al (Guatemala C A) 

Larkin, Evelyn e 30 Church St ; Con- 
gers N Y 

Larkin, Jessie May pa 1230 Amsterdam 
Av ; Indian River Pk Hampton Va 

Larkin, John Henry bu 498 W 130 

Larkin, Robert D / 137 Euclid Av Wa- 
terbury Conn 

Larmer, Florence e 535 Macon St 
Bklyn N Y 

Larner, G DeFreest bu 60S W 113; 
The Highlands Washington D C 

LaRochelle, Augustine Mary ed 220 
Harrison St Leonia N J ; 508 Main 
St Springfield Mass ; AB Vermont 

Larsen, Aagot pa 246 W 25 ; Kragcio 

Larsen, Drott Conrad gr 10 19 N Edi- 
son St Portland Ore 

Larsen, Isabel e 415 W 118; MS North- 

Larson, Anna Christina s 41 W 127; 
R F D 2 Ware Mass 

Larson, Ernest Peter e 141 S 14 Av 
Mount Vernon N Y 

Larson, Evelyn pa 425 W 118; 1465 
Newman Av Cleveland Ohio 

Larson, Gunnar c 21 18 Bryant Av 

Larson, Henrietta M gr Furnald Hall ; 
1000 Forest Av Northfield Minn; AB 
St Olaf College, MA Columbia 

I.arter, Martha pa 605 Mt Prospect Av 
Newark N J 

LaSalle, Jessie Elizabeth ed 514 W 122; 
1226 E First St Duluth Minn; BS, 
AM Columbia 

Lascoff, Frederick Dudley bu 1223 Lex- 
ington Av 

Lasdon, Milton Arthur c 640 W 139 

Lash, Geo Everett bu 218 W 128 

Lasity, Katherine e 17 W 103 

Lasker, Leah e 501 W 124; 12 N Mai- 
lett St 

Lasker, (Mrs) Margaret Ward pa 64 
Fairview Av Nepperhan Hts Yon- 
kers N Y ; BS Leeds Univ (England) 

Lasser, Miriam pa 224 Clinton St Bklyn 
N Y 

Lassoff, Gertrude B e 730 Oakland PI 

Last, Moe e 58 Meeker Av Bklyn N Y 

Last, Zelda e 898 Bergen Av Jersey 
City N J ; LLB New York 

Latham, Bertha May e 36 W 94 

Latham, Fred William e Port Jefferson 
Sta L I N Y 

Latham, Jefferson Milton e 71 Devoe 
St Bklyn N Y 

Lathberry, Counciller ed 32 Hoyt Av 
Fort Lee N J 

Lattin, Genevieve Howie e 5 Vinall Ct 
Tarrytown N Y ; 700 Perry St Wat- 
kins N Y 

Latting, Walter Edward e 141 Jeffer- 
son Av Bklyn N Y 

Laudt, Gustave Ernest gr Livingston 
Hall; 7531 Normal Av Chicago 111; 
BS Chicago 

Laufer, William e 95 E 116 

Lauffer, Joseph Iddings ed 600 W 122; 
R D 2 Irwin Pa ; AB Franklin and 

Lauricella, John Bartholomew c Hart- 
Icy Hall; 153 S Fifth Av Mount 
Vernon N Y 

Laurie, Annie pa 234 E 79; 162 Maple 
Av Carry Pa 

Laurie, Edith «■ 38 W 91 

Laurier, Carl e Mmitvale N J ; AB 

Lautman, Solomon c 2815 Boulevard 
Jersey City N J 



Lava, Vicente Gregorio gr Hartley Hall ; 
Bulacan, Bulacan, Philippines ; BS 
Univ of the Philippines, MA Colum- 

LaVallee, Julia Veda e 100 Prospect St 
Paterson N J 

Lavers, Katharine Francis b 145 Ver- 
milyea Av 

Lavine, Elliott e 1800 Seventh Av 

LaVoy, DeForest ed Governors Isl- 
and N Y; 167^ W Eighth St Os- 
wego N Y 

Law, Malcolm Campbell / 1118 Amster- 
dam Av ; 2 Cornell St Springfield 

Law, Martha ed 2008 Walton Av; AB 

Law, R Marie pa Whittier Hall; 215 
Webster St Clarksburg W Va 

Lawler, John Aloysious m 497 First St 
Bklyn N Y 

Lawless, Theodore Kenneth w 205 W 
l 2,7\ 35 2 o Forest Av Chicago 111; 
AB Talladega College, MS MD 

Lawlor, Ellen Newcomb e 317 W 90 

Lawlor, Ruth Gloria b 29 W 97 

Lawrence, Alice Richards e 170 W 59 

Lawrence, Flora Catherine ed 99 
Claremont Av; 362 Rhode Island St 
Buffalo N Y 

Lawrence, Jr George James c 38 W 

Lawrence, George Winslow / Morris 
Brown University Atlanta Ga ; 208 E 
102; AB Morris Brown Univ 

Lawrence, Helen Lennox pa Whittier 
Hall; 127 W Flower Av Watertown 
N Y 

Lawrence, Jeannette pa 67 Overlook Av 
Ridgewood N J 

Lawrence Jr, Joseph Everett e 879 E 
19 Bklyn N Y; BS New York 

Lawrence, Martha Sumner pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 217 Middle St Ports- 
mouth Va 

Lawrence, Norma Louise pa Whittier 
Hall; 127 W Flower Av Watertown 
N Y 

Laws, Marion Burton ed 324 W 103 

Laws, William Knoche / 265 W 129; 

Sayre Pa ; AB Syracuse 
Lawson, John Scott ? 134 W 77 
Lawson, Margaret Louise ed 2041 Fifth 

Av ; AB Wheaton College 
Lawson, Peninnah Belle ed 137 W 103; 

842 Ravenna Blvd Seattle Wash ; 

BEd U of Washington 
Lawton, George Roy c 218 W 112 
Lax, Paula H e 270 Riverside Dr 
Lay, Minnie Viola e Katonah N Y ; 

Barnard N Y 
Layman, Cedric Denton gr 600 W 122; 

AB Daleville College 
Layman, Mary Arnold e 344 W 84 ; 22 

Kingsbury PI St Louis Mo 
Layng, Leila Josephine e Forest Dr 

Short Hills N J 
Layton, Alfred Mason pa 181 W 135; 

1722 10 NW Washington D C 
Layton, Roy Francis gr Fayerweather 

Hall, 669 Dawson St ; BS Rutgers 
Lazar, Ruth Josephine b 701 W 177 
Lazarts, Rev Nicholas e 312 W 54; DD 

Athens Univ (Greece) 
Lazerson, Irving e 547 W 123; 119 

Sellinger St Rochester N Y 
Lazin, Samuel Bernard ed 3 W 118; 

Leach, George Sidney ed 5 Iona PI Glen 

Rock N J; AB LLB Yale 
Leader, Sidney David c 1494 Crotona 

Park E 
Leahey, James Patrick e 413 W 17 
Lear, Carl August Otto mec 439 W 

123; BS C C N Y 
Leard, Gertrude Elliott e 866 West 

End Av ; 5567 Aylesboro Av Pitts- 
burgh Pa (Squirrell Hill) 
Learned, (Mrs) Blanche Williams e 90 

Morningside Dr 
Leary, Jerome Vincent e 402 Central 

Av Plainfield N J 
Lease, Marjorie e 889 St Nicholas Av 
Leavenworth, Isabel Foote gr Rye 

N Y 
Leavin, Benj e 640 W 171 
Leavitt, Charles Stuart c 143 Herkimer 

St Bklyn N Y 
Leavitt, Leslie Westbrook ed 445 W 

124; BS Dartmouth 



Lebau, Harry gr 1262 Portland Av 

Chester Park N Y ; BS MA Cornell 
Lebauer, Maurice Lee e 61 W 109 
Lebenthal, Louis S e 618 W 113; LLB 

Lebish, Benjamin Harrison e 1429 Bry- 
ant Av 
Le Boutillier, Charles tnec 435 W 119; 

Wayne Pa ; BS Dartmouth 
Lebowitz, Lillian e 241 E Bway 
Lecklider, Bess e 501 W 121; 1909 N 

14 St Toledo O 
Ledbetter, (Mrs) Leone Winn ed 119 

Montague St Bklyn N Y ; BS College 

Industrial Arts (Texas) 
Lederman, Beatrix Helen b 58 E 75 
Ledogar, Edward John e 1725 Grove St 

Bklyn N Y; LLB Brooklyn Law 

Lee, Alfred Sy-Hung e 505 W 124; 

920 Grant Av San Francisco Cal 
Lee, Alice Pi-cheng e Hotel Newton ; 

Shanghai China 
Lee, Aug Lan Fin ed Whittier Hall; 

Yunman-fu China ; PhB Chicago, 

AM Columbia 
Lee, Baldwin c Hartley Hall ; 923 

Columbus Av 
Lee, Elliott Hugh e 318 W 57; LittB 

Lee, Emma ;' 419 W 118; 2703 Ave J 

Galveston Tex ; AB Texas 
Lee, Estelle R e 729 Bloomfield St Ho- 

boken N J 
Lee, Gin Lee e 33-37 Mott St 
Lee, James Edwin e 46 Norwood Av 

Plainfield N J 
Lee, Kathryn Dean pa 106 Morningside 

Dr ; Alexander City Ala ; AB Wes- 

leyan College (Ga) 
Lee, Ling You e 34 Pell St 
Lee, Pyung Binn c Park Chyun Koon 

North Pyung An Korea 
Lee, Robert Prince c 110 Morningside 

Dr; Riverhead N Y 
Lee, Robert Edward / 126 S First Av 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Lee, Wellington Eark- gr 54 Holds- 
worth Ct Passaic N J 
Lee, Yuan e 505 W 124; Shanghai, 

China; BS Mass Inst Tech 

Leedom, Helen Eleanor e 612 W 115; 

301 W First St Oil City Pa 
Leeper, James Luther e Hotel Judson ; 

PhB Yale 
Leerburger, Allan Bader gr 320 Cen- 
tral Park W ; BS MA Columbia 
Leerburger, Franklin J e 521 W 112 
Leers, Frank Adolph tnec 146 Larch 

Av Bogota N J ; AB Columbia 
Leers, Hilma gr 162 Lafayette Av Haw 

thorne N J ; AB, AM Columbia 
Lees, Georgia e 200 Elm St Cranford 

N J 
Leete, Bertina Adelphia pa The Dean- 
ery Cathedral Close; 136 Pleasant 

St Claremont N H 
Leffier, Clara pa 1560 Amsterdam Av 
Leffler, Emil gr 719 Lexington Av; AB 

Washington College (Washington D 

Leffler, Lucille Elizabeth pa Whittier 

Hall; Hawthorne Av Port Chester 

N Y 
Lefkowitz, Bernard Harold e 3327 De- 
catur Av; AB Cornell 
Lefkowitz Leo m 951 Manhattan Av 
Leftoff, Michael e 199 Hooper St Bklyn 

N Y 
Leftow, Louis Abraham e 347 Second 

Leggett, Blanche C gr 611 Ocean Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Smith 
LeGore, Paul e 195 Claremont Av 
Lehlback, Emma e 394 So Belmont Av 

Newark N J 
Lehman, Milton Frederick W e 1060 

Jefferson Av Bklyn N Y 
Lehmann, Harriet Amalia c 30 W 54 
Lehmann, Helen Lucille e 526 W 11 1 
Lehnerts, Edward M gr 509 W 121 ; 

AB U of Penn, MA U of Minn 
Lehr, Edith Marshall ed 527 W 121 ; 

810 N Bellevue Av Hastings Neb ; 

AB Nebraska Wesleyan 
Lehr, Ray Arnold e 5323 Hudson Blvd 

North Bergen N J 
Lehrer, Alvira Kathryn ed 191 Clare- 

monl Av; Sharon A\ Glendale Ohio ; 

AB Miami University 
Lehrman, Alexander gr 130 Bradhnrst 

Av ; BS C C N Y, MA Columbia 



Lei, Kuo Neng gr Kai-Hsien Szechuen 

China ; AB Wooster College 
Lei, Y K bu Tompkins Hall ; Canton 

Leiboff, Samuel Leo gr 950 Hoe Av; 

PhB Brown 
Leibowitz, Benjamin e 909 Beck St 
Leibowitz, Max Jay c 1764 Union St 

Bklyn N Y 
Leifer, Samuel Alfred e 318 W 57; 

Detroit Mich 
Leigh, Ben / 520 W 122; 1204 So 31 

Temple Tex 
Leigh, Ruth e 175 Eighth Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Leighton, Roy Fisher ed C C N Y ; 

Canton N Y; PhB MS Vermont, 

BPd Syracuse 
Leinkauf, Sadie Frances e 1026 Hudson 

St Hoboken N J 
Leipzig, Sydney e 3 E 109 
Leiter, Mary e Hotel Ansonia ; 376 

Barrington St Rochester N Y 
Leith, Donald E e 601 W 112; BS Cor- 
Lekachman, Bessie e 666 W 162 
Leland, Ruth Laura pa Whittier Hall; 

35 St George Av Stamford Conn 
Lemal, Richard Francis c 472 Av E 

Bayonne N J 
Lemmon, Walter S e 319 W 94; EE 

Lemon, Courtenay e 91 Greenwich Av 
Lemon, (Mrs) Djuna Barnes e 91 

Greenwich Av 
Lempert, Samuel e 2\\ Madison St 
Lenahan, Anna Gabriel e 336 W 35 
Lennon, Francis Andrew mec 75 S 

Broadway Hastings-on-Hudson N Y ; 

AB Columbia 
Lennox, Agnes Martha ed 109 W Eighth 

St Bayonne N J; 1339 N Nevada Av 

Colorado Springs Colo ; AB Colorado 

Lennox, James Grattan e 330 W 95 
Lent, Milton Bancroft e 47 Connecti- 
cut Av Greenwich Conn 
Lentz Jr, Theo Ferdinand ed 244 

Spring St ; Beverly Sta Mo ; AB Park 


Leof, Madeline / Furnald Hall; 1700 

N Franklin St Philadelphia Pa 
Leon, Bessie e 172s Sterling PI Bklyn 

N Y 
Leon, Jack Leroy e Hotel Belleclaire 
Leon, Marcus Leopold e 158 Kearny 

Av Perth Amboy N J 
Leonard, John Ignatius e 1045 Bush- 
wick Av Bklyn N Y 
Leonard, Mary e 611 W 127 
Leonard, Pearl gr 29 E 29 ; Coulee City 

Wash; BA BS Washington State 

Leonard, R F e 48 N 16 East Orange 

N J 
Leonard, Ruth Wood e 1281 Springfield 

Av Irvington N J ; 203 Caldwell Av 

Elmira N Y 
Leonard, Samuel Irving bu 62 Stuyves- 

ant Av Arlington N J 
Leonardi, Charles e 215 Manhattan Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Leopold, Mary e 202 W 69 
LePage, Helen Louise b 155 Overlook 

St Mount Vernon N Y 
Lepaige, Elna Clarice e 2041 Fifth Av 
Lepler, Samuel c 1571 Fulton Av 
Lepperd, Julius Wayne ed Hacketts- 

town N J ; Carlisle Pa ; AB Dickin- 
Leppin, William Francis e 1335 St 

Marks Av Bklyn N Y 
Lerned, Elsa Flora e 10433 112 St 

Richmond Hill LINY 
Lerner, George Louis e 1939 Fulton 

St Bklyn N Y 
Lerner, Gertrude e 936 Kelly St 
Lerrigo, Marion Olive pa Whittier 

Hall; 13 17 College Av Topeka Kan; 

AB Washburn College 
Le Schack, David Baer e 2961 W 23 
Lesher, Stephen Rosson e 9 E 75 ; Rye 

N Y; AB Harvard 
Leslie, Marie W r alker e 503 W 121 
Lesser, Alex J N c 795 St Nicholas Av 
Lessler, Flora Blanche e 171 W 71 
Lester, Bernadotte Perrin / 147 Av B; 

754 N Broadway Saratoga Springs 

N Y; BS Union 
Lester, Leigh e 453 W 143 


Lester, Leslie / 1391 Madison Av ; AB 

Lester, Wm Henry c 395 Genesee St 

Rochester N Y 
Letter, Letitia Geraldine e 146 W 104; 

48 Middle St Lancaster N H 
Letts, Henry Taylor e 134 Wade St 

Jersey City N J 
Leube, Randolph Paul bu Hotel Theresa 
Leuchs, Fritz A H gr 600 E 164; AB 

MA Columbia 
Leuchter, Max e 635 W 115 
Levdansky, Dora Rhoda gr 31 Mont- 
gomery St ; AB Hunter 
Level, John A e 145 Wadsworth Av ; 

Davenport Wash 
Leven, Max Ellis e 507 Belmont St 
Levensohn, Shari H e 515 W no 
Levenson, Seymour Julius e 145 Ver- 

milyea Av 
Leverance, Helen Anna pa Whittier 

Hall; 227 N Poplar St Wichita Kan 
Leverich, Leonard Phillips e 440 E 

19 Bklyn N Y; BS Lehigh 
Leveridge, Walter John e 46 Clinton 

PI Mt Vernon N Y 
Levert, Albert Irenee M gr 906 Broad- 
way ; New Orleans La ; BS St 

Stanislaus College 
Levett, Vivyen Haworlh e 960 Park 

Levey, Adele Libyan e 302 W 92 
Levey, Irving Lawrence / 557 W 124; 

Levey, Philip Aeron e 251 W 98 
Levi, Albert Henry e 9 Mt Morris Pk W 
Levi, Alice Fries e 150 W 59; AB 

Levi, Elsie pa 50 W 77 
Levi, Florence Emma e 325 W 93 
Levi, Irma gr Furnald Hall; 17 15 

Calhoun St New Orleans La ; AB 

Newcomb College 
Levi, Malcolm Benjamin bu 532 W 
114; 403 S Franklin St Wilkes- 

Barre Pa 
Levi Jr, Nathaniel H c 297 Decatur 

St Bklyn N Y 
Levin, George Morris c Ridge Av Glen 

Morris LINY 
Levin, Harold F e 532 W m 

Levin, Hudythe Muriel b 1433 Cor- 

naga Av Far Rockaway LINY 
Levin, Max e 540 W 122; Pittsfield 

Levin, Mollie pa Seth Low Hall; 1225 

Independence Blvd Chicago 111 
Levine, Davis e 1461 Sterling PI 

Bklyn; AB C C N Y 
Levine, Dora f 63 E 100 
Levine, Harry e 1720 Park PI Bklyn 

N Y 
Levine, Isaac Bert c 488 Willoughby 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Levine, Isidore m 270 Livonia Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Levine, Joseph e 5903 15 Av Bklyn 

N Y; 95 Center St Ellenville N Y 
Levine, Leon Harry tn 203 W 148; 

BS Columbia 
Levine, Leonard bu 1361 Intervale Av 
Levine, Lillian e 1361 Intervale Av 
Levine, Max mec 222 Henry St 
Levine, Morris Joseph pa 12 Jefferson 

Levine, Samuel e 308 W 26 
Levine, Sarah e 434 E 157 
Levinson, Edna Lillian e 317 W 104 
Levinson, Esther e no Morningside 

Levinson, Isabel e no Morningside Dr 
Levinson, Milton e 610 W 139 
Levinson, William ed 60 E 117; AB 

C C N Y 
Levinson, William Bernard e 1529 

Second Av 
Levisohn, Edwin e 601 W 141 ; LLB 

Levison, Ray e Box 696 Sea Cliff L I 

N Y 
Levison, Ruth Block e 505 W 150 
Levites, Maurice c 1434 Bryant Av 
Levitt, Arthur bu 548 W 114; 223 S 

Fourth St Bklyn N Y 
Levitzky, Rose e 228 Henry St ; AB 

Levoy, Monroe Benjamin, e 562 W 

Levy, Arthur e 1 1 1 Broadway ; 768 

Tinton Av 
Levy, Augustus gr 126 Underhill Av 

Bklyn N Y; BS Univ of Pa 


Levy, Edward Joseph e 2329 Seventh 

Levy, Emil gr 339 E 75 ; BS MA Co- 
Levy, Esther My rial e 764 E 175 
Levy, Florence e 656 W 162 
Levy, Gertrude Minnie e 187 Bay 13 
Bklyn N Y; LLB Bklyn Law School 
Levy, George H e 6 E 107 
Levy, Helen M e 350 W 115; AB 

Levy, Israel e 618 W 113; 602 Wil- 

loughby Av Bklyn N Y 
Levy, Jacob gr 1469 Fifth Av 
Levy, John Hezekia e 25 W 74; 140 

W 122; AB MA LLB Columbia 
Levy, Joseph e 85 E 7 
Levy, Julius bu 618 W 113; 602 Wil- 

loughby Av Bklyn N Y 
Levy, Leonard e 321 E Sidney Av 

Mt Vernon N Y 
Levy, Lillian e 1366 St Nicholas Av 
Levy, Lisa May e Furnald Hall ; 

Kingston Jamaica B W T 
Levy (Mrs) Milton Fowler e 936 St 
Marks Av Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 
Levy, Milton George c 21 16 Av J 

Bklyn N Y 
Levy, Rose Adele e 310 W 99; AB 

Levy, Ruth Bernice e 52 E 87 
Levy, Sanford David / 52 E 87 ; AB 

Levy, Victor Schram bu 51 E 129 
Lewin, Albert P gr 15 E 40 ; 260 W 

117; AB New York, AM Harvard 
Lewin, Juliette e 1779 Clay Av 
Lewin, Mildred Doris gr 260 W 117; 

AB Hunter 
Lewinson, Paul L / 2059 Davidson Av 
Lewis, Anna Elizabeth pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 341 Pine St West 
Chester Pa 
Lewis, DeMond e 269 W 140 
Lewis, Edward Erwin c Hartley Hall ; 

Baldwin LINY 
Lewis, Elizabeth Hoppin e 215 E 15; 

Peekskill N Y 
Lewis, Elmore W e 707 W 180 
Lewis, Ethel Borden b John Jay Hall; 
Rockwell Av Naugatuck Conn 

Lewis, Florence Emily e 183 Earle 
Av Lynbrook LINY 

Lewis, Grace R ed 124 Bigelow St 
Newark N J 

Lewis, Grace T ed 223 S Second Av 
Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Goucher Col- 

Lewis, Harry Clay e 159 W 131 

Lewis, Harry William e 1209 Eighth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Lewis, Irene b 517 Macon St Bklyn 
N Y 

Lewis, Julia Louise pa Whittier Hall ; 
Morattico Va 

Lewis, Junius Poullain e 209 W 108; 
Greensboro Ga ; AB Georgia, BS 
Mass Inst Tech 

Lewis, Kate gr 331 W 22; AB Ran- 
dolph-Macon, AM Chicago 

Lewis, Leland Judson gr 547 W 123; 
BS Grand Island College ; MA Ne- 

Lewis, Lillian e 154 Keap St Bklyn 
N Y; BS Columbia 

Lewis, Louise Gerardine b 1051 Pros- 
pect PI Bklyn N Y 

Lewis, Marion Augusta pa 429 Rich- 
mond St Richmond Hill N Y 

Lewis, Mary E P e Riverdale N J 

Lewis, Mary Rca ed Whittier Hall ; 
202 S High St Steubenville Ohio 

Lewis, Miriam Caroline e 50 Ellis PI 
Ossining N Y 

Lewis, Paul Saxton bu 529 W 113; 
55-57 E Mitchell St Atlanta Ga 

Lewis, Phebe c 64 Orange Rd Mont- 
clair N J ; Westerly R I 

Lewis, Rebecca Renshaw gr 416 W 
122; AB Bryn Mawr 

Lewis, Ruth e 220 W 107 

Lewis, Mrs Valentine Maupin pa 520 
W 124; 18 N Morris St Gainesville 

Lewis, Warren Morton e 38 Robbins 
PI Yonkers N Y 

Lewit, Martha Rachael pa 521 18 Av 
Newark N J 

Lewitt, Norman e 103 Grand St Ho- 
boken N J 

Lewkowitz, Ruth e 60 W 101 

Lewkowitz, Sarah c 60 W 101 



Lewton, Lucy Olga b John Jay Hall ; 

Port Chester N Y 
Ley, Bertha Louise ed 439 W 123 ; 

181 1 Pocahontas St Dallas Tex 
Li, Chu gr 1003 Tompkins Hall; Ta 
Pie Chuang, Tientsin, China; BS 
EM Michigan College of Mines 
Li, Fu Chong bu Hartley Hall; 122 

Des Vaeux Rd, Hong Kong 
Liang, Ching Hsia gr 408 W 115; 3 
Wing Hua Tung St Canton, China ; 
AB Ohio State 
Liang, C Z e 517 W 113; China 
Liang, Yat Kwan gr Whittier Hall; 

Canton, China; AB Chicago 
Libbin, Thomas Justin gr 25 W 51; 

AB Stanford 
Liber, Amour e 61 Hamilton PI 
Liber, Benzion e 61 Hamilton PI; 
MD Vienna (Austria), DPH New 
Licht, Alyce Elleanore e 1745 Union 

Lichtenberg, Henry Hardy c 932 Tif- 
fany St 
Lichtenstein, Joseph e 927 Fox St 
Lichtenstein, Julia- Valentine m 11 20 
Hudson St Hoboken N J ; AB Co- 
Lichtenstein, Sarah Shirley e 898 Pros- 
pect Av 
Lichtenstern, Arthur Wald / 50 E 98 
Lichtschein, Harry Goldsmith m 1305 

Madison Av 
Liddle, Carl Lester c 323 W 83 
Lidshy, Leo m 88 Keap St Bklyn N Y 
Lieb, Edith e 1429 President St Bklyn 

N Y 
Lieb, Marion Chester e 626 W 136; 

Golden Colo 
Lieber, Emma e 1393 Crotona Av 
Liebert, Anna, e 60 St Nicholas Av 
Liebert, Sarah Lea e 500 E 140 
Lieberman, Dorothy Sylvia e 940 Simp- 
son St 
Lieberman, Herman Matia c Hartley 

Liebesman, Sara Katherine e 495 E 

Liebler, Anna Theresa e 2973 Valen- 
tine Av 

Lief, A Richard c Livingston Hall ; 

S 133 St Belle Harbor LINY 
Liefeld, Edna Kathryn e 756 Prospect 

Lienau, August Williams mec 434 Riv- 
erside Dr ; AB Columbia 
Lienhardt, Winfield Schley mec 185 
Heberton Av Port Richmond N Y; 
AB Columbia 
Liesner, Herbert c 555 E 169 
Lieurance, Grace Darling pa 520 W 

122; 2267 Yale Av St Louis Mo 
Lifschey, Ella e 957 Fox St 
Lifschitz, Bertha e 173 Chauncey St 

Bklyn N Y 
Lifschitz, Leon c 1420 Stebbins Av 
Lifschitz, Sarah e 1036 Bryant Av ; 

AB Hunter 
Lifton, Louis Swick / 260 W 83 ; AB 

Lightburne, Elmhirst e Waldorf-Astoria 

Lightner, Theodore Alexander e 127 

W 77; AB Yale, LLB Harvard 
Liipfert Jr, Francis Julius / 30 W 44; 
Winston-Salem N C ; AB North 
Likewise, Jacob Charles e 511 Fifth 

Av; Woodhaven N Y 
Lilenfeld, Gertrude e Cypress Av Sea 

Gate NY; LLB New York 
Liles, Harriet May pa Seth Low Hall ; 

284 Walnut Av Santa Cruz Cal 
Lillie, Barbara Julia pa Whittier Hall ; 
Coopersville Mich; BS Michigan 
Lillie, Velma E 680 Madison Av 
de Lima, Estela Abinun e 701 Madi- 
son Av 
Limon, Morris e 226 E 41 
Lin, Chin Cheng c Hartley Hall ; 9 B 

Rua da Palha, Macao, S China 
Lin, Chih Huang e 11 16 Amsterdam 
Av ; Woolworth Bldg ; BS Columbia 
Lin, Shu Ming e 510 W 124; 36 San 
Sia St outside of San Tsi Gate, Pe- 
king, China ; BS Minnesota 
Linbarge, Mae c Leonard Av Red Bank 

N J 
Linchitz, Milton c 236 Penn St Bklyn 
N Y 



Lincoln, Ada Judith e 1428 N Seventh 
St Philadelphia Pa 

Lincoln, Anna Elizabeth b Brooks 
Hall; 551 No Central Av Chicago 

Lincoln, Richard c 875 W 180 

Lincoln, Chester Charles e 3 115 Broad- 
way; Calistoza Cal ; AB California 

Lind, Carl E bu 410 W 115; 1316 
Cook St Denver Colo ; BCS Denver 

Lind, Carl Hilbert e 17 Woodland Av 
Stamford Conn 

Lind, Dorothy Aline b 71 E 96 

Lind, Harry Arthur e T427 Madison 

Lind, Pehr Walter e 161 1 Mahan Av 

Lindau, Miriam Charlotte pa Whittier 
Hall ; 658 Chestnut St Greensboro 
N C 

Lindberg, Kenneth Daniel e 320 W 
84 ; 70 Prospect St Jamestown N Y 

Lindemuth, Marian Baird e Halcyon 
Pk New Rochelle N J ; AB Vassar 

Linden, Edna Marguerite e 171 Am- 
sterdam Av 

Lindenbaum, Otto e 1843 Crotona Av 

Linder, Clarice e 21 E 32 Bayonne 
N J 

Linder, Leo J / 1349 52 Bklyn N Y; 

Lindenwald, Blondie Malborg e 17 W 

Lindholm, Edla Marie ed 270 Penning- 
ton Av Passaic N J ; BS Columbia 

Lindsay, Charles Good c 251 Ft Wash- 
ington Av 

Lindsay, Daniel England c 501 W 120 

Lindsay, Edith Lyle e 410 W 121 ; AB 

Lindsay, Francis Marvin ed Seth Low 
Hall; 1736 Monsey Av Scranton Pa 

Lindsay, Gladys M b 235 E 35 

Lindsay, Jeannette Breed e 326 W 90; 
918 W Fourth St Marion Ind ; PhB 

Lindsay, Margaret Augusta pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; 42 Jefferson St Westfield 
N Y 

Lindsay, Sara Breed e 326 W 90; 
Marion Ind 

Lindstrom, O Emil ed 265 Henry St ; 

Anoka Minn ; AB Minnesota 
Linfield, Rachel Azalea pa Whittier 

Hall; 719 S Third Av Bozeman 

Mont ; BS Montana State College 
Ling, Chen Ping e 512 W 122; Foo- 

chow, China ; AB Rochester, AM 

Ling, Chen Shen ed 449 W 124; 

Kakehieh, Swatow, South China ; AB 

Nanking University 
Ling, Lik Daik gr 528 W 123; Foo- 

chow, China ; AB Cornell 
Ling, Sze Moo gr Hartley Hall ; Woo- 

kong Hsieh, Chekiang, China ; MA 

Lingg, Elsa pa 514 W 114 
Lingo, Olive pa Seth Low Hall ; Harbe- 

son Del 
Linker, Maud Elizabeth b Furnald 

Hall ; Ware Mass 
Linkoff, Milton Nathan e 11 K 109 
Linn, Julia Vibbert e Hamburg N J 
Linn, Ruhe V ed 604 W 115; Wacono 

Colo ; PdB Colorado State Normal, 

BS Columbia 
Linn, William Mitchell e 246 Sycrigg 

Av Passaic N J 
Linnell, Adelaide pa 130 Claremont 

Av ; Saco Me 
Linnewerth, Edwin Jacob e Delta Tay 

Delta Lodge ; 500 Palisade Av Wee- 

hawken N J 
Linoff, Angelina Eva e 411 W 115; 3a 

Broadway, Shanghai, China 
Linsky, Harold m 2070 Grand Av; 

BS Columbia 
Lintner, John Thomas c 42.2. St Nich- 
olas Av 
Linton, William Alderman ed 541 Lex- 
ington Av ; Kunsan, Korea, Asia ; 

BS Ga School of Technology 
Linz, Ann Mariehelen e 12204 Met- 
ropolitan Av Kew Gardens LINY 
Linz, Paul e 425 W 114 
Lipe, Virginia pa Whittier Hall; 14 

Reed St Canajoharie N Y 
Lipitz, Edith Alice e 914 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Lipkin, Herman e 30 Bay 25 Bklyn 

N Y 



Lipper, Felice Baron e 19 W 38 
Lippincott, Priscilla Alden e The Par- 
nassus Club; 28 1 1 P St Washington 
D C 
Lippitt, Alfonso Linton / 521 W 123; 

Albany Ga 
Lippman, Lily Lynn pa 860 Riverside 

Lipschutz, Jacob Harold c 261 W 21 ; 

901 W Diamond Av Hazleton Pa 
Lipschutz, Nachoma e 1547 44 Bklyn 

N Y 
Lipset, Sylvia Annette e 501 W 121; 

Spotswood N J 
Lipsett, Edward Maurice e 35 W 115 
Lipsky, Alexander c Livingston Hall ; 

2 1 1 7 Daly Av 
Lipsky, Joseph bu 15^ Leopold St 

Rochester N Y 
Lipstein, Adolph e 95 Nassau St ; 248 

W 105 
Lipton, Irving I / 1420 Prospect Av; 

Lisiecki Jr, Frank F e 9 Murray St ; 

660 Macon St Bklyn N Y 
Lisitzky, Charles Edward e 282 Man- 
hattan St 
Lisitzky, Genevieve Hellen e 222 E 

Fourth St Tucson Ariz 
Lisner, Leonard Edward e 106 W 69 
Liss, Emile Zola e 1331 Clay Av 
Lissauer, Louise Amelia e 435 W 119 
Liske, Claire Catherine e 504 W 112; 

997 24 St Milwaukee Wis 
Lithauer, Donah Benrimo b 215 W 98 
Littauer, Virginia Barbara b 227 E 

Little, Ernest gr Rutgers College New 
Brunswick N J ; BS MS Rochester, 
MA Columbia 
Little, Evelyn Dow ed 11 75 Madison 
Av ; 161 7 Hawthorn Pk Columbus 
Ohio ; AB Vassar 
Little, Gaybert Barnes c Hartsdale 

N Y 
Little, George Walton e Noroton Hts 

Little, Harold Harrison tnec 611 W 
136; Navy Dept Washington D C 
Little, Walter Carl e 2410 University 
Av ; Hartford Conn 

Littlejohn, Clifford Howard e 318 W 

Littleton, Martin Wilson / 113 E 57 
Littmann, Minnie ;' 519 W 121; BS 

North Carolina College for Women 
Litzenburger, Lillian Marie-Antoinette 

e 130 Alexander Av 
Liu, Chen Tung c 522 W 146; Shan- 
tung, China 
Liu, Herman Chan En ed 512 W 122; 
Hanyang, China; BS Soochow Univ, 
MA Chicago 
Liu, Laura Hua-ts'ai pa 419 W no St; 

Hanyang, China 
Liu, Shi Ryu bu 524 W 123; Amoy, 

China; BCS Tokio Imperial Univ 
Liu, Shih Shun bu 528 W 123; 5 Wu 

Chien T'ing, Nanking, China 
Liunge, Paul Christian e 603 W 138 
Liva, Giusto e 847 Third Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Lively, Frederick bu 534 W 114; 1420 

Lee St Charleston W Va 
Liveright, Mary Krebs bu Furnald 

Hall, Clearfield Pa 
Livermore, Russell Blake / 144 Park 
Av Yonkers N Y; AB Dartmouth 
Livingston, Blanche Frank e 369 W 

Livingston, Saul Franklin m 575 Sut- 
ter Av Bklyn N Y; BS C C N Y 
Livingston, Stanton Knowlton c Avery 

Hall; 150 S Pitt St Carlisle Pa 

Livingstone Jr, William Edwin bu 

Fort Worth Tex ; BS Texas A and M 


Livitsis, Anthony George e 266 W 39 

Livoti, Paul / 691 Knickerbocker Av ; 

de la Llama Jr, Pablo e Hotel Ansonia 
Llorente, Abdon Perez bu 1253 Am- 
sterdam Av ; Manila P I ; AB San 
Juan de Letran College (Philippine 
Lloyd, Myra Sarah e 85 Post Rd White 
Plains N Y; 139 E 14 Chester Pa 
Lloyd, Ruth ed Closter N J; 407 Win- 

throp St Toledo Ohio 
Lo, Shih Chi ed 600 W 122; Tsing 
Lung St, T'sinan, Shantung, China ; 
PhB Denison 



Loar, Constance Wood gr Furnald 
Hall; 208 N Gridley St Bloomington 
111; AB Wisconsin 

Loar, Romaine Braden gr Furnald 
Hall; Bloomington, 111; AB North- 

Lobar, Belle Florence e 817 Faile St 

Lobel, Lazarus e 744 Fox St 

Lobou, Samuel e 115 E 92 

Lobsenz, Johanna gr 233 W 122; AB 
Hunter, AM Columbia 

Lobsenz, Lillian L ed 233 W 122; AB 

Lobsenz, Margaret ed 233 W 122; BS 

Lochridge, Mary Dorothy gr 420 W 
121; 2500 LIniversity Av Austin 
Tex; AB Texas 

Locke, Helen T e Furnald Hall; 78 
Lloyd Rd Montclair N J ; AB 

Lockeman, Katharine Lydia pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; 4 S Fourth Lebanon Pa 

Lockett Jr, Andrew Moore a 415 Riv- 
erside Dr; 2015 S Carrollton Ay 
New Orleans La 

Lockhart, Jessie Grace e 59 N Wash- 
ington St Tarrytown N Y 

Lockhart, Marion Josephine e 59 N 
Washington St Tarrytown N Y 

Lockhart, Morrell Stuart c 415 Ft 
Washington Av 

Lockhart, Paschal Everett c 529 W 
113; 64 Elliott Av Yonkers N Y 

Lockwood, Harvey James c 411 S 
Third St Bklyn N Y 

Lockwood, Lloyd D mec 166 Seymour 
Av Newark N J 

Lockwood, Margaret e Woodbridge 
N J 

Lockwood, Preston / 545 W m; 5710 
Cates Av St Louis Mo 

Lockwood, Priscilla ed 122 E 76; AB 

Lockwood, Paul Evans c 669 St Johns 
PI Bklyn N Y 

Loder, Clifton Christie e 26 Broad- 
way ; Charles St Englewood N J 

Loder, Echo L ed 400 W 118; Reno 

Loder, Mrs George Edward e 507 W 

Loder, Joseph Shimer m 59 W 69 ; 
233 Kearney Av Perth Amboy N J ; 
BS Columbia 
Loeb, Ernestine e 1500 Boston Rd 
Loeb, Josephine ed 90 Morningside 

Dr ; BS Columbia 
Loeb, Louis Melville / 272 W 91; AB 

Loeb, Martin Joel e 4500 Boston Rd ; 

MD New York 
Loeb, Robert Herman e 317 W 89 
Loebenstein, Ruth pa 1 W 92 
Loehner, Conrad Andrew e 9017 Ja- 
maica Av Woodhaven LINY 
Loehr, John Edgar mec 531 W 113; 

39 Morris St Yonkers N Y 
Loehr, Stephen Francis c 39 Morris 

St Yonkers N Y 
Loehrsen, George e 389 E 136 
Loew, DV Siegfried e 970 Park Av 
Loewenberg, Marie Jean pa 20 E 90 
Loewy, Constance C e 230 W 79 
Loewy, Marian Ruth pa 524 W 122 
Lofberg, Clarence e Centre PI Bogota 

N J 
Lofink, Henry Conrad e 2238 Powell 

Loftus, Clare Mary b 415 W 120; 145 

Chestnut St Dunmore Pa 
Logan, Mabel E e 509 W 122; 1807 

Park Av Racine Wis 
Logan, Margaret ^511 Fifth Av 
Lohr, Karolena Barbara e Grantwood 

N J ; AB Syracuse 
Lommen, Georgina Louise ed Bancroft 
Hall ; Caledonia Minn ; AB Minne- 
London, Archie W e 640 W 129 
London, Isabel Marion b 275 E Broad- 
London, Kate Gloria e 218 Hewes St 

Bklyn N Y; LLB New York 
Londoner, David M bu 839 Park PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Lonergan, Frank Joseph e 883 Whit- 
lock Av 
Lonergan, Michael Paul gr Wards 

Island; BS Utah, MD Cornell 
Long, Aline e 171 W 71 



Long, Alma Irene pa Seth Low Hall ; 
72 Fairmont Av New Haven Conn 

Long, Alma Jane pa Floydada Tex 

Long, Edward Denmead e 266 Audu- 
bon Av 

Long, Edward John c 633 W 115; 909 
S Evans Av McKeesport Pa 

Long, Ethel Elisabeth ed Seth Low 
Hall ; 1 Arlington St Rochester N Y 

Long, Helen Marshall pa Whittier 
Hall ; Rockingham N C ; AB Salem 

Long, Kitty pa Whittier Hall; Floyd- 
ada Tex 

Long, Mabel pa Whittier Hall; Floyd- 
ada Tex 

Longcope, Edmund McLeod c Avon 
Rd and Prescot St Bronxville N Y ; 
1 1 15 Heights Blvd Houston Tex 

Longman, Robert Martinez e 46 Roeb- 
ling St Bklyn N Y 

Longo, Cathryn Marion e 21$ Good- 
rich St Astoria LINY 

Longwell, Daniel c 538 W 114 

Loomis, Charles Newman e 207 W 87 ; 
944 Butler St Easton Pa 

Looram, Mary Dorothea e 7 E 94 

Lopez, Arturo de Jesus e 246 Franklin 
St Elizabeth N J 

Lopez, Eloisa e 85 Hicks St Bklyn 
N Y 

Lopez, Enrique H c Hartley Hall; 
Guatemala City, Guatemala C A 

Lopez, Jose A e 622 W 179 

Lopez, Mariano H c Hartley Hall 

Lorch, Arthur Edward c Serpentine Rd 
Highwood N J 

Lord, Grace Augusta pa 519 W 121; 
103 Glenwood Blvd Schenectady N Y 

Lord, Nellie Montague ed 6 S Arling- 
ton Av East Orange N J 

Lordly, Ethel Francis e Sands Point 

Lorenz, Berthold Howard e Valhalla 
N Y 

Lorenz, Frederick Ross e 134 W 7-] 

Lorenz, George Henry e 99 Sumter St 
Bklyn N Y 

Lorenzon, Emily Beryl e 13 Astor PI; 
39 Hauseman St Bklyn N Y 

Loreto, Charles A c 1640 Melville St 

Losee, Alda e 31 Crescent PI Yon- 

kers N Y 
Losee, Franklin Vernon ed 600 W 122 ; 

85 Main St Newton N J ; AB Hobart 
Losee, Ruth Alice b 235 Monroe St 

Bklyn N Y 
Loser, Paul ed 321 E Front St Plain- 
field N J; PhB Muhlenberg 
Lostfogel, Louis e 105 Cook St Bklyn 

N Y 
Lott, Mamie Olive ed Seth Low Hall; 

174 Bridge Av Richmond Ind 
Lotz, Elsa ed 244 Spring St ; BS AM 

Louchheim, Florence Ruth e 225 W 86 
Loucks, Luella ed 212 Williamson St 

Elizabeth N J ; Coxsackie N Y 
Loud, Marguerite b 104 E 40 
Loudon, Joseph Benjamin e 30 W 85 ; 

23 Lenthall St Walton Liverpool 

Loughlin, Edward Vincent / 1266 Sec- 
ond Av; AB Fordham 
Loughnan, Kathryn e 2600 Marion Av 
Loughren, Arthur Vivian c 44 Eagle 

Rock Av West Orange N J 
Louie, Ruby I pa 416 W 122; 303 Deo 

Vocux Road Hong Kong China 
Louie, Yin Hon Clifford e 2898 Third 

Louria, Milton Roland mec 249 Hewes 

St Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Louttit, John Nisbet e 179 W 10 1 
Lovatt, Dorothy Deshler ;' Furnald 

Hall ; Ridgewood Rd South Orange 

N J; AB Wellesley 
Love, Harry e 695 Jackson Av 
Lovejoy, Betsey Rice e 305 W 86 
Lovejoy, Harold Babson e 18 Fairview 

PI New Rochelle N Y 
Lovejoy, Henrietta e 800 Riverside Dr 
Lovejoy, Susie e 800 Riverside Dr 
Lovelace, Mayme Eugenia e 139 San- 
ford St East Orange N J ; 22 Cady 

St Rochester N Y 
Lovell, Frances ed 90 Locust Hill Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Lovell, Katharine S e 167 Prospect PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Lovell, Robert Mat low c Hartley Hall; 

67 Myrtle Av Montclair N J 




Lovely, Thomas J ed 163 Clinton Av 

Bklyn N Y; AM C C N Y 
Lovitz, Robert e 459 W 123; 134 S 

Barry St Olean N Y 
Low, Carroll Blakely / Morris Hall ; 

509 Fifth St Bklyn N Y; AB Am- 
Low, Florence Mae e 48 Post Av 
Low, Jane Blanche ed Rhinebeck N Y 
Low, Kenneth Brooks / Morris Hall; 

509 Fifth St Bklyn N Y; AB Am- 
Low, Lexwell Stewart e 12 Yonkers 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Low, Margaret Juanita e 49 Linden 

Av Bklyn N Y; BS Cornell 
Low, Yohmin gr 71 W 124; Foochow, 

China; BSc St John's Univ (China) 
Lowe Jr, Frank Melville ed 609 W 

114; 521 Benton Blvd Kansas City 

Mo; BS Missouri, AM Harvard 
Lowe, Isabelle Durston pa Whittier 

Hall; Neillsville Wis 
Lowe, Julia Davidson b John Jay Hall ; 

153 Johnson Av Tottenville N Y 
Lowell, James Albert c Livingston 

Hall; 10834 Deering Av Cleveland 

Lowenberg, Elsie Kaufman b Brooks 

Hall ; Bloomsburg Pa 
Lowenberg, Henry e 200 W 118 
Lowenkopf, Harry Joseph c 180 Av B 
Lowenstein, Milton D c 510 Audubon 

Lowenstein, Nina Hulda e 705 St 

Marks Av Bklyn N Y 
Lowenthal, Charles Albert c 8 Morn- 

ingside Av 
Lowenthal, Mabel pa Whittier Hall; 

234 Heberton Av Port Richmond 

N Y 
Lowinger, Monroe Martin e 889 St 

Nicholas Av 
Lowitt, Monroe Henry e 603 W 1 1 1 
Lowndes, Roy Howland Montgomery 

bu 430 W 118; 83 Crescent Rd 

Toronto Canada 
Lowrie, Samuel Harman gr 318 W 46; 

Goldthwaite Tex; AB Rice Inst 

Lowrie, (Mrs) Vera Smith gr 318 W 
46; Goldthwaite Tex; AB South- 

Lowry, Thomas McGrain m 33 W 67 ; 
258 Market St Lexington Ky; AB 

Lowther, Florence de Loiselle gr Bar- 
nard College ; 404 McDonough St 
Bklyn N Y ; AB, AM Columbia 

Lu, Paul Chi-Chen gr 413 W 117 St; 
Paoning, Szechwan, China ; BS Co- 

Lu Shi Yung gr Livingston Hall ; Lu 
Liang Hsien, Yunnan, China ; BS 
MA Columbia 

Lubart, Joseph m 45 W 112 

Lubbers, Edward Strong e 459 Wil- 
loughby Av Bklyn N Y 

Lubetkin, Irvin c 73 E 90 

Lubitz, Morris / 3031 Union St Bellaire 

Lublintz, Ruth Johanna pa 500 W m 

Lucas, Adolph Edward ed 541 Lexing- 
ton Av 78 Highland Av Ossining 
N Y 

Lucas, Almira e 809 Broadway Pater- 
son N J 

Luce, Bertha Winona e 317 W 45 

Lucey, Anna Margaret e 2538 Creston 
Av; PdB AB New York State Coll 
for Teachers 

Lucie, Edwin James e 261 W 128 

Lucie, Lucas Hugo c 282 E 201 

Luck, Ethel Burd e Navy Yd Bklyn 
N Y 

Luckenbacher, Marie Helen b "Grey- 
stone" Yonkers N Y 

Luckings, Ella Irene e 851 Amsterdam 

Luckings, Margaret Whitney e 851 
Amsterdam Av ; AB Cornell 

Ludins, Ryah Rochester pa 818 E 166 

Ludlam, Elise Harriet b 44 W 37 
Bayonne N J 

Ludy, Fred James e 92 Gates Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Luftig, Lena e 946 Kelly St 

Luftig, William Wolfe e 82 Ninth Av 
Newark N J 

Lugsdin, Helen Elizabeth e Furnald 
Hall ; 204 Germain St, St John N B 



Luhman, Ruth Katherine e 515 E 85 

Luhrman, Lillian Mildred b 71 Cres- 
cent Av Jersey City N J 

Luitweiler, Marion Bassett ed 15 Jack- 
son St Port Washington N Y ; AB 

Lukas, Julia e 4921 nth Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Lumley, Charles Swain e 169 Park 
PI Bklyn N Y; 74 Pidge St Fall 
River Mass 

Luna, B Carlos Maximo e 3136 Broad- 
way; Centenario 322, La Paz, Bo- 
livia, S A; Lie CC y F Univ of La 
Paz (Bolivia) 

Lundberg, Ernest Wilhelm e 3100 
Broadway; 114 58 St Superior Wis 

Lundgren, Leonard ed 1275 Lexington 
Av; Washington D C; BS CE Ar- 
mour Inst, MS Iowa 

Lundgren, Roy George c 1029 73 Bklyn 
N Y 

Lundquist, Elsa e 78 Green Acres Av 
White Plains N Y; Brewton Ala 

Lundy, Harry e 17 Battery PI; 46 
Court House PI Jersey City N J 

Lunn, Cyrus William c 89 Liberty PI 
Weehawken N J 

Lunsman, Gladys Mary e Roslyn Hts 

Luongo, Frank Paul c 125 N Portland 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Lupo, Salvatore Quentin bn 2301 Bel- 
mont Av 

Luquer, Lea Shippen c 434 Riverside 
Dr; "Pine Lodge" Mt Kisco N Y 

Lurie, Daniel c 615 W 162 

Lurie, Sidney e 508 W 158 

Lustbader, Ruth Leah b 163 E 82 

Lustgarten, Augusta e 430 W 124; AB 

Lustig, Max / 12 Harrison Av Bklyn 
N Y; Mountain Dale N Y ; AB Co- 

Lutin, Joseph e 253 W 11 1; 13 Bed- 
ford St Hartford Conn 

Lutken, Thomasine ed 411 West End 
Av; Logtown Miss; AB Mississippi 
State College for Women 

Luttman, Helen Hilma e 595 10 Av 

Lutton, Bertram Lee c Hartley Hall ; 

Lourys Sta Pa 
Lutz, Albert A e 1056 Fox St 
Lutz, Lillian Marie e 540 Monroe Av 

Elizabeth N J 
Lutze, Frederick Henry c 403 Jeffer- 
son Av Bklyn N Y 
Lyall, Mrs Kay e 3657 Broadway 
Lydecker, Theodore e 331 Riverdale 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Lyeth, Julia Maie ? 138 S Oxford St 

Bklyn N Y; 579 Delafield Av West 

New Brighton S I N Y 
Lyder, Ernest Elmer gr 1 Arden St ; 

BS MS Kansas, AM Columbia 
Lyles, Clara Maud Hemingway / Morn- 

ingside Dr ; Preston Woodcote Rd 

Wallington, Surrey England; AB 

Lyman, Frederic Alpheus / 35 Clare- 

mont Av; 528 Oak St Syracuse N Y ; 

AB Amherst 
Lynch, Agnes e 283 St Anns Av 
Lynch, Harriet Winifred e 701 Wash- 
ington St 
Lynch, James Peter e 341 W 17; 968 

Oak St North Bergen N J 
Lynch, John William c 65 Morningside 

Av ; Barrack St Mallow Ireland 
Lynch, Margaret e 76 Greenridge Av 

White Plains N Y; LLB New York 
Lynch, Nancy X e 101 W 93; 47 11 

Marjorie St Pittsburgh Pa 
Lynch, Thomas James e 8906 135 St 

Richmond Hill LINY 
Lynes, Duryee Wilson c 192 Lefferts 

PI Bklyn N Y 
Lynn, Gertrude pa Seth Low Hall; 180 

E 9 Av Winfield Kan 
Lynn, Gertrude Mae pa 829 Boluevard 
. East Weehawken N J 
Lynn, Robert Norman e 408 W 115 
Lynn, Vernon Robert e Manhattan 

Club Madison Sq ; 32 E 26 
Lynn Jr, William Harcourt e Manhat- 
tan Club Madison Sq 
Lyon, Bertha Emeline pa 417 W 118; 

Montville, Conn 
Lyon, Bertha Ruth c 307 W 97 
Lyon, Harvey L e 31 Crescent PI 

Yonkers N Y 



Lyon, Katherine Helm pa Whittier 

Hall; 1 710 Center St Little Rock 

Lyon, Kenneth Krancher / Hartley 

Hall; Southampton LINY 
Lyon, Madeline e 307 W 97 
Lyon, Pearl Leslie e 149 Broadway; 

1469 Madison St Denver Colo 
Lyons, Albert McKinley e 21 Bennett 

Lyons, Alfred Labori c 1051 Boston 

Lyons, Allen Andrews e 13 16 Morris 

Lyons, Alys Hammond e 200 W 137; 

1914 15 St NW Washington D C 
Lyons, Celia e 1732 Melville St 
Lyons, Elwood Daniel e 607 W 180 
Lyons, Joseph Henry e City Club of 

N Y 55 W 44; 43 Taft Av New 

Brighton S I N Y 
Lyons, Luella Ruth gr 214 W 82; AB 

Hunter, AM Columbia 
Lyons, Sylvia Dorothy e 2 E 116 
Maas, Hendrik Pieter c 820 Washing- 
ton Av Bklyn N Y 
Mabbott, Thomas Ollive gr 23 W 74 ; 

AB Columbia 
Mabie, Mildred Cecilia b 29 Claremont 

Av ; Bergenfield N J 
McAbee, Ralph Booth I Hartley Hall; 

1 1 19 W 61 Seattle Wash; LLB New 

McAfee, Dr Loy e 434 W 120; MD 

Medical College of Indiana 
McAleman, Marjorie e 266 W 73 
McAllister, Florence pa 227 W 1 1 
McAllister, Frances pa 227 W 1 1 
McAllister, Frank e 227 W 11 
McAllister, George Homer e 200 Nagle 

McAlpin, Geraldine R e 3 E 54 
MacAlpine, Jean Douglas gr 843 West 

End Av ; 733 University Av Roches- 
ter N Y; AB Rochester 
McAnanny, William Joseph e 259 W 

McArdell, Wesley e 15 Argyle Rd 
McArdle, Margaret Berchman e 116 

W 61 

McArel, Helen Jessie pa 130 Clare- 
mont Av ; Yorke St Glace Bay NS 

MacArthur, Elizabeth Julia b John 
Jay Hall ; 141 Heller Pkway New- 
ark N J 

Macarthy, Muriel Christiana e Furnald 
Hall; 167 S Oxford St Bklyn N Y 

Macauley, Walter Alfred e 584 W 152 

McAuliffe, George Birmingham e 616 
Madison Av ; 3 W 92; AB C C 
N Y, MD Columbia 

McAuliffe, Leo Costello e 210 W 69; 
6041 Pershing Av St Louis Mo 

MacBain, Hugh Dalgarno e Closter N J 

McBride. Emily Cadwell b Brooks 
Hall; 311 S Church St West Ches- 
ter Pa 

McBride, James Joseph c 232 Mont- 
gomery St Jersey City N J 

McBride, Mary Cecelia e 35 Jackson 
St Paterson N J 

MacCabc, Elizabeth Lome e 10 Sher- 
man Av 

McCabe, Frank c 608 W 113; 485 
First St Bklyn N Y 

McCabe, Gertrude Johnston pa 485 
First St Bklyn N Y 

McCabe, James Patrick e 1 20 W 97 

McCabe, Raymond S bu 187 Chestnut 
St Holyoke Mass 

MacCafferty, Harold Jerome e 318 
Lenox Av ; Closter N J 

McCaffrey, Bertin A e 97 Clifton Ter 
Weehawken N J 

McCaffrey, Edward Thomas c 625 W 
113 ; 11 S 99 St Rockaway Beach L I 
N Y 

McCaffrey, James Henry e 2 W 169 

McCaffrey, Michael Edward / Allegany 
N Y ; AB St Bonaventuras College 

McCall, Emma Belle pa 416 W 122; 
Washington la 

McCall, Helen Marie pa Whittier Hall ; 
410 Pine St Steelton Pa 

McCall, Leo Horan e 346 Broadway ; 
Dana PI Englewood N J 

McCallum, Gladys e 39 Conklin Av 

McCallum, Mella Russell e 534 W 124 



McCann, Arthur Fillingham / 440 Riv- 
erside Dr; 452 W Church St Elmira 
N Y; AB Cornell 

McCann, Gladys Alexandra b 790 Riv- 
erside Dr 

McCarrick, Thomas James e 92 Riv- 
erside Dr ; Seneca Castle N Y ; BS 

McCarthy, Edna Irene e 625 Southland 
St West Hoboken N J 

McCarthy, Charles Joseph mec 302 23 
Bklyn N Y 

McCarthy, Eugene Justin e 11 W 103; 
52 Nonotuck St Holyoke Mass 

McCarthy, Gertrude Marie e 548 W 
1 13 \ 332 Shonnard St Syracuse NY 

McCarthy, Hester Parke e 3484 Can- 
non PI 

McCarthy, John William e 3484 Can- 
non PI 

McCarthy, Marion Alberta pa 617 W 
147; 19 Harlem St Glens Falls NY 

McCarthy, Katherine Frances e 601 W 

McCarthy, Martin Daniel e 1631 Broad- 
way; 661 E 235 

McCarthy, Mary Jannet e 435 W 123 

McCarthy, Sarah Henrietta b 607 W 
116; 1025 S 26 Birmingham Ala 

McCarthy, Thomas James e 72 E 123 

McCarty, Sarah Stillwell e 324 W 83 ; 
AB Young Harris College 

McCaskie, Florence Agnes e 10 Chest- 
nut St East Orange N J ; AB Smith 

McCaslan, William Hill m 27 W 61 ; 
Newnan Ga ; AB BS No Georgia 
Agric College, BS Columbia 

McCathie, Gordon Wallace bu 550 W 
114; Port Jervis N Y 

McCauley, John Bernard c 540 W 
113; 346 W 56 

McCheyne, Gertrude Muriel ed 415 W 
118 ; BS Kansas 

McClain, (Mrs) Emily Roberta pa 463 
Hawthorne Av Yonkers N Y; AB 

MacClary, Earl Dennett e Cold Spring 
on Hudson N Y 

McClay, Katherine White e 2400 Grove 
Av Richmond Va ; AB Randolph- 

Maclay, Lillian ed 662 W Eighth St 
Plainfield N J; AB Mt Holyoke 

McClellan, Gertrude Nally e 352 W 
118; Roosevelt LINY 

McClelland, Maud Snowden e 421 W 

Maclennan, Jean e Martha Washington 
Hotel ; AB Michigan 

McCloskey, James V bu Forest City 

McCloskey, Margaret Kiely e 436 W 

McCloskey, Mark Alex e 441 W 28 

McCloskey, Martin Walter e 545 W 

Maccluer, Adelene Kissam e 508 W 

McClure, Helen e 1905 Andrews Av ; 
BS MA Columbia 

MacClymont, Marian Wright e 117 
Philipse PI Yonkers N Y 

McColl, John Rome e 524 W 149; 
Caledonia Ontario Canada ; BA Sc 
Toronto University 

McCollum, Elizabeth e Demarest N J ; 
Bloomsburg Pa 

McConaughy, Florence Ella b Brooks 
Hall; 123 W Fourth Av Holdrige 

McConaughy, Miriam Frances e 1 E 
High St Somerville N J 

McConkey, Dorothy Remington e Scars- 
dale N Y 

McConnell, Arthur Joseph e 533 W 
149; AB Manhattan, LLB Fordham 

McConnell, Bereniece Akin pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; Carlisle Ind 

McConnell, Clara Bradford ed 100 
Morningside Dr ; Denton Tex ; AB 
Denver, MA Colorado Teachers Col- 

McConnell, Florence Louise pa 106 
Morningside Dr ; 1005 Washington 
St Watertown N Y 

McConnell, Joseph Allison e 3078 
Perry Av 

McConnell, Marguerite Reid e 155 Au- 
dubon Av 

McConnell, W Joseph gr 100 Morning- 
side Dr; Denton Tex; AB AM 


McCormack, Anna Loretta e 312 E 

McCormack, Harry A e Jamaica Oaks 

McCormack, John James e 131 E 94 
McCormack, Luisa Maria e 609 W 

McCormick, Anne Elizabeth e 435 W 
119; Lebanon Ore; BS Oregon Agric 

McCormick, Canzada Hampton e 527 

W 121; Caldwell Idaho; AB Colo- 
McCormick, Francis Donald c 540 W 

McCormick, Catherine Elinor ed 425 W 

118; 15 Elliott St E Braintree Mass 
McCormick, Katherine pa 420 W 119; 

Collins Miss 
McCormick, Robert Rockvvood gr 141 

W Fourth St; Caldwell, Idaho; AB 

Idaho College 
McCormick, Rose Marie ed 229 High 

St Perth Amboy N J ; AB Columbia 
McCormick, Vera e 149 N Broadway 

Yonkers N Y 
McCourt, Alfred c 540 W 113; 344 

Eighth St Bklyn N Y 
McCourt, Rose Marie e 431 Riverside 

McCowen, Annie Margaret ed 509 W 

121; Forsyth Ga ; BS Columbia 
McCown, Ada Chenoweth gr Furnald 

Hall; 333 Sherman St Portland Ore ; 

AB Reed College 
McCoy III, Frank e 1730 Broadway 
McCracken, A Vance gr 600 W 122; 

Sewickley Pa ; AB Amherst 
McCracken, Frances Florence e 82 

Park Av East Orange N J 
McCracken, Thomas Everett e 842 

Lafayette Av Bklyn N Y 
McCrae, Annie e 308 W 107; BS 

McCraven, Marcella Mary e Ramsey 

N J; Goshen N J 
McCraw, Nelson Stewart bu 422 W 

115; 247 Eagle St North Adams 


McCready, John Dudley gr Union Sem- 
inary Broadway and 122; Winches- 
ter Ky ; AB Columbia 

McCready, Mary Wright pa Whittier 
Hall; 660 E Jersey St Elizabeth 
N J 

McCulloch, Esther Marguerite pa Ban- 
croft Hall; 1 155 E Yamhill St 
Portland Ore 

McDaniel, Edna Houdin e 103 Wilson 
St Bklyn N Y; Moatsville W Va 

McDaniel, Erin ed Whittier Hall; 1010 
N 16 Waco Tex; AB Baylor Univ 

McDaniel, Jessa Saunders e 323 Hu- 
guenot St New Rochelle N Y ; Ports- 
mouth N H 

McDaniel, Leon Sayre gr 179 Marcy 
Av Bklyn N Y; Kingwood W Va ; 
AB Bethany, MA Columbia 

McDaniel, Mary Scarborough gr Fur- 
nald Hall ; Richmond College Va ; 
AB Westhampton College 

McDermott, Elizabeth Rose e 1030 Hoe 

McDermott, James Francis e 334 W 
145; 12 Pratt St Winsted Conn 

McDermott, Joanna e 194 Riverside 

McDermott, John Charles c 325 E 30; 
AB LLB Fordham 

McDermott, Mary Campion ed 138 
Hamilton Av Passaic N J; 151 Pil- 
grim Av Worcester Mass 

McDermott, Wm / 30 27 St Guttenberg 
N J 

MacDonald, Agnes Mary b 169 W 76 

MacDonald, Alexander Hugh m 125 
W 188 

McDonald, Ethel Clara e Calgary Can- 

Macdonald, Helen Ross pa 33 W 42 ; 
38 Herkimer St Hamilton Ontario 

MacDonald, John Joseph c 23 Squire 
St New London Conn 

MacDonald, Josephine pa 169 W 76; 
AB Columbia 

McDonald, Kathryn Eulalie b 54 Chi- 
cago St Elmhurst N Y 

MacDonald, Lillian Alma gr 586 Sum- 
mer Av Newark N J ; AB Columbia 


McDonald, Lome Ross c 4540 Boston 
Post Rd Pelham Manor N Y; 2130 
Smith St Regina Saskatchewan Can- 

McDonald, Margaret Mary ed 10 Cha- 
pel PI Danbury Conn ; AB Smith 

Macdonald, Mary Gray e 181 Clare- 
mont Av 

McDonald, Philip Bayard ed 416 W 
122; N Y University; BS Michigan 
College of Mines 

Macdonald, Victor c Hewitt N J 

MacDonald, Vivian Campbell pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 18 Ferndale Rd Madison 
N J 

MacDonald, Whitney Arthur e 370 W 
120; 1 193 Faxon Av Memphis Tenn 

Macdonald, Wilson gr Cathedral Choir 
School Amsterdam Av and in; 25 
First St Westfield N Y ; AB Am- 
herst, BD Union Theological Sem, 
AM Columbia 

Macdonald, Zillah Katherine e 181 
Claremont Av 

MacDonnell, John Lawrence e 1402 
Lexington Av ; LLB Fordham 

McDonnell, Ralph Edward m 348 W 
58; 152 Temple St New Haven 
Conn; AB MD Yale 

McDonough, Charles Henry e 536 W 
114; 122 Washington St Hartford 

McDonough, Terence O'Brien e Frank- 
lin Arms Bklyn N Y ; Van Alstyne 

McDougald, Gertrude Elise e P S 119 
253 W 133; Eatontown N J 

MacDougall, Albert Edward / 23 San- 
ford Av Flushing N Y ; AB Harvard 

MacDougall, Byron Stanley e 545 La- 
fayette Av Bklyn N Y 

MacDougall, Duncan e 255 W 70 

Macdougall, Elisabeth pa 561 W 180 

Macdougall, Grace ed 561 W 186; AB 
Smith, AM PhD New York 

McDowell, Edith Hall gr Furnald 
Hall; Elkview Pa; AB Mount Holy- 

McDowell, Mabel C ed Seth Low Hall ; 
Troy Ohio; BS Columbia 

McDowell, Maxwell Erwin / Morris 
Hall; 123 Second St Troy N Y; 
AB Colgate 

McDowell, Miles Saunders e 504 W 
113 AB Center College 

McDowell Jr, Robert Fulton e 143 
Liberty St; 719 Monroe Av Plain- 
field N J 

McDowell, Sallie Gardinor pa 24 Mill- 
ington Av Newark N J 

MacElroy, Arline Maud e 25 Van Wa- 
genen St Newark N J 

McElroy, Katharine Louise b Brooks 
Hall; Princeton N J 

McElvare, Millicent Hill bu 868 Park 
PI Bklyn N Y 

McEnaney, Mary Cecelia e 143 N 
Seventh St Bklyn N Y 

McEntee, Mary Elizabeth e 161 W 
108; 73 Dongan Av Albany N Y 

McEntee, Thomas Francis e 470 E 161 

McEwen, Howard Vincent e 1684 80 
Bklyn N Y 

McEwen, Lucy e 409 W 127 

McFadden, James Lyman e 633 W 
115; 231 Wardwell Av West New 
Brighton N Y ; AB Columbia 

MacFadyen, Mary Barbara ^351 Wads- 
worth Av 

MacFee, Raymond Dellen e 157 Pe- 
shine Av Newark N J 

McFerran, Margaret M e 546 W 113 

McGarity, Charles Embry bu 700 High- 
land Av Atlanta Ga 

McGarvey, Edward / 178 Linden Av 
Bklyn NY; BS Columbia 

McGaughey, Sydney Fann e 206 W 
100; Anson Tex 

McGaughy, James Ralph ed 542 W 
124; Mt Gilead Ohio; AB MA Park 

McGeary, John David c 150 W 101 

McGee, Amy Jane ed Red Bank N J 

McGee, Kathryn O pa Whittier Hall ; 
624^ Second St Marietta Ohio 

McGee, William Terence e 279 W 117 

MacGhee, Charles Maxwell »>i 211 \Y 
135; 201 y. Vine Av Knoxville Tenn 

McGhce, Genella pa 106 Morningside 
Dr; Farmville Va 



McGiffert, Katherine Wolcott gr 80 
Claremont Av ; AB Columbia 

McGinity, Leo Aloysius e 887 Putnam 
Av Bklyn N Y ; AB St John's Col- 
lege (Bklyn N Y) 

McGinn, Homer Allison e 191 Edge- 
comb Av ; Charlotte N C 

McGinnis, Anna Veronica e Westwood 
N J; Norwood N Y 

McGinnis, Margaret Florence e 133 W 

McGinty, Arthur G e Manhattan Col- 
lege 3260 Broadway 

McGoldrick, Joseph gr 1058 Lafayette 
Av Bklyn N Y 

McGonagle, Mary gr 106 Morningside 
Dr; 9 Oxford St Duluth Minn; AB 
Mount Holyoke 

McGorrill, Milton Morse ed 500 W 
122; no Brentwood St Portland 
Me ; AB Bowdoin 

McGorry, Eleanor Theresa D e 933 E 

McGowan Jr, Francis Joseph w 3605 
Bway ; AB Columbia 

McGowan, James Joseph gr 310 W 117; 
Ranger Tex 

Macgowan, Virginia Bell e 455 W 152; 
176 Eastern Prom Portland Me 

McGowan, William James e 1808 
Brooklyn Av Bklyn N Y 

McGownd, Matilda Jane ed 509 W 121 ; 
210 S McGregor St Carthage Mo; 
BS Columbia 

McGowan, Sara Agnes e 511 W 1 8 1 

McGowin, Normal Floyd bu 403 W 
115; Chapman Ala; BS Alabama 

McGrady, James Aloysius ^4241 Broad- 

McGrath, George Bangs e 220 Wads- 
worth Av 

McGrath, James Peak e 220 Wads- 
worth Av 

McGrath Jr, John Henry * 320 Bush- 
kill St Easton Pa 

McGrath, John G c 607 W 184 

McGrath, Jule G gr 437 Amity St 
Flushing L I N Y; AB Hunter, AM 

McGrath, Louise Elise e 437 Amity St 
Flushing N Y ; AB Hunter 

McGrath, Mary Teresa gr 276 Pen- 
nington Av Passaic N J ; 88 Ripley 
St Newton Centre Mass; AB AM 
Boston University 

McGrayne, Dorothy b 163 Home Av 
Rutherford N J 

McGreevy, Mary Elizabeth e 145 W 

MacGregor, Edith Elizabeth ed 420 
Union St Hackensack N J ; BS Penn 

McGregor, Helen Lee ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr; 518 Pine St Carthage Mo; 
AB BS Missouri 

MacGregor, Olive B e 102 Mamaron- 
eck Av White Plains N Y; PhB 

McGregor, William Albert bu Harts- 
elle Ala 

McGuiggan, Orval Thomas e 235 W 
102; 253 Walnut St Holyoke Mass 

McGuire, Dwight Mitchell e 540 W 
113; 34 12 Av Columbus Ohio 

McGuire, Frank Daniel bu 2183 Broad- 
way ; 7 South St Bangor Me 

McGuire, Grace gr Roosevelt Hospital ; 
147 Liberty Av Jamaica LI N Y; 
BS Syracuse 

Machacek, Gerald Frank m 353 Ninth 
Av Long Island City N Y ; AB 

Machat, Annette Frankel e 320 Riv- 
erside Dr 

McHenry, Bernice e 449 W 22 ; Dal- 
las Tex; PhB Chicago 

Machin, J Allan e 30 Ferry St; 274 
Parker St Newark N J ; LittB 

Machin, Maria E ed 1230 Amsterdam 
Rv; Rio Piedras, Porto Rico; AB 
I'niv of Porto Rico 

McIIugh, Glenn Eller / Kent Hall; 
T2 31 St Milwaukee Wis; AB Wis- 

Macia, (Mrs) Amelina Bebancourt e 
24 Stone St 

Maclnnes, Paul Alexander e 107 Sum- 
mit Av Syracuse N Y 

Mcintosh, Jemima e 1504 Amsterdam 

Mclntyre, Bessie Gray e 5 W 131 



Mclntyre, Dougalda Marjorie b John 

Jay Hall; Blenheim S C 
Mclver, Ross William e 105 Newark 

St Newark N J 
Maclvor, Flora Hamlin pa 415 W118; 

AB Hunter 
Mcjimsey, George Davis c 616 W 138; 

1 20 1 E Fannin St Marshall Tex 
Mack, Catharine L e 509 W 122 
Mack, Enid Adolph b John Jay Hall ; 

912 E 42 Seattle Wash 
Mack, Helen b 318 W 100 
Mack, James W / Hartley Hall; 1400 

Broadway Gary Ind ; AB Michigan 
Mack, John George e 307 W 79 
Mack, Richard Ellsworth bu 411 W 

114; 1208 Market Av N Canton 

Mack Jr, Walter S e 312 W 71 ; AB 

McKain, Marjorie pa 1230 Amsterdam 

Av; 1036 Laird Av Parkersburg W 

Mackay, Donald Sage gr 615 Hamilton 

University; 17 E 82; AB Williams, 

BD Union Theol Sem 
MacKay, Douglas Doyle c 534 W 114; 

97 Avenue Rd Toronto Canada 
McKay, Effie Duff gr 100 Cathedral 

Pkway ; Almira Wash ; AB Whitman 

MacKay, John Ewart e 534 W 114; 

97 Avenue Rd Toronto Canada 
McKay, Richard mec 100 Cathedral 

Pkway ; Almira Wash ; AB Whitman 

Mackay, Robert Ferrier Burns gr 420 

W 116; Glencruitten Obau Argyll- 
shire Scotland ; AB Cambridge (Eng- 
MacKay, William Hector / 452 River- 
side Dr; 3359 Alcott St Denver; 

AB Colorado 
MacKechnie, Gladys Hazel b 508 W 

114; 24 Mechanic St Port Jervis 

N Y 
McKee, Arabella Ogden gr Peconic 

McKee, Moses Miller e 182 E 206 
McKeevcr, Ida Loretta e 1804 Av L 

Bklyn N Y 

McKeever, Irene Frances e 370 E 140 

McKellar, Annie ed 209 Bloomfield Av 
Passaic N J 

McKelvy, Esther e 618 W 114; Water- 
ville Kan ; AB Kansas 

McKendrick, Gladys ed 17 Grove St 

McKenna, Agnus Sheahen « 133 W 
12 5 

McKenna, Francis Xavier e 189 Frank- 
lin Av Far Rockaway N Y ; LLB 
New York Law School 

McKenna, Joseph Francis bu 519 W 

McKenna, Laura e 155 W 91 

MacKenna, Robert Brown e 131 W 

McKenna, William Joseph e 556 W 132 

McKenzie, Charles Wallace gr 430 W 
119; Mifford N H; AB Dartmouth 

Mackenzie, Ethel Elizabeth & 138 S 
Lexington Av White Plains N Y 

MacKenzie, John M e 356 W 116 

McKenzie, Laura ed 509 W 121 ; 16 
Eastern Pkway Louisville Ky 

Mackenzie, Mary Anne e 112 Shanley 
Av Newark N Y 

MacKenzie, Norma Matilda pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; 239 Northampton St Buf- 
falo N Y 

Mackenzie, Robert Abbe m 346 W 57; 
43 Graham Av Metuchen N J ; BS 

MacKenzie, Thomas Findlay gr 408 W 
ns; Albert St Taree WSW Aus- 
tralia ; AB BEc Sydney University 

McKeon, Richard Peter gr Livingston 
Hall ; 89 Bergenline Av Union N J ; 
AB Columbia 

McKeown, Matilda J ed 425 W 160; 
BS MA Columbia 

McKernan, William Thomas e 103 
Rockwood St ; Eagleville Conn 

Mackevrican, Margaret pa 13 Mt Mor- 
ris Pk ; 62 Virginia Ter Forty Fort 

Mackey, Edna Elizabeth e 609 W 191 

Mackey, Margaret Josephine m 195 
Arlington Av Jersey City N J ; AB 
St Elizabeth College 



Mackey, Marguerite gr 99 Claremont 
Av; Hunter N Y; AB Columbia 

Mackie, Thomas Turlay m 128 E 39; 
AB Harvard 

McKiernan, William Aloysius e 1835 
Caton Av Bklyn N Y; BS Cornell 

McKinley, Katharine Oliver e Furnald 
Hall; 618 Main St Columbus Miss; 
AB Mississippi State Normal 

McKinley, William Gibson e 215 Jew- 
ett Av Jersey City N J 

MacKinnon, A Donald / 416 W 118; 
Pen Argyl Pa 

McKinnon, Mary Jean pa 540 W 121 ; 
1023 Oakwood Av Toledo Ohio 

Mackintosh, Edith Marion e 633 Put- 
nam Av Bklyn N Y 

Mackintosh, James Frances e 38 Henry 
St Oceanside LINY 

Mackler, Harry Simon m 978 Union 
Av; AB New York 

MacKnight, Grace Lydia pa Whittier 
Hall; 120 E Butt St Reading Pa 

McKnight, Helen pa Whittier Hall; 
230 N Fifth St Reading Pa 

MacKnight, Mrs Lydia Edwardina ed 
439 W 123 ; BS AM Columbia 

McKnight, Nicholas McDowell c 228 
W 71 

McKnight, Rachel Lowrie ed 509 W 
121; Sewickley Pa; AB Smith 

McKnight, William Floyd c 611 W 
127; 26 Vine St Sharon Pa 

McKone, Frank Edward gr 515 Wash- 
ington St Baldwin NY; MS Mass 
Inst Tech 

MacLachlan, Helen May gr 87 N 
Broadway Yonkers N Y ; AB Co- 

McLain, Madge ed 546 W 124; 602 
Cedar St Burlington la ; AB Mon- 
mouth College 

McLaughlin, DeWitt Terheun gr 15 E 
40; 410 W Main St Brenham Tex 

McLaughlin, Edward Gregory c 11 15 
Madison Av 

MacLaughlin, Elizabeth ed 645 Bel- 
grave Dr Arlington N J ; Dolgeville 
N Y 

McLaughlin, Ernest e 26 Madison Av 
Jersey City ; Shelocta Pa 

McLaughlin, George William e 2082 
Daly Av 

McLaughlin, Mary Agnes e 448 E 137 

McLaughlin, May Julia b 136 W 116 

McLay, Robert Earl e 315 Riverdale 
Av Yonkers N Y 

McLean, Annette e 501 W 121 ; Doug- 
las Ga 

MacLean, Ida Ethel pa 403 W 115; 
21 17 John Av Superior Wis 

McLean, John Campbell c 420 W 121 

McLean, William ed 43 Olympia St 
Lakeview N J 

MacLean, William McKinley c 375 
Park Av 

McLean, Winifred Hope e 414 W 118; 
507 E Main St Gastonia N C 

McLean, Vivian c 501 W 121; Doug- 
las Ga 

MacLear, Malcolm c 118 Cottage Av 
Mount Vernon N Y 

MacLear, Martha ed 118 Cottage Av 
Mount Vernon N V; BS AM Co- 

MacLear, Mary Morton c 164 Vose Av 
South Orange N J 

McLees, Mamie Hunter ed 509 W 121 ; 
549 New Market St Greenwood S C ; 
AB Lander College 

McLellan 111, Alden e 320 Broadway; 
547 W 142 

MacLellan, Anna pa 324 W 113 

McLemore, Alexander Ralph bu 540 
W 113; Walnut Grove Mo 

MacLennan, Charles Roderick Finlay- 
son gr Union Theological Seminary ; 
St Peter's Nova Scotia Canada ; AB 
Queen's University, BD Queen's 
Theological College 

MacLennan, Helen M e 64 Bruce Av 
Yonkers N Y 

MacLeod, Florence Louise gr 177 Em- 
erson PI Bklyn N Y; BS Simmons 

McLoughlin, John Vincent e 70 E 94 

McLoughlin, Kathleen Clare e 163 E 

McMahon, Donald Hutchins e 609 W 
114; 21 N La Salle Gardens Detroit 



McMahon, Ellen Frances e 161 Av B 
Bayonne N J; 71 Oak St Bingham- 
ton N Y 

McMahon, Vincent Raymond c 41 
Junction Av Corona N Y 

McManus, Albert Thomas e 30 W 71 

McManus, Charles Borromeo Joseph e 
238 W 22; 340 E 198 

McManus, Edward James c 619 W 
113; 612 W 179 

McMaster, John Denis / 39 Bentley Av 
Jersey City N J ; AB Princeton 

McMaster, Rosa Moore ed 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 517 Shadrack St 
Waynesboro Ga ; AB Brenau College 

McMeekin, Mamie E^ii5\V*7i 

McMeen, Lola Irene ed Seth Low 
Hall; 819 26 St South Bellingham 

McMillan, Carol e 788 Riverside Dr ; 
AB Wisconsin 

McMillan, Emilie e 885 Park Av ; AB 

McMillan, Hazel Margaret e 866 West 
End Av; 1707 16 Av Seattle Wash 

McMillin Jr, Frederick Nelson bu 
Hartley Hall ; 1 1 Greenway Ter 
Forest Hills LINY 

McMillin, Helen Tinsley e 440 River- 
side Dr; PhB Bethany College 

McMullan, Jos Vincent e 60 W 181 

McMullen, Joseph Harold / Hartley 
Hall; R F D 3 Brooklyn Station 
Cleveland Ohio 

McNair, Gladys Louise e x\o Morning- 
side Dr 

McNair, Sherman Martin / 601 W 
125; Brookhaven Miss; AB Mich- 

McNally, Frank Cyril e 514 57 St 
Bklyn N Y 

McNally, Marion Stuart e 331 Tecum- 
seh Av Mount Vernon N Y 

McNamara, Charlotte Trenholme b 601 
W 174 

Macnamara, William P c 540 W 113 

McNamara, William Francis e 299 E 
Third St Bklyn N Y 

McNamara, William Patrick e 61 W 

McNany, Mary Elizabeth e 2409 Grand 

McNaughton, John Alexander e 52 
William St; Bronxville N Y ; BA 
MA LLB Virginia 
McNeely, Bessie pa Whittier Hall; 314 

Fifth Av Bradley Beach N Y 
MacNeil, Mrs Neil e 2497 Grand Av 

Fordham Hts 
McNeill, Emily gr 420 W 121 ; Valley 

Mills Tex; AB Texas 
McNeill, Anne Laurel e 1007 Western 

Av Pittsburgh Pa 
McNeill, Casper George e 441 W 151 
McNeill, Harry Lee c 461 Ft Wash- 
ington Av 
McNeill, John Francis ed 242 Rugby 
Rd Bklyn N Y; AB New York 
State College for Teachers 
McNeill, Leslie e Parnassus Club An- 
nex 614 W 115 
MacNeill, Lynne Francis e 4305 Park 

MacNeish, Harris Franklin gr 185 
Lakeview Av Tuckahoe N Y; BS 
MS PhD Chicago 
McNulty, John Augustine e 38 W 48 ; 

69 Lexington St Lawrence Mass 

MacOuat, Frances Marion ed 512 W 

123; 528 14 Av SE Minneapolis 

Minn ; AB Minnesota 

McPhelomy, Owen e 271 Madison Av 

McPherson, Norman Spurgeon c 34 

St Andrew's PI Yonkers N Y 
MacPherson, Priscilla Wamboldt / 
Furnald Hall ; 840 Madison Av 
Scranton Pa 
McPherson, Walter A R ed 600 W 
122; Frederick Okla ; AB Transyl- 
McQuade, Arthur James e 370 Convent 

McQuade, Thomas J Joseph e 56 
Maiden Lane; 160 Bergen Av Ridge- 
field Park N J 
McQuillan, Walter James e 10 Amack- 

assin Ter Yonkers N Y 
MacQuilton, Bessie May e 109 Ridge 
Rd Rutherford N J ; Vista PI Red 
Bank N J 



MacRae, Stephen Rozier e 401 W 115; 

122 Richard Av Fayetteville N C 
McSweeney, John Francis mec 381 

Herkimer St Bklyn N Y ; CE Brook- 
lyn Polytechnic Inst 
McTeigue, Frances Mary pa 227 Cor- 

lies Av Pelhara Heights N Y 
McTeigue, Margaret Mary e 22-] Cor- 

lies Av Pelham N Y 
MacVean, Gordon Charles c 42 Gates 

Av Bklyn N Y 
McVey, Clara Ruth ed 87 Gamewell 

St Hackensack N J; 25 Pleasant St 

Adams Mass 
McWenie, Mary Winnis ed 666 W 207 
McWhinney, Charlotte Margaret e 

Lawrence N Y 
McWhirter, Leslie Craig c Odell Av 

Bayside L I 
McWilliams, Emma e 335 Paulison Av 

Passaic N J ; 290 Alexander St 

Rochester N Y 
Macy, George Jesse c 532 W 114; 103 

W 127 
Madden, Mary L e 2107 Amsterdam 

Madison, Arthur Alexander / 111 W 

137; AB Bowdoin, AM Columbia 
Madison, Mary Riddick e 490 W 136 
Madueno, Laura Beatriz gr 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av 
Maduro, Philip Eder c 546 W 114; 

801 West End Av 
Maedel, George Frederick c 3808 Av 

D Bklyn N Y 
Maffitt, Marion Almera e 123 and 

Seventh Av 
Maged, Abraham c Suffern N Y 
Maged, Joseph L e 700 E 161 
Magee, Estelle Stuart e 54 Magnolia 

Av Jersey City N J 
Magee, Kathleen e 67 Underhill Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Magee, Robert M ed 515 W in ; War- 

rensburg Mo; BS Missouri State 
Magee, Sigmund w 55 W no; BS 

Maggi, Guy Joseph e 1407 75 St Bklyn 

N Y 
Magie Jr, E Eldred e 528 Riverside 


Magie, Ethel e 528 Riverside Dr ; BS 

Milwaukee Downer College 
Maggio, Michael Joseph / Morris Hall ; 

Ralston Pa 
Magnin, Vera Amelia pa 158 W 81 
Magnuson, Herbert Albert bu 329 W 

112; 1754 S M Tacoma Wash 
Magrane, Joseph John e 508 W 171 
Magrane, Mary Ellen e 147 W 105 
Magraw, Ralph Barstow c 514 River- 
side Dr 
Magrath Jr, Joseph James e 1127 Clay 

Magruder, Ott Riddleberger e 210 E 


Mague, Robert Marion ed 515 W in; 
Warrensburg Mo ; BS Missouri 

Maguire, Florence Percival ed 171 
Union St Hackensack N J 

Mahaffey, Margaret C e Parnassus 
Club 605 W 115; 426 Lincoln St 
Johnstown Pa 

Mahan, Octavia Clement pa Whittier 
Hall ; 925 Green St Daniels Va 

Mahany, Muriel Elizabeth e 160 Clare- 
mont Av 

Mahar, William Joseph'c 12 Spring St 
White Plains N Y 

Maher, Christopher Henry ed 536 
Glenmore Av Bklyn N Y ; Bergen 
N Y; BS Adelphi College 

Maher, Mary Dolan e 54 W 76; AB 

Mahin, Marian e 875 Park Av 

Mahoney, Frank James e 601 W 179 

Mahoney, Mary Elisabeth e 335 Mar- 
shall St Elizabeth N J 

Mahoney, Waldron c 502 Ray St Ja- 
maica LINY 

Mahoney, William Ethelberf bu 627 W 

Mahony, Francis Joseph f 162 W Lin- 
coln Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Mahony, LeRoy H e 1066 President St 
Bklyn N Y 

Mai, Tso Heng gr 408 W 115; Nau 
Hai Kwan, Mi Si Hu Tung, Peking, 
China; AB Beloit College, AM Chi- 

Maier, Dorothea pa 1230 Amsterdam 



Maier, Frederick George e 117 W 95 

Maier, William Frank e 170 W 107 

Main, Fred Howard bu 65 Morning- 
side Av; 981 Hoyt St Portland Ore 

Main, Vera e 344 W 18 

Maisel, Fred Ephraim m 720 River- 
side Dr 

Maisner, Emanuel Berard e 542 W 112 

Maitra, Madan Mohan c Columbia 
University ; 1 Ouoh Maballa, Benares 
City, India 

Maksoudoff, Niaz Khazi ed 557 W 
1 24 ; Troitsk Orenbourg, Russia ; 
BAS Syrian Protestant .College 

Major, Geo Alexander gr Hotel Sa- 
voy ; AB University of the South 

Malabranan, Emilia ed Whittier Hall ; 
Lipa, Batangas, P I ; AB HTC BS 
University of the Philippines 

Malachias, Rev Jockim Elias e 140 E 

Malachias, Zacharias e 312 W 54 

Malament, John Pierpont e 12 Moni- 
tor St 

Malan, Johannes Rossouw ed Teach- 
ers College ; Wellington C P Union 
of South Africa ; AB Cape of Good 
Hope, AM Columbia 

Maier, Anthony Peter e 405 E 117; 
East Patchogue LINY 

Maletzky, Benjamin Charles e 617 
Doumont Av Bklyn N Y ; 95 Mar- 
ket St Amsterdam N Y 

Malev, William Samson gr 70 Her- 
kimer St Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 

Malherbe, Ernst Gideon ed Teachers 
College ; Villiersdorp South Africa ; 
AB Cape of Good Hope, AM Stel- 
lenbosch (South Africa) 

Malich, Abraham mec 388 Grand St 

Malkiel, Henrietta Serber ; 547 W 123 

Malkin, Anna e 1564 52 St Bklyn N Y 

Malks, Dora e 9 E 98 

Mallette, Dorothy Jeanne e Hartsdale 
N Y 

Mallin, Albert Milton e 5 Cook St 
Bklyn N Y; AB C C N Y 

Mallon, Florence Ardelia e 50 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 50 Washington St Ma- 
lone N Y; AH Vassar 

Malone, J G e 5374 Arthur Kill Rd 
Tottenville S I N Y; 2930 Upton St 
Washington D C 

Maloney, Dorothy Louise b 83 River- 
side Dr 

Maloney, Esther H e 1 24 W 82 ; Nor- 
wood N Y 

Maloney, Timothy Edwin e Engineer- 
ing Dept Mitchel Field LINY; 
2024 College Av Fresno Cal 

Mallory, Virgil S gr 820 Van Buren 
PI North Bergen N J ; AB Columbia 

Malloy, William Earle mec 620 W 
115; 310 N Dixon St Gainesville 

Malm, Wesley Adolph e 167 E 31 
Bklyn N Y 

Malmund, Jeanette N e 316 Midwood 
St Bklyn N Y 

Malmquist, Ellen Matilda e 520 W 
122; 168 Minerva St Derby Conn 

Malnek, Janet pa 35 W 96 

Maltby, Anna F e 2099 Fifth Av ; 
Adams Center N Y 

Maltz, Harry c 325 E 21 

Maltz, Max m 141 Attorney St 

Malzberger, Margaret Louise e 12 W 
92; Ashland Ky 

Manahan, Daniel Valentine m 27 W 
86 ; Monmouth Beach N J ; AB Wes- 

Mance, Bertha May pa 171 W 81 ; 
Cragsmoor N Y 

Mandel, David / 366 W 118; 210 
Rector St Perth Amboy N J; LittB 

Mandel, Henry Stanley e 348 Central 
Park W 

Mandelbaum, Malvin Robert mec 131 
Sumner Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Colum- 

Mandell, Max Sol gr 353 W 85 ; 43 
Kensington St N Haven Conn 

Mandelker, Nathaniel II c 191 Keap 
St Bklyn N Y 

Mandelstamm. Berenice Anna e 306 W 

Mandracchia, Raymond gr 80 48 St 
Corona L 1 N Y ; AB C C N Y 

Manee, William BrittOO / 35.? W S; ; 
LittB Princeton 



Maney, Lavinia Claiborne ed 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; Murfreesboro Tenn ; 

AB Tennessee College 
Manger, Isabelle Marguerite b 161 W 

Passaic Av Rutherford N J 
Mangieri, Vincent e 196 High St Bklyn 

N Y 
Mangs, Walter Sigurd e 341 1 Steuben 

Mangus, James ed Manual Tr H S ; 

PhB Hamilton, AM Columbia 
Manheck, Frederick Charles e 263 16 

Av Newark N J 
Manheim, Alice pa 251 W 92 
Manheim, Leonard Falk c 69 E 92 
Manheimer, Jacob Seligman / 212 E 

60; AB C C N Y 
Manion, Raymond Ignatius c 897 E 

176; Avon Conn 
Mankey, Geo Gilmore ed 7 Harmony 

St Danbury Conn ; BS U of Penn 
Mankiewicz, Frank gr 1397 Pacific St 

Bklyn N Y; MA Columbia 
Mankoff, David bu 234 E Fifth St 
Manley, Martha e 137 Third St Long 

Island City N Y 
Manly, John F e 1769 Townsend Av 
Mann, Hanna b 32 Winfield Av Mount 

Vernon N Y 
Mann, Isabel Roome gr 6 Norwood 

Av Summit N J; 1918 Fifth Av 

Troy N Y; AB Vassar 
Mann, Raymond tnec 340 E 124 
Mann, Winifred Evendon pa 21 Bay- 
view Av South Norwalk Conn 
Mannheim, Richard George c 189 

Washington Pk Bklyn N Y ; 224 

Eighth Av Bklyn N Y 
Mannheimer, Leo H / 500 W 140; AB 

Manning, Bradford Masten e 524 W 

57; 550 W 157 
Manning, Dorothy Louise b John Jay 

Hall; 15 Lamartine Ter Yonkers 

N Y 
Manning, Edith Leontine pa 19 Oliver 

Manning, Frank Edward e 39 Maple 

Av New Rochelle N Y 
Manning, Jennie ed Shelburne Falls 


Manning, Mary Agnes e 430 W 118; 
Rockville Conn 

Manning Jr, Van H c 36 Croton St 
Forest Hills Gardens LINY 

Mannion, Walter L e 151 W 123 

Mannis, Gertrude E b Brooks Hall ; 
Fort Edward N Y 

Manoussos, John D e 320 Fifth Av; 
602 W 137 

Manovill, Edwin Godfrey c 545 E 84 

Manship, Grace Eleanor e 1 1 Dom- 
inick St 

Manuel, Luero Purrio e 132 Nassau 

Manuel, V Moreno e 165 Nagle Av 

Manzer, Charles West gr 505 W 112; 
AB Dartmouth, AM Columbia 

Mapes, Florence A gr 618 E 29 Pa- 
terson N J ; Duncombe la ; AB 

Maple, Fred Jay £ 35 Laurel Av Tren- 
ton N J 

Maplesden, Gwendoline Elva pa 435 
W 119; Suffield Conn 

Maplesden, V Inez ed 435 W 119; 
AB Vassar, PdB New York State 
College for Teachers, AM Bucknell, 
AM Columbia 

Mara, Irene Dorothy e 65 Park Ter W 

Marans, Max e 251 Pacific St Bklyn 
N Y 

Marble, Delia West b 490 Riverside 
Dr; Bedford N Y 

Marblestone, Beatrice e 1356 Madison 

Marceau Jr, Theodore / Yale Club 
Vanderbilt Av and 44 ; AB Yale 

Marcell, Kugel e 748 Sterling PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Marchadesch, Norberto Escarda bu 420 
W 121 Tanawan, Leyte, Philip- 
pines; AB Atenes de Manila 

Marchant, Eleanor Janet pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 1 145 Martine Av Plain- 
field N J 

Marchant, Elizabeth Katherine pa 1230 
Amsterdam Av ; 1145 Martine Av 
Plainfield N J 

Marchetti, Joseph Anthony e 215 W 
23; 314 82 Bklyn N Y 


Marcowitz, Gertrude e 10 W 29; 600 
Academy St 

Marcus, Gertrude Nan e 229 E Fourth 

Marcus, George e 22 W 25 Bayonne 
N J 

Marcus, Israel Hyman m 871 Driggs 
Av Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 

Marcus, Jeanne pa 501 W 124 

Marcus, Lawrence e 501 W 124; BS 
AM Columbia 

Marcus, Ralph gr 531 W 124; AB MA 

Marcus, Robert David c 69 E 92 

Marcuse, Maurice David e 530 Clin- 
ton Av Newark N J 

Marean, Elizabeth e 866 West End 
Av; Dalton Mass 

Marean, Maud L e Freeport N Y; 
Vestal N Y; BS Syracuse 

Marean, Sidney Green bu Port Wash- 
ington LINY; Dalton Mass 

Marekwardt, Salome Ellen ed 109 W 
82 ; BS Columbia 

Marg, William e 93 Grove St Flushing 

Margeson, Helen e 3647 Broadway 

Margolies, Benjamin H I 1566 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 1 1 60 Bryant Av; AB 
C C N Y 

Margolis, Max Henry c 1372 Wash- 
ington Av 

Margolis, Nathan e 3772 Park Av 

Margolis, Nyman e 96 Pulaski St 
Bklyn N Y 

Margon, Thelma e 216 E Tremont Av 

Margotta, Henry Joseph c 169 Union 
Av New Rochelle N Y 

Margulies, Joseph Robert e 63 McKib- 
bin St Bklyn 

Marhan, Mary T H pa 519 W 121 ; 
5 a Elm St Woodsville N H 

Mariam, John Horace / Hartley Hall ; 
AB AM Columbia, PhD New York 

Marienhoff. Harry e 602 W 157; U S 
Naval Academy 

Marin, Rafael Marin gr Consulate 
General of Uruguay N Y City 

Mario, Menendez e 503 W m; Calle 
23 No 334, Havana, Cuba 

Marion, Pauline Jones b John Jay 
Hall; Lancaster S C; AB Winthrop 

Markel, Howard c 11 19 Forest Av 

Markert, Lina Elizabeth ed 208 31 
Woodcliff N J ; Flemington N J 

Markham, Henry Veazie ed 600 W 
122; 2916 Grove St Rosedale Kan; 
AB Washburn College 

Markham, Virgil c 92 Waters Av West 
New Brighton S I N Y 

Markle, Arthur Davis e 212 15 St Jer- 
sey City N J 

Markle, Walter Jonathan e 212 15 Jer- 
sey City N J 

Markley, Gibbons Hayes e Westfield 
N J; 149 Elmer St Westfield N J; 
AB Columbia 

Markley, Luther Augustus ed 437 Fifth 
Av ; 131 S Seventh St Coshocton 
Ohio ; AB Muhlenberg 

Markowitz, Jacob Louis e 151 River- 
dale Av Bklyn N Y 

Markowitz, Rose e 229 Eldridge St 

Marks, Beatrice e 55 W 80 

Marks, Gertrude Elizabeth b 98 N 
Pkway East Orange N J 

Marks, Jacob e Produce Exchange 
Bldg; 105 W 70 

Marks, Jerome A mec 35 W 96 

Marks, Marjorie Cecile b 322 W 100 

Marks, Norman Lincoln / 1427 Madi- 
son Av ; AB C C N Y 

Marks, Warren L I 4 E 94 ; AB Am- 

Marks, Wm Joseph e 601 W 115 

Markush, Stella P e 212 Ft Washing- 
ton Av 

Marlatt, Frances Knoche b 58 N Co- 
lumbus Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Marmor, Minnie pa 2333 Davidson Av 

Marmorstein, Henry Solomon e 665 
Ocean Av Jersey City N J 

Marples, Eleanor b 87 N 30 St Flush- 
ing N Y 

Marcmardt, George Bernard e 32 Stan- 
ton St Woodhaven L I 

Marquart, Gaston Jean gr Manhattan 
College 3280 Broadway; AB Man- 


Marquis, Sarah e 6 1 1 W no; AB 

Marra, Mario Charles e 463 Cyrus PI 

Marraro, Rosario e Rockefeller Foun- 
dation 61 Broadway; 262 Withers 
St Bklyn N Y 

Marseglia, Faust Joseph c 775 Atlantic 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Marsh, Agnes Lewis pa 414 W 118; 
844 Colorado Av Bridgeport Conn ; 
AB Columbia 

Marsh, Carolyn Elizabeth ed 135 E 
52; 839 N Church St Rockford 111; 
AB Oberlin 

Marsh, Cassie e 2350 Boulevard Jer- 
sey City N J; Hannibal N Y ; AB 

Marsh, George Wilbur e 100 Cathe- 
dral Pkway; Carter Lake Club Oma- 
ha Neb 

Marsh, Jamie Duncan e 222 W 59 

Marsh, Lindus Cody e 127 W High- 
land Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Pa; 
AB Kenyon College 

Marsh, Margaret Grant gr 306 W 92 ; 
AB Sweet Briar College, MA Co- 

Marsh, (Mrs) May Baker e 103 Over- 
look Ter Leonia N J ; AB, MA Michi- 

Marsh, (Mrs) Rose Evedell ed 509 
W 121 ; 334^ S Rita Av Hunt- 
ington Park Cal; BS BP Ohio 
Northern Univ 

Marshall, Alfred a 1 W 67 

Marshall Jr, Burnell Keith gr 412 W 
115; 422 W Ormsby Louisville Ky; 
BS Centre College 

Marshall, Anthony Augustine e Gras- 
selli N J; 61 Pine Grove Ter New- 
ark N J 

Marshall, Frank Gilbert e 501 W 135 

Marshall, Harold Herbert c Hartley 
Hall; Ellenville N Y 

Marshall Jr, Henry Hall c 536 W 114; 
Ellenville N Y 

Marshall, Louisville gr Furnald Hall ; 

Marshall, Margit g 180 W 94 

Marshall, Jean McDougall b John Jay 
Hall; 41 Heights Ter Ridge wood 
N J 

Marshall, Louisville gr Furnald Hall ; 

2008 University Av Austin Tex ; AB 

Baylor Univ 
Marshall, Margit e 180 W 94 
Marshall, Mary Emma ed 509 W 121 ; 

806 Main St Whitewater Wis 
Marshall, Ruth pa 580 E 22 Bklyn N Y 
Marshall, Ruth Beatrice e 555 W 151 
Marshall, Walter Peter e 232 Logan 

St Bklyn N Y 
Marshall, Wilbur Hansen c 601 W 113 
Marssdorf, Joseph August e 49 St 

Nicholas Av 
Martaagesiar, Levent Mugedich e 19 13 

Lexington Av 
Martenet, Edwin Jefferson c 22 E 67; 

4100 Ridgewood Av Baltimore Md ; 

LLB Maryland 
Martens, Emily Minor b John Jay 

Hall; Shrub Oak N Y 
Martes, Leona e 13JX St Felix St 

Bklyn N Y 
Martin, Adelaide Bailey b Brooks Hall ; 

Port Chester N Y 
Martin, Alice Louise e 650 W 170 
Martin, Alfred Horatio gr 1288 Am- 
sterdam Av ; University, Syndey, 

Australia ; BA MA Sydney (Aus- 
Martin, Alice May e 2312 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Martin, Anna Kendall ed 650 W 170 
Martin, Anna Theresa b 117 Seneca 

St Hornell N Y 
Martin, Arch Stewart e 303 W 71; 

627 Ponce de Leon Av Atlanta Ga 
Martin, Carol Elizabeth L pa Whittier 

Hall ; Boscobel Wis 
Martin, Charles Douglass e 124 W 

136; DD Livingstone 
Martin, Charles Wesley m 27 W 61 ; 

217 Prospect St Westfield N J ; BS 

Martin, Cyrus Griffin / Livingston 

Hall; 229 Oak St Chattanooga 

Tenn; PhB Yale 
Martin, Elizabeth Hale pa Whittier 

Hall; 21 Prospect Dr Yonkers N Y 
Martin, Emily Lillian e 46 Fifth St 

Ridgefield Park N J 


Martin, Flossie pa 106 Morningside 
Dr; Mocksville N C ; AB Salem 
Martin, Harry Edwin e 46 Fifth St 

Ridgefield Park N J 
Martin, Harry Wallace e 304 Euclid 

Av Westfield N J 
Martin, Henry Owen e Montgomery 

St Ossining N Y 
Martin, Janet b Brooks Hall ; 59 E 

Martin, Katharine Clarke ed 191 Lin- 
coln PI Bklyn N Y 
Martin, Kenneth e 601 W 113; To- 

waco N J 
Martin, Korb e Teaneck N J 
Martin, Marie Louise pa Whittier 

Hall; 139 Bainbridge St Bklyn NY 
Martin, Marie Marmoy e 612 W 115; 

Central City Neb 
Martin, Mary Gertrude ed 71 W 105; 

New Concord Ohio ; AB Muskingum 

Martin, Matthew Scovell / 32 Lincoln 

St Glen Ridge N J 
Martin, Miriam Emily e Furnald Hall ; 

429 N Main St Orange Mass 
Martin, Rae e 40 W 52 
Martin, Sarah Lena e 524 W 122 
Martin, Vida H ed 578 Jersey Av 

Jersey City N J; 610 W Garfield 

Av Centerville Iowa ; AB Iowa 

Martin, William Burress / 528 W 

114; 232 Greenville St Anderson 

S C 
Martindell, Jackson e 230 W 107 
Marting, Edna May ed The Bancroft ; 

Sunnyside Portsmouth Ohio ; AB 

Western College 
Martinez, Carmela Catherine e 160 W 

Martinez, Fermin e Hotel Biltmore 
Martini, Agusta S ed 58 Prospect St 

Jersey City N J ; BS Columbia 
Martinsen, Mabel e 30 W 70 
Martyn, Burr ed 540 W 122 
Marvin, Dorothy Hope b Brooks Hall ; 

5 Senior St New Brunswick N J 
Marx John / 1600 Avenue A 

Marymont, Jesse H e 4506 12 Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Marx, Emily b 222 Riverside Dr 
Marx, Fannie I e 500 W 143 
Marx, Richard e 552 Riverside Dr 
Maryon, Margaret Constance Elise b 

Brooks Hall 
Marzolf, Emile Philip c 205 W 106; 

Hastings-on-Hudson N Y 
Mase, Merwin Grant e 10 Intervale 

PI Yonkers N Y 
Mason Jr, Alfred DeWitt I 222 Gar- 
field PI Bklyn N Y; AB Amherst 
Mason, Jennie Edna pa 71 E 92; 

1564 Rockland Av Victoria B C 
Mason, Katherine A ed 130 Claremont 

Av ; Blanchard Mich 
Mason, Mary Daves ed Bancroft Hall ; 

308 Hill St Sewickley Pa; AB 

Mason, Mary Miller ed Coldspring 

Harbor LINY 
Mason, (Mrs Mayne S) Rachel E pa 

414 W 121 
Mason, Sarah E pa 509 W 121; 250 

State St Pasadena Cal 
Massa, Atigustine Francis c 408 E 

Massaro, Peter A e 7502 17 Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Masse, Hubert Alexander bu Hartley 

Hall; St Johnsbury Vt 
Masse, Horace Charles c Hartley Hall ; 

St Johnsbury Vt 
Massey, Joseph Earl j 524 W 123; 

Altamahow N C ; AB Elon College 
Massimine, Elvira Virginia e 229 

Dahill Rd Bklyn N Y 
Masteller, Louise e 36 W 11; Christo- 

dora House 147 Avenue B 
Masters, Ruth Blauvelt e 16 Laid- 

law Av Jersey City N J 
Masu, Tamura e 505 W 142; Tokyo 

Matano, Kensuke gr 330 E 57 ; 

Kajiyamachi Kagoshima Japan 
Mateles, Miriam c 801 Ocean Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Mather, Erica Winifred ed 46 Frank- 
lin PI Montclair N J 



Mathes, Lillian A e 28 Elmhurst Av 

Trenton N J 
Mathews, Euston Richard e 37 W 138 
Mathews, Maxwell Julius mec 618 W 

113; 203 Pulaski St Bklyn N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Mathews, Neil Dale ed Harmonsburg 

Mathiasen, Emma Metthea ed 535 W 

113; Keyport N J 
Mathiasen, Helena pa 535 W 113; 

Keyport N J 
Mathieson, Jeremiah J e 1134 Find- 
lay Av 
Mathison, Flora Annette ed Whittier 

Hall ; 9 Ellington Av Rockville Conn 
Matienzo, Carmen e 527 W 121 
Matos, Maria e 264 Riverside Dr 
Matshak, Richard Philip c 1345 51 St 

Bklyn N Y 
Matsunoi, Kakuji e 436 Putnam Av 

Bklyn N Y ; 139 Koshomachi Yama- 

gatashi Japan 
Matteson, May e 124 So Oxford St 

Bklyn N Y 
Matthews, Dorothy ed 35 E 62; 301 

E Evergreen St San Antonio Tex; 

BLI Emerson College 
Matthews, Edward Joseph c 619 W 

113; 516 Graham Av Long Island 

City N Y 
Matthews, Florence pa 329 Park Av 

Newark N J 
Matthews, Helen Moore pa 27 St An- 
drews PI Yonkers N Y 
Matthews, Geneth e 20 W 69 
Matthews, Herbert Lionel e 790 River- 
side Dr 
Matthews, Jane Webster ed 605 W 

115; 207 No Main St Concord 

N H; AB Wellesley 
Matthews, Jean Gertrude pa 1230 

Amsterdam Av; 1016 Albemarle Rd 
Matthews, Paul Chandler / 139 W 13; 

PhB Chicago 
Matthews, William Edward e 550 W 

Matthews, William Henry / 139 W 13 
Mattli, Pierre Anthony ed 38 E 126; 

Vri Switzerland; BS Cornell 

Mattson, Marion Louise ed Whittier 
Hall ; Excelsior Minn ; AB Minne- 

Matus, Zoraida pa Whittier Hall; 
Managua Nicaragua C A 

Matzke, Edwin Bernard c 1340 Web- 
ster Av 

Matzke, Helen Margaret b 1340 Web- 
ster Av 

Man, Clayton C ed 238 Gregory Av 
Passaic N J ; 146 Central Av Fre- 
donia N Y ; AB Michigan 

Mauch, Helen Lena b 357 W 118 

Mauger, Frank William e 49 Lincoln 
Av Rutherford N J 

Maupin, Jere Gibson gr 11 E 68 ; BL 
Fordham, MD N Y Homeopathic 
and Flower Hospital Medical Col- 

Maure, Raymond ed 13 Wesley Av 
Bernardsville N J ; BS Alfred Univ 

Maurer Jr, Albert A e 235 Orchard 
St Elizabeth N J ; La Cross Wis 

Mausolff, Dorothy Loa e 316 W 79 

Mavc, (Mrs) Lottie Burgess ed 244 E 
72; 513 W Diamond Av Hazelton 

Mawbey, Stephen Corlies c 341 For- 
rest St Jersey City N J 

Maxson, Maxine pa 510 W 124 

Maxwell, Albert A F e 617 W 170 

Maxwell, Cora Cheever ed 100 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 2306 Harrison Av Ft 
Worth Tex 

Maxwell, Leigh Benjamin e 541 W 
124; 32 N Jackson St Atlanta Ga ; 
AB Atlanta Univ 

Maxwell, Paul Rufus e 1105 Amster- 
dam Av ; 79 Grand View Av Mor- 
gantown W Va 

Maxwell, William George c 455 Park 
PI Bklyn N Y 

Maxwell, William Henry e 3061 Bailey 
Av; 318 Bayside Av Flushing L I 
N Y 

May, George Godfrey e 141 Maple St 
Richmond Hill N Y 

May, Laura Maria ed 86 Passaic St 
Hackensack N J 



May, Marguerite Frances ed ion 
Ocean Av Bklyn ; Johnsonburg Pa ; 
AB Bucknell 

Maybeck, Merrell George e Park Ridge 
N J 

Mayer, Alfred Joseuh c Hartley Hall; 
257 W 93 

Mayer, Alice S e 318 W 100 

Mazer, Anna e 8745 21 Av Bklyn N Y 

Mayer, David Moulton e 202 W 85 

Mayer, Edwin de L c Hartley Hall ; 
2083 Third Av 

Mayer, Elizabeth Bendheim t 601 W 

Mayer, Marie Rose b 509 W 110 

Mayer (Mrs) May Benzenberg e 854 
W 181 

Mayer, Seymour Willard c 170 Over- 
look Circle New Rochelle N Y 

Mayer, Tess Barbara gr Furnald Hall ; 
5234 Pitt St New Orleans La; AB 
Newcomb College 

Mayer, William Gerald bu 225 W 86 

Mayerhofer, Eugene Howard e c/o 
McElwain, Morse & Rogers 21 Hud- 
son St; 22 Sheperd Av Bklyn N Y 

Mayers, Hyman LeRoy bu 1391 Madi- 
son Av 

Mayers, Isabel e Douglaston Manor 
Inn Douglaston LINY 

Mayers, (Mrs) May R m 265 Clinton 
St Bklyn N Y; AB AM Columbia 

Maynard, John Albert gr 341 E 87; 
PhB Paris, MA PhD Chicago, PdM 
PdD New "York 

Maynard, Nellie pa Whittier Hall ; 
Roscoe N Y 

Mayo, A Sloan c 2644 Marion Av 

Mayo, Aileen Booth e 210 W 147 

Maynard, Helen Muriel e 329 Park 
Ave Newark N J 

Maynard, Henry Warner e 3089 
Broadway; CE Cornell 

Maynard, Lorraine Huling e 33 W 67 

Maynard, Richard Field e 33 W 67; 
AB Harvard 

Mayne, Helen A e 109 W 88 

Mayne, Mildred Cynthia e 28 Mac- 
Dougal St; 3 Berkeley St Norwalk 
< onn 

Mazer, Donald Joseph c 102 W 80 

Mazur, Auaton Adais c 548 W 114; 

12 Fairview Ter West New York 

N J 
Mead, Edward Franklin e 541 W 124; 

3010 Baker St Baltimore Md 
Mead Jr, George Benjamin e 193 Hud- 
son St 
Mead, Margaret b John Jay Hall ; 

Holicong, Pa 
Mead, Marion Elizabeth ed The Elms 

Greenwich Conn ; AB Smith 
Mead Jr, Nelson Bush a 154 W 13; 

97 Maher Av Greenwich Conn ; AB 

Meade, Catherine Bolton e 520 W 

122; 612 N 12 Waco Tex 
Meadowcroft, Mabel McVey ed 419 

W 119 
Meagher, Alice Frances e 523 W 121 ; 

1 1 Horace St Springfield Mass 
Meagher, Edward mec 135 Russell St 

Bklyn N Y; 179 Claremont Av 

Montclair N J ; BS Columbia 
Mealy, Erasta Melvina ed 18 S Eighth 

Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Meares. Thomas Lancelot Merrill gr 

50 Upoer Mountain Av Montclair 

N J 
Measom, Gilbert L e P S 40 Bronx; 

Green's Farms Conn; BS C C N Y 
Meatyard, Florence Evelyn e 416 

Lafayette St 
Mebel, Robert Edward c 210 Hamil- 
ton Av Bklyn N Y 
Mecking, George e 1044 Hall Place 
Meckler, Rosalie Theodora e 862 

Hewitt PI; 451 Second St Troy 

N Y 
Meddcrs, Caroline MacKay gr 420 

Riverside Dr ; Still Pond Md ; PhB 

Chicago. AM Columbia 
Medders, Dorothy pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av; Still Pond Md 
Meder Jr, Albert Eugene c 424 St 

Marks Av Westfield N J 
Medes, Elizabeth Greenman pa Whit- 
tier hall; is Rickard St Cortland 

N Y 
Medes, Erwin Harold ed Grantwood 

N J; 15 Rickard St Cortland N Y 



Medigovich, Dushan Vaso m Living- 
ston Hall ; Bisbee Ariz ; AB Co- 

Medigovich, George c Livingston 
Hall ; Bisbee Ariz 

Medlar, Reba N ed 44 Morningside 
Dr; AB Wellesley 

Mee, Robert Amos c 67 E 59 

Meegan, Anne Dolorita e 515 Eighth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Meehan, Dorothy Mary e 12 Sixth 
St Weehawken N J 

Meehan, Helen Catherine e 2038 
Morris Av 

Meehan, Helen Mary b 537 W 152 

Meeker, Kenneth Hayes c 206 E 17 

Megargee, Frank Sylvester bu 414 W 
121 ; 1600 Jefferson Av Scranton 

Megixian, Zareh m 141 Euston Rd 
Garden City L T N Y ; AB Co- 

Mehldau Jr, Henry Arnold c 356 51 St 
Bklyn N Y 

Mehrer, Ethel Ruth b 600 VV 150 

Mehrlust, Leo c 1191 E 22 Bklyn 
N Y 

Mehta, Sanmukh H bu Tompkins 
Hall ; Sutarwada Khadia Ahmeda- 
bad India 

Mei, Chenk Shang m Livingston Hall ; 
459 Pearl St and Canton China 

Meier, Frank Anthony e 24 Patten PI 
Newark N J 

Meighan, Merl Harold gr Tompkins 
Hall; 1645 West Ave 54 Los An- 
geles Cal ; BS Iowa State, MA 

Meisels, Raphael c 9 E 117; Fayette- 
ville N C 

Meissner, William Alfred c 497 E 162 

Meissner, Emil George e 116 E Polk 
Av Corona LINY 

Meisterman, Samuel Gamaliel / 365 
Springfield Av Newark N J ; AB 

Meixell, Louise Granville Henry gr 
540 W 122; AB Columbia 

Mejia, Mrs W e 518 W 111 

Melchior, Wm T ed 501 W 113; 
Springtown Pa; BE ME Millers- 
ville Normal (Pa) 
Melcher, Henrietta Emelie e 112 Sum- 
mit Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Meleney, Grace Coit gr 400 W 118; 

AB Mount Holyoke 
Melenric, Rudolph Anthony ed 163 

Orchard St Elizabeth N J 
Melia, Frank J e 300 Adelphi St 

Bklyn N Y 
Melin, Hildegard Theresia e 987 Am- 
sterdam Av ; Uddevalla Sweden 
Meller, Jennie e 436 Stratford Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Mellin, Beatrice e 426 E 26 
Mellinger, Roxana ed 15 Valley PI 
Edgewater N J ; Greenville O ; AB 
Ohio Wesleyan 
Melliss, Bolton D / 430 W 116 
Melnick, Bertha e 1506 Boston Rd 
Melniker, William / 740 Hudson Blvd 

Bayonne N J ; AB Cornell 
Meltsner, Louis m 1329 Clay Av 
Meltsner, Pearl e 226 W 122 
Meltzer, Jacob e 347 Powell St Bklyn 

N Y 
Meltzer, Maxwell e 49 E 90 
Melvin, Arthur Gordon ed Livingston 
Hall; 294 Tower Rd Halifax N S 
Canada ; AB Dalhousie, MA Co- 
Menaker, Frederick Engels e 128 

Catalpa Av Perth Amboy N J 
Mencher, Alexander c 1425 Madison 

Mencher, William Harold c 53 E 97 
Mendel, Edith Marjorie b 490 West 
• End Av 

Mendel, Hortense e 1015 South Blvd 
Mendelsohn, Jacob m 207 E 88 
Mendelsohn, Norman Adelson c 420 

Riverside Dr 
Mendelson, Ellis e 7 2 Seaman Av 
Mendenhall, Mary Rose ed 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 1801 London Rd Du- 
luth Minn 
Mendenhall, Susan ed Bancroft Hall 
Mendes, Adele Bernard e 235 E 12 
Mendes, Henry Desola e 414 W 120 



Mendes, Norman Clement e 437 W 

117; AB Fordham, LLB Harvard 
Mendes, Reginald Gordon e 437 W 

117; AB Fordham 
Mendez, Mauro / 946 Benairdes 

Manila Philippines ; AB University 

of the Philippines 
Mendlowitz, Joseph e 332 Cherry St 
Mendosa, Luis Antonio c 25 Broad 

St ; Catocaos Peru S A 
Menge, Carl Henry c Cresskill, N J 
Mengel, Arthur Robert gr 410 W 115; 

739 Penn St Reading Pa; BS MA 

Mengel, John William gr Crescent 

Club Bklyn NY; CE Lafayette 
Menitoff, Gustave e 217 Albemarle 

Rd Bklyn; LLB St Lawrence Univ 
Mentz, Agnes T pa 33 So Orange 

Av Newark N J 
Menut, Albert Douglas gr 135 W 90; 

AB Michigan 
Menut, Marie e 160 Claremont Av 
de Mercado, Arthur m 8 Bridge St 

(temporary) ; 90 Hanover St Kings- 
ton Jamaica 
Mercer, Madelon ed 83 Montague PI 

Montclair N J ; Landenberg Pa 
Mercier, Ruth Narcissus pa Whittier 

Hall ; Cheneyville La 
Merck, Linn b Llewellyn Park West 

Orange N J 
Mereen, Edith Amanda gr 537 W 121; 

2959 Russell St Berkeley Cal ; AB 

Merezky, Lucia Salomea e 1022 Steb- 

bins Av 
Merker, John e 325 W 57; 121 John 

St Newport R I 
Merkle, Lucy Mabel ed 578 Jersey 

Av Jersey City N J; Mulhall, Okla 
Mermelstein, Hilda e m W 114 
Merrell, Louis Jacob e 907 E 156; AB 

C C N Y, JD New York 
Merrell, Nathaniel Eliada / Lowville 

Lewis Co N Y 
Merrey, Grace Hathorne e 376 Ellison 

St Paterson N J ; AB St Elizabeths 
Mrrrick, Lula e 506 Amsterdam Av 

Merrick, Mary Emma pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr; 2920 Main St Stratford 

Merrihew, Winifred D pa 261 W 128; 
314 W Mountain St Pasadena Cal 

Merrill, Dwight Hambly e 412 W 115; 
405 W Clinton St Elmira N Y 

Merrill, Edna Ensign pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; Logan Utah ; BS Utah 

Merrill, Erne Ensign pa Seth Low ; 
Logan Utah 

Merrill, Margaret Bell ed Bancroft 
Hall ; 2 Western Av St Johnsbury 
Vt; AB Wellesley, MA George 
Washington Univ 

Merrill, Virginia Lee e 17 E 86; 919 
Harvard N Seattle Wash 

Merriman, Lee Mills c Hartley Hall ; 
1656 Washington Blvd Chicago 111 

Merriman, Ruth Allard e The Three 
Arts Club ; Westport Conn 

Merritt, Clarence Goodhue c Living- 
ston Hall; 476 Liberty St New- 
burgh N Y 

Merritt, George Hunter / Livingston 
Hall; 476 Liberty St Newburgh 
N Y; BS Columbia 

Merritt, Olive Eleanor gr 2Z7 E 188; 
AB Hunter 

Merselis, Sara Eleanor e 906 Broad- 
way; Pt Pleasant Club, Landing 
N J 

Mertens Jr, Jacob / 70 Willow Dr 
New Rochelle N Y; AB Cornell 

Mertz, Elizabeth Rebekah gr Cathedral 
Choir School; Palmyra N Y; PhB 

Mertz, John Martin e 520 W 160 

Merwin, Genevieve Priscilla pa 136 W 
77 ; St Croix Virgin Islands 

Mesnard, Andre gr 515 W 122; AB 

Messe, Israel c 2181 Belmont Av 

Messenger, Helen Althea gr 853 St 
Nicholas Av; AB Hunter, AM Co- 

Messinger, Olivia Amelia b Brooks 
Hall; 253 Bushkill St Easton Pa 

Metcalf, Bertha Onelia ed 420 W 121 ; 
Bridgewater Mass 



Metcalf, Alice Helen ed Seth Low 
Hall ; 243 N Hope St Los Angeles 
Cal ; AB California 

Metcalf, Madeleine b 435 Van Cort- 
landt Pk Av Yonkers N Y 

Metcalf, Martha Lois ed Flemington 
N J; BS Columbia 

Metcalf, Logan Fleming gr 215 Man- 
hattan Av; 134 Clark Av Billings 

Metlay, Harry Max gr 512 W 151 

Metry, Geo Elias c 527 53 St Bklyn 
N Y 

Metsky, Joseph e 231 Court St New- 
ark N J 

Metz, Irwin e 748 Beck St 

Metzger, Edith J pa Whittier Hall; 
1009 Govt St Mobile Ala 

Metzger, Meta Marie e 583 Amster- 
dam Av 

Metzler, Leland Cleo e 115 W 104; 
Shelbyville 111 

Meurlin, Alfred m 753 E 17 Bklyn 
NY; BS Columbia 

Meyer, Alfred William e 200 W 108 

Meyer, Bernard e 326 W 42 ; AB 
C C N Y, AM Columbia 

Meyer, Charles Henry e 230 W 108 

Meyer, Clara Bessie e 508 \V 135 

Meyer, Claus Henry e 973 Amster- 
dam Av 

Meyer, Edwin Aloysius c 614 W 113; 
2405 Grand Av 

Meyer, Elizabeth Marie pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr; 319 N Evergreen 
Chanute Kan 

Meyer, Frances Catherine b 600 W 

Meyer, Helen gr 1989 Arthur Av ; AB 

Meyer Jr, Henry m 527 54 St Bklyn 
N Y; AB Columbia 

Meyer, Howard Raymond c 860 River- 
side Dr 

Meyer, Jerome Sidney e 31 W 91 

Meyer, John George e 95 Stryker Av 
Woodside N Y 

Meyer, Martin gr 126 Claremont Av; 
BS C C N Y, MA Columbia 

Meyer, Richard e Box 96 Palisades 
Park N J 

Meyer, Ruth Leah bu 618 Chester Av 

Pittsburgh Pa 
Meyer Jr, Wm H c 211 Ocean Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Meyerhoff, Howard Augustus gr 44 

Morris St Yonkers N Y ; BA Illinois 
Meyers, Marcia V e 117 E 27 
Meyers, Margaret A e 479 First St 

Bklyn N Y 
Meyerson, Louise Adele e 238 N 1 1 

Newark N J 
Meylan Jr, George Louis e 468 W 

Meylan, Louise Juliette gr 468 W 141 ; 

AB Columbia 
Meynen, Frederic Grantham m 21 

Alsop St Jamaica N Y; AB Co- 
Miceli, Joseph Charles e 328 Palmetto 

St Bklyn N Y 
Michael, Dorothea Esther e 26 Post 

Michael, Martha R e 28 Fort PI New 

Brighton S I N Y; AB LLB Lon- 
Michael, Oscar Stewart e 356 W 118; 

Wilton Conn 
Michaelis, Alfred Moritz tnec 3 W 87 ; 

AB Columbia 
Michaels, George Milton gr 1433 

Bryant Av ; AB Columbia 
Michaelson, Arthur George e 352 

Fourth Av ; 120 Centre Av New 

Rochelle N Y 
Michaelson, Joseph John e 49 42 St 

Corona LINY 
Michalowski, George Joseph « 514 E 

138; 56 Cornell St Amsterdam N Y 
Micheals, Louis e 325 E 101 
Michel, Charles e 556 E 178 
Michel, George P e 608 W 113; 274 

St Johns PI Bklyn N Y 
Michelman, Myer Jay e 327 Central 

Park West 
Michels, Solomon e 2631 Eighth Av; 

BS Cooper Union 
Michelsen, Arthur Olaf e 523 New 

Brunswick Av Perth Amboy N J 
Michelson, Annette e 1842 Seventh 




Michener, John Hanson e 30 W 44 ; 
Erie Pa; AB Cornell 

Michetti, Margherita Vienna e 204 
Mott St 

Micies, Margarita ed Whittier Hall 

Mickelson, Clarence Dale e 105 E 55 

Michnowsky, Abraham e 235 E Sixth 

Mickiewicz, Helena e 301 First Av ; 
1006 Walnut St Utica N Y 

Mickle Jr, Joe J bit 404 W 145; 11 10 
Polk St Amarillo Texas; AB South- 

. era Meth Univ, MA Columbia 

Micon, Creswell MacMurray e 70 
Morningside Dr ; LLB Cornell 

Middaugh, Dorothy ed 178 Stanley 
PI Hackensack N J ; Slaterville 
Springs N Y 

Midelfart, Anna Louise b The Par- 
nassus Club 612 W 115; 343 Gil- 
bert Av Eau Claire Wis 

Mieszkowski, Joseph Stanislaus c 62 
Miner Av Miners Mills Pa 

Mikola, Franklin Irving e 14 E 88 

Milam, Cornelia Barrett ed Whittier 
Hall; 23 E Third St Atlanta Ga 

Milam, Lottie pa 501 W 120; 6550 
University Av Chicago 111; BS Ore- 
gon Agricultural College 

Milbank, Venn b John jay Hall ; Lam- 
bertville N J 

Milch, Victor Warren bu Hotel San 

Miles, Irene Lenore ed 222 Henry 
St Bklyn N Y; AB Vassar 

Milgram, Joseph c 2092 Douglas St 

Milhorat, Adolph Thomas e 508 Sec- 
ond St Carlstadt N J 

Milgram, Joseph Elias m 151 Chester 
St Bklyn N Y 

Milgram, Lillian b 151 Chester St 
Bklyn N Y 

Milhan, Mabel Ailene pa 509 W 121 ; 
Palmyra N Y 

Millard, Homer Ashley e 677 W 204 

Miller, Alice Mae gr 11 Gramercy Pk; 
Brenham Tex ; AB Texas 

Miller, Anne Charlene pa 1230 Whit- 
tier Hall; 2516 Broadway Little 
Rock Ark 

Miller, A LeRoy e Montvillc N J 

Miller, Barton Duncan / 430 W 118; 
Deansboro N Y ; AB Hamilton 

Miller, Ben e 1098 Union Av 

Miller, Benjamin c 2096 Webster Av 

Miller, Charles Ellsworth c Rocka- 
way N J 

Miller, Charles Kennedy e Croton-on- 
Hudson N Y 

Miller, Clara J gr 509 W 122; Liberty 
Pa; AB Penn State, MA Columbia 

Miller, David m 636 Willoughby Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Miller, Mrs E H e St Francis Hotel 
Newark N J 

Miller, Ella May pa The Poincianna 
Amsterdam & 120; Cayo Mambi, 
Oriente Cuba 

Miller, Donald Herbert gr Hamilton 
Hall; Lake Mohegan N Y ; AB Co- 

Miller, Elliott S e 485 Fifth Av ; 175 
N Grove Av Oak Park 111; AB 

Miller, Eve Leah e 1430 48 St Bklyn 
N Y 

Miller, Gabriel Harry ed Christiana 
Pa; AB BS Howard College 

Miller, Frances S pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Palmyra Mo; BS Missouri 

Miller, Frank Christian c Livingston 
Hall Onaga Kan 

Miller, Franklyn Case c 21 E 38 ; 205 
Liberty St Bath N Y 

Miller, Gertrude Dunham pa Whittier 
Hall; 150 Maple Hill Rd Glencoe 

Miller, Harold Tilly c Peruvian Con- 
sulate General 42 Broadway; 56 
Morningside Av 

Miller, Henry Clay e Aurora, 111; 
PhB Des Moines College, BD Chi- 

Miller Jr, Henry Keppele gr 1109 
Franklin St Wilmington Del; BS 

Miller, Howard Verplanck e 90 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 353 Highwood Av 
Ridgewood N J ; AB LLB Columbia 

Miller, James Henry e 1673 43 St Bklyn 
N Y 



Miller, Jean Wallace gr 150 E 72; 
AB Columbia 

Miller, Joseph gr, 113 E 116; AB 
New York 

Miller, Joseph e 2010 Clinton Av 

Miller, Joseph Charles e 434 E 23 ; 
165 E 90 

Miller, Josephine Virginia pa 439 W 
123; 952 Stratford Av Bridgeport 

Miller, Karl Palmer gr 524 W 173; 
BS Hanover College, MA Princeton 

Miller, Kirby Sinclair gr 519 W 121 ; 
1833 Fairmount Blvd Eugene Ore 

Miller, Lewis Benjamin gr 270 Fort 
Washington Av ; Parkersburg la ; 
AB MS Iowa State 

Miller, Lucy m 897 Second Av As- 
toria L I N Y; AB Hunter 

Miller, Margaret b 2592 Creston Av 

Miller, Margaret G ed 217 N Henry 
St Bklyn NY;AB Hunter 

Miller, Margaret Sawyer e 153 Ber- 
gen St Bklyn NY; BS Columbia 

Miller, Marie Lyon e 535 W 151; 
620 Taylor Av Pittsburgh Pa 

Miller, Marye ed Bancroft Hall; 303 
S Liberty St Canton Miss 

Miller, Maud e 405 W 118; AB MA 
University of Wisconsin 

Miller, May Chace e 100 Morning- 
side Dr; Stanton Neb 

Miller, Morris e 141 Sherman Av 
Glen Ridge N J 

Miller, Nina gr 509 W 122; AB Wis- 
consin, MS Columbia 

Miller, Phylis Elizabeth e 76 S Bur- 
nett St East Orange N J 

Miller, Ralph J bit 519 W 121; 76 E 
College St Oberlin O 

Miller, Sigmund H e 1354 Lexington 
Av; 93 Beaumont St Springfield 

Miller, Stuart Barnes e 55 Hanson 
PI Bklyn N Y; 73 E Pearl St 
New Haven Conn 

Miller, William Harold m 426 Con- 
vent Av; AB Columbia 

Miller, William Henry bu 416 W 118; 
82 Prospect St Springfield Mass 

Miller, William James gr 430 W 118; 
Waeldey Tex ; AB Southwestern 

Miller, William James c 429 W 117; 
no Grace St Syracuse N Y 

Milligan, James Joseph e 42 Briggs 
Avenue Richmond Hill LINY 

Milliken, Beatrice Romayne e 416 W 
118; BS Simmons College 

Millington, Lydia Emma e 537 W 121 

Mills, Carolyn Elizabeth e Furnald 
Hall ; 54 River St Stamford Conn 

Mills, Katharine Dickinson b 572 Van 
Cortlandt Park Av Yonkers N Y 

Mills, Kenneth Kirkland c 209 Broad- 
way Dobbs Ferry N Y 

Mills, Louise e 440 Riverside Dr 

Milnick, Rosalin D b John Jay Hall; 
Sidney N Y 

Milo, John Emerson pa 319 Paulison 
Av Passaic N J 

Milone, Dominic Edward e 1664 Nel- 
son Av 

Milstead, Mabel Claire pa 440 E 26 ; 

Lynchburg Va 
Milton, David M / Williams Club; 

North Adams Mass; AB Williams 
Milton, Melita e 253 W 42 
Milton, Paula e 349 W 85 
Mimura, Shigeyuki e 18 Commerce St; 

330 E 57 
Minagawa, Mrs T e 420 Riverside 

Minahan, Maude Olive e 35 Claremont 

Av ; AB Columbia 
Mincer, Glenn Claude / 503 W in; 

Cozad Neb 
Minck, Charles F e 185 Hillside Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Mineah, Frank V N e Hartley Hall; 

40 W Main St Cortland N Y 
Minear, Gladys Juanita gr 419 W 119; 

Mt Pleasant la ; AB Cornell College 

(Iowa), AB Iowa Wesleyan 
Mindil, Clinton gr 57 Remsen St 

Bklyn N Y; AB AM Columbia 
Minehan, Anna Agnes gr 420 W 119; 

115 Walnut St Sharpsville Pa; AB 

Grove City College 
Minkers, Joan e 120 Broadway Con- 
gers N Y 



Miner, Bess Burnham pa Hawthorne 
N Y; AB Goucher College 

Miner, Helen Elizabeth b 244 W 101 

Miner, Stanley Pingrey e 726 E 21 
Bklyn N Y 

Minge, Martha Sloss & 162 W 54 

Mingo, Jane Caralen ed 519 W 121 ; 
Red Beach, Me 

Minnick, Harold Hansen e 130 Clare- 
mont Av; Cheney Wash 

Minnick, Olga Bernadine pa 130 
Claremont Av ; Cheney Wash 

Minobe, Tadasu 165 Broadway; 
Akashi Japan ; LLB Dorhisha Univ 

Minogue, Agnes Rita e 140 Vermilyea 

Minor, Marie Baldwin pa 20 So Par- 
sons Av Flushing LINY 

Minot, G Morton c Brockport N Y 

Minrath, William Richard c 552 W 

Mirsky, Leo Philo mec 49 W 83 ; 
AB Columbia 

Misch, Charles Elkin mec 929 West 
End Av; AB Columbia 

Misu, John Robert e 9 Jones St Jer- 
sey City N J 

Mishel, Sophie e 63 W 115 

Mishell, Clara Isaac e 28 Edgewood 
Rd Glen Ridge N J 

Mishell, Daniel Randolph m 28 Edge- 
wood Road Glen Ridge N J 

Misthal, Lillian e 1477 Fulton Av 

Mistretta, Andrew Henry e 181 8 70 St 
Bklyn N Y 

Mitchell, Alta Louise e 430 W 118; 
West Dover O 

Mitchell, Beulah gr The Iroquois 
Bridgeport Conn ; Lubcc Me ; AB 

Mitchell, Cedric B e 547 W 142; 19 
Laburnum Crescent Rochester N Y 

Mitchell, Florence Emeline pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 153 E Church St Adrian 

Mitchell, Guinevere Isabel ed 420 W 
121 ; 140 Hobart St Rochester N Y 

Mitchell, Joseph Eldridge gr Living- 
ston Hall; 620 W Third St Po- 
mona Cal ; AB Pomona College 

Mitchell, Lucy A pa 5 W 65 

Mitchell, Margaret Marcella / Furnald 

Hall; Mt Ida Alexandria Va 
Mitchell, Robert Emmett e 373 E 

148; 54 Globe Av Jamaica N Y 
Mitchell, Roger Irving e 600 W 114; 

Columbus O; BS Ohio State 
Mitchneck, Simon Rubin c 43 E 

Northampton St Wilkes-Barre Pa 
Mitkowsky, Lucie Esther e 865 E 172; 

1032 N Main St Waterbury Conn 
Mittelmann, Jesse e 51 E 96 
Mix, Grace E ed 106 Morningside Dr; 

BS Columbia 
Mladenovitch, Darinka b 3 Davis Rd 

Port Washington LINY; Dusha- 

nove St 65 Smederevo Serbia 
Mladenovitch, Leposava b 180 Beech- 
wood Av New Brighton S I N Y ; 

21 Molerova Rd Belgrade Serbia 
Mock, Jack e 92 St Nicholas Av 
Modarelli, Alfred E / 214 Second St 

Weehawken N J 
Modica, Anthony N m 5 Rivington 

St; AB Columbia 
Modugno, John Humbert e Main St 

Fort Lee N J 
Moehren, Walter A e 34 Pine St; 922 

Union St West Hoboken N J 
Moeller, Johannes Prip a 420 W 121 ; 

Rudkoebing Denmark 
Moen, Yvonne b 337 W 70 
Moertel, John Charles e 561 W 189 
Moesch, Josephine Marie e 218 W 

122; BS New York 
Moeschen, George Taylor c 469 W 

Moesser, Charles c 1340 Beech St 

Richmond Hill N Y 
Moffat, Ada T e 2-2,4, Woodside Av 

Newark N J 
Moffat, Charles Aird c Livingston 

Hall; 183 Osborne Ter Newark 

N J 
Moffat, Constance pa Whittier Hall; 

476 Main St Orange N J 
Moffat, Edith b John Jay Hall; Sloats- 

burg N Y 
Moffat, Jean e 35 Charles St 
Moffett, Anne Eunice c 43 W 9 



Moffett, Charlotte ed 8 Windle Park 

Tarrytown N Y; Guilderland Centre 

N Y; AB Cornell 
Mogey, John Whitten e Interhaven Av 

Plainfield N J 
Mohair, Anna B ed 385 S Belmont 

Av Newark N J 
Mohl, Ruth gr 1269 Como Blvd St 

Paul Minn ; AB AM Minnesota 
Mohler, Marcus Louis pa Livingston 

Hall; BS AM Columbia 
Mohr, Albert R e 3099 Broadway 
Moisseiff, Grace e 3 E 106 
Moldenke Jr f Richard gr Watchung 

N J; BS Columbia 
Moldov, Harry Aron e 366 E 179 
Molina, Juanita ed 1230 Amsterdam 

Av ; Managua Nicaragua Central 

Molinari, Robert e 482 Third Av Long 

Island City N Y 
Moll, June / Furnald Hall; 2026 Park 

Av Indianapolis Ind ; AB De Pauw 
Moller, Dick William e 2686 Broad- 
Moller, Helen Agnes e Grand St Mas- 

peth LINY 
Moller Jr, Peter e 408 Stuyvesant Av 

Bklyn N Y; LLB New York Law 

Molloy, James Patrick e 349 E 138 
Molnar, Paul Joseph e 214 E 77 
Molson, E Hobart e 1780 Broadway 
Molthan, Emil Henry / 628 W 114; 

AB Williams 
Mommsen, Alfriede Mabel e 10756 

113 St Richmond Hill LINY 
Monagle, Catharine Louise e Port 

Chester N Y; AB Cornell 
Monahan, Loretto Agnes e 330 E 124 
Monash, Samuel dent 386 W 125 
Monell, Frederick Bronson mec Liv- 
ingston Hall ; 200 La Reine Av 

Bradley Beach N J 
Monroe, Anneta ed Seth Low Hall; 

100 North St Danbury Conn 
Monroe, Cynthia Lee pa 509 W 121 ; 

909 Harrison St Topeka Kan 
Monroe, Helen Elizabeth e 137 W 


Monroe, Henry Clay e 172 W 105; 
BS Columbia 

Monroe Jeannette pa 44 Prospect Dr 
Yonkers N Y 

Monroe, Will Seymour ed 33 Port- 
land PI Montclair N J ; AB Stan- # 

Monrose, Adele Marie e 178 W 81 ; 
2139 Esplanade Av New Orleans La 

Montag, Elmo Grote e 2 Bolton Gar- 
dens Bronxville N Y 

Montague Jr, William Pepperrell j 
2880 Broadway 

Monteanu, Eliane e 553-559 West End 
Av ; 193 rue de l'Universite Paris 

Monteith, Elizabeth « 40 W 83; Bel- 
ton Tex; BL Baylor 

Montgomery, Howard Carlisle e 2955 
Franklin Av Far Rockaway L I 
N Y 

Montgomery, Margaret pa 515 W 122; 
McEwensville Pa 

Montgomery, Margaret Anne b 177 W 
95; 401 Graves St Syracuse N Y 

Montgomery, Sarah Victorine b 241 
W 13 

Montresor, Joseph c 12 Van Nest PI 

Monyek, Sarah e 600 Elizabeth Av 
Elizabeth N J 

Monypeng, Florence Barber e Bray- 
ton St Englewood N J 

Monzillo, Gilda Yolanda b 214 Bay 
14 St Bklyn N Y 

Moodey, Gertrude ed 603 Watchung 
Av Plainfield N J ; AB Smith, AM 

Moody, Charles Freeman e 185 War- 
burton Av Yonkers N Y 

Moody, D wight Lyman ;' 625 W 135 ; 
165 Stoddard Av Pittsfield Mass 

Moon, Cecile Emilie pa 961 St Nich- 
olas Av 

Moon, Dabney gr 126 Claremont Av; 
Charlottesville Va; AB Hollins Col- 
lege, AM Pennsylvania 

Moon, Evangeline Ada gr 40 Morn- 
ingside Av E ; AB Hunter, AM Co- 

Moon, Helen Elizabeth ed 81 Forest 
Av New Rochelle N Y 



Moon, Mrs Lillian Hayes e 39 Grant 

Av Fort Wadsworth S I N Y 
Mooney, Joseph J e 603 W 140; AB 

Mooney, Richard A e 542 W 142 
Moor, Helen Sterling e 31 Morton 

St; 2307 Fulton St Toledo O 
Moore, Abigail Irene gr Furnald Hall ; 

701 Linden Av York Pa; AB 

Moore, Albert Claridge c Roslyn Hts 

Moore, Alexander Parks gr 135 Frank- 
lin St Astoria L I N Y ; AB Co- 
lumbia, AM Wisconsin 
Moore, Alice Linda e 328 Park Av 

Newark N J 
Moore, Alice T ed 41 So Walnut St 

East Orange N J 
Moore, Anna Louise b 749 West End 

Moore, Carrie pa 1432 Pacific St 

Bklyn N Y 
Moore, Claude E / 283 W 118; AB 

Colo. State Teachers' College 
Moore, Clinton Russell bu 1095 Park 

PI Bklyn N Y ; AB Fisk University 
Moore, David Carson / Morris Hall ; 

Oakland Miss; BS Vanderbilt, LLB 

Moore, Edith Katherine e 130 46 St 

Corona LINY; Rockport Mass 
Moore, Eleanor Ruth e 526 Putnam 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Moore, Elizabeth Florence e 344 W 

84; 1 1 129 Euclid Av Cleveland O 
Moore, Guy Clinton / 36 William St 

West Orange N J; Camden Del; 

AB St Johns College 
Moore, James Louis e 4 E 49 ; AB 

AM LLB Harvard 
Moore, Jean S gr 324 Pleasant Av; 

Brooklyn la ; AB Iowa State, AM 

Moore, Jessie Eleanor ed 119 Essex 

Av Bloomfield N J ; BS Columbia 
Moore, Jesse Sumner e 227 Audubon 

Moore, John Crosby Brown e Ridge 

Road Orange N J ; 21 Kirkland St 

Cambridge Mass ; AB Harvard 

Moore, Lawrence a 39 Claremont Av ; 

AB Williams 
Moore, Leonard Page / Livingston 

Hall; 25 N Walnut St E Orange 

N J; AB Amherst 
Moore, Loretta Winifred b 195 12 St 

L I City N Y 
Moore, Marcella Colin e 548 River- 
side Dr ; 1 136 So Center St Terre 

Haute Ind 
Moore, Marguerite pa 514 W 122; 

Yorkville, 111 
Moore, Mary e Furnald Hall ; Lan- 
caster S C ; AB Converse 
Moore, Mary Doner « 50 W 129 
Moore, Nevada pa 509 W 121 ; Hono- 
lulu T H 
Moore, Philip Thomas c Livingston 

Hall; 158 Valley Rd Montclair N J 
Moore, Robert Foster c 875 W 181 
Moore, Reginald e 31 Rose Av Glen 

Cove LINY 
Moore, Samuel Andrew c Hartley 

Hall; 37 Adriance Av Poughkeepsie 

N Y 
Moore, Samuel Russell c 519 W 123; 

Jackson Minn 
Moore, Sara Elizabeth e Westwood 

N J; West Grove Pa 
Moore, Wilbur John m 346 W 57 ; 

Watertown Conn ; AB Columbia 
Moore, William Blackshear / 562 West 

End Av ; BLitt Princeton 
Moore, Walter Sterling e 14 Elston 

Rd Upper Montclair N J 
Moorehead, Ludwig King £ 45 W 49 ; 

Andover Mass ; AB Harvard 
Morales, Lucila Adelaida b 616 W 

Morales, Maria Teresa gr 534 W 159 
Moran, Catherine A gr 1430 Long- 
fellow St Washington D C ; AB 

AM George Washington 
Moran, David Joseph e 534 E 134 
Moran, J Raymond e 21 Claremont 

Av ; 235 Grand Av New Haven 

Moran, Joseph P e 169 E 69 
Moran, Marie Geraldine b John Jay 

Hall; Moran Hotel Deposit N Y 



Morano, Thos Cecil e 28 Belmont Av 

Jersey City N J 
Moreau, Edna Mahr b 541 Lexington 
Av ; 102a Morgan St Weehawken 
N J 
Morehead, Marion Crane e 462 Elli- 
son St Paterson N J 
Morehouse, Effie b 1974 University 

Av; Little Falls N J 
Morein, Anna e 787 Crotona Park 

Morein, Samuel c Livingston Hall ; 

Gloversville N Y 
Moreno, Rafael Antonio e 259 W 122; 
Macaracas, Prov Los Santos, Rep 
of Panama 
Morente, Purificacion Madrigal pa 
Whittier Hall; Normal Hall, Manila 
Morenus, Richard Thomas a Living- 
ston Hall 
Moretti, Frank Anthony e 218 Fourth 

St Union Hill N J 
Moretzky, Charles e 175 High St 

Bklyn N Y 
Morey, Raslyn pa 126 Claremont Av ; 

Lake wood N J 
Morgan, Arthur Simpson e 57 Morn- 

ingside Dr 
Morgan Jr, David L gr 421 W 114; 

AB Harvard 
Morgan, Dorinda Green ed 417 W 
120; Plainfield Ind ; AB Butler Col- 
Morgan, George Dillon gr 60 Wall 

St; AB Univ Okla, AM Columbia 
Morgan, Joseph Wright e 420 W 148 
Morgan, Mildred gr 415 W 118; 511 
N High St Hillsboro O; AB Vas- 
Morgan, Percy Tredegar e Chatham 

Hotel; Los Altos Cal 
Morgan, Wm. Edgar gr 3143 Broad- 
way ; AB Syracuse 
Morgenthau, Dorothy Ruth gr Sher- 
man Square Hotel ; AB Columbia 
Moriarty, Mary Katherine e 541 W 

Moritz, Arthur / 446 E 139; AB 
C C N Y 

Moritz, Mercedes Irene gr 446 E 139; 

AB Columbia 
Morningstern, Rachel ed 221 William 

St East Orange N J 
Morosoff, Olimpiada e 34 Abingdon 

Rd Kew Gardens LINY 
Morosoff, Vladimir P c 34 Abingdon 

Rd Kew Gardens LINY 
Morra, Edward Joseph c 212 Johnson 
Av Bklyn N Y; 174 Waterville St 
Waterbury Conn 
Morrell, Freda b 203 Fenimore St 

Bklyn N Y 
Morrell, Jacque Cyrus gr 500 W 124; 
Havemeyer Hall ; BS Cooper Inst, 
AM Columbia 
Morris, Alan mec 614 W 113; BS 

Morris, Arthur e 485 W 145; LLB 

New York 
Morris, Ben e 304 W 109 
Morris, David / 829 Ocean Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Morris, Earl Chester c Livingston 

Hall; 1633 York St Denver Colo 
Morris, Elizabeth Hunt ed 12 Munn St 

Montclair N J ; AB, AM Wellesley 
Morris, Ella e 2 Hinsdale St Bklyn 

N Y 
Morris, Henry e 2073 Vyse Av 
Morris, Isadore Ralph / 532 W 114; 

274 Highland Av Akron O 
Morris, Joseph J e 485 W 145 
Morris, Lilian Brooks e 66 Beechwood 

Ter Yonkers N Y 
Morris, Lora E e 33 E 17; 200 W 70 
Morris, Madeline Suzanne e 229 W 78 
Morris, Sophia Levy pa Whittier Hall ; 
1020 N Limestone St Springfield O 
Morris, Sydney Ruth e 29 St Marks 

PI New Brighton S I N Y 
Morris, Victor Pierpont gr 535 W 
! 35; 650 12 Av E Eugene Ore; 
AB, AM University of Oregon 
Morris, Virginia Thacher e 141 E 44 
Morris, Walter Bernard / 57 W 111 
Morrison, Anna J e 495 12 St Bklyn 

N Y 
Morrison, Anne Josephine e 55 Fan- 
shaw Av Yonkers N Y ; AB Welles- 



Morrison, Charlotte Mauree pa 606 W 

122; 946 Ohio St Lawrence Kan 
Morrison, Edythe Lillie e 19 16 Boule- 
vard Jersey City N J 
Morrison, Fred e Maine St Bayshore NY 
Morrison, Howard Dean ed Far Hills 

N J 
Morrison, Russell DeWitt ed 85 Cedar 

St Rye N Y 
Morrissey, Dorothy e 510 W 170 
Morrissey, Katherine Loretta gr 90 
Morningside Dr; 319 Golden Hill 
Bridgeport Conn ; BS Columbia 
Morrow, Lillie Foster ed 84 Ludlow 

St Yonkers N Y 
Morschel, Christian John e 4 Charles 

Point Peekskill N Y 
Morse, Anna Holden e 520 W 122; 

Charleston 111 
Morse, Frank Iving e 481 W 159 
Morse, Lawrence Wellington e 3044 

Albany Crescent 
Morse, Marion V ed Teachers College ; 

Jordan Mont 
Morse, Susan Ann pa Bon Air Pk 

New Rochelle N Y 
Morson, William Taylor c 582 Classon 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Mortska, John C e 46 Beacon St 

Worcester Mass 
Mortimer, George Walker e 203 Run- 
yon St Newark N J 
Morton, Edmund c 8804 Ft Hamilton 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Morton, Charles Henderson e 50 

Church St; 2580 Eighth Av 
Morton, Willard Basil e 97 Grove St 

Montclair N J 
Moschetti, Anthony Albert e 3514 Hol- 
land Av 
Moscrip, Frances E ed 443 Sixth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Moseley, Eleanor Dortch gr Furnald 
Hall ; 22 Rose Av Kissimmee Fla ; 
AB Maryville College 
Moseley, Leah A pa Whittier Hall 

502 S Waco St Weatherford Tex 
Moselle, Rose e 227 Audubon Av 
Moses, Edith Winifred ed 414 W 120; 
5710 Clemens Av St Louis Mo; BS 

Moses, (Mrs) Emma Lee e 700 Riv- 
erside Dr 
Moses, Lionel / 8 E 127; AB Colum- 
Mosher, Muriel b 135 Broadway 
Mosher Jr, Orville Watson gr 490 
Broad Av Leonia N J ; BLit Prince- 
Mosher, Roy Edward e 42 Nelson PI 

Newark N J ; AB PdB Syracuse 
Moshier, Phipps Geiger e 501 W 121; 

Hopkinton Mass 
Moskowitz, Harold Michael e 296 E 

Third St 
Moskowitz, Louis C e 57 Gerome Av 

Fort Lee N J 
Moss, Margaret Steel e Greenwich 

House; 819 Centre Av Reading Pa 
Mosse, Herbert North ed 901 Berkeley 

Av Trenton N J 
Mostes, Christina ed Whittier Hall; 77 

Gamarra Chucuito Callao Peru 
Moszczenski, Carl Richard c 540 W 

113; 216 Ovington Av Bklyn N Y 
Motow, Yonekichi James bu 330 E 57 ; 

LLB Doshisha 
Mottram, Elliott T c 88 73 St Bklyn 

N Y 
Motschenbacher, Christine L ed Cos 

Cob Conn 
Motzenbecker, Mary Eva e 19 Quit- 
man St Newark N J 
Motzkus, Herbert Henry e 329 E 154 
Mouat, Helen e 274 Paullin Blvd Le- 
onia N J 
Moulton, Joseph Donald e 129 York 
St Bklyn N Y; 9 Park PI Danbury 
Moulton, Nettie Cora ed Bancroft 
Hall ; Dawson Minn ; AB Minnesota 
Mourin, Frances Anna e 63 26 St Elm- 
hurst N Y ; 22 Groton Av Cortland 
N Y 
Mowry, Dorothy-Evelyn e 437 Man- 
hattan Av 
Mowry, Eugene Clayton e 355 W 42 
Moyer, Elise Gaddis e 450 Riverside 

Moyer, Harry Calvin ed Schaeffers- 
town Pa 



Moyer, John Eugene e 181 W 75 

Moyse, I Kern e 924 West End Av ; 
AB Harvard 

Mudge, Clarence Foster e 77 Sutton 
St Bklyn N Y 

Mudge, James Bragdon gr 2 Gordon PI 
New Brighton S I; 1103 Nott St 
Schenectady N Y; BS Union 

Mudgett, Margaret ed Whittier Hall ; 
907 Fourth Av; Valley City N D; 
AB North Dakota 

Mueller, Edric Wood c 611 W 112 

Mueller, Elizabeth e 42 Seymour Av 
Newark N J 

Mueller, Herbert Oswald e 400 Con- 
cord Av; 143 Palisade Av W Ho- 
boken N J 

Mueller, James Charles e 417 W 118 

Mueller, Theodore Charles c 331 Sev- 
enth Av North Pelham N Y 

Mueser, Elsa Clara e 100 Morningside 
Dr; BS M I T 

Mufson, Rae V e 430 Gregory Av 
Passaic N J 

Mugnier, Marie Esther ed 1 1 1 E 83 

Muhlfeld, Edna b 960 Grand Con- 

Muhlfeld, Helen b 960 Grand Con- 

Muhlfeld, Marie gr 960 Grand Con- 
course ; AB Columbia 

Muir, George Walter / 1001 Tomp- 
kins; Main St Holden Mass; AB 
Clark College 

Muir, Mary Leona gr 319 E 144; AB 

Muir, William W T halley c 638 Laurel 
St Portland Ore 

Mukawa, Tadamasa e 120 Broadway 

Mukerjee, Mritunjay c 159 W 118 

Mulford, Edna Gertrude ed 188 Grand 
Av Englewood N J ; 364 W Clinton 
St Elmira N Y; AB Elmira College 

Mulford, Virgil Arthur c 720 Kearny 
Av Arlington N J 

Mulinos, Michael George m 301 Colum- 
bus Ay 

Mullaney, George Patrick c 918 St 
Nicholas Av 

Mullen, Edith pa 364 W 121 

Mullen, Evelyn e 866 West End Av ; 73 

Harrison St Stapleton N Y 
Mullen, James Francis c 513 W 27 
Mullen, John William e 254 W 123 
Mullen, Leo Joseph e 420 E 84 
Muller, Adolphus Henry pa 42 W 

Ninth St Bayonne N J 
Muller, Chas B e 1332 Halsey St Bklyn 

N Y 
Muller, Dorothy e 255 W 98 
Muller, Charles Julian gr 1040 Clay 

Av; BS Trinity, MS M I T 
Muller, Gulli Lindh m 434 W 120; 

Villa Fridhem, Tyringe, Sweden ; AB 

Muller, John Albert e 44 Wall St; 212 

Clinton Av W Hoboken N J 
Mulligan, Jeannette Baldwin pa 395 

Warburton Av Yonkers N Y 
Mulligan, Margaret Ellen e 624 E 138 
Mulligan, William Patrick e 214 W 

132 - ' 

Mullin, Euphemia Rita e 722 Clinton 

Av Newark N J 
Mullin, Janet e 609 W 114 
Mullins, James Francis e 38 White- 
wood Av New Rochelle N Y 
Mullins, Marjorie ed Whittier Hall; 

Curtis Ark ; AB Ouachita College 
Mummery, Helen Elizabeth ed 133 W 

Fourth St; 2326 Clermont St Den- 
ver Colo ; AB Michigan 
Mundorff, Althea Grau e 140 E 37 
Mundree, Louis e 1560 Amsterdam Av 
Muniz, Luis Garcia e 62 E 34 
Munn, Alice Louise ed 509 W 121 ; 

Belvidere 111 
Munnell, Mary Jnghram ed 509 W 121 ; 

144 W High St Waynesburg Pa; 

AB Waynesburg (Pa) 
Munro, Mary Udella pa 501 W 120; 

821 16 Moline 111 
Munsell, Hazel Edith gr 177 Emerson 

PI Bklyn N Y; Monson Mass; AB 

Mount Holyoke 
Munson, Robert Phillips m 307 W 98; 

Medina N Y ; BS Dartmouth 
Munter, Ethel S e 241 W 108 
Munves, Hyman Edward e 220 W 98 
Munvez, Hilda Marie e 1040 Simpson 




Muntz, Robert e 752 Broadway; 230 

E Sixth St 
Murakami, Peter Toranosuke ed 222 
W 16; 65 Motomachi Nichome, Kore- 

yama City, Iwashiro, Japan ; AB BD 

Southern California 
Murchison, John Prescott gr 181 W 

135 St; 1227 Clark St Pittsburgh 

Pa; AB Howard Univ 
Murden, Leah Caroline b 4 Irving PI 

White Plains N Y 
Murdock, Victor e 257 S 10 Av Mt 

Vernon N Y 
Murnane, Regina e 385 Clinton St 

Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Murphy, Adele M e 178 N Sixth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Murphy, Alice V e 221 W 121 ; AB 

Murphy, Anna Marie e 267 W 89 
Murphy, Daniel Patrick e 305 W 149 
Murphy, Elizabeth Belle pa 431 W 

121 ; Bartow Ga 
Murphy, Elizabeth Irene ed 431 W 

iai ; 134 S Second St Olean N Y 
Murphy, Franklin Mac c 542 W 112; 

Wheaton Minn 
Murphy, Gardner gr Morris Hall ; 

Concord Mass; AB Yale, AM Har- 
Murphy, George Francis e 225 Steb- 

bins PI Plainfield N J 
Murphy, George Redvers m Livingston 

Hall; Toledo Club Toledo Ohio 
Murphy, Grace Margaret e 453 W 

Murphy, Henrietta ed 204 W 114; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Murphy, Herbert Hayes ed 28 Calu- 
met Av Hastings-on-Hudson N Y ; 

AM Johns Hopkins 
Murphy, James E A e 123 Main St 

Irvington-on-Hudson N Y 
Murphy, James Lawrence e 417 La- 
fayette St 
Murphy, John Davidson e 515 W 122 
Murphy, John Henry e 1003 Sixth Av 
Murphy, John Joseph gr 350 W 120; 

AB Columbia 
Murphy, John Raymund c 104 W 102 
Murphy, Joseph Francis e 267 W 89 

Murphy, Joseph Patrick e 74 W 96 
Murphy, Lena M e 796 President St 

Bklyn N Y 
Murphy, Leonard Thomas e 942 Sixth 

Av; 178 Spring St Newport R I 
Murphy, (Mrs) Mabel Ansley e 515 

W 122; ME Indiana State Normal 

Murphy, Marie E e 515 W 134; AB 

Murphy, Marjorie Louise e 2327 Wal- 
ton Av 
Murphy, Mary Ethel ed 609 W 127; 

91 South St Fitchburg Mass; BS 

Murphy, Mary Jane gr 436 Ft Wash- 
ington Av ; AB Hunter 
Murphy, Mary Lee pa Seth Low Hall ; 

403 Hickory St Texarkana Ark 
Murphy, Mortimer Davis c 28 Calu- 
met Av Hastings-on-Hudson N Y 
Murphy, Nannie Gately pa 160 Chelsea 

Av Long Branch N J 
Murphy, Rea e 448 Central Park W 
Murphy, Richard Stewart c 277 Eighth 

St Jersey City N J 
Murphy, Thomas Stanley e 261 W 118 
Murphy, William J ed 123 W 63; AB 

Catholic Univ of America 
Murray, Ann Elizabeth pa 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; Fair Weather Farms 

New Lebanon N Y 
Murray, Cecil Dunmore w 38 W 51; 

AB Harvard 
Murray, Eleanor Francis e 320 W 107; 

423 14 St Huntington W Va 
Murray, Harold John bu 662 West End 

Av ; 159 Parkview Av Bangor Me 
Murray, Henrietta Larmier pa 25 E 65 
Murray, Jeannette Elizabeth b 67 75 St 

Bklyn N Y 
Murray, John Kenneth e 310 Convent 

Murray, Marjorie Frances m 63 E 59; 

206 Main St Binghamton N Y ; AB 

Bryn Mawr 
Murray, Thomas Francis e 413 Sack 1 

ett St Bklyn N Y 
Murray, Thomas John gr 75 Lewis Av 

Bklyn N Y 



Murrey, Ethel May pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr; Wills Point Tex ; BS Texas 
College of Industrial Arts 

Murtagh, John Thomas c 26 E Fifth 
St Bayonne N J 

Murtagh, Marguerite Mary ed 73 Cres- 
cent Av Grantwood N J; 14 Cham- 
plain St Plattsburg N Y 

Musgrave, Edith gr 122 E 66; AB 
Hunter, AM Columbia 

Musgrave, Elizabeth ed 50 Orange St 
Bklyn N Y; 412 Milford Rd Clarks- 
burg W Va 

Mussaeus, Marie Guenther e 414 W 
121 ; Limeton Va ; AB Smith, AM 

Musselman, Birch Colbert c 2345 

Musser, James Alfred e 153 E 86 

Mustakis, Demetrius Constantine *6oi 
W 144 

Mustermann, Claire M b 7 Clifton Ter 
Weehawken N J 

Mustin, Louisa pa Whittier Hall; 2323 
Walton Way Augusta Ga 

Mutchler, Marjorie e 71 W Eighth St 
Bayonne N J 

Muth, George Franklin c 120 Morris 
St Yonkers N Y 

Mutner, Lillie B e 65 Lenox Av 

Mustonen, Anna b 4223 Seventh Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Muzzey Jr, David Saville c 531 W 
113; -492 Van Cortland Pk Av Yon- 
kers N Y 

Myer, Grace Maxwell e 271 West End 

Myer, John Nicholas e 814 E 168 

Myers, Bessie ed Teachers College ; 
124 Belvin St San Antonio Tex 

Myers, Florence Catherine b 599 W 

Myers, Francis Story c 291 Amity St 
Flushing LINY 

Myers, Franklin Linwood m West Side 
Y M C A 318 W 57; Main St 
Sodus N Y; AB Rochester 

Myers, Margaret Good gr 183 N 
Pkway East Orange N J ; AB Co- 

Myers, Paul Leslie c 33 S Elliott PI 

Bklyn N Y; i 3 39 S Main St Elk- 
hart Ind 
Myers, Marion Smith e 1431 Univer- 
sity Av 
Myers, Sadie R gr 620 W 122; 143 S 

Fourth E Salt Lake City Utah; AB 

Smith, AM Utah 
Myrick, Allie Goodwin ed Whittier 

Hall ; Milledgeville Ga 
Myrick, Lillas Stanley pa Whittier 

Hall; Milledgeville Ga 
Myrland, Ruth Henrietta e 421 W 

114; 1918 Kendall Av Madison Wis ; 

AB Wisconsin 
Naar, Constance e 421 W 21 ; 50 Nev- 

ins St Bklyn N Y 
Naar, Stella e 152 W 121 
Nabenhauer, Fred Paul gr Havemeyer 

Hall; 601 Richmond Rd Stapleton 

N Y; BS Cornell 
Naccarati, Sante gr 37 W 54; Viesti, 

Italy; MD Royal University of Na- 
ples, ScD Royal University of Rome 
Nachamie, Irving c 864 Dawson St 
Nachemson, Moe e 427 St Anns Av 
Nachmanowitz, Joseph m 953 Fox St; 

BS Columbia 
Nadler, Marcus bu 753 E 151 
Nadworney, Ida fd 80 W 51 Bayonne 

N J; AB Hunter 
Nafash, Morris e 502 Central Av West 

Hoboken N J 
Nafziger, Raymond Earl c 182 Clare- 

mont Av; 933 S Wesley Av Oak 

Park 111 
Naganuma, Kathryn Lloyd e 29 Clare- 

mont Av 
Naggy, Alexander e Morris Hall; 15 

Lowe St South Norwalk Conn 
Nagle, Lillian Catherine ed Atlantic 

Highlands N J 
Nagy, Steven e 567 Grand Av Astoria 

N Y 
Nahon, Ralph c 21 W 97 
Nakajima, Taro gr 102 W 123; Japan; 

AB Waseda Univ 
Naik, Dattatraya Pandurang gr The 

Young India Office 1400 Broadway; 

Baroda-Camp, India ; AB Bombay 

University (India) 



Naldrett, Elisabeth e Furnald Hall; 

Springdale, Conn 
Nanton, Hugh Isidore e 2400 Seventh 

Av ; Colon, Rep of Panama 
Nanz, Ruth Lydia e 469 E 29 Bklyn 

N Y; AB Hunter 
Naoji, Hirano e 120 Broadway ; Tokio, 

Naples, S James / 116 Lafayette Av 

Buffalo N Y; AB AM Canisius 

Narzisenfeld, Bessie b 3657 Broadway 
Nash, Allan c Manor Circle Pelham 

Manor N Y 
Nash, Genevieve Smith e Shippan 

Point Stamford Conn 
Nash, Joseph Newton / 1224 84 St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Nash, Rose Mary e 626 W Front St 

Plainfield N J 
Nason, Celeste b 157 W 105 
Nassau, Theresa B e 968 Forest Av 
Natelson, Mollie e 620 W 152 
Natelson, Rebekah ed 5424 14 Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi College 
Nathabanja, Luang / 542 W 112; 

Bangkok, Siam 
Nathan, Bessie Morris e 35 W 86 
Nathan, Daisy T e 1054 Park PI Bklyn 

N Y 
Nathan, Perry Seymour e 435 Convent 

Nathan, Philip Jack c 435 W 117; 

1054 Park PI Bklyn N Y 
Nathan, Royden Louis e 325 W 93 
Nathan, Rita Straus e 325 W 93 
Naughton, Norma Sheridan c 129 E 

Naulty, Marie Katherine b 144 Ralston 

Av South Orange N J 
Naumann Jr, Lawrence E gr 451 E 

84; AB C C N Y 
Nauratil, Jane e 609 W 114 
Naylor, Nellie May gr 430 W 118; 

226 Stanton Av Ames la ; AB MS 

Iowa State 
Neale, Charles Smith c 620 W 116 
Neale, Emma Thomson b 620 W 116 
Neale, Walter / 620 West 116; AB 

Neamtu, Nicholas Simion e 269 W 39 

Near, Arcadia Dowdell b Brooks Hall; 
246 Juniper St Atlanta Ga 

Needham, Catherine gr 605 W 115; 
1210 W University Av Urbana 111; 
AB AM Illinois 

Needleman, Israel / 600 Junius St 
Bklyn N Y 

Neel, Jack Philip e 116 Third St 
South Orange N J ; Glen Av Mil- 
burn N J 

Neer, Imogene e 245 Broadway Pa- 
terson N J ; AB AM Columbia 

Neer, Katharine Josephine e 245 Broad- 
way Paterson N J 

Neff, Calvin Grove c 546 W 114; 1213 
Park Av 

Negron, Rosalina e 126 E 118 

Neilson Jr, John m 136 E 54; BS 

Nekton, Herman Tonio e 1523 76 St 
Bklyn N Y 

Nekton, Toivo Herman e 1523 76 St 
Bklyn N Y; LLB St 'Lawrence 

Nelis, Clarence Arthur e 54 Morning- 
side Dr; AB Michigan, LLB North- 
western Univ 

Nelligan, Katherine Margaret e Grant- 
wood N J ; Amherst Mass ; AB 
Mount Holyoke 

Nelsenius, Nelton c 435 42 St Bklyn 
N Y 

Nelson, Elizabeth Carle gr Furnald 
Hall; 1 30 1 Cannon Av Fort Worth 
Texas; AB AM Texas 

Nelson Jr, Godfrey Nichols e 703 
Sterling PI Bklyn N Y 

Nelson, George P e 531 Madison Av 
Elizabeth N J 

Nelson, Harold Clifford bit 534 W 
114; 10 1 1 Oregon Av Butte Mont 

Nelson, Ida Mae gr 21 Claremont Av; 
Brush Colo ; AB Denver 

Nelson, John Charles e Y M C A 
Railway N J 

Nelson, Katharine H e 39 Claremont 

Nelson, Laura H ed 419 W 118; AB 
Michigan, AM Columbia 

Nelson, Lewis David / 384 Summer 
St Stamford Conn ; BS Vermont 



Nelson, Mabel Florence gr Furnald 
Hall; North Shore Hotel Evanston 
111; AB Northwestern, AM Columbia 
Nelson, Muriel Eleanore e 129 Lafay- 
ette Av Bklyn N Y; 1722 London 
Rd Duluth Minn 
Nelson, Myrtle gr Sumner Miss ; AB 

Meridian College 
Nelson, Naomi Olive gr 408 W 150; 
432 Shawnee Topeka Kan; AB Kan- 
Nelson, Philip Hathaway / 531 W 

113; 3825 Kingman Blvd Des 

Moines la 
Nelson, Sarah Leah ed 386 Summer 

St Stamford Conn 
Nelson, Thomas Hawley ed 347 Madi- 
son Av; AB Otterbein College 
Nemser, Charlotte Joan e 227 Fourth 

St Union Hill N J 
Nemser, Hannah Esther e 561 W 163; 

12 Ravine Av Yonkers N Y 
Neri, Jose V bu 189 Claremont Av ; 

Cagayan Misamis, Philippines 
Netcel, Walter Richard / Hartley Hall ; 

1 1 20 Amsterdam Av ; LittB Rutgers 
Netter, George Edward / 837 Seventh 

Neubauer, Richard e 2494 Morris Av 
Neuburg, Walter Benno e 320 W 86; 

LittB Princeton 
Neugass, Miriam Newman e 2 W 89 
Neuhaus, Herman mec 281 Edgecomb 

Av; BS Columbia 
Neuhaus, Henriette Albertina e 432 

Seventh St Bklyn N Y ; AB Vassar, 

Neukirch, Arthur e 127 W 108 
Neuman, Hortense b 114 W 120 
Neuman, Irene F e 77 W 85 
Neuman, Libby e 151 W 117; AB 

Neuman, Mortimer E e 2094 Fifth Av 
Neuman, Richard Leo e 4384 Matilda 

Neumann, Emanuel ed 288 Ryerson St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Neumann, Leoni Camille m 234 W 112 
Neumann, Waldemar J / 415 Riverside 

Dr; 866 St John's PI Bklyn N Y 

Neumark, Salomea / Furnald Hall ; 
836 Rockdale Av Cincinnati Ohio ; 
AB Cincinnati 
Neville, Leslie c 440 Broad Av Leonia 

N J 
Nevin, Elliott James bu 537 W 123 
Newberg, Charles e 631 Jefferson PI 
Newberry, Rose Alline pa Whittier 

Hall ; Bloomfield Conn 
Newbury, Maud Christine ed Fleming- 
ton N J ; BS Columbia 
Newcomb, Edith ed Whittier Hall ; 30 
Hurle Crescent, Clifton, Bristol, 
England ; AM Trin College Dublin, 
Cambridge Tripos 
Newcomb, Mary pa Whittier Hall ; 4 1 

Walton St Portland Me 
Newell, Constance pa 1829 Phelps PI 

Washington D C 
Newell, Earl Lester mec 103 Vermil- 

yea Av 
Newhall, Alma Williams e 291 Edge- 
combe Av 
Newhall, Beatrice gr 412 Fifth Av ; 
West Newton Mass; AB Smith, BS 
Newman, Alice Parker b 807 Av R 

Bklyn N Y 
Newman, Arthur Mortimer e 565 W 

Newman, Edith Marsh b John Jay 

Hall; Port Jefferson N Y 
Newman, Edward Leo / 2451 Broad- 
Newman, F Whitlock e 35 Wall St; 
Hotel St George Bklyn N Y ; AB 
LLB Columbia 
Newman, Helen Elizabeth bu Furnald 
Hall ; 4642 Hazel Av Philadelphia 
Newman, Johanna Evelyn e 243 River- 
dale Av Yonkers N Y 
Newman, Julius c 532 W 14; 681 

High St Newark N J 
Newman, Leo Hyman e 95 Amster- 
dam Av 
Newman, Leo I m 73 E 118 
Newman, Maurice S e 258 E First 

St Bklyn N Y 
Newman, Murray Jessee e 86 W 119 
Newman, Rose e 1427 Madison Av 



Newmark, Estelle e 215 Audubon Av 
Newton, Horace Ensign / 546 W 114 
Newton, Leone Kathryne b 492 Ninth 

St Bklyn N Y 
Newton, Marshall Everett c Livingston 

Hall; Rock Island 111 
Newton, Mildred Sarah ed 3 Sheridan 

Sq; 18 Elm St Potsdam N Y 

Newton, Robert Ray gr $1 Greenwich 

Av ; Lenox Mass ; AB Williams 
Niblo, Fred Cohan e Tomkins Hall ; 

116 W 71 
Nicely, Ralph N e 195 Broadway; 

Englewood N J ; BE Bloomsburg 

(Pa) State Normal 
Nicholls, J Frank / 2581 Marion Av ; 

Nichols, Alma Bartlett e 209 Madison 

St Passaic N J; Newton N H 
Nichols, Clara Crawford ed 509 W 

121 ; Huntington W Va 
Nichols, Edward Genung c 1086 Am- 
sterdam Av 
Nichols, Henry Clifford c 875 W 181; 

Clyde Ohio 
Nichols, Howard Breese / 200 Ravine 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Nichols, (Mrs) Jeannette Paddock gr 

Columbia University; 439 W 123; 

AB Knox, AM Columbia 
Nichols, Laurence Herbert e 625 W 

113 ; Lynn Mass 
Nichols, Margaret Henrietta e 95 

Brandt PI; Camden N Y 
Nichols, Marjorie ed 30 Cottage St 

South Orange N J ; AB Columbia 
Nichols, Mary Hinds ed 520 W 122; 

Round Pond Me 
Nichols, Roy Franklin gr 439 W 123; 

AB AM Rutgers 
Nichols, Ruth Snow ed 64 W 96 ; 108 

Bayer St Springfield Mass; AB St 

Lawrence Univ 
Nicholson, Harry Christopher e Hav- 

erstraw N Y 
Nicholson, Jane Dumont pa 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; 13 Chestnut St Salem 

N J 
Nicholson, Margaret e 138 W 12 

Nicholson, Marian Brindley ed 543-7 

E 11; 1 26 1 W 22 Los Angeles Cal ; 

AB So Calif 
Nicholson, Nell Grant ed 2514 Creston 

Di Nicolangelo, John c 17 Gray St 

Orange N J 
Nicoll, Jack Louis c 435 W 117; 481 

W 159 
Nicoll, John Franklin e 61 Broadway; 

Hasbrouck Heights N J 
Nicoll, Thomas Joseph c Box 551 

Harrison N Y 
Niden, Zivel Bernard e 1535 Southern 

Niebanck, Carrie M e 46 Gautier Av 

Jersey City N J 
Nielson, Arthur Paul e 472 W 147 
Niesley, John Reigart c Manhasset 

N Y 
Niflot, Helen e 148 W 118 
Nightingale, Eleanor Maria e 44 Morn- 

ingside Dr; PhB Cornell, MA N Y U 
Niki, Yasuchika gr 147 W 117; Shi- 

baku, Tokyo, Japan 
Niland, Joseph Gregory e 361 E 178 
Niles, Christine Metzger pa Whittier 

Hall; Coudersport Pa 
Niles, Margaret Hoyt ed 58 Osborn 

St Bloomfield N J ; BS Simmons 
Nill, Anne Margaret e 501 W 121 ; 

60 Bogardus St Buffalo N Y 
Nilsen, Gudrun pa 407 E 56 ; Dromu- 

gensgt 4, Kristiania, Norway 
Nirgenau, Walter John e 128 E 45; 

2622 Palm St, St Louis Mo 
Nishi, Kiishi e 542 W 112; Arakawa, 

Dakayamaten, Japan 
Nishman, Daniel m 743 Green Av 

Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Nisselson, Theodore Max gr 941 Simp- 
son St 
Nisson, Philip Samuel gr 1614 Av M 

Bklyn N Y; AB Harvard 
Nitzkowski, Eureka Elizabeth pa 430 

W 119; 413 N Broad St Mankato 

Nixon, Howard K gr Morris Hall ; 

Portland. Ind ; AB Earlham 
Nixon, Margaret Cobbs b John Jay 

Hall; 1007 Hickman Rd Augusta Ga 



Nizer, Louis c 51J/2 Sumner Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Noack, Emma Marie e 350 Summit 

Av West Hoboken N J 
Noble, Charles Hollister c 528 W 123; 

9 Fort St Auburn N Y 
Noble, Edith e 11 W 10; 269 South 

St Northampton Mass 
Noble, Gladwyn Kingsley gr American 

Museum of Nat History 77 St and 

Central Park W ; 441 N Broadway 

Yonkers N Y ; AB AM Harvard 
Noble, Katheryn Lucille gr 26 E 58 ; 

1 107 W Third St Red Wing Minn; 

AB Carleton College, AM Columbia 
Noboru, Asami gr 191 Claremont Av ; 

Tokio, Japan ; AB Waseda Univ 
Noel, Gurney Margaret pa 509 W 121 ; 

Scioto Trail Portsmouth Ohio 
Noffsinger, Florence W ed 358 60 

Bklyn N Y; AB Mount Morris 

Nohl, Louis E bu 415 Riverside Dr ; 

Espanola N M 
Nolan, Margaret Anne gr 204 W 78 ; 

AB Columbia 
Nolan, Stuart Elliott c Fernie Farm 

Braircliff Manor N Y; British Vice- 
Consulate, San Luis Potosi, Mexico 
Noland, Naomi Claire ed Madison 

Square Hotel; The Apthorp 221 1 

Nolen, Kate Thomas ed 416 W 122; 

Lookout Mt Tenn ; AB Randolph- 
Nomura, Tokushu e 330 E 57 
Noonan, Raymond Lenox ed Babylon 

L I N Y; BS Columbia 
Noorigian, Peniamin K gr 506 W 42 ; 

AB Columbia 
Norcross, Mary Elizabeth pa 509 W 

121 ; 129 Washington St Wellesley 

Hills Mass 
Nordgren, Carl Ivan bu Swedish Con- 
sulate General ; Braunkyrkagatan 73 

Stockholm, Sweden 
Nordholm, Alex George c 558 W 113; 

St James Ter Yonkers N Y 
Norfliet, Grizzelle M ed Whittier Hall; 

400 Spruce St Winston-Salem N C ; 

AB Salem College 

Norlin, Elinor Elizabeth pa 420 W 

119; Ludlow Pa 
Norman, Jesse bu 572 W 187 
Norris, Dorothy Eloise b John Jay 

Hall; 286 Robert St Baltimore Md ; 

AB Winthrop 
Norris, Henry Martin m 415 W 57; 

69 Alexander St Princeton N J ; BS 

Norris, May Evans e 900 Summit Av 
Norris, Robert Paul c Livingston Hall ; 

906 St Marks Av Bklyn N Y 
North, Edgerton Grant « 29 S Elliott 

PI Bklyn N Y 
North, Lila Verplanck b John Jay 

Hall; 178 Summit Av Upper Mont- 

clair N J 
North, Stanley Underwood gr 237 E 

104; Park Ridge N J ; BS Rutgers 
Norton, Brownrigg Lu Gar e 498 West 

End Av 
Norton, Edith Helene ed Whittier 

Hall ; 4424 Franklin Av Cleveland 

Norton, Elizabeth Voorhis e 98 E 208 
Norton, Emma Marie e 420 W 119; 

73 W High St Union City Pa; AB 

Univ of Michigan 
Norton, Esther Leah b Brooks Hall; 

Wellsville N Y 
Norton, Harriet Conant ed 557 W 

124; 36 Jefferson St Milford Mass 
Norton, Jane Elizabeth gr Furnald 

Hall ; Merton House, Cambridge, 

Norton, John Edward mec 519 W 121; 

319 N Alaska St Butte Mont; EM 

Norton, Marion Alice pa Whittier 

Hall; 1 82 1 S State St Syracuse NY 
Norton, Natalie e 583 Riverside Dr ; 

1339 Noble Av Bridgeport Conn; 

AB Oberlin 
Norwalk, Lillian e 1871 Seventh Av 
Norwalk, Milton Harry e 1871 Sev- 
enth Av 
Norwood, Robert Griffin e 120 W 57 
Nosawa, Kigoro bu 541 W 113; 134, 

Hayashi-cho, Hongo, Tokio, Japan 
Noto, Rosa gr 326 E 15; AB Hunter 



Novy, May Edith e 181 E 75; AB 

Nowak, Henry e 109 W 113 
Noyes, Frances Newbold e 21 E 49 
Noyes, Frank Earle e 417 W 118; 

Topsham Me ; AB Bowdoin 
Noyes, Helen Miller gr 124 W 82; 

Carthage 111; BS Carthage College 
Noyes, Laurence Gilman a 136 W 16; 

89 Virginia Av St Paul Minn ; AB 

Nuccio, Laurence e 233 E Sixth St 
Nugent, John e 331 15 Av Paterson 

N J 
Numata, Shigeru gr 2929 Broadway ; 

Tokio, Japan 
Nunziata, Louis James e Hudson 

Heights N J 
Nurenberg, Hilda e 9523 Emerald PI 

Woodhaven LINY 
Nurnberg, Maxwell gr 1331 Clinton 

Av; AB C C N Y 
Nurick, Helen e 64 Poplar St Bklyn 

N Y 
Nusbaum, Mabel e 437 W 117; 425 

W Main St Clarksburg W Va 
Nussey, Herbert Vincent ed 212 King- 
ston Av Bklyn N Y ; AB C C N Y 
Nute, Bertha Eisele gr 15 Elm PI 

Hastings-on-Hudson N Y; 53 Hotch- 

kiss PI Torrington Conn ; AB Mount 

Nute, William Lanback m 2676 Morris 

Av; AB Yale 
Nutting, Grace Bingham ed 135 E 52; 

Lititz Pa; PhB Vermont, BS Mon- 
tana State 
Nutting, Harry Edgerton e 51 Parker 

Av Fort Lee N J 
Nye, Bernard Bampfield e 130 North 

Av New Rochelle NY; 10 Oakdale 

St Brockton Mass 
Nye, Roswell Howard bu 633 W 115; 

Sagamore Mass 
Nyitray, Ethel ed Dobbs Ferry N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Nyland, William Anne gr 118 W 79 
Oak, Dorothy ed 146 W 119; AB 

Oakes, Byron John e 131 W 90 

Oakes, Mary Esther e Furnald Hall ; 

41 S Hillside Av Glen Ridge N J 
Oakley, Jennie May e 88 W Lincoln 

Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Oakman, Lilian Marguerite e 677 Lin- 
coln PI Bklyn N Y 
Obata, Shigeyoshi gr Osaka, Japan ; 

AB AM Wisconsin 
Obdyke, Helen Gertrude e North Hale- 
don N J ; Port Morris N J 
Obel, Louis Theodore e 524 W 123; 

22 Upper Page St, Johannesburg, 

South Africa 
Ober, Mary L e 192 Inwood Av Up- 
per Montclair N J ; AB Minnesota 
Oberdorfer, Ruth e Furnald Hall; 

Philadelphia Av Pittstown Pa 
Oberg, Selma Matilda e 244 Bergen 

St Bklyn N Y 
Oberlander, Marie e 622 W 136 
Oberle, Edith Scott e Hillsdale N J; 

13 Riggs PI South Orange N J 
Obermayer, Henry Ernst / 223 W 106 
O'Brien, Agnes Matilda e 184 Van 

Buren St Bklyn N Y; BS Adelphi 
O'Brien, Irene e 160 Park PI Eliza- 
beth N J 
O'Brien, John e 437 W 117 
O'Brien, John Lawrence m 469 E 136 
O'Brien, Joseph M e 307 W 116; 420 

Ferree St Coraopolis Pa 
O'Brien, Katherine Elizabeth e De 

Witt Clinton H S 10 Av and 59; 

AB Boston University 
O'Brien, Kathrine Veronica b Pawling 

N Y 
O'Brien, Louise ed 49 Park Av Port 

Chester N Y 
O'Brien, Mary Modesta gr 184 Van 

Buren St Bklyn N Y; BS Adelphi 
O'Brien, Michael Matthew e 1 Monroe 

PI Bklyn N Y; 719 Woodlawn Av 

Philadelphia Pa 
O'Callaghan, May Theresa e 555 W 

O'Connell, Mary Katharine e 3280 

Boulevard Jersey City N J 
O'Connell, Arthur Joseph e 1245 Park 

O'Connell, Jeremiah V A c 1736 74 St 

Bklyn N Y 



O'Connell, Jerome Roland c 354 E 79 
O'Connell, John Aloysius e 165 E 75 
O'Connell, John Thomas e 270 W 119 
O'Connell, Marion Katharine e 414 W 

121; 226 Beech St Holyoke Mass 
O'Connell, Milton Vincent j 410 W 

115; 2004 N 13 Philadelphia Pa 
O'Connell, Raymond Harold e 354 E 

O'Connor, Ann Elizabeth pa 509 W 

121 ; 29 Pickering St Ogdensburg 

N Y 
O'Connor, Anne Shane ed 189 Clare- 

mont Av; Lebanon Ind 
O'Connor, Frank Gerard e 2806 Glen- 
wood Rd Bklyn N Y 
O'Connor, Hugh e 51 Remsen St Bklyn 

N Y 
O'Connor, John Arthur a 72 E 123; 

O'Connor, Jerry J e 89 Manning Av 

Plainfield N J 
O'Connor, Joseph e 20 Robertson Av 

White Plains N Y 
O'Connor, Margaret Bernadette e 155 

E 22; AB Hunter 
O'Connor, Mary e 262 W 154 
O'Connor, Zena Catherine ed 207 

Dyckman St ; Los Angeles Cal 
O'Dell, Florence May ed 69 Hamilton 

Av Yonkers N Y; Webster N Y 
Odell Jr, Isaac Herbert c Hartley 

Hall ; 203 S Lexington Av White 

Plains N Y 
Odell, Lawrence Hopkins c Hartley 

Hall ; 203 S Lexington Av White 

Plains N Y 
Odell, Pearle Irene pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr; 1909 S Duluth Av Sioux 

Falls S D; AB Sioux Falls College 
O'Doherty, John gr 583 Throop Av 

Bklyn N Y; 2 Woodstock Gns, 

Dublin, Ireland ; AM National Univ 

of Ireland 
O'Donnell, Agnes Marie pa 140 Clare- 

mont Av 
O'Donnell, Edward John e 165 W 72 
O'Donnell, Edward P / 509 W 122; 

332 Matson Av Parsons Pa 
O'Donnell, Jane A e 124 E 85 

O'Donnell, Marie T gr 64 Hart St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Trinity 
O'Donnell, Mary Gertrude e 259 11 St 

Bklyn N Y 
O'Donohoe, Ethel Langton e 340 W 
48; AB College of Mt St Vincent 
O'Dowde, Catherine Agnes e 436 Man- 
hattan Av 
Odum, Leslie Murell c Daytona Beach 

O'Dwyer, Victor e 29 W 25 ; Hugue- 
not Park S I N Y; BS CE Man- 
hattan College 
Oehlschlaeger, Helen Dorothea pa 

Closter N J 
Oesch, Catherine Justine e 575 West 

End Av 
Oesterle, Adolph Gustave e 2407 
Broadway; BCS MCS LLB LLM 
New York 
Oetjen, Margaret Katherine e 1236 

Clay Av 
Oettinger, Helene pa Whittier Hall; 

619 Park Av Goldsboro N C 
Offen, Hubert Jesse e 480 Clifton Av 
Newark N J ; Station Rd Longfield, 
Kent, England 
Offenhauser Jr, William Henry e 651 

84 St Bklyn N Y 
Offner, Monroe Marc mec 161 E 90; 

AB Columbia 
Offner, Mortimer c 617 W 170 
Ofrias, Peter E e 207 Second Av 
Ogden, Anna Elise e 283 Rivington 

St; Chatham N J 
Ogden, Adelaide Routh b 383 Park Av 
Ogden, Ethel Blanche bu Furnald Hall ; 

675 Richmond Av Buffalo N Y 
Ogden, Margaret Elizabeth pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 241 W Grand St Eliza- 
beth N J 
Ogden, Nancy Hamilton e 151 Central 

Av Orange N J 
Ogg, John William a 950 Marcy Av 

Bklyn N Y; Indianola la 
Oggins, Isaiah gr 428 Ditmars Av 
Long Island City N Y; 35 Center 
St Willimantic Conn ; AB Columbia 
Ogino, Kenichi e 26 Cortlandt St 
Ognibene, Mary Helen b 16 First St 
Yonkers N Y 



O'Gorman, Gerald Vincent e 152 E 80 
O'Grady, Florence Esther e 247 New 

York Av Bklyn N Y ; AB New Ro- 

chelle College 
O'Grady, John Bellingham c 1142 

Franklin Av 
O'Hair, John Henry e 7 Hanover Sq ; 

Paris 111 
O'Hara, Catherine Frances gr 228 29 

St Woodcliff N J ; AB Hunter 
O'Hara, Geoffrey e 115 W 16 
O'Hare, William Joseph e 233 E 85 
O'Hargan, Ruth ed 2040 Seventh Av 
O'Heir, Frances Gillespy e 544 W 114; 

92 Wellington St S Hamilton, On- 
tario, Canada ; AB Toronto 
Ohta, Sotaro Y e 254 W 121 ; Tokio 

Okada, Masataro gr 414 Eighth Av ; 

Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan ; 

LLB Doshisha University 
O'Keeffe, Louise Langley ed 3 119 

Claredon Rd Bklyn N Y 
O'Kelley, Hoke Smith / Tompkins 

Hall; Loganville Ga ; AB AM 

Okin, Irving m 192 Moore St Hack- 

ensack N J ; AB Columbia 
Okin, Samuel e 9 E 97 ; 99 Locust St 

Chattanooga Tenn 
Okinaka, Tsuneyuki gr 102 W 123; 

9 Utsubo, Osaka, Japan ; BC Waseda 

University, Tokio 
Okoshken, Martin Stephen e 210 Livo- 
nia Av Bklyn N Y 
Okujama, Hanae Ruth e 43 W 53 
Okuntsoff, Elaine ed Bergenfield N J ; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Olcott, Edith Martin e 417 W 114 
Olcott, Mason ed 322 W 75 ; AB 

Oldenbusch, Carolyn gr Furnald Hall ; 

72 Marlboro Rd Bklyn N Y ; AB 

O'Leary, Charles Henry / 2691 Heath 

Av; West St Hudley Mass; AB 

Holy Cross 
O'Leary, Margaret Mary e 5 W 1 20 ; 

25 Autumn St Somerville Mass 

Olin, Esther Ellene ed 501 W 120; 
75 Nebraska St Akron Ohio; PhB 

Oliver, J Helen e 2350 Boulevard Jer- 
sey City N J ; 27 N Main St Nor- 
wood NY; BS St Lawrence 

Oliver, Nina Weeden gr 420 W 121; 
Columbus, Miss ; AB Miss State 
College for Women 

Oliver, Quindara ed Whittier Hall ; 
East Lansing Mich ; BS Michigan 

Olmsted, Sarah Caroline pa 317 W 
45 ; Oswego N Y 

Olney, Elbert Young c 502 W 122 

Olney, Julian Frederick c 502 W 122; 
Cedar Rapids la 

Olney, Mary pa Whittier Hall; Lei- 
cester Mass 

Olsen, Mabel Alice ed 126 Essex St 
Hackensack N J ; Jackson Minn 

Olsen, Marie pa 132 E 45 ; 182 Lib- 
erty St San Francisco Cal 

Olson, Elizabeth pa 8 W 16; 1202a 
Queen St, Toronto, Canada 

Olson, Elmer M c Livingston Hall ; 
Canby Minn 

Olsson, Martha e 50 Montgomery Av 
Tompkinsville N Y 

Oltarsh, Julius I 415 W 46; BS C C 
N Y 

Oltarsh, Martin c 5-7 Attorney St 

O'Malley, Eleanor Rose e Hotel West- 
minster 420 W 116; 326 Riverview 
Av Monroe Mich 

Omeis, Marie Louise Florida gr 2884 
Valentine Av; AB Columbia 

Omizo, Keizaburo e 411 W 115; To- 
kio, Japan 

Oncken, William e Central Park W 
and 63 ; 24 Bruele Av Yonkers N Y ; 
AB University of Berne, Switzer- 

O'Neil, Edward Francis e 61 W 106; 
I 1 James St Bridgeport Conn 

O'Neil, Richard James e 524 W 149 

O'Neill, Alice Loretta ed 543 W 1 23 ; 
Shawana, Wis; PdB Colo Teachers 

O'Neill, Amu- May t 139 Monmouth 
St Newark N J 



O'Neill, Ethel Christina e 510 W 124 
O'Neill, Thomas Francis e 325 E 66 
Onek, Jacob e 3819 15 Av Bklyn N Y 
Onorato, Victor M c 243 E 13 
Ontoniuk, Peter Ivan e 
Oppenheimer, Elsa pa 310 W 94 
Oppenheim, Alfred Louis e 1084 Am- 
sterdam Av 
Oppenheimer, Gordon David m 16 

Mount Hope PI; BS Columbia 
Oppenheimer, Ida gr 208 E 124; AB 

Oppenheimer, Mildred Rose e 57 E 80 
Oppenheimer, Erma pa 35 St Nicholas 

Oppenheimer, Ernestine pa 2044 Ryer 

Oppenheimer, Sidney e 10 Spruce St; 

225 W 86 
Opper, Clarence Victor / 310 W 94; 

AB Dartmouth 
O'Pray, Anna Marie e 610 W 178 
Oram, Marion Frances pa Whittier 

Hall; Tuxedo Park N Y 
Orange, John Alexander c 1016 Steb- 

bins Av 
Orans, Regina David e 1510 Boston 

Orbeck, Anders gr 548 W 113; Mis- 
soula Mont ; AB AM Minnesota 
Orcutt, Frank Ames e 19 Rhods St 

New Rochelle N Y; Ashland Me 
Orgler, Rose e 437 E 88 
Origgi, Mary Beatrice ed 244 Spring 
Orleans, Jacob Samuel ed 130 W 113; 

Orloff, Clara e 72 Bay 2,2 Bklyn N Y 
Orndorff, Bernice ed 540 W 122; 161 7 

10 Av Greeley Colo; PhB Univ of 

Orne, Evelyn b 18 Clyde St Jamaica 

N Y 
O'Rourke, James Patrick e 507 W 142 
Orselli, Raymond A c 633 W 115 
Oshatz, Esther e 92 Hopkins St 
Ortega, Ernesto e 565 Seventh Av; 

Independencia, 1 1 El Oro, Mexico 
Ortman, Beatrice R e 2 E 97 
Osborn, Chester Andrews e Sterling 

N J 

Osborn, William Henry mec 159 E 82; 

AB Princeton 
Osborne, James Walker / 593 River- 
side Dr 
Osborne, Lawrence mec 1292 Madison 

Osborne, Robert Ernest e 536 W 114; 

47 Poplar PI New Rochelle N Y 
Osbeck, Einor e Swedish Chamber of 

Commerce, Produce Exchange ; 99 

St Marks Av Bklyn N Y 
Oschrin, Rose e 60 Dayton St Newark 

N J 
Oschrin, Viola pa 60 Dayton St New- 
ark N J 
Osgood, Carrie Bross e 1065 Dean St 

Bklyn N Y 
Osgood, Wentworth Harrington mec 

540 W 122; 120 Hamilton Av ; US 

Naval Acad 
O'Shea, Harriet Esterbrooks ed 509 

W 121 ; 140 Langdon St Madison 

Wis ; AB AM Wisconsin 
Oskison, (Mrs) Florence Day pa 514 

W 122 
Osmond, Alfred gr 123 W 52; Logan 

Utah; AB Harvard 
Osserman, Grace bu 969 Fox St 
Osserman, Stanley Edward e 969 Fox 

Ossermann, J Julian e 19 Sterling PI 

Edgewater N J; LLB NYU 
Ossipoff, Leon e 115 W 119 
Osterkamp, Fritz Emile e 195 Amity 

St Flushing L I N Y; 255 Bayside 

Av Flushing LINY 
Ostermayer, J W e 560 W 184 
Ostrander, Cornelius e 4103 Seventh 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Ostrander, Ida Anna b 169 84 St Bklyn 

N Y; Ghent N Y 
Ostrinsky, David c 620 E 170 
Ostroff, Samuel Milton e 106 Engert 

Av Bklyn N Y; LLB St Lawrence 

Ostrowski, Jacob e 63 E 108 
O'Sullivan, Marion Gertrude b John 

Jay Hall; 15 N Winooski Av Bur- 
lington Vt 
O'Sullivan, Marion Josephine pa 479 

Ocean Pkway Bklyn 



Oswald, Carrie Jeanette pa Seth Low 
Hall; 216 Oakland Av Punxsu- 
tawney Pa 

Oswald, Charles Peter e 92 St Marks 

Ota, Noriyoshi bu 556 W 140 ; 5 
Shimazakimachi, Fukagawaku, Tokyo, 

Otis, Arthur Hamilton gr 504 W 122; 
636 N Park Av Tucson Ariz; AB 

Otis, Celeste Botiller gr 504 W 122; 
639 N Park Av Tucson Ariz ; AB 

Otis, Margaret gr 180 Claremont Av ; 
AB PhD Cornell 

O'Toole, Charles James e 501 W 34 

O'Toole, James Francis e 505 W 124; 
East Pepperell Mass 

Ott, Nelson Leiter e 240 W 74 ; Mer- 
cersburg Pa 

Ottinger, Dorothy Mack e 2178 Broad- 

Ottman, Josephine Whitney e 473 W 

Otto, Charles Dana e Richmond Hill 

Otto, Christy c 4784 Hillside Av Rich- 
mond Hill LINY 

Otto, George e 4784 Hillside Av Rich- 
mond Hill LINY 

Otto, Helen Emery pa Whittier Hall; 
834 W Third St Williamsport Pa 

Otto, May e 80 Edgecomb Av 

Ottoni, Laura do Carmo e 546 W 147; 
Sete Lagoas, Minas Geraes, Brazil 
S A 

Otway, Frank S e 420 Franklin St 
Union Hill N J 

Ou, Yuan Hwai ed 528 W 123; 
Hinghwa, Fukien, China; AB South- 
western College, AM Columbia 

Outerbridge, Helen Elizabeth « 49 W 

Outhit, Marion Currie ed Seth Low 
Hall; Aylesford, Nova Scotia; AB 
AM Dalhousie, AM Columbia 

Ovens, Ray e 4058 Ferris St Wood- 
haven N Y 

Overton, Lillian Fawcctt b 554 W 113 
Owen, John Joseph e 7214 Third Av 

Owen, Kenneth Albert e 11 E31 Bklyn 

N Y 
Owen, Mark Nelson e Rahway N J ; 
533 W Second St Hazelton Pa; AB 
Owens, Donald Halliday e 41 Oak- 
wood Av Rye N Y 
Owens, Elizabeth Knapp e 530 W 122; 
77 St Marys Av SE Minneapolis 
Owens, Mayme Dolly pa Whittier Hall ; 
2683 St James Pkway Cleveland 
Owens, Norman c 59 Morris Av Mor- 

ristown N J 
Owens, Sydney Willard c 414 W 121; 

213 E Grace St Richmond Va 
Oxhandler, Rose e 145 W 127 
Pabst, Lillian pa 127 E 95 
Pack, Samuel James c 1871 Seventh 

Packer, Morris Emanuel / 917 Glen- 
more Av Bklyn N Y 
Padilla, Leonardo C gr 548 W 113; 
Hugh Wilson Hall, Manila P I ; AB 
Ohio Wesleyan 
Padron, Maria Teresa pa 245 W 123; 

Bafios 250, Habana, Cuba 
Padwe, Frank e 511 W 112; AB Co- 
Page, Elizabeth Anne gr 2350 Boule- 
vard Jersey City N J ; Pennellvillc 
N Y; AB Syracuse, AM Columbia 
Page, Horatio Alanson Cary c 362 

Riverside Dr 
Page, Lila Helen pa 420 W 119; 239 N 

Grove St Rutland Vt 
Page, William Enoch a 11 16 Amster- 
dam Av ; Haverhill N H 
Paine, Roland bu 419 W 115; Algona 

Paine, Ruth Caroline ed The Deanery 
Amsterdam & no; Apponang R I; 
AB Brown 
Painton, Frederick Charles c Morris 
Hall ; 504 W Hudson St Elmira N Y 
Pairot, Leon e 240 W 102 
Palazotto, Andrew John e 170 Stock- 
holm St Bklyn N Y 
Paley, George I ouia ed -$2 S Second 
St Bklyn N Y; BS C C N Y 



Paley, Henry e 403 Grand St 
Pallister, Mildred Elizabeth ed Free- 
port LINY; Williamson N Y 
Palm, John Adam e 2130 Tiebout Av 
Palme, Marie e 569 Leonard St Bklyn 

N Y 
Palmer, Austin Phelps e 216 Clinton 

Av Bklyn N Y; EE Columbia 
Palmer, Daphne Valeria e 235 W 131 
Palmer, Edith pa Bancroft Hall; 808 

Lincoln Av Middletown Ohio 
Palmer, Ellen Briggs pa Whittier Hall ; 

20 Bassett St Jamestown N Y 
Palmer, George He 119 Hobart Av 

Summit N J 
Palmer, George M e 200 Claremont 

Palmer, Grace M pa 47 E 57 ; Hunt- 
ington Mass 
Palmer, Harold Howe c 401 W 152; 

401 Champlain St Rochester N Y 
Palmer, Helen Marie ed 437 W 117; 

Parkville Mo ; AB Park College 
Palmer, James Justin e 508 W 139; 

LLB ML Yale 
Palmer Jr, Josiah Culbert / 840 Park 

Av; AB Yale 
Palmer, Laura Onalee e 8 Hoyt Av 

Fort Lee N J 
Palmer, Margaret e 600 W 146 
Palmer, Rae M pa Fort Lee N J 
Palmer, Robert Sterling e 600 W 122; 

49 N Ohio Av Columbus Ohio ; AB 

Panaro, Peter Thomas e 353 E 76 
Pando, Ines Dolores e 376 Sixth Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 
Pandolfi, Mattie D e 58 Morningside 

Pangalos, George c 145 W 42; Con- 
Panhorst, Jean ^575 West End Av 
Panhorst, Norman E c College Point 

N Y 
Panick, Fred Lincoln e 521 W 152 
Pannkoke, Otto Herman gr 394 W 

116; BD Union, DD Lenoir College 
Pao, Chun Jien gr 505 W 124; W 

City, Nantung, China 

Papadakis, Philippos E gr 223 W 121 ; 

411 N 14 E Cedar Rapids la; BS 

Coe College 
Pape, Dorothy Ruth e 249 77 St Bklyn 

N Y 
Papert, Kate b 204 Ninth Av 
Papp, George Petz c 150 Franklin Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Paradise, Joseph e 599 Barbey St 

Bklyn N Y 
Paraskevopoulos, Theodore Antonis ed 

Teachers College ; Athens, Greece ; 

PhD Athens University 
Parekh, Shantilalijatray bu 21 Clare- 
mont Av ; 39-41 Apollo St Fort, 

Pargot, Tsidor gr 361 S Fourth St 

Bklyn N Y; AB NY State College 

for Teachers 
Paris, Morris / Tompkins Hall; [73 

Watkins St Bklyn N Y ; AB Michi- 
Parish, Curtis Elmer c 76 Broad St 

Newark N J 
Park, Ann Elizabeth pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Caro Mich; BPd Mich 

State Normal 
Park, Helen Jean e 389 E 16 Bklyn 

N Y 
Park, Howard Macy / 215 Main St 

Cranford N J ; BS Dartmouth 
Park, James C c 558 W 113; Nyack 

N Y 
Park, Joseph H e Port Murry N J ; 

AB Columbia 
Park, Marion McHenry e 239 Central 

Park W ; Greensboro Ga 
Parke, Dorathea e 301 30 St Woodcliff 

N J 
Parke, Nellie Adelaide e 435 W 123; 

107 Jefferson Av Bklyn N Y 
Parker, Arthur Douglas m 27 W 61 ; 

Virginia Beach Va ; BS William and 

Parker, Bessie M pa 68 E Putnam Av 

Greenwich Conn 
Parker, Clarence Goulding e 906 East- 
lake Av Seattle Wash 
Parker, Caroline Remig e 419 Graham 

Av Paterson N J 



Parker, Clifford Stetson gr Hamilton 
Hall; 1 80 Parkway Winchester 
Mass ; AB AM Harvard 

Parker, Dorothy Chard bu Furnald 
Hall; 411 W Gray St Elmira N Y; 
AB Smith 

Parker, Grace Swayze ed ig S Ninth 
Av Mount Vernon N Y ; Woodville 
N Y 

Parker, Julia Tiffany m 898 Madison 

Parker, Lanier Hugh e 56 Morning- 
side Av 

Parker, Maryalice e 900 Summit Av 

Parker, Paul Albert e 509 W 22; 1132 
Second Av Rock Island 111 

Parker, Robert C B ed 137 South St 
Freehold N J 

Parker, Seymour Mortimer e 1845 
Seventh Av 

Parkovitz, Abr e 964 Kelly St 

Parks, George Bruner gr 530 W 123; 
784 St Johns PI Bklyn N Y; AB 
Amherst, AM Columbia 

Parks, (Mrs) Nellie Stoner pa 106 
Morningside Dr ; R R 4 Montgom- 
ery Ala 

Parks, Sarah Rush gr Furnald Hall ; 
2463 Sixth St NW Washington D C ; 
BS Northwestern University, AM 

Parlon, James Henry bu Hartley Hall ; 
Clinton N Y 

Parmenter, Mary Eunice ed Whittier 
Hall; 803 W Market St Lima Ohio; 
AB Wellesley 

Parmet, Albert Abraham e 830 Cauld- 
well Av 

Parnas, Abraham Llarry e 434 W 163 

Parness, Lester e 232 W 135 

Paroz, Viola May pa 509 W 121 ; 637 
Jarvis Av Massillon Ohio 

Parrish, Charles Henry gr 181 W 135; 
847 Sixth St Louisville Ky ; AB 
Howard University 

Parrish, Ruth Lillias pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; 213 Belews St Winston- 
Salem N C; AB BS Salem College 

Parrott, Mrs H R e 59 W 109 ; 333 
Golden Hill Bridgeport Conn 

Parrott, William McDowell e 41 Park 
Row; Falls Church Va 

Parsonnet, Thomas Levine c 134 W 
Kinney St Newark N J 

Parsons, Alfred Joseph e 2 E Second 
St Mount Vernon N Y 

Parsons, Archie Jerome e 181 W 135 

Parsons Jr, George Fish / 410 River- 
side Dr; AB AM Yale 

Partrick, Charles David ed 44 Vista 
Av Elizabeth N J ; BS Columbia 

Partridge, Harry e 154 25 St Elmhurst 
N Y 

Partridge Jr, Mason Harry c 316 W 
95 ; 802 Broadway 

Partridge, M'Liss Aileen b 528 River- 
side Dr 

Partzschefeld, Ernest Rudolf c 2499 
Eighth Av 

Parziale, Frank Augustine e 113 W 11 

Paschkes, Marks Frank c 830 W 179 

Pasckitti, Nunzio Vincent e 82 Court 
St Bklyn N Y 

Pasco, Kathryn Elizabeth e 2473 Sev- 
enth Av; 2 Vila St Boston Mass 

Pascoe, Mary Ellen e 240 Waverly PI 

Pascual, Andres e Methodist Board of 
Foreign Missions 150 Fifth Av ; 
Navotas, Rizal, Philippine Islands 

Pasiytti, John Joseph e 11 54 First 

Di Pasqua, Francesco pa 651 Bergen 

de Pasquale, Consuelo Inez e 2975 
Marion Av ; AB Trinity College 

Pasqualini, Silvio e 330 E 126 

Pastra, John / 8417 89 St Woodhaven 
N Y; BS C C N Y 

Pastrana Jr, Manuel e 45 Jefferson Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Pasvolsky, Valentine c Bergenfield N J 

Patatoff, Abraham c 73 Second Av 

Paterson, Ruth b 438 W 116 

Paton, Helen Grace b Brooks Hall ; 25 
Mill St Lindsay Ontario Canada 

Paton, Helen Grace e Brooks Hall ; 
25 Mill St Lindsay Ontario Canada 

Patrey, Harry Bee e 500 W 122 

Patrick, Jane e 405 W 261 ; 5850 Bel- 
mar Ter Philadelphia Pa 



Patrick, Melissa Bee pa Whittier Hall ; 

Chico Cal 
Patten, Ryder e Livingston Hall ; 

225 Main St Torrington Conn 
Patten, Thomas James c 76 Greene Av 

Bklyn N Y; 182 Alabama St Spar- 
tanburg S C 
Pattenden, Helen Frances b 83 St 

Nicholas PI 
Patterson, Archibald Holly / Jerusalem 

Av Hempstead L I ; AB Syracuse 
Patterson, George Hill m 645 West 

End Av; BS Wisconsin 
Patterson, George William e 511 Fifth 

Av; 320 Fifth St Union Hill N J 
Patterson, Harry Victor e Fifth St 

Bayside L I 
Patterson, Helena May ed Maplewood 

N J; Windham N Y ; BS Columbia 
Patterson, Lawrence Spear e 195 

Broadway; 48 W 127 
Patterson, Louisa pa 1230 Amsterdam 

Av ; Wayland Mass 
Patterson, Robert Leet gr 600 W 122; 

Shields Pa; AB Hamilton 
Pattison, Edward Hargrave / 353 W 

117; 21 Locust Av Troy N Y; AB 

Patton, Mary Frances e 1 20 W 63 
Patz, Charles Arthur e 59 Patchen Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Paufve, Reynold E e 29 Schermerhorn 

St Bklyn N Y 
Paul, Harriet M pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; Brookston Ind 
Paul, James A e 169 First St Troy 

N Y 
Paul, John Maurice e 125 Sherman 

Paul, Ralph Howard e Center Av Fort 

Lee N J 
Pauli, Wolfgang Frederick c Columbia 

University; Morris St Rossville 

S I N Y 
Paulsen, Alice Elizabeth gr Furnald 

Hall; 4196 Park Av ; AB Mount 

Holyoke, AM Columbia 
Paulsen, John James c Gilbertsville Pa 
Paulson, Esther F pa 182 Woodworth 

Av Yonkers N Y 

Pautz, William Carl gr Berea Ohio ; 
AB Northwestern College 

Pavent, Alvah Kibly / Larchmont Gar- 
dens N Y 

Pavey, Ruth Cecil gr 119 W 15; AB 
Mount St Vincent 

Paxton, Anna Calloway ed 509 W 122; 
1018 E Ninth St Ada Okla 

Paxton, Mildred / Furnald Hall; 240 
Hickory St Abilene Tex; AB Sim- 
mons College, AM Texas 

Paylor, Ivey Menrietta ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr; W Market St Greens- 
boro N C; BPd N C State College 
for Women 

Payne, Dorothy Vaughn e 54 W 75 ; 
1 1 27 W Fourth St Williamsport Pa; 
AB Smith 

Payne, Helen pa 509 W 122; BS Kan- 
sas Agric 

Payne, Mary Norvell pa 90 Morning- 
side Dr ; 21 17 Rivermont, Lynchburg 

Payne, Ruth Muir pa 106 Morningside 
Dr; Belton S C ; AB Winthrop 

Payton, Susanne Adele b Brooks Hall ; 
1241 N Kings Highway St Louis Mo 

Pazow, Isidor Leon c 794 Home St 

Peacock, Emma M pa 24 Fulton St 
Weehawken N J ; 50 Bank St Bridge- 
ton N J 

Peacock, Alphild Myrtle pa 605 W 
115; 14 1 4 Broadway Superior Wis 

Pearce, Helen E ed 80 Passaic St 
Hackensack N J ; AB Smith 

Pearce, Samuel Franklin e Gedney 
Farm Country Club White Plains 
N Y 

Pearl, Harry e 161 McKibbin St Bklyn 
N Y 

Pearlman, Alexander Sandy e 1738 
Clay Av 

Pearsall, Arthur R e 141 1 /, Warburton 
Av Yonkers N Y 

Pearson, Caroline gr 40 St Nicholas 
PI; 37 S Spring St Concord N H; 
AB AM Radcliffe 

Pearson, Ebbert e 20 Cortlandt St 
Mount Vernon N Y 

Pearson, Georgia King e 56 Morris St 
Yonkers N Y 



Pearson, Harry Mignot e 2 Fulton St 
Jamaica LINY 

Pearson, John Meredith gr 233 W 48 ; 
AB Dickinson 

Pearson, Madeleine e 17 W 53 

Pearson, Richard Metcal/ gr 40 St 
Nicholas PI; 37 S Spring St Con- 
cord N H; AB Dartmouth 

Pease, Halley Anna gr 1372 Riverside 
Dr; AB Northwestern University 

Pease, Ramona Antisdale £aio6Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 314 Grove St Pludson 

Peaslee, Dorothy Quimby e 47 E 92; 
AB Earlham 

Peavy, Annie Rosalind ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; Byron Ga 

Peavy, Arthur Huguinen e 558 W 113; 
501 Vineville Av Macon Ga 

Peay, Nicholas e Lord & Taylor 38 
and Fifth Av; 258 W 97 

Peck, Evelyn Mary e 122 Main St 
Hackensack N J ; 30 Baynes St 
Buffalo N Y 

Peck, Gustav c 2060 Mapes Av 

Peck, Harvey Whitefield gr 549 Riv- 
erside Dr ; Huntsburg Ohio ; AB 
Oberlin, AM PhD Yale 

Peck, Horace Dudley ed 36 N Way 
Av Corona N Y ; AB Williams, BD 
McCormick Theo Sem 

Peck, Joseph pa 820 E 160 

Peck, Margaret Garnsey e 46 W 93 

Peck Jr, Robert Lee mec 627 W 115; 
The Roxborough Ottawa Ont 

Peck, Samuel Milton m 566 Seventh 
St Bklyn N Y 

Pedevillano, Joseph Rocco c 16 Ex- 
change PI Passaic N J 

Pedlar, William Arthur pa 405 Fourth 
St Bklyn N Y 

Peehl, Carl F e 629 E 233; ME Ste- 

Peel, Marjorie E e 70 N Maple Av 
East Orange N J ; AB Wellesley 

Peer, Andrew Richard e 137 N Park- 
way East Orange N J 

Peet, Alex James e Suffern N Y 

Pegram, (Mrs) Florence B e River- 
dale; AB Wellesley 

Peirson, Myrtle Beryl pa Whittier 
Hall; Glenside Pa 

Pelegrine, John Cornell e 420 E 119 

Pell, Van Dyne e 234 W 122; EM 

Peller, Sadie e S11 Ritter PI 

Pelton, Robert Glasgow / 260 State 
St Lowville, N Y 

Peltz, Florence Estelle e 123 Ithaca 
St Elmhurst LINY 

Pemberton, Grace Olive ed Seth Low 
Hall; 345 Argonne Dr Kirkwood Mo 

Pemble, William Roland c Hartley 
Hall; Stillwater N Y 

Pembleton, Elsa Gertrude e 96 Pleas- 
ant PI Arlington N J 

Pembleton, Elsie Vitting e 12 Hunter 
St Mamaroneck N Y 

Pembleton, Henry Verne e 12 Hunter 
St Mamaroneck N Y; BS Cooper 

Peneharz, Richard I e 662 Alabama 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Pender, Thomas Millison gr 14 Pros- 
pect St South Orange N J ; AB 
Pittsburgh, AM Columbia 

Pendergast, Owen William e Y M C A 
Yonkers N Y; Cold Spring N Y 

Pendery, Frank Shoup e 425 W 124 

Pendlebury, Gordon Steele bu Living- 
ston Hall ; 4 Wyman St Waterbury 

Pendleton, Donald c 275 Hancock St 
Bklyn N Y 

Pendleton, George LeVaughn c 237 
Claremont Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Pendleton, Margaret « in W 190 ; AB 

Penn, Albert Nathaniel c 203 W 102 

Penn, Dorothy gr 421 W 117; Fay- 
ette Mo ; AB BS Missouri 

Penn, John Newton bu 540 W 113; 
Waynesburg Pa 

Penn, Kathrina b Brooks Hall; 218 
Central Av Humboldt Tenn 

Penn, Pei-Hsin William gr Columbia 
University ; AB Idaho, AM Colum- 

Pennell, William Joseph t 63 Hobart 
St Ridgeficld Park N J 

Pennewell, Margaret Anne e 50 W 55 



Pennington, Alfred William c 78 S 11 
Newark N J 

Pennington, Theodore Mills e 501 W 

Pennington, Thomas J ed 123 W 55; 
Fristoe Mo 

Pennisi, Anthony e 487 Broadway 
Bklyn N Y 

Pennock, Emma Brill e 128 25 St Elm- 
hurst LINY; AB Vassar 

Pentz, Herbert Colt c 1285 Dean St 
Bklyn N Y 

Peper, John Lewis c 578 Washington 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Pepling, Peter George e 90 N Straight 
St Paterson N J 

Pepper, Eleanor Gertrude b 2 E 127 

Pepple, Jeane m Hotel Nassau E 59 ; 
219 Frazer St Findlay Ohio 

Peretz, Benjamin e 11 59 52 St Bklyn 
N Y 

Perez, George Otto c Hartley Hall 

Perez, L Sabel pa Whittier Hall; 
Plazuela di San Francisco, Lima, 

Perkins Jr, George Walbridge ed 815 
Park Av ; LittB Princeton 

Perkins, Edward Moreland c Columbia 
University ; St Albans Vt 

Perkins, Grace Margaret e 17 Hubert 
PI New Rochelle N Y 

Perkins, Helen Ludlow e 537 First St 
Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 

Perkins, L D c 2741 Broadway; Car- 
thage Mo 

Perkins, Orman Clarence e 5 Monta- 
gue Ter Bklyn N Y; Leeds Junction 
Me ; AM Bates, AM Columbia 

Perkins, Osborn Poor m 828 St Nich- 
olas Av 

Perkinson, Lawrence Cowlin e 100 E 

Perkinson, Lewis Clarence e 1 1 1 E 

Perla, David m 579 Hancock St Bklyn 
N Y 

Perlin, Henry e 1766 Washington Av ; 

Perlin, Marie e 50 Morningside Av 

Perlman, Louis e 299 Georgia Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Perlow, Sam'l c 827 Manida St 

Perlstein, Edith e 1845 Seventh Av 

Pernice, Joseph c 387 First Av 

Perrella, Alfred e 358 W 23 

Perrier, Joseph Louis gr Hamilton 
Hall; 352 W 115; BesL Univ of 
Montpelier, AM PhD Columbia 

Perrotta, John Frank e 53 MacDougal 

Perry, Edna Elizabeth ? 44 S High- 
land Av Ossining N Y 

Perry, Frederick Courtlandt e 42 Voor- 
his Av Nyack N Y 

Perry, Irene e 106 Morningside Dr; 
403 E Orange St Gainesville Fla 

Perry, Mrs James W e 380 Riverside 

Perry, Leo c 763 Eastern Pkway Bklyn 
N Y 

Perry, Louise e Seth Low Hall ; North 
Troy N Y 

Perry, Louise Fonda pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr; North Troy N Y 

Perry, (Mrs) Mildred pa 537 W 123; 
085 Virginia Park Detroit Mich 

Perry, Russell Elvin mec 1145 84 St 
Bklyn N Y 

Person, Joseph Daniel ed High School 
Rahway N J ; PhB Lafayette 

Pertzoff, Constantine Alexander a 74 
Madison Av Jersey City N J 

Pesez, Andre c Livingston Hall ; 20 
Montcalm St Glens Falls N Y 

Peskowitz, Sol mec 585 Sixth St Bklyn 
N Y; AB Columbia 

Peter, Mrs Herbert e 37 Brunswick 
St Newark N J 

Peter, Werner Benedict e 157 Third 
Av Newark N J 

Peterman, Robt Ellsworth ed Hicks- 
ville N Y ; AB Pennsylvania College 

Peters, Adele Cordelia ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 3910 W 33 Cleveland 

Peters, (Mrs) Alice Russell pa 78 W 

Peters, Alonzo Gaines ed 953 Grove 

St Elizabeth N J 
Peters, Charles Caeps bu 633 W 115; 

15 and Manor Avs McKeesport Pa 



Peters, Derek Charles Carr e 29 W 
42; 17 Chamberlain St New Haven 

Peters, Donovan O e 55 W 44 ; AB 
JD California 

Peters, Flora N f 165 Lexington Av 
Passaic N J ; North Truro Mass 

Peters, Florence pa Whittier Hall ; 
118 W Main St North East Pa 

Peters, Isabel Mercein gr 6 E 69 ; AB 
Bryn Mawr 

Peters, Lavinia Marie e 112 Manhat- 
tan St; Elm St and Terrace Av 
Maywood N J 

Peters, Mabel Irwin b 151 7 Lurting 
Av; Larchmont N Y 

Peters, Margaret Elizabeth pa 261 E 

Peters, Marion Emilia b Brooks Hall ; 
Farmingdale LINY 

Peters, Selma Marie ed Madison Mon- 
roe Sch Elizabeth N J ; 953 Grove 
St Elizabeth N J ; AB Adelphi, AM 

Peters, William Henry pa 184 Rose- 
dale Av Hastings-on-Hudson N Y ; 
N Broad St Bloomfield N J 

Petersdorf, Sanford e 9 Park PI; 618 
W 187 

Petersen, Clara Cecilia e 150 Gordon 
St Perth AmboyNJ; AB Randolph- 

Peterson, Alice Olive b 248 Fillmore 
St New Brighton N Y 

Peterson, Amanda L e 463 Central 
Park W 

Peterson, Curtiss A e 384 E 193; BS 

Peterson, Edwin Eanes c 540 W 113; 
217 N Mont Clair Dallas Tex 

Peterson, Elise Eliza ed 620 W 122; 
247 N Main St Logan Utah 

Peterson, Emily Louise ed 7 Gramercy 
Park; Jagraon, Punjab, India 

Peterson, Harold Graff e 722 E 234 

Peterson, Houston gr Hartley Hall ; 
715 Berendo St Los Angeles Cal ; 
AB Pomona College, AM Columbia 

Peterson, Leon Adam e 34-36 W 129 

Peterson, Merwin Oscar c 608 W 113; 
485 Stanley St New Britain Conn 

Peterson, Merwin Oscar c 608 W 113; 

485 Stanley St New Britain Conn 
Peterson, Mildred Claire b 564 56 

Bklyn N Y 
Petre, Joseph mec 425 W 118; 5 Quai 
Marie Louise, Andenaerdh, Belgium ; 
CE Louvain 
Petri, Emilie Nanette b Irvington-on- 

Hudson N Y 
Petrick, Peter Arthur £ 421 S Sec- 
ond Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Petrie, Beatrice G e 605 W 156 
Petrie, Kelly Thompson e 380 River- 
side Dr 
Petrilli, Raphael Andrew e St Luke's 

Petrovitch, Ilija Mihajlo gr 701 Madi- 
son Av ; Belgrade, Serbia 
Petruzzi, Hugo Richard c Pondfield 

Rd W Bronxville N Y 
Petruzzi, William Albert c Pondfield 

Rd W Yonkers N Y 
Petschek, Walter John mec 639 Pros- 
pect Av; BS Columbia 
Pett Jr, Imer Arnold c 440 Riverside 
Dr; 629 E Ninth St South Salt 
Lake City Utah 
Pett, Lewis Earl c 440 Riverside Dr ; 

Brigham City Utah 
Pettengill, Beatrice Marion pa Whit- 
tier Hall; 25 Riverview Av Ruther- 
ford N J 
Pettersson, Jens Fredrik e 230 St 

Marks PI New Brighton S I N Y 
Pettett, John Thomas e 1012 Summit 

Pettiford, Marion John pa 203 W 100 
Pettit, Alfred M e 45 W 76 
Pettit, Arthur Edwin / 531 W 113; 

Stuttgart Ark ; AB Columbia 
Peyrek, Theodore Ralph e 400 Centre 

St Carlstadt N J 
Peyser, Theresa gr 460 E 141 ; AB 

Pfaltz, Albert c 222 Madison Av 
Pfitzner, Annie Elizabeth cd 239 W 

69 ; Sydney Australia 
Pfitzner, Charles Philip c 331 Under- 

cliff Av Edgewater N J 
Pfost, Gustav Jacob a River Edge N J 



Pfreundschuh, Margaret Dorothy e 19 

Clinton PI Newark N J 
Phelan, Peggy A e 18 South St New- 
ark N J 
Phelps, Charlotte Vose b Brooks Hall; 

5 W Miller St Newark N J 
Phelps, Daisy gr 411 West End Av; 

41 Calhoun St West Point Miss; 

AB Miss State Coll 
Phelps, Eleanor Mix b 244 W 103 
Phelps, Gordon Winfield / Livingston 

Hall; 188 E Main St North Adams 

Mass ; AB Columbia 
Philbrick Jr, John Alden bit 375 Park 

Philip, Eva Van Duyne ed 93 Centre 

St Nutley N J 
Philips, Emily e 405 E 70 
Philips, Jack e 251 W 87 
Philippson, Jerome Sanford e 143 1 

Madison Av 
Philipson, Raphael gr 1044 Bryant 

Av; AB C C N Y 
Phillips, Anne pa Whittier Hall; 831 

Rural Av Williamsport Pa 
Phillips, Cora Anna e 548 W 113; 

Kosciusko Miss 
Phillips, Elizabeth Vincentine e 91x6 

Fifth Ave Bklyn N Y; Weyerhauser 

Phillips, Florence Kathryn pa 503 W 

Phillips, Florence Lydia ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr; 136 Evergreen PI East 

Orange N J 
Phillips, G Marjorie b 35 Riverside 

Phillips, Harold Cooke ed 600 W 122 ; 

Petersfield, Jamaica B W I; AB 

Phillips, Joe bu Bowling Green Ky 
Phillips, Louis Morris e 878 E 176; 

LLB Fordham 
Phillips, Mabel Vienna ed 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr; Bloomfield Ind ; AB 

Phillips, Paul Christopher ed 525 W 

123; 109 Broad St Salisbury Md; 

AB Western Maryland 

Phillips, Paul Lange c 84 St James 

PI Bklyn N Y; 703 Walnut St 

Roselle Park N J 
Phillips, Robert Fletcher / 622 Hills- 

boro St Raleigh N C 
Phinney, Charlotte Elizabeth e 52 

Carleton St East Orange N J ; AB 

Boston University 
Phoebus, Etta D e 1569 W Third St 

Bklyn N Y 
Pichel, Margaret e 600 W 183; AB 

Picabia, Marie Martinez e 16 E 93 
Picken, William Samuel ed 300 Stuy- 

vesant Av Bklyn N Y 
Pickens, Lila Gwynne e 514 W 114; 

PdB Albany Normal College 
Picker, Lawrence Fred c 771 West 

End Av 
Pickering, James Sayre c 627 W 115; 

171 So Burnett St East Orange N J 
Pickett, Kathryn E e 424 W 119; 

Crawfordsville Ind 
Pickhardt, Phyllis Marie b 43 Sixth 

St N Pelham N Y 
Pidgeon, Marjorie Everett pa 260 

Lawton Av ; Grantwood N J 
Pierce, Edward Tennant / Hawthorne 

N Y 
Pierce, (Mrs) Edythe G e 167 W 72 
Pierce, Elma e 529 W 144 
Pierce, Estelle Mary e 65 1 S Green- 
wich Av Greenwich Conn 
Pierce, Fannie Lucinda ed Miss Beard's 

School Orange N J; 121 W Lovell 

Kalamazoo Mich 
Pierce, Helen e 529 W 144 
Pierce, (Rev) Henry Kingsbury gr 

145 W 46; BL Dartmouth 
Pierce, Walter Hubbard e Hotel Bel- 
mont ; Washington PI Meriden 

Pierpoint, Chauncey Eustace e 236 E 

197; Oakland Beach R I 
Pierson, Harriet Davison pa Whittier 

Hall; 560 Iroquois Av Detroit Mich 
Pierson, Lillian Brown e 200 W 137 
Pierson, Sterling c 127 Herkimer St 

Bklyn N Y 
Pietaro, Michael James c 338 Degraw 

St Bklyn N Y 



Pietri, Raul e ioo W no; Ponce P R 

Pietsch, Andrew Jackson ed 59 Fair- 
view Av North Plainfield N J ; PhB 
AM Illinois Wesleyan, LLD Mary- 

Pike, Harry Wardell e 420 W 121 
Osceola Nebr; BS Nebraska 

Pike, Minna Estelle e 60 St Nicholas 

Pike, Myles Edward e 575 W 172 

Pilch, Henry Wilde c 55 Green Vil- 
lage Rd Madison N J 

Pill, Edward / 322 W 108 

Pilpel, Ruth Helen b 485 Central Park 

Pillsbury, Horace Watts mec 138 
Haven Av ; 1501 Arch St Berkeley 

Pimsler, Solomon c n 14 Forest Av 

Pinchinson, George Henry c Hartley 
Hall; 1940 Richmond Ter Port 
Richmond S I N Y 

Pinckney, Sallie Mellette gr 135 E 
52; 705 251^ St West; AB Univ of 

Pincus, Harry Elwin e 924 West End 

Pincus, Joseph m 261 Riverdale Av 
Bklyn N Y; BS C C N Y 

Pincus, Mary b 177 Hooper St Bklyn 
N Y 

Pindar, Arthur William m 11 00 Bloom- 
field St Hoboken N J 

Pindar, Magdalena Lehman b 510 W 

Pinder, Leona Alma pa 401 York St 
Jersey City N J 

Pine, Louis gr 64 Washington St ; 
BS Brooklyn Polytechnic, AM Co- 

Pine, Meyer c 205 E Fifth St 

Pineda, Emilio Rosendo gr 500 W 
122; AB Harvard 

Pingpank, William A e 413 Bleecker 

Pinkus, Leo Julius / 352 W 117 

Pinney, George Edward Scott e 1252 
Dean St Bklyn N Y 

Pinney, LeRoy W e 30 Church St ; 
Arlington N J 

Pinski, Henry mec 773 Beck St; BS 

Pinsky, Abraham c 63 Seventh Av 

Pintov, Israel c 339 S Third St Bklyn 
N Y 

Piper, Helen K ed Teachers College ; 
Newcastle Me 

Piper, Mrs Jean Wolcott / Furnald 
Hall; 862 Ferry Park Av Detroit 

Pirazzini, Mabelle Esther b 40 Bed- 
ford Park Blvd 

Pisek, Barbara Vincent pa 26 E 64 

Pitkin, Horace Collins m Robert Ful- 
ton Hotel; Mill Valley Cal 

Pittman, Margaret Helen e 368 W 

Pittman, Marion Summers ed Ban- 
croft Hall; New Iberia La; AB 
Millsops College, AM University of 

Pitz, Louise Mary pa 509 W ui; 
1035 Diversey Pkway Chicago 111 

Piza, E Aimee e 736 West End Av 

Pizza, Phillip e Pearl St Woodhaven 
N Y 

Pizzi, Frederick A P c 180 Reid Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Plank, Laurence Robbins e 600 W 
122; 2831 Jefferson St Duluth 
Minn; AB U of N D, AM Co- 
lumbia, STB Andover Theol Sem 

Plante, Amos Alex c Hartley Hall ; 
Mooers Forks N Y 

Piatt, Annette gr 210 W no; BS 

Piatt, Collier / 535 Park Av ; AB Yale 

Piatt, Elizabeth Towar e 418 W 118; 
228 N Laurel St Hazelton Pa 

Piatt, Frank Walter e 860 Hart St 
Bklyn N Y 

Piatt, Helen Ilillyer pa Whittier Hall; 
Freeport N Y 

Piatt, Marie Starbuck e Mendham 
N J ; Nantucket Mass 

Piatt, Virginia Ely pa St Luke's Hos- 
pital; 228 N Laurel St Hazelton 

Piatt, Washington gr 614 W 113; 
802 Cathedral St Baltimore Md ; 
PhB Yale 



Piatt, William a 135 E 66 ; AB Har- 
Plaut, Abraham Lincoln e 143 Beach 

61 Arverne N Y 
Plaut, Herbert c 310 Convent Av 
Pleasants, Bessie Louise pa 503 W 

121 ; 914 So Ainsworth Av Tacoma 

Wash ; AB College of Puget Sound 

Tacoma Wash 
Pleasants, Samuel Augustus e 250 88 St 

Bklyn N Y 
Plein, Leo N mec Tuckahoe N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Pleis, Ethel Araminta e 1 Farrandale 

Av Bloomfield N J 
Pless, Helen b 789 West End Av 
Plohr, Henry William e 1268 Grant 

Av ; BS in Civil Eng Cooper Union 
Plomer, Cyril Donald ed Madison N 

J; AB AM University of Allahabad 

India, BD Drew Seminary 
Plotz, Moses c 1722 Madison Av 
Plumb, Helen Taylor ed 11 West 37; 

129 Washington Av Bridgeport Conn 
Plumo, Kenneth William bu 550 W 

JI 4J 530 Riverside Dr 
Plumb, Margaret Grant gr 149 E 39; 

AB Hunter College, MA New York 

Plumb, Robert H ed Briarcliff Manor 

N Y; AB Hamilton 
Plummer, Ethel Virginia e Furnald 

Hall; 27 East Eaton St Bridgeport 

Plummer, William C e 1575 Grand 

Plympton, Geo Franklin / 117 Clinton 

PI Hackensack N J ; LittB Princeton 
Podgorsek, Dusan c 316 W 117 
Podiye, Joseph e 520 W 139; LLD 

University of Zagree 
Poehlandt, Louise Marie e 872 nth Av 

Astoria LINY 
Poehlman, Fred e 195 9th Av Astoria 

Pogenburg, Elsie Marie e 1125 An- 
drews Av 
Pohly, Nathan e 320 W 86 
Poindexter, Everton Gentry bu Box 368 

Honolulu T H 
Polachek, Zoltan H e 11 33 Broadway 

Polakoff, Tack e 208 W 54 

Polan, Irving £ 91 Av A 

Polglase, William e 329 77th Bklyn N 

Y; LLB Fordham 
Polhemus, Addie e Franklin Pk N J 
Polhemus, Donald White e Nyack N Y 
Polhemus, Frederick Suydam / 69 

Washington St Newark N J ; AB 

Polhemus, Kenneth c 554 E 141 
Poliakin, George c 251 W 112 
Polis, Elias e 36 St Johns PI Stam- 
ford Conn 
Polis, Max Mordecai e 36 St John PI 

Stamford Conn 
Polizzotti, Joseph Louis e 331 Clay St 

Paterson N J 
Polk, Aaron c 13 W 64 
Polk, Charles James c Beta Sigma Rho 

House; 54 16th Av Newark N J 
Polk, Martin Leo e 190 1 Lexington Av 
Polk, Mary Tasker pa Whittier Hall; 

Warrenton N C 
Pollack, Benjamin c 322 W 101 
Pollack, Harry L bu 322 W 101 
Pollack, Michael 1» 709 E Ninth St 
Pollack, Philip e Morris Hall; 911 Jef- 
ferson Av Bklyn N Y 
Pollack, William Morris c 571 Howard 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Pollak, Elsie pa 323 W 83 
Pollak, Marion Heilprin b 135 W 87; 

AB Columbia 
Pollard, Leona Marion e 114 Madison 

Av Elizabeth N J 
Pollard, Robert Sabin / Fairmont Av 

Chatham N J 
Polley, Thomas Willfred e 140 W 96 

c/o Racka 
Polonsky, Anna e 270 Riverside Dr 
Pomerants, Julius c 277 W 117; Spring 

Valley N Y 
Pommier, Andree Marie e 509-515 W 

121 ; 27 rue Jolie Clermont Ferrand 

France; AB University (Clermont 

Pomper, Isadore c 205 Schermerhorn 

St BkTyn N Y 
Pond, William Hart c 208 W 84 



Pontius, Eunice E e 525 W 47 

Poole, Allyn Goodman c Livingston 
Hall ; 2906 Woodburn Av Cincinnati 

Poole, Marjorie ed 174 E 71 

Poole, Monroe V e 442 Broadway Long 
Branch N J 

Pooler, Louis Gordon gr Fayerweather 
Hall; Tuxedo Park N Y ; AB Col- 

Pope, Clifford Anderson e 118 Tenafly 
Rd Englewood N J 

Pope, Darwin Jesse mec 130 Claremont 
Av; 3214 Newark St N W Washing- 
ton D C; AB George Washington 

Popkin, Jack Barnett e 782 Prospect Av 

Popkin, Leonel Seligman / Hartley 
Hall ; Franklin La ; AB Columbia 

Popolow, Julius c 473 Hancock St Bklyn 
N Y 

Popovich, Theodore m 207 E 19 

Poppen, Charles e Morris Hall ; 426 
Greene Av Bklyn N Y 

Popper, Louis Emil c 1242 Madison Av 

Popper, Stephen Jr bu 521 W 123; 866 
Mulberry St Macon Ga; AB Georgia 

Popplestone, John c Livingston Hall; 
124 Morris St Halifax N S Can 

Porfilio, Fred Michael / 2338 Beaumont 

Porges, Elsie e 545 Win 

Poris, Max Mandel ed 159 E 103; AB 
C C N Y 

Porske, Norman Joseph c 1506 Av U 
Bklyn N Y 

Port, Joseph e 1652 St Marks Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Porte, Raphael c 203 Corona Av Cor- 
ona L I N Y 

Porter, Agnes Sheffield b 320 W 107; 
Pen-y-bryn Pomfret Conn 

Porter, Agnes Sheffield e 320 W 107; 
Pomfret Conn 

Porter, Alice Geraldine e 171 E 90 

Porter, Bernice e 905 N Seventh St 
Steubenville O; BS Wilberforce Col- 

Porter, Dorothea e Riverdale N Y c/o 
Dwight James Baum ; 1414 Irving 
St Washington D C 

Porter, Edna Lewis b 220 W in 

Porter, Elizabeth e 163 W 80 

Porter, Hoyt Echois gr West Side Y 
M C A; 316 Carr St Fulton Ky; AB 
Mississippi College, TLM So Bap 
Theo Sem 

Porter, Josephine Earl e 866 West End 
Av ; Pomfret Conn 

Porter, Leroy V e 466 Lexington Av ; 
1436 Woodward Av Lakewood O 

Porter, Marguerite Adeline e 656 St 
Nicholas Av 

Porter, Martha Peck ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr; Sodus N Y 

Porter, Ruth Gildersleeve e 408 Man- 
hattan Av ; AB Wellesley 

Porterfield, James Knox Taylor bu 210 
W 44; 513 Summit Av St Paul Minn 

Portner, William Jefferson e 2043 Cres- 
ton Av 

Portz, Ruth Elizabeth pa Whittier Hall ; 
361 Beech St Arlington N J 

Posen, Anna e 858 Cauldwell Av 

Poskanzer, Samuel Irving c 159 E 102; 
7 Morton Av Albany N Y 

Posner, Adolph bu 30 W 112; 22 Can- 
ton St Hartford Conn 

Pospisil, Emil Joseph e 11 18 Findlay 

Poss, David e 4 W 117 

Post, Edgar Newell e 840 8th Av 

Post, Esther Mary ed 993 Chancellor 
Av Irvington N J 

Post, Irene Anna e 150 Manhattan Av 

Post, Idabelle pa 21 W Broad St Cuya- 
hoga Falls O 

Post, James Byers e 28 Burling SI; 211 
W 79; BS Hobart 

Post, Joseph Earle e 849 1st Av 

Post, Loring Whiting / Livingston Hall ; 
210 S Ashland Blvd Chicago 111; AB 

Pott, Mary Louise b 304 W 99 

Pottenger, Julia Lee e 533 W 112; 417 
W 10 Oklahoma City Okla 

Potter, Alexander Oberlander gr 79 
Christopher St ; 22 W Weber St Kit- 
chener Ont Can; BS, AM Pennsyl- 
vania College 

Potter, Elcanorc Mary e Westchester 
N Y 



Potter, Horatio mec 4021 Washington 

Av St Louis Mo ; AB Yale 
Potter, Isabel Mae e 679 Mt Prospect 

Av Newark N J 
Potter, Jesse e 21 Claremont Av 
Potter, Leland Ross e c/o Y M C A 

419 Main St Orange N J ; Orient L I 

N Y 
Potter, Mark Louis c 500 W 114 
Potter, Ralph Kimball mec 100 Cathe- 
dral Pkway ; 918 Chelan Av Spokane 

Wash; BS Whitman College 
Poucher, Elizabeth Morris ed 50 W 45 ; 

Wilmington Del ; AB Vassar 
Potter, Russell Franklyn c 428 Fifth 

St Bklyn N Y 
Poull, Louise Elizabeth ed Children's 

Hospital Randall's Island; 504 N 

Ruby St Ellensburg Wash; BS, MA 

Povlin, Sheppard Saul e 100 E 89 
Povlsen, Paul Kristian mec 439 Ninth 

St Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Powell, Charlotte Elizabeth e 527 W 

Powell, Clara Josephine ed 328 Jackson 

Av; AB Hunter 
Powell, Ernest Alfred e 202 W 118 c/o 

Greene; 1201 Townsend Av New 

Haven Conn 
Powell, Isidora e 35 W 81 
Powell, Isadora Netta pa 160 Waverly 

PI; 16 Watson Av Newark N J 
Powell, Junius Bishop bu 536 W 114; 

Roxobel N C 
Powell, Marion Hyes pa 35 W 81 
Powell, Nancy Huff gr 106 Morning- 
side Dr; White Plains Va ; AM Col- 
umbia, AM South Carolina 
Powell, Robert Monroe e 378 Central 

Pk W 
Powell, Webster Clay e 215 W 100; 

AB Williams 
Powers, Edith Hooper e 541 E 78 ; 7 

High St Marblehead Mass 
Powers, Lila Katherine pa Whittier 

Hall ; 423 Spruce St Bristol Tenn ; 

AB Virginia Intermont College 
Powers, Lulu Knox ed 23 Park Av ; AB 

Alabama, AM Columbia 

Powers, Maria Wood gr 411 West End 
Av; Louisville Miss; AB Mississippi 
State College for Women 

Fowers, Mary Elizabeth pa Whittier 
Hall ; 423 Spruce St Bristol Tenn ; 
AA Virginia Intermont College 

Powers, Mary Isabel e 163 Milton St 
Bklyn N Y 

Powles, Marion Denton pa 414 W 120; 
2 Glenada PI Bklyn N Y 

Powlison, Keith Eon c 346 W 57 ; 455 
Lemon St Riverside Cal 

Praed, Marion A e 80 Passaic St Hack- 
ensack N J ; 944 W Sixth St Plain- 
field N J ; AB Swarthmore 

Prager, Robert Geza c 472 West End 

Prager, Sigmund Francis e 695 E 137 

Prager, William e 695 E 137 

Prather, O C ed Hendersonville N C 

Pratt, Dorothy e 607 Hudson St; Beau- 
mont Cal 

Pratt, Elizabeth Fisher (Mrs) ed 40 
Irving PI; 1164 W Water St Elmira 
X Y; AB Elmira College 

Pratt, Ernest Robt Isaac gr Fayer- 
weather Hall; Stettsville Ont ; AB 
AM Toronto 

Pratt, Frank Anthony e 1208 Franklin 

Pratt, Kenneth Sickles c 522 54th 
Bklyn N Y 

Pratt, Laura Beaumont pa 100 W no; 

Pratt, Ruth Van Nest ed 23 Walnut 
Ter Bloomfield N J 

Praus, Henry Frank c 554 1st Av As- 
toria LINY 

Pray, Margaret e Halesite L I ; 409 
Grand Av Bklyn N Y 

Pray, Sophie Augusta e 2039 Washing- 
ton Av 

Preisman, Albert c 613 Baker Av 

Prenn, Samuel B pa 250 W 108; 188 
Tompkins Av Bklyn N Y 

Prentiss, Guernsey Davenport c Croton- 
on-Hudson N Y 

Prentiss, Lillian ed 340 W 85 ; Iowa 
City la; AB Iowa State 

Presdee, David Evan e 327 Lenox Av 

Preston, Agnes Areen tf 3115 Broadway 

Preston, Evelyn b 903 Park Av 



Preston, Gerald Frank e c/o Mrs 
Church 107 W 119; 50 Park St Bur- 
lington Vt 

Preston, Henrietta Martha e 430 Cum- 
berland St Bklyn N Y 

Pretch, Howard e 103 Vanderbilt St 
Bklyn N Y 

Preu, Bradford e 192 Nagle Av 

Prey, Nona Doris e 501 W in 

Pribnow, Henriette Anna Marie ed 106 
Morningside Dr ; Mellen Wis; BS 

Price, Allan Murray e 70 Broad St ; 329 
Adephi St Bklyn N Y; AB Yale 

Price, Arthur Barnard e 165 Broadway; 
534 N Y Av Westfield N J 

Price, Clara Rebecca e 10 Sherman Ay 

Price, Donald e c/o A W Lenderoth 
396 St Paul Av S I N Y ; Fort Wash- 
ington Pa 

Price, Inez e Manhattan State Hosp 
Wards Island N Y 

Price, Ora Othello (Miss) e 58 W 72 

Price, William G F e 1264 Amsterdam 
Av; BS C C N Y 

Pride, Christine Elizabeth e Roslyn L I 
N Y 

Priluker, Maybelle e 244 W 99 

Prime, Nathaniel Scudder e 63 Haw- 
thorne Av Yonkers N Y 

Prince, Helen Claire b Brooks Hall ; 
Wildcliff New Rochelle N Y 

Prince, Madeleine Ethel e 601 W 174 

Prince, Ruth b John Jay Hall; Wild- 
cliff New Rochelle N Y 

Pringle, Margaret Dalziel e 544 W 114; 
615 Prospect Av Milwaukee Wis 

Probst, Leonard c 55 St Marks PI 

Procter, William gr 375 Park Av ; PhB 

Proctor, Edward Ross Jr m 540 W 163 

Proctor, Elizabeth Hanford e 506 W 

Proctor, Harriet Davis gr 1320 Fulton 
Av; AB Bates 

Proebstel, Lester ed 414 W 121 ; AB 
Williamette Univ 

1'roffitt, Charles G gr Livingston Hall ; 
The Rectory Garnerville N Y ; AB 

Profhtt, Henry Walton / Livingston 

Hall ; Garnerville Rockland Co N Y ; 

AB Columbia 
Profke, William e 386 Park Av 
Propheter, Fred Jack e 88 St Nicholas 

Prosea, Ruth Aida e 287 Edgecomb Av 
Prosser, Roger / Livingston Hall; 324 

Front St Minersville Pa; PhB Lafay- 
Prosser, Roger Derby c 429 W 117; 

Chestnut St Englewood N J 
Protter, Benjamin e 1267 Lincoln PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Prout, William Breen m 23 Justice St 

Elmhurst L I N Y; 140 School St 

Webster Mass ; AB Holy Cross 
Pruitt, Grace Lockhart b 64 Elliot At 

Yonkers N Y 
Pruser, Charles Theodore e 497 E 138 
Prusslin, Isabelle e 253 Marcy At 

Bklyn N Y 
Publes, Harriet Frances b Brooks Hall ; 

408 N Jefferson St Athens Ala 
Puck, Thekla gr 41 E 72 ; AM Colum- 
Pugh, Anne Reese gr Furnald Hall ; 

Wells College Aurora N Y ; AB, AM 

Pugh, John Hammett gr 243 W 12; AB 

Puglisi, Anthony S e 1660 81st Bklyn 

N Y 
Puig, Valentin Lawrence Jr c Hartley 

Hall; 915 Zaragoza St Laredo Tex 
Pulleyn, Robert c 608 W 113; 302 W 

Purcell, Charles Joseph e 18 Vroom St 

Jersey City N J 
Purdy, Agnes Lillian e 537 W 121 ; 451 

E 18 St N Portland Ore 
Purdy, Caroline Hall e Hotel Martha 

Purdy, Charles McMorris c Morris 

Hall; 537 W 121 
Purely, Eva Thomson e Chatham Hotel ; 

c/o Guaranty Trust Co 
Purdy, Fred Roddloff e 601 W 181 ; 

2032 Eddy St Davenport la 
Purdy, Harry Fail Jr c 594 Park Av 

Ext Yonkers N V 



Purdy, Raymond Harry e 421 W 57; 
821 Hart St Vincennes Ind; BS Illi- 

Purdy, Willard Elliott e 232 Bedford 
Rd Pleasantville N J 

Puri, Prithi Raj e Young India 1400 
Broadway ; 34 Nishet Rd Lahore 

Purinton, Angie Lois ed 33 Central Pk 
W; Topsham Me; AB Bates 

Purmal, Karl e 1060 Kelly St 

Pushin, Nettie N ;' 605 W 115; Bowl- 
ing Green Ky 

Pushman, Arsens Shaljian e 27 E 62 

Putnam, Annie Laura e 5 Vinall Ct 
Tarrytown N Y ; Cambridge Vt 

Putnam, Elisabeth Whitney e c/o Bank- 
ers Trust Co ; AB Vassar 

Putnam, Modena Blanche pa Whittier 
Hall; 310 Cayuga St Fulton N Y 

Putong, Cecilio ed 415 W 115; Tagbil- 
aron Bohol P I ; BS Western Illinois 
St Normal 

Pyle, Eloise pa Whittier Hall ; 678 Ber- 
gen Av Jersey City N J 

Pyatt, Kenneth Randolph e 574 West 
End Av 

Pyle, Robert James c 125 Franklin Av 
Mt v ernon N Y 

Pyne, H Rivington gr 73 Park Av ; Pea- 
pack N J; AB Princeton, AM Col- 

Quarles, Donald Aubrey gr Bergen 
Bldg Englewood N J ; AB Yale 

Quat, Arnold mec 302 S 6th Av Mt 
Vernon N Y ; AB Columbia 

Quazza, Sylvia Gwendolyn e 408 16th 
West New York N J 

Quigley, Frank Vincent e 1303 Lexing- 
ton Av 

Quillen, Claude C cd Bancroft Hall; 
Jellico Tenn ; AB Emory & Henry 

Quilligan, Maurice Joseph e 320 W 108; 
22 Irving St Hartford Conn 

Quimby, Ernest Scott e 244 E 86 ; AB 
Wesleyan, AM New York 

Quimby, Shirley Leon gr Fayerweather 
Hall; AB California 

Quinlan, Katherine Marie e 866 West 
End Av; 69 Depot St Dalton Mass 

Quinn, Charles Dunaway in 100 W 71 ; 

123 Seward St Thomasville Ga; BS 

Quinn, Donald Joseph e 23 W 87 
Quinn, John Ashton £ 221 Sherman Av 
Quinn, Mary Gertrude gr 538 47th 

Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 
Quinn, Mary Margaret e 605 W 115; 

10 Linden St Northampton Mass 
Quinn, Munsey Joseph e c/o American 

Law Book Co 272 Flatbush Av Ext 
. Bklyn NY; 183 6th Av Bklyn N Y; 

LLB Boston Univ 
Quint, Ethel e 9 W no 
Quintard, Dorothy pa 1230 Amsterdam 

Av ; Stamford Conn; BS Columbia 
Quintero, Manuel Lisandro c 154 W 

Quirk, Bessie North e 41 "W 82 
Quisumbing, Francisco gr 370 W 120; 

Los Barros Laguna P I ; BAgr, MS 

Univ of the Philippines 
Rabbach, Rose pa 950 Aldus St 
Rabe, Edith Meiners pa 15 W 67 
Rabin, Coleman Berley m 332 E 17; 

BS Columbia 
Rabinoff, Clara Mollie e 62 E 123 
Rabinowitz, Ben-Zion Alexander e 251 

W Palisade Av Englewood N J ; AB 

New York, AM Columbia 
Rabinowitz, Bernard e 66 E 93 ; 218 2d 

Av Bradley Beach N J 
Rabinowitz, Harry e 119 Henry St 
Rabinovitz, Helen Pauline e 560 W 165 
Rabinowitz, Henry c 128 E 86 
Rabold, Theresa Frances pa 67 Haux- 

hurst Av Weehawken N J 
Race, Marian Nicholson e 253 Lafay- 
ette Av Passaic N J ; 402 Bellinger 

Av Herkimer N Y ; AB St Lawrence 

Race, Oscar McClelland c 89 Boyd St 

Stapleton N Y 
Rackle, Mary Louise e 524 W 122; 410 

Pierce St San Francisco Cal 
Rackow, Mackey / Spring Valley N Y; 

AB Cornell 
Rackow, Ruth e Spring Valley N Y 
Rader, Milton Joseph c 10 11 Gates Av 

Bklyn N Y 



Radigan, Peter Michael e 1140 Broad- 
way; 523 Hudson St 

Radin, George c 437 Manhattan Av ; 87 
Arlington St Newark N J 

Radin, Leon Irving c 432 Essex St 
Bklyn N Y 

Radcliffe, Paul Rodney ed Nutley N J; 
AB Maryville College 

Raegner, Louis Christian Jr / no 
Morningside Dr 

Rafalowitz, Rose e 1484 Hoe Av 

Rafarsky, Marcella Mildred pa 596 
Riverside Dr 

Raffelock, David e 416 W 118; 428 N 
16th St St Joseph Mo 

Rafferty, Edward J e 424 W 33 c/o 
Imperial Eng Co 

Rafsky, Mabel Helen pa 450 W 149 

Raftery, Chas A e 11 05 Jefferson Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Ragains, Winifred Jeanette b 880 W 
181 ; Salem Ind 

Ragovin, Hannah e 555 W 151 

Rai, Amrit gr 1400 Broadway; 12 Court 
St Lahore India ; AB Bengal Univ 

Raia, Antoinette b 607 3d Av 

Raibourn, Paul Albert gr 1 1 W 69th ; 
BS Illinois 

Rain, Burton Lorenz bu 85 Hanson PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Raines, Leonora (Mrs) e 604 W 191 

Raker, William Wesley ed 417 W 120; 
Montgomery Pa ; BS Bucknell 

Rakosy, John Alexander e 331 E 80 

Rakov, Leo c 1961 Mapes Av 

Raleigh, Mary Constance e 1032 Bergen 
St Bklyn N Y ; 302 McBride St Syra- 
cuse N Y 

Ralli, Elaine Dandia b 80 Maiden La; 
AB Vassar 

Ralston, Byron Brown mcc 214 River- 
side Dr; Fostoria O 

Ramage, Ethel b Brooks Hall; 1799 
Linden Av Memphis Tenn 

Rambusch, Viggo R E c 531 W 113 

Ramo, Sidney c 81 S nth Newark N J 

Ramsay, Mary e 510 W 123; BS Co- 

Ramsdell, Leroy Addison gr New York 
School of Social Work 105 E 22; BS 

Ramsey, Edward Leon / Livingston 

Hall ; 423 Warren St Dayton O 
Rand, Margaret ed 509 W 121 ; 12 

Myrtle St Boston Mass ; AB Smith, 

AM Columbia 
Randall, John Herman Jr gr Hamilton 

Hall; 19 E 126; AB, AM Columbia 
Randall, Robert Hulbert c 19 E 126 
Randell, Mark e 265 W 129 
Randem, Richa J e Prospect Av 
Randies, Maud Althea e 4517 6th Av 

Bklyn N Y; AB Hunter 
Randolph, Dorothy pa Whittier Hall; 

1 310 Av O Huntsville Tex 
Randolph, Evelyn Wellington e Furn- 

ald Hall; 410 W Dominick St Rome 

N Y 
Randolph, Helen Dorothy e 866 West 

End Av; Tarrytown N Y 
Ranft, Earl e 243 W 52; Jeffersonvillc 

N Y 
Rank, James Lindley / Tompkins Hall ; 

142 E Loo St Frostburg Md; AB 

Johns Hopkins 
Rankin, Ada Haile ed 435 W 123 
Rankin, Carl Emett ed 21 Claremont 

Av ; Gibsonville N C ; AB Davidson 

College, AM Columbia 
Rankin, Mary Jemima ed 59 Morning- 
side Av ; Middle River Minn ; AB 

Macalester College 
Rankin, Wm Borbridge pa 41 St Nicho- 
las Ter 
Rankin, William Walter Jr ed Bancroft 

Hall; Charlotte N C; BE Agric & 

Eng College N C, AM North Carolina 
Ransom, Marie e 50 Morningside Dr ; 

Old Saybrook Conn 
Ransom, Mary c 57 Pearl St Paterson 

N J 
Ransom, Marius gr 600 W 183; AB 

Ransom, Minnie Hilda c 2572 Bain- 
bridge Av ; AB Hunter 
Ranson, Virginia Howard b 607 W 116; 

2950 Staunton Rd Huntington W Va 
Rapfogel, Fannie e 231 1 Mermaid Ay 

Bklyn N Y 
Raphael, Abraham L e 92 St Nicholas 

Raphael, Estella b 911 Fox St 



Raphael, Rosimond Milton e 915 Bar- 

etto St; 129 Cliff St Norwich Conn 
Raphaele, Egon David e 620 W 116; c/o 

Madam C Bambet Brumath France 
Raphel, Herman e 417 E 146 
Rapp, Paul Louis e 35 Clifton PI Bklyn 

N Y; AB, AM Columbia 
Rappaccioli, Buenaventura c Hartley 

Hall ; Diriamba, Nicaragua C A ; BS 

Instituto de Granada 
Rappaport, Arthur Seymour c 1381 3d 

Rappaport, Sidonia e 519 W 182 
Rasmussen, Andrew e 489 Cornell St 

Perth Amboy N J 
Rasmussen, Ruth Adelaide b 434 W 120 
Rashkin, Pearl e 10 Lewis Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Rassler, Janice Esther e 7 Everett Av 

Ossining N Y 
Rastall, Ocella S e 530 W 136 
Ratchford, Anne Marie b John Jay 

Hall; 52 South St Danbury Conn 
Rathborne, Isabel Elizabeth b 476 W 

Rathbun, Gertrude Geraldine e 5 Vinall 
Ct Tarrytown N Y ; East Springfield 
N Y 

Ratigan, John Joseph e 203 S nth 
Newark N J 

Rau, John Eblen bu 532 W 114; 5701 
Pitt St New Orleans La; BE Tulane 

Raubenheimer, Albert Sydney ed 524 
W 123; Febra Station Via George S 
A ; AB Cape of Good Hope, AM 
Capetown (S A) 

Raubvogel, Abraham Herbert e 981 Tif- 
fany St 

Rauch, Jack e 126 W 115 

Rauch, Nathan Arnold (Mrs) e Hotel 
Nobleton; AB Hunter 

Rauchfuss, Herbert A C bu 415 River- 
side Dr 

Raudenbush, Henry William c 169 
Union Av Jamaica N Y 

Raven, Henry Cushier gr 166 W 79; 
Bay Shore N Y 

Ravitch, Sophie pa 454 Fort Washing- 
ton Av 

Rawlings, Helen May ed 547 W 123; 

1436 Sherwin Av Rogers Park Chi- 
cago 111 
Rawlins, Rhoda E e 87 Hamilton PI 
Rawlins, Mary Starr e 306 W 112 
Rawson, Edward Sidney e 9 Clifton PI 

Bklyn N Y; Lincoln Va 
Ray, George Washington Jr / 215 Man- 
hattan Av ; Box 85 Demorest Ga ; AB 

Ray, Jeannette Patricia pa 392 Fort 

Washington Av 
Ray, Medora Loomis gr 49 Vreeland 

Av Rutherford N J ; AB Smith 
Raymond, Irving Woodworth gr 405 W 

118; AB Columbia 
Ray, Isoline Doty e 2350 Broadway 
Ray, Laura Monroe pa 414 W 118; 

Sanford N C 
Raymond, Carrington gr 405 W 118; 

AB Columbia 
Raymond, Grace Sinclair e Shippan Pt 

Stamford Conn 
Raymond, Helen pa Bancroft Hall; 120 

Elliott PI Rutherford N J 
Raymond, Henry Russel e Colonial Hts 

Tuckahoe N Y 
Raymond, Marshall Donald c 529 W 

113; 116 Centre Av New Rochelle 

N Y 
Raynes, Alphonso Francis m 328 W 57 

c/o Joseph Drake; 373 Lincoln Av 

Portsmouth N H ; AB Yale, BS Co- 
Raynor, Edward Sidney e 10 E 47 c/o 

Warren & Wilmore ; Islip LINY 
Rea, Irma Evelyn e 605 W 115; AB 

Western Reserve 
Read, G Mignon e 816 Prospect PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Read, Jules Middleton e 345 W 50 ; 

Yemassee S C 
Read, Thomas Joseph e 507 W 139 
Read, Thomas Roddy c 538 W 114 
Readio, Roger Frank c Horace Mann 

School ; 7 Trinity Row Florence Mass 
Reagan, Ona e 417 W 121; Big Spring 

Tex ; AB Baylor Univ 
Reale, Genio Francis gr 107 E 123; 




Reardon, Josephine Abeel pa Whittier 

Hall ; 276 Main St Catskill N Y 
Reass, Doris Evelyn e 301 W 109 
Reaves, George Madison bu Livingston 

Hall ; Bustrap La 
Reaves, Harriet Lowry b 533 W 112; 

Greeneville Tenn 
Reaves, Leone Irene pa 509 W 121 ; 

906 N Main South Boston Va 
Rebholz, Joseph Theodore c 124 E 91 
Rebhuhn, Benjamin gr 222 E 20; AB 

C C N Y 
Rebhun, Otto Arnold e 220 6th Av 

Bklyn N Y ; LLB St Lawrence Univ 
Rechenberg, Charles Mortimer c 81 Bay 

13 Bklyn N Y 
Reckford, Marion Theresa gr 45 W 56 ; 

AB Wellesley 
Rector, Emily e 681 Bergen Av Jersey 

City N J 
Rector, Lucile pa Whittier Hall ; 208 

St Regis Apts Omaha Neb 
Rector, Wilhelmina May ed 122 Ascan 

Av Forest Hills Gardens LINY; 

536 S Manhattan PI Los Angeles Cal; 

AB Southern California 
Reddick, Olive Irene ed Whittier Hall ; 

211 Maple Ave Grafton W Va; AB 

Ohio Wesleyan 
Redding, Tracy Warren gr Y M C A 

White Plains N Y ; AB De Pauw 
Reddy, Dorothy Alice e 33 N 21 East 

Orange N J 
Redel, Alma e 101 W 78; 1156 12th St 

Milwaukee Wis 
Reder, Frances gr 564 Fox St; AB, AM 

Redford, Charles George e 854 E 167 
Redgrave, Corinne e 99 Claremont Av ; 

67 College Av Annapolis Md 
Redman, Joseph Reasor mec 183 Con- 
gress St Bklyn N Y; 246 Hill St 

Reno Nev 
Redmond, John L e 520 W 114 
Redpath, Albert Gordon / Livingston 

Hall; 3n N Eighth St Vineland N J; 

AB Columbia 
Reece, Chas Fleet ed 32 Waverly PI ; 

Mtn City Tenn; BS Peabody 
Reed, Elizabeth pa Bancroft Hall, 

Hailey Idaho 

Reed, Elizabeth Ogden pa Whittier 

Hall; 607 State St Natchez Miss 
Reed, Hugh Patrick e 26 W 83 ; 127 N 

St N W Washington D C; BCS 

Washington School of Accounting 
Reed, John Willard e 106 Morningside 

Reed, Katharine Jean e 212 W 114 
Reed, Marian m 269 W 12; Washing- 

tonville N Y ; AB Vassar 
Reed, Nellie May e 2204 Clarendon Rd 

Bklyn N Y; BS Adelphi 
Reed, Reba Wingate ed 256 Mott St ; 

3710 Spruce St Philadelphia Pa; BS 

Reed, Ruth gr Whittier Hall; 121 

Grove St Gainesville Ga ; AB Brenau 

College, AM Georgia 
Reed, William Bernard e 2577 8th Av 
Reeder, Julia Ellen ed Huntington L I 

N Y; AB Elmira College 
Reehill, Edward Christopher e 202 W 

Rees, Mayo (Miss) pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; 1500 Washington St Columbia 

S C 
Reeve, Helen R c 438 W 116; 576 Mt 

Prospect Av Newark N J 
Reeves, Florence e 103 Claremont Av 

Montclair N J 
Reeves, Louis Paul e 710 Broadway 

Hastings N Y 
Reeves, William Harvey gr 400 W 

118; 609 Seventh Av Asbury Park 

N J ; AB AM LTniversity of Penn- 
Regan, Christine Helen b 427 Spruce 

St Roselle Park N J 
Regan, Daniel Henry e 107 Halsey St 

Newark N J ; 392 N Wash St Wilkes- 

Barre Pa 
Regan, Joseph Gerard / 80 W 120; AB 

Regan, Monica gr 223 Riverside Dr 
Regan, Rose Margaret e no W 101 
Regensberg, Jeanette gr 327 W 88; AB 

Reges, Beatrice c 505 1st Av Astoria 

I. I N Y 



Rehfield, Frances Eugenia gr Furnald 
Hall; 233 Cambridge Av Milwaukee 
Wis; AB Cornell 
Rehkop, Aaron John gr Drew Theo 
Sem Madison N J ; Higginsville Mo ; 
AB Central Wesleyan College, BD 
Drew Theo Sem 
Reiber, Hazel e 26 W 51 
Reich, Carl m 245 W 24 
Reich, Evelyn Valentine pa 1066 Morris 

Reich, Henry m 818 S 15 Newark N J; 

AB New York 
Reich, Ilona m 245 W 24 ; AB Hunter 
Reich, Sidney N c 600 West End Av 
Reich, William e 705 E Ninth 
Reichard, Gladys Amanda gr Furnald 
Hall ; Bangor Pa ; AB Swarthmore, 
AM Columbia 
Reichenbach, Bertha Marguerite e 116 

W 84; Wolcott Conn 
Reichert, Victor e 215 W 23 ; 169 Ocean 

Av New London Conn 
Reichert, Victor Emanuel / 435 W 123; 
444 Washington St Atlanta Ga ; AB 
C C N Y 
Reichhard, Dorothe Amelia b 14 King 

St Jamaica LINY 
Reichman, Theodore e 456 E 141 
Reid, Frederick Howard e 3089 Broad- 
way; 216 Read St Bridgeport Conn 
Reifler, Elisabeth Barbara gr 434 E 

148; AB Hunter 
Reilly, Ellen Mary ed 273 W 131 ; West 

Fort Lee N J 
Reilly, Gertrude Josephine e 419 W 119; 

722 Seventh St Niagara Falls N Y 
Reilly, Jerome Francis Jr c 536 W 114; 

1958 Madison Av 
Reilly, Lawrence Anthony e 76 W 86 
Reilly, Mary e 300 Manhattan Av 
Reilly, Mary Dorothy ed 363 Av C 

Bayonne N J 
Reilly, Maurice T c 558 W 113; 1321 

49th Av Cicero 111 
Reilly, Mildred Monica e 11 25 Boston 

Reilly, Norma Agnes e Furnald Hall; 

215 Elizabeth Av Elizabeth N J 
Reilly, Thomas Joseph e 230 W 121 

Reimann, Christiane Elisabeth pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; Charlottenlund Copenhagen 
Reimann, Eisebil e Mrs Fenneley 217 

W 104; Charlottenlund Denmark 
Reimherr, Frederic William ed West 
Orange N J; Waterford N Y ; AB 
Reimund, Mildred e 6 W 87 ; 8522 Lin- 
wood Av Cleveland O 
Reiner, Frieda ed 45 Strong PI Bklyn 

N Y; BS Rhode Island State 
Rein, Melvin Michael c 1366 Lyman PI 
Reinberg, Gustave c 15 Park Row; 

Landing N J 
Reiner, Miriam pa Whittier Hall ; 3907 

Springdale Av Baltimore Md 
Reinerth, William Allard e 27Z7 Broad- 
Reinhard, Anita e 125 W 12 
Reinhardt, Frederick Gress e 376 Grand 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Reinhart, William Kemm e 376 Grand 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Reinheimer, Margaret b 49 W 70 
Reinherz, Stella Adele e 228 Westfield 

Av Elizabeth N J 
Reinhold, Robert Max ed c/o Fustmann 
& Hoffmann Co Passaic N J; 178 
Donaldson Av Rutherford N J ; BPd, 
AB Ypsilanti State Normal, AM Col- 
Reininger, Winifred B ed 546 W 124; 
214 Jefferson Av Bklyn N Y ; BS Co- 
Reinus, Sybil e 504 Marlborough Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Reis, Clara e 418 Central Pk W 
Reis, Helene B e 864 Sixth Av 
Reiser, Frances Judith e 1382 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Reisher, Flora Lee e 21 17 Daly Av 
Reisman, Frances e 142 W 118; Long 

Branch N J 
Reisner, Charles Leonard e 554 W 114; 

BS Illinois 
Reiss, Aaron e 242 W 112 
Reiss, Samuel E e 916 Southern Blvd ; 

316 Bank St Fall River Mass 
Reissar, Amanda e 867 E 179 
Reizen, Fannie e 225 Monroe St 



Relyea, Ruth Esther e 611 W 113; 105 

Clinton St Oneonta N Y 
Rembert, Sallie Henrietta ed 135 E 52; 

109 N Washington St Sumter S C; 

BA, MA Converse College 
Remick, Arthur Edward e 20 Ellenton 

Av New Rochelle N Y 
Remy, Walter Alfred c Desmund Av 

Bronxville N Y 
Renner, Milton Ernest ed 111 Centre St 

Trenton N J; BS Columbia 
Renner, Wilberta e 210 S Ocean Av 

Freeport N Y; Waterville N Y ; AB 

Rennicks, Samuel Crawford e 38 White 

Oak St New Rochelle N Y 
Reno, Anne Evans ed 433 Clinton Av 

West Hoboken N J; AB Smith 
Renshaw, Elisabeth Bradley pa Whittier 

Hall; 73 Harrison St East Orange 

N J 
Ren wick, Vivian Augustus e 57 W 140 
Repath, Olive Florence e 2235 Tiebout 

Requa, Isaac Lawrence / 54 So Wash- 
ington St Tarrytown N Y ; AB 

Requa, S Erwin e 4 Bogert Av White 

Plains N Y ; BCS New York 
Reque, Herborg Ragnhild pa 39 Charles 

St; 634 North St Decorah la 
Resnick, Solomon e 514 Willoughby Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Resseguie, Elmer Perlee c 410 Kos- 
ciusko St Bklyn N Y 
Rettenberg, Milton Joshua / 545 W 164; 

Reupin, Ralph S e 605 W 112 
Reubold, Frank e 1340 Chisholm St 
Reubold, Henry e 205 12th Av Astoria 

N Y; BS Cooper Union 
Reuck, S Alberta e 186 N Ninth St 

Newark N J 
Reuning, Hilda Marie e 509 W 112; 

Edmunds, Wash c/o Mrs Eda Reun- 
Reuter, Caroline Louise e 153 W 108 
Reuter, Earl T e 50 Pineapple St Bklyn 

N Y; 366 Pearl St Manchester N H 
Rew, Kenneth Stuart c 9 Pinehurst Av 
Rexach, Jose Enrique c 8 W 108 

Rey, Florence Mildred e 428 McDon- 
ough St 

Reyburn, Donald Stuart e 538 W 159 

Reyes, Ernesto e Chilian Consulate 280 
Broadway; 427 Alameda Santiago 
Chile; LLB Chilian State University 

Reyes, Fidel A e Philippine Commer- 
cial Agency Grand Central Palace ; 
Lipa Batangas P I 

Reyes, Jose S gr 412 W 115; U P, 
Manila Philippine Islands; AB Univ 
of the Philippines 

Reynard, Elizabeth b Hotel Marseilles ; 
c/o O S Hawes & Bro Fall River 

Reynolds, Alice Phyde e 74 W 105 

Reynolds, Elizabeth C ed 223 W 15 ; 146 
Elm St Saratoga Springs N Y 

Reynolds, Catherine Christine b 519 W 
121 ; 137 Carteret Av Jersey City 
N J 

Reynolds, Charles Edward e 2317 Tie- 
bout Av 

Reynolds, Clarence Alton e 311 Wash- 
ington Av Newark N J 

Reynolds, Elizabeth May pa Bancroft 
Hall; 17 Guilford Av Baltimore Md 
c/o Mr F N Sands 

Reynolds, Ellsworth George e Tompkins 
Hall; 81 Easton Av Waterbury Conn 

Reynolds, Ethel Alix b 155 Spring St 
Ossining N Y 

Reynolds, George Stoddard m 65 W54; 
78 Ridgewod Av Glen Ridge N J; 
BS Columbia 

Reynolds, Helen Louise e 56 Lincoln 
St New Rochelle N Y 

Reynolds, Irma b 182 Scarsdale Ay 
Tuckahoe N Y 

Reynolds, James Virgil bu 417 W 121; 
Buffalo Mo 

Reynolds, John Boiling ed 541 Lexing- 
ton Av; 319 Pembroke Av Norfolk 
Va; AB Hampden-Sidney College 

Reynolds, Rollo George ed 509 W 121 ; 
Cambridge Vt ; AB Dartmouth, AM 

Reynolds, Thurlow Weed e 601 W 191 

Rezmie, Tafazzul Husian Khan c Hart- 
ley Hall; 2681 Koocha Pandit Delhi 



Rezos, Mary e 140 Krone PI Hacken- 

sack N J 
Rheingold, Leo Charles e 997 Union 

Av; BS Cooper Union 
Rhinelander, Edith Cruger e 36 W 52 
Rhoades, Dorothy Rita b 27 N 15 

Flushing N Y 
Rhoads, William Daniel e 120 W 117 
Rhodes, Catharine I ed 211 S 1st Av 

Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Vassar 
Rhodes, Eleanor Ann e Short Hills N J 
Rhodes, Greydon Allen c 4719 Hudson 

Blvd North Bergen N J 
Rhone, Frank Arthur e 608 W 204 
Rianhard, Amelia Inslee e 59 W 48 
Ribak, Helen e 2846 W 29 Bklyn N Y 
Riblet, Grace Elizabeth ed 620 W 122; 

Fanwood N J ; BS, AM Columbia 
Rice, Anita e 777 West End Av 
Rice, Charles Walter / 277 Bloomfield 

Av Passaic N J ; AB Rutgers 
Rice, Elinor S b 243 W 99 
Rice, Flora e 601 W 113 
Rice, Irving Jay e 404 W 116; Saranac 

Lake N Y 
Rice, Julian e 1000 Park Av ; BS, LLB 

Rice, Laverne e 107 Warburton Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Rice, Lucy Fay ed 342 S 2nd Av Mt 

Vernon N Y ; AB Smith 
Rice, Mabel Agnes gr 512 W 122; 118 
Bradford St Pittsfield Mass; AB 
Rice, Morgan Hampton gr Hartley Hall ; 
Moody Tex ; AB Southwestern Univ, 
AM Columbia 
Rice, Roberta Rodney pa Whittier Hall ; 

Mahwah N J 
Rice, Stanley Irving e Stanley & Rice 

134 W 126; Barre Mass 
Rice, William J A ;' 3979 White Plains 

Riccio, Peter Michael c 384 Pleasant 

Rich, Helen Frances pa Whittier Hall ; 

North Grosvenordale Conn 
Rich, Mrs Nelle Virginia ed Seth Low 
Hall; Moscow Idaho 

Richard, Marie Dorothy e 547 River- 
side Dr; 1004 Government St Mobile 

Richards, Alice ed Woodmere N Y 

Richards, Benjamin Thomas c Hartley 
Hall ; Winchester Ky 

Richards, Charles M c Hartley Hall; 
11 S Fourth St Allentown Pa 

Richards, Dickinson Woodruff Jr m 163 
Irving Av South Orange N J ; AB 

Richards, Dorothy Ward gr 365 W 55 ; 
Sumner Wash ; AB Univ of Wash- 

Richards, Elizabeth Julietta e Furnald 
Hall; 2612 Glen Echo Dr; AB Ohio 

Richards, Ernest George e 114 Liberty 
St; 331 W 20 

Richards, Leo J bu 6 Montague Ter c/o 
City Bank Club Bklyn N Y ; Trenton 

Richards, Olive Caroline e 317 Lake- 
view Av Rockeville Centre N Y; 
Pulaski N Y; AB Syracuse 

Richards, Rose e 2039 Douglas St Bklyn 
N Y 

Richardson, Charlotte e 420 W 118; 
BS, AM Columbia 

Richardson, Edith ed 249 Livingston Av 
New Brunswick N J 

Richardson, Ethel Elizabeth ed 167 
New St New Brunswick N J; 101 
Quaker Lane Hartford Conn; BS 

Richardson, Gerald Arthur e 152 Vir- 
ginia Av Jersey City N J ; DO Phila- 
delphia College of Osteopathy 

Richardson, Philip c 536 W 114 St; 
108 St Marks PI St George Staten 
Island N Y 
Richardson, Rose Katherine pa 437 W 

117; 2149 W 14 Cleveland O 
Richardson, W T illiam Landstreet e 6 W 

Richart, Margaret Elizabeth pa 312 

Chilton St Elizabeth N J 
Richel, Morris e 65 11 20th Av Bklyn 
N Y 



Richeson, John Jacob ed Bancroft Hall ; 

35 Park PI Athens O; BS University 

of Ohio 
Richie, Mary Jane ed Bancroft Hall ; 

BS Columbia 
Richman, Emily Maude ed Seth Low 

Hall; Stillwater Okla ; BS A & M 

College (Okla), MS Oklahoma 
Richman, Harry c Hartley Hall; 1063 

De Kalb Av Bklyn N Y 
Richmond, Florence Rebecca (Mrs) e 

Dunwoodie Hts Yonkers N Y 
Richmond, Fred Morris pa 817 College 

PI Plainfield N J; 61 Leah Av 

Youngstown O 
Richmond, Marion Dale pa 509 W 121 ; 

608 S Main St South Manchester 

Richter, Ernest Merritt e Fort Lee N J 
Richter, Maurice Nathaniel m 1019 

Trinity Av; BS Columbia 
Richter, Rose e 1049 Forest Av 
Rickenbacher, Rufus John ;' 625 W 113; 

539 Clinton Av Newark N J 
Ricker, Edward LeRoy e Wanaque N J 
Ricker, Helen Elisabeth e 865 W 180 
Rickles, Kadesh e 61 Beach 120 Rocka- 

way Park N Y 
Rickman, Abraham gr 130 Post Av; 

AB C C N Y ; LLB St Lawrence 
Ricks, Walter Edward gr Union Theo- 
logical Seminary; Amherst Mass; 

AB, BD Howard Univ 
Riddick, Mary Alice ed Whittier Hall ; 

608 Washington St Petersburg Va ; 

BS Columbia 
Riddle, Ethel M gr 430 W 119; 20 

Westmoreland PI St Louis ;AB Vas- 

Ridley, Mrs Clarence Eugene e 528 W 

Ridley, Clarence Eugene gr 528 W 123; 

Romeo Mich ; B of C E Mich 
Riebe, Evalyn Hermance pa 1432 Uni- 
versity Av ; Pingree N Dak 
Riecker, Wm Jr gr 538 E 88; AB 

C C N Y 
Riedel, Charles Allen c 505 Macon St 

Bklyn N Y 
Riedel, Edward A e 1222 Simpson St 
Rieg, Otto F e 75 Christopher St 

Rieger, Herman Louis e 2132 Gleason 

Rielly, Leo Nevins e 456 E 149 
Rienzi, Carmela Florence ed 235 E 18; 

1328 S Carlisle St Philadelphia Pa 
Riesenberg, Hubert Gordon a 344 W 72 
Riesner, Samuel Herbert e 550 W 144 
Rigal, Peter Elie gr 3260 Broadway; 

AB Manhattan 
Riggs, Dentley Kidder e 61 E 90 
Righi, Arrigo c 82 Washington PI 
Rigney, Abigail Warner gr 8 E 119; 

AB Hunter 
Riker, Irving / 169 Clinton Av Newark 

N J ; AB Princeton 
Riker, John e Pleasantville N Y 
Riker, Ruth Jean e Ramsey N J ; Spen- 
cer N Y 
Rikles, Bernardo c 433 E 119 c/o Sil- 

verstein ; Ecuador 683 Buenos Aires 

Argentina S A 
Riley, Albert LeRoy e 166 E 67 St; 

North Bangor N Y 
Riley, Clotilde Dunn e 31 19 Bailey Av 
Riley, George Washington / 306 Halsey 

St Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Riley, James Breinig / Morris Hall ; 

11 13 St Wheeling W Va ; AB West 

Riley, John Joseph e 132 State St Bklyn 

N Y ; Ph B Brown 
Riley, Joseph Harry e 242s Hughes St 

Bklyn N Y 
Riley, Olive Lasette b 414 W 120 
Rinderman, Henry Victor e 1031 South- 
ern Blvd 
Ring, Alfred c 3 W 117 
Ring, Walworth Howland c 1454 Dean 

St Bklyn 
Ringkub, Chas H e 21 E 38 
Rink, Walter Sewell e 21 E 38 
Rinn, Warren Hamilton e 70 W 181 
Rintsch, Jesse Ricketts e 200 Claremont 

Av; New Philadelphia O; AB Ohio 

Rintsch, Mrs Jesse Ricketts e 200 Clare- 
mont Av ; Wooster Ohio ; Ph B 

Rios, Maximiano R e 544 Ninth St 

Bklyn N Y 



Rippe, Herman John e 76 W Lincoln 
Av Mount Vernon N Y 

Ripperger, Clifton Albert e 207 Acad- 
emy St Long Island City N Y 

Rishel, Lewis Luther / 241 W 52 ; AB 
Roanoke College 

Risley, Dora Eldridge e Rockefeller 
Institute 66 and Avenue A ; Fal- 
coner N Y 

Rissinger, Mary Wilson b 606 W 116; 
175 N Laurel St Hazleton Pa 

Rissland, Louise Quade b Brooks Hall ; 
86 Gainsboro St Boston Mass 

Ritchie, Beatrice pa 471 Central Park 

Ritchey, Edward Norman e 430 W 118 

Ritchey, Teresa Well (Mrs EN) e 430 
W 118 

Ritchie, Agnes e 205 Hicks St Bklyn 
N Y 

Ritchie, Mrs Gladys Morley e 140 
Wadsworth Av ; Princeton British 
Columbia Canada 

Ritchie, Gordon Jr e First St Bayside 
N Y 

Ritchie, Robert George e 77 S 10 New- 
ark N J 

Ritchie, Victor William e 819 Cres- 
cent St Astoria N Y ; East Hamp- 
ton N Y 

Riter, Mrs Pauline Elizabeth pa 1036 
Garden St Hoboken N J 

Rittenhouse, Isabel e 392 Second Av 
Astoria N Y 

Ritter, Chas William / Hartley Hall; 
New Brunswick N J ; AB Univ of 

Ritter Frank Olin gr Jamaica Park 
South Jamaica N Y ; AB Cornell, 
AM Columbia 

Ritter, Henry Alexander ed 537 W 121 ; 
Berea College, Berea Ky ; BS Berea 

Ritter, John Joseph gr 1008 University 
Av ; BS New York 

Ritter, Lillian Outterson gr Jamaica 
Park Jamaica N Y ; AB Wells 

Ritterbusch, William Benedict c 266 W 

Rivelson, Lena Teresa e 725 New Jer- 
sey Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Hunter, AM 

Rivera, Manuel Hipolito e 388 Manhat- 
tan Av ; Rio Piedras Porto Rico 
Rivers, Francis Ellis / 172 W 130; AB 

Rivers, Ramon Faleoni ed Peruvian 

Consulate Broadway & 42 St ; Lima 

Peru S A 
Rivers, William Rutledge e 344 W 59 
Rivet, J R / 152 Riverside Dr; AB St 

Laurens (Canada) 
Rivkin, Helen Blythe b 305 W 114 
Rixford, Loring Pickering e 41 Park 

Row; 50 W 12; BS California 
Roach, Arthur Francis c 2539 Grand 

Roak, Mary Louise e 231 Willoughby 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Roane, Chauncey Le Roy e 137 W 138 
Roarty, Helen M ed 206 Lexington Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Robathan, Dorothy Mae gr 130 W 91 ; 

AB Wellesley 
Robb, Janet Henderson gr 35 E 64 ; AB 

Robbins, A Leigh c 548 W 114; 1229 

Park Av 
Robbins, Edith Sidney ed Rockaway 

N J 
Robbins, Ethel pa 1229 Park Av 
Robbins, Floy ed Harperville Miss 
Robbins, Frances Che Woodbury N Y 
Robbins, Ira / 849 St Nicholas Av; AB 

Robbins, Jacob Mark / 601 W 112 
Robbins, Mabel ed Closter N J; R F 

D R 3 Paris Ky 
Robe, Robert S f 25 Broad St; 115 E 

Orman Av Pueblo Colo 
Roberts, Abbie ed 265 Henry St ; 4000 

Lovell Av Cheviot; BS Cincinnati 
Roberts, Andrew e 68 N Ninth Av 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Roberts, Annie Kuhn pa Whittier Hall 

P O Box 38; P O Box 471 East Rad- 
ford Va 
Roberts, Arthur Ernest e Englewood 
N J 



Roberts, Clara Mabel ed 430 W 118; 71 

Park Av Rochester N Y 
Roberts, Dinah pa Whittier Hall ; 206 

Welk St Valdosta Ga 
Roberts, Donald Alfred gr 835 W 178; 

Roberts, Francis Allen e 438 W 20; 

BS, BE Cooper Union 
Roberts, Geo Lewis e 567 W 186 
Roberts, Helen e 3 Tennis Court Bklyn 

N Y 
Roberts, Irving Frank e 587 Gates Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Roberts, Jessie Macy pa 509 W 121 
Roberts, Lee Van / 420 W 121 ; Alta- 

mont Mo ; AB Iowa 
Roberts, Madaline Margaret e 401 

Morningside Dr ; Hastings on Hud- 
son N Y 
Roberts, Margaret pa 354 W 122; 115 

Trenton St East Boston Mass 
Roberts, Marion Roberta e 579 Ocean 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Roberts, Mary May pa 509 W 121 ; 31 

Clifton PI Jersey City N J 
Roberts, Mildred Eaton pa Whittier 

Hall; 128 Emery St Portland Me 
Roberts, Reena ed Seth Low Hall; n 

Willow St Belmont Mass; BS Sim- 
mons College 
Robertson, Cameron Albro / 315. Cen- 
tral Park West 
Robertson, Curtis / 1531 54th Bklyn 

N Y 
Robertson, Harold E gr Havemeyer 

Hall Columbia University; Meade 

Kan ; AB Southwestern 
Robertson, J Russell e 532 W 111 ; BCS 

New York 
Robertson, John Wilson ed 367 Totowa 

Av Paterson N J 
Robertson, Katharine Mclntyre pa 90 

Convent Av ; 21 18 De Lancey PI 

Philadelphia Pa 
Robertson, Lillas pa 612 Bramhall Av 

Jersey City N J 
Robertson, Mabel P ed Seth Low Hall; 

909 Center St Salem Oreg 
Robertson, Margaret Jean pa 712 14th 

Av Paterson N J 

Robertson, Martin Brown ed 2880 
Bdwy; 580 St Nicholas Av ; 219 
Church St Hartford Conn ; BS Trin- 
ity (Conn), AM Penn State 
Robertson, William John e 601 W 182 
Robeson, Paul Le Roy / 28 W 140; AB 

Robin, Grace Eda e 8696 Bay 16 Bklyn 

N J 
Robins, William £ 2139 Daly Av ; BCS 

New York 
Robinson, Dayton Lionell bu Cedar 

Falls la 
Robinson, Ethel Louise e 139 Sanford 
St East Orange N J ; Ilion N Y ; AB 
Robinson, Geroid gr c/o The Freeman 

32 W 58 
Robinson, Helen Van Dyke e 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr Janus Court ; Princeton 
N J 
Robinson, Henry Morton Jr c 529 W 

113; 47 Mountain Av Maiden Mass 
Robinson, Isabel Lillian e 158 Delevan 

Av Newark N J 
Robinson, Lillian pa 167 Van Buren St 

Bklyn N Y 
Robinson, Louise ed 519 W 121 ; 602 
Seventh Av West Albany Ala ; AB 
Robinson, Rachel Maude pa Whittier 

Hall; s Academy St Barre Vt 
Robinson, Ross Newman ed 412 W 115; 
Jacksboro Tenn ; AB Carson and 
Newman College, AB Tennessee 
Robinson, Sara ;' Furnald Hall ; 904 

18 St Des Moines la 
Robinson, Seymour Bernard e 1261 

Madison Av 

Robinson, Telulah ed 106 Morningside 

Dr; Brazil Ind R F D 2 ; AB Leland 

Stanford Jr ; BS, MS Westfield Univ 

Robinson, Walter Scott / 627 W 115; 

124 E Dale St Colorado Springs 


Robinson, Wm Albert ed 2185 Seventh 

Av ; AB Atlanta, BS Columbia 
Robinton, Ethel e 56 Lenox Av 
Robinton, George Bernhard c 56 Lenox 



Robischon, Nelson Clifford e 587 River- 
side Dr 
Robison, Abraham Cohn c Westchester 

Av Crestwood Y 
Robison, Helen pa 414 W 120 
Robson, Harold Eric e 471 W 23 
Roche, Sophie Agnes ed 56 E Park St 

East Orange N J ; AB Wellesley 
Rochester, Lettie Lee gr Whitestone N 

Y; Seattle, Wash; AB Washington 
Rock, Edwin Joseph e 7 W 101 
Rockett, Harold Challinor e 825 W 179 
Rockhill, Alan Howard e 25 Sutton St 

Bklyn N Y 
Rockower, Samuel c 1325 Myrtle Ay 

Bklyn N Y 
Rockwell, Edwin Hollands e S A E 

House 531 W 113; Blossburg Pa 

Tioga Co 
Rockwell, Leon Howard ed 501 W 123; 

Nichols N Y R D 2 ; BS New York 
Rockwell, Sylvia Ella e 5 Bank St 

White Plains N Y; Mainesburg Pa 
Rockwood, Jessica pa Madison Square 

Hotel; 51 Rutgers St Rochester N Y 
Roden, Alice Mary bu Murray St and 

Bayside Av Flushing N Y 
Roden, Grace Wiley e 620 W 115 
Roden, William George e 439 E 144 
Rodgers, Carolyn Isabelle gr 28 E 75 ; 

Hartsville Tenn ; BS Columbia 
Rodgers, Edward Francis e 643 W 172 
Rodgers, Jerome e 443 E 165 
Rodgers, Mary Eunice b John Jay Hall ; 

415 E Carroll St Macomb 111 
Rodgers, Richard Charles e 161 W 86 
Rodgers, Robert Franklin bu 1201 W 

Sears St Denison Tex 
Rodgers, Ruth Magill pa Whittier Hall ; 

415 E Carroll St Macomb 111 
Rodgers, Wm Hunter c Livingston 

Hall ; Macomb 111 
Roduk, Burleigh Cusling gr 38 Mon- 
roe PI Bklyn ; Freeport Me ; AB Bow- 

doin, AM Harvard 
Rodman, Bayard Blackwell e 345 E 15; 

Whitestone N Y; AB Columbia 
Rodman, John Franklin e Prospect Ter 

Tenafly N J 
Rodriguez, Arthur Francis e 9 Montague 

Ter Bklyn N Y 

Rodriguez, Consuelo Maria e 22s W 80 

Roe, Gertrude Frances e 96 Central Av 
Tompkinsville N Y ; Grand Island 

Roe, Winnifred Tracy b 545 W 158 

Roeandt, August gr 62 Second St ; AB 
Baldwin Wallace, STB Boston Univ, 
BD Princeton Theo Sem 

Roedelheimer, Edgar Irving e 65 Ft 
Washington Av 

Roege, Margaret e 12 W 92 

Roegge, Amy Blanche ed 44 N Fuller- 
ton Av Montclair N J ; 609 S Chest- 
nut St Seymour Ind 

Roehsler, Theresa A ed Bancroft Hall ; 
134 Edna PI Buffalo N Y 

Roelofs, Irene Edith pa 98 Morningside 

Roenke, Wilhelmina Isadore e 2565 
Grand Concourse; 112 William St 
Geneva N Y; AB Wells 

Roeser, Elmer Christian e Hollis N Y 

Roess, Charles Hugo e Hotel Theresa; 
204 Reed St Oil City Pa 

Rogers, Anna pa 1230 Amsterdam Av; 
Bayport N Y 

Rogers, Annie Lourie gr c/o Columbia 
University ; Eugene Oreg c/o Uni- 
versity of Oregon ; AB Oxford Col- 
lege (N C) 

Rogers, Aurora Marie e 788 Riverside 

Rogers, Dorothy pa 30 W 184 

Rogers, Dorothy Ann pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr; W Main St Wilmington O 

Rogers, George Sylvester e 453 Scran- 
ton Av Lynbrook N Y 

Rogers, Hattie Nora ed Whittier Hall; 
511 Palmetto St Chattanooga Tenn; 
AB Univ of Chattanooga 

Rogers, Herbert M e 530 West End Av ; 
AB Columbia 

Rogers, Louise Johnson pa Whittier 
Hall; 117 Fifth Av Warren Pa 

Rogers, Minerva Crowell pa Whittier 
Hall ; 904 Sewall Av Asbury Park 
N J 

Rogers, Palmer David e 509 W 112 

Rogers, Richard Merington m 625 W 
113; 1 Wallace St Newark N J ; BE 



Rogers, Rollin William c 421 W 118; 8 
Saratoga Av Cohoes N Y 

Rogers, Rowland Thumm e 48 W 50; 
PhB, JD Chicago 

Rogers, Labrah Lillian e 788 Riverside 

Rogge, Frank Henry / 945 Western Av 
Toledo O 

Rogin, Emily e 11 09 Franklin Av 

Rogin, Leo gr 523 W 123; New Bruns- 
wick N J R F D 4; BS Rutgers 

Rogoff, Anna e 2 E 113 

Rogow, Elsa ;" 14 Morningside Av 

Rohrich, George William e 2515 Sev- 
enth Av 

Rohtman, Milton Martin e 148 W 118 

Roller, Juanita pa 1230 Amsterdam Av ; 
622 Alabama St Bristol Tenn 

Roller, Lucy Cabell gr Furnald Hall ; 
Harrisonburg Va ; AB Randolph 

Roller, Theodore Royce e 20 Cottage St 
Jersey City N J 

Rollhaus, Philip Edward c 354 Quincy 
St Bklyn N Y 

Rollins, Walter Guest c 538 W 114; 
1326 President St Bklyn N Y 

Rollinson, Ethel Augusta ed Bancroft 
Hall ; Stafford Conn 

Rollwage, Virginia Anderson ed 541 
Lexington Av ; Forest City Ark 

Roman, Dorothy b 43 W no 

Roman, Henry e 43 E 45 Bayonne N J ; 
BS Cooper Union 

Roman, Norma pa 255 W n ; AB Hun- 

Romano, Anthony e 505 Henry St 
Bklyn N Y ; LLB St Lawrence Univ 

Romanoff, Alfred c 1758 Topping Av 

Rome, Thomas Gray e 95 Unum St 

Union Course LINY 
Romer, Alfred Sherwood gr Dept of 
Zoology Columbia University; 422 W 
20 ; AB Amherst 
Romero, Concha gr Furnald Hall ; C 
Guerrero Chihuahua Mexico ; AB Po- 
mona College 
Romero, Emerson Irving c 200 W 104 
Komulo, Carlos Pena gr 61 W 106; 337 
Florida, Ermita Manila P I ; AB 
University of the Philippines 

Rona, Gustave G e 51 W 129 

Ronan, Marie Beatrice ed 414 W 118; 

Marshall, Mich ; AB Michigan 
Ronkin, Cassel c 606 45 Bklyn N Y 
Rood, Kingsland Troutman e 195 
Broadway Room 1008; 351 Bedford 
Rd Pleasantville N Y ; AB Dart- 
Rood, Louis George e 524 W 123 
Rood, Nathan c c/o Blaine 1024 Sixth 

Av; 102 Fremont St Peekskill N Y 
Rooney, Gertrude Onol pa 600 W 183 
Roone}', Isabelle Grace pa 600 W 183 
Rooney, William John e 1342 Bergen 

St Bklyn N Y 
Root, Chester Wadsworth e 191 7 Wal- 
ton Av 
Root, Rosamond ed Seth Low Hall ; 246 
Monroe Av Grand Rapids Mich ; Ph B 
Roper, Charles Lloyd / Taft Apartment 
71 College St New Haven Conn; AB 
Roper, Sarah Elizabeth pa W Main St 

Chatham N J 
Rosa, Pedro Joseph / 352 W 118; Box 
83 Hatillo Porto Rico ; AB California 
Rosa, Roberto Manuel e c/o Imbrie & 

Co 61 Broadway; n W 114 
Rosaback, Lewis Parsons e Hartley 

Hall Canaan Conn 
Rosahn, Paul Dolin e n 18 Lincoln PJ 

Bklyn N Y 
Roscoe, Harvey Welday e 619 W 113; 

544 S Goodman St Rochester N Y 
Rose, C Virginia e 419 W 118; AB 

Wilson College 
Rose, Cornelius Clifford e 6a Toledo St 

Elmhurst LINY 
Rose, Edith June b 924 West End Av 
Rose, Emily m South River N J 
Rose, Ernestine e 426 E 26 ; AB Wes- 

Rose, Florence Hallowell e 105 Miln 

St Cranford N J ; AB Nebraska 
Rose, Harold Arthur bu in N Ninth 

Av Mount Vernon N Y 
Rose, Helen Elizabeth b 134 W 123 
Rose, James McKinley e 70 Morning- 
side Dr; AB Princeton LLB Co- 



Rose, John Lewis gr Union Seminary ; 

Whycocomagh C B Can; AB, BD 

Queens (Canada) 
Rose, Lawrence Raymond e 25 Broad 

St; 97 Clark St Bklyn N Y; AB, 

LLB Harvard 
Rose, Marguerite e 39 19 St Elmhurst 

N Y 
Rosen, Bessie e 604 W 162 
Rosen, Edward Lawrence e 385 E 200 
Rosen, Florence e 1510 Crotona Park 

Rosen, Mrs Katherine N e Croton on 

Hudson N Y 
Rosen, I Theodore m 29 Herbert St 

Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Rosen, James Michael m 1537 Vyse Av; 

BS Columbia 
Rosen, Leo c 284 Leonard St Bklyn 

N Y 
Rosen, May e 2 W 101 St 
Rosen, Samuel Abraham e 141 o Fifth 

Rosenbaum, Gertrude e 561 W 163 
Rosenbaum, Gilbert M mi St Nicho- 
las Av 
Rosenbaum, Lillian e 566 W 162 
Rosenbaum, Louis e 1975 Mapes Av 
Rosenbaum, Maudy ed 2 E 56 
Rosenbaum, Sylvia e 135 W 16 
Rosenberg, David S e 75 Ft Washing- 
ton Av; BCS New York- 
Rosenberg, Estelle e 525 E Ninth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Rosenberg, Fannie e 131 W 117 
Rosenberg, Gilbert J e 210 W no 
Rosenberg, Goldie Beatrice pa Seth Low 

Hall; 1526 55 St Bklyn N Y 
Rosenberg, Grace e 2 W 88 B Litt Co- 
Rosenberg, Irving c 60 Herkimer St 
Rosenberg, Jennie e 1826 Bathgate Av; 

AB Hunter 
Rosenberg, Julian Dellion / 62 E 83 ; BS 

Rosenberg, Leah Rae e 1526 55th Bklyn 

N Y 
Rosenberg, Leo Moses c 995 Southern 


Rosenberg, Margaret Lowengrund pa 
Whittier Hall; 55 Clinton PI Mt 
Vernon N Y 

Rosenberg, Paul Seymour c 90 Sheriff 

Rosenberg, Sidney e 1932 Crotona 

Rosenberg, Solomon Just m 571 Fox St; 
BS Columbia 

Rosenberg, Viola e 289 Hunterdon St 
Newark N J 

Rosenberger, Harold Jerome mec 38 Ft 
Washington Av ; BS Columbia 

Rosenberger, Noah Bryan ed 526 W 
123; 43T3 N Carlisle St Philadelphia 
Pa; AB Penn State, AM U of Penn 

Rosenblatt, Harry e 1419 Stebbins Av 

Rosenblatt, Leo Isaac c 50 W 120 

Rosenblatt, Maxwell m 244 E 21 ; BS 
C C N Y 

Rosenblum, Abraham Julius / 1560 Am- 
sterdam Av ; AB C C N Y 

Rosenblum, Bessie Dorothy e 505 W 
183 c/o Powers; 306 Vine St Hart- 
ford Conn 

Rosenblum, Joseph Martin cd 215 Sack- 
man St Bklyn N Y; BS Bklyn Poly- 
technic Inst 

Rosenblum, Max Meyer e 611 W 114; 
1820 N 18 Omaha Neb 

Rosenblum, Ruth Bertha e 959 E 163 

Rosencrans, Dorothy Louise pa 400 W 

Rosenfeld, Hyman m 107 Rivington St; 

Rosenfeld, William Harraton e 357 W 

Rosenfeld, Samuel m 52 Leonard St 
Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 

Rosenhirsch, Leo Leonard bu 618 W 
113; 218 Cypress St Providence R I 

Rosenkranz, Kieve e 226 Henry St 
Ph G Bklyn College of Pharmacy 

Rosenson, Alvin Seymour / 267 New 
York Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 

Rosenthal, Abraham W ed 148 E 92 ; 
BS, AM Columbia 

Rosenthal, Abraham W ed 148 E 92 ; 
BS, AM Columbia 

Rosenthal, David S e 352 W 118 



Rosenthal, Joseph Harry / 520 W 123; 

467 Broadway Buffalo N Y ; AB Har- 
Rosenthal, Julius Marcus e 948 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y ; AB Adelphi 
Rosenthal, Miriam Sarah e 228 Lenox 

Rosenthal, Samuel ed 1455 Webster 

Av ; AB C C N Y 
Rosenthal, Terese Roth e 5 W 91 ; AB 

Rosenthal, Theodore m 141 W 120 
Rosentower, Edward Jerome e 402 W 

Rosenwasser, Ralph Joseph e Hotel Ma- 
jestic W 72 
Rosenzweig, Maxwell w 515 W 187; 

AB Columbia 
Rosenzweig, Nathan c 22$ Madison St 
Rosenzweig, Paul e 1714. Bathgate Av 
Rosman Isidor Benjamin e 1465 Fulton 

Rosner, Edna e 2056 Seventh Av 
Rosow, Leah « 190 W 100 
Ross, Adelle e 1263 Fifth Av 
Ross, Albert Fearn e 818 E 214 St 
Ross, Alfred Charles e 94 Monroe St 

Garfield N J 
Ross, Charles Raymond e 49 Bidwell 

Av Jersey City N J 
Ross, Chrystal Ray gr Lockhart Tex; 

AB Texas 
Ross, Donald Hilliard e 200 W 96 ; Vin- 

centown N J 
Ross, Dora Wilhelmina gr 612 W 115; 

416 Bay St Hattiesburg Miss; AB 

Miss State Coll for Women 
Ross, Edmund Swain e 21 W Dayton 

St Ridgewood N J 
Ross, Effie Christie b Brooks Hall ; U S 

Hospital Dansville N Y 
Ross, Howard Lincoln e 146 Central 

Park West 
Ross, John William e 434 W 120 
Ross, Lillian Adele ed 434 W 120; 

Pa B Chicago 
Ross, Mary Wilson e 39 Prospect St 

New Rochelle N Y ; R F D 3 Media 

Pa; AB Swarthmore 
Ross, Mayer Edel w 669 Gates Av 

Bklyn N Y 

Ross, Millicent (Mrs) e 72 Hanover St 

Elmhurst N Y 
Ross, Richard Morrow c 627 W 115; 

BS Columbia 
Ross Mrs Ruth Beatrice e 251 W 98; 

AB Columbia 
Ross, Victor gr 57 W 92 ; BS C C N Y, 

AM Columbia 
Rossetti, Felix Francis ed 546 W 124; 

19 Chowringhee Rd Calcutta India 
Rossler, Hugo Hartman ? 213 E 188 
Rossomano, Liberata Marie e 8 Edson 

St Corona N Y ; AB Hunter 
Rossomondo, Frank e 441 W 28 
Roston, Edgar Charles e 642 Concord 

.Rost, Hermann Mathew Jr c 1062 S 

Grove St Irvington N J 
Rotgard, Henry e 819 E 166 
Roth, Caroline A pa 509 W 121 ; 207 

W Jefferson Blvd South Bend Ind 
Roth, Emma Elizabeth e 21 W 100, 

BCS New York 
Roth, Frank c 30 Clove Rd New Ro- 
chelle N Y 
Roth, Gertrude Mary £ 901 Seneca Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Roth, Joseph Moses gr 1066 North Av 

Elizabeth N J ; AB, AM New York 
Roth, William e 2140 Daly Av 
William Roth e 330 W 85 
Rothbard, Paul c 434 E Houston St 
Rothenberg, Rose Janet e 538 W 136; 

BS Columbia 
Rothenberg, Sydney Filmore e 1036 Fox 

Rothbard, Samuel Lawrence / 548 W 

114; 77 19 Av Newark N J 
Rothert, Frances Catherine m 269 W 

12; Huntingburg Ind; AB Indiana 
Rothman, Blanche M e 188 Rutledge 

St Bklyn N Y 
Rothman, Harry e 245 W 30 
Rothman, Pearl pa Hotel Narragansett 
Rothman, Sarah Grace e 438 W 116 
Rothrock, Max Vernon e E Guilford St 

Thomasville N C 
Rothschild, Anselm Albert c 22 Bay 29 

St Bklyn N Y 
Rothschild, Edward Francis c 478 Cen- 
tral Park West 



Rothschild, Felix ed 237 W 107; Kirks- 

ville Mo ; AB Missouri 
Rothschild, Hirsch Lincoln c 478 Cen- 
tral Park West 
Rothschild, Louise Theresa gr 823 West 

End Av ; AB Columbia 
Rothschild, Sadye Engel e 561 W 189 
Rothstein, Charlotte e 501 W 176; BCS 

New York 
Rothstein, Jacob c 128 Greenwich St 
Rotkowitz, George c 700 W 178 
Rotkowitz, Sidney c 700 W 178 
Rottenberg, Ruth Marion e 105 W 118 
Rotter, Arthur E T c 771 West End 

Rouch, Anna e 79 W Fifth St Bayonne 

N J 
Rouden, Eleanor e 80 Lafayette Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Rouden, Gertrude pa 2067 Seventh Av 
Rous, David Herbert e 52 Bay 29 St 

Bklyn N Y 
Rouse, Marion Erskine pa 600 W 122; 

11 Linwood Av Newton N J 
Rouss, Adrian Spencer c 385 Ft Wash- 
ington Av 
Rousselot, Louis Marcel c 625 W 113; 

2968 Valentine Av 
Rowan, Edward Harold c 625 E 163 
Rowan, Mary Leah pa 344 W 21 
Rowe, Abbie Louisa pa Whittier Hall ; 

40 E Utica St Oswego N Y 
Rowe, Avis Elizabeth e 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Warsaw N Y 
Rowe, Corinne Ann e 2341 Mott Av 

Far Rockaway N Y 
Rowe, Edward Comstock / 54 W 40 ; 

AB Colgate 
Rowe, Leland e U S Naval Hospital 

Bklyn N Y ; Fredericksburg Va 
Rowe, Robert Story e 501 W 138 
Rowell, Doris e 81 South St Stamford 

Rowland, Cecil Evangeline e 825 W 179 
Rowland, Gordon Sparrow e 1208 Tin- 
ton Av 
Rowland, Maud Cheatham pa 245 W 
104; 2525 Sixth Av Fort Worth Tex 
Rowlen, Belle e 600 Lexington Av; 
1265 Woodland Av ; AB Wooster 

Rowntree, Naomi Mary e 609 W 114 
Roxburgh, Eileen M gr Furnald Hall ; 

Gilroy Cal ; AB, AM Leland Stan- 
Roy, Frederick L e Morris Hall ; 907 

Armory St Springfield Mass 
Royster, Anna Laura e Y W C A 45 

Ashland PI Bklyn N Y 
Rozenoer, Adolph e 221 E Broadway 
Rozoff, Benjamin c 430 W 118 
Rozoff, Frances e 430 W 118 
Ruben, Arthur Lincoln c 22 E 93 
Rubenfeld, George c 115 Main St 

Flushing N Y 
Rubenstein, Florence e 850 Hewitt pi 
Rubin, Anna e 3857 Third Av 
Rubin, Celia e 1948 Prospect Av 
Rubin, Elias m 1679 Pitkin Av Bklyn 

N Y; BS Columbia 
Rubin, Irene pa 527 W no 
Rubin, Irving Clinton c 271 Central 

Park West 
Rubin, Leo Aaron ed 536 E 79; AB 

C C N Y 
Rubin, Maxwell, e 241 Win 
Rubin, Murray e 130 Manhatan Av 

Rubin, Saul c 557 New Jersey Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Rubin, Y Billy e 766 E 163 
Rubinger, Ruth Frances e 924 West 

End Av 
Rubinger, Albert e 210 E 10 
Rubinoff, Mrs Rose e 302 Central Park 

Rubinow, Charlotte M e 65 Sherman Av 

Newark N J 
Rubinowich, Mitchell J c Hartley Hall ; 

92 Rockaway Rd Jamaica N Y 
Rubinsky, Sidney 352 E 82 
Rubinstein, Mitchel Abraham c 1804 

Madison Av 
Rubinzahl, Sidney Arthur e 61-3 Co- 
lumbia St 
Rublee, Juliet Barrett e 242 E 49 
Ruby, Max Harold m c/o People's Hos- 
pital 203 Second Av ; 232 Pine St 
Waterbury Conn ; Ph B Yale 
Rudd, Anna e 605 Powell St Bklyn 
N Y 



Rudd, Emma, Frances b 542 Monroe St 

Bklyn N Y 
Ruddy, James P H e 8425 113th Rich- 
mond Hill L I N Y; 517 Arthur Av 
Scranton Pa; MD Colorado 
Ruderman, Aaron e 77 E Third St ; 

BS C C N Y, AM Columbia 
Ruderman, Herbert Je 77 E Third St 
Rudio, H Myron e c/o Carrier Engi- 
neering Corp 39 Cortlandt St; 142 
Winspear Av Buffalo N Y 
Rudloff, Charles Francis e 22 Oak St 

Port Chester N Y 
Rudnick, Joseph / 1393 Stebbins Av; 

Rudolff, Robert Norman c 330 S 12 
Newark N J 

Rudolph, Isabelle Winifred pa Whittier 
Hall; 1444 Clarence Av Cleveland O 

Rudolph, Rudae e 547 St George Av 
Roselle N J 

Rudroff, Cecilia Agatha e c/o Alexan- 
der Hamilton Inst 13 Astor PI; 1026 
Atfield Av Richmond Hill N Y 

Rudy, Raymond Earl e 215 W 105; 
1 410 State St New Albany Ind 

Rueppel, Edwin Garrett e 621 Broad- 
way; 18 Alexander Av Yonkers N Y 

Ruess, Elizabeth e 528 Bloomfield St 
Hoboken N J 

Ruess, Stella Knight (Mrs) pa 431 73d 
Bklyn N Y 

Ruffalo, Anthony Peter c 42 Charlton St 

Ruffini, Elise Erna ed no Morning- 
side Dr; BS Columbia 

Run, John ed 434 W 120; 1018 Me- 
chanic St Emporia Kan ; BS Kansas 
State Normal, AM Columbia 

Ruggiero, Antonio c 527 Morris Av; 
95 Lyon St New Haven Conn 

Ruggiero, Charles Marcellus e 75 Col- 
umbus Av Tuckahoe N Y 

Ruggiero, Michael Aloysius e 156 E 115 

Ruggles, Cynthia S ed 425 W 118 

Ruggles, Jean e 215 E 15 

Ruhl, Jean Bertram b 413 E 153 

Ruiz, Guillermo e 201 W 117 

Rundio, Helen pa 601 W 127; BS Cor- 

Rundlett, Helen J e 127 Fairview Av 
New Brighton S I N Y 

Runkel, William Henry e 641 Harrison 

PI West New York N J ; BS Cooper 

Runyon, Asa Randolph e 601 W 191 
Runyon, Helen DeMott e 420 W 146; 

AB Columbia 
Runyon, Louise Stavers e 420 W 146 
Rupert, Milan Arthur e 420 W 119; c/o 

A Rupert Company Inc Portland Ore 
Ruppel, Marguerite R e 221 Sherman 

Av; 929 Fifth St N W Washington 

D C 
Rusack, Margaret Anna gr 59 26th Elm- 
hurst LINY; Catskill N Y ; AB 

Rusby, Paul c n 09 Woodrow Rd Prin- 
cess Bay S I N Y 
Rush, Carrie E e 142 E 27 
Rush, Grace Preyer gr 418 W 118; 

3806 Mayfield Rd Cleveland O; AB, 

AM Western Reserve 
Rush, Jacob c 1149 St Johns PI Bklyn 

N Y 
Rush, Jacob Bernard ed 598 E Third St 

Bklyn N Y; AB Colgate 
Rush, Thomas B e C de P Copper Corp 

15 Broad St 
Russell, Alice Dyar £ 514 Undercliff Av 

Edgewater N J ; AB Minnesota, MA 

George Washington 
Russell, Anna Alicia ed 649 Av E 

Bayonne N J 
Russell, Bert e 512-4 Undercliff Av 

Elgewater N J ; AB, AM Minnesota, 

LLB Georgetown, MPL George Wash- 
Russell, Caroline Elizabeth pa 612 W 

Russell, Charles ed 500 W 121 ; BS 

McGill Univ 
Russell, Donato LeCava c 565 W 113; 

Wallingford Conn 
Russell, Joseph A e 575 Riverside Dr ; 

BS Univ of Penn 
Russell, Rowena e 131 Nagle Av 
Russell, Virginia pa Whittier Hall; 

Ashland Ky 
Russo, Carlo Cario m 102 Sullivan St; 

2 Mann Av Newport R I ; AB Brown, 
BS Columbia 



Russo, Grace Charitine e $7 Irving St 

Rahway N J 
Russo, Jerry Aloysius £130 Columbus 

Av Tuckahoe N Y 
Rust, Louise Barstow e 252 Lincoln Av 

New Brunswick N J ; AB Wellesley 
Rutchik, Fannie e 9x2 Bronx Pk S 
Rutenbeck, Obert H bu 430 W 118; 779 

41st Milwaukee Wis; AB Beloit 
Ruth, Charles Leon e Amsterdam & 107; 

127 Clayton St Montgomery Ala; BS 

University of the South 
Ruth, Victor Adam gr 600 W 122; AB 

Rutherford, Emma e 189 Hillside Av 

Stapleton S I N Y 
Rutledge, Helen Marie e 218 Adelphi 

St Bklyn N Y 
Rutstein, Saul m 21 E119; AB CCN 

Y, BS Columbia 
Ryan, Agnes Catherine e 4691 Park Av 
Ryan, Eunice ed 106 Morningside Dr ; 

709 10th So Fargo N Dak; BS Wis- 
Ryan, Francis Joseph e 453 Grove St 

Jersey City N J 
Ryan, Henry Thomas e 389 E Second 

St Bklyn N Y 
Ryan, James Michael e 446 W 47; 12 

Cherry St Adams Mass 
Ryan, John Patrick c 348 E 78 
Ryan, Kathryn Frances e 608a Jeffer- 
son Av Bklyn N Y 
Ryan, Kathryn White gr 420 W 116; 

1490 Stuart St Denver Colo 
Ryan, Lillian Catherine ed 1055 Grand 

Concourse ; New Richmond Wis 
Ryan, Olive e 207 W 1 1 ; AB Tufts 
Ryan, Walter Leo dent 429 W 117; 

1404 Broadway, Rensselaer N Y 
Rybeck, Maurice William e 423 Home- 
stead Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Ryder, Helen Louise e Upper Green St 

Woodbridge N J ; 104 Sycamore Av 

Plainfield N J ; AB Smith 
Ryder, Willis Holcombe / Morris Hall; 

Carmel N Y; AB Yale 
Rykin, Irene e 420 Sackman St Bklyn 

N Y 
Ryle, William o 550 Park Av 

Rynar, Simeon L e 30 E 42 ; 1388 
Shakespeare Av; AB C C N Y 

Ryon, Loretta Cecilia pa 143 W 84 

Ryser, Jessie Euphemia (Mrs) pa 512 
W 122 ; Franklin Centre Que Can 

Saal, Christopher Gabriel ed c/o Y M 
C A Rahway N J; 820 E 22 Pater- 
son N J 

Saalberg, Beatrix e 201 W 79 

Sabine, Edward D Jr e 73 Livingston 
Av Yonkers N Y ; BS Tufts 

Sachers, Gustave Eric e 333 W 23 

Sachs, Emanie N e 16 E 65 

Sachs, Wilbert gr 1506 Hoe Av ; BS 
C C N Y 

Sack, Evelyn Lillie c 191 5 Cornaga Av 
Far Rockaway N Y 

Sack, Vera Lonise b 395 Fort Washing- 
ton Av 

Sacken, Abraham Herman c 470 15th 
Bklyn N Y 

Sackett, Nelson Benson m 237 Clare- 
mont Av Bklyn N Y; 37 Arlington 
Av Providence R I ; BS Princeton 

Sackin, Martin Theodore / 2521 Av D 
Bklyn N Y 

Sadame, Keewade e 477 W 143 

Saenz, Moises ed 420 W 119; Av Ma- 
linche 5 Coyoacan D F Mexico ; AB 
Washington & Jefferson 

Safran, Cecile e Furnald Hall; 7331 
Amboy Rd Tottenville N Y 

Sagara, Shunto c 102 W 123; Japan 

Sage, Robert Henry Jr c Maple Av 
Hartsdale N Y 

Sager, William J c 53 W 72 

Sagona, Charles Benedict e 461 81st 
Bklyn N Y 

Sagotsky, Bernard Milton e 1366 44th 
Bklyn N Y; 14 Broad St Freehold 
N J 

Saier, J H Ferdon c Grant Av Cress- 
kill N J 

Sailer, Josephine ed 520 W 122; Engle- 
wood N J ; AB Vassar, AM Columbia 

St Clair, Lulu Edna pa 509 W 122; 
Antrim O 

St John, Florence Angle pa 280 State 
St Hackensack N J 

St John, Jeanette e 601 W 190 



St John, Pierre Paul e 4041 Grand Cen- 
tral Term ; 94 Wolcott Av Beacon 
N Y 

Saito, Masanori e c/o Japanese Asso- 
ciation Inc 119 E 34; 11 Kamimaki- 
cho Nihonbashi-ku Tokio Japan 

Sajous, Edward e 4 W 28 

Sakauchi, Soichi e Asano & Co 165 
Broadway ; Tokio Japan 

Sakellarion, George Theodossios ed Ban- 
croft Hall ; Athenas 44 Athens 
Greece ; PhD Athens (Greece) 

Sakele, George Albert e 102 Washing- 
ton St 

Sakharov, Constantin Viacheslav e 44 
W 58; Russia 

Saland, Gamliel m 2139 Daly Av ; AB 

Salant, Edward Oliver c 113 W 122 

Salaway, Josephine Mildred e 201 1 
Glenwood Rd Bklyn N Y 

Salazar, Jose Leocadio m 106 W 61 ; 
54 No 386 Merida Yucatan Mexico ; 
BS Instituto Literario (Mexico) 

Saldana, James Tobar gr 45 Lewis Av 
Bklyn N Y; Madrid Spain 

Sandroni, Dino m 227 E 45 ; BS Col- 

Salem, Louis e 6515 20th Av Bklyn 

Saleski, Mary Agnes gr 16 E 119; AB 
Wesleyan, AM Columbia 

Salewski, Carolina Elizabeth ed 30 E 
4 Mt Vernon N Y 

Salinas, Urbano E c 529 W 113 

Salinger, Benjamin David c 532 W 114; 
650 West End Av 

Salit, Norman gr 1018 E 163; AB C C 
N Y, JD New York 

Salivar, Joseph e 503 8th Av Astoria 

Sallaway, George Henry e Butterick 
Bldg; 125 Cushing Av Dorchester 

Sails, Carroll Morgan gr 382 North St 
Burlington Vt ; BS Vermont 

Salmanowitz, Moses e 300 Central Pk 

Salmon, Ada Bartley e 452 Riverside 
Dr; 302 Cornelia St Boonton N J 

Salmon, Earl Byron c Boonton N J 

Salmon, Edgar Joseph e 540 W 113; 

166 Sands St Bklyn N Y 
Salmon, Lenore Ramacci e 205 W 57 
Salmon, Louis J A c 540 W 113; 166 

Sands St Bklyn N Y 
Salom, Margaret e 415 Ft Washington 

Salomon, Edna Heller gr 465 West End 

Av; AB Columbia 
Saltonstall, Ella Winthrop e 517 West 

End Av 
Saltwick, Alberta e 2682 Broadway ; 

3732 W Third St Duluth Minn 
Salzberg, Aaron e 78 E 96 ; 227 Chapel 

St Norfolk Va 
Salzberg, Louis c 4617 15th Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Salzer, Benjamin e 1 W 85 ; MD Long 

Island College Hospital 
Salzer, Mary Rosaire e 614 E 168 
Salzman, Lena e 25 Goerck St 
Saltz, Frank e 435 Hendrix St Bklyn 

N Y 
Salwen, Harriet e 1320 45th Bklyn N Y 
Salwen, Lily e 407 Beverly Rd Bklyn 

N Y; AB Adelphi 
Samia, Mariano E / 230 E 46 ; Arayat 

Pampanga Philippines 
Samitca, Michael c 813 Broadway; 349 

E 17 
Sammis, Marjorie Estella e Grantwood 

N J 
Samourkashian, Manook c Nicosia Cy- 
Samovitz, Fannie e 358 E 8 
Sampen, G Joseph e 31x7 Broadway; 

c/o G Amsink & Co Inc 90 Wall St 
Sampson, Emoline Elizabeth e 255 W 

108; Barbourville, Ky 
Sampson, Harry Oscar ed 93 Lincoln 

Av New Brunswick N J ; BS, BSA 

Iowa State College 
Sams, Emmie Roberts e 501 W 121 ; 

Jonesville S C; AB Winthrop College 
Samstag, Kathrin c 307 W 81 
Samter, George M e Forest Av Far 

Rockaway N Y 
Samuel, Harry Lawrence c Hartley 

Hall ; 5 Elwood St Everett Mass 
Samuels, Elsie e 18 Candace Av 

Jamaica N Y 



Samuels, Lester c 92 St Nicholas Av 
Sanborn, Frederic Rgr 47 Brevoort PI 

Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 
Sanborn, Isarauda Frances gr Furnald 

Hall; Proctor Vt; AB Oberlin 
Sanborn, Mildred Louise gr 200 Cathe- 
dral Pkway; AB Columbia 
Sand, C Martin e 2353 1st Av 
Sandal, Caroline gr 158 25th Elmhurst 

L I ; AB Columbia 
Sandels, Margaret Rector gr 123 N 15 

Ft Smith Ark; BS Columbia 
Sanders, Anita pa Whittier Hall; 1515 
Park Rd Washington D C 

Sanders, Brooks / 187 W 135; AB Lin- 
coln Univ 

Sanders, Gus Ubert e Georgia PI Flush- 
ing L I N Y 

Sanders, M (Mrs) e 4209 15th Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sanders, Murray / 315 W 115 

Sanders, Nannie Gillespie e 526 W 161 ; 
Georgetown Tex; AB Southwestern 
Univ (Texas) 

Sanderson, Madelaine Somes pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; 42 Nassau Rd Great Neck 

Sandler, Beatrice e 26 Lenox Av 

Sandler, Jerome Charles e 161 5 49th 
Bklyn N Y 

Sandler, Louis c 11 50 Eastern Pkway 
Bklyn N Y 

Sandler, Maurice Henry e 485 5th Av ; 
161 s 49th Bklyn N Y 

Sandler, Milton Sydney e 26 Lenox Av 

Sandman, Miriam e 204 W 94 ; AB 

Sandquist, Hans bu 603 W 139 

Sands, Mary Cecilia pa Bancroft Hall ; 
17 Guilford Av Baltimore Md 

Sands, Robert Lawrence e 595 E 140 

Sands, Roger Thorne e 26 Highland Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Sanfilippo, Philip e 181 Montrose Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sanford, Carlton Miller c Hartley Hall ; 
19 Chestnut St Potsdam N Y 

Sanford, Eva Matthews gr Dobbs Ter 
Hartsdale N Y ; Bordentown N J ; AB 

Sanford, Fanny R Howe (Mrs) pa 620 

W 116 
Sanford, Robert Joseph e 77 W 101 
Sanger, Malcolm Henry bu 905 West 

End Av 
Sangston, Laurence Purdy e 617 W 

Sanial, Dorothy b 114 Horton St City 

Island N Y 
Santangelo, Robert Vincent / 55 Oak 

St; AB C C N Y 
Santelli, Catharine Raffaela b 223 As- 
toria Av Long Island City N Y 
de Santo, Clarence Hinman e 533 Tin- 
ton Av 
Saperstein, Herman e 1602 Madison Av 
Sapiro, Jules e 2251 83d Bklyn N Y 
Saposnekow, Jacob gr 343 S 4 Bklyn 

N Y; BS C C N Y, AM Columbia 
Saradjian, Nerses e 22$ 5th Av 
Sarafian, John Richard £1137 Ruby St 

Woodhaven N Y 
Sarantides, George Ranagiofel e 360 W 


Sargent, Elizabeth Sears e 276 5th Av ; 

101 Centre St Concord N H ; AB Mt 


Sargent, Martha Augusta e 419 W 119; 

West Boylston Mass; AB Mt Holyoke 

Sargent, Lynda Makepeace e Martha 

Washington Hotel ; Henneker N H 
Sarlin. Charles N m 3 Whitney Av 

Elmhurst L I N Y ; BS Columbia 
Sarno, Joseph Anthony c 152 W 31 
Saruya, Dona e 140 E 92 
Saruya, Selma Esperanza e 140 E 92 
Sas, Elmer e 216 W 102 
Sashin, David e 63 E 11 1 
Sasse, Frederick D e 355 W 145 
Sasso, Julius John e 137 Eldert St 

Bklyn N Y 
Satenstein, Edward e 300 West End Av 
Satinsky, Lillian Alita e 514 W 177 
Sato, Kenoske gr 1176 Woolworth 

Bldg; AB Illinois 
Satterthwaite, Hope ;' Furnald Hall ; 

Lanesborough Mass 
Sattler, Gustav A Jr e 165 Audubon Av 
Sattler, Ida e 306 W 102 
Sattler, Louis c 515 E 78 
Satz, Ludwig e 35 W no 



Sauer, Theodore e 602 E 84 

Saul, Dorothea I e 429 9th Av Astoria 

Saul, Ernest L ed 33 Church St Nutley 
N J; BS Ohio State 

Saul, Leon Joseph c 629 W 115 

Saunders, Goddard Weld c 606 W 116; 
New Rochelle N Y 

Saunders, Sarah Johnson gr 552 River- 
side Dr; AB West Virginia, AM Co- 

Savage, Alice E e 434 W 120 

Savage, Leon / 534 W 152 

Savage, Marion Dutton gr 244 Spring 
St; 281 High St Newburyport Mass; 
AB Wellesley, AM Columbia 

Savage, Winfield Aloysius e 484 Con- 
vent Av 

Savardekar, Dattatraya Sadashiv gr 184 
Eldridge St; Social Service League 
Girgaum Bombay India 

Sawin, Luther Robinson e 19 W 128; 
Mt Kisco N Y; BS Mass Inst Tech 

Sawyer, Emeline Glover pa 420 W 119; 
7 Hilburn St Roslindale Mass 

Saxe, Alexander Treskow a 530 Man- 
hattan Av 

Saxe, Leonard Spier e 574 St Nicholas 
Av; AB Harvard 

Saxe, Victor Amos ed 145 W High St 
Somerville N J; Effort Pa; BS Muh- 

Saxon, Catherine Dunham & 185 Valen- 
tine Lane Yonkers N Y 

Sayles, Emily Page ed 102 Elmwood 
Av East Orange N J 

Sayles, M Ruth ed 102 Elmwood Av 
East Orange N J 

Sayre, Harry Edwards c 370 Highland 
Av Newark N J 

Sberna, Vincent e 7518 17th Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Scacchetto, Laurence e 251 Spring St 
West Hoboken N J 

Scafate, John mec 481 Park Av Bklyn 
N Y; AB Columbia 

Scancarello, Concettina Jeannette gr 
104I/2 Amity St Flushing N Y ; AB 

Scandifno, Mario Victor c 143 Ocean 
Pkway Bklyn N Y 

Scanlan, Jeanne M pa 861 Crotona Pk 

Scanlon, William James e 98 Morning- 
side Av 

Scannell, Anna Helena e 39 S Fullerton 
Av Montclair N J.; 60 Amity St Am- 
herst Mass 

Scarborough, Dorothy e 542 W 113; 
AB, AM Baylor Univ, PhD Columbia 

Schaad, Margaret Amanda e 417 W 
120; 254 E Church St Marion O 

Schachter, Frank M gr 13 Kingsland 
Av Corona L I N Y ; BS, AM Col- 

Schadkin, Harry I e 73 E 115 

Schaefer, Ethel Marguerite ed 77 De 
Mott Av Clifton N J 

Schaefer, John Joseph pa 1270 Amster- 
dam Av ; 1590 Richmond Turnpike 
West New Brighton N Y 

Schaefer, Kathryn Christine b 327 W 

Schaefer. Madeleine F ed 317 Living- 
ston St Elizabeth N J 

Schaefer, Peter Leslie c 65 W 44 ; 1028 
Fourth St Bremerton Wash 

Schaefer, Rockwell Bernard c 15 E 116 

Schaeffer, Adolph Jr c 1487 Nostrand 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Schafer, Anna Gertrude e 345 W 50 ; 
15 Lamont Pi Rochester N Y 

Schafer, Mildred Straus (Mrs) gr 25 
W 85 

Schafer, Samuel c 705 E Sixth St 

Schaffer, Anna Slote e 548 W 164 

Schaffer, Harry c 255 E Broadway; 
DVS New York 

Schaffer, Jacob I e 548 W 164 

Schaffer, Leonard e 2059 8th Av 

Schaffner, Mabel Lena pa 543 W 123; 
Evansville 111 

Schaivetz, Harry Morris e 224 W 142 

Schanberg, Saul a 719 High St Newark 
N J 

Schancupp, Milton George e 317 E 79; 
Lapeer Mich 

Schapiro, Cecil e 562 W 148; AB Hun- 

Schapiro, Fred e 821 E 166 

Schapiro, Harold e 200 Win 

Schapiro, Leonora Love e 212 E 15 



Schapiro, Meyer c 216 Herzl St Bklyn 
N Y 

Schapiro, Morris A c 216 Herzl St 
Bklyn N Y 

Schapiro, Nettie e 1480 Seabury PI 

Schapiro, Solomon D c 1971 2d Av 

Scharbach, Gladys Esther e 523 W 
121 ; 614 Walnut St Toledo O 

Scharer, Arnold Frederick <? 213 Hart 
Av Hart Park SINY 

Scharf, David Harold c 432 W 160 

Scharf, Edward Galura e 236 W 39 c/o 
F I Ley & Co ; 2603 Mozart PI Wash- 
ington D C 

Schattman, Bert e 545 W in 

Schatzlein, Lawrence Jerome e 211 S 
19 Flushing LINY 

Schaul, Harry William e 11 11 Av C 
Bayonne N J 

Schaul, Helene j 55 W 95 ; 420 Greene 
St Augusta Ga 

Schaus, Victor P c 754 Jackson Av 

Schawaroch, John Theodore pa 9 Me- 
dina PI Elmhurst LINY 

Schechter, Abraham J e 171 W 26; 1383 
Washington Av 

Schechter, Kate e 1383 Washington Av 

Schechter, Meta Johanna ed 468 River- 
side Dr; AB Hunter 

Schechter, Samuel m 46 Hoyt St Bklyn 
N Y 

Scheckner, Herman e 327 E 151 

Scheer, Mary C pa 37 Madison Av; 
Fergus Falls Minn 

Scheer, Samuel Lawrence e 717 W 177 

Scheerer, Kathryn e 93 Chestnut St 
East Orange N J 

Scheid, Geo F e 15 W 177 

Scheid, Kart August e 501 W 113; 726 
Boston Bldg Salt Lake City Utah 

Schell, Jane Theresa e 94 Union Av 
Nutley N J; 1440 B E Av Tyrone Pa 

Schellhardt, Leroy Joseph e 33 Spring 
Av Newark N J 

Schellhose, Elizabeth Ann b 230 W nth 
St ; 1 108 S Front St Wheeling W Va 

Schenck, Claire Aleid b 21 14 Daly Av 

Schenck, Ella Louise ed Brookfield Cen- 
tre Conn ; AB Smith 

Schenck, Frances Lear ed 22 Beech St 
East Orange N J 

Schenck, Henry gr 321 W 92 ; PhG N Y 

College of Pharmacy, AB Harvard, 

AM Columbia 
Schenck, Sophye e 150 E 123 
Schenk, Mary Gerarda pa Whittier 

Hall; 194 Main St Flemington N J 
Schenk, Monroe Mark e 564 W 160 
Schenker, A Dave e 930 Park Av 
Scher, Sadya B pa 122 W 114 
Scherer, Nelson Klein / 79 Lewis St; 

AB Columbia 
Scherwig, Anna e 446 E 143 
Scheuermann, Theodore c 29 Palisade 

Av Garfield N J 
Scheuring, John e 156 W 106; BS 

Cooper Union, LLB New York 
Schiele, Louise Maria e 701 Union Av 
Schiess, Leah e 101 Prescott Av Pat- 

erson N J 
Schiff, Esther e 41 W 83 ; AB Colum- 
bia • 
Schiff, Isidor /35s West End Av 
Schiff, Leo e 2520 Broadway; 355 West 

End Av; AB Columbia 
Schiff, Reta L e 408 W 150 
Schiller, Albert Abraham e 255 W 112 
Schilling, Anthony B f 113 Pine St 

Elizabeth N J 
Schilling, Harry e 1489 5th Av 
Schiltz, Louis Marcel e 235 E 50 
Schimansky, Anna e 151 E 71; 111 Be- 

ment Av West New Brighton S I 

N Y 
Schimment, John Marcus m 429 Sixth 

St Bklyn N Y 
Schindler, Harold c 884 West End Av 
Schladitz, Alfred Ernest e 463 3d Av 

Astoria LINY 
Schlaefer, Edward George c 959 E 156; 

Bushkill Pike Co Pa 
Schleich, George William e 2002 Grand 

Schlenger, Mary Ellen b John Jay Hall ; 

847 26th Milwaukee Wis 
Schlenger, Mary Ellen pa Whittier 

Hall ; 847 26th Milwaukee Wis 
Schlesinger, Edwin mec 80 Fanshaw 

Av Yonkers N Y ; AB Columbia 
Schlesinger, Gladys Pearl e 2S7 Edge- 
combe Av 



Schlesinger, Ruth e 80 Fanshaw Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Schlichting, John Ferdinand gr 1430 
Woodhaven Blvd Woodhaven L I 
N Y 

Schlichting, Louise Justine b 803 Wash- 
ington St Hoboken N J 

Schlicker, Christina e 41 E 83 ; 17 Au- 
gusta Av Baltimore Md 

Schlierholz, Tillie ed 17 E 60; AB 
Harris Teachers' College (St Louis 

Schliesman, John Edward e 145 Somers 
St Bklyn N Y 

Schloss, Hortense e 444 E 141 

Schloss, Nathaniel E c 

Schloss, Sylvia Belle e 549 W 113 

Schluter, Fredk Edward bu 540 W 113 

Schmid, Mae Agnes e 1686 Grove St 
Evergreen LINY 

Schmid, Paul e 45 Prospect St Long 
Island City N Y 

Schmidt, Anne Elizabette b 740 River- 
side Dr 

Schmidt, Elisabeth Maria gr 317 High 
St West Hoboken N J; AB Columbia 

Schmidt, Elsa ed 440 E 26 ; BS Colum- 

Schmidt, George H pa 868 Columbus 
Av ; 52 Lee St Bklyn N Y ; AB C C 
N Y 

Schmidt, Harold Joseph e 29 W 84 ; 
Vails Gate Orange County N Y 

Schmidt, Hattie Emilie e 840 Eagle Av 

Schmidt, Helwvg Albert e Hotel Le 
Marquis ; Hotel Woodstock 

Schmidt, Henry George e 210 Main St 
Norwalk Conn 

Schmidt, Henri Bord c 16 Herriman Av 
Jamaica N Y 

Schmidt, Hilmar Reinhold e 90 Eighth 
St Ridgefield Park N J 

Schmidt, Dr John Eibe e 1195 Dean St 
Bklyn N Y ; DDS Univ of Penn 

Schmidt, Karl George ed 19 Farley Av 
Newark N J ; BS New York 

Schmidt, Lionel George c Hartley Hall ; 
223 N Eighth St Belleville 111 

Schmidt, Sadie M e Main St River 
Edge N J 

Schmidt, Walter Leo c 858 E 156 

Schmidt, William Frederick e 404 Lib- 
erty St Town of Union N J 
Schmitt, William Joseph e 925 West 

End Av 
Schnaars, Albert Jr a Hartley Hall ; 3 

West St Haverstraw N Y 
Schneeweiss, Margarete Louise b 258 

Third St Clifton N J 
Schneider, Abraham e 39 W 32 ; 774 

Jackson Av 
Schneider, Dora e 512 Cleveland St 

Bklyn N Y 
Schneider, Edward e 529 W 44 
Schneider, Genevieve Wilhelmina e 

1 83 1 Barnes Av 
Schneider, Jonathan e 26 Court St 

Bklyn N Y ; 200 Hinsdale St Bklyn 

N Y; LLB Fordham 
Schneider, Joseph Thomas e 337 E 94 
Schneider, Lydia gr 523 W 121 ; 828 S 

High St Columbus O ; BS Ohio State 
Schneider, Philip e 379 Dill Place Bklyn 

N Y 
Schneider, William Frederick e 227 E 

Schneierson, Samuel c 2900 8th Av 
Schnirman, Rae e 31 W no; 103 Wash- 
ington St Perth Amboy N J 
Schnitzer, David c 65 Lenox Av 
Schnur, Jacob c 664 E 160 
Schnurer, Herman c 408 W 115; 3066 

Center Av Pittsburgh Pa 
Schoedler, Gertrud Helen b 249 W 107 
Schoedde, Emma Julia e 1320 Fulton 

Av ; AM New York 
Schoeffler, Oscar Edmond bu n 05 Am- 
sterdam Av; 501 Ridge St Alton 111 
Schoen, Joseph Nicholas <? 51 W Sidney 

Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Schoenbaum, Lillian e 850 Longwood 

Av; AB Hunter, AM, JD New York 
Schoenbrod, Edward Joseph e 570 W 

189; AB, LLB Columbia 
Schoenemann, Oscar Paul c 565 W 113; 

768 Bushwick Av Bklyn N Y 
Schoenfein, Benjamin Peter e 206 W 

Schoenfeld, Jack e 574 W 182 
Schoenfield, Mitchell t 246 Lexington 

Av Bklyn N Y 



Schoenrich, Maria Mercedes e 640 

Riverside Dr 
Schoenstadt, Arthur Edmund e 340 E 

Scholerman, Carl Henry e 159 E 125 
Scholnicoff, Charles Sherman / 627 E 

137: BS C C N Y 
Scholz, Charles M c 1931 Barnes Av 
Scholze, Dorothy b 283 Alexander Av ; 

800 Plainfield St Providence R I 
Schomberg, Richard Jost Jr bu 182 

Claremont Av ; AB Wisconsin 
Schonberg, James Stanley e 530 Nos- 

trand Av Bklyn N Y 
Schonbuchner, Johanna Marie e 1763 

Townsend Av 
Schoolman, Albert P ed 952 Kelly St; 

Schoolnick, Rose pa Whittier Hall ; 93 

Atwood St Hartford Conn 
Schoonhonen, George O c 773 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y 
Schopp, Edward Arthur e 430 E 144 
Schor, Paul c 316 W in c/o M Bern- 
stein ; 97 Church St Middletown Conn 
Schorr, Margaret A c 1420 125th Rich- 
mond Hill LINY 
Schorsch, Emanuel Isaac e 315 Central 

Pk W 
Schorsch, Nathan c 315 Central Pk W 
Schorsch, Nathan / 38 W 97 
Schot, Rose e 686 Tinton Av 
Schott, Newton Beach c Rockaway 

Morris County N J 
Schotten, Hulda e 374 Park Hill Av 

Yonkers N Y 
Schoyerer, Gerald e 8693 Bay Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Schrader, Bertha e 109 Park Av Orange 

N J 
Schrader, Lorna von Post e Mohegan 

Hts Tuckahoe N Y 
Schram, Edward e 423^ Henderson St 

Jersey City N J 
Schram, Elsa T pa 614 W 189; 183 

Saratoga Av Yonkers N Y 
Schrecker, Rolf Hermann e 1 W 102 
Schrecker, Ulrich c 1 W 102 
Schreiber, Anna Marie ed Whittier 

Hall; 642 E St N E Washington D 

C; BS Mich Agric College 

Schreiber, Martin m 540 W 136; AB 
C C N Y 

Schrepfer, Elsa Grace b John Jay Hall ; 
380 12th Av Paterson N J 

Schrier, Herman / 89 Pulaski St Bklyn 
N Y 

Schroder, Edna Lucille ed 691 Main St 
New Rochelle N Y 

Schroeder, Dorothea Louise b 37 S 
Junction Av Corona LINY 

Schroeder, Frederick August m 204 
Pearsall Av Jersey City N J ; Nanuet 
N Y 

Schroeder, Hyman e 22 E 89 

Schroll, Luther Miles Jr e 604 W 147; 
Geneva O 

Schroll, Ruth Florence (Mrs) e 604 W 
147 ; Geneva O 

Schroth, Charles William e 251 Lexing- 
ton Av; 484 Tremont St Rochester 
N Y 

Schubart, Pauline Werner e 210 W no; 
AB Smith 

Schubarth, Max Edmund e 2783 Broad- 

Schubert, Bernard S e 1647 42d Bklyn 
N Y; AB C C N Y 

Schuh, Charles Herman c 254 St Nich- 
olas Av Bklyn N Y 

Schuhmann, John George Jr e 21 10 
Mapes Av 

Schulhaus, Bernard e 208 E 83 

Schullinger, Rudolph Nicholas m 378 
West End Av ; BS Princeton 

Schulman, Anna Dorothy e 141 W 78 

Schulman, Bernard e 141 W 78 

Schulman, George bu 167 Norfolk St 

Schulman, Ruth e 1224 River Rd Edge 
water N J 

Schulman, Walter Harris / 55 E 92; 
AB Columbia 

Schultz, Alexander Alton e 979 Aldus 

Schultz, Helen Lucille b Brooks Hall; 
Metuchen N J 

Schultz, Jack c 180 Highland Av Clif- 
ton N J 

Schultz, Robt Valentine e 2727 W Fifth 
St Bklyn N Y 

Schulz, Gustav F gr 90 Pinehurst Av ; 
BS C C N Y, AM Columbia 



Schulz, Helen Irene e 239 Kingston Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Schulz, Herbert Wilson Van Selm e 

524 W 123; 14 Whites Rd Bloemfon- 

tein South Africa 
Schulze, Arthur Robert e 72 Lincoln St 

Jersey City N J 
Schulze, Richard W e 100 W 163; 101 

E Franklin St Shelbyville Ind 
Schum, Alfred Jerome e 429 20th West 

New York N J 
Schumacher, Herman Dunker e 506 W 

Schuman, David Harry m 32 W in; 

758 Albany Av Hartford Conn; BS 

Schumann, Dorothy Emma pa 71 Win- 

throp St Bklyn N Y 
Schumann, Emil William Albert / 27 

Glenwood Av Jersey City N J ; AB 

Schumann, Marion Louise pa 71 Win- 

throp St Bklyn N Y 
Schumm, Elsie b 422 W 44 
Schupak, David e 54 E 103 
Schussheim, Solomon m 536 Fox St 
Schuster, Samuel Sidney e 439 Logan 

St Bklyn N Y 
Schutt, Howard Neefe e 25 W 84 c/o 

P T Arzec ; Coudersport Pa 
Schuyler, Eleanor Livingston pa 54 

Peirson Rd Maplewood N J 
Schwab, Antonia Ybor b 549 W 113 
Schwab, Emily Dorothy e 314 E 94 
Schwab, Irving Washington / 611 W 

114; 500 E Elm Springfield Mo; AB 

Drury College 
Schwab, Jacob Emanuel c 441 W 124 

c/o Levy; 1245 Orleans St Baltimore 

Schwab, John Philipp gr 2134 Newbold 

Schwabe, Elizabeth Katherine e 470 E 

Schwabe,. Ida gr 515 W 122; BS Col- 
Schwabe, Ruth Viola e 470 E 187 
Schwadelson, Max c Nassau Rensselaer 

County N Y 

Schwanda, Charles Benedict gr North 

Meyers Av Winfield Jet L I N Y ; 

AB Columbia 
Schwaner, Robert Martin e 1937 Daly 

Schwarte, Virginia Marie e 411 W 115; 

20 5th Av Saratoga Springs N Y ; BS 

AM Columbia 
Schwartz, Anna Edna e 166 E Third St 
Schwartz, Arthur gr 2195 Andrews Av ; 

312 Rugby Rd Bklyn N Y ; AB New 

Schwartz, Arthur Harry c 61 Lee Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Schwartz, David c 631 E 11 
Schwartz, Eugene e 39 Whitehall St; 

Schwartz, Dorothy Henriette pa Whit- 
tier Hall ; Maple Av Bayshore L I 

N Y 
Schwartz, Helen e 201 W 109 
Schwartz, Irving e 105 E Broadway; 

LLB New York 
Schwartz, Jacob bu 1845 Sterling PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Schwartz, Kerie Waldemar mec 21 E 

Schwartz, Lawrence William c 257 Oak- 
land Av West New Brighton S I 

N Y 
Schwartz, Leona Geraldine e 447 Fort 

Washington Av 
Schwartz, Mabel Newborg b 123 E 94 
Schwartz, Marcus c 336 E 92 
Schwartz, Max Wendell e 942 E 167; 

LLB New York 
Schwartz, Nathan Louis c 72 E Fourth 

Schwartz, Nathaniel H c 242 Henry St 
Schwartz, Philip mec 212 Washington 

St Jersey City N J ; BS Columbia 
Schwartz, Samuel c 184 Greenpoint Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Schwartz, Sydney Pincus m 618 W 113; 

Fahrer's Selan 11 Bucarest Roumania 

BS Columbia 
Schwartzman, Maxwell Joel e 15 W 114 
Schwarz, Anna Irene e 2635 Sedgwick 

Schwarz, Arnold M c 44 5th Av ; 1142 

44th Bklyn N Y 



Schwarz, Erwin c 1 W 86 
Schwarz, Herbert Maier mec 278 Elli- 
son St Paterson N J ; AB Columbia 
Schwarz, Leo W c Oak Grove White 

Plains N Y 
Schwarz, Maury Margaret pa Madison 

Sq Hotel ; Lebanon Kan 
Schwarz, Mildred Eleanor e 138 W 104 
Schwarz, Sadie ed 552 Riverside Dr 
Schwarzberg, Harold c 451 Pearl St 
Schwarze, Carl Alois gr 8610 Ferris 
St Woodhaven L I N Y; BS Mis- 
souri, AM Columbia 
Schwarzkopf, Fred David e 201 W 120; 

65 Crescent Av 
Schwarzschild, Myron c 1359 51st 

Bklyn N Y 

Schwatt, May Arno e 121 5 Madison Av 

Schwedersky, George Herbert mec 612 

W 116; c/o H L Horton & Co 60 


Schwefel, Louis gr 445 W 124; AB 

C C N Y 
Schwegel, Donald c 1320 Spruce St 

Richmond Hill L I 
Schweitzer, William Peter gr 270 West 

End Av ; AB Columbia 
Schweizer, Louis James e 214 W 105 
Schweppe, George Altgeld c 565 W 113; 

902 Av B San Antonio Tex 
Schwerin, Leo B e 500 W 140 
Scofield, Carl Edward e 470 E 161 ; 

Kenton O; AB Oberlin 
Scofield, Hazel Alzador gr Furnald 
Hall; 451 Greenwich Av New Haven 
Conn ; AB Smith 
Scofield, Herbert Latham c 608 W 113; 

362 Riverside Dr 
Scott, Alice Howard e Bogota N J 
Scott, Anna pa Elizabeth N J ; c/o 
General Hospital Yarmouth Nova 
Scott, Augusta May e 524 W 122; 

Shavertown N Y 
Scott, Caroline Seeley e Prospect Pk 

White Plains N Y; AB Vassar 
Scott, Delia Van Velzor e 503 W 121 ; 

425 Park St Montclair N J 
Scott, Dorothy Helen e 966 Third Av 

Scott, Edith Warren ed Manor School 
Larchmont Manor N Y ; 33 Warren 
St Kingston N Y; AB New York 
State Teachers' College 
Scott, Ethel Llewellyn e 106 Morning- 
side Dr; New Ferry Va 
Scott, Eva Lorena ed 11 Conklin PI 
Hackensack N J ; Greenwood N Y ; 
PhB Syracuse 
Scott, Fenby Warden e c/o Y M C A 
Perth Amboy N J; Bloomville N Y 
Scott, Florence Cates e 500 W 177 
Scott, Helen Marcia e 419 W 119; 6 W 

French Av Temple Tex 
Scott, Joan Frances e 132 E 45 
Scott, Katherine Kirkwood ed 509 W 
121; Milledgeville Ga; BS Columbia 
Scott, Louise pa 509 W 121 ; Fresno 

Scott, Mary Wingfield b 133 MacDougal 
St; 1236 Monument Av Richmond Va 
Scott, Myron Lewis ;' 429 W 117; 

Kearney Neb 
Scott, Olive Ray e 438 W 116; 603 
Citizens Bldg Cleveland O; AB 
Scott, Philip Boyer mec 625 W 113; 

1245 Park Av; AB Columbia 
Scott, Randolph Wilson c 206 W 106; 

608 W 113 
Scott, Ruth J pa 501 W 120 ; 219 Park 

St Vicksburg Mich 
Scott, Wm John gr Union Theo Sem ; 
Beaverton Ont Can; AB, BD Queens 
Univ (Can) 
Scourtis, Spiero Panagistis e G P O 

Scourtis, Michael Panagistis e G P 

143; 314 W 37 
Scovel, Christine Merle ed 537 W 121 ; 

BS New York 
Scovil, Aubrey Earle c 8437 Church St 

Richmond Hill LINY 
Scovil, Francis Kessler c 625 W 113; 
8437 Church St Richmond Hill L I 
N Y 
Scroxton, Grace ed 117 S nth Av Mt 

Vernon N Y 
Scudder, Katherine e 143 W 80; Shel- 
byville Tenn 



Scudder, James Bailey e 55 Hanson PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Scurry, Marion Bell e 344 W 84 c/o 
Mrs Boswell ; 51 Washington St Car- 
bondale Pa 

Seabeck, Grace A e 117 W 90; 302 Elm 
Av Rocky Ford Colo 

Seager. A Luella ed 94 2d Av Newark 
N J; BS, MA Columbia 

Seager, Edward Leslie c Hartley Hall ; 
125 23d Elmhurst LINY 

Seagrave, Rachel Holbrook ed Whittier 
Hall; c/o Rev S R Winton Roselle 
N J ; AB Denison 

Seaholm, Agda E e 1938 Linden St 
Bklyn N Y 

Seaman, Ellen Beatrice pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr; 63 Bayfield St Charlotte- 
town Prince Edward Island Can 

Seanor, Lillian Velma pa Madison 
Av; 133 N Eighth St Indiana Pa 

Searfoss, Anna ed 188 Summit Av Phil- 
lipsburg N J 

Searle, Clara Prentiss gr 533 W 187; 
18 Day Av Westfield Mass; AB Mt 

Searle, Truman Gorton / Livingston 
Hall; 836 22d Rock Island 111; AB 
Univ of Illinois 

Searles, John William c 501 Washing- 
ton Av Bklyn N Y 

Seaton, William Davis c 269 W 261 

Seaver, Gweneth Manila ed Whittier 
Hall; 143 E Holt Av Pomona Cal ; 
AB Pomona College 

Sebree, Georgette Fran^oise b 392 Third 
St Bklyn N Y 

Sechler, Paul e $17 Cortlandt St Belle- 
ville N J; Riverside Pa; BS Syra- 

Secoles, Gladys ed 485 Central Pk W ; 
AB Hunter 

Secor, May e 521 W 122 

Secord, Alice Olivia e 163 E 184 

Secttor, Flora b 2707 College Av In- 
dianapolis Ind ; BS Columbia 

Sedelmeier, Steffan e 14 W 74 

Sedlak, Michael Joseph e 520 Broadway 
Bayonne N J 

See, Marvin Kelsey e 108 W 77; Cal- 
houn City Miss 

Seeds, Corinne Aldine ed 405 W 118; 

771 N Chester Av Pasadena Cal 
Seeger, Alfred Robert e 114 W 99 
Seeley, Jeannette b 247 Lafayette Av 

Grantwood N J 
Seeley, Robert Charles c Livingston 

Hall ; West Hampton Beach LINY 
Seeley, Sterling Briggs e 800 Quincy Av 

Scranton Pa 
Seely, Mervyn Falkiner e 42 Madison 

Av Jersey City N J 
Seely, Howard Francis ed c/o Scar- 
borough School Scarborough N Y ; 

AB Michigan 
Seeman, Robert e 20 31st Whitestone 

Landing N Y 
Segal, Abraham m Cedarhurst L I 

N Y; AB Maine 
Segal, Benjamin m 2026 Honeywell Av 
Segal, Charles / 233 W 11 1 ; AB C C 

N Y 
Segal, Samuel Michael e 405 W 117; 

414 Christian St Philadelphia Pa 
Segalowitz George e 1447 Carroll St 

Bklyn N Y 
Segel, Joseph bu 521 W 122; P O 

Drawer 329 Laurel Miss 
Segel, Harry e 16 W in; BS Georgia 

Segeler, Curt George mec 284 E 16 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Seger, William Arnold c Ardsley N Y 
Segil, Aaron Segil e Fairbury Neb 
Segil, Julius A e 521 W 122; Fairbury 

, Segrave, Francis Austin e 678 Hum- 
boldt St Bklyn N Y 
Sehl, Eileen Elizabeth e 439 W Sixth 

St Plainfield N J; 632 Gifford St 

Syracuse N Y 
Sehlmeyer, William John e 415 E 146 
Seibold, Frank Joseph e 182 8th Av 

Long Island City N Y 
Seidel, William Elliott e 2015 Bedford 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Seides, Harry M e 21 Macombs PI 
Seidler, Emma e 33 Vermilyea Av 
Seidler, Robert Henry e 147 Schenck 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Seidlin, Samuel Martin m 173 Chauncey 

St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 



Seidlin, Sara e 173 Chauncey St Bklyn 

N Y 
Seidman, Edwin Arthur m 437 W 59; 

580 High St Newark N J; BS Rut- 
Seidman, Helen May gr 580 High St 

Newark N J ; AB Columbia 
Seidman, Jeanne e 565 W 139 
Seie, Ishizuka e 71 Madison Av ; Tokio 

Seig, Edith W (Mrs Wm J) e 50 Nor- 
thern Av 
Seig, William John e 50 Northern Av 
Seiler, Pearl e 203 W 112 
Seinfel, Ruth A pa 100 W 121 
Seitz, Helen e 201 W 100 
Seitz, Martha S ed Seth Low Hall; 

2220 E 85 Cleveland O 
Seitz, Robert Wilcox gr 1211 N Second 

St Harrisburg Pa; AB Yale 
Seiver, Frederick Lyon c Livingston 

Seixas, Lillian e 68 Seaman Av 
Seldin, Reuben Shale c 48 Willett St 

Jamaica N Y 
Selee, Donald W e 146 Smith St Port 

Chester N Y 
Self, Margaret e 11 Center St South 

Orange N J 
Selig, Ambrose c 2010 yth Av 
Selig, Seth m 237 W 126; AB Columbia 
Seliger, Alfreda Leah e 324 W 103 
Seligman, Lillian e Front St Keyport 

N J 
Seligmann, Florence Caroline b 100 E 

Selleck, Bertha e Fairfield Conn 
Selly, William e 16 E 23 
Selman, M Evelyn e 790 Riverside Dr ; 

421 Park Av Louisville Ky 
Seltzer, Sidney Cecil / 215 W 148; AB 

Selvage, Notman e 14 Osborne Ter 

Newark N J 
Selznick, David e 590 West End Av 
Semel, Louis Bennett mec 520 E Fifth 

St; BS Columbia 
Semer, Leon c 156 State St Perth Am- 

boy N J 
Sengson, Pedro Tancuaco c 370 W 120; 

PhG Univ of the Philippines 

Senich, Tamamizu bit c/o Japanese Con- 
sulate General; 851 Nakashibuya 
Tokio Japan ; AM Tokio Commercial 

Senner, Solomon e 494 E 143 

Senter, Mabel D ed Seth Low Hall; 
2740 N 45 Av Omaha Neb; BS Okla- 

Senter, Mary e 29 W in 

Sentner, David P c 601 W 112 

Sequeira, Elise C e 666 W 162 

Serber, Eugenie e 547 W 123 ; AB Hun- 

Serber, Gilbert Mortimer c Chappaqua 
N Y 

Sergent, Nellie Barney e 503 W 121 ; 
AB Smith, PdB Albany Normal Col- 
lege, AM Columbia 

Serra, Frank c 428 Jackson Av Long 
Island City N Y 

Servan, Joseph / 688 3d Av Bklyn N Y ; 
61 Elizabeth St Atlanta Ga 

Servin, Rodolfo Ladislau bit 503 S 
Sixth Av Tucson Ariz; PhB Uni- 
versity of Chicago 

Settle, William Jerome c 139 Reid Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sevetinghaus, Nelson W c 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 520 W Portland St 
Phoenix Ariz 

Seward, Evelyn Wynn e 216 Guernsey 

Seward, Ruth deCharmes e 202 W 103 

Sexton, Lawrence Brown c Hartley 
Hall; 162 Grove PI Utica N Y 

Sexton, Lucile D e 317 W 93; 90 Lin- 
coln Av Cortland N Y 

Seymour, Katharine Louise b 470 S Bel- 
mont Av Newark N J 

Seymour, Ruth e 135 E 52; Rootstown 
O; AB Oberlin 

Seymour, Whitney North / Morris Hall ; 
439 N Murray St Madison Wis; AB 

Shack, Edna S pa 215 W 98 

Shackelford, Pearl pa Whittier Hall; 
Machen Ga 

Shafer, Mary Sherman ed 509 W 121 ; 
Manito, Mason Co 111; BS Columbia 

Shafer, Zoe Allen pa 605 W 115; Ply- 
mouth O 



Shaffer, Lucy White (Mrs) e 220 Ab- 
ingdon Rd Kew Gardens LINY; 
AB College of New Rochelle 

Shafran, Harry Aaron e 200 Win 

Shafransky, George e 125 E Fourth St 

Shaftan, Leonard m 73 W 83 ; BS C C 
N Y 

Shaftan, Rose Bernadine e 73 W 83 

Shah, Hiralal Lallubhai bu Tompkins 
Hall ; Karoda Ahmedabad Dt (India) 

Shaley, Irene ed 416 W 122; 1933 N 
10 Terre Haute Ind; BS Columbia 

Shamel, Clarence Alkire / 101 W 109; 
Gibson City 111 

Shamel, Dixon c Gibson City 111 

Shand, Helen e 363 Ford St 

Shane, Theodore c c/o R E Sherwood 
77 E 89 

Shanhart, Delos William e 137 Linden 
St Rochester N Y 

Shanik, H Paul bu 118 Bay 23 Bklyn 
N Y 

Shank, Dorothy Esther pa 509 W 121 ; 
330 Park Av Williamsport Pa 

Shankroff, Alfreda e 160 E 31. Bklyn 
N Y 

Shankweiler, Paul Walbert gr 600 W 
122; 131 N West St Allentown Pa; 
PhB Muhlenberg 

Shanley, Adele Grace e 993 Broad St 
Newark N J 

Shanley, Alice Bernadette b Furnald 
Hall, 201 W Granite Butte Mont 

Shanley, Grace Bayley e 271 W 72 

Shanley, William C Jr / 271 W 72) 
BS Princeton 

Shanley, Mary Sanford e 993 Broad St 
Newark N J 

Shannon, Frances Thompson e 607 
Hudson St ; Franklin Tenn 

Shannon, Mary Jane e Woman's Hospi- 
tal no & Amsterdam Av; Clover- 
dale B C Can 

Shapard, Annie McNeill ed 120 Haven 
Av ; Centreville Ala 

Shapcott, Edith Martha pa 414 W 120; 
827 N Cascade Av Colorado Springs 
Colo ; PdB Colorado State Teachers' 

Shapiro, Fay e 960 Av St John 

Shapiro, Isadore e 24 St Johns PI Stam- 
ford Conn 

Shapiro, Jonas J / 1378 5th Av; BS 
C C N Y 

Shapiro, Myer Jack e 80 E 116 

Shapiro, Philip c 199 Forsyth St 

Shapiro, Rose ed 24 St Johns PI Stam- 
ford Conn 

Shapiro, Sarah e 630 Palisade Av West 
New York N J 

Shapiro, Sigmund gr Nautilus near 
Highland Av Sea Gate New York 
Harbor ; AB Syracuse 

Shapiro, Simon Nathan c 24 St Johns 
PI Stamford Conn 

Shapiro, Solomon e 2509 Mermaid Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sharer, Blanche Elverda pa Madison 
Sq Hotel; 627 N Church St Prince- 
ton 111 

Sharkey, William Joseph e 440 W 29 

Sharot, Mary Elizabeth ed 1346 Pacific 
St Bklyn N Y; AB Adelphi 

Sharp, George Clough / 415 Riverside 
Dr; Elyria O 

Sharp, Katharine Wood e 254 W 56 

Sharp, Rexford Wordsworth c 625 W 
113; 176 Main St Madison N J 

Sharp, Sara Louise ed 37 Madison Av ; 
Ft Benton, Montana 

Sharpe, Henry Edwards c 49 Claremont 

Sh'arpless, Anna Elizabeth e Cranford, 
N J; West Chester Pa; BS U of 
Penn, MA N Y 

Sharpless, Elinore Rachel e 354 W 122; 
Primos Del Co Pa; AB Wells, AM 

Sharpless, Jean pa Whittier Hall ; 26 W 
Spring St Hazleton Pa 

Shaskan, Gertrude Atkins e Villa PI 
Cedarhurst LINY 

Shatz Dorothy Lillian b 21 14 Albemarle 
Ter Bklyn N Y 

Shaughnessy, Mary Josephine e Tarry- 
town N Y ; 72 N Washington St 
Tarrytown N Y ; AB College of New 
Rochelle, AM Columbia 

Shaver, Waldo W e 2 W 45 ; Honolulu 
Hawaii c/o Y M C A 



Shaw, Amy Irene ed 537 W 123; Or- 

mond Beach Fla; BS Columbia 
Shaw, Benjamin Chandler e 31 Summit 

Av Bogota N J ; Ormond Beach 

Fla; AB Rollins College 
Shaw, Frank Leslie ed 417 W 120; AB 

Tufts, LLB Georgetown, AM Colum- 
Shaw, Marion Ethel e 112 Schermer- 

horn St Bklyn N Y ; Newport N H 
Shaw, Paul Robert c 1048 Findlay Av 

Shaw, Mary Josephine gr 547 W 123; 

Indianola la ; AB Simpson College 
Shaw, Mary Scott e 305 W 89 ; c/o 

Miss Rose Scott, Lynton Jersey Rd 

Woohahia Sydney, New South Wales 

Shaw, Ruth Gillette b John Jay Hall; 

Northfield Vt 
Shaw, Sara Margaret ed 130 Claremont 

Av ; Canyon Tex ; AB Southwestern 

Shaw, William Earl gr 540 W 124; 2139 

Norwood Av Norwood O ; AB Ohio 

Shay, J^eo e 523 W 173 
Shea, Daniel Joseph e 255 W 112; 2349 

Sixth Av Troy N Y 
Shea, Edward Joseph e 235 io2d; 90 

Pleasant St Holyoke Mass 
Shea, Elizabeth Mary e Lakefield Ont 

Shea, Katherine Helena b Brooks Hall ; 

58 Elm St Charlestown Mass 
Shea, Mary Evelyn, pa 520 W I22d; 

668 Central Pk PI St Paul Minn 
Shea, Nelson John c Hartley Hall ; 769 

N Water St Meadville Pa 
Shea, Robert E ed Tuckahoe N Y; 1904 

James St Syracuse N Y 
Sheakley, Fannie E ed 211 Warburton 

Av Yonkers ; Houghton Allegany Co 

N Y 
Shealy, William Brody / 520 W 122; 

White Rock S C; BS Columbia 
Shear, Murray Jacob gr 310 E 69; 382 

S Third Bklyn N Y; BS C C N Y 
Shear, Rosetta Elizabeth gr 36 Jackson 

St New Rochelle N Y ; AB Vassar 

Shearer, Olive Lenore e 600 W 127; 
Dry Run, Pa; PhB Wooster College 

Shearn, Edith Petty b 308 W 78 

Sheehan, Edythe Marie b 203 W 117 

Sheehan, George Washington e 73 Lem- 
beck Av Jersey City N J 

Sheehan, Helen Clark b Brooks Hall ; 
27 Gould Av Newark N J 

Sheehan, Marion Clark b Brooks Hall ; 
27 Gould Av, Newark N J 

Sheehy, Agnes Loretta e 184 E 102 

Shelvin, Bernard e P O Box 540 City 
Hall Station 

Sheen, Warren Pearce e 940 Madison 
Av Paterson N J 

Sheerin, Charles Wilford c 608 W 113; 
168 Convent Av 

Sheets, Olive Amy gr 100 W Kings- 
bridge Rd ; Greenway Av Columbus 
O ; AB and BS Ohio State, MA Wis- 

Sheff, Alexander Leon bu 1553 E Sec- 
ond St Bklyn N Y 

Sheff, Mildred ed 11 Parker St Port- 
chester N Y 

Sheffield, Nita C ed Seth Low Hall; 
684 Sanchez St San Francisco Cal ; 
AB California 

Sheftel, Julius / 1052 Bryant Av 

Sheinberg, Belle e 137 MacDougal St 

Sheinberg, Michael George e 607 E 139 

Sheldon, Laura Charlotte e Mahopac 
N Y ; Brooklyn, Conn ; AB Vassar, 
PhD Cornell 

Shellow, Henry Gershon gr 305 Haven 
Av ; 3425 Douglas Blvd Chicago 111 ; 
PhB Chicago 

Shellstrom, Walter Nathaniel e Mitchell 
Field LINY 

Shelmire, Jesse Bedford m 19 W 71 ; 
Dallas Tex 

Shelsy, Harry George e 10 E 114 

Sheltman, Ellen Otey gr 420 W 119; 
Christiansburg Va ; AB Randolph- 
Macon W 

Shelvey, Henry Gordon e 319 W 46; 
408 N 63; Philadelphia Pa 

Shepard, Marion Mallory e 214 Cathe- 
dral Pkway 

Shepherd, f^eoro-e e Tyson Av Floral 
Park L I 



Shepherd, Grace Maria ed 509 W 121 ; 
AB Hastings College, AM Columbia 

Shepherd, Samuel Roswell / 29 W 47 ; 
177 E Main St Lancaster N Y ; AB 

Shepherd, Thomas Leroy o 525 W 113; 
Platteville Wis 

Sheppard, Albert S ed Harvest St For- 
est Hills L I ; AB Huron College, MA 

Sheppard, Ira ed South Side High New- 
ark N J ; AM Bucknell 

Sheridan, Florence e 313 W 114 

Sherlock, Gertrude Clare e 414 W 118; 
91 Englewood Av Waterbury Conn 

Sherman, Audrey Townsend e Rye N Y 

Sherman, Eugenia Elizabeth gr 261 
Bedford Park Blvd ; AB College of 
New Rochelle 

Sherman, Mrs Ida e 420 W 118 

Sherman, Roger Allen pa 857 E 23 
Paterson N J 

Sherman, Rose Elizabeth e 143 E 21; 
163 Dartmouth St Lowell Mass; AB 

Sherman, Samuel c 23 Boerum St 
Bklyn N Y 

Sherman, Sol e 397 Pearl St 

Sherman, Solomon c 193 Buffalo Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sherrin, Louis e 521 W 122; 224 Erin 
St Pittsburgh Pa 

Sherrill, Lydia Beatrice ed 415 W 118; 
St Marys Ontario Canada 

Sherry, Louise Elizabeth e 170 Park- 
side Av Bklyn NY; 589 W Maple 
St Hazleton Pa 

Sherwin, Constance e 35 Claremont Av 
c/o Mrs A L Sherwin 

Sherwin, Oscar c 644 Riverside Dr 

Sherwin, Sidney Alexander / 644 River- 
side Dr ; BS, AM Columbia 

Sherwood, Jacob Leavitt e 138 W 82; 
124 Loraine Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Sherwood, C H e 408 Bellevue Av 
Yonkers N Y; BA Cornell 

Shevlin, Matthew Joseph / 453 Hill- 
Mr Av Jamaica N Y; AB Columbia 

Sherwood, Golda Faye pa 509 W 121 ; 
Malta HI 

Shestacovsky, Ivan c 195 Ocean Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Shibuya, Fuku gr 622 W 113 

Shick, Cecilia e 2101 Harrison Av 

Shick, Henry e 2101 Harrison Av 

Shick, Margaret Hilton e 207 Sixth Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Shields, Edythe Coralie pa 315 E 162 

Shigeshiro, Tsuji e c/o Japanese Con- 
sulate General 165 Bway; 66 Tokana- 
waminamicho Shibaku Tokyo Japan 

Shimada, Toku gr 102 W 123 

Shiman, Leon Maxin c 420 W 116 

Shiman, Russell Gardner c 420 W 116 

Shimans, Sidney e 1616 49 Bklyn N Y 

Shimkin, Isidor Max m 85 McKibben St 
Bklyn N Y 

Shindler, Max / t> 22 W 108; Hurley- 
ville, N Y 

Shine, Helena e 523 W 123; AB Co- 

Shintake, Tami e 841 West End Av ; 
Tokyo Japan ; MD Tokyo Med Col 

Shipley, Agnes Dorothy gr 279 Lex- 
ington Av; West Chester, Pa; AB 
Bryn Mawr 

Shipley, Arley McCarty e North Hack- 
ensack N J 

Shipman, Norton e 298 Bway; 851 
Hunts Point Av 

Shire, Helen Margaret b 342 W 71 

Shiring, Norma Alford pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; 5783 McPherson Av St 
Louis Mo 

Shirk, Amy Pope e 220 W 59 ; BL 

Shirk, Sue pa 504 Hudson Av West 
New York N J ; 350 Walnut St Lu- 
zerne Pa 

Shivelle, Wm Arthur e 230 W 122; 51 
Santa Clara Av Dayton O 

Shlaer, Simon e 522 S 19 Newark N J 

Shloss, Marie Louise t 613 Furnald 
Hall; 5335 Waterbury Rd Des Moines 
la ; PhB Chicago 

Shmayefsky, David c 25.' Boerum St 
Bklyn N Y 



Shnetman, Julian Joseph e 325 Vernon 

Av Bklyn N Y ; 505 Fairfield Av 

Bridgeport Conn 
Shoda, Yoshi gr 460 W 44 ; Tokyo 

Shoemaker, Helen Tilden e 89 Park St 

Orange N J ; Warren N Y 
Shomay, Barney ed 48 Moore St Bklyn ; 

Shonley, Mabel Helen pa Long Island 

College Hospital Henry St Bklyn 

N Y; 7824 90 Av Union Course L I 
Shope, Bedford Sutton c 3089 Bway 
Shorr, Philip gr 606 Belmont Av 

Bklyn ; AB Columbia 
Short, Lester Carl e 107 St James PI 

Bklyn N Y; 1682 Main St Stratford 

Short, Thelma pa Whittier Hall; 816 

E Iron Av Salina Kan 
Shortle, Mae Agnes e 509 W 112 
Shortt, Elspeth Lucie pa 218 St Paul's 

Av, Tompkinsville ; Staten Island 

N Y 
Shotwell, Fred Calvin ed Woodbridge 

N J; PhB Lafayette 
Shrader, Elizabeth Virginia b 320 W 

107; 801 N Highland Av Pittsburgh 

Shrifte, Evelyn B b 435 Ft Washington 

Shriver, Harry William £ 10 Intervale 

PI Yonkers N Y; 71 E Main St Bea- 
con N Y 
Shroder, Edith Claire e 530 W 113; 

710 Auburn Av Buffalo N Y 
Shropshire, Juanita Ann e 106 Morn- 

ingside Dr ; Colorado Tex ; AB St 

Mary's College (Texas) 
Shuber, Irvin J c 1708 Prospect PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Shuja, George Gilbert c Hartley Hall ; 

Ashtabula O 
Shukuris (Shukuroglou), Avraam An- 

dronicus m 1402 Lexington Av ; AB 

Anatolia College 
Shulimson, Israel c 613 Hendrix St 

Bklyn; 413 Columbus Av Dunkirk 

N Y 
Shulman, Milton e 439 W 123 c/o H J 

Hughes ; Bangor Pa 

Shuloff, Emil bu 182 Manhattan Av 
Bklyn; BS Columbia 

Shults, Roy Frank e 4241 Bway 

Shultz, William John c 179 Windsor PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Shuman, Florence Lucile gr Furnald 
Hall ; Black Mountain N C ; AB Trin- 
ity College (N C) 

Shurberg, Morris c 548 W 113; 45 Co- 
lumbia St New Britain Conn 

Shuser, Dora Florence e 522 W 112; 50 
William St Newport R I 

Shuser, Nathan e 319 W 116; 50 Wil- 
liam St Newport R I 

Shyev, Lucille e 450 Audubon Av 

Sia, Ruby ed Whittier Hall ; Foochow 
China; BA Cornell College, AM 

Sibley (Horace) Norman gr Earl Hall ; 
Troy N H; AB Columbia 

Siceloff, Helen Wainwright e 421 W 114 

Sichel, Helen pa 69 Shanlley Av New- 
ark N J 

Sichel, Walter e 600 W 146; AB Co- 

Sickels, Vera Abigail pa v6o W 74 ; 32 
Newbury St Boston Mass 

Sickler, Katharine pa 1230 Amsterdam 
Av ; 1047 Penna Av Tyrone Pa 

Sicular, Adele b 466 W 151 

Siegartel, Morris e 58 Morton St Bklyn 

Siegbert, Beryl M b 137 Riverside Dr 

Siegel, Abraham Vincent c 167 Ashbur- 
ton Av Yonkers 

Siegel, Dora e 1893 Vyse Av 

Siegel, Emanuel William e 622 W 113 

Siegel, Louis e 11 20 Clay Av; AB 
C C N Y 

Siegel, Milton Meyer e 6514 Bay 
Pkway Bklyn N Y ; LLB St Lawrence 

Siegel, Morris Wilfred e 628 S Park 
St Elizabeth N J 

Siegel, Rose Loreene 260 Rivington c/o 
Mr M Mansbach ; 142 Sanford Av 
Bridgeport Conn 

Siegel, William / 435 Hinsdale St 
Bklyn ; AB C C N Y 

Siegel, Wm Israel / 224 Tompkins Hall ; 
481 1 Huntington Av Newport News 
Va; AB, AM Virginia 



Siegel, Yetta Theresa e 89 Av C 

Siegfried, Friebis pa Tompkins Hall ; 
Finady Av Bethlehem Pa 

Siegler, Julius m 233 Newark Av Jer- 
sey City N J ; AB Columbia 

Siegmeister, Walter c 4915 14 Av Bklyn 

Siersdorfer, Jr Michael e 112 W 123 

Siff, Milton Solomon e 1855 7 Av 

Siff, Raymond Seymour e Hartley 
Hall ; 75 Congress St Bradford Pa 

Sifford, James Potts ed 353 W 117; 
Clover S C ; AB, AM Univ of S C 

Siglag, Joseph Jacob c 371 Oakland St 
Bklyn N Y 

Sigler, Elmer Gay / 300 W 116: 21 14 
N Bronson Av Hollywood Cal 

Sigler, Frank Howard e 190 Nagle Av 

Sigler, Miriam ed 24 Greenwich Av 
Greenwich Conn 

Sik, Louis gr 417 W 1 18 ; c/o Y M C A 
Foochow China ; AB Coe College 

Sikorsky, Emily Agnes e 194 Second 

Silber, Charles e 901 Livingston Hall; 
32 Velsor PI Newark N J 

Silberberg, Abe Lynn e 435 Ft Wash- 
ington Av 

Silberberg, J Paul e Hartley Hall ; 
932 Niagara Av Niagara Falls N Y 

Silberblatt, Sidney Shepard c 120 W 119 

Silberstein, Augusta Rose e 159 Cum- 
berland St Bklyn N Y 

Silbert, Doris b John Jay Hall ; Fair- 
mount Av Plainfield N J 

Silbert, Walter c 954 W Seventh St 
Plainfield N J 

Silcock, George Ernest e 357 W 20 ; R 
D No 3 Newburgh N Y 

Silliman, Joseph Edward Jr c 680 St 
Nicholas Av 

Silitch, Eugene Voldemar e Hotel Buck- 
ingham 621 Fifth Av c/o Mr M Schu 

Silk, Gertrude e 121 7 50 St Bklyn 

Sillo, Beatrice Elsabeth e 353 W 57 

Silva, Anthony A e 175 W 78; West 
Barnstable Mass 

Silva, Sophie Mrs e 2880 Bway 

Silvanie, Haig gr 414 W 121 ; AB Clark 

Silver, Janet Evelyn e Furnald Hall; 
303 Westland St Hartford Conn 

Silverberg, Benjamin / 14 Seyms St 

Hartford Conn 
Silver, Jonas c 1 1 1 Graham Av Bklyn 
Silver, Rebecca e 204 Eldridge St 
Silverberg, Morris Norman c 2009 Mer- 
maid Av Bklyn 
Silverberg, Samuel Joshua m 255 W 70; 

1 127 Main St Hartford Conn 
Silverberg, William Victor m 120 W 

86 ; BS Columbia 
Silverman, Abraham / Hartley Hall; 42 

William St Hartford Conn ; AB Trin- 
ity (Conn) 
Silverman, Alice Pauline gr 537 W 121 ; 

2202 Jackson St San Francisco Cal; 

AB AM California 
Silverman, David Leopold e 132 Nas- 
sau; 1028 Simpson St Bronx 
Silverman, Esther e 11 E 108 
Silverman, Josephine Henriette e 45 E 

Silverman, Max Aaron e 381 Saratoga 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Silverman, Rae B e 911 Fox St 
Silverstein, Louis e 948 Union Av 
Silverstein, Pearl e 203 W 107; 4039 

Rose Hill Av Avondale Cincinnati O ; 

AB Cincinnati 
Silverstone, Charles Mark e 675 E 170 
Silveus, Charles Andrew bu 520 W 122 
Simango, Calnuhus Kawba ed 243 W 

128; Mt Silinda Rhodesia S Afr 
Simberg, Abraham J e 757 Trinity Av 

Simberkoff, Louis Lawrence e 31 S 

Seventh Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Simenhoff, Florence e 1056 Sheridan 

Situion, Naia c 128 W 98; EE Univ of 

Simmers, Frances Isabelle pa Whittier 

Hall; 514 E Fifth East Liverpool O 
Simmonds, Margaret Alden ed 235 E 

18; 514 Madison Av Elizabeth N J ; 

AB Mt Holyoke 
Simmons, Arthur F c 1346 Prospect Av 
Simmons, Conrad C c 608 W 113; 167 

Joralemon St Bklyn N Y 
Simmons, Harold <• 460 West Side Av 

Jersey City N J 



Simmons, William Martin c 266 S Clin- 
ton St East Orange N J 

Simms, Henry Swain gr 153 S Grove 
St East Orange N J ; BS Mass Inst of 

Simon, Alexander e 815 W 179 

Simon, Ben gr 1210 40th Bklyn N Y; 

Simon, Bernard Aaron c 53 W 114; 
1 103 W Second Av Pine Bluff Ark 

Simon, Constance Gladys e 838 West 
End Av 

Simon, Edith Sterling e 64 E 86 

Simon, Elias ed 1560 Amsterdam Av; 

Simon, Elizabeth Fitzhugh e 64 E 86 

Simon, Emanuel e 1242 Madison Av 

Simon, Harry e 400 E 93 

Simon, Helen Sophie e 57 W 89 

Simon, Henry William c 53 W 89 

Simon, Iselin William e 521 W 112 

Simon, Pearl e 3671 Bway 

Simon, Robert Valentine e 387 St Paul's 
Av Stapleton S I N Y 

Simon, Ruth Dorothy e 230 W 79 

Simonet, Jacobo c 326 Columbus Av ; 
PhG Columbia 

Simoni, S Enriquez e 141 Bway, 244 W 

Simons, Deborah e 181 Lenox Av 

Simons, Mary Elizabeth pa Haskell 
N J ; Swarthmore Pa 

Simons, Miriam Ida e 418 W 118 

Simons, Sara Eloise pa Whittier Hall; 
1 010 Fourth Av Columbus Ga 

Simonson, Earle Messner / Sigma Chi 
House 415 Riverside Dr ; 214 Butler 
Av Tottenville N Y ; AB Columbia 

Simonys, Elmer e 604 E 168 

Simopoulos, Constantine Peter e 546 W 
147; 42 John St Newport R I 

Simpson, Adelaide Douglas gr Sherman 
Square Hotel ; AB Bryn Mawr, AM 

Simpson, Anita Lawrence ( Mrs) ^96 Hill- 
crest Av Yonkers N Y ; 96 Hillcrest Av 
Park Hall Yonkers N Y ; AB Hunter 

Simpson, Gertrude b Hollywood Av 
Crestwood N Y 

Simpson, Janet Collier ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Florence, Ala ; AB Radcliffe 

Simpson, Lillian Bay e 147 W 55 
Simpson, Sarah Hull Jenkins gr hi E 

56; AB Smith 
Sims, Jr, Francis Eugene a 531 W 113; 
1 5 16 Gervais St Columbia S C; BS, 
AM Univ of S C 
Sims, Ruth Hairston b 153 W 80 
Sinclair, Alexander e 449 W 153 
Sinclair, John Stephens / 565 W 113; 
1402 Pacific St Bklyn N Y ; AB Co- 
Sinclair, Nadine b 45 Coleridge St 

Manhattan Beach N Y 
Sinclair, Roberta Sweet pa Whittier 

Hall ; Bisbee Ariz 
Sindle, Lillian Adelia pa Whittier Hall; 

Little Falls N J 
Singer, Bertha ed 39 W 129; AB 

Singer, Fannie Beatrice e 1356 Madi- 
son Av 
Singer, Helen e 130 W 117 
Singer, Joseph e 1391 Madison Av ; 

BCS N Y Univ 
Singer, Minnie e 169 Adelphi St 

Bklyn N Y 
Singer, Samuel e 65 E 97 
Singerman, Leo c 204 Bay 14 St 

Singerman, Sydney e 48 Post Av 
Singleton, Harry Howard c Hartley 
Hall; 109^ Ridge St Glens Falls N Y 
Sinnigen, Grace Julia b Brooks Hall 
Sinsabaugh, Robert Washburn e 294 

Montross Av Rutherford N J 
Sinsheimer, Jeanette e 605 W 112 
Sinsheimer, Julia L pa 330 W 102 
Sinsheimer, Rosalie H c 501 W no 
Sinton, Thomas Edison e 510 W 171 
Sipe, Helena Rosa e 605 W 115 ; 328 W 

30, Indianapolis Ind 
Sirch, Thor Rheudy c 500 W 122 
Sisca, Francis c 1859 Madison Av 
Siskind, Robert ed 108 Henry St; AB 

C C N Y 
Sisson, Maud Cheek ed 404 W 115; 

Kahuku Oahu T H 
Sisson, Ruth gr Manhattan State Hos- 
pital Wards Island N Y; 458 Hope 
St Providence R I ; AB Brown 



Sitler, Alma Grace gr 5 Chestnut St 

Suffern Rockland Co N Y; AB Cor- 
Sitomer, Harry e 194 Stockton St 

Sitt, Irving c 200 W 113 
Skaggs, James LeRoy e 511 Central At 

Plainfield N J 
Skaggs, Joe Lewis e 14 East 30 
Skahill, Edward Aloysius e 282 Third 

Av Astoria LINY 
Skeats, Wilfred Francis c 531 Scotland 

St Orange N J 
Skeete, Douglas e 151 W 140 
Skeith, Austin Jenks c 540 W 113; 

New Dayton Alberta Canada 
Skelly, John W e 143 W 117; 202 Wal- 
nut Av Altoona Pa 
Skelton, Marion Grace e 25 Maurice Av 

Elmhurst L I 
Skelton, Neil Kennedy c "The Poplars" 

Essex, Essex Co N Y 
Skerry, Eleanor bu 240 Riverside Dr ; 

AB Wellesley 
Skidmore, George Raymond ed Grand 

St Maspeth N Y 
Skillen, Jane e 24 W 12 
Skillen, Winifred ed 100 Morningside 

Dr; Iron Mountain Mich 
Skillman, Irving Spencer e 407 W 147 
Skinner, Blanche Alberta ed 200 W no; 

1416 N Main St Bloomington 111; 

BS Columbia 
Skinner, Gertrude Eliza ed 84 Remsen 

St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Skinner, George Dickson / 507 Morris 

Hall Gouverneur N Y; LittB Prince- 
Skinner, Grace M ed E Palisade Av 

Englewood N J; 951 Main St Stevens 

Point Wis 
Skinner, Helen Haywood pa Whittier 

Hall ; 492 Stratford Rd Bklyn N Y 
Skinner, John Frederick e 2128 Bway 
Skinner, Robert William e 133 Belvi- 

dere Av Washington N J 
Sklar, Solomon Irving c 2026 Douglas 

St Bklyn N Y 
Slade, Gilbert Sherman e 473 W 158 » 
Slade, Ollie Lee e 598 W 177; Epley 


Slafkes, Max m 945 E 181 

Slagle, Christian W Seward e 25 Bel- 
laire Dr Montclair N J 

Slasle, Dean gr 410 W 115; Bakers- 
ville N C; AB Kentucky 

Slattery Arthur Robert e 412 W 115 c/o 
Mrs Dodge ; New Market N J 

Slass, Herman J c 69 Gilbert St Jamaica 
L I 

Slater Augustus c 633 W 115; 141 25th 
St Elmhurst L I 

Slater, Dorothy Churchill pa Whittier 
Hall ; Barry 111 

Slatzin, Frances Rachael e 859 River- 
side Dr; 1 62 1 S Trumbull Av Chi- 
cago 111 

Slaughter, Mary Lee b John Jay Hall; 
16 South Prabo Atlanta Ga 

Slawson, Anne Louise bu Furnald Hall ; 
86 E Main St Canisteo N Y 

Slayton, Alice Vera & 162 Bush St 

Slayton, Ralph Emil e 162 Bush St 

Slee, Marie Anna e 2465 Bway ; Green- 
wich Conn 

Slifer, Luther Walter gr 600 W 122; 
St Thomas Pa; AB Penna College 

Slingerland, Jessie Rosco ed Whitford 
Av Nutley N J ; Sharon Springs N Y 

Sloan, Charles Austin e 540 W 122; 
AB Univ of N C 

Sloan, Charles H Jr gr 906 Hartley 
Hall; 429 E Fifth St Newport Ky; 
BS Cincinnati 

Sloan, Mary Stevenson « 45 E 42d St 
Bayonne N J 

Sloane, David c 229 W no 

Sloane, Reginald Gordon mec Bucking- 
ham Hotel ; Sands Point Port Wash- 
ington N Y; AB Harvard 

Slocum, Edward Mark gr 351 W 14; 
1 7 14 Wilson Av Chicago 111 ; AB Tenn 

Slonim, Mildred e 2138 66 St Bklyn 
N Y 

Slonim, Ralph Joseph e Hartley Hall ; 
1005 W Eighth St Plainfield N J 

Sloss, Louise O gr 777 West End Av ; 
AB Columbia 

Small, George Kunkel c 301 E 207 

Small, Kathryn Wheeler b 301 E 207 



Small (Laurel), Laurel (Alphonse) 

Elizabeth e P O Box No 3 Sta I 116 ; 

2647 Bway 
Small, Milton Noel e 327 W 52 
Small, Wesley Parker / 612 W 116; 406 

Bellinger Av Herkimer N Y 
Smart, Edwin Lewis e 464 Eastern 

Pkway Bklyn N Y ; LLB St Lawrence 

Smart, Junius Hatch e 303 W 70 ; 16 

Huxton St Salt Lake Utah 
Smeathers, Eugene Goodwin e 247 

Belleville Av Newark N J ; AB Trin- 
ity College (Conn) 
Smedley, Dorothy Harewood b 7909 

Ridge Blvd Bklyn N Y 
Smedley, Martin Harvey c 81 Hampton 

St Elmhurst N Y 
Smeltzer, Clarence Harry pa 546 W 

124 ; Bellefonte Pa 
Smillie, Grace Cooley e 306 Lexington 

Av; AB Mt Holyoke 
Smith, Addie Hollingsworth pa 540 W 

Smith, Admiral e 409 W 117; Clearville. 

Pa R D 2 
Smith, Afton ed 106 Morningside Dr; 

Plattin Mo; PdB Normal School 

Cape Girardeau Mo 
Smith, Alberta Maxwell e 3 Miln St 

Cranford N J 
Smith, Alfred Richmond mec 104 Pros- 
pect PI Bklyn N Y 
Smith, Alice Gertrude e Furnald Hall ; 

Dark Harbor Me; AB New Rochelle 
Smith, Alphonsus George e 165 W 95 
Smith, Anita Tyler b 534 76 St Bklyn 
Smith, Barbara pa 701 W 177 
Smith, Bess Farrington pa Whittier 

Hall : Huntsville Tex 
Smith. Beverly Jr / 614 W 113; 1417 

Park Av Baltimore Md ; AB Johns 

Smith, C Gerard e 1841 84 St Bklyn 

N Y 
Smith, Carlos Bjerck mec Box 15 

School of Mines; 104 Prospect PI 

Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 
Smith, Chas A e 425 W 118; 126 High 

St Rockville Conn 

Smith, Charles LeGrande e 556 Lewis 

St Union Hill N J 
Smith, Chester A e 730 Hudson Av 

Peekskill N J 
Smith, Mrs Clarence J e 602 W 125; 

AB Cornell College (Iowa) 
Smith, Dudley C / 247 W 103; 3* Alex- 
ander St Princeton N J ; AB Princeton 
Smith, Edgar N c 81 Whitney Av Elm- 
hurst L I 
Smith, Edith B pa 411 W 114 
Smith, Edna DeWitt ed 5 Berkeley Hts 

Park Bloomfield N J 
Smith, Edna Louise gr 450 Riverside 

Dr; 125 W Park Av Aurora 111; AB 

Smith, Edward Louis c 540 W 145 
Smith, Edward Michael e 26 Cortlandt 

St Mt Vernon N Y 
Smith, Edwin Dudley Jr c Central Av 

nr Irving PI Woodmere LINY 
Smith, Ella e 297 Stone Av Bklyn 
Smith, Ella Maude ed 509 W 121 ; 355 

Ashland Av Buffalo N Y 
Smith, Elizabeth D e 17 Webster Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Smith, Elton c 418 W 118 
Smith, Emanuel Jr e 2213 Genesee St 

Trenton N J 
Smith, (Mrs) Emma K e 1575 Grand 

Concourse; BCS N Y Univ 
Smith, Erman Burdette c Linden N J 

Box 435 ; 819 W Iron Av Salina Kan 
Smith, Esther Marjorie e Huntington 

N Y (Halesite P O) 
Smith, Evan Whitehill c 612 W 116 
Smith, (Mrs) Florence Condon e 661 

W 179 
Smith, Francis Bernard e 425 W 118; 

126 High St Rockville Conn 
Smith, Francis Gerald c 831 E 163; 

West Winfield N Y 
Smith, Fred Francis e 191 Woodlawn 

Av Jersey City N J 
Smith, Genevieve Emily pa 21 W 122 
Smith, George Daniel ed 419 W 118; 
1505 W Ashington Av Fort Worth 
Tex ; AB Butler College Indianapolis 
Smith, George Edward e 315 N High St 
Mt Vernon N Y 



Smith, George Minard e 404 W 116; 
Patten Me 

Smith, Grace Miranda ed 66 W 2 Mt 
Vernon N Y 

Smith, Harold William e 510 W 112 

Smith, Harris Kohlman c 600 W 175 

Smith, Harry e 1037 Third Av 

Smith, Harry Bradley ed 550 W 114; 
12 Elizabeth St Waterloo N Y ; AB 

Smith, Harry Paterick e 843 W 179 

Smith, Hattie Elvira ed 106 Morning- 
side ; Naples N Y R F D No 6 

Smith, Helen Abbott ed 66 W 2 Mt 
Vernon N Y 

Smith, Helen Norman pa Whittier Hall ; 
331 W 101 

Smith, Helen Reid e 229 W 101 

Smith, Henrietta ed 1230 Amsterdam 
Av ; 1450 Fort St Honolulu Hawaii 

Smith, Henry O e 242 New York Av 
Bklyn N Y; LLB Syracuse 

Smith, Homer Morgan e 12 W 66; Red- 
ding Conn ; AB Amherst 

Smith, Howard Jefferson e 521a Sixth 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Smith, India Almena e 140 Claremont 
Av ; 720 Salem Av SW Roanoke Va 

Smith, Irving Jr / 824 Hartley Hall ; 5 
Page Terrace South Orange N J ; AB 

Smith, Isabel Bedford e 1324 St 
Nicholas Av 

Smith, Jessie Agnes e 414 W n8; 
Bloomington Md; AB Indiana 

Smith, Jessie Sherwood pa 70 Morning- 
side Dr; Asotin Wash 

Smith, Joseph Francis e 105 Willis Av 

Smith Kenneth Dudley / 701 Jewett Av 
Staten Island N Y; BS Dartmouth 

Smith, Laura Cohen ed 1560 Amster- 
dam Av 

Smith, Leonard Francis e Beech Court 
College Point N Y 

Smith, Leni Garvin ed Stockholm N J; 
AB De Pauw, BD Union T S, AM 

Smith, LeRoy ed 407 Ardmore Av 
Trenton N J 

Smith, Lila Matilda e 175 W 97 

Smith, Lloyd Harrison bu 633 W 115; 

1409 Manor Av McKeesport Pa 
Smith, Lois Grace e Hotel Gotham 
Smith, Louise Antoinette m 8418 104 

Richmond Hill N Y; AB Hunter 
Smith, Mabel Irene gr 140 Claremont 

Av; 349 Mechanic St Clarksburg W 

Va; AB Mt Holyoke 
Smith, Malcolm W c Penn Port Hotel ; 

4739 Hammett P O St Louis Mo 
Smith, Margaretta A pa 145 E 176 
Smith, Marie Margaret e 159 E 104 
Smith, Marion Loretta e Chappaqua 

Westchester County N Y 
Smith, Mary Shannon gr Furnald Hall ; 

106 E 52 ; AB Leland Stanford Jr, 

AM Columbia 
Smith, Mildred Katharine e 452 Cyrus 

Smith, Mollie Regina ed 204 S 10 New- 
ark N J 
Smith, Nicholas c 327 E 17; 107 S 

Main St Mahanoy City Pa 
Smith, Pauline Maude e 175 W 97 
Smith, Perry Coke a 536 W 114; 738 

38th Norfolk Va 
Smith, Raymond F (Mrs) e 132 W Pali- 
sade Av Englewood N J 
Smith, Raymond Leo e 373 Marlow Av 

Elmhurst LINY 
Smith, R Edwin e 4 Tilly Av Jamaica 

N Y 
Smith, Rena M ed Whittier Hall; 

1003 Tenth St Greenville N C ; AB 

Smith, Robert James mec 3492 Fort In- 
dependence St 
Smith, Robert Jr e 790 Broad St New- 
ark N J ; Grantwood N J 
Smith, Roger Peck bu Livingston Hall, 

37 Otsego St Canajoharie N Y 
Smith, Ronald e Faculty Club 
Smith, Rudolph Percy f 57 W 106; 3 

White Arches Cherokee Av Hollis 

Smith, Ruth Evangeline ed 52 Church 

St White Plains N Y; AB Smith 
Smith, Ruth Helen ed 370 First St 

Hackensack N J; Hollis Center Me; 

BS Columbia 



Smith, Sarah Edith ed 39 Main St Ir- 

vington N Y ; 65 Pine St Deposit 

N Y 
Smith, S Margaret pa 543 W 123; 

Ephrata Pa 
Smith, Stanley Wallace e 22 W 21 

Whitestone N Y 
Smith, Thomas Arthur mec 257 W 92; 

East Ely Nev ; AB Harvard 
Smith, Thomas Bryant / 80 Washington 

St Long Branch N J ; AB Brown 
Smith, Thomas Bryant / 80 Washington 
Smith, Thyra ed Whittier Hall; 21 

Sycamore Av New Earswick York 

Smith, William Alvin c Hartley Hall; 
- 22 Rex PI Buffalo N Y 
Smith, William Henry e 880 Forest Av 
Smith, William Weir e 1926 Walton Av 
Smith, Willie Wesson (Mrs) e 549 

Riverside Dr; AB Ward Belwood 

Seminary Nashville 
Smither, Florine b John Jay Hall ; 

Huntsville Tex 
Smither, Robert Howes e 531 W 113; 

1833 W 22 Los Angeles Cal 
Smoley, Eugene Ralph e 17 Gramercy 

Pk; 711 Monroe Av Scranton Pa; 

BS Mass Inst Tech 
Smolin, Louis e 1951 So Blvd 
Smolin, May Hortense e 1890 7th Av 
Smolin, Nat Channing e 446 Park Av 
Smookler, Bertha e 31 W no 
Smutney, Edgar Julius e 1270 Madison 

Snedden, Hope pa 37 E 71 ; 48 Pros- 
pect Dr Yonkers N Y 
Snedeker, William Morris e 200 Jackson 

St Hempstead LINY 
Snell, Foster Dee gr C C N Y ; 1 

Thoyse St Binghamton N Y; BS Col- 
Sniffen, Stewart Braisted m 356 W 57 ; 

108 N Broadway White Plains N Y; 

BS Columbia 
Snider, Aimer Jay e 1 Apollo St Jersey 

City N J; Great Meadows N J 
Snortum, Kenneth Oscar ed 540 W 122; 

Zumbrota Minn; AB Minnesota, AM 


Snow, Flora Belle e 106 Morningside 

Dr; Memphis Tenn 
Snow, Mary Arnold e 885 West End Av 
Snow, Shirley Robinson Jr m 30 W 44 ; 
267 Alexander St Rochester N Y ; AB 

Snow, William m 180 Harrison Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Snyder, Arrietta ed 316 W 112; no 
Grand St Newburgh N Y ; PdB New 
York State Normal, AB, AM Colum- 

Snyder, Arthur Allen / 519 W 138; AB 

Snyder, Eva Jeanette ed 527 W 124; 
Sterling Kan; BS Kansas State Agric 

Snyder, John G gr 600 W 122; 7429 
Race St Pittsburgh Pa; AB Pitts- 

Snyder, John Joseph e 169 West End 

Snyder, J Russell e 215 W 23; AB 

Sobel, Dorothy e 77 W 118 

Sobel, Herman £ 215 Manhattan Av 

Sobel, Irwin Philip c 140 W 122 

Sobel, Loretta e 543 W 146 

Sobel, Menahem c 66 Fort Washington 

Soble, Alexander m Livingston Hall ; 
462 E Church St Elmira N Y ; AB 

Soble, Ellis Barnet m Livingston Hall ; 
462 E Church St Elmira N Y; AB 

Sobol, Jacob e 1147 Prospect Av 

Soderberg, Carl Theodore e 3206 Bain- 
bridge Av 

Soderstrom, Aida Elizabeth e n 44 E 
37 Bklyn N Y 

Soff, LeRoy Davenport mec 228 E 67 ; 
AB Columbia 

Sofield, Harold Augustus c Tabor N J 

Sofield, Katherine Anna e 2557 Boule- 
vard Jersey City N J 

Sohet, Wilma Helen e 612 W 115 

Sohn, Leo e 200 W 113 

Sohns, Marie Elizabeth e 271 W 124 

Sohon, Irving c 1845 7th Av 

Sokohl, Emanuel e 107 Montrose Av 
Bklyn N Y 



Sokolof, Alfred e 1883 Crotona Ay 

Sokoloff, Est e 361 E 183 

Sokolski, Jessie pa 1327 Trist PI Far 

Rockaway N Y 
DeSola, George Luis c 126 Rutland Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Solarz, Benjamin c 1540 48 St Bklyn 

N Y 
Soley, Marie Louise b 429 W 214 
Solkoff, Isadore e 66 Central Av Jer- 
sey City N J 
Solley, Frederick Westcott m 114 E 60; 

BS Columbia 
Solley, Theodore Houston / 114 E 60; 

AB Yale 
Solomon, Harold e 215 W 91 
Solomon, Herbert e 536 W 113 
Solomon, Mathilde £ 851 Hornaday PI 
Solomon, May Baar e Crestwood Tucka- 

hoe N Y 
Solomon, Samuel Herman e 66 W 113 
Solomon, Samuel Louis c 1301 East 

New York Av Bklyn N Y 
Solomon, Seymour e 1980 7th Av 
Solow, Herbert Sydney e 1239 Madison 

Solow, Sadie e 199 E Third St 
Soloway, George c 1770 Bergen St 

Bklyn N Y 
Soltes, Mordecai ed 114 5th Av ; 6944 
Morris Av Arverne LINY; BS 
New York, AM Columbia 
Solway, Lena e c/o Dr L Kamenetsky 

551 Claremont Pkway 
Somberg, Celia e 756 Union Av 
Somerdin, Harry c 970 Tinton Av 
Somers, Emma e 841 West End Av 
Somers, Grover Thomas ed 1124 Am- 
sterdam Av; Bloxom Va; AB Wil- 
liam and Mary, AM Columbia 
Somerville, Noel Francis e 318 W 57; 

Richmond Va 
Sommer, Abram Ellison e 15 E 21 Bay- 

onne N J 
Sommerville, James Harris bu 120 

Chestnut St Albany N Y 
Sonneborn, Lawrence Herman mec 166 

W 77 ; PhB Yale 
Soocher, Joseph S e 2117 Clinton Av 
Soos, Albert e 531 E 84 ; BS C C N Y 
Sorensen, Oliver e 466 52d Bklyn N Y 

Sorgen, Isaac D e 834 DeKalb Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sosa, Jose Antonio / 614 W 113; Pana- 
ma City Rep of Panama 

Sosa, Martin Felipe / 614 W 113; Pana- 
ma City Rep of Panama ; AB Yale 

Soskin, William Howard e 13 E 124 
c/o Keegan ; 21 21 Belmont Av 

Sottile, Frank Joseph e 245 E 83 

Soucek, Barney e 429 E 69 

Souhami, Edmund e 617 W 143 

Souhami, Racene b 617 W 143 

Soule, Esther Norton pa 10 E 63 

Soule, Roland Phineas gr Livingston 
Hall; 120 Rutgers St Rochester N Y; 
BS Rochester, ChE Columbia 

Sourbier, Blanche Swope (Mrs) e 209 
Ross PI Westfield N J 

Souri-Dharma-Rajah, Daniel ed Hert- 
zog Hall New Brunswick N J; Ma- 
danapallis India ; LB Rutgers 

Southall, William R Abbot c 106 Morn- 
inside Dr 

Southcott, Arnold MTntyre e 550 W 
148; 141 7 Fort Av Niagara Falls N Y 

Southerland, Mildred pa 38 Leslie St 
Newark N J 

Southwell, R J Vera (Mrs) e 38 Tor- 
aine Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Southworth, Frances C e 600 Riverside 
Dr ; 2430 Williams St Bellyham Wash 

Southworth, Philip McKenna e 600 
Riverside Dr ; 720 East St Flint Mich 

Spaens, John P e c/o Bolle-Watson Co 
Inc 115 Produce Ex 

Spahr, Walter Earl gr 526 W 211; AB 
Earlham College, AM Wisconsin 

Spalter, Edward J ed 883 E 176 

Spandow, William Eastman mec Morris 
Hall; 711 Falls Bldg Memphis Tenn ; 
AB, MS Denver 

Sparkes, Annie Laurie e 237 E 104 

Sparks, Mary Margaret ed 269 W 12; 
513 N First St Marshalltown la; AB 
Northwestern Univ 

Sparks, Robert William e 1476 Broad- 
way ; 589 Evergreen Av Bklyn N Y 

Sparks, Thomas Ayres gr 175 9th Av ; 
423 W 46; AB, AM Columbia, BD 
General Theo Sem 



Sparrow, Albert William c Oakland 
Golf Club Bayside LINY 

Sparrow, Dorothy Wheeler e 1221 Main 
St Peekskill N Y 

Sparrow, Edward Grant c 41 E 68 

Spaulding, Jean Electa gr 430 Sterling 
PI Bklyn N Y ; 22 William St Groton 
N Y; BS Columbia 

Spear, Dorothy Alice e 2720 Creston 
Av; AB, AM Columbia 

Specht, Agatha e 1277 Washington Av 

Specht, Edmund Elmer bu 1277 Wash- 
ington Av 

Specht, Joseph Edward e 2439 Hughes 
St Bklyn N Y 

Speck, Rose Mathilda gr 501 Fulton St 
Union Hill N J; 117 Broadway Peoria 
111; BS Univ of Chicago 

Speckel, Marguerite Amelie e 90 Pine- 
hurst Av; AB Hunter, PdM New 

Specter, Louis m 2121 85 St Bklyn 
N Y; BS Columbia 

Spector, Louis e 950 E 15 Bklyn N Y 

Speed, Hazel Althea e 447 West End 
Av; Peaks Island 

Speers, John Arthur e 417 W 120; 
Ceres City 

Speicher, Helen pa no Morningside Dr; 
Berlin Pa 

Speirs, Ebenezer pa 53 Victor St Yon- 
kers N Y 

Speirs, Jeannette M e 185 Conover St 
Bklyn N Y 

Spell, Reginald V / 259 W 109; George- 
town Miss; BS Miss A & M 

Spellman, Blanche Adele e 1 W 92 

Spellman, Gladys Rosebud e 650 West 
End Av 

Spellman, Howard H / 1 W 92 

Spence, Alma Louise b Fairfield N C ; 
AB Martha Washington 

Spence, Allen Van Derbeek e 17 Moun- 
tain Av Summit N J 

Spence, Dorothy ed Whittier Hall ; 445 
S Serano Av Los Angeles Cal ; AB 

Spence, Eulalie e 144 W 144 

Spence, Florence Evelyn e 523 W 113; 
1495 King St W Toronto Ont Can 

Spence, Lewis Andrew c 208 Argyle Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Spence, Malcolm Christie c 659 W 183 
Spence, Natalie Barbour ed Whittier 

Hall; 123 Fairview Av Jersey City 

N J 
Spence, Payton Westbrook mec 98 

Morningside Av ; BS Columbia 
Spencer, Christian Sidney m 437 W 59 
Spencer, Earl Montgomery bu Hartley 

Hall; Morganton N C; AB Univ of 

North Carolina 
Spencer, E Winifred e 528 W in 
Spencer, Jeannette Dyer a 2295 Grand 

Concourse ; Saratoga Cal ; AB West- 
ern Reserve 
Spencer, Leon Edward / 520 W 123; 

Munnsville N Y ; AB Syracuse 
Spencer, Marion Edwina pa Montefiore 

Hospital Gunhill Rd ; 501 Delaware 

Av Buffalo N Y 
Spencer, Mary Elisabeth pa Whittier 

Hall ; 287 Charles St Maiden Mass 
Sper, Norman Leopold e 84 Humboldt 

St Bklyn N Y 
Sperber, Henry David e 5 W 125 
Sperber, Rose S gr 81 Lewis St; AB 

Spero, Sterling Denhard gr 817 West 

End Av; AB, AM Columbia 
Sperry, Ruth Comstock pa 509 W 121 ; 

Mountain View N J 
Spicer, Vernona Almeda ed 382 Wads- 
worth Av ; State Normal School 

West Chester Pa 
Spidell, Jennie S (Mrs) ed 2 Rhodes 

St New Rochelle N Y 
Spiegelman, Henry Archibald c 621 Bar- 
bey St Bklyn N Y 
Spiess, Elizabeth Amelia e 1995 Cres- 
ton Av 
Spiller, Harold Alfred bu 103 Vermilyea 

Av; 246 Buffalo St Hamburg Erie 

County N Y 
Spiller, Jesse Bernard c 891 Jefferson 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Spindel, Morris e 434 E 142 
Spindler, Irene Elizabeth e 27 Cleveland 

St Orange N J ; 904 Irving St Olean 

N Y; AB Cornell 


Spinning, Ronald Meeker e 102 Hill- 
side Av Nutley N J; AB Waynesburg 
Spinrad, Harry e 309 Broadway; 835 

Riverside Dr 
Spiselman, Joseph Wm c 163 Conklin 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Spitalny, Amelia e 1904 Crotona Av 
Spitalny, Theresa e 1904 Crotona Av 
Spitalny, Fanny e 400 Linden Av Eliz- 
abeth N J 

Spitzer, Jesse e 600 W 133 

Spitznagle, Eleonore Josephine e 314 
W 17; 614 Lake St West Hoboken 
N J 

Spoer, Ina Helene e 415 W 118 

Spohn, Adelaide Albertine gr Furnald 
Hall; 157 Maplewood Av Maplewood 
N J; BS, MS Univ of Chicago 

Spohr, Louise Matilda ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr; 1 1 69 Fillmore St Topeka 
Kan ; BS Kansas State Agric 

Sporn, Hyman c 95 Manhattan Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sposato, Mary Carmel ed 55 W Sidney 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Spotz, Margaret Jane b 499 W 135 

Sprague, Martha Amanda e 580 K 21; 
AB Vassar 

Sprague, Susan Bidwell pa 317 River- 
dale Av Yonkers N Y ; Greenwich 
N Y 

Sprague, Wendell Maurice bu 21 Clare- 
mont Av; Sandy Creek N Y 

Spray, Joseph Henry e 35 Washington 
Av Rutherford N J 

Sprietsma, Henry Cargill c 325 Amster- 
dam Av 

Spring, William Julian c 52 Kilborn Av 
Philipse Manor N Y 

Springer, Francis Woodend e 47 La- 
mont Av Elmhurst LINY 

Springer, Winifred Laura b 429 W 162 

Springhorn, Harold Frederick c 414 W 

Springsteen, Henry Lewis c 439 Park 
Hill Av Yonkers N Y 

Sproul, Harold Chester c 531 W 113; 
260 Lafayette Av Passaic N J 

Sprung, Benjamin c 138 Keap St Bklyn 
N Y 

Sprung, Charles c 670 Alabama Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Sprung, Charles David e 200 Broadway; 
144 Columbia St; LLB New York 

Spunt, Sara H e 1566 Vyse Av 

Squire, Lawton Nelson <? 17 Washing- 
ton Ter 

Squires, Warren Merifield bu 529 W 
113 ; 51 Waller Av 

Srebroff, Charles Mitchell ? 170 E 91 

Srebroff, Eleanor Elizabeth e 170 E 91 

Stacey, William P e 345 W 21 

Stack, Cornelius c 144 W 12 

Stack, Elizabeth Margaret ed 417 W 
120; Grand Island N Y 

Stacy, N Winchell c 610 W 180 

Stacy, AVilliam Falconer gr 415 River- 
side Dr; Spiro Okla ; AB, BM Okla- 

Stadtmueller, Gertrude Louise « 118 E 
18; 56 Girard Av Hartford Conn 

Stael von Holstein, Christina Maria 
Elizabeth gr 420 W 121; Regerings- 
gatan 66, Stockholm Sweden ; AB 
A Sandstroms Hague Lararimere- 
minarium, Stockholm 

Stafford, Ada Holden pa 237 Clermont 
Av Bklyn N Y; 258 Morris Av 
Providence R I 

Stafford, Cora Elder pa 509 W 121 ; 
Vineland N J 

Stahl, Grace e 148 E 83; AB Hunter 

Stafford, Grace Louise ed 509 W 121 ; 
Park Av and Blvd Vineland N J 

Stafford, Pauline French pa 509 W 121 ; 
Park Av and Blvd Vineland N J 

Stahl, Ruth Eleanor b 1929 Andrews Av 

Stair, Jean e 25 St Nicholas Ter 

Stair, Lloyd Francis pa Hartley Hall; 
445 Englewood Av Chicago 111 

Stake, Margaretha (Mrs) e 396 St Pauls 
Av Stapleton S I N Y 

Stallings, Nina Myrtle ed 519 W 121 ; 
Mexico Mo 

Stamler, Charlotte e 76 E 93 

Stamm, Caroline Louise e 25 N 7th Av 
Mt Vernon N Y; BS, AM Columbia 

Stammelman, Bertha e 515 Bloomfield 
Av Montclair N J 



Stammelman, Mortimer J gr 217 Glen- 
ridge Av Montclair N J ; AB Co- 
Stanfield, Anna Frances ed Lowell Hall ; 
3000 S New Braunfels Av San An- 
tonio Tex ; AB Texas 
Stanfield, Halmond Kinslano / 318 W 
57; 929 Eleanor St Knoxville Tenn; 
LLB Tenn 
Stanfield, Maybelle ed 501 W 120; 3000 
S New Braunfels Av San Antonio 
Tex; BL Westmoreland College, AB 
Stanford, Helen Elliott e 388 Bayway 

North Elizabeth N J 
Stanford, Helen May e 530 Riverside 

Stankiewicz, Irene ed Navesink N J 
Stankiewicz, Mai ed Navesink N J 
Stanler-Brown, Margaret tn 113 New- 
bold PI Kew Gardens L I N Y ; AB 
Stanley, Arnold Archibald bit 304 W 

99 ; Lawrence Kan ; AB Kansas 
Stanley, Harold Arthur e 431 Cleveland 

Av Harrison N J 
Stanley, Kathryn bu Furnald Hall; 566 

E 28 Paterson N J 
Stanley, William Walter e 177 Mon- 
tague PI South Orange N J 
Stannard, Beulah E pa 2671 Hudson 

Blvd Jersey City N J 
Stanoyevich, Milivoy Stoyan gr 140 
Claremont Av ; AB Zajecar, AM Bel- 
grade, ML California 
Stanton, Richard Carman ed Wayne 

N J ; Cedarville N J 
Stanton, Thomas William e 74 Munn 

Av East Orange N J 
Staples, Helen Ford ed 509 W 121; 

1 30 1 Ferry St Eugene Ore 
Stapleton, Luke Daniel Jr / 294 Garfield 

PI Bklyn N Y ; AB Amherst 
Starbuck, Ferdinand Lowther e 531 W 

Starin, Martin Wagner e 2078 Boston 

Stark, Henry e 6 41 St Corona L I 

N Y 
Stark, Henry Lester e 134 Lawrence St 

Stark, Irvine Washington e 3378 Fort 

Independence St; AB C C N Y 
Starke, Eleonore Gunther b John Jay 

Hall ; Oscawana-on-Hudson N Y 
Starkman, Harold e 1348-50 Clinton Av 
Starr, Alexander John e 3044 Albany 

Starr, Riesa L e 305 W 72 
Starr. Sadie e Lincoln and Kirkman 

PI Far Rockaway N Y 
Start, Cedric Hubbell e Fredonia N Y 
Staub, Herbert Thomas / Hartley Hall ; 

26 Bidwell Pkway Buffalo N Y 
Staub, John Albert bu 2185 7th Av 
Stauf, Robert Andrew e 76 Madison 

Av; 1883 Sedgwick Av 
Stauffer, Edna Pennypacker pa 605 W 

115; Violet Lane Lansdowne Pa 
Stauffer, Elizabeth Nolt b Brooks Hall; 

Silver Spring Pa 
Stauffer, Florence Virginia e 92 S 10 

Newark N J ; AB Bucknell 
Stavin, Milton e 1535 49th Bklyn N Y 
Steade, Milton Douglas e 570 W 159 
Stearns, Joseph Sinclair e 247 W 111th 
Stebbins, Elizabeth Douglas e 1587 

Pacific St Bklyn N Y ; AB Adelphi 
Stebbins, Jocelyn Phillard pa 600 W 

Stecher, Helen Frantz e 191 Claremont 
Av ; 419 Carey Av Wilkes-Barre Pa; 
AB Goucher 
Stecher, Lewis Joseph mec 191 Clare- 
mont Av ; Dodge Neb 
Steckel, Edith Allura e 520 Valley Rd 
Upper Montclair N J ; Bloomfield la 
Steckel, Elizabeth Clare b 230 E 35 
Steckler, Ruth pa 241 W 101 
Steel, Susan Galbraith e 384 E 136 
Steele, Mary Southerland e Furnald 

Hall; Mt Olive N C 
Steele, Merrian William c 403 W 115; 

549 Ammon St Homestead Pa 
Steeves, Elaine Bell ed 101 E Post Rd 

White Plains N Y 
Steffens, Charles D c 429 W 17; Havells 

Orange County N Y 
Stehlin, Barbara Regina ed 421 Hale- 
don Av Haledon N J 
Steiger, Rae / Furnald Hall ; 76 4th Av 
Newark N J 



Steiger, Ruth e Furnald Hall; 76 4th 

Av Newark N J 
Steimle, Mildred b 174 W 93 
Stein, Alice e (Mrs Arthur) 48 E 74 
Stein, Anna e 505 Richmend Ter 

Staten Island N Y 
Stein, Beatrice pa Whittier Hall ; 407 

S Franklin St Wilkes-Barre Pa 
Stein, Emily pa 61 Washington Av 

Newark N J 
Stein, Emily A e 209 Edgecombe Av 
Stein, Jacob Zachary / 230 E 27 ; AB 

C C N Y 
Stein, Katherine ed 420 W 119; 1036 

Dawson Av Long Beach Cal ; AB 

Pomona College 
Stein, Luba Modest b 7 W 47 
Stein, Martin Fred c 229 Knox Av 

Grantwood N J 
Steinberg, Albert e 1161 Broadway c/o 

David Tischler; Calle 6 No 194 Ha- 

bana Cuba 
Steinberg, Nellie e 436 E 138 
Steinberg, Samuel W e 1 W 106 
Steinecke, Charles e 10109 117th Rich- 
mond Hill N Y 
Steiner, Denes e 1284 Grant Av 
Steiner, Jane e 119 Essex St Hacken- 

sack N J 
Steiner, Joseph Arthur e c/o Goodyear 

Tire & Rubber Co 123 W 64 
Steiner, Samuel Jackson e 417 W 117; 

AB Alabama 
Steiner, William Howard gr Philosophy 

Hall; BS, AM Columbia 
Steinhardt, Henrietta Edith e 213 

Sunnyside Av Bklyn N Y 
Steinhardt, William Henry e 619 W 204 
Steinhauser, Ignatz Leonard e 838 

Kelly St; BS Cooper Union 
Steinke, Henry August e 680 5th Av ; 

Mountain View N J 
Steinmetz, Dorothy Louise e 500 West 

End Av 
Steinschneider, Fanny b 2599 Briggs Av 
Stelle, Edward Taylor Jr c 415 River- 
side Dr; 73 Albany Av Kingston N Y 
Stendel, Herald L c 201 W 106 
Stenerson, Hamilton Guthrie e 31 Nas- 
sau St; AB Tokio 

Stengel, Hattie Oxley (Mrs) e 144 E 

Stepanek, Helen e 1274 Av A 
Stephens, Gaston McFarland bn 537 

W 121 ; BS Columbia 
Stephenson, John c Livingston Hall ; 

Monroe N Y 
Sterling, Alice Beatrice ed Fairfield 
Conn ; Fredericton New Brunswick 
Can ; AB Univ of New Brunswick 
Sterling, Bertha e 721 Stone Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Sterling, Robert Wayne e 717 W 177 
Stern, Albert George c 2345 Broadway 
Stern, Arthur c 12$ W 115 
Stern, Edna Louise e 602 W 190 
Stern, Edwin Maxim e 602 W 190 
Stern, Elias Lincoln m 11 83 3d Av; 

BS Columbia 
Stern, Helen e 408 W 130 
Stern, Holly Emily e 324 W 103 
Stern, Irene Lehman ed 382 Wadsworth 

Stern, Nina Weiss b 448 Riverside Dr ; 

AB Wellesley, AM Columbia 
Stern, Theodore e 203 W 94 
Stern, William Adler 2d / 251 W 89 
Sternberg, William Harvey e 964 Fox 

Sternfeld, Harry e 20 W 37 
Sternfels, Martin Morris c 312 E 79 
Sterns, Frances Cain pa Whittier Hall ; 

42 Pleasant St Rutland Vt 
Sternchein, Charles c 646 Cleveland St 

Bklyn N Y 
Sterry, Allen Williams Hovey ed Wood- 
cliff Lake N J; 19 Prospect St New 

London Conn 
Stetson, Sophie Mary e 97 W 163 
Stettenheim, Frederic Rich c 127 W 86 
Steuart, Marjory gr Furnald Hall; 

3058 R St N W Washington D C; 

AB Northwestern Univ 
Steuber, Louis Morris £ 103 Park Av ; 

60 Berkeley PI Bklyn N Y 
Steuer, Aron Seth Walter / 55 W 88; 

AB Harvard 
Steurer, Eloise Katharine pa 78 W 47 
Stevens, Marion Paine (Mrs) ed 1 W 

69; BS Columbia 



Stevens, Mary Sydney gr Furnald Hall ; 

15 Walbrooke Rd Scarsdale N Y; AB 

Adelphi, AM Columbia 
Stevens, William Howard e 14 Albion 

St Passaic N J 
Stevenson, Ailsie Miller ed 509 W 121 ; 

11 11 Lehman Bldg Peoria 111; BS 

Stevenson, Edward Ford e 50 Broad 

St; 319 E Seventh St Plainfield N J 
Stevenson, Helen Clare ed 422 E Fourth 

St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Stevenson, James A J e 120 Broadway; 

Malba N Y 
Steward, Florence Marie gr Furnald 

Hall; 1852 Columbia Av Cincinnati 

O; AB Cincinnati, AM Radcliffe 
Stewart, Catherine Darling e Hillsdale 

N J ; AB Columbia 
Stewart, Alvin William c 512 W 171 
Stewart, Frank Mann gr 21 Claremont 

Av ; 506 Crockett St Austin Tex ; 

AB, AM Texas 
Stewart, George Rippey Jr gr Dearborn 

Rd & Bluff Rd Palisade N J; 520 

Jackson St Pasadena Cal ; AB Prince- 
ton, AM California 
Stewart, Georgia Marian pa 715 High- 
land Av Westfield N J 
Stewart, Gordon c Briarcliff N Y 
Stewart, Greta Hallaburton e 2252 7th 

Stewart, Henry Shepherd e Hartley 

Hall ; 202 Clayton St Macon Ga 
Stewart, Herbert Gibson e 35 Liberty 

Rd Englewood N J 
Stewart, Hugh Henry ed 40 Rich Av 

Mt Vernon NY; BS, AM Columbia 
Stewart, Jesse Adelbert e 7 W 123 
Stewart, Leslie Dryden e 558 W 113; 

140 Rich Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Stewart, Leslie Morris c 546 W 114; 

222 W 79 
Stewart, Mary b John Jay Hall; 517 

Park St Morgantown W Va 
Stewart, Morton Castor e 4 Etna Pi 

Elmhurst N Y 
Stewart, Paul Atwood / 11 16 Amster- 
dam Av ; Reinbeck la 
Stewart, Robert Bowman c 530 W 123 

Stewart, Ruth Evangeline ed 133 W 
Fourth St; Delaware O; AB Ohio 

Stewart, Virginia b John Jay Hall; 2235 
Putnam St Toledo O 

Stewart, William Robert e 120 River- 
side Dr 

Stickney, John Winslow m 305 W 98; 
Ludlow Vt; BS Dartmouth 

Stiehl, Ida Vera pa 275 Rich Av Mt 
Vernon N Y 

Stienen, Mrs Suzanne pa 57 W 75 

Stiep, Stella e 90 Glenwood Av Jersey 
City N J 

Stier, Leslie G pa 419 W 119 

Stier, Philip e 1346 Lyman PI 

Stiles, Helene Carpenter e 400 W 118; 
Des Moines la 

Still, Nellie Ellena ed 420 W 119; 
Tempe Ariz ; AB Arizona 

Stiller, Joe Charles e 532 W 145 

Stillhamer, Esther e Morsemere N J ; 
AB Wellesley 

Stillman, Alfred e 909 E 173 

Stillman, Virginia Bronn e 134 E Sixth 
St Plainfield N J ; AB West Virginia 

Stilwell, Leland Earle m 346 W 57; 31 
Hamilton St Rochester N Y; BS 

Stimson, Barbara Bartlett m 58 W 58; 
AB Vassar 

Stimson, Harriet Cunningham gr Lun- 
enburg Mass ; AB Radcliffe 

Stinson, Lena Blanche e 130 Washing- 
ton St Mt Vernon N Y 

Stirewalt, Arthur Julius ed Kumamoto 
Japan ; AB Lenoir College 

Stitt, William Britton / 1543 St Nicho- 
las Av; AB Amherst 

Stock, Hyman gr 634 Fox St; AB New 

Stock, Leon L bu Seattle Wash; AB 

Stock, Pauline Bertha ed 538 W 124; 
3610 Clifton Av Baltimore Md ; AB 

Stock, William Foran m 14 Mahl Av 
Hartford Conn 

Stocking, Bertha Mary e 212 W Ford- 
ham Rd 



Stockhammer, Fabian / 1526 Union St 

Bklyn N Y 
Stocking, George Ward gr 430 W 118; 

Clarendon Tex ; AB Texas 
Stoddard, Helen Gailey b Brooks Hall ; 

217 Stanton Av Detroit Mich 
Stoehr, Frederick George / 380 E 17 

South St Salt Lake City Utah; AB 

Shurtieff College 
Stoehr, Richard William e 920 2d Av 

Long Island City N Y 
Stoffel, Max Beat e 320 Riverside Dr; 

St Gaul Switzerland 
Stofle, Sterling LeRoy e 420 Ditmars 

Av Long Islang City N Y; 1047 

Downey Rd Los Angeles Cal 
Stoir, George Washington e 471 5th Av ; 

Union St West Hoboken N J 
Stolfa, Anna Wilma e 529 E 82 
Stolinsky, Aaron e 61 2d Av 
Stoll, Florence Amanda b 46 W 96 
Stoll, Teddy K (Mrs U S) e 601 W 138 
Stolz, Mildred e 358 Park Hill Av Yon- 

kers N Y 
Stone, Dorothy pa 1230 Amsterdam Av; 

Southington Conn 
Stone, Egbert T e Hartley Hall; De 

Smet S D 
Stone, Frances Haven pa 137 W 12; 

19 1 5 Broadway New Orleans La 
Stone, Frederick Engels m 761 E 22 

Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 
Stone, Harold Arthur e 1370 Dean St 

Bklyn N Y 
Stone, Joseph e 253 W 111 ; 202 Mather 

Stone, Lois Anne e 523 W 121 ; 2863 

Detroit Av Toledo O 
Stone, Lyman Casper / 701 W 179 
Stone, Thomas Everett Jr e 500 W 122; 

c/o Thos E Stone Baltimore Md ; AB 

Cath Univ of America 
Stone, Virginia Ella ed 70 Morningside 

Dr; New River Va ; BS Columbia 
Stonehouse, Genevieve V e 160 Wads- 
worth Av 
Stoner, John Willard e 153 Carlisle Av 

Paterson N J 
Stong, Philip Duffield gr 498 Manhat- 
tan Av ; Keosauqua la ; AB Drake 


Storck, John c 215 W 104 

Storrs, Benjamin Porter e Cheshire 

Stoughton, Clarence Charles e Wagner 
College Staten Island N Y; AB 

Stout, Alice Elizabeth pa 414 Central 
Pk W 

Stout, Martha e 57 E 73 ; 420 E 44 
Kansas City Mo 

Stout, Mary Inge e 400 W 118; 1007 
W Hickory, Denton Tex 

Stowe, Genevieve M e 423 W 117 

Stowe, Walter Herbert gr 175 9th Av; 
Woodbridge N J ; AB Minnesota, BD 
Seabury Div School 

Straitiff, S Floyd e 135 W 71 ; Anita 

Strang, Isabel Whitcomb b 256 W 100 

Strang, Ruth May pa 301 Lafayette Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Strassman, Stella e 1064 Tinton Av 

Stratton, Elbridge / Lawrence Park 
Bronxville N Y; AB Yale 

Straub, Anthony Francis e 412 E 159 

Straus, Edith G e 1 W 67 

Straus, Jack O e 1 W 67 

Straus, Max Henry e 140 W 69 

Strauss, Bertram Arnold e 636 W 172 

Strauss, Jacob e 494 E 139 

Strauss, Madeleine Ida pa 36 St An- 
drews PI Yonkers N Y 

Strauss, Marjorie Lord m 325 W 75; 
AB Bryn Mawr 

Strauss, Mina Elson pa 33 W 91 

Strauss, Norman m 212 E Tremont Av 

Strauss, Robert Anselm c 3220 Decatur 

Strauss, Ruth Hilda b 333 Central Pk W 

Strawser, Helen Ruth ed 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; San Bernardino Cal ; AB 
Leland Stanford Jr 

Street, Donald MacQueen e 116 Morn- 
ingside Dr; 676 Irving Pk Blvd Chi- 
cago 111 ; LittB Princeton 

Street, William Allan / 548 W 113; 
3324 Center St Omaha Neb; AB Ohio 
Wesley an 

Streich, Gordon Robert c Hartley Hall; 
945 Main St Buffalo N Y 



Streit, Margaret Hotchkiss e New 
Canaan Conn ; BL Smith 

Strelitz, Janet Emma pa 238 W 122 

Strick, Stanley e c/o Fidelity-Interna- 
tional Trust Co 325 E 77 

Strickler, Flora Belle e 237 Lexington 
Av Passaic N J ; Sibley la 

Strickmann, Laura Marie gr Furnald 
Hall ; 6 Shepard Av Saranac Lake 
N Y ; AB State College for Teachers 

Strier, Sarah ; 419 Jersey St New 
Brighton S I N Y 

Strodel, Fred Carl bu Livingston Hall ; 
752 Oak St Huntington Ind 

Strohhaker, Gertrude Dorothea ed 420 
W121 ; Wallingford Conn 

Strong, Abraham e 172 Bay 28 Bklyn 
N Y 

Strong, Earl D gr 8 Kraft Av Bronx- 
ville N Y; PhB Grinnell, AM Wis- 

Strong, Elizabeth Fine pa 37 E 71 ; 
Ogdensburg N Y 

Strong, Leonell Clarence gr Carnegie 
Institution Cold Spring Harbor L I 
N Y; 209 Frank St Warren Pa; BS 

Strong, Lois Frances b John Jay Hall ; 
181 8th Av Bklyn N Y 

Strong, Philip Grandin e 863 Park Av 

Strong, Ralph Edward e 21 Gardner Av 
Jersey City N J 

Strop, Philip Sampson / 542 W 112; 
2805 Frederick Blvd St Joseph Mo ; 
AB Missouri 

Strout, Lester Linton c 545 W m; 
Burbank Cal 

Struck, Edna Lucile b 680 St Nicholas 
Av; Webster N Y 

Strunk, Blanche Dwight pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 12 N 11 Reading Pa 

Strunsky, Manya Gordon gr 611 W 114 

Strunsky, Sheba Jay e 2252 University 

Stuart, Arthur e 574 E 140 

Stuart, Mae Eunice e 119 E 29; Can- 
nington Ont 

Stuart, Mary e 645 Belgrove Dr Ar- 
lington N J ; 90 Boyd St Newton 

Stuart, Mary Cecilia b Brooks Hall ; 
800 Chamberlayne Av Richmond Va 

Stubbs, George A ed 21 Claremont Av; 
Dunlap Kan; BS Kansas State Nor- 

Stubenbord, John George c 32 Cam- 
bridge Av Jersey City N J 

Studness, Leo Charles gr 541 W 113; 
Churchs Ferry N Dak; AB Minne- 

Stuerm, Francis Harnisch c Livingston 
Hall ; 3604 Broadway 

Stukey, Arthur E ed 490 Broad St 
Leonia N J; Nile, Allegany County 
N Y; BS Alfred 

Stull, De Forest ed 151 W 228; 13 12 
Presque Isle Av Marquette Mich ; 
AB Coe College 

Sturdevant, Lena Tyler pa 401 W 118; 
311 Third St Towanda Pa 

Sturdevant, Robert Burns e 469 W 166 

Sturtevant, Edith Marian ed 28 Howard 
Pkway New Rochelle N Y; 3 Ha- 
worth Av Lexington Mass; BS Tufts 

Sturtevant, Norma Bristol e 15 Argyle 
Rd Bklyn N Y 

Stuts, Henry Maurice ed 193 S Ninth 
St Bklyn N Y; BS Columbia 

Styles, Marion Maxwell e 11 Wads- 
worth Av 

Su, Sing Ging gr Livingston Hall; Shih 
Ma, Amoy China; AB Ohio Wes- 
leyan, AM Columbia 

Subenborn, Fred Charles e 185 1 86th 
Bklyn N Y 

Sucoff, Moses Cook m 43 Van Buren 
St Passaic N J ; BS Columbia 

Suejiro, Ishida gr 414 8th Av ; Hori- 
kawa Sanjo, Kyoto Japan; LLB 
Doshisha University 

Sufrin, Bertha e 2109 Harrison Av 

Sugerman, Ida C e 812 Elsmere PI 

Sughrue, William Dangel e 317 W 58 

Sukerman, Nellie e 116 W 39; 440 Cen- 
tral Av Newark N J 

Sukloff, Hyman / 1410 Carroll St Bklyn 
N Y 

Sullivan, Anne Clotilde e 541 E 78; 
1806 Walnut Av Wilmette 111 c/o D 
R Hicks 



Sullivan, Charles Michael e 318 W 57; 
192 Woodlawn Av Auburn N Y 

Sullivan, Elizabeth Teresa gr 140 Clarc- 
mont Av; 903 Heliotrope Dr Los 
Angeles Cal ; AB, AM Leland Stan- 
ford Jr 

Sullivan, George Gaynel e 13 Eastern 
Av Ossining N Y 

Sullivan, Helen Marie e 628 W 140; 
5752 Ellsworth Av Pittsburgh Pa 

Sullivan, John Francis e 2728 Broad- 
way; 17 Narragansett Av Newport 
R I 

Sullivan, Lillian Imelda e 620 W 122; 
3230 Beresford Av Cincinnati O 

Sullivan, May Margaret e 343 E 141 ; 
AB New Rochelle 

Sullivan, Michael e 19 E 47 ; 390 Pop- 
lar St New Haven Conn 

Sullivan, Raymond Clarke e 35 Dixon 
St Tarrytown N Y 

Sullivan, T Elizabeth Antoinette ; Fur- 
nald Hall; 3520 Holmes St Kansas 
City Mo 

Sullivan, Thomas F e 347 E 58 

Sully, William e 12 N Arlington Av 
East Orange N J; 5151 Wayne Av 
Philadelphia Pa 

Sultzer, Kenneth Douglas c 188 Wood- 
worth Av Yonkers N Y 

Summerill, Frederick m 342 W 57; 
Penns Grove N J; BS Rutgers 

Sumner, Allene Myra e 605 W 115; 
Berea, O; AB Baldwin- Wallace Col- 

Sumner, Emma Elizabeth pa Whittier 
Hall ; Truro Nova Scotia Can 

Sumner, Frederick Lewis e 350 80th 
Bklyn N Y 

Sumners, Joseph pa 156 W 65; 1593 
Prospect PI Bklyn N Y 

Sumulong, Manuel Diaz m 524 W 123; 
249 S Anton Sampaloe Manila ; DVM 
Univ of the Philippines, MS Michigan 

Sundel, David J e 87 Nassau St; 144 
W in 

Sunderland, Belle ed 503 W 121; BS 

Sundermann, Frederick Spencer e 157 
W 73 

Surridge, Elsie Rosalie e 511 W 160 

Susman, Victor Samuel c 554 W 160 
Sussman, Edith Mildred e 926 Whitlock 

Sussman, Rae e 168 Madison St 
Sussman, Samuel Louis e 17 Marion 

St Bklyn N Y 
Sussman, Walter c 387 E Fourth St 

Bklyn N Y 
Susumu, Takamatsu gr 50 Church St; 

Mii Gun Fukuoka Ken Japan ; 

Gakushi Imperial Univ Tokyo Japan 
Sutherland, Ethel ed 372 State St Hack- 

ensack N J ; Suff ern N Y 
Sutherland, Herbert Maynor / 3609 

Broadway ; Clintwood Va ; AB Rich- 
Sutherland, Marion Rendreigh b John 

Jay Hall ; New Westminster British 

Columbia Can 
Sutherlin, Irene Whorton e 612 W 115; 

Chest St Gadsden Ala 
Suthers, Albert Edward ed 600 W 122; 

Brisbane, Queensland Australia; AB 

Ohio Wesleyan 
Sutton, George Hinks e 323 Crooks Av 

Paterson N J 
Sutton, Harold Griffith bu 103 N Munn 

Av East Orange N J ; 201 W Pine 

St Athens Pa; AB Ohio State 
Sutton, Mary Rayer e 323 Crooks Av 

Paterson N J 
Sutton, Samuel Johnson e 204 Quincy 

St Bklyn N Y 
Svenson, Johan e 520 67th Bklyn N Y 
Svensson, Ejinar Sven Holger c 536 W 

114; 331 Bird Av Buffalo N Y 
Swahn, Alfred Darrigrand c 452 Dean 

St Bklyn N Y 
Swain, Florence Ada pa 260 Palisade 

Av West Hoboken N J 
Swallow, Grace M ed 106 Morningside 

Dr; Powell Wyo ; AB Colorado State 

Teachers College 
Swan, Grace Hazel ed 7 W 65 ; 22 

Downing St Worcester Mass 
Swan, Thomas Hadden gr Hartley Hall ; 

BS Mississippi 
Swank, Dallas Lester c 363 W 55 ; 30 

Columbia Av Binghamton N Y 
Swannie, Ethel Arr pa Whittier Hall; 

50 Clarendon PI Buffalo N Y 



Swanston, Albert Edward gr Morris 

Hall; 71 Bernard Av Toronto Ont 

Can ; AB Toronto, AM Columbia, BD 

Union Sem 

Swartz, Lester E e 805 St Nicholas Av; 

AB C C N Y ; JD New York 
Swartz, Walter Maurice e 134 Engle St 

Englewood N J 
Sweeney, Charles Russell / Livingston 
Hall; 145 Hodge Av Buffalo N Y; 
AB Yale 
Sweeney, Helen Alfreda e 322 Gregory 
Av Passaic N J; 1295 Commonwealth 
Av Boston Mass 
Sweeney, Henry Whitcomb bu 21 Clare- 
mont Av ; Ansdale Mansfield O ; AB, 
BS Columbia 
Sweeney, John Joseph e Manhattan Col- 
lege ; AB Manhattan College 
Sweet, Martha gr Furnald Hall; 211 

Welch St Denton Tex; AB Texas 
Sweet, Mildred Lorraine pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av ; 159 Laurel Av Bing- 
hamton N Y 
Sweet, Richard Harwood c 20 Noll PI 

Newark N J 
Sweeton, Hannah May pa 192 Clinton 
Av Newark N J; 1819 S Broad St 
Philadelphia Pa 
Swenson, Clara Elida e Furnald Hall ; 

108 Jackson St Passaic N J 
Swenson, John Canute ed 524 W 123 ; 
333 E 4 North St Provo Utah; AB 
Leland Stanford Jr 
Swenson, Sadie J pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; Clifton Tex 
Swikart, George f 160 W 73 
Swinburne, Ralph Erskine mec Hartley 
Hall ; 39 Poplar Av Hackensack N J ; 
BS Columbia 
Swinnerton, Dorothy Sonthea e 118 Mc- 
Dean Av Yonkers N Y ; AB St Eliza- 
beth College 
Sword, Charles H e 73 Sycamore St 

Mansfield O 
Sworts, Veeva C b 508 W 114; Dundee 

N Y 
Sycamore, John Charles e 19 W 128 
c/o Brown 

Sykes, Fordyce Samson e 92 Columbia 
Hts Bklyn N Y; E Berkshire Vt; 
PhB Vermont 
Sylvester, Alvin McK c 554 74th Bklyn 

N Y 
Sylvester, Charles Lincoln / 554 74th 

Bklyn N Y 
Sylvester, Ermond Lyndhurst e 132 
State St Bklyn N Y ; Freeport Me ; 
AB Bowdoin 
Symes, Earle Richard c 392 Walnut St 

Newark N J 
Symonds, Eleanor Louise e 770 St Nich- 
olas Av; AB Hunter 
Symonds, John William e 561 Fourth 

St Bklyn N Y 
Symonds, Percival Mallon ed 520 W 
123; 15 Davis Av West Newton 
Mass; AB Harvard AM Columbia 
Syrkin, Naomi e 21 18 Vyse Av 
Szendy, Emil John e 506 E Sixth St 
Szerlip, Lothair Hirsch e 447 Sixth St 
Bklyn N Y; LLB St Lawrence Univ 
Taaffe, Frank Tracey e 135 W 122; 

208 Elm St Albany N Y 
Tackett, Juanita Ayres e 419 W 118; 
1024 N 3d Av Columbus Miss; AB 
Miss State College for Women 
Taflinger, Coral Oleva ed 321 River- 
side Dr ; 925 N Dearborn St Indian- 
apolis Ind 
Taft, Irving I e 36 Hudson PI Wee- 

hawken N J 
Tager, Ruth e 124 W 114 
Taguchi, Rikichiro gr 250 W 108; 114 
Koiishikawa Tokyo Japan ; LLB St 
Pauls College Tokyo 
Tai, Dzen Lih bu 520 W 123; Hang- 
chow China 
Taintor, Elizabeth Ashman Furnald 
Hall; 124 Brattle St Cambridge Mass 
Taintor, Sarah Augusta gr 414 W 121 ; 
Avon N Y; AB Elmira, AM Co- 
Tait, Arthur Lesesne c 434 Riverside 

Dr; Northvale N J 
Takahashi, Seiichi e 600 W 140; 
Ohbayashigumi, Teujimbashi, Osaka 
Takashima, Naoichiro e 405 W 118; 
Tokio Japan 



Takayama, Kiyoshi ed 102 W 103 ; AB 
Tokio Normal College, AM Columbia 
Takimoto, Jiro gr 112 W 123; Matsu- 
yoma Iyo Japan; AB Meiji University 
Talbot, John Edgar ed 35 Claremont 
Av; Bowling Green O; AB Nebraska 
Wesleyan, AM Columbia 
Talbot, Laura Margaret e Bellevue Hos- 
Taliaferro, Leland Lee / 2512 Arctic 
Av Atlantic City N J ; AB Rutgers 

Taliaferro, Mary b 145 E 49 

Taller, Alex e 31 W 27 Bayonne N J 

Talley, Alma Mabrey e 601 W 190; 
AA Lindenwood College 

Talley, Margaret Rebecca b 29 Clare- 
mont Av ; 224 Hamilton St Rahway 
N J 

Tallman, Buell Goodsel e 212 N Munn 
Av East Orange N J 

Tallman, Gladys Griffiths e 3609 Broad- 
way ; AB, B Mus, AM Columbia 

Tally, Robt Earl c 534 W 114 

Talpey, Edith May e Edgewater View 
Bayside L I N Y ; AB Columbia 

Talty, Grace Marion e 29 Bergen Av 
Ridgefield Park N J 

Talty, John Carey m 629 W 135; Oak- 
land Beach R I ; AB Manhattan Col- 

Tammen, Marie Regina ed Furnald 
Hall; San Diego Cal ; BL Pomona 

Tan, M Philip e 507 W 124; Singapore 
S S 

Tanabe, Hidekazu e 71 Madison Av 

Tanaka, Michie ed 155 Riverside Dr ; 
1582c Phillip St Honolulu T H 

TanDitter, Stella pa 430 W 118 

Tandy, Elizabeth Carpenter gr 416 W 
122; Vevay Ind ; PhB Chicago 

Tandy, Jennette Reid gr 416 W 122; 
Vevay Ind ; PhB Chicago, AM Co- 

Tanenbaum, Florence Lucy e 184 W 
Fourth St 

Tanenbaum, Joseph George e 161 Glen- 
more Av Bklyn N Y 

Tang, Ching-Chou gr 507 W 124; c/o 
Tau Hsi Post Office Wu Hu China; 
BS National University, Pekin China 

Tang, Kuan Shang gr 54 Cathedral 

Pkway; Pei Shau Lane Hankovr 

China; AB Bowdoin 
Tang, Wen Kai gr Morris Hall ; Pekin 

China ; AB Carleton College 
Tangenheim, Katherine N pa Whittier 

Hall; 8508 Detroit Av Cleveland O 
Taniguchi, Haruo e Z Horikoshi & Co 

71 Madison Av 
Tannebaum, Morris e 897 DeKalb Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Tanner, Curtiss Gray c Hartley Hall ; 

382 Center St Pasadena Cal 
Tanner, Edna Violet gr Furnald Hall ; 

12 E Bomford St Richmond Union 

County O; AB Ohio State 
Tanner, Idar Jacob bu 451 46th Bklyn 

N Y ; 623 Fifth St Moorhead Minn ; 

AB Concordia College 
Tanner Moir Perry e 103 W 121 ; 56 

Elm St Cooperstown N Y 
Tanoue, Joe Ichino gr 1 1 Manhattan 

Tansill, John Duncan e 305 W 137 
Tanz, Jerome Victor dent 5 Pinehurst 

Tao, Wei-sun pa Whittier Hall ; Wusih, 

Kiangsu China 
Tappen, John Andrew e 45 Brownell 

St Stapleton S I N Y 
Tappan, Vivian gr Furnald Hall ; Hud- 
son Av Englewood N J ; AB, AM Co- 
Tarbell, Leslie Frank e 140 Case St 

Elmhurst L I; Rushford N Y 
Tarbill, Aleda ed 605 W 115; 277 N 

Franklin St Delaware O; AB Ohio 

Wesleyan, AM Columbia 
Tarcher, Jack e 113 Lexington Av ; 

Rochelle Park N J 
Tarcher, Bess e 113 Lexington Av ; 

Rochelle Park N J 
Tarica, Vitali e 163 Lenox Av 
Tarler, Paul Sigmund e 27 E 81 ; DDS 

N Y College of Dentistry 
Tarpinias, Samuel Sahak c 510 W 135; 

BS Robert College Constantinople 
Tarsenen, George Daniel c 17 W 106 
Tartakow, Isaac Jackson c 265 E Fourth 

St Bklyn N Y 



Tartalsky, Samuel e 15 Exchange PI 

Jersey City N J ; 192 Grand St Jersey 

City N J ; LLBNew Jersey Law School 

Tasella, Francesca Secki e 2431 So Blvd 

Tatartchuck, Solomon e 166 Newtown 

Av Astoria LINY 
Tate, Anna Evans e 667 W 161 ; Seattle 

Tarter, Jeannette e 632 Liberty Av 

Bklyn N Y; BS Adelphi 
Tate, Frank Alexander e 262 W 107; 
15 Maple St Mechanicsville N Y; 
LLB Albany Law School 
Tattershall, Bessie pa 352 W 15; White 

Haven Pa 
Tattershall, Fanny ed 57 Harrison St 
East Orange N J; White Haven Pa; 
BS Columbia 
Taub, Emanuel e 63 Gramatan Av Mt 

Vernon N Y 
Tauber, Christian C e 147 Sherman St 

Passaic N J 
Taubert, Charlotte Henrietta e 212 Ino 

St West Hoboken N J 
Taubin, Solomon m 179 E 100 
Tausend, S Sydney m 882 Beck St 
Taussig, Allan Lincoln c 10 W 95 
Taylor, Allen McNair e 215 W 23; 

88 Westminster Av Toronto Can 
Taylor, Annie Mae gr 420 W 121 ; Eu- 
ford Miss; AB Miss State College for 
Taylor, Beatrice e 554 W 148 
Taylor, Bessie May e 106 Morningside 
Dr; 1 71 7 Huff Av Wichita Falls Tex 
Taylor, Eleanor Armstrong e 147 W 105 
Taylor, Eugene Stoddard / 15 Gramercy 
Pk; Sommerville Ga ; AB, BL Georgia 
Taylor, Fred Anderson gr 124 W 86; 

PhB Yale 
Taylor, Floyd Wilbur c 415 Riverside 

Dr; 627 Lemon St Riverside Cal 
Taylor, Grace Adelaide ed 44 Morning- 
side Dr; 706 Huntington Av Boston 
Mass; AB Wellesley 
Taylor, Geo F (Mrs) e 544 W 114 
Taylor, George Henry e 149 E 165 
Taylor, Harold Arthur c Livingston 
Hall ; 37 Hudson Av Haverstraw N Y 
Taylor, Howard Canning Jr m 32 W 50 • 
PhB Yale 

Taylor, Irene T ed Y W C A 50 St and 
10 Av ; County Court House Topeka 
Taylor, Marie Josephine e 541 W 124 
Taylor, Marion Lee e 34 Monroe PI 
Bklyn N Y ; AB Wellesley, PhD Chi- 
Taylor, Mary Sanford ed 400 W 118; 

BS Columbia 
Taylor, Pauline b 130 Claremont Av 
Taylor, Rose Anna pa Whittier Hall ; 

707 Asbury Av Asbury Park N J 
Taylor, Roy A e 203 W 120 
Taylor, Walter Herron John gr 4966 

Broadway; 281 4th Av ; AB Virginia, 

BS Mass Inst Tech 
Taylor, William Towson / 115 Hamilton 

Taylor-Otto, Margaret O E pa Harlcin 

Hospital ; 83 Spencer Av Toronto 

Ont Can 
Teasdale, Lydia Parry ed 39 Claremont 

Av ; AB Vassar 
Tedford, James Stephen c 989 Lorimer 

St Bklyn N Y 
Teegarden, Harold Benson / Morris 

Hall ; 404 W Fourth St Greenville O ; 

AB Michigan 
Teitelbaum, Blanche pa Whittier Hall; 

84 Belmont Av Newark N J 
Teiger, Joseph c 219 E 102 
Telfer, Mary Lena e 138 E 38 
Telfer, Mildred Imogene pa 1070 Madi- 
son Av ; Belvidere N J 
Telke, Gertrude Marie e 116 E 91 ; PdM 

N Y Univ, AB Hunter 
Tell, Pincus William e 434 W 163 
Tellman, Daniel Herman m 646 Ashford 

St Bklyn N Y; 321 Main St Pat- 

chogue LINY 
Temple, Mark c Conroy O 
Templeton, Marguerite gr Furnald Hall ; 

571 Glisan St Portland Ore; AB 

Tenerelli, Louis Duque e 423 Halstead 

St E Orange N J 
Teng, Yee-Tze gr 501 W 123; Anking 

Anhwei China 
Tenney, Florence Gould b John Jay 

Hall ; Maple Av Ellenville N Y 



Tepfer, Gustave e 16 Bay 23 Bklyn N Y 

Tepper, Beatrice e 243 Ocean Av 

Teplitsky, David m 2044 Pacific St 
Bklyn N Y; AB Columbia 

Ternstrom, Evelyn e 503 W 121 ; Spo- 
kane Wash 

Terrell, Allen Townsend a 11 24 Am- 
sterdam Av ; Riverhead LINY 

Terrell, Lasater / 434 W 120; AB 

Terrill, Harold Morlock gr Hamilton 
Hall; Rahway N J; BS Rutgers, MA 

Terrott, Marie Josephine e Furnald 
Hall ; 60 W Third St Oswego N Y 

Terry, Marion ed 509 W 121 ; 331 Edi- 
son Av Detroit 

Tessier, Edith Laurina pa 530 W 122 

Tether, Emily Marion pa 1416 Franklin 

Tether, Russell Knapp c 25 Franklin 
Av Ridgewood N J 

Terhune, Mary gr Parnassus Club; 1309 
E Elm St New Albany Ind ; AB 
Western College for Women 

Teunon, Russell Cameron e 229 E Han- 
over St Trenton N J 

Tevonian, Sarkis P e 164 W 122; Con- 
stantinople ; AB Robert College (Tur- 

Tewksbury, Donald George ed 540 W 
113; 16 Dwight St New Haven; AB 

Texeira, Anthony pa 304 W 99 ; 902 S 
10 San Jose Cal 

Textor, George Clinton e 1402 Dakota 

Av Richmond Hill N Y 
Thacher, T Marguerite e 44 S Eighth 
Av Mt Vernon N Y; 1311 W Sulli- 
van St Olean N Y 
Thalheimer, Jr Joseph J c 195 Clarc- 

mont Av Phoenix Ariz 
Thalmann, Paul c 150 W 59 
Tharaldsen, Aagot Leonore gr . 1790 

Clinton Av 
Tharaldsen, Conrad Engerud gr 1790 
Clinton Av ; BS St Olaf College, AM 
Thaw, Lawrence Copley c 270 Park Av 
Thayer, John Million bu 371 W 117 

Thayer, Myla Thayer b 1421 University 

Thayer, Nathaniel Augustine e 417 W 
118; BS Harvard 

Theiss, Charles e 449 W 36 

Theiss, Royal Henry e 125 W 69 

Thenen, Alice e 1506 Crotona Park E 

Theobald, Carl c 115 E 91 

Theorin, Sten e 271 Hicks St Bklyn 
N Y 

Thees, Oscar D Jr c 271 Lenox Av 

Thiebaud, Jeanne Marie ed 430 W 119 

Thirlwall, Katharine Cora b 90 Ma- 
maroneck Av White Plains N Y 

Thistle, Robt W e 964 Summit Av Jer- 
sey City N J 

Thollsen, Dagny e 340 President St 
Bklyn N Y 

Thomas, Adeline pa 106 Morningside 
Dr ; 370 E Northampton St Wilkes 
Barre Pa 

Themak, Albert J e 11 15 Clay Av 

Thomas, Andrew Johnston / Morris 
Hall; Talladega Ala; AB Richmond 
College, LLB Alabama 

Thomas, Arthur P e 13 W 183 

Thomas, Dorothea Margaret pa 420 W 
121 ; Warner O 

Thomas, Dorothy Swaine b 99 Clare- 
mont Av ; 29 S Strieker St Balti- 
more Md 

Thomas, Elsie Rose e 1602 Greene Av 
Ridgewood N Y 

Thomas, Elliott Dunham e 200 Hale Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Thomas, Frank Hollis c 625 W 113; 
277 Church St Richmond Hill N Y 

Thomas, Helen e 170 W 73 

Thomas, Helen Jean e Furnald Hall ; 
1 01 E Ridge St Lansford Pa; AB 

Thomas, Helen Warren e 148 W 83 

Thomas, Jean Grant e 2 W 67 

Thomas, John Henry c 25 Ashwood Ter- 
race West Orange N J 

Thomas, Julia e 430 W 119 

Thomas, Lillian Beynon e 426 Stirling 
PI Bklyn N Y; AB Manitoba Univ 

Thomas, Louise Virginia e 866 West 
End Av ; 727 Webster St N W Wash- 
ington D C 



Thomas, Luke Garretson / 60 E 56; 

AB Williams 
Thomas, Mary Pamela gr 420 W 119; 

AB Columbia 
Thomas, Richard Junius e 56 E 132 
Thomas, William Benj Sylvester m 81 

Maolis Av Bloomfield N J 
Thomaslefsky Milton m 549 Bedford 

Av Bklyn NY; BS Columbia 
Thomasson, David Albert c 401 W 118; 

340 Riverside Av Henderson Ky 
Thompson, Abbott Bradford bu c/o A 

H Rice Co 11 78 Bway ; Melrose Conn 
Thompson, Alanson Robinson c 162 E 

Thompson, Alice Ranney gr 417 118; 

BS California, AM Columbia 
Thompson, Alta Emeline gr 510 W 123; 

PdB New York State College for 

Teachers, BS Columbia 
Thomson, Arthur Gale e 464 W 145 
Thompson, Burt M e 622 48 Bklyn N Y 
Thompson, Charles Beattie gr 600 W 

122; Thompson Ridge N Y; AB 

Thompson, Clara Grazier pa Whittier 

Hall ; 304 S Raleigh St Martinsburg 

W Va 
Thompson, Dorothy e 182 W 58 
Thompson, Edmund Burke bu 838 West 

End Av 
Thompson, George Alanson Tracy e 

162 E 61 ; AB Columbia 
Thompson, Gertrude ed 503 W 121 ; 

808 Main St Tarkio Mo 
Thompson, Hedy I c Belnoide 8(5 and 

Thompson, James Egbert e Mount Ver- 
non Ky 
Thompson, John Adams e 90 West St 
Thompson, John French c 838 West 

End Av 
Thompson, Kenneth Ralph gr 1035 Tif- 
fany St; Montrose N Y ; AB Co- 
Thompson, Lawrence Wyckoff bu 512 

W 123; 839 Crown St Olean N Y 
Thompson, Marion Frances pa 512 W 

123; 839 Crown St Olean N Y 
Thompson, Marjorie Andrews e 95 Reid 

Av; Pt Washington N Y 

Thompson, Mary Wolfe pa 1046 Ster- 
ling PI Bklyn N Y 
Thompson, Melvin e 26 Broad St 
Thompson, Raymond Baldwin e 633 W 
115; 16 Columbus Av Meriden Conn 
Thompson, Raymond Samuel e Cherokee 

Av Hollis L I 
Thompson, Theodore Rhoades e 100 W 

Thompson, Traneer Worthington b 

Brooks Hall; c/o W S Thompson 111 

Thompson, William Gordon gr 126 

Manhattan Av ; AB Columbia 
Thompson, William Payne (2d) m 903 

Park Av ; Red Bank N J 
Thompson, William Rae c 209 W 118 
Thomson, Arthur Kennard c 608 W 

113 ; Yonkers N Y 
Thomson, Beatrice e 633 West Elm St 

Lima O 
Thomson, Charles Edward m 400 W 

57; 345 Wyoming Av Scranton Pa; 

AB St Thomas College 
Thomson, Jennet e 303 Webster Av 

Jersey City N J 
Thoren, Irving Lennart e 34 Highland 

Av New Rochelle N Y 
Thorene, Phyllis Regina e 300 10 St 

Bklyn N Y 
Thorn, Katherine Delancey e 310 W 77 
Thornbury, Zita Lillian ed Furnald 

Hall; 100 Academy St Poughkeepsie 

N Y; AB Vassar 

Thornley, Josiah Payne m 134 W 70; 

MD Columbia and Virginia 
Thornton, John Walter c 627 W 115; 

4 Mortimer Av Rutherford N J 
Thoroman, Marie Louise bu Brooks 

Hall ; Anchorage Ky 
Thorpe, Irene Angela pa 196 Morning- 
side Dr; 3280 Scranton Rd Cleve- 
land O 
Thorpe, William Henry gr 321 W 116; 

3971 Wall St Los Angeles Cal ; AB 

Thorson, Marcella Venchia * 611 W 114 
Thrane, Walter Dewey c 529 W 113; 

1 1 11 Georgia Av Omaha Neb 



Thurber, Clarence Howe ed 237 
Orchard St Westfield N J ; AB Col- 

Thurlow, Paul Edward c Morris Hall ; 
Hackensack N J 

Thurnaur, Robert Maurice e 348 Cen- 
tral Park West 

Thurschwell, Harry T / 64 E 97 

Thurston, George Martin e 26 Seventh 

Thwaits, Mabel pa Whittier Hall; 178 
14 Milwaukee Wis 

Tibbetts, Christine Hobbs pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 70 Gray St Portland Me 

Tibbetts, Lucile Randall pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 70 Gray St Portland Me 

Tice, Josephine Willard pa 414 W 121 ; 
2032 Greenwood St Pueblo Col 

Tice, Raymond William e 2790 Bway 

Tichenor, Constance Dede b 607 W 
116; 59 Wickham Av Middletown 
N Y 

Tidey, Laura Evelyn ed 45 Broad St 
Newark N J 

Tiedemann, Albertus Alexander c 248 
Schenck Av Bklyn N Y 

Tiedemann, Marie e Bound Brook N J 

Tiemann, Eleanor Marie b 382 Wads- 
worth Av 

Tierney, Frances Elizabeth ed 344 To- 
towa Av Paterson N J 

Tietjen, Herbert c 423 E 169 

Tietje, Anton e 23 Boulevard Loop 
Weehawken N J 

Tietze, George H e 453 Hamilton St 
Long Island City N Y 

Tighe, William James ? 55 W 105 

Tigner, Edna e 58 E 94 

Tikhonovitch, Benedict (Semenovitch) e 
635 W 115; Viilor Str Casa Pronin 
c/o D-7 S Sher Chizinav (Kishineff) 
Basarobia Romania 

Tildsley, Bertha e Spuyten Duyvil ; AB 
Smith College 

Tildsley, Jane gr Spuyten Duyvil ; AB 

Tileston, Ralph James e 77 W 128 

Tilghman, George Hammond gr The 
Morristown School Morristown N J 
BS Harvard 

Tilghman, Richard Haughton e Y M C 
A Newark N J; Overlea Md 

Till, Christine e c/o Mrs J R Bray 
611 W 112 

Tillim, Sidney Joseph e 748 Trinity Av 
c/o Mr O Karolitzky ; Spring Valley 
N Y 

Tillinghast, Gladys T e 92 Chestnut 
Av West Orange N J 

Tillinghast, Julia Lyman e 434 W 120; 
113 Waterman St Providence R I 

Tillinghast, Leslie Frederick e 166 
Prospect Park West Bklyn N Y 

Tillman, Alvin B D c 276 E Bway 

Tilly, Alfred Russell e 31 Kingston Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Tilton, Evelyn Estella ed 41 W 83; 
Leicester N Y 

Tilton, J Warren ed 9 Dongan St Elm- 
hurst L I N Y ; BS U of Pa 

Tilton, Marion Elizabeth e 115 Grand 
Av Englewood N J 

Timbrook, Richard Elson e 66 Broad 
St c/o White Oil Corp; 136 West- 
field Av Roselle Park N J 

Timmer, Agnes Caroline e 41 Highland 
Av Jersey City N J 

Timotheeff Ludmila a Forest Hills 
Gardens c/o Mr V Soskiee 

Timrosk, George Aleksander e 6 Han- 
over St c/o Mr S H Bunnell ; 267 W 

Tingley, Mary Alice gr Furnald Hall ; 
Shorter College Rome Ga ; BS 
Shorter College 

Tingue, George Arthur e 557 W 124; 
Cobleskill N Y; AB Cornell 

Tinsley, Gervase R e 1028 Cauldwell 

Tintle, Nelson Eugene e 555 W 159 

Tiplitz, Maurice c 452 Bedford Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Tipson, G S e 170 Prospect PI Bklyn 
N Y 

Tipton, Emma G pa 296 Central Park 

Tirapegui, Luis A cd 5^2 E 78; Casille 
604 Santiago Chile; BS, AM Co- 



Tirona, Ramona Salud gr 1 1 Gramercy 

Park; Innis Cavite P I; BA, BS, AM 

Univ of the Philippines 
Tischler, Paul Alexander e 609 W 114; 

942 Parkwood Av Youngstown O 
Tisdale, Velma ed 420 W 121 ; 1252 

Brushu St Georgetown Tex ; AB 

Southwestern Univ (Texas) 
Tishman, Lilliam pa 404 W 116 
Titlebaum, Ruth Miriam bu 516 85 St 

Bklyn NY; 16 Fowler St Boston 

Titus, Joseph Haas gr 175 Ninth Av; 

19 Broad St Pittsfield Mass; AB Wil- 
Titus, Lilla e 430 W 119 
Titus, Virginia Alice ed Seth Low Hall ; 

Lancaster, Cal ; AB California 
Titus, Warren Irving m Coxsackie N 

Y; BS Union 
Toal, George Joseph c 525 W 146 
Tobani, Frieda e 652 W 160 
Tobias, Barney e 845 Whitlock Av 
Tobias, Charles Howard mec 618 W 

113; 1040 Grand Concourse; AB Co- 
Tobias, Louis e 845 Whitlock Av 
Tobin, Anna S e 312 W 109 
Tobin, James Maurice £ 103 Rockwood 

St; 5033 Cedar Av Philadelphia 
Todd, Beatrice e 326 W 83 
Todd, Florence May e 430 W 118; 325 

Kenyon Av Elyria O 
Todd, Gretchen gr 419 W 119; Milburn 

N J; AB Smith 
Todd, James Dixon c 71 Barrow St 
Todd, James Smith bu 627 W 115 
Todd, Rhoda Hanna ed 7 W 65 ; AB 

Toglia, Vito Giovanni gr 736 Main St 

New Rochelle N Y ; AB Harvard 
Tokumi, Ushichiro e 9 W 98 
Tokuyama, Sotaro gr 102 W 123; 

Shidzuoka-Shi Japan; BS Michigan, 

AM Columbia 
Tolano, Hugh James bu 421 W 121 
Tolbert, Virginia Gilbert ed 121 De 

Kalb Av Bklyn N Y; 203 N Hill 

Hobart Okla; AB Oklahoma 
Tolmach, Jesse Alfred m 1 E 119 

Tolton, Irene gr 2940 Bway ; Beaver 

Utah; AB Utah 
Tome, John Supplee gr 600 W 122; 

Maytown Pa ; AB Pennsylvania, AM 

Tomer, Frances Huntington ed N J 

Women's College New Brunswick 

N J 
Tomkins, Esther G e 521 E 77; PdB 

N Y State College for Teachers 
Tomlinson, Raymond Gene pa 534 W 

114; Terryville Conn 
Tompkins, Bertha Cummings b 13 East 

View Av White Plains N Y 
Tompkins, Doris Elizabeth e 857 Morris 

Av ; 517 W Grand Av Springfield O 
Tompkins, Florence ed 163 Vreeland 

Av Nutley N J ; La Grangeville N Y 
Tompkins, Kathleen Covington e 437 W 

117; 526 W Mountain Av Roanoke 

Tompkins, Sarah Van Home pa 56 

Clinton Av Jersey City N J 
Tomkinson, Mabel Parker e 47 High St 

Passaic N J ; AB Dickinson 
Tomlinson, Charles Herbert e 391 Fifth 

Av ; 1320 Leland Ave 
Tompkins, Albert Edward e 75 Bway 

Ossining N Y 
Tonachel, Gerard c 321 Bway Union 

Hill N J 
Tong, Sam Cheuk c 54 Cathedral 

Pkway ; 28 Range Rd Shanghai 
Tong, Sam Poy c 54 Cathedral 

Pkway ; 28 Range Rd Shanghai China 
Tonks, Lewi gr Fayeweather Hall ; 87 

Hamilton PI; BS Columbia 
Tonks, Nina Janet b 87 Hamilton PI 
Tooker, Winfred Clyde / 417 W 120; 

Riverhead LI NY; AB Amherst 
Toomey, Anna Grace e 200 Fifth Av; 

25 Fair St Newport R I 
Toon, Carrie Ward ed 442 80 Bklyn 

N Y; BL Oxford College (N C) 
Toon, James Archibald e 442 80 St 

Bklyn N Y 
Tooker, Helen Violette e Riverside 

Conn ; AB Smith 
Topka, Gilbert Sylvere e 471 W 145 



Topping, Coral Wesley gr 600 W 122; 
Perth Ont Can; AB, BD Queens, BD 

Torborg Harry C e 621 W 145 

Toronto, Eleanor Seegmiller pa Dacona 
Hall; 34 A St Salt Lake City Utah 

Torpats, John bu 147 W 79 c/o Mr 
Lellep ; Estonia Hageri 

Torpy, Kathryp Marie pa 207 W 70 

Torrance, Rachel C pa Madison Square 
Hotel; 165 Buckingham Rd Yonkers 
N Y 

Tortora, Angelo Joseph c 161 E 53 

Tortora, Edward Joseph e 161 E 53 

Touzalin, Charlotte Maurice gr 115 E 
82 ; Colorado Springs Col ; AB Colo- 
rado College 

Tower, William Burchard c 142 Wood- 
land Av New Rochelle N Y 

Towbin, Marion e 15 15 Glover St 

Townsend, Cory e 23 E 63 

Townsend, Evelyn Howe pa 506 W 113 ; 
1 1 13 West St Utica N Y 

Townsend, Mary Evelyn gr 194 River- 
side Dr; AB Wellesley, AM Co- 

Townsend, Ralph c no Morningside 
Dr; Raynham N C 

Towsley, Alice M e 8-10 W 109; 
Farmington Me 

Towson, Charlotte Gertrude b Brooks 
Hall ; 827 Benoni Av Fairmont W Va 

Trace Martha e 135 E 52; 227 State 
St Harrisburg Pa ; AB Wilson College 

Trachman, Hilbert gr 863 Beck St; 
AB C C N Y, LLB Columbia 

Tractman, Judith Aida e 2 E 118 

Tracy, Bettie M ed 509 W 121 ; 142 
18 Wheeling W Va 

Tracy, Mollie J ; Furnald Hall 

Traendley, Frances A e 526 Ann St 
West Hoboken N J 

Trantum, Emily Yates b John Jay Hall; 
Tngold N C 

Trapaso, Anthony Joseph c 58 Lake St 
White Plains N Y 

Trapier, Jennie Graham ed 420 W 121; 
507 Cleveland St Raleigh N C 

Trapnell, Edna Valentine e 601 W 169 

Trask, Elizabeth c 605 W 115; n 
Myrtle St Springfield Mass 

Trau, Pauline e 703 W 178 

Traub, Solomon / 1334 Intervale Av; 

Traver, Albertina T B e Mount Kisco 
N Y; Rhinebeck N Y ; AB Syracuse 

Travis, Emma ed 324a Belleville Av 
Newark N J 

Travis, Lewis Simpson c 308 N James 
St Peekskill N Y 

Trax, Eurith pa 167 S Oxford St 
Bklyn N Y 

Treat, Alice Ruth bu Furnald Hall ; 
Orange Conn 

Trebing, Gertrude Emma e 157 E 81 

Tredick, Helen Folsom ed 128 Linden 
Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Smith, AM Co- 

Treistman, Arthur e 53 E 115 

Theleaven, Clifford Leroy gr Fayer- 
weather Hall; Ripley Ont Can; AB 
and AM Toronto 

Trell, Max c 964 Simpson St 

Trembly, Mildred M pa 501 W 120; 
826 Thorn St Sewichley Pa 

Trembly, Milo Lamont e 55 Hanson PI 
Bklyn N Y; 122 Harvard St Battle 
Creek Mich 

Trembly, Ralph Edward e 26 Bway ; 145 
Hewes St Bklyn N Y 

Tremper, Clara L ed 105 Miln St Cran- 
ford N J; Rhinebeck N Y; BS Co- 

Trexler, Jewel Claire e 14 E 16; Albe- 
marle N C 

Treyz, Beatrice Adelaide pa Whittier 
Hall ; 256 Vestal Av Binghamton N Y 

Treyz, Laura Edna pa Whittier Hall; 
Cooks Falls N Y 

Trier, Minnie e 344 Peshine Av New- 
ark N J 

Triest, Elizabeth Dorothee e 382 St 
Paul's Av Tompkinsville S I N Y 

Trinidad, Clemente T bu 469 W 157; 
Manila P I ; AB Ateneo de Manila 

Trinn, George e 157 W 98 

Trinz, Louis Henry e 253 Park Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Tripp, Evelina e 416 W 118 

Tripp, Harry Sylvester e 404 W 116 c/o 
Miss Crandel ; Millerton N Y 



Tripp, Mary Harmoney e National 
Training School ; 25 Keene St New 
Bedford Mass 
Trismen, Ralph Demarest c 40 Clinton 

Av Port Richmond N Y 
Trofast-Gillette, George Wolcott a 
Hotel Bretton Hall; Garden City 
L I N Y ; AB Columbia 
Troiano, John Luke c 31 Chapel St Nor- 

walk Conn 
Troiano, Louis Thomas e 28 Av "A" 

Port Washington N Y 
Tron, Ira Everett e 419 W 115; Beloit 

Tron, Vera Olivia pa 606 W 115 ; Ben- 
nington Kan 
Tropp, Alice e 1550 75 Bklyn ; BS New 

Tropp, Isabelle Esther e 1153 41 Bklyn 

N Y 
Tropp, Ralph e 238 E Bway 
Trost, Frank e 249 Meade St Glendale 

Trott, Rose Mary pa Seth Low Hall; 

4928 Agnes Av Kansas City Mo 
Trout, Charles Lincoln e 170 Bway; 31 

W Ninth St 
Trowbridge, Cornelia Rogers e 106 E 

52; AB Smith, AM Columbia 
Trowbridge, 'Gail pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; Marseilles 111 

Trowbridge, George Phillips c 340 W 57 

Trowbridge, Irving Harrison c Hartley 

Hall ; c/o C H Pomeroy Bursar of 

Teachers' College 

Trowbridge, John Howard e Chatham 

N J 
Trowbridge, Philip Newton e Chatham 

N J 
Troy, Ann A ed Waldwick N J 
Truax, Rhoda e 490 Park Av 
True, James e 12 Fifth Av 
Trueblood, Jessie Newsom ed 54 W 91 ; 

Berkeley Cal ; BL California 
Trull, Edna Anna b 24 Claremont Av 

Mount Vernon N Y 
Trumbull, Arthur John e 725 Washing- 
ton St Hoboken N J 
Trumbull, Priscilla Estelle b Brooks 
Hall; 440 Mill Hill Bridgeport Conn 

Trumpborn, Eva E ed 33 S Walnut St 

East Orange N J ; Palenville N Y 
Trusler, Margaret b Brooks Hall; 651 

E 23 Indianapolis Ind 
Tryon, Ethel Elizabeth pa 18 Morning- 
side Av ; South Glastonbury Conn 
Ts'a, Sieu Tsu gr Whittier Hall; No 8 
Passage 288 Rue Palikao Shanghai 
China ; AB Vassaf 
Tsai, Ju-Yi gr c/o C T Liu 501 W 123 ; 

Tsingchow Fu Shantung China 
Tsang, Han Yih gr 475 Manhattan Av ; 

Tsang Teh-Zin Store Ichang China 
Tsen, Deh Chang gr 505 W 124; Shang- 
hai China; AB St John's Univ 
Tsiang, Tingfu Fuller gr 415 W 115; 

Hunan China ; AB Oberlin 
Tsuzuki, Byron Tarashi e 41 E 19 
Tsvetkov, Theodore Lvovich mec 2229 

Creston Av 
Tuchman, William e 7103 Third Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Tucker, Alfred Wilmot e 642 E 227 
Tucker, Gilbert Edward e 122 Valentine 

St Mt Vernon N Y 
Tucker, Harold Henry e 20 Lenox Av 
East Orange N J ; 330 Ashburnham 
St Fitchburg Mass 
Tucker, Ina V e Westbury N Y 
Tucker, Katherine Bannard ed 37 E 71 ; 

174 Washington Av Albany N Y 
Tucker, William James Jr e 145 W 90 
Tuers, Russell Vreeland gr New York 
Univ: 62 Buchanan PI; BS New 
York, MS Princeton 
Tufts, Dorinda Winifred ed 327 George 
St New Brunswick N J; BS Co- 
Tufts, Chester Warner c 3089 Broadway 
Tufverson, Agnes Colonia e Furnald 
Hall; 869 10 St N W Grand Rapids 
Tulchen, Lena gr 243, Second St; AM 

Tulgan, Joseph gr 1327 44 Bklyn N Y; 

Tully, George Purcell e 609 W 115; 4 

South St Southbridge Mass 
Tully, John Joseph e 377 Bway c/o 
A J Armstrong Co; Closter N J 



Tung, Shih ed 505 W 124; Shanghai 
China ; AB Clark Univ, AM Cornell 

Turberg, Jeannette Rebecca e 147S 
42 St Bklyn N Y 

Turk, Albert Louis e 101 W 85 

Turk, Milton mec 632 E 11 ; AB Co- 

Turk, Richard Jason Jr / 531 W 113; 
216 Sixth St Renova Pa; AB Co- 

Turman, Sylvia Phillippa e 239 Lenox 
Av; 458 Eastern Pkway Bklyn N Y 

Turner, Alva gr 565 W 113; BS Co- 

Turner, Edith ed 66 W Second St Mt 
Vernon N Y; 2 Pleasant St Cort- 
land N Y 

Turner, Edna May e 11 69 Flatbush Av 
Bklyn ; Consul Sask Canada 

Turner, Egbert M e College of the City 
of N Y ; 120 Devoe Av Yonkers N Y ; 
AB C C N Y, A M Columbia 

Turner, Gordon Mackenzie e 351 W 114 

Turner, Helen Antoinette pa 612 W 
115; 533 W Elmira St San Antonio 

Turner, Madge e 317 W 93 

Turner, Morrill Ewart e Hartley Hall ; 
Ignacio, Colo 

Turner, Pattie Mangum e 435 W 123 ; 
488 Church St Greensboro N C 

Turner, Sara Clarke gr 541 Lexington 
Av ; 25 Madison Av ; AB Goucher 
College, AM Columbia 

Turner, W June £155 Union Av Mount 
Vernon N Y; Mendon N Y; BS 

Turney, Robert Morgan c 163 Overpeck 
Av Ridgefield Park N J 

Turno, Herbert Charles e 787 Forest Av 

Turpin, C Udell bit 187 W 135; 4362 
N Market St, St Louis Mo 

Turque, Irwin Lawrence e 311 Av O 
Bklyn N Y 

Turville, Ada Dorothy gr 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; London West P O Ontario 
Canada ; AB Western Univ (Can) 

Tusch, William Ellsworth e 544 W 145 ; 
213 S Second St Wilmington N C 

Tuska, Frank L e Cedarhurst N Y; 
LLB St Lawrence Univ 

Tuthill, Edna e Furnald Hall; 99 Ash- 
land Av Buffalo N Y 
Tuthill, Marshall Wallace e Army & 

Navy Club 
Tuthill, Erwin Denton c 89 Harden- 

brook Av Jamaica N Y 
Tuttle, Edith May ed 267 Hamilton 

Av Paterson N J; BS New York 
Tuttle, Lois Adelaide b 338 Madison 

St Bklyn N Y 
Tuttle, Phebe Persis e 72 Ashburton 

Av Yonkers ; Millport N Y 
Tuttle, Raymond Ferris e Y M C A 

New Brunswick N J ; 226 Seaman St 

New Brunswick N J 
Tuzik, Michael Gregory e Perth Am- 

boy N J ; 272 Oak St Perth Amboy 

N J 
Twamley, James Herbert e 639 Walton 

Twente, John Wesley ed 3100 Bway ; 

Bilton Mo ; AB Central Wesleyan, 

AM Kansas Univ 
Tweeten, Bertha Stella Aletta pa 523 W 

124; Caledonia Minn 
Twiss, John Russell m Hartley Hall ; 

Hermosa Beach Cal 
Twitchell, Ralph S a 565 W 113; Win- 
ter Park Fla; AB Rollins College 
Twohy, Winifred Mary e 420 W 119; 

1303 10th Av Spokane Wash 
Twombly, Claude Marion e 1982 Uni- 
versity Av 
Tygart, Charles Hoffman e 478 W 159 

c/o Kuehen ; Cobleskill N Y 
Tyler, Eugene Randolph c 107 W 119; 

15 Sunnyside Lockport N Y 
Tynan, Martin Francis mec 175 W 97; 

BS Columbia 
Tyner, Richard Howard gr Hartley 

Hall; Canandaigua N Y ; BS Notre 

Tyroler, Evelyn Frances pa Whittier 

Hall ; Chardon Rd Euclid O 
Uchida, Brow Robert gr Brattleboro, 

Vt; AB Amherst 
Uchikata, Henson M gr 102 W 123; 

Shiga-Ken Japan ; AB Univ of Wash 
Udelowitz, Jennie e 2 E 116; 812 Bank 

St Waterbnry Conn 
Ufland, Louise Ruth pa 160 E 91 



Ugarte, Cesar Antonio e 11 W 103 c/o 
Williams; 138 d Andres Cuzeo Peru; 
JD Lima (Peru) 

Uhl, Alexander Herbert / 302 E 90 ; AB 
C C N Y 

Uhl, Charles Daniel e 1 1 Maple Av 
Great Neck LINY 

Uhler, Edith Chamberlain e 256 Garden 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Uhlig, Franklin R e 1610 New York 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Uhrbrock, Mildred Gertrude b 379 Ster- 
ling PI Bklyn N Y 

Uhry, Henry Frederick e 619 W 144 

Ullman, Edward Bernhard e Hartley 
Hall ; 382 Mohawk Av Schenectady 
N Y 

Ullman, Jerome Melville c 1295 Madi- 
son Av 

Ullman, Leon Meyer bu Hartley Hall; 
607 Ashland Av Buffalo N Y 

Ullmann, Seymour Charles e 408 W 130 

Ulmer, Elizabeth Erving pa 523 W 121 ; 
408 Armour Ave, Cudahy Wis 

Ulmer, Gavin L / 11 16 Amsterdam Av 

Ulrich, Jos Albert e 315 E 49 

Umans, William e 90 Convent Av ; BS 
C C N Y 

Umekichi, Takamatsu gr c/o Japanese 
Consulate-General ; No 1 Kubocho 
Wakayama Prefecture Japan ; AB 
Leland Stanford Jr and Tokyo Com- 
mercial College 

Umezaki Suga e 1 1 Manhattan Av ; 
Nagasaki Japan 

Umezuka, Yasumichi bu Livingston 
Hall; 138 Izuo Machi Nighiku Osaka 

Underbill, Merta e Tenafly N J ; AB 

Underwood, Anna e 9 Stephens St 
Belleville N J ; AB Columbia 

Underwood, Elizabeth pa 507 W 121 ; 
200 S William St Johnstown N Y 

Unger, Regina Hayes e 428 River Dr 
Pasaic N J 

Unkenholz, Belle L e 265 E 182 

Unna, Sarah gr 306 W 92 ; 324 Locust 
St San Francisco Cal ; AB California 

Untermeyer, Helene e 490 West End Av 

Unterweiser, Emanuel e 164 Summit 
Av West Hoboken N J 

Uppercue, Muriel Allison e 26 Park St 
Jersey City 

Upton, Dorothy Waterman gr Lowerre 
Summit Yonkers N Y ; AB Connec- 
ticut College, AM Columbia 

Urban, Alfred Edward e 356 10 Av 
Long Island City N Y 

Urch, Daisy Dean pa City Hospital 
of Nursing Blackwell's Island; Davis- 
burg Mich 

Uribe, Joseph e 606 W 116; Bogota 
Rep of Colombia 

Urich, Louis Julius e 79 Serry Av 
Elmhurst LINY 

Urie, James Hugh ed 600 W 122; Earl 
Grey Sask Can ; AB Manitoba 

Uris, Beatrice C e 25 E 99 

Uris, Percy e 16 E 96 ; BS Columbia 

Urist, Elsie e 3 Brewster Av Flushing 

Urquhart, John Andrew e 169 Schenec- 
tady Av Bklyn N Y 

Usher, Florence Clotild pa 419 Hum- 
boldt St Union Hill N J 

Utter, Mabelle F e 88 Elliott Av Yon- 
kers N Y 

Uvitsky, Irving Harry c 573 Powell St 
Bklyn N Y ; 420 Pequonnock St 
Bridgeport Conn 

deVado, Emilie e Westchester Country 
Club Grounds Westchester N Y 

Vail, Charles Conrad e 2307 Decatur St 
Bklyn N Y 

Vail, John Benjamin c Livingston Hall; 
1312 1 6th S Birmingham Ala 

Vail, Katharine Durland e 3805 Broad- 

Vail, Mary Elizabeth b 9 Petersville Rd 
New Rochelle N Y 

Vaillant Pauline M T L (Mrs) e 527 W 

Vaillant, Rene E G gr 527 W 121 ; AB, 
LLB, LLM Lille (France) 

Valakis, Panayotis Demosthenes e 351 
^ r 56; 355 Beech St Manchester N H 

Valdes, Jose Jesus e 636 W 138; An- 
geles, Pampanga Philippine Islands 



Valdes, Victor Garabe c C Gonzalez 

396 Broadway ; Apartado No F4 Mex- 
ico City 
Valenstein, Lawrence e 601 W 149 
Valentine, Charles Abernethy c 546 W 

114; Chappaqua N Y 
Valentine, Elizabeth pa 135 W 16 
Valentine, Ralph Earl e 2559 Decatur 

Valentine, Sarah A e Hartsdale N Y 
Valker, Leo Irvin a Hutchinson Minn ; 

BArch Notre Dame 
Valverde, Robert mec 202 W 74 
Van Anda, Louise e 205 W 57 
Van Arsdell, Julia Lashbrooke gr 135 E 

52 ; Fleminsburg Ky ; BS Kentucky 
Van Brook, Edna pa 612 W 115; 529 

Axtell St Kalamazoo Mich 
Van Brunt, Gladys Gardner b 606 W 

115 ; 816 Putnam Av Bklyn N Y 
Van Buren, Glenn B e 522 5th Av; 609 

W 114 
Van Buskirk, George Luther e 21 W 

Vance, Willison Kerr Jr / 143 E 39 ; 

Monongahela Pa ; AB Yale 
Van Cleve, Edgar Francis c 80 Nairn 

PI Newark N J 
Van der Lann, Charles Hugo c Cor 

Fenimore Rd & Palmer Av Mama- 

roneck N Y 
Van Dermark, Harry J e 116 South Av 

Mariners Harbor S I N Y 
Van der Merwe, Schalk Willem e 524 

W 123 ; D. R. Parsonage Hofmeyr 

South Africa 
Van Dervort, Arthur Walker gr 519 W 

121 ; AB Hiram College, AM Co- 
Vanderwater, Richard Storrs / 510 W 

Vanderwyk, John Motz e ry E 47 

Bayonne N J 
Vande Stadt, George c 296 Sterling PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Van Deusen, Elliott Sovereign e Perth 

Amboy N J 
Van Doren, Paul M bu Hartley Hall; 

710 W Oregon St Urbana 111 
Van Duscn, Albert Edward c 280 Grant 

Av Grantwood N J 

Van Duzer Tusten e 800 Ocean Av 

Jersey City N J ; Warwick N Y 
Van Dyke, Ruth Catherine pa 390 St 

Johns PI Bklyn N Y 
Van Etten, Katherine Swinton e 300 E 

Tremont Av ; AB Wells 
Van Gaasbeek, Carrie D e 251 E Kings- 
bridge Rd; BS New York 
Van Hise, Alice Ruiz gr Furnald Hall ; 

Madison Wis; AB Wisconsin 
Van Horn, Cora Louise b 230 Fremont 

St Peekskill N Y 
Van Horn, Marjorie pa 2671 Boulevard 

Jersey City N J 
Van Horn, Prescott c 230 Fremont St 

Peekskill N Y 
Van Horn, Ruth b Harrison Wesc Co 

N Y 
Van Houten, Elsie Marie pa 317 W 

121 ; Monsey N Y 
Van Houten, Lansing Smith bu 317 W 

121 ; Monsey Rockland County N Y 
Van Keuren, Mailler Orville gr Union 

Theo Sem. ; 6 Linden St Schenectady 

N Y ; AB Syracuse 
Van Ness, Marie Houston e 70 Morning- 
side Dr 
Van Nest, Elizabeth Rollinson pa 35 

Winans St East Orange N J 
Van Nette, Allison ed Whittier Hall; 

Daphne Ala ; BS, LLB Alabama 
Vannice, Ashbel Wiley gr 523 W 121 ; 

Broken Bow Neb; AB York College 
Van Norden, Grace Talcott e 7 W 57 
Van Nort, Joseph Sands / Morris Hall ; 

410 Colfax Av Scranton Pa 
Van Orden, Thomas Durland m Pomp- 
ton Lakes N J ; BS Dartmouth 
Van Pelt, William DeWitt Jr / 610 W 

116; AB Wesleyan 
Van Raalte, Adele e 325 West End Av 
Van Riper, Robert c 292 Littleton Av 

Newark N J 
Van Ryper, Relda e 418 W 118; 1310 

Howard St Chicago 111 
Van Schoonhovan, John J Jr c 534 W 

114; 169 W 81 
Van Schoonhovan, Peter Leveosee c 

534 W 114; 169 W 81 
Van Thoff, Gould Gates e 31 W 63 
Vanura, Victor Joseph e 340 E 71 



Van Urk, Jack Blan e Livingston Hall ; 

605 W Main St Kalamazoo Mich 
Van Vliet, Raymond Lewis e Demarest 

N J 
Van Voort, Gerard e 7 W 57 
Van Wagnen, Grace pa no W 78 
Van Wyck, Allen / 608 W 113 
Van Zandt, William Wynant c 327 Cen- 
tral Pk W 
Van Zile, Edward Bulkeley e 103 E 16 
Vargas, Oscar e 57 W 87; San Jose 

Costa Rica 
Varley, Elsie D e Ossining School Os- 

sining N Y 
Varney, Ada Susan ed 237 W 100; 12 

High St Spencer Mass 
Varobieff, Alexander Theodore e 44 \V 

58; Russia 
Vartanian, Beatrice Vera e 609 W 137; 

559 Elm St New Haven Conn 
Vaughan, Hascal Lee pa no Morning- 
side Dr; Darlington S C 
Vaughn, Robert Eugene e 221 W 23; 

Portville N Y; BS Colgate 
Veit, Caroline Christine e 452 Wayne 

St Jersey City N J 
Veit, Edith b John Jay Hall ; Healy Av 

Far Rockaway N Y 
Veith, Frank / 9 W 95 ; AB Cornell 
Velando, Celia Chavez e 106 W 78; 

Arequipa Peru South America 
Velasquez, Carlos A ed 252 W 121 ; 

Lima Peru S A 
Velez, Luz Maria pa Whittier Hall ; 

Rio Piedras Porto Rico 
Velsor, Gladys e Amityville LINY; 

AB Hunter 
de la Vergne, Charles / 147 Av B; BS 

Vernon, Daniel Fairchild e 17 Sunset 

Pk Upper Montclair N J 
Vernon, Dorothy e 52 Elm St Montclair 

N J 
Vernon, Dorothy ed Seth Low Hall ; 
830 22d Rock Island 111; AB Knox 
VerPlanck, Helen Elizabeth e 4 Lyon 

PI White Plains N Y 
VerPlanck, Judith C e 31 E 49; BS 

Verrilli, Emil c 561 E 17 Bklyn N Y 

Vesey, Thomas e 220 E 61 

Viault, Elsie Rosine gr 138 E 38; Lake 

Mahopac N Y; AB Hunter 
Vicari, Emilia Margaret gr Cold Spring 
Harbor L I N Y; 4 Montview Rd 
Summit N J; AB, AM Smith 
Vick, Helen e 181 Claremont Av ; 1230 

St Ann St Owensboro Ky 
Vickers, May Veronica gr 79 Willough- 

by Av Bklyn N Y ; AB Hunter 
Vickers, Ruth Adelia pa Grand View- 

on-Hudson N Y 
Victorino, Leodegario ed 368 W 117; 
c/o Bureau of Education Manila 
Philippines; AB, BS Univ of the 
Philippines, MA Columbia 
Videll, Peter e 687 3d Av 
Videtti, Joseph Francis c 143 W 26 

Bayonne N J 
Vierling, Margaret ed 240 S Main St 
• Princeton Ind ; BS Columbia 
Vignate, Mark Joseph e 132 Shippen 

St Weehawken Hts N J 
Vilkomerson, Elizabeth F e 1 W 112; 

LLB, LLM New York 
Villa, Angela Ana pa 215 W 91 ; Me- 

dellin Colombia S A 
Villa, Lucia Echavarria e 215 W 91 
Villa, Luis Jorge c 215 W 91 ; Medellin 

Colombia S A 
Villapaiia, Manuel mec 146 W 97; 4a 

Soto 109 Mex D F 
Villaume, Fredrick Henry mec 430 W 

Villanueva, Elvira Maria e 115 W 88; 

Luz No 8 Havana Cuba 
Villalvilla, Maria de C e 536 W 113; 

AB, AM Columbia 
Diaz de Villalvilla, Petronila e 536 W 

Vincent, Merion b 225 W 86 
Vincent, Rosa May e 117 Church St 

Freeport L I ; Dormansville N Y 
Vincent, Ruth Estelle e 269 E 194 
Yinicky, Enid Mary e 1356 Fulton Av 
Vinski, Joseph Jerome c 116 N Ninth 

St Bklyn N Y 
Virrick, William Ernest a 69 Dartmouth 

St Forest Hills LINY 
Visel, Harry Arthur e 251 Lexington 
Av; 49 Morse St Highwood Conn 



Vitulli, Peter e 877 Woodward Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Voetter, Armin George e Valley Cottage 

Rockland County N Y 
Vogel, Daniel Herbert e 160 Front St; 

8719 113th St Richmond Hill N Y 
Vogel, Fay e 73 S Ninth St Bklyn N Y 
Vogel, Henrietta Gordon e Fort Lee 

N J 
Vogel, Theresa Lucie b 601 E 170 c/o 

Mr Daniel Kiefer ; 130 Washington 

Av Suffern N Y 
Volck, Mildred Wuhstandley e Hotel 

Volk, Alma M pa Whittier Hall ; 5222 

Broadway Cleveland O 
Volk, Conrad John e 159 Newtown Av 

Long Island City N Y 
Volk, Jacqueline W pa Whittier Hall; 

89 Christopher St Montclair N J 
Volke, Edgar e 2543 Decatur Av 
Volker, R Margaret gr 94 S Highland 

Av Ossining N Y ; AB Hunter 
Vollmer, Harry / 335 W 77 ; 723 Brady 

St Davenport la ; AB Yale 
Vollmers, Henry Edward Jr mec 480 

Hudson St ; AB Columbia 
Volmer, August Karl a 126 Claremont 

Av; BS Columbia 
Volpe, Eleanor R pa 203 W 54 
Von Deesten, Florence Marie b 618 

Garden St Hoboken N J 
von der Osten, Anna Louise e 754 Pros- 
pect Av 
von Franzius, Enno H e 515 W 122 
von Holten, Adelaide Fredricka b 270 

Franklin St Bklyn N Y 
von Horn, Paul A ed 10 W 96; The 

Norfolk Cincinnati O 
von Lengerke, Dorothy Mary ? 75 N 

Munn Av East Orange N J 
von Unwerth, Erdmuthe ed $27 W 121 ; 

Central High School Kansas City Mo ; 

AB Univ of Kansas 
Voorhees, Sherman Persons e 440 Riv- 
erside Dr ; 156 N Main St Elmira 

N Y 
Vore, Gladys Forsyth (Mrs) e Furnald 

Hall; So Braintree Mass 
Voris, Ruth Irene gr 11 Gramercy Pk ; 

Seattle Wash ; AB Leland Stanford Jr 

Vose, Caroline Eliza gr 501 W 120; 17 
Storer St Portland Me; AB Welles- 
ley, AM Columbia 
Vose, Ruby Ellen pa 106 Morningside 

Dr; 17 Franklin St Houlton Me 
Vredenburgh, Florence Barter e 136 

Prospect St Passaic N J; 239 Third 

St Newburgh N Y; PhB Syracuse 
Vreeland, Stephen Bassett e 253 W 109; 

LLB New York 
de Vries, Gaul e 318 W 100 
Vurgason, Elliott Van Brunt e Somers 

Point N J 
Wachman, Jessie ; 889 St Nicholas Av 
Wachman, May pa 889 St Nicholas Av 
Wachman, Pearl b 889 St Nicholas Av 
Wachsmann, Herbert Martin Edward 

mec 210 St & Bainbridge Av; AB 

Wachtel, Louis e 557 Bushwick Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Wacker, Arthur Alex ed 191 2 Amethyst 

St; BS C C N Y 
Wacker, Harold Gerding c 525 Manhat- 
tan Av 
Wada, Tomi ed Whittier Hall; Chofu 

Yamagucki-ken Japan ; AM Columbia 
Wadofsky, Rose e c/o P Wald 540 W 

Waechter, Herman Paul c 89 Sherman 

Av Staten Island N Y 
Wagar, Garton Keator ed 12 5th Av 

New Rochelle N Y 
Wagener, Leona Margaret ed 509 W 

121; c/o Charles E Moore Walla 

Walla Wash 
Wagenheim, Fannie Rebecca b Brooks 

Hall ; 117 Guy Park Av Amsterdam 

N Y 
Wagner, Charles August c 178 E 101 
Wagner, Eva Wolf pa 243 E 68 
Wagner, Frank Emil e 601 W 125 
Wagner, Gertrude Caroline e Burnside 

Av & Fifth St Woodside LINY 
Wagner, Katherine c 65 Grove St 

Bklyn N Y 
Wagner, Melville e 20 Fifth St Stam- 
ford Conn 
Wagner, Mildred Lee e 204 W 85 
Wagner, Miriam Margaret pa Bancroft 

Hall; n_>9 Walnut St Allentown Pa 



Wagner, Richard Jr mec 160 Claremont 
Av ; BS Columbia 

Wagner, Robert Harry e 384 Teaneck 
Rd Ridgefield Park N J 

Wagner, Walter Frederick e 114 Law- 
ton St Yonkers N Y 

Wagner, William Conrad e 733 10th 

Wagstaff, Eugene Roland e 141 2 Park 
Av Hoboken N J ; 83 23d West New 
York N J 

Wahl, Christian Arnold ed $22 W 123 ; 
16 Union St Cape Town South Af- 
rica ; AB South African College, AM 

Wahl, Otto e 678 Breen Av College 
Point N Y 

Wahlers, Mabel Henriette b 602 Deca- 
tur St Bklyn N Y 

Wahlig, Herman F e 546 W 114; Sea 
Cliff N Y 

Wahlquist, Elba Lydia b Brooks Hall; 
Minneapolis Minn 

Waintrob, Sydney James e 449 W 124 

Waite, William Wiley c c/o W H Waite 
50 Church St; Morsemere N J 

Wakefield, Julian Edward e Apt 2-D 
Riverside Dr; 26 North Av Burling- 
ton Vt 

Wakeman, William c 68 W 52 

Wakerly, Winifred Jones (Mrs) £ 821 
W 178 

Wakimoto, Tokuya e Kyoto Mfg & 
Trading Co 31 E 17; 47 Prospect PI 

Walcutt, Gifford e 22 Montclair Av 
Montclair N J 

Wald, Elva cd 575 W 159; AB Hunter 

Waldecker, Sydney / 608 W 113 

Walden, Daniel Treadwell c 90 Maple 
Av Hackensack N J 

Walden, George Henry Jr gr 26 Post 
Av; BS, MS Rochester 

Walder, Morris c 1381 Crotona Av 

Waldman, Richard Isaac / 345 Hender- 
son St Jersey City N J 

Waldo, Alice e 523 W 121 ; c/o E M 
& F Waldo 1 1 Broadway 

Waldorf, Christopher Michael e 820 
Elsmere PI 

Waldron, Gordon T e 524 W 124 

Waldron, Virginia Anne e 1843 Lex- 
ington Av ; AB College of New Ro- 

Waldvogel, Doris Adele e 36 Benedict 

PI Pelham N Y 
Walker, Addie Cato pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; Emporia Va 
Walker, Anne Kendrick e 405 W 261 
Walker, Anne Norwell e 109 Oak Tree 

PI Leonia N J ; Richmond Va 
Walker, Arthur Lucian Jr c 33 E 77 
Walker, B Clarice e 417 W 120; 437 

Deming PI 
Walker, Evelyn gr 35 W 82 ; AB Hunter 
Walker, Fannie Jane e 143 Railroad Av 

Rye N Y 
Walker, Franklin Wade e 201 7th Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Walker, Hazel Austin (Mrs) e 600 W 

Walker, Isabel Lavinia gr Furnald Hall ; 

121 N Lombardy St Richmond Va ; 

BL, AB Richmond College 
Walker, Julia e 103 E 86 
Walker, Louise Jane e 138 E 38 Tat- 

ham House Oregon City Ore 
Walker, Lulu Virginia ed 509 W 121 ; 

2023 W North Av Baltimore Md 
Walker, Marion Esther c Furnald Hall ; 

602 W 10 Erie Pa 
Walker, Mary pa 260 Gates Av Bklyn 

N Y; 233 Broadway Rockland Me 
Walker, Maude Oliver e 605 W 115; 

Byhalia Miss 
Walker, Norma Turina pa 510 W 124; 

601 Mercantile Block Vancouver B C 
Walker, Oliver Cooke e 305 W 45 
Walker, Thelmo M ;' Furnald Hall ; 

Jefferson St Latrobe Pa 
Walker, William Carruthers c 306 W 

Walker, William Jennings c Livingston 

Hall; 434 North St Clinton Ind 
Wall, Fred Bartlett pa 33 Central Pk 

W ; Tenants Harbor Me 
Wallace, Burgess Preston c 2023 Caton 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Wallace, Cyril George e 653 Lenox Av 
Wallace, Edward Wilson ed 420 W 

119; 28 Hillsboro Av Toronto Can; 

AB Toronto, BD Victoria (Canada) 



Wallace, Eva Frances e 42 Trinity PI 

New Rochelle N Y 
Wallace, Florence Mary gr Furnald 

Hall; 931 Oakland Av Indiana Pa; 

AB Wellesley 
Wallace, Gilbert H c 31 31 Broadway 
Wallace, Margaret gr Furnald Hall ; 

1446 W Lake St Minneapolis Minn; 

AB Minnesota 
Wallace, Marian Klair pa 531 W 124; 

314 E Harford St Muford Pa 
Wallace, Schuyler Crawford gr 426 W 

44 ; AB, AM Columbia 
Wallace, Westwood ed 600 W 122; 

5218 Holly St Seattle Wash; AB 

Wallace, Zilla Maud pa 106 Morning- 
side Dr; Altamont 111 
Wallach, Charlotte e 250 Riverside Dr 
Wallach, Sadie e 250 Riverside Dr 
Wallach, Siegward D e 206 W 104 
Wallberg, Marta Ingegard b 35 Clare- 

mont Av ; 49 Franklin St Saratoga 

Springs N Y 
Wallenstein, Nathanael c 548 W 114; 

118 W 112 
Waller, Amelia C e 537 W 121 ; Free- 
hold N J; AB Mt Holyoke 
Waller, Helen Denham ed 516 Park Av 

Plainfield NJ; ABMt Holyoke 
Waller, Lily Muir pa Manhasset N Y ; 

320 Morgan St Morganfield Ky 
Wallerstein, Abraham m 346 W 56 ; 

Wallerstein, Ruth e 346 W 56 
Wallfield, Mark Joseph c 1269 46th 

Bklyn N Y 
Walling, Alfred DeGroff c 84 Main St 

Keyport N J 
Wallstein, D Daniel e 257 W 129; BS 

C C N Y 
Walovitch, Israel c 221 E 121 
Walrath, Philip Leon e 9730 110th 

Richmond Hill L I N Y;AM, BS 

New York 
Walrath, Robert E ed 1537 W Broad 

St Stratford Conn 
Walsh, Albert Joseph e 556 W 185 
Walsh, Dorothy Ethel e 53 Washington 

Sq; 607 Rush St Chicago 111 

Walsh, Frances Ann pa 103 Nagle St 

Paterson N J 
Walsh, Howard Vanderbank e 4239 

Hudson Blvd Jersey City N J 
Walsh, James e 225 W 15 
Walsh, James Richard Jr bu 332 St 

Marks PI New Brighton S I N Y 
Walsh, Joseph Michael e 501 W 121 
Walsh, Mary Bouvier e 1161 Park Av 
Walsh, Mary Thomasine ed Bancroft 

Hall ; 221 Hones Av Oil City Pa 
Walsh, Maurice C mec 416 W 118; 

College Point L I N Y ; BS Columbia 
Walsh, Milton Andrew c 1841 71st 

Bklyn N Y 
Walter, Emilie Rosalie e 12 E 31 ; 36 

Pibb St Charleston S C 
Walter, Herbert Forrest e Peekskill 

N Y; AB Lafayette 
Walters, Christine e 130 Noble St 

Bklyn N Y 
Walters, Frank Paul e 1443 Fulton St 

Bklyn N Y 
Walters, Harold William bu 557 W 124; 

J2 Sibley PI Rochester N Y 
Walters, Irving / 2314 Valentine Av ; 

Walters, William G e 1666 Hunt Av 
Walther, Clara pa City Hospital School 

of Nursing Blackwells Island; 1021 

Av C San Antonio Tex 
Walther, John Bart c 529 W 113; 201 

N High St Mt Vernon N Y 
Walton, Harold Keith (Mrs) e 33 Post 

Walton, John Albert c 71 E 108 
Walton, Peter Hall e 143 Van Nostrand 

Av Englewood N J 
Waltzer, Nathaniel A / 1709 Fulton Av 
Walz, Hugo Dettman e 230 E 89 
Walz, Winifred Scott e 391 West End 

Wamsby, Lillian B e 660 Riverside Dr 
Wang, Chieh Yao e 541 W 124; No 3 

"Tah-Seu" Bridge Ningpo China; BS 

Tangslian Eng Coll, MCE Cornell 
Wang, Hsin Chu gr 200 Claremont Av ; 

Peking China; AB Virginia Military 


Wang, Kang Sung gr Hartley Hall; 
Shanghai China ; AB Columbia 



Wang, Sui (Miss) ed Whittier Hall; 

Chinkiang China ; AB Albion, AM 

Wang, Tai Chi gr 524 W 123 ; 30 Chiao 

Chang Hutung Peking China; BS 

Wanless, Richard e 347 5th Av; 105 

E 15 
Wanner, Dora Elizabeth ed Grantwood 

N J; Shillington Pa; BS Columbia 
Waranoff, Mary e 1681 Park PI Bklyn 

N Y 
Warburg, Gerald Felix gr 11 09 5th Av 
Ward, Charles Sylvester e 1870 Jerome 

Ward, Dolores pa Whittier Hall; 909 

Louisa St Williamsport Pa 
Ward, Dorothy Kelsey pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; 70 Eppirt St E Orange N J 
Ward, Edna J e Judson Hotel Wash- 
ington Sq ; 133 Dudley Rd Newton 

Centre Mass 
Ward, Frank R ed 145 Camden St 

Roselle Park N J ; BS Maryland 

Agri College 
Ward, Francis Seamen c 512 W 122; 

28 Normandy Rd East Lynn Mass 
Ward, Helen Higley e Furnald Hall ; 

438 E Bean St Washington Pa 
Ward, Howard Thomas e 261 Humboldt 

St Bklyn N Y 
Ward, Isabel gr Montalvo Cal ; BS Cali- 
Ward, John Vincent Jr m 392 Palisade 

Av West Hoboken N J 
Ward, Lloyd e 16 16 Av H Bklyn N Y 
Ward, Marjorie pa Whittier Hall; 127 

S Munn Av East Orange N J 
Ward, Mary e Westbury LINY; Mar- 

cellus N Y 
Ward, May Dunn gr Furnald Hall ; 

c/o T H Bowden Everett Wash; BS 

Univ of Washington 
Ward, Peter T gr 1249 Amsterdam Av; 

AB, LLB Columbia 
Ward, Ruth Dorothy b 208 8th Av 

Rockaway Park LINY 
Ward, William Taylor bu 181 W 75; 

AB Philander Smith College (India) 
Warder, Beth Kathryne pa 204 W 109 

Wardlaw, Eliza Edwards pa no Morn- 
ingside Dr; 1214 College St Columbia 
S C ; AB Winthrop College 

Ware, Grace Imlach e 495 West End 

Warenreich, Edward David gr 53 Bos- 
ton St Newark N J ; LitB Rutgers 

Warfield, Marguerite Bulaney pa 419 
W no; 3902 Charles St Av Balti- 
more Md ; Changsha China 

Wark, Ralph Henry e 1208 Dean St 
Bklyn N Y 

Warner, Annette J ed 228 W ix; 811 
E State St Ithaca N Y 

Warner, Bernardine Leona e Furnald 
Hall; 122 St James PI Buffalo N Y 

Warner, Cora E ed 20 Prospect St 
Nyack N Y 

Warner, Marie Lee e 6 Barrow St 

Warner, Mortimer Vincent e 969 Forest 
Av ; Wood Av Linden N J 

Warner, Nial Stephens e 550 W 114 
New York N Y; 70 W Main St Port 
Jervis N Y 

Warner, Percival Lawrence ed 20 Clif- 
ton PI Jersey City N J 

Warren, Carle Orestes ed 55 Hanson 
PI Bklyn N Y; 1144 Thornton Av 
Plainfield N J ; AB Bowdoin, AM 

Warren, Catherine C (Mrs) e 170 W 
59 ; Princeton N J 

Warren, Florence Mildred e Furnald 
Hall ; 4408 North Av San Diego Cal 

Warren, Helen Ann b 29 Claremont Av ; 
Shore Acres Mamaroneck N Y 

Warren, Herbert Stetson gr 468 E 134; 
BS C C N Y, MA Columbia 

Warren, Jessie Rosalie ed 904 Lexing- 
ton Av; 186 Courtland Hill Bridge- 
port Conn ; AB Wellesley 

Warren, Manfred Lawrence ed 17 Beau- 
voir Av Summit N J ; 96 State St 
Gorham Me ; AB Bowdoin 

Warren, Wm Joseph e 42 S Walnut 
St East Orange N J 

Warriner, Ernest Belden e 4 Bogart Av 
White Plains N Y 

Washall, Hyman Beril c 84 8th Av; 
229 W 16 



Warshaw, Barnett e 184 Vernon Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Wartell, Madeline e 1885 Bathgate Av 

Warwick, Arthur Eugene c 534 W 114; 
Millerton N Y 

Warschek, George c 245 E 82 

Washburn, Arthur Hoyt gr Riverdale 
N Y ; 238 Commonwealth Av Bos- 
ton Mass; AB Amherst, AM Co- 

Washburn, Martha Lucile gr 70 Morn- 
ingside Dr; Sturgeon Bay Wis; AB 

Washburn, Olive Alden bu 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; Bellerose LINY 

Washington, Kittie Dunn ed Bancroft 
Hall; Marlin Tex; BS College In- 
dustrial Arts (Texas) 

Wasserman, Herbert Lionel c 563 
Howard Av Bklyn N Y 

Wasserman, Joseph e 933 Tiffany St 

Wasson, Alfred Washington ed 142 W 
105; 121 W Dickson St Fayetteville 
Ark; AB Arkansas, BD Vanderbilt 

Waterbury, Willard H pa Coytesville 
N J; BS, AM New York 

Waterfall, Edith Anna ed Lowell Hall ; 
64 Woodstock Rd Redland Bristol 

Waterhouse, Edith Norman e 119 E 29; 
Emory Va ; AB Emory & Henry Col- 

Waterman, Clyde Harold e 1025 E 24 
Bklyn N Y 

Waterman, Elizabeth Lane b Brooks 
Hall; 335 Park St Dorchester Centre 

Waterman, Siemon de Vries e 236 87th ; 
211 Franklin Av Hartford Conn 

Waterman, William Randall gr Living- 
ston Hall; 189 Ivy St Providence 
R I ; PhB, AM Brown 

Waters, Grace V (Mrs) c Gramatan & 
Laurel Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Waters, James Joseph e 971 Woody- 
crest Av 

Watkins, Bernard e 7718 4th Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Watkins, Grace Ethel ed 417 W 120; 
1300 W Gibson St Scranton Pa; M- 

Watkins, Helen Anglade e 1121 No 2 
Rector Bldg; 547 Arlington PI Chi- 
cago 111 

Watkins, Julia Cooper ed 262 W 77 ; 
11 James St, Montclair N J; AB 

Watkins, Lillian ed 1402 17th Av E 
Nashville Tenn ; AB, BS Peabody 

Watkins, Margaret Joan ed 465 S Main 
St Marion O ; AB Michigan 

Watkins, Morris Wynn c Hartley Hall ; 
121 3 Providence Rd Scranton Pa 

Watkins, Myron Clay e 362 Riverside 
Dr; Sikeston Mo 

Watson, Bertha Silliman ed 414 W 
118; 822 Colorado Av Bridgeport 
Conn; AB Wellesley 

Watson, George Henry / 202 W 107; 
Moulton Ala ; AB Alabama 

Watson, Lester Richard c 564 W 149 

Watson, Marion Elizabeth e Unionville 

Watson, Martha e Bible Teachers 
Training School 541 Lexington Av ; 
24 Clinton Av S Nyack N Y 

Watson, Mary Abell gr 184 Claremont 
Av c/o West ; 64 Reedale St Roches- 
ter N Y; AB Vassar, AM Columbia 

Watson, Max von Steeger / 720 Clifton 
Av Newark N J 

Watson, Pendleton Edward e 202 W 
107; BS Alabama 

Watson, Robert Edwin e 518 W m; 
Pocatello Idaho 

Watson, Walter Malcolm e 624 W 138 

Watson, Winthrop / 100 Meade Av 
Passaic N J ; AB Williams 

Watt, Alexander James c 540 W 113; 
29 Harrison Av Glens Falls N Y 

Watts, Edward Stiars e Lynchburg Va 

Watts, Stephen Richard Jr c 131 River- 
side Dr 

Waugh, James Ruggles m 452 W 23; 
Seattle Wash ; AB Univ of Washing- 

Waurich, Gertrude Elsie e 525 West 
End Av c/o Max Kops 

Way, Julia Isabella pa 419 W 115 

Wayne, Charles Albert e 214 E 81 



Wear, Theodore Graham c 241$ Inde- 
pendence Av Kansas City Mo 

Weathers, Nelle Louise b Brooks Hall ; 
E Cedar St Franklin Ky 

Weaver, Daniel Edward e 161 W 84; 
1008 Pearl St Shamokin Pa 

Weaver, Galen Rowland e 600 W 122; 
1920 High St Columbus O; AB Ohio 

Weaver, Gilbert David c 100 N 8th Av 
Whitestone N Y 

Weaver, Mildred b Brooks Hall ; Rugby 
Rd University Va 

Weaver, Robert Lee gr 3089 Broadway; 
Emory Va ; AB Emory & Henry Col- 

Weaver, Spencer Ernest gr Santa Anna 
Tex ; AB Howard Payne College, AM 
Boylos Univ 

Webb, Annette Miller e 140 Claremont 
Av ; 81 Pilgrim Pkway Ocean Grove 
N J 

Webb, Celeste ed 135 E 52; 115 Roland 
Av Roland Pk Baltimore Md ; AB 
Bryn Mawr 

Webb, Howard e 428 Central Pk W; 
Ansonia Conn 

Webb, G Raymond mec Livingston 
Hall; 146 Saranac Av Buffalo N Y 
BS Columbia 

Webb, LeRoy e 100 Prospect St Passaic 
N J 

Webb, Marian Esther pa 501 W 120; 
370 N Prairie St Galesburg 111; BS 
Knox College 

Webber, Howard Cortlandt e 320 Broad- 
way; 30 Crosby Av Bklyn N Y 

Weber, Amy Louise e 640 W 139 

Weber, Edward e 1033 Ocean Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Weber, lone e 14 Morningside Av ; 43 
Madison St Oshkosh Wis; BS Chi- 

Weber, Irvin e 450 Audubon Av 

Weber, Joseph J ed 195 Claremont Av ; 
Hague N Dak; AB, AM North Da- 

Weber, Laura Newcome e 542 W 112; 
Sea Cliff LINY 

Weber, Robert George Jr e 417 River- 
side Dr 

Webster, Florence gr 404 W 116; 183 

Main St Haverhill Mass; AB, AM 

Webster, Leslie Tillotson e Rockefeller 

Institute 66 & Av A ; 11 Adams St 

Mt Vernon N Y ; AB Amherst; MD 

Johns Hopkins 
Webster, Nellie Marie ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Saegerstdwn Pa 
Webster, Carlos Green ]r e 371 E 200 
Wechsler, Bernard M c 519 W 152 
Wechsler, Harry Franklin m 790 River- 
side Dr; BS Columbia 
Wechsler, Jacob Jackson m 322 W 108; 

3516 Douglas Blvd Chicago 111; AB 

Wechsler, Mitchell e 59 Pearl St; 510 

W 152 
Weddle, Amy Victoria pa 8 W 91 
Wedel, Conrad Louis e 548 9th Av 
Wedell, Ina Elvira e Whittier Hall; 

Graford Tex 
Wedeen, Sarah Lydia e c/o I Wedeen 

209 W 148; 77 Gordon St Perth 

Amboy N J 
Weed, Bertha Elaine gr Furnald Hall ; 

Wolcott N Y; BS, AM Columbia 
Weed, Eleanor Hill m 454 W 20; 40 

West Av Norwalk Conn ; AB Vassar 
Weed, Margaretta U b no Riverside 

Weekes, Charles Henry e 133 W 143 
Weekes, Elsa Adele b 46 W 47 
Weeks, Cornelius Benton e 73 W 133 

c/o Jenkins; 941 Peirce St Baltimore 

Weeks, Irene O e 335 Gunhill Rd; AB 

Weeks, Mary Rockwell b 615 W 162; 

173 Maple Av Red Bank N J 
Weeks, Sophrona Amelia e 414 W 118 
Weglarska, Bernice Mary e 1855 2d Av 
Weglau, Gustave Henry e 411 Arling- 
ton Av Plainfield N J 
Wehler, Katherine gr Furnald Hall; 

Hood College Frederick Md ; AB 

Hood College 
Wehman, Herbert John gr Geology 

Dept; 905 Hageman Av Burlington 

la; AB, MS Iowa State 



Wehr, Elizabeth ed 1240 Park Av Hobo- 
ken N J 
Weider, Rena Antoinette ed 509 W 121 ; 

97 Hobart St Rochester N Y 
Weidinger, Albert E e 435 W 123; 

PhB Columbia 
Weigel, Helen Sylvia e Furnald Hall ; 

2218 Linden Av Baltimore Md ; AB 

Goucher College' 
Weigle, Charles Leland e 9 Elm St 

Orange N J ; AB Delaware College 
Weil, Clarence Kraus m 127 W 80; 

542 S Lawrence St Montgomery Ala ; 

BS Alabama 
Weil, Deborah Jane b Cedarhurst L I 

N Y 
Weil, Leon Jacob e 575 W 172 
Weil, Mabel gr 1362 Pacific St Bklyn 

N Y; AB, AM Columbia 
Weilepp, Elsa ed 417 W 120; 801 N 

Fulton Av Baltimore Md ; AB 

Goucher College 
Weiler, Reginald B c 552 W 114 
Weill, Irwin e 71 E 96 
Weiller, Mildred Rosalie b 285 Central 

Pk W 
Weiman, Anna Marie e 906 Amsterdam 

Weimar, Caroline e 354 Elizabeth Av 

Elizabeth N J 
Weimer, Margaret Elizabeth ed 519 W 

121 ; 1314 N Sixth St Shiboygan Wis 
Weimers, Angie Frederica e 139 E 30 
Weinberg, Frederick Edward / 465 West 

End Av 
Weinberg, Albert Katz e 316 W 95; 

2310 Eutow PI Baltimore Md ; AB 

Weinberger, Arthur Chester gr 974 Bos- 
ton Rd ; AB C C N Y 
Weinberger, Herbert Leon c 322 W 108; 

817 5th Av Laurel Miss 
Weinberger, Mildred (Mrs) e 445 W 

153 ; AB Columbia 
Weinberg, Milton e Hartley Hall; 427 

Dove St Dunkirk N Y 
Weinberger, Sidney Joseph e 974 Bos- 
ton Rd 
Weinberg, Tilly (Mrs PA)c 465 West 

End Av 

Weiner, Joseph Leon c 705 Blake Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Weiner, Maurice e Hartley Hall ; 25 

Winchester St Hartford Conn; BS 

Weiner, Natalie Eva & 375 West End 

Weingart, Robert c 141 Cathedral 

Weinstein, Anna e 234 Sutter Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Weinstein, Deborah Daisy e 1397 Steb- 

bins Av 
Weinstein, Edward Nathaniel e 21 

Claremont Av 
Weinstein, Elias e 100 Bristol St Bklyn 

N Y 
Weinstein, Herman e 1800 7th Av 
Weinstein, Hyman c Baldwin LINY 
Weinstein, Martin e Fort Lee N J 
Weinstein, Mortimer e 21 Claremont 

Av; AB Columbia 
Weinstein, Nathan e 24 Mt Morris Pk 

Weinstein, Sam Bernard / 561 W 147; 

AB Reed College 
Weinstein, Sidonia Florence c 322 E 

Eighth St 
Weinstein, Vita e 16 Gates Av Bklyn 

N Y 
Weinstock, Harry Irving m 77 St Marks 

PI; AB Columbia 
Weintraub, Sidney c Peekskill N Y 
Weintraub, Solomon c 144 Av C 
Weintraub, Viola Sylvia e 224 17th 

Bklyn N Y 
Weis, J Max ed 305 W 98 ; AB Cin- 
Weisel, Julia Irene c 2 E 181 
Weiser, George c 164 St Nicholas Av 
Weisman, Jacob c 2133 Daly Av 
Weisner, Louis gr 27 W 112; BS C C 

N Y 
Weiss, Charles Georges A e 128 Con- 
vent Av 
Weiss, Clara Alexander b 490 West 

End Av 
Weiss, Dan D e 373 E Eighth St 
Weiss, David c 912 Stone Av Bklyn 

N Y 



Weiss, Emil Charles c 123 Watson Av 

West Orange N J ; Pedro Miguel 

Canal Zone 
Weiss, Herman Leonard e 91 Seigel St 

Bklyn N Y; LLB St Lawrence Univ 
Weiss, Joseph e 2 W 88 
Weiss, Joseph Raymond e 1053 So Blvd 
Weiss, Louis N e 501 E 118 
Weiss, Margaret e 315 W 79 
Weiss, Morris e 952 Trinity Av ; BS 

C C N Y 
Weiss, Morris H c 135 W 101 
Weiss, Mortimer Harold c 548 W 114; 

310 Seymour Av Newark N J 
Weiss, Rose Edythe e 180 Edgecombe 

Weiss, Samuel c 1054 Lexington Av 
Weiss, Vera J pa 107 W 109 
Weissberger, Lloyd Malcolm c 746 St 

Nicholas Av 
Weissblatt, Isaac e 1475 Broadway c/o 

Samuel Koffler ; 70 Lee Av Bklyn 

N Y; LLB Bklyn Law School 
Weissbuch, Edward e 933 E 169; AB 

Weissenborn, Anna e 595 Wythe Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Weissenborn, Stanton Martin e 328 Ar- 
lington Av Jersey City N J 
Weisser, Budd Samuel e 320 Broadway ; 

791 E Third St Bklyn N Y; LLB 

N Y Law School 
Weissman, David L e 485 Rockaway 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Weissman, Wilma e 310 Windsor PI 

Bklyn N Y 
Weiterer, Geo e 343 Hamilton Av Rich 

Hill N Y 
Weitz, Martin Lester e 135 Suydam St 

Bklyn N Y 
Weitz, Minnie Thelma c 267 Fourth St 

Jersey City N J 
Wekerle, Jacob Joseph c 430 W 118; 

no Butler St Paterson N J 
Welch, Cora Elvira e 31 Purdy Av Rye 

N Y; Hudson N H 
Welch, Hazel Flaville ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; 475 Madison St Janesville 

Wis; BS Columbia 
Welch, Leo Richard e 50 Summit Rd 

Elizabeth N J 

Welch, Lila Merle ed Seth Low Hall; 

Stanberry Mo; BS Missouri 
Welch, Livingston c 116 E 65 
Welch, William Clinton e Westport 

Weld, Marion Emerson ed 3089 Broad- 
Weldon, Alice Gertrude ed 155 Union 

Av Mt Vernon N Y 
Weldon, Charles W T / 747 Shepard 

Av Milwaukee Wis ; AB Wisconsin 
Welle, Edith e 1 1 1 Lafayette Av Haw- 
thorne N J; AB, AM Columbia 
Weller, Cedric Otway e 216 W 56th 
Weller, N Frances ed 414 W 118; 28 

Grove St Ilion N Y; AB Cornell 
Welles, Carlotta e 620 W 115; Bourre 

Loir et Cher, France ; AB Bryn Mawr 
Wellman, Laura Baldwin pa Whittier 

Hall; Caledonia N Y 
Wells, Addison Eldred e 615 W 143 
Wells, N Bertha ed 420 W 121 ; 1228 

Benton Av Springfield Mo ; AB Drury 

Wells, Clara gr 2236 University Av ; 

AB Hunter, AM Columbia 
Wells, Dorothy Elizabeth e 99 Putnam 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Wells, Dorothy Pomeroy e 115 E 82 
Wells, Edna Marie ed 127 W 62; AB 

Hunter, AM Columbia 
Wells, Ella Almeta pa Whittier Hall; 

408 W Nash St Wilson N C 
Wells, Guy Fred ed 350 Smith St 

Peekskill N Y; 60 W Muskegon Av 

Muskegon Mich ; BS, AM Columbia 
Wells, Nellie Eugenia e 103 Maurice Av 

Elmhurst N Y; Palmyra N Y ; AB 

Wells, Olive I e 178 Esplanade Mt 

Vernon N Y ; AB Columbia 
Wells, Ruth Vose e 24 Whittlesey Av 

East Orange N J 
Wells, Vivian Stever e 18 Wool St 

Elmhurst N Y 
Wells, William Chester Jr gr 306 Gram- 

atan Av Mt Vernon N Y ; Bound 

Brook N J; LittB Rutgers 
Wels, Joseph e 269 Seventh St 



Welsh, Alfred Paul e 70 Morningside 
Dr; c/o Aunt Louise Masse 471 Niag- 
ara St Buffalo N Y 

Weltchek, Genevieve e 502 Bond St 
Elizabeth N J 

Weltfish, Regina Lillian e 206 W 119 

Weltman, Archie e 179 Vernon Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Weltman, Nathan e 161 8 48th Bklyn 
N Y 

Weltner, George Ira bu 600 W 157 

Welt on, William De Forest ed 106 
Fourth Av Pelham N Y 

Wen, Tsu Yen ed 441 W 124; c/o Pu 
Yii School Tientsin China; BS Ohio 

Wenban, Veronica e Hotel McAlpin 

Wendell, George William e 1183 St 
Johns PI Bklyn N Y 

Wendling, Elsie Amelia ed 509-15 W 
121 ; Wheeling 111 

Wendt, Hetmann George c 23 Union Pk 
Av Jamaica LINY 

Wenger, Samuel Ae 54 Morningside Dr 

Wenning, Irma Helen bu 972 1st Av 

Wente, Edward Christopher e 54 Morn- 
ingside Dr; AB Michigan, BS Mass 
Inst Tech, PhD Yale 

Wentworth, Bertha M ed 417 Summer 
St Stamford Conn ; Winthrop Me 

Wentworth, William Orin mec 618 W 
187; E 180 & Creston Av 

Wentz, Jesse Faust gr 463 West St ; 
Spring Grove Pa; EE Lehigh 

Werden, Edward T . <? 311 North Tutton 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Werneburg, Frederick Ernest e 7 Beav- 
er St Bklyn N Y 

Werner, Abraham m 510 E 135 

Werner, Bertha e 546 W 156 

Werner, Eunice Constance e 109 For- 
ster Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Werner, Helen Margaret b 57 W Second 
St Mt Vernon N Y 

Werner, Miriam e 308 W 82 

Werner, Oscar Victor ed 177 Beach 57 
Arverne LINY; Tadepalligudem 
Kistna District India; AB Columbia 

Wershub, Leonard e 156 W 84 

\\'( rthcim, Gladys B e 20 W 77 

Wertheimer, Herbert e 141 W 127 
Wertheimer, Mildred Salz gr 601 West 

End Av ; Kaukauna Wis ; AB Vassar, 

AM Columbia 
Weseley, Louis Jerome e 109 Moore St 

Bklyn N Y 
Wessa, Ida e 610 W 116; AB Chicago 
Wessel, Arthur Louis ; 517 W 142; AB 

West, Agnes Douglas ed Martha Wash- 
ington Hotel ; Leache-Wood Sem 

Norfolk Va 
West, Neva ed 3100 Broadway; Fort 

Gaines Ga 
West, Robert Nias / 608 W 113; 276 

Riverside Dr 
West, Sara Gatewood b 431 W 121 
West, William Benj gr 23 Flatbush Av 

Bklyn N Y ; BS Alabama Poly Inst 
Westcot, Harriet Eleanor b 7 Lincoln 

Ter Yonkers N Y 
Wester, Louis e 606 E Ninth St 
Westerbeke, William Henry / Morris 

Hall; West Sayville L I N Y; BS 

Westerfield, Edgar Deane Harper c 104 

W 92 
Westervelt, Chas S c 2479 University 

Westervelt, Helen Tompkins e Furnald 

Hall ; 226 S Minnesota St Prairie du 

Chien Wis 
Westgate, Allegra e 76 W 86 ; 621 E 

Seventh St York Neb 
Westgate, Jo Ann e 76 W 86 ; 621 E 7 

York Neb 
Westgate, Leota Pearle e 76 W 86 
Weston, Clara Helen e 73 E 90 
Weston, Henry Earle e 73 E 90 
Westrich, Jacque L e 86 Union Av 

Bklyn NY 
Wetherbee, Dora Harris e 227 35th 

Woodcliff-on-Hudson N J ; Wilbra- 

ham Mass 
Wetterau, James Oswald c Livingston 

Hall ; Lee Av Hicksville LINY 
Wetterer, Edna Elizabeth b 1124 Jack- 
son Av 
Wetzel, Anna Bertha * .\<> Wall St; 264 

W 25 



Weyand, Louise Victoria ; Furnald 
Hall; 712 Quay Sq Beaver Pa; AB 
Beaver College 
Weyth, Helen e 317a 13th St Bklyn 

N Y 
Whalen, Lilian Kathryn pa Whittier 

Hall ; Lincoln Kan 
Whalen, Robert Aloysius e $22 W 185; 

13 Conger Av Haverstraw N Y 
Whaley, Carol Warren pa 203 Irvington 

Av South Orange N J 
Whaley, Viola Charlotte e 251 Kosci- 
usko St Bklyn N Y 
Whartman, Julius e 405 W 117; 222 

Carpenter St Philadelphia Pa 
Wharton, Daisy Arlene e 430 W 118; 

1 810 Huff Av Wichita Falls Tex 
Wharton, Hazel pa 430 W 118; 1810 

Huff Av Wichita Falls Tex 
Wheaton, Lewis Depew e 148 Mac- 

dougal St 
Wheler, Elisabeth Woodmansee pa 114 

Morningside Dr; 134 Prospect St 
Wheeler, Henry Lamont / 160 4th Av 

E Roselle N J ; LittB Princeton 
Wheeler, Herbert Harvey e 21 Bloom- 
field Av Passaic N J 
Wheeler, Ida Willsea pa 416 W 122; 

40 Grand St White Plains N Y 
Wheeler, James R e 525 W 123 
Wheeler, Mildred Hammond e Dumont 

N J ; Bryn Mawr Pa 
Wheeler, Ralph Kirkham e 565 W 113; 

2012 Broadway San Francisco Cal 
Wheeler, Wm Philander m Hotel Ar- 
lington 18 W 25; Oshkosh Wis; MD 

Whelan, Blanche e 35 E 62 ; 1812 W 

24 Los Angeles Cal ; AB Leland 

Stanford Jr 
Whelan, Mary Elizabeth gr 533 West 

Av Bridgeport Conn ; Mondovi Wis ; 

AB Columbia 
Whelpley, Edith A bu 15 Halsted PI 

Rye N Y 
Whinston, Selig e 2 Columbus Circle 
Whipple, Grace Louise ^ 616 W 207; 

S3 Gates St Keene N H 
Whipple, Muriel Lucile e 95 Brandt PI 

McConnelsville N Y 
Whisler, Howard Frank e 430 W 122 

Whisler, Virginia Brookfield pa 430 W 

Whitaker, Gordon e 1522 Caton Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Whitall, Lillian Dickson ed 1127 Thorn- 
ton Av Plainfield N J 
Whitcher, Lucile Betsey ed Whittier 

Hall; Franconia N H ; AB Radcliffe 
Whitcomb, Everett Newcomb m 346 W 

57; 171 West St Keene N H; BPh 

St Stephens College 
Whitcomb, William H e 31 W 68 ; 2221 

W Sixth St Topeka Kan ; AB Wash- 
burn College 
WTiitcup, Helen e 1562 Minford PI 
White, Adelin Stailey gr Furnald Hall ; 

Canyon Tex; BS George Peabody 

White, Amelia Dorothea pa 190 Vree- 

land Av Paterson N J 
White, Andrew Charles e 108 W 89 
White, Anna Louise e 509 W 112; 319 

E Fourth St Duluth Minn 
White, Charlotte ed 95 Day St Orange 

N J; BS Columbia 
White, Edith Muriel ^415 W 118; 97 

Longmeadow St Longmeadow Mass ; 

AB Mt Holyoke 
White, Ellen Agnes c 140 W 96 
White, Elizabeth Sangen ed 209 E 

Seventh St Plainfield N J 
White, Harold Peregrine e 226 S 11 

Newark N J 
White, Helen Callista e 92 Commercial 

Av New Brunswick N J 
White, Henry Francis ed 112 Union 

Av Mt Vernon NY; 10 Brooks Av 

Waltham Mass; BS Fordham 
White, Helen pa Seth Low Hall; 

Boulder Colo 
White, Hugh Letcher mec 175 Clare- 

mont Av ; Navy Dept Washington 

D C 
White, James Frederick gr 520 W 123; 

130 E Bridge St Berea O; AB Bald- 
win-Wallace College 
White, Joseph Francis ed 9 E Mosholu 

Pkway N ; AB C C N Y 
White, Joseph Leyden e 3415 Broad- 



White, Mary Catherine ed 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; Richmond Ky 

White, Mary Mildred b 461 W 43 

White, Mathilde e 30 E 60 

White, Mildred Esther ed 44 Morning- 
side Dr ; Straughn Ind ; AB Earlham ; 
AM Haverford 

White, Natalie pa Bancroft Hall ; 345 
Waldo Av Pasadena Cal 

White, Peter Howard e 150 Lafayette 
Av Bklyn N Y 

White, Raymond Henry £ 611 W 158 

White, Raymond Stanley e 298 St Johns 
PI Bklyn NY 

W T hite, Revel Clyde gr 324 Pleasant Av ; 
3305 Gordon St Greenville Tex; AB 

White, Sarah Ross (Mrs) pa 509 W 
121 ; 800 Ross Av Wilkinsburg Pa 

White, Walter Brooks e 145 W 74 

Whitehead, Douglas ed 157 E 55; 990 
Vermont St Oakland Cal; PhB Cali- 

Whitehead, Virginia ed 157 E 55; 990 
Vermont St Oakland Cal; BS Cali- 

Whitehill, Clayton Sandberg / 734 Liv- 
ingston Hall; 1509 N 17 Philadelphia 

Whitehouse, George Herbert e 607 W 

Whitehouse, Helen (Mrs C E) gr 530 
W 123 ; Roosevelt LINY; AB, AM 

Whitehouse, Josephine Henry e 22 n 

Whitehouse, Josephine Meredita e 221 1 

Whitehurst, Annie Laurie ed Jasper 
Tex; AB Southern Methodist Univ 

Whitehurst, Nan Averette ed 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; Dublin Ga 

Whitelaw, Leroy Nathaniel bu Douglas- 
ton LINY 

Whitelock, Otto von Stockhausen c 32 
W 73 

Whiteside, Ila Mary pa 323 W 87; 1631 
E Sixth St Duluth Minn 

Whiteway, Solomon Pardy ed 425 W 
118; 13354 Lemorchant Rd St Johns 

Whiteway, Solomon Pardy ed 133^ Le- 

marchant Rd St Johns Newfoundland 
Whitfield, Frances Gayle e 540 W 122; 

Harlan Ky 
Whitford, Fanny Evelyn ed 329 Maple- 
wood Av Bridgeport Conn ; Nile Alle 

Co N Y ; PhB Alfred Univ 
Whitford, Mary Vaux e 431 W 121 ; 

174 Rutledge Av Charleston S C; AB 

Whiting, Helen Francis ed 245 W 104 

c/o Miss Dale; 139 Morgan St Holy- 

oke Mass ; AB Wellesley 
Whiting, Isabel gr 90 Morningside Dr ; 

East Pepperell Mass ; AB Wellesley 
Whiting, Ralph Myron e 340 Maple St 

Marlboro Mass 
Whitlock, Mary Cecelia pa 605 W 115; 

204 Raritan Av New Brunswick N J 
Whitman, Arthur Dudley ed Morris 

Hall; Washington Conn; AB, AM 

Whitman, Frank Seymour e 122 Cottage 

St Bridgeport Conn 
Whitman, Carmen Machado c 128 W 

Whitman, Hazel B pa Whither Hall; 

8 Hewett Av Bronxville N Y 
Whitman, Helen gr Furnald Hall; AB, 

Wellesley, AM Columbia 
Whitmarsh, Elizabeth P gr 331 E 68; 

AB Pittsburg 
Whitney, Carrie Frances pa 11 Domin- 

ick St; 84 Lawrence St Fitchburg 

Whitney, Lloyd Harrison e 28 William 

St Stamford Conn 
Whitney, Marion e 27 W 67 
Whitney, Onello C ed Bancroft Hall; 

Bryant School Tacoma Wash ; BL 

Univ of Pugct Sound 
Whiton, Colette gr 235 W 76; BesL 

Sorboune (Paris) 
Whitridge, Arnold gr 50 W n; AB 

Whitsitt, Walton Hunter e 239 W 52; 

Jackson Miss 
Whitt, Kathleen Mavourneen pa 431 W 

121 ; Cedar Bluff Va 
Whittaker, Mabelle e 1140 Pacific St 

Bklyn N Y 



Whittaker, Thomas e 86 Haven Av; 

27 North St Cranston R I 
Whittlesey, Bea H ed Whittier Hall; 

Berkeley Cal ; AB California 
Whittle, Horace gr 356 W 118; 4826 
N 12 Philadelphia Pa; BS U of Pa 
Whittles, Lee Joy m Riverside Conn ; 

BS Columbia 
Whyte, Andrew Conduit ed 1057 San- 
ford Av Irvington N J ; ME Stevens 
Inst Tech 
Whytock, John e 147 Riverside Dr 
Wickel, Edna Matilda e 846 Amster- 
dam Av 
Wickham, Elston Garrison e 218 Wal- 
nut St Montclair N J 
Wicker, Carolyn e 520 W 114; Chicago 
Woman's Club Fine Arts Bldg Chi- 
cago 111 
Wickert, Esther Pennypacker ed Whit- 
tier Hall; 1009 Penn St Reading Pa; 
AB Mt Holyoke 
Wicks, Elma e 27 Maxweber Av 

Jamaica N Y 
Wicks, Zeno W mec 189 Claremont Av; 

U S Navy 
Widen, Arline Eleanor e R F D 1 Pater- 
son N J 
Widenmann, Elisabeth Julia pa 905 

Castle Point Ter Hoboken N J 
Widmayer, William e 2767 Briggs Av 
Widmer, Earl pa Livingston Hall; 1405 

Appleton Av Parsons Kan 
Wieand, Ella Margaret ed 370 First St 
Hackensack N J ; 6 Allen Lane Col- 
lingswood N J 
Wiecking, Anna M ed 130 Claremont 
Av ; Mankato Minn ; AB Minnesota, 
AM Columbia 
Wiecking, Ernst H c 130 Claremont 

Av; 506 Byron St Mankato Minn 
Wiecking, Hermann Rudolph c 130 
Claremont Av; 506 Byron St Man- 
kato Minn 
Wiede, Frieda Margarethe e 834 Hud- 
son St Hoboken N J 
Wiedersheim, Fred'k Joseph e 146 W 

Wiehl, Alfred Joseph e Laurel Hill 
Blvd Winfield LINY 

Wieland, Henry e 100 Broadway c/o 
C F C; 568 Clinton Av W Hoboken 
N J 

Wieler, Harry J m 346 W 57; 810 War- 
wood Av Wheeling W Va; AB Alle- 
gheny College 

Wiener, Irene Sara pa 305 W 97 

Wiener, P Renee gr 330 W 71 ; PhD 
Vienna Univ 

Wiernikowski, Ignacy Vincent e 607 E 

Wiesendanger, Helen b 158 Nepperham 
Av Yonkers N Y 

Wiggin, Charlotte e 130 E 124 

Wiggins, Pearl ed Bancroft Hall; 2515 
Michigan Av Los Angeles Cal; BS 
Occidental College 

Wiggins, Theodore DuBois gr 76 Rut- 
land Rd Bklyn N Y; BS, AM Co- 
lumbia, PdM New York 

Wight, Edward Allen gr Tompkins 
Hall; Cairo Ga ; BS Emory Univ 

Wight, Nellie M e 423 W 120; 56 Au- 
brey Rd Upper Montclair N J 

Wigod, Nathan e 65 Washington St 
Flushing N Y 

Wilbur, Franklin Lloyd m 502 Asbury 
Av Asbury Park N J; BS Princeton 

Wilckens, Gertrude Elizabeth e 3120 

Wilcox, Emily Carder ed 503 W 122; 
276 5th Av c/o Amer Bap For Mis 
Soc ; AB Kalamazoo College 

Wilcox, Floyd Cleveland ed 530 W 122; 
276 5th Av c/o Amer Bap For Mis 
Soc; AB Kalamazoo College, BD 
Union Theo Sem 

Wilcox, Helen Chapman gr Furnald 
Hall ; 27 N 10th Av Mt Vernon N Y ; 
AB Vassar, AM Columbia 

Wild, Theresa Flora ed 160 Claremont 
Av ; 520 Tremont St Cedar Falls la; 
BS Columbia 
Wildberg, Jack Jr / 267 W 89 
Wilde, John e Bayside Blvd Bayside 

Wilde, Richard e Bayside Blvd Bay- 
side LINY 
Wilde, Ruth Fortin (Mrs) e 2477 Grand 



Wilde, Theodore Anton e 483 Amster- 
dam Av 

Wilder, Audrey Kenyon gr 2940 Broad- 
way ; Albion Mich ; AB Albion Col- 

Wilder, Dorothy May ;' 601 W 113 

Wilder, Iris Winifrede b 288 E 10 

Wilder, Warwick Temple c 288 E 10 

Wilensky, Meyer c 304 13th College 
Point N Y 

Wilensky, Nathan William / 240 Sack- 
man St Bklyn N Y 

Wiley, John William e c/o Fulton Iron 
Works Co 82 Wall St; LLB Kansas 
City School of Law 

Wilhelm, Avery B e 230 W 107; 27 
Manhattan St Rochester N Y 

Wilhelm, Seymour Frederick m 53 E 
96; BS Columbia 

Wilken, Arnold Albert bu 632 W 171 ; 
Bruning Nebr; LLB Nebraska 

Wilkin, Florence Emily pa Whittier 
Hall ; Matamoras Pa 

Wilkens, Louis Page c 215 W 91 

Wilkens, Ludo Garrels c Livingston 
Hall; Oakland Bergen Co N J 

Wilkes, Pauline Annie ed 1300 Inter- 
vale Av 

Wilkinson, Herbert Arthur e 55 Robert- 
son Rd Lynbrook LINY; BS Iowa 

Wilkinson, Ruth Cordelia ed no Wal- 
nut St Ridgewood N J; Clinton N Y 

Wilkes, William Smith e 620 W 116 

Will, Grinton Ingham c 64 Stuart Ay 
Mamaroneck N Y 

Willard, Helen Smith e 345 W 50; 
Stamford Conn ; AB Wellesley 

Willard, Paul Fiske / 44 Riverside Dr 

Willcox, Eleanor Churchill gr 414 W 
121; Rome Ga ; BS Shorter College 

Willett, Corinne C (Mrs) e 219 W 81 

Willett, Norman Cummings c 219 W 81 

Willey, Frederick P c Hartley Hall; 
589 Central Av East Orange N J 

Willey, Malcolm Macdonald gr 21 Clare- 
mont Av ; 5 Prospect St Putnam 
Conn ; AB Clark 

Williams, Albert Clarence e 56 Baxter 
Av Elmhurst N Y 

Williams, Alice P b no W 128 

Williams, Allen M ;' 21 Claremont Av 

Williams, Andrew Thomas e 1882 Ber- 
gen St Bklyn N Y 

Williams, Bruce Young e 54 Elliott Av 
Yonkers N Y 

Williams, David Charles bu 612 W 114 
Cambria Wis 

Williams, Edith Clarke pa Whittier 
Hall ; Glastonbury Conn 

Williams, Edith Cadwallader ed Ban- 
croft Hall; Western Springs 111; AB 

Williams, Edward Everett m 346 W 57 ; 
7 Goodrich St Canton N Y; BS St 
Lawrence Univ 

Williams, Elisabeth pa Whittier Hall; 
836 Prospect Av Hartford Conn; BS 
Connecticut College 

Williams, Fred Paul c 241 Park PI 
Bklyn N Y 

Williams, Grace Eastburne b 29 W 25 

Williams, Grace Lathrop ed Bedford 
N Y 

Williams, Gurdon Hunter mec 421 W 
117; Funkstown Md c/o Miss J H 
Hunter ; AB Columbia 

Williams, Harry e 37 Waverly St Jer- 
sey City N J 

Williams, Harry D e 127 Cumberland 
St Bklyn N Y 

Williams, Harvey Beeching e 47 Clare- 
mont Av 

Williams, H Evan c 565 W 113; 105 
Mayfield Av Akron O 

Williams, Helen Isabel e 1264 Boston 
Rd ; AB Columbia, JD New York 

Williams, Henry DeCastro / 322 W 108; 
27 Pitt St Charleston S C ; AB Col- 
lege of Charleston 

Williams, Ida Mae c 1 1 Packer St Port 
Chester N V 

Williams, Isabelle Hurlbut ed 136 Som- 
erset St Plainfield N J 

Williams, Jack Pierce e 318 W 126 

Williams, Jane e 319 W 87; Hunts- 
ville Tenn; BS Columbia 


33 1 

Williams, Jessamine Chapman pa Seth 
Low Hall ; University of Arizona 
Tucson Ariz ; BS Columbia 

Williams, John Edward e 7812 14th 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Williams, Kathleen Agnes e 628 W 140; 
11 Carey St Newport R I 

Williams, Leo Francis e Morris Hall ; 
58 Spring St South Norwalk Conn 

Williams, Lillian Elidia pa Whittier 
Hall ; 807 Deery St Knoxville Tenn 

Williams, Mary Alice e 255 W 98 

Williams, Mary H e 65 W 12 

Williams, Mary Jean ed Great Notch 
N J c/o Mrs J S Thomson; 681 1 
Kingsburg Blvd St Louis Mo ; AB 
Washington Univ 

Williams, Olive Gertrude ed Upper 
Montclair N J 

Williams, Ralph Welsh c 163 N 14 
Flushing LINY 

Williams, Reginald Rufus e 143 W 143 

Williams, Robert Haden gr 53 W 105 ; 
McDade Tex ; AB Southwestern Uni- 
versity (Texas) 

Williamson, Charles Grant c 241 De- 
Kalb Av Bklyn N Y 

Williamson, Earl e 2209 Broadway 

Williamson, Hugh Stewart c 429 W 
117 ; Vinita Okla 

Wiliamson, James C e 421 W 117; 
Floresville Tex 

Williamson, Jane ed 195 Claremont Av ;) 
13 Coupar St Dundee Scotland; BS, 
AM St Andrews (Scotland) 

Williamson, Lucy ed 106 Morningside 
Dr ; 718 Vigo St Vincennes Ind 

Williamson, Margaret e 107 Grove St 
Montclair N J 

Willingale, Sophy e 2$ E 88 

Willis, Altana Barnum e 618 W 136; 
Cooperstown N Y 

Willis, Benjamin Albertson / 452 River- 
side Dr ; AB Columbia 

Willis, Esther Davidson e 618 W 136; 
Cooperstown N Y 

Willis, Harold Edgar e 209 Dyckman St 

Willis, Herbert Goe e 333 W 57; 14 
Kennedy St Bradford Pa 

Willis, William Stephen e 347 W 14 

Williston, Agnes Mighowitz pa 33 
Morningside Av ; China 

Willits, Grace pa 106 Morningside Dr ; 
Topeka Kans ; BS Kansas Agric Col- 

Willkomm, Chester Arthur e 180 Acad- 
emy St Long Island City N Y 

Willmann, Edith gr 352 W 117; AB 

Willment, Beatrice e 425 W 57 

Willmont, Herbert ed 1062 James St; 
Stratford Conn 

Willmott, Lesslie Earl ed 542 W 124; 
74 Crescent Rd Toronto Can ; BS 

Wills, Dorothy Isabel e 118 Orange 
Av Irvington N J 

Willsey, James Francis e 237 Madison 
Av Perth Amboy N J 

Willson, Allan Bellows bu 231 S 5th 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Willson, Julia C e 129 W 13th 

Wilmer, Marguerita pa • 509 W no; 
Rosalie Wash 

Willson, Kenneth Bellows c 231 S 5th 
Av Mt Vernon N Y 

Wilshusen, Herbert Frank m 455 W 
143 ; AB Columbia 

Wilson, Alan Alexander e 590 Beach- 
wood Av Bridgeport Conn 

Wilson, Alexander M (Mrs) e 423 W 

Wilson, Anne Stavely e Scarsdale N Y 
AB Columbia 

Wilson, Bernice ed Furnald Hall ; 722 
Robidaux St Joseph Mo ; BS Mis- 

Wilson, Beryl Madeline e 65 Morning- 
side Av 

Wilson, Catherine ed 90 Morningside 
Dr c/o Mrs Geo Bull; 1377 North 
Av Hubbard Woods 111 c/o W A 
Strong; AB Northwestern (111) 

Wilson, Cecil Gracie e 106 Hicks Bklyn 
N Y 

Wilson, Chauncey Victor e 198 Scher- 
merhorn St Bklyn N Y ; BS St Johns 
College (Md) 

Wilson, David Elmer / Phoenix 

Wilson, David Lockerbie e 48 Post Av 



Wilson, Donald Andrew ed 153 E 86 ; 

c/o Wm A Wilson Principal of High 

School Lyons Falls Lewis County 

N Y 
Wilson, Dorothy e Philipse Manor N Y 
Wilson, Dorothy Roberta e 137 W 141; 

608 Dolphin St Baltimore Md 
Wilson, Edith Frances e 529 W 123 
Wilson, Edward e 170 W 59 
Wilson, Edward B c 738 E 229 
Wilson, Edward William e 221 W 106 
Wilson, Elizabeth Adene ed 67 Dubois 

St Newburgh N Y ; AB Mt Holyoke 
Wilson, Emily Newcomb ed 105 Cor- 

lies Av Pelham N Y; BS Columbia 
Wilson, Esther gr 2086 Vyse Av; AB 

Wilson, Ethel Hoff e 150 Sylvan St 

Rutherford N J 
Wilson, George Barry mec 414 W 121 ; 

Norfolk Va; U S Naval Academy 
Wilson, Helen Brewster pa Sagamore 

Park Bronxville N Y 
Wilson, Ida Gardner pa Whittier Hall ; 

18 W Fifth St Bloomsburg Pa 
Wilson, Jack e 352 W 117 
Wilson, James Nyley e 191 Kingston 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Wilson, James C m 738 E 229; BS 

C C N Y 
Wilson, James Raymond gr 604 W 125 ; 

AB Reed, BS California Inst Tech 
Wilson, John Albert e 4 W 43 I BS 

Wilson, John Albion e 48 Post Av 
Wilson, John Louis Jr a 181 W 135; 

622 Caddo St Shreveport La ; AB 

New Orleans College 
Wilson, Laura bu Furnald Hall ; Seven 

Gables Swarthmore Pa 
Wilson, Lucian Clovis e 347 Madison 

Av; Troy Ala; BH International Y 

MCA College, AM Oberlin 
Wilson, Lydia Evelyn pa Whittier 

Hall; 312 Gaskins Av Douglas Ga 
Wilson, Margaret e 759 St Nicholas Av 
Wilson, Marjory e 415 W 118; 239 N 

High St Hillsboro O 
Wilson, Martin Luther gr 155 W 65; 

77 Third St Ridgefield Park N J; 

AB Cornell 

Wilson, Mary Loring pa 320 Broad- 
way ; 2600 Jennings Av Fort Worth 

Wilson, Matthew Logan c 128 Pulaski 
St Bklyn N Y 

Wilson, Milton Clayton e 256 W 139; 
701 Baker St Baltimore Md 

Wilson, Molly Phoebe ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; 628 Lincoln Av Emporia 

Wilson, Oliver Whitwell a W 227 St 
Spuyten Duyvil N Y 

Wilson, Rossalind Mary pa Whittier 
Hall; 523 Gotham St Watertown 
N Y 

Wilson, Ruth Mary gr Hillside Nor- 
walk Conn; AB Wellesley 

Wilson, Ruth L B e 1101 E 35 Bklyn 
N Y 

Wilson, Samuel Leo e 504 W 151 

Wilson, Sarah Mary e 26 Kenmore PI 
Bklyn N Y; PdB N Y State Teach- 
ers College, AB Cornell 

Wilson, Stanley Gladstone ed Basking 
Ridge N J ; PhB, AM Dickinson 

Wilson, Thirza Anne £ 102 Union Av 
Nutley N J; 451 Wilkinson St Syra- 
cuse N Y 

Wilson, Walter Allen e 19 Chester Ct 
Bklyn N Y 

Wilson, William B e 662 Springfield 
Av Newark N J 

Wiltcher, James e 1536 E 19 Bklyn N Y 

Wiltchik, Morris c 2939 W 21 Bklyn 
N Y 

Wiltshire, Herbert c 53 Prospect St 
Jersey City N J 

Wiman, Louis Jay e 540 W 122; Deep 
River Conn 

Wimmer, Mabel (Mrs) ed 206 W 69; 
252 Lemon St Orange Cal 

Wimpfheimec* Seymour m 168 E 94; 
BS Columbia 

Wimple, Nina Marcia pa 23 W 123 

Winarick, Nathan e 99 Broome St 

Winchester, Margaret ed 61 Henry St 
Fairfield Conn ; AB Smith 

Winckler, Edith pa Whittier Hall; 604 
Bangs Av Asbury Park N J 

Windels, Arthur Edward / 162 Lee Av 
Bklyn N Y; LittB Princeton 



Winder, Max e 299 Broadway ; 800 

E 179 
Winderling, Frieda e 2073 7th Av 
Windhorst, John Henry e 303 E 161 
Wine, Mary Catherine ed 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; Covington O 
Winer, Morris eg E 97; 618 Carlisle 

PI Chattanooga Tenn 
Winetzky, Sonia e 974 Union Av 
Winfield, Sydney J e 424 Marlboro Rd 

Bklyn N Y 
Wing, Jessie Elizabeth e 1711 Bathgate 

Wing, Margaret Mary b 524 Lafayette 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Wingersky, Harriet Bertha e 408 W 130 
Winget, Russell Lyle e 157 Chadwick 

Av Newark N J 
Wingreene, Lillian Rosemary pa 2534 

nth Av S Minneapolis Minn 
Wink, Georgina Leslie pa Teachers 

Winkler, Francis c 1490 Bedford Av 

Bklyn N Y 
Winkler, Nina I (Mrs) e 25 McDon- 

ough St Bklyn N Y 
Winkopp, Paul John e 413 W 146 
Winquist, Emil Neal e 686 3d Av 
Winslow, Hilda Marie e 20 S Walnut 

St East Orange N J; 50 Cushing St 

Cambridge Mass 
Winston, Helen Stagg (Mrs G O) e 401 

W 118 
Winter, Boske Dobo e 400 E 78 
Winter, Caroline e 1513 Av A 
Winter, Eleanor Louise e 540 New 

York Av Westfield N J 
Winter, Gertrude Terese e 680 West 

End Av 
Winter, Henry Lyle Jr c Cornwall N Y 
Winter, Leo e 78 St Nicholas PI 
Winter, Ruth Anna pa 9 Lake Av Ridge- 
wood N J 
Winter, Stephen e 78 St Nicholas PI 
Winterfeld, Sophie Marie e 404 E 65 
Winthrop, Charles Ross gr 126 W 131 ; 

20 Short St Charleston S C ; AB 

Howard University, BD Union Theo 

Wintner, Matilda e Lawrence L I 

Wippich, Helene Avery e 117 King St 

Stratford Conn ; 4 Linden St Ipswich 

Wirth, Lena e 56 W 75 ; Herisau Swit- 
Wirthwein, Walter George gr 425 W 

118; 175 Deshler Av Columbus O; 

AB Ohio State 
Wirz, William e 522 W 185 
Wisan, Harold / 846 E 156; AB C C 

N Y 
Wise, Ethel H b 550 Park Av 
Wise, James DeCamp c Hartley Hall ; 

4003 W Adams St Los Angeles Cal 
Wise, James Waterman c 23 W 90 
Wise, Lillian Harriet e 238 W 106; 

PhB Chicago 
Wise, Robert Alexander c Hartley Hall ; 

4003 West Adams St Los Angeles 

Wiseltier, Henry e 120 Convent Av; 

BS Cornell 
Wiser, Ethel ed Madison Sq Hotel ; 

Chalfont Pa; BPd West Chester 

State Normal (Pa) 
Wishard, Blanche Nellie pa Whittier 

Hall ; Lihue, Kanai Hawaii 
Wishart, Irene Louise £ 106 Morning- 
side Dr ; 151 Alcorn Av Toronto Ont 

Wishengrad, Michael e 9 Essex St 
Wishnieff, Harriet V e 126 W 49; AB 

Wisoff, Percy m 926 Eastern Pkway 

Bklyn N Y 
Witowski, Frank John c Livingston 

Hall; 129 Oberlin Av Buffalo N Y 
Witsaman, Ruth Pauline pa Whittier 

Hall ; Cuyahoga Falls O 
Witt, Marion Winnifred gr 414 W 118; 

McGregor Tex ; AB Texas Woman's 

Witt, Otto Emil c 400 W 57 ; Brandon 

Wit'te, Marguerite Edna e 514 W 114 
Witte, Ora Laas e 330 W 95 ; 305 W 

Ashby PI San Antonio Tex 
Wittier, Milton ed 503 W 121 ; Mt 

Washington Mass ; AB Pomona Col- 
lege, AM, BD Yale 



Wittlinger, Bertha M b 80 Sleepy Hol- 
low Rd No Tarrytown N Y 

Wittmeier, Florence Eleanor e 167 Val- 
ley Rd Montclair N J; Fort Hunter 
N Y ; AB N Y State Teachers College 

Woelfel, Alphonse George e 878 8 Av 

Woelfel, Florence Marie e 878 8 Av 

Woelfel, Norman F C ed 416 W 118; 
890 Broadway Buffalo N Y 

Wofford, Harris Llewellyn e 70 Morn- 
ingside Dr; Johnson City Tenn ; BS 

Woglom, William Henry e no Morn- 
ingside Dr; MD Columbia 

Wohl, Anthony Joseph c 44 Park PI 
Newark N J 

Wohl, Rose Ruth b 1845 7th Av 

Wohlfarth, Amelia gr 672 St Nicholas 
Av; AB, AM Columbia 

Wohlfarth, Julia Katherine pa 1230 Am- 
sterdam Av; 9 Atlantic Av Spring 
Lake N J 

Wojtowics, Yan e 72 E 55 ; Warsaw 

Wolanski, Walter Michael / no W 
Carey St Plains Pa; AB Valparaiso 

Wolcoff, Anna e 21 Eldridge St 

Wolcott, Anne Estelle e 121 W 86 

Wolcott, Jack Montgomery e 35 W ix; 
2584 Wellington Rd Cleveland Hts O 

Wolcott, Wallace Henry e 418 W 118; 
BArch Cornell 

Woldar, Sara e 1809 Lexington Av 

Wolf, Abner c 119 Wegman Pkway 
Jersey City N J 

Wolf, Augusta e 200 Nagle Av ; 414 
Van Houten Paterson N J 

Wolf, Fannie e 47 Main Bound Brook 
N J 

Wolf, James Mandelbaum / Livingston 
Hall; 1 1 201 Bellflower Rd Cleve- 
land O 

Wolf, Norman Edmund c 9 Northern 

Wolf, Ralph c Livingston Hall 

Wolf, Wm J e 698 Wythe Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Wolfberg, Rose c 22s E Fourth St 

Wolfe, Edward Rodier c Hartley Hall; 
23 Burchfield Av Cranford N J 

Wolfe, Harry e 18 Rutgers PI 

Wolfe, Sara Barkman e 186 Prospect 

St Nutley N J ; 41 Western Av Mor- 

ristown N J 
Wolfe, Walter e 352 W 118 
Wolff, Alice E L pa 126 Claremont Av 
Wolff, Helene e 490 Riverside Dr 
Wolff, Max (Mrs) e 71 Fifth Av 
Wolff, Sidney (Mrs) e Larchmont N Y 
Wolff son, Sidney e 19 E 89 
Wolflin, Lee gr Amarillo Tex; AB 

Wolfner, Ignatius Benedict e 166 W 

87 ; AB Columbia 
Wolfson, Hjalmar Seymour bu 714 

Madison St Bklyn N Y 
Wolfson, Harold William e 285 Haven 

Wolfson, Joseph e 2246 Washington Av 
Wollstein, Rose H gr 78 E 91 ; AB 

Wolpin, Sue e 138 Wilson St Bklyn 

N Y 
Wolson, Joseph e 701 Crotona Pk N 
Wolz, Edward e 3663 Paulding Av 
Womble, Ada Viola e 866 West End 

Av; 210 E Morgan St Raleigh N C 
Womble, Stanley Grey mec 118 W 71 ; 

Navy Dept Washington D C 
Wonderlich, Elvera Elizabeth b 509 W 

122; 37 Main St Randolph N Y 
Wong, Tuh-chao e 604 W 125 
Wong, Yuen Su gr 2898 3 Av ; Canton 

Woo, Chenlott C gr Box 49 Station J ; 

Pucheng, Fukien China ; ChE Lehigh 
Woo, Tonzoo Choh gr 525 W 124; 

Shanghai China ; AB University of 

Wood, Ahlri E ed 610 W 115; 1600 

Hobart Bldg San Francisco Cal ; AB 

Leland Stanford Jr 
Wood, Alva V ed Union Theo Semi- 
nary Mt Vernon 111; AB Tufts, BD 

Newton Theo 
Wood, Beatrice e 107 W 43 ; 205 E 62 
Wood, Ben D ed 537 W 121 ; Browns- 
ville Texas; AB Texas 
Wood, Catharine Ruth e 48 Lafayette 

PI Greenwich Conn ; 60 Front St 

Addison N Y; BS Elmira College 



Wood, Earl Franklin gr 416 W 122; 
Danielson Conn ; AB, AM Brown, 
AM Harvard 

Wood, Edna Frances gr Furnald Hall ; 
25 Franklin St Northampton Mass ; 
AB Smith 

Wood, Edward Leslie e Englewood 
Cliffs N J 

Wood, Eleanor Carter b 853 7th Av 

Wood, Elizabeth Roberts b 197 Grafton 
Av Newark N J 

Wood, Ernest Moore bu 127 W 131 ; 
Mebane N C ; AB Biddle Univ 

Wood, Frances Gilchrist e 611 W 113; 
BS, MS Carthage College 

Wood, G Zay gr 524 W 123 ; Shanghai 
China ; AB Yale, AM Harvard 

Wood, George Rodgers (Rev) gr Gen- 
eral Theo Sem 175 9th Av ; 205 S 
Second St St Clair Pa; PhB Lafay- 

Wood, Gertrude pa Maplewood N J 

Wood, Helen C e 1281 Springfield Av 
Irvington N J; 55 Sherwood St 
Mansfield Pa 

Wood, Helen P pa 611 W 113 

Wood, James e 217 Walnut St Peek- 
skill N Y 

Wood, John Oscar gr 180 Claremont 
Av; Marshall N C ; AB North Caro- 

Wood, Leighton mec Indian Point Rd 
Riverside Conn ; Navy Dept Wash- 
ington D C 

Wood, Mabel Travis e 2 S Broadway 
Tarrytown N Y ; AB Columbia 

Wood, Marguerite Elizabeth ed 48 La- 
fayette PI Greenwich Conn ; 60 Front 
St Addison N Y; BS Elmira College 

Wood, Margaret Chester e 348 W 23 ; 
BS Columbia 

Wood, Margaret Rathbone ed 302 W 

Wood, Mary M e 505 W 124; PhD 

Wood, Maude Edna e 6 Thurman St 
Yonkers N Y 

Wood, Paul Meyer m 894 E 35 Bklyn 
N Y; BS Columbia 

Wood, Philip Emerson e 175 9th Av 

Wood, Rosalind e 330 Park Av; An- 
dover Mass 

Wood, Stella Katharine e 321 Bain- 
bridge St Bklyn N Y 

Wood, Willis Eugene e 65 Rutherford 
PI Arlington N J 

Woodall, Emery Johnson gr 420 W 121 ; 
161 Flint St Asheville N C ; AB 
Wake Forest College, BD Neuton 
Theo Sem 

Woodard, Helen Quincy gr 620 W 122; 
Scarsdale N Y ; BS John B Stetson 

Woodbury, William Lorraine e 21 
Claremont Av 

Woodfin, Eugene Locke e 424 W 119; 
AB Arkansas 

Woodford, Harriet Jeannette ed 420 W 
119; Bloomfield Conn 

Woodman, Lena Anne pa 438 W 116 
c/o Mrs C Goodwin ; 98 Sagamore St 
Manchester N H 

Woodruff, Caroline Salome ed 405 W 
118; St Johnsbury Vt 

Woodruff, Marie Van Arsdale pa Whit- 
tier Hall; Brea Cal 

Woods, James Moore c 75 William St 
East Orange N J 

Woods, Lucy Eleanor e 210 S Ocean 
Av Freeport L I 

Woods, Martha DuBose gr Darlington 
S C; AB Winthrop College 

Woodward, John Edwin (Mrs) e 281 
Sanford Av Flushing N Y 

Woodward, Mary Frances e 281 San- 
ford Av Flushing LINY 

Woodward, Sarah Jones gr The Packer 
Collegiate Inst Bklyn N Y; 33 War- 
ren St Concord N H ; AB, AM 

Woodworth, Svenssen c Hartley Hall; 
201 Church St New Rochelle N Y 

Woody, Lilian Gassert ; Furnald Hall ; 
Livingston Mont ; AB Montana 

Woody, Lucy Keck pa 106 Morningside 
Dr ; Carbondale 111 

Woodyard, Ella ed 414 W 118; Bald- 
win Kan ; AB, BPd Baker Univ, AM 

Wool, Augusta W ed 182 Stanley PI 
Hackensack N J 



Wooley, Helen e 507 W 112 

Wooley, Ruth e 547 W 142 

Woolf, D Victor c 1 W 92 

Woolfe, Irving King e 271 Madison Av ; 

241 W Fourth St 
Woolworth, Florence Miller ed 329 

Maplewood Av Bridgeport Conn ; 

Boonville NY; BS N Y State Col- 
lege for Teachers 
Worcester, Edwin Arthur e 21 13 Bay 

Av Bklyn N Y 
Worden, Fulton Connell c 107 W 105 
Work, Cecily Sheldon e 2^2 E 62 ; 

Oyster Bay LINY 
Work, Harold Knowlton c 65 Colgate 

Av Yonkers N Y 
Work, Lincoln Thomas mec Livingston 

Hall; 65 Colgate Av Yonkers N Y; 

AB Columbia 
Work, Sarah gr 527 W 124; Ft Mor- 
gan Colo ; AB Cooper College 
Workman, Millard Arthur gr Westwood 

N J; Buckhannon W Va ; AB West 

Virginia Wesleyan 
Worley, Loyd Foss gr 313 W 20; Wood 

River Neb ; AB Nebraska Wesleyan 
Worman, Bertha Frances pa Whittier 

Hall ; Wadhams N Y 
Wormser, Beatrice Elizabeth b 210 

Riverside Dr 
Worth, Maurice e 327 Sterling PI Bklyn 

N Y 
Worthington, Katharine Stewart gr 435 

W 119; 1902 Cedar Rd Fairmont 

Walbrook Md ; AB Goucher College, 

AM Columbia 
Worthington, Lyman e 461 4th Av; 72 

W 89 
Worthington, Jo Reece c 420 W 116; 

ioot West Gandy Denison Tex 
Wortis, Irving Disraeli e 242 Grand St 

Bklyn N Y 
Wortsman, Arnold e 302 Grand St 

Bklyn N Y 
Wraith, Erma Mabel pa 562 West End 

Wray, Katie Elizabeth e 301 W 98; 

Seafield Blundellsands England ; AB 

London Univ (Eng) 
Wright, Bertha cd Jamestown N Dak ; 

AB, AM Oberlin 

Wright, Catharine Louisa pa Whittier 
Hall; 398 N Walnut St East Orange 
N J 

Wright, Constance Choate gr Pleasant- 
ville N Y ; AB Vassar, AM Columbia 

Wright, Delia Taylor ed 126 Claremont 
Av; MD Northwestern Univ 

Wright, Donald Hoyt c Newtown Conn 

Wright, Dorothy Helen ed 24 Madeline 
Dr Yonkers N Y 

Wright, Eleanor ed 1609 Beverly Rd 
Bklyn N Y; 2902 Allendale Rd 
Baltimore Md ; BS Columbia 

Wright, Elizabeth m 490 Riverside Dr ; 
AB Columbia 

Wright, Ernest N e 38 W 48; 353 Jer- 
sey St New Brighton S I N Y 

Wright, Frances Esther pa Bklyn Hos- 
pital 121 DeKalb Av Bklyn N Y; 
Alden Erie County N Y 

Wright, Frederic Emerson Jr c 415 
Riverside Dr ; 93 N Parsons Av 
Flushing N Y 

Wright, Katherine Rebecca b John Jaj 
Hall ; 322 W First N St Morristown 

Wright, Louise H pa c/o Mrs Wells 505 
W 122; 437 Ellis St Augusta Ga 

Wright, Lucy ed 437 W 117; Jarratt 
Va; AB Westhampton College 

Wright, Mabel e 155 W 143 

Wright, William Ashbury e 3200 Broad- 
way ; Alpine N J 

Wright, William Cullen e Tompkins 
Hall; Winston Salem N C 

Wright, William Gano e 620 W 116 

Wuertz, Ida e 273 Prospect Av Mt 
Vernon N Y 

Wuest, Christian e 220 E 47 

Wuest, George e 1684 2d Av 

Wunderlich, Morris e 140 Vanderbilt 
Av Bklyn N Y 

Wurthman, John Henry c 345 E 86 

Wurtmann, Bernhard Henry e 1254 
Franklin Av 

Wurtzbaugh, Jewel b 437 W 117; Jef- 
ferson Tex 

Wyatt, Euphemia van Rensselaer c 31 
Gramcrcy Pk 

Wyatt, Herbert e 319 W 124 



Wyckoff, Cornelia ed 126 E 24; Bound 

Brook N J 
Wykeham-George, Richard Nevil e 2880 

Wykes, Adeline Gaylord e 2$ E 65 
Wylan, Harry e 2117 Vyse Av; LLB 

New York 
Wylie, Eugenia Brassell (Mrs) e 408 

W 20 
Wylie, Robert Bonner ed 600 W 122; 

Moran Tex ; AB, AM Southern Meth- 
odist Univ 
Wynkoop, Doris DeNard ed 509 W 122 ; 

14 Portsmouth Ter Rochester N Y; 

AB Cornell 
Wynne, D Annette gr 402 E 58; BS, 

AM New York 
Wyse, Richard Wainwright e 325 Cen- 
tral Pk W 
Wysor, Nettie gr 418 W 118; Dublin 

Va; AB Hollins College 
Yaeger, Louis c 181 S Eighth St Bklyn 

N Y 
Yamada, Ryonen gr 9 W 98 ; BLitt 

Tokyo Imperial University 
Yamada, Yohei e 551 W 178; Japan 
Yamagishi, Yujiro gr 515 W 111; 

Muromachi Oike Kyoto Japan ; AB 

Keio University 
Yamamoto, Shigeo e 520 W 114; Tokyo 

Japan ; AB Keio University 
Yamasaki, Takehiko e 11 17 University 

Av ; Tokio Japan 
Yancey, Lena Williams ed 523 W 121 ; 

Orlando Fla ; AB Rollins College 
Yang, Yin Ya ed Whittier Hall; Wai- 

Sih Kiang-su China 
Yanike, Walter Charles a 758 West 

End Av ; Bellwood Neb 
Yankauer, Walter D e 142 W 88; AB, 

AM, LLB Columbia 
Yanowski, Felix gr 420 W 121 ; BS 

West Virginia, AM Columbia 
Yapp, Daniel K F gr Livingston Hall; 

Honolulu T H ; AB Swarthmore, AM 

U of Pa 
Yaswen, Joseph Herbert m 1382 5th Av 
Yatco, Alfredo Leon e 1270 Amsterdam 

Av; Tanauan Batangas Philippines 
Yates, Elizabeth Hall e 945 West End 


Yates, Margaret Hall e 945 West End 
Av ; AB Columbia 

Yeager, William Peter bu 417 W 118 

Yen, Chun Tai gr Tompkins Hall ; EM 

Yenz, Genevieve Cecelia pa 106 Morn- 
ingside Dr ; 327 2d Av Albany N Y 

Yeomans, Frances ed 420 W 119; 578 
Orange Av Long Beach Cal ; AB 
Pomona College 

Yerkes, Harry A Jr e 18 Banta St Elm- 
hurst L I N Y; BS, LLB Columbia 

Yezierska, Anzia b 116 E 10 1 

Yih, Liang Foo gr 408 W 115; Geo- 
logical Survey of China Peking 

Yin, Chi-Ling ed 507 W 124; 1321 Sin- 
za Rd Shanghai China 

Yipsang, Susan Ling pa Whittier Hall ; 
51 Pender St E Vancouver B C 

York, Isabel Smith (Mrs) e 5 W 65 

Yost, Frances Kemper pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; 310 E Elmira San Antonio 

Yost, Paul Jonathan bu 542 W X24; 
908 Penn Av Wyomissing Pa 

Youmans, Norman Devere c 34 Living- 
stone St Bklyn N Y ; Portland Ore 

Young, Anne Marjorie e 576 5th Av ; 
152 Sutton Manor New Rochelle 
N Y 

Young, Bess Margaret ed Scarborough 
School Scarborough-on-Hudson N Y ; 
634 Logan St Steubenville O 

Young, Dayton Lawrence c 3089 Broad- 
way ; 730 N Lawrence Av Wichita 

Young, Deaver Preston e 187 W 135; 
1414 Argyle Av Baltimore Md 

Young, Elizabeth Katherine pa 510 W 
124; West Haverstraw N Y 

Young, Emily Caroline e 308 W 154 

Young, Eva Catherine e 232 W 130 

Young, Gustave e 272 Kingston Av 
Bklyn N Y 

Young, Harriet F pa 33 Fairview Av 
Orange N J 

Young, Helen pa 333 S 3d Av Mt Ver- 
non N Y; BS Columbia 

Young, Hugh Wallace e 195 3d Av As- 
toria L I N Y; ME Cornell 



Young, Irving H m 211 Harrison Av 
Harrison N J 

Young, James Wilson / 518 W in; 
Owensville Ind; AB Indiana 

Young, Jessy Emilie gr 350 Senator St 
Bklyn N Y ; AB Columbia 

Young, Katherine Maclean pa 350 Sena- 
tor St Bklyn N Y 

Young, Martin Harold / 895 Eagle Av 

Young, Mary Virginia e 1480 St Lawr- 
ence Av 

Young, Mildred Frederica e Farragut 
Av Hastings-on-Hudson N Y 

Young, Nathan e 22 E in 

Young, Richard Hale e 625 W 113 

Young, Russell Southworth mec 107 
Buena Vista Av Yonkers N Y ; AB 

Young, Selma e 830 E 163 

Young, Violet Ruth pa 1230 Amster- 
dam Av ; Riverhead LINY 

Young, William MacBride e 2108 65th 
Bklyn N Y 

Younker, Rose Marie b 1155 Park Av ; 
AB Columbia 

Ysalgue, Sarah Esperanza gr Whittier 
Hall ; Matanzas Cuba ; PdD Havana 

Ytterboe, Edel Olga ed 230 W 108; 
1 31 8 St Olaf Av Northfield Minn 

Yu, Chai Lau gr 110-112 Morningside 
Dr ; Foochow China ; AB Johns Hop- 
kins, AM Columbia 

Yii, Heng Chi gr 509 W 124; Canton 
China; BS St John's University 

Yuan, Philip L gr Pekin China; AB, 
AM Columbia 

Yuan, Tung-li c Livingston Hall ; Cheng 
Hsiang Hutung Peking China 

Yudell, Monroe c 758 Kelly St 

Yui, Chindon ed Whittier Hall; Loh's 
Garden West Gate Shanghai China 

Yui, Sung e Morris Hall ; Nantai Foo- 
chow China 

Yuni, David bu 774 Georgia Av Bklyn 
N Y 

Yurdin, Paul e 105 W 113 

Zabin, Constance Viola e 500 W n r 

Zabriskie, Edward Henry ed 527 W 
121 ; Norwichtown Conn 

Zachry, Greer e Tompkins Hall ; 22 E 

Zachry, Caroline Beaumont ed 22 E 89 
Zachry, Wallace Preston / Livingston 

Hall; 73 Park St Atlanta Ga; AB 

Zadoorian, Marie gr 646 E 182; AB 

Zagat, Lillian e 973 Summit A